User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge App Overview

User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App
Welcome to the new 24-Day Challenge™ App!
This app will help keep track of and share your journey to a healthier you.
There are many great features to this app such as …
Reminding you when to take your AdvoCare products
Logging your food and water intake
Logging your workouts
Providing a network of other “Challengers” to share your progress with and provide great tips
A portion guide and food suggestions
A quick-reference glossary of AdvoCare product information
To get started, simply download the AdvoCare® 24-Day Challenge™ app from your app
store. Once installed, the app will help you easily setup an account and log all the
information you need to get started.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
Getting Started
Once the app is installed, you are ready to
start your AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™
Next is a screen-by-screen guide
to assist you.
This is the main screen you will see when
opening the app for the first time,
prompting you for a username and
password. If you have already gone
through the registration process before,
simply login and continue logging your
24-Day Challenge™ information. For those
opening the application for the first time,
select the ‘Create Account’ option.
Creating an Account
Creating a new account is simple. Once you have selected the ‘Create Account’ option,
you will be asked to enter some basic account and detailed measurement information.
This process can take some time, so we suggest having a tape measure and a buddy
close by to help you through the process.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
Once you have entered your account information and selected a picture for your profile,
you will be prompted to agree to the Terms and Conditions. This is the legal information
associated with downloading and using the app.
After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, choose your starting place in the 24-Day
Challenge™. For first timers, you will most likely begin with the full 24-Day Challenge™,
including the 10-Day Cleanse. If you have recently completed the 10-Day Cleanse, you
have the option of starting with the Max Phase. The following page will describe the core
products used during the selected phase and a description of each product.
Now we need to establish when you will begin.
The next page will be a basic calendar to input
the first full day of your Challenge.
It is very important to enter the correct start
date here as you are not able to skip ahead or
go back if the wrong date is entered.
Click on the date and continue.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
The Initial Assessment
Once all of your basic account information is
entered, the next step is to enter your initial
measurements. While this may not be
everyone’s favorite part, it is essential to show
the progress you have made when your
Challenge is over.
For this step, we recommend having a buddy
nearby as some of the measurements are not
easy to do by yourself. Each measurement is
detailed on this screen with a visual of where
the measurement should be taken.
You are also asked to answer a few basic but
important questions about yourself on a rating
scale of 1-5.
At the completion of your 24-Day Challenge™
you will enter your Final Assessments and
compare your before and after results.
After entering your Assessment, you will see the
final screen of the registration process explaining
some of the features within this app. We will explain
this information in more detail for each of these
features later in this guide.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
The Home Screen
Now that your account is setup and your
measurements are entered, you are ready
to use the app. Your home screen will detail:
What products you are taking for the selected time
of day and when to take them
A log of food you have consumed and the option to
add food you have consumed including snacks
The option to add your workouts and what type of
workout you completed
A count of cups of water consumed for this day
Notifications of any community activity
The option to share your daily activity by email or
with friends/coaches in your community
A link to the options menu
The Challenge day you are on and the actual date
Most selections on this screen will have a sub-menu with other options and input
needed. We will go through each of these individually.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
The Products and Food Log
Simply press the box next to the product you consumed to mark it off the list.
For the specified meal, press on the ‘Log’ button
to enter more specific information about what
has been consumed. The list is detailed and
sorted by food type. Select any of the categories
to see a listing of foods to log.
If there is something not in the list, you can enter
a custom food. This list will also include other
AdvoCare products such as bars and shakes that
you may consume with your meal or as snacks.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
Logging your Exercise
Logging your exercise is a quick and simple
way to document and share your physical
activity during the 24-Day Challenge™. The
main menu has a variety of exercise types to
choose from, including all DVDs in the CU24™
workout series.
Select the type of exercise, then enter a description
and duration of this exercise. When you manually
enter your workout, the description will be saved to
select from on future days.
This information can also be shared by email or within your community of
If you ever miss logging information for the day, simply hit the back arrow at the
top of the screen to scroll back to the previous day.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
Side Menu
To access the side menu, simply click the three-block lines in the upper left corner of any
page. This will give you access to go back to the home page, and other helpful pages.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
Getting Started
This page is a reference back to a page
from the registration process to give you a
basic description of the products needed
and what they are for.
A list of products used in the 24-Day
Challenge™. Each one links to a
description of that product.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
Portion Guide
Information on how much water to
consume daily and food portion/size
Food Suggestions
Displays a list of foods in various
categories to consume as part of a healthy
diet, including foods to limit or avoid.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
A quick-link to the community page where
you can post messages, connect with
friends, and join/create groups.
This menu allows you to edit information from the registration process
including your personal information and assessment. You can also choose
your preferences for what your friends/coaches can view.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
Allows you to log out of the app. This will need to be done if multiple users are
using the same phone to access this app.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
The Community section of this app gives you a variety of ways to share your progress
with other users and the option of adding a coach.
Post/view messages from/to your friends and groups
Create/join groups
Find friends and coaches
Invite people to your group
Below are sample screen shots of what you will see when navigating these various
options within the Community section.
This screen will show you any friend or coach requests, group invitations,
friend or coach requests accepted, updates made by you and your friends
as well as messages posted in various groups you belong to.
You can also post messages by using the post button in the top right corner
of the page.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
The groups page allows you
to search for groups or click on
groups you are already a
member of/owner of.
Once you select a group you can join
it and you can invite people to join.
This screen also allows you to post
messages to your groups.
To edit a group, click the pencil in the top right corner to change the group
image, group title, group description and group type. There are two types of
groups, public and private. Public groups can be found when searching for a
group; however, private groups cannot. Anyone can join a public group, but
you have to be invited to join a private group (you will see group invitations
on the Community Feed screen).
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
This portion of the community section will allow you to find friends as well as
show you a list of current friends/coaches. Once you find someone, you
have the option of making them your friend or coach.
What is the difference between a friend and a coach?
View your Posts, Daily Logs and
Assessment Data (default)
When you make someone a coach he/she will be
able to view your posts, daily logs and assessment
data. This is an excellent feature for added
accountability for you and the person who introduced
you to the 24-Day Challenge .
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View your Posts and Daily Logs (default)
View your Posts only (optional)
View your Posts, Daily Logs and
Assessment Data (optional)
A friend, by default, will be able to see just your Posts
and Daily Logs. This setting can be changed in the
Settings menu to limit them to seeing only your Posts
or including them in seeing your Posts, Daily Logs
and Assessment Data.
User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
The Final Assessment
Congratulations on completing the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™!
Once you have completed your 24-Day Challenge, you will be
prompted on day 25 or day 15 to enter your final assessment.
Below are the steps you will follow to enter this information.
Entering your final assessment is
as easy as the initial assessment.
Simply follow the prompts and
have a buddy help with your
measurements. You will also enter
ratings of your energy levels, sleep
times and overall wellness.
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]
The Results
Now is the time you have been waiting for, the
results! This screen will compare your initial
assessment with your final assessment and show
your final results. You will also have the option to
post your results in weight and inches to your
community groups, friends and coaches.
If you prefer not to share this information, simply
select skip.
Note: This will be your last opportunity to share
your results. By selecting the skip button, you
will be taken out of your current 24-Day
Challenge. You may want to take a screenshot of
the results for your records to share later on.
Once you have completed the 24-Day Challenge,
you can continue on with the Max phase. Once
you post your results or skip past that screen, you
will immediately be prompted on what you are
going to do next. The same two Challenge options
you had in the beginning will appear, but this time
select the Max Phase to continue with your
AdvoCare product regimen.
Once you select your option, you will select a
new start date and away you go! Good luck!
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User Guide: AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge™ App [rev 013114]