Collection Details
Sunday 1st March
Standing Orders
The two red sanctuary lamps in
the sanctuary are permanently lit
for the Holy Souls.
The porch of the Church is open
for people to pray from 8.00am –
5.30pm every day except
Sunday, when the Church will
close after the last Mass or
Third Sunday Of Lent
8th March 2015
1st Reading
Exodus 20: 1-17
When God had freed the Chosen
People, the descendants of Abraham,
from the slavery of Egypt, he lead
them to Mount Sinai in the southern
sinaitic peninsula. There, amidst aweinspiring manifestations of his
presence, he made a Covenant or
pact with the Israelites through which
he promised to make them his own
people, to lead them into the Promised
Land and protect them from their
enemies there. The Israelites, on their
part, were to reverence him and him
only as their Lord, and they were to
obey the moral and cultic laws which
he had laid down for them. The Ten
Commandments which we have just
read are the essence of the moral
obligations imposed on the Israelites.
These commandments governed their
duties to God and to their neighbours.
2nd Reading
Corinthians 1:22-25
In a few sentences St. Paul gives us
the basic reasons which motivated
opposition to the gospel message on
the part of Jews and Gentiles. The
Jews who did not accept Christ as
their promised Messiah, refused
because he did not fit the preconceived ideas they had formed of
the Messiah. The Messiah they were
looking for was to be a political leader,
a national liberator who would not only
rid Palestine of the hated Romans but
set it over all the pagan nations. God,
they thought, would help him do this,
by giving him the power to work . . .
. . . some spectacular miracles or signs
(see Mt. 13:36; 16:4; Jn.4:48; 6-30). The
Greeks or Gentiles on the other hand
looked to philosophy or human “wisdom”
for the solution of man’s problems.
Christianity had no such earthly wisdom
and so the intelligentsia among the Greeks
had no time for the Gospel of Jesus.
John 2:13-25
St. John puts the cleansing of the temple at
the beginning of our Lord’s public life. The
Synoptics place it at the end. There could
very well have been two such cleansings,
though it is also possible that St John is
anticipating the time for theological reasons
(see Mal. 3:1). But it is not the chronology
of the event, so much as its meaning, that
is important. Jesus intended to make his
claim to be the Messiah known to the
leaders of the Jews, the priests and the
Pharisees, who were always around the
Temple. He also foretold his resurrection,
even though neither his enemies nor his
friends understood his prediction then.
They both did later. He drove the leaders
and the money-changers from the temple
precinct and nobody dared to stop him. The
Jews suspected he was the Messiah
because they asked for a “sign”, a miracle
from God to prove he was the Messiah. He
gave them a sign. They did not understand
it and they gradually lost even this
“suspicion” and in time gradually turned
against him and his claims. He worked
some miracles during his stay in Jerusalem
but had very few real converts.
Gloria Page 9 in the Mass Books.
Readings Page 154
The Creed Page 11
For information on Growing in
Faith, contact the Parish Team
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6.00pm Mass - Pauline Cooper
07752 413859
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07971 322240
10.00am Mass - Therease Bright
07455 003597 / David Rielly
07938 228037
12.00pm Mass - Christine Cattini
07724 089174
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Fr. Stewart’s Thought For The
Let us not forget them
This week I have become aware that
2 or 3 fairies won’t be around during
Holy Week. We also don’t have
enough fairies at the 10.00am Mass
(please see the notice elsewhere in
the newsletter). As a result this will
cause problems and in the latter’s
case, there could be consequences
that will affect many children. This
highlights the importance of the role
of fairies in church. Given this I think
it’s time that we do pay tribute to our
fairies; as it is a couple of years since
we’ve done this. It’s time we gave
them some thought.
You think they are made up? No, No.
Fairies exist; they must do!
The thing about fairies is that they are
rarely noticed, but they are always
busy; you just have to look.
When we come to Mass in our clean,
beautiful church we come, quite rightly
to meet and worship God. But this
would be impossible without the fairies.
Who are these fairies? Well, we give
them names; unremarkable names,
which don’t begin to describe how
important they are.
Names like cleaners, florists,
sacristans, servers, musicians, readers,
catechists, Eucharistic ministers,
secretary, money collectors & counters
and those who go to the bank. Then
there are committees and groups,
whether it’s communications, finance or
parish pastoral council. Those who
organise the Christmas fair etc etc etc
and the list can go on and on.
The truth is, things just don’t happen.
Lots of people behind the scenes do
lots of work, without which there would
be no Church or parish. We take them
so much for granted, it’s as if we
assume everything happens by magic,
it’s done by fairies!!
So let us give them some thanks for the
work of the fairies and please consider
being one yourself when the need
St Bridget’s
Dear Fairies
Thank you for everything you do.
With love and prayers
Everyone in the parish
The appeal will take place at the
8.00, 10.00 & 12.00 Masses this
weekend, but NOT the Saturday
6.00pm Mass. This is because Fr
Stewart is making the appeal and
he has other commitments this
weekend. The appeal will instead
take place next weekend at the
6.00pm Mass.
Children’s Liturgy
We are desperately short of
Liturgists to help with the
Children’s Liturgy at the 10.00am
Mass. This has got to the point
where it is realistically
unsustainable. So we will
continue as we are until Easter,
but we only revive after the break
if we have more help.
The funeral details for the late
Mick White.
Funeral Mass, Tuesday
17th March at 11.30am
take place on Fridays throughout
Lent. It will follow the 7.00pm
Mass, beginning about 7.25pm. It
will end with Benediction which
will be the 15th Station, “The
As usual we do not have
flowers in church from Ash
Wednesday to Easter.
Nevers & Liseux
Sunday 26th July – Sunday 1st
Aug 2015. Please note there will
be a lot of walking involved.
Approx price £600.
If you are interested there is a
sign- up sheet on the notice
board in the porch. For
further information please contact
Therease Bright on
07455 003597
Lenten Divine Mercy Retreat
Saturday, 14th March 2015
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
at the RC Church of St
17 Kenninghall Road
Clapton, London
First Holy Communion 2015
The next meeting in the church Wednesday 11th March at 6.25pm.
Confirmation Classes
Next meeting is for the candidates and is Wednesday 11th March at
7.30pm in the hall.
Regular Groups & Events
In the Parish Hall unless
otherwise stated
Feast Day
Saturday 7th March
Vigil Mass
Joe Ward R.D, Mick White R.D &
Danny & Mary Courtney R.I.P (Anniv)
Sunday 8th March
Third Sunday In Lent
Flora (Special Intention), Mike Healy R.D
Eloise Poiret R.D, Mary Kershaw R.I.P
(20th Anniv)
Eamon Collins (Sick) &
Gaynor Mc Ilvenna R.I.P
Dagmar Dale R.I.P (1st Anniv)
Joe Ward R.D
Thanks for supporting CAFOD Lent Fast Day
Together, our parish raised £831.96 for CAFOD’s work. With Uk Aid Match
funding, this means we have ensured £1663.92 can be used to help more of
our sisters and brothers to deal with the devastating impact of extreme
weather such as storms, droughts and floods. Thank you for your generous
compassion for those living in poverty, and for fasting in solidarity with them!
Presents “MUSIC AND SILENCE” at St. Vincent De Paul Church 19th
March at 8.00 pm. An hour and a quarter of musical meditation where
music arises out of and falls back into silence, providing a space for
personal reflection: Contemplative music for five unaccompanied voices
including works by Bach, Bruckner Byrd, Lassus, Schutz, Tallis,
Tchaikovsky, Vaughan Williams, Victoria, and Harper. To be followed by
light refreshments. Donation: £6 in aid of Nursery Project, Turkana Kenya.
Second Edition!
On sale now: Stuart Bagnall's revised history of "The Catholic Community
in Isleworth". Price £5 at the Repository Gift Shop. All profits go to parish
funds. There are a few copies signed by Stuart still left.
Friendship Club for Older
Next meeting is the 9th March
Legion of Mary
Every Monday at 7.30pm
Tuesday Club for Youth/ Adults
with Special Needs
10th March 7.00 – 9.00pm (Term
Partially Sighted Meeting Place
Every other Wednesday 1.30pm
- 3pm Next meeting 4th March
Monday 9th March
Lent Feria
Tuesday 10th March
Lent Feria
Wednesday 11th March
Lent Feria
Thursday 12th March
Lent Feria
Friday 13th March
Lent Feria
Saturday 14th March
Lent Feria
Vigil Mass
William Heenan R.I.P (1st Anniv)
Little Angels Baby & Toddler Group
Changed to Mondays.
Next meeting 9th March . 9.15 am – 11.15am.
Entry £2 per adult.
All welcome.
Contact Maria on 07412480084 if you have any questions.
Parish Hall
Can all hall users please double check when you leave that the main
doors are locked and the heating thermostat is at number 10. We
have had several incidents when checking first thing in the morning
the hall is unlocked and the heating still on.
London Marathon at the end of April
Our parishioner Kathleen Crouch’s son Michael is running for the Echo
Charity. This charity supports the families of children who are suffering
from cardiac problems during what is a very stressful time. Michael and
Lisa were lucky to have their support last August when their daughter
Sophie underwent heart surgery at St.Thomas' hospital when she was 5
days old. Thankfully Sophie is making a good recovery.
If you would like to sponsor Michael for his marathon run please find the
link to his just giving site below. Michael is very thankful for your support
Many thanks Kathleen Crouch.
Church Cleaning after 9.00am
Gentle Seated Exercises for
Older People
physiotherapist. Every Thursday
from 2.00 – 3.00pm
Mick White R.D
Mini Mary's Music Mayhem
£1.50 child, £2.50 max
9.15-10.15 am
Mental Health Drop-In
12noon to 4.00pm
Refreshments after 10.00am
Mass this week.
Sunday Breakfast
This Sunday after 8.00am Mass
Sick Eileen Benton, Lee Brinkley, Margaret Harrison, Josephine Price, Kirsty Grainger, Ellie Corley, Naval Mair, Michael Riordan,
Eamon Collins, Pat Dempsey, Howard May, Gail Taylor, Eileen O’Connor, Edna Garrod, Gerald Kauser, Michael Chapman, Kath Bolton,
Wladzia Siedlecka, Helen Fernandes, Alison Rebello, Sian Hughes, Ellen Bradley, Gary Hales, Georgia Clark, David Fairweather, Emma
Hennessey, Odette Barnes, Peter Manly, Christopher O’Regan, Ted Reilly, P J Mc Mahon, Lesley Martin, Michele Lees, Dickie Bell,
Shirley Jackson, Gloria Ihme, Bradán Peacock, Clair Christian, Theresa Breen, Ann Cronin, Tom Richardson, Theresa Healy, Carny
James, Tina Cavey, Eric Tuckwell, Heather MacMillan, Alison Grant, Hugh Breach, Soirse and Maj Cunningham, May Kissane, Jack
Brady, Pat & Roy Edwards, Maureen Pierce, Elizabeth Russell, Martin Russell, Mary Nathan, Anthony Casey, Richard Atterwill, John
Dennison, Christine Steele, Maria Zehetner, Sr Anne Marie, Marie Donnelly, Philip Casey, Sue & Bob Young, Cathie Budge, Miriam
Gutteridge, Pawla Dennison, Pauline Williams, Sophie Bordi, Joyce Ennis, John Okonjo, Onyeka Okonjo, Kiana Gooding, Mary Natha,
Sheila Dodd, Marie Seymour, Terry Sharpe, Tony Richardson, Loretta De’Silva, Pamela Fernando, Clarina Dias, Peggy Convery,
Angela Convery, Bob Stainton, Margaret Mullin, Simon Allad, Marie Aiyadoria, Mabel D’Cruz, Florence Harwood, Christiana Ziregbe,
Reg Legro, Jackie McGuinness, Marie Whitehead, Bernadette McCullagh, Flora Ziregbe, Tony Treacy, Anthony Casey, Catherine Hynes
Recently Deceased:, Hannah Gaynor, Mick White, Emily Munemo, Paul Rooney
Those whose anniversaries occur about this time: William Heenan, Dann & Mary Courtney, Catherine Fitzgerald, Christine
Manners, Flavia Cunningham, Fred & Mary Duncan, Bracken Family, Carroll Family, Philip Macwan
Across Jumbulance visit and St Patrick’s Day Parade.
The Mayor of London is having the St Patrick’s Day Parade and
celebrations on Sunday 15th March. We are bringing the Jumbulance down
from Scotland and we have booked it in the parade. All parishioners are
welcome to join us especially those that are less able as they will be
allowed to stay on board the Jumbulance throughout. We plan to load at
the church at 10am and all being well we should be back about 3 pm. It’s
all free. To book your seat call John or Tina 07973127327.
May their souls and the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace
Open after all weekend Masses
(t) 020 8560 1431