Oregon FIRST® Tech Challenge Championship

Oregon FIRST® Tech Challenge Championship
presented by
March 8, 201 5
Benson Polytechnic High School, Portland
Our event today is the ninth Oregon FIRST® Tech Challenge ® Championship. This year 1 86 Oregon FTC
teams designed, innovated, documented and performed to meet the Cascade Effect Challenge. Our FTC
community expanded to form five FIRST Tech Challenge Leagues who were hosted by veteran FTC Teams as
part of our student leadership program. Oregon piloted four Super-Qualifier tournaments, the very first in the
nation as part of a new advancement level in FIRST Tech Challenge. Oregon FTC Championship marks our
30th FTC event this season. Our divisions at today’s event are named for Oregon’s iconic industries Timber
and Tech. Oregon rich in natural resources boosts a strong agricultural heritage alongside the Silicon Forest
which is rich in technological stalwarts. Our FTC team members should recognize and learn from these
industries and be inspired to join them as part of Oregon’s workforce.
Cathy Swider
FIRST Tech Challenge Affiliate Partner, Oregon
Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge Tournament Hosts
Beaverton League Meets- #701 3 Hot Wired
Central Oregon League Meets - Scot Brees,
Tournament Director
Columbia Basin League Meets - #8007 Robo Dawgs
Hillsboro League Meets- #4855 Batteries in Black
Portland League Meets – Benson High School Robotics
Oregon FTC Key Volunteer Leadership
for their assistance in preparing for our events by
coordinating and training volunteers
Bruce Schafer, ORTOP Executive Director
Cathy Swider, FTC Affiliate Partner
Caryn Camp, ORTOP Database Manager
Loridee Wetzel, ORTOP FLL Affiliate Partner
December 1 4
Central Oregon League Championship
Scot Brees, Tournament Director
Lead Field Technical Advisors
January 24 & 25
Portland Interleague Championship
Tigard HS Technology Team - FRC and FTC teams
Aaryn Curl
January 31
Columbia Basin League Championship
#8007 Robo Dawgs
Qualifying Tournament at The Dalles
The Dalles High School Robotics Club
February 7 & 8
Qualifying Tournaments
Kelley Engineering Center, Oregon State University
OSU Robotics Club - Tim Lykins, Tournament Director
Lake Oswego High School
#71 87 – Team Axis
February 21 & 22
Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum
Newberg HS Robotics
South Meadows Middle School
Feb 21 - #701 3 Hot Wired
Feb 22 - #4855 Batteries in Black
Oregon FTC Championship
with assistance from Benson High School Robotics
Dale Jordan & Sid Young
Lead Head Referees
Judge Advisors
Robert Swider, Al Vannoy, Brandon Heilman, & Steve
Lead Inspectors
Bruce Schafer, David Pung, Leroy Nuckles, Galen
Kawamoto, Phil Doberenz, & Prasanna Paralkar
Our thanks to the hundreds of FTC volunteers at our 30
tournament events who listened, assessed and inspired
our FTC Team Members, Coaches and Mentors.
FTC Championship Event
Live Stream provided by #4855 Batteries in Black
Audio System and DJ – Quentin Pierce
Volunteer Hospitality – Benson Chef Club
and our thanks to Benson High
School for their assistance
Principal Curtis Wilson & Matt
Pellico, Faculty Advisor
Benson FTC Mentors John
Delacy, Sally McCurdy and Tara
LIVE SCORE URL http://ortop.org/ftconline/
Oregon Robotics Tournament and Outreach Program (ORTOP) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization
dedicated to opennig doors to the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics for Oregon's
youth by providing educational opportunities featuring robotics with special emphasis on maximizing the
diversity of those participating. Learn more about our programs at www.ortop.org
Thank You Sponsors!
ORTOP Would Like to Thank
Tanasbourne Villiage, Hillsboro
For Printing This Program
Learn more about how you can support ORTOP at: http://www.ortop.org/sd.htm
0267 - EMP
Benson Polytechnic High School
0750 - Gears in Motion
Tigard High School
Hood River
Hood River Valley High School
41 43 - Occam's Razor
4855 - Batteries In Black
Washington County 4H
Livingstone Adventist Academy
51 98 - Adamantium
Washington County 4-H
5939 - Team AFOOFA
Community Team from Sprague High School
6585 - Circuit Boardum
671 2 - Bullet Proof
Newberg High School
Neighborhood Team
6930 - Syntax Error 42
Neighborhood Team
6935 - PARADOX
6978 - Pioneer Robotics Springwater Environmental Sciences School Oregon City
Westview Neighborhood
701 4 - RoboCraft
751 6 - Roborines
Wood Middle School
Canby High School
7878 - Cougarbots
8007 - Robo-Dawgs
Hermiston High School
Pleasant Hill
8045 - Gromit's Grommets
Pleasant Hill High School
8063 - Purple Thunder
Duniway Middle School
81 65 - Renegade Robotics The Dalles High School and Wasco County 4-H The Dalles
8476 - Chunky Bears
Judson Middle School
Neighborhood Team
871 6 - Techaholix
8890 - Tiger Tech
Stanfield Secondary School
Clara Brownell Middle School
9060 - Smarties
9474 - Revolution
Newberg High School
Benson Polytechnic
01 87 - Iron Giants
3058 - Jury Riggers
Tigard High School
The Dalles
3633 - Bazinga Bots
The Dalles High School
Hood River
441 2 - Transformers
Hood River Valley HS
4480 - The Blue Dwarves
Junction City High School
Junction City
5039 - Devilbots
Coquille High School
5894 - V-cube
Washington County 4-H
671 3 - Aeterna
Newberg High School
701 3 - Hot Wired
Westview HS and Spark Technology Education Portland
71 87 - Team Axis
Lake Oswego High School
Lake Oswego
7333 - Combustible Lemons
Hillsboro High School
Clara Brownell Middle School
7499 - Nerdy Girls
7776 - Loose Screws
Wilson High School
Hood River
7875 - Men In Green
Hood River Valley High School
8061 - Patton Ponies
Patton Middle School
81 55 - The Lucky Dudes
Pendleton High School
St. Mary's School
8372 - TNT (Trial N Terror)
8398 - The Big Bot Theory Robotek Academy & Westview High School Portland
8441 - Total Reboot
Westview High School
8466 - The Fellowship of the Robot Lake Oswego HIgh School
Lake Oswego
Griswold High School
8590 - Helix School
861 0 - Tobortech Lake Oswego Robotics/ Lake Oswego Junior High PTA Lake Oswego
Canby High School
91 23 - Cougarbots 2.0
Thank You
Robert Swider
David Newhouse
Richard Hetzler
Karen Gibson
For the Photos!
Judged Awards
The Inspire Award is given to the Team that the Judges felt truly embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FTC program.
This Team serves as an inspiration to what this program, and the young minds involved, can accomplish. The Team
that receives this Award has performed well in all Judging categories and was chosen by the Judges as a mode
FIRST Tech Challenge Team. The Judges use observations made during interviews and in the pit area, the Team’s
Engineering Notebook, and performance on the playing field in determining the winner.
The Think Award is given to the Team that the Judges feel best understands the role of the engineering notebook
in the design process. This Team’s Engineering Notebook focuses on the design and build stages of the Team’s
robot and exemplifies their journey as a team and engineers.
The Connect Award is presented to the Team that the Judges feel most connectes with their local community and
the engineering community. The Team is recognized for helping the community understand FIRST, the FIRST Tech
Challenge, and the Team itself. This Team is aggressively seeking engineers and exploring the opportunities
available in the world of engineering, science and technology.
The Rockwell Collins Innovate Award celebrates a Team that not only thinks outside the box, but also has the
ingenuity and inventiveness to make their designs come to life. This Award is given to the Team that the Judges
feel has the most Innovative and Creative Robot design solution to the FIRST Tech Challenge to any or all specific
field elements or components. Elements of this Award include elegant design, robustness and ‘out of the box’
thinking with regard to design. This Award may address the design of the whole robot or some sub-assembly
component attached to the robot. The creative component needs to work consistently, but a robot does not have to
work all of the time during Matches to be considered for this Award. The Team’s Engineering Notebook shows the
design of the component(s) and the Team’s robot, and succinctly describes how the Team arrived at that solution.
The intent of the PTC Design Award is to expand the challenge, inspiring Teams to incorporate industrial design
into their robots. These elements can be shown in the simplicity of the design as it applies to the tasks, the look
and feel of the robot, and how the design allows us to think of robots in new ways. The Design aspect must serve a
function – but they should also differentiate the robot in a unique fashion – not an easy task with a limited set of
parts and game challenge.
The Motivate Award celebrates the Team that exemplifies the essence of the FIRST Tech Challenge competition
through Team building, Team spirit and exhibited enthusiasm. This Team celebrates their Team, their individuality
and their spirit through Team attire, and exhibits their outstanding Team spirit. This Teams enthusiasm and spirit
motivates others to embrace the culture of the competition and FIRST. The Team has also made a collective effort
to make FIRST known throughout their school and community.
The Control Award is given to the Team that demonstrates innovative thinking in the control system to solve
Game challenges such as Autonomous Operation, enhancing mechanical systems with intelligent control, or using
sensors to achieve better results on the Field. Teams must submit a completed Control Award Content Sheet with
their Engineering Notebook in order to be considered for this award.
The Promote Award is given to the Team that is most successful in creating a compelling message for the public
designed to change our culture and celebrate science, technology, engineering and math. The FTC Public Service
Announcement Video is evaluated by the Judges to determine the winner of this Award. Teams must present a
thoughtful and high-quality video which appeals to the general public. The 201 4-201 5 CASCADE EFFECT topic is:
"Why I choose FIRST..."
The Compass Award recognizes an adult Coach or Mentor who provided outstanding guidance and support for an
FTC Team throughout the year. The winner of the Compass Award is determined from candidates nominated by
FTC Team members, via a 40-60 second video submission, highlighting how their Mentor has helped them become
an outstanding Team.
Performance Awards
Championship Winning Alliance
Championship Finalist Alliance
Timber Division:
Winning Alliance
Finalist Alliance
Tech Division:
Winning Alliance
Finalist Alliance
Thirteen teams from today's
Championship will advance to the FIRST
Tech Challenge West Super-Regional
Championship Tournament presented by
Google in Oakland, California, March 2729, 201 5.
The FTC Season concludes at the FTC
World Championship in St. Louis,
Missouri on April 22-25, 201 5
Thank you for coming to support Oregon FTC and today's Championship!