March 421 - The Haseleys

March 421
Your Parish Council
Chairman: David Simcox
Tel: 279631
Email: [email protected]
Vice Chairman: Kay Sentance
Tel: 279669
Email: [email protected]
Councillor: John Andrews
Planning & Transport Rep.
Tel: 279212
Councillor: Deirdre Mann
Tel: 279334
Councillor: Nicholas Nixey
Tel: 07779 246 889
Councillor: Elisabeth Spencer
Tel: 279844
Councillor: Terry Coles
Tel: 278074
Clerk & Responsible Finance
Officer: Jane Simcox
Tel: 279631
Email: [email protected]
District Councillor:
Stephen Harrod
Tel: 01844 278068
County Councillor:
Stephen Harrod
Tel: 01844 278068
Cover photograph: Lewington Close by Julian Dunn
Weekly Events
7.30 to 9.00pm – Bell ringing, Church Tower, Hilarie Rogers (01865 890163)
7.00pm – Holton Bridge Club, Holton Village Hall (01865 436613)
8.00pm – Bible Study House Group. Chris Williams (339359)
9.30am Kindergym and Melody Minors (Music, songs and games) – Gt Haseley
Village Hall
For those who do not know, there is a Senior Citizens Lunch once a month at
The Plough on the first Wednesday of the month. The next one will be on 4
March 2015, 12.30 for 1.00pm. All welcome.
This will take place at The Plough on Wednesday 11 March 12.30 for 1.00.
Anyone wishing to go should contact David Pickett (279711) and add your
name to the list. If you do not do this, there will not be a place for you.
The Haseley Parish Spring Fete on Saturday 16 May at 2pm, The Manor
Gardens, Great Haseley.
The Haseleys March 2015
From the Editor
At last, the days are getting longer although there have been a lot of grey
days! Signs of spring are around with the birds singing and the odd daffodil,
snowdrops and other spring flowers showing their faces.
As I am sure you are all aware, there will be an election in May. This will also
be a Parish Council election, make sure you vote. At the time of writing I do
not know how many people will come forward for the PC election, there are 7
places so if 7 or less put themselves forward then there will not be a election.
More than 7, then there will be.
I hope lots of you will answer the call for the plea for help from the Archive
Group, see below. It should be very interesting for everyone.
There is lots in this issue for everyone so please read on. We need volunteers
for various events, don’t be shy, get involved.
That’s all folks
Jane Simcox
We are planning to ring a quarter peal on the afternoon of Sunday 1st March to
wish Victor well in his retirement.
We were joined by ringers from Benson at our practice at the start of February,
and continue to practise on Mondays numbers permitting.
Hilarie Rogers
The next coffee morning will be in the Village Hall on 12 March 2015, 10.0012.00 noon. Come and enjoy homemade cakes and biscuits and a good chat.
All are welcome.
MARCH 2015
For further information please contact Rev Adam Stevenson on 01865 714163
11.00 am
Great Milton
Heather Carter
11.00 am
Great Milton
Andrew Maisey
11.00 am
Great Milton
Paul Spray
Great Milton
Simon Pillinger
Wesley Memorial
29 Mar
Great Milton
1 Mar
The Haseleys March 2015
Circuit Service
Adam Stevenson
All seven members of the Parish Council attended the February meeting,
together with the clerk, and one member of the public. The Chairman said he
was sure that all knew about the fire at SODC and went on to congratulate
them for getting everything up and running so well after such a traumatic
event. There had been a reported break-in at an office in Great Haseley and a
van had tools stolen from it. The posts had been put in place at the end of
Back Way and on the Playing Fields. E Spencer said that she had been
notified that there was an appropriate piece of local stone which would be
donated for a memorial for Dale Gostick and once she had acquired this, she
could then think about the plaque.
N Nixey said that he had attended a NAGs (Neighbourhood Action Group)
meeting and was impressed by the commitment of the local police force to
trying to help keep everyone safe. He was informed that as Thames Valley
Police had to make a further £40M savings, it was inevitable that some staff
would have to go so people should not be complacent as although crime was
low in our area, it may not stay that way. They were encouraging all
communities to use Smartwater and set up Neighbourhood Watch schemes.
Neighbourhood Watch had been tried in the past but it needs someone who is
prepared to put a lot of time and effort into it, see below. He went on to say
that he had asked about training and whether the Parish Council could borrow
a SID (Speed Indicating Device). This requires a minimum of two people, one
to read the car number plate and make of car and one to write it down.
Planning – There was no new planning in part due to the fire at SODC.
However the clerk had received decisions on the following applications:
Warren Barn, Little Haseley and outline planning at Rycote Lane Farm –
permission granted. The earth burm at Manor Farm, Tetsworth had been
refused by OCC. The lights at the Golf course were again mentioned as
nothing had happened.
N Nixey had been in touch with S Harrod and the clerk would also send
something through to him to get the Enforcement Officer to look at the site. A
letter had been sent to the applicants of land at the Orchard informing them of
no parking in Back Way once the work started, particularly on the common
Cheques – Colourplus £313.34; Stamps for The Haseleys £26.06; Heating for
meeting £6.00. A cheque was written for Windmill Landscapes (posts on
Playing Field & Millennium Wood) for £78.00, this will appear on the March
agenda. No other cheques were written. The clerk received £1,322.91 in
income from The Haseleys and £6.00 for Book of Walks during the month of
Reports from Committees
Footpaths – N Nixey asked if anything had been done about the footpaths
that had not been cleared and was informed they were still the same. The
clerk agreed to pass on details of the landowner so that it could contact him
The Haseleys March 2015
Village Hall – D Mann reported the village fete would take place on 16 May at
the Manor Gardens. She was asked to report back to the Village Hall
Committee that the outside light was faulty as is the one in the foyer. She was
also asked about the child gate which had been mentioned before and she said
she would raise the issue at the next meeting.
Playing Fields – E Spencer said that a quotation had been received for
painting the inside of the Pavilion and this would take place shortly. She also
said that a place for the practise net for the cricket club had been agreed but
that the Playing Fields Committee would not be able to pay for the work to be
done and it was up to the cricket team to raise the funds for the work
The clerk was putting out to tender the grass cutting in the parish to three
companies and would report back to the Parish Council at the March meeting
so there was time to get the selected company in place for the beginning of the
growing season.
Allotments – K Sentance said that she had started to get money in for rent.
She said the problems with the boundaries was being sorted out once the
ground had thawed. She asked for the rent book and the clerk agreed to let
her have it. It was confirmed that the year for the allotments ran from
November to October.
Transport - J Andrews said he had written to the two bus companies
regarding speeding through the village but had not received any
acknowledgement. D Mann said that she had spoken with the drivers of the
103 bus about the problem.
Other matters
A provisional date of 11 April was set for this event; it needs to be checked
with Village Hall bookings before confirmation, see below for further details.
It was asked if the contractors at the new house in Rectory Road could be told
to wash the road more frequently as it was now in a very bad state. The clerk
agreed to do this.
Next meeting: 9 March and the following one on 13 April 2015 in the Village
Hall 7.30pm.
CINEMA CLUB Every 3rd Thursday of the month. 19th March 8pm. Enjoy a
film on the big screen, without the hassle & cost of going to the cinema. Plus
licenced bar. Membership (6 films): Adult/Child £12, Over 60s £8. For further
details & news visit us at:
CRAFT CLUB Every 3rd Wednesday of the month. 18th March 7.30-10pm.
Drop in or stay for the whole evening. All crafts and crafters welcome. £2 per
The Haseleys March 2015
QUIZ NIGHT Saturday 21st March. Ticket includes 2-course dinner. Licensed
bar serving:Excellent local ale. Wine supplied by Little Milton shop,Corkage £2
per bottle. Everyone welcome!. on your own or in a team. Tickets on sale at
LM Post Office: £8 or via our Facebook page at at
It is planned to hold this event on Saturday 11 April 2015. One project that
has been suggested is to clear the footpath between 1 Lewington Close and
School House as this is now very overgrown. We will have a skip to get rid of
the shrubs etc. We also intend to clear the road/kerb edge in Thame Road
that did not get done when SODC did Rectory Road, so we will be asking
residents to make sure that their cars are moved for a short time while this
takes place. There will also be the annual checking of children’s play
equipment and if we get enough volunteers, the picnic tables and seats will be
painted both on the Playing Fields and the Cross Field. There will also be the
normal litterblitz.
If you have any other suggestions of areas that need attention, please let me
know. So, lots to do and I do hope that there will be lots of volunteers! All
work will be coordinated from the Village Hall starting at 9.30. Tea/coffee will
be available for all helpers and a light lunch of soup and bread available about
12.30. Please let me know if you wish to have lunch so that I can estimate
how much soup to make! Everyone welcome, you do not have to stay the
whole time, just an hour helps.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Jane Simcox 279631
We need you! The Archive Group is proposing to research all the houses in
Great Haseley and find out all we can about each and every house. This
includes ancient and modern houses so no one should feel that their house has
not been looked at. We will move on to Little Haseley after this has been
This is a mammoth task as there are around 100 houses in the village and
therefore we are hoping that all the village will get involved. If you do not
personally want to do any research, have you got any details of your property,
ie when it was built, was it originally a house or a pub or shop? Who has lived
in your house in years gone by? We will also research a little on the
“architecture” of your house if we can find anything out. We would not publish
names of current owners/residents of the properties as we do not wish to
upset anyone.
The Haseleys March 2015
Do you want to be involved? We would love your help, maybe not your own
house but one in the village. If people came forward to help this would
shorten the task.
Our aim, eventually is to produce a publication about every single building in
the village with photographs and text.
We meet in the Village Hall on the last Tuesday of each month (next meeting
31 March), we are a very informal group so do not feel intimidated. Please
come along, the more the merrier. If you want to talk to anyone about this,
you can contact either myself or Kay Sentance and we will fill you in as to our
Jane Simcox
I have received a letter from the husband of Julie Payne talking about her
medical condition known as Multiple System Atrophy which causes
degeneration of nerve cells in the brain leading to the total shutdown of all
bodily functions except eye movement. Julie has been a keen horsewoman for
many years and is hoping to compete at the Paralympics in Rio 2016, health
permitting. She is also trying to raise money for the MSA Trust and will be
doing a wing walk in April and is looking for people to sponsor her for this
event. This can be done either by going to and putting
Julie’s name in. Or by cheque to J Payne at 11 Horse Close, Great Haseley,
Oxford OX44 7JJ.
A very brave lady!
A number of people have complained about speeding traffic through the
village. The only way that something can be done about this is if a group of
people are prepared to undertake training to use a Speed Indication Device
(SID). Each time this is used, it needs two people, one to take the registration
number and make of vehicle and the other to write it down. So, either come
forward and agree to undertake this training and use SID or slow down!
In February we had a very interesting talk from Neil Toppings, author of
‘Seasons of Love’. His books are available at, the royalties of
which go to local charities, including Chalgrove primary school.
On 12th March we have a demonstration by The Flower Shop
( followed by our AGM. Hear about all our
activities in the past year, get a preview of the new programme, come and join
this vibrant village group.
The Haseleys March 2015
Everyone welcome to all WI meetings, all ages, men included! Only £3 for
visitors. Meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month, 7.30-9.30pm.
Annual membership £36 includes 12 meetings per year with refreshments, 10
Oxfordshire newsletters, 8 National magazines called WI Life, organised
outings and discounted courses at Denman college.
Keep up to date with WI news & events at and see our programme for 2014/15 at
Kath Stacey 279438
Can you help Medical Detection Dogs save lives? The charity Medical Detection
Dogs is training dogs in the detection by scent of human diseases and lifethreatening health conditions.
The Cancer Detection Dogs work on clinical trials with universities and health
professionals in the early detection of cancer, publishing the results in scientific
journals. (For example our dogs are over 90% accurate in the early detection
of prostate cancer.)
The Medical Alert assistance dogs partner clients with life-threatening health
conditions, acting as ‘early warning systems’; for example alerting before a
hypoglycaemic attack causes collapse in a brittle Type 1 Diabetic person.
We are a small group of volunteers, the Oxon and Cotswold support group,
supporting the charity by giving talks and running local fundraising events and
street collections.
We are looking for help with our fundraising.
We need:
Volunteers to help with street collections and events
Offers to run an event, eg coffee morning or sale
Good quality second-hand clothes
Good quality bric-a-brac
Old jewellery, used stamps, used printer cartridges
New ideas for fundraising
If you would like to join our group (mainly based in West Oxon), or volunteer
for even one event a year, please contact: Heather Shute 01993 831909 or
The Haseleys March 2015
[email protected] Also, if you would like a
speaker to come to your local group, please contact us.
The charity’s website is:
As you will see from the Clerk’s notes, NAG is suggesting that all villages
should set up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. This has been mentioned in
the past in Great Haseley but it never really got off the ground. This is one
way to help keep everyone safe, however the downside is that it needs a
coordinator. Do you feel this is something you would like to take on? I am not
sure how much work it involves but it is something we can find out. If you are
interested, please contact me and I will find out further details.
Jane Simcox
Yesterday there was finally a hint of spring in the air with sunshine and blue
skies for much of the day, although the heavy frost made starting early in the
garden rather difficult. Purists say you should never walk on frozen grass as
this will cause damage; in practice when your lawn is a mown field like ours, it
doesn't seem to cause any damage. Indeed working on frozen flower beds can
be helpful if you are simply cutting back dried, decaying vegetation, but I find
that emerging bulbs are more vulnerable when stood upon. Of course if I was
properly organised I would already have cleared the beds, but I have not and
that is what I am working on at the moment. I have to confess that, having
instructed you to cut back the leaves on your Oriental Hellebores in my
January article two months ago, I have still not completed this task!
Another day in the sun beckons today and I will, as usual, be accompanied by
my trusty chicken friends from next door, although there now seem to be only
two of them... They have become more sophisticated in their journey which
used to consist of an inelegant scramble over wall and netting; now they
simply walk onto the green and through the gate like they own the place.
We are now a year on from planting a mixed native hedge which spent a lot of
last spring sitting in water as it is on the flood plain. Amazingly there is only
one dead plant which we will replace; the rest were pruned by the alpacas
when they started to shoot leaves. This spring the netting is higher and,
hopefully, the plants should gain more height. I am astonished at their speed
of development under a regime of benign neglect; all we have done is keep the
weeds down thus reducing competition and given the occasional can of water
(all water has to be collected in water butts and carried in the vegetable
garden as it is too far from the garden tap).
Yesterday in the sun I saw the first sleepy lady birds stretching their legs a
honey bee feeding and a bright green caterpillar; I left them to their own
devices. I can't say that I will be as kind to other insects when they start to
The Haseleys March 2015
appear. I try to keep up with aphids on my roses by squashing them and don't
resort to chemicals most years, but I do spray Lilies against Lily Beetle as I
never seem to be able to keep up with those pernicious creatures. I have very
few lilies actually planted in the beds these days as I really hate to spray and
in pots access is much easier. I also spray my beloved Salvias and Fuchsias
against Capsid Bug; if I wanted to be more organic I would need to stop
growing these plants, although they are less affected in certain areas of the
garden. I don't spray my fruit and vegetables, but do use slug pellets when
necessary working on the premise that they don't actually touch the plants.
Liz Moyses Membership secretary [email protected] 01844 279875
Please contact me for further details of membership which costs only £5 per
family per year. Thank you to those members who have already paid their
subscription for 2015 and may I remind other members that your subscription
is now overdue and will be gratefully received; you must be in good standing
to vote at the AGM.
Don't forget the AGM at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th March in Great Haseley
Village Hall - all welcome. There will be a guest speaker whose topic will be
We held our first outing of 2015 on the 21st January; this was to the
pantomime at the Corn Exchange, Wallingford and it was very good. The
following day, the 22nd January, we held our A.G.M. and everyone was
thanked for their help and contributions to the Club in 2014. The Sheppard
Trust had not held their meeting to discuss requests for grants but we have
since been told that we have been awarded £750, half of which will be
allocated to Club funds and the other half towards our outings.
On the 2nd February we held a meeting in Fullers Field to discuss our outings
programme when lots of ideas were put forward. We had a very interesting
meeting on the 5th February when a group from the local History Society came
to talk about life in the village in 1939 - 1949 and how it was affected by the
war and the following years. Everyone had different memories of that time
and it was a very interesting afternoon. We hope they will come again for a
On the 18th February we went to the Ferryman at Bablock Hythe for lunch and
played skittles in the afternoon. This is always a very popular outing with
everyone joining in and enjoying themselves. The following day, the 19th
February, we had one of our favourite speakers at our meeting - this was Mr
Clive Jones and he spoke to us and showed slides of Blenheim Palace, the
gardens and the many events which took place in the beautiful Blenheim Park.
We also celebrated Janet's 80th birthday and she was given a card and
bouquet of flowers. Also Heather made a beautiful birthday cake which we all
Forthcoming Events - March
The Haseleys March 2015
Wed 25th - Outing to the Museum at Woodstock and the Crocodiles of the
World at Brize Norton.
The Three Villages Car service exists to help people who are having
difficulty in getting to their doctors appointments. For those who are unable to
drive, get a bus, or get a lift with family or friends, we will, if able, take you to
the doctors surgery or to appointments at Thame Hospital. For appointments
at the main Oxford hospitals, we suggest you ask for the Hospital Transport
services. We are here to help those living in the parishes of Great Milton and
Great Haseley. If you need our help, please phone Jane Jefferis on 01844
278743 or Wendy Richardson on 01844 278479. We are also seeking some
others to join the small band of volunteer drivers, and we particularly need
drivers from Great Haseley. If you are able to help in this way, Jane or Wendy
would love to hear from you.
The Haseleys March 2015
Great Haseley Sports Club
will be holding their 2015 fundraising Quiz Night at
Great Haseley Village Hall
Friday 6th March 2015
(Start time 8.00pm, doors open from 7.30pm)
£5 per head (max 8 per team)
To guarantee your table, tickets will be available in advance
from Jo Shrimpton on 01844 278298 or Viki Freear on 01844
278033 or just come along on the night
Wine, beer and soft drinks will be on sale
All proceeds will go towards resurfacing the tennis courts which
is a significant expense, and will need to be done in approx. 2/3
years time to keep our wonderful tennis facilities up to standard
The Haseleys March 2015
These will be held around the benefice on three Mondays during Lent, and all
are warmly welcome to attend. As ever, there is no need to book, just arrive at
our very generous and kind hosts and be assured of a very warm welcome.
Come along and meet your old friends and make new ones, but above all
simply enjoy being with one another in togetherness. Any donations will be
given to Christian Aid, who seek to help and encourage this world’s poor along
the way to being self-sufficient. We are very proud of our support for Christian
Aid, and the Lent Lunches do afford us with an opportunity to help those
whose life is tepid and who struggle even to live.
So the dates and venues for this year are:9th March by kind invitation of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Jefferis at North End Cottage,
High Street, Great Milton,
16th March at the home of Anne Hawkins, Haseley Road, Little Milton, by kind
23rd March by kind invitation, at the home of Ann Maloney, Back Way, Great
Haseley (behind the Old School).
Lent Lunches will be served on each occasion between 12.00 and 1.30.
Do come along won’t you!
Additional Services for Lent
During Lent, on each Wednesday evening at 7.30 p.m., in addition to our
normal services, we will be holding our usual quiet meditative services of
Compline. The services will rotate around our 3 Churches. In recent years
people have found these services which last about 30-40 minutes very useful.
They in their own help can give us, a certain space in our busy lives, to be
rather than to do. Please do look at the list of Services to see where the
service is for each particular week.
This falls on the 4th Sunday of Lent, the 15th March, and the Benefice Mothering
Sunday Family Service will be held in St. Mary’s, Great Milton at 10.00 a.m.
that day. This is a special day in the Church’s Calendar, and on this day we will
give special thanks for all that comes to through our Mothers, so please do join
with us, bring all your family and friends with you. We would simply love to see
you. We really would.
St. Peter’s Annual Church Meeting will be held in the Church on April 19th at
10.30 a.m., following on from the Sung Communion that day. In preparation
for the Meeting we have to update our Church’s Electoral Roll. Our Electoral
Roll Officer is Jane Cannon and should anyone wish their name to be added to
The Haseleys March 2015
the roll, or their name removed, then please do speak to Jane. Application
Forms to join the Roll will shortly be available and placed at the back of the
Church for your convenience.
I am very conscious that this month’s article and notes from the Rectory are
the last that I shall write before I move on to live in Chipping Norton in early
April. It is with a truly heavy heart that I shall be leaving, but what must be,
must be. I am sure that under the watchful eye of our Churchwardens and
parish representatives a worthy successor will emerge. All those involved in
this process have my prayers.
Over the years, I seem to have written countless reflections, and I feel
honoured that the respective editors have felt that they have been worth
publishing. In them, I’ve tried to give a Christian perspective on various
aspects of everyday life, and sought as best I could to make known the reality
of God and his ways among human kind, in our ever so serious a world.
Putting it another way, I’ve tried to provide an opportunity for us to glimpse
the activity of God in the everyday experiences and encounters of life. No one
writes by accident and of course, the pen is mightier than the sword, and so
great care must be taken when putting things together, but I’ve always held to
three principles, be it in the monthly reflections, a Sunday sermon, or
whatever, I always ask myself, “Is it interesting?”, “Is it true?” and “Is it
helpful”? I must leave it with you as to whether I’ve fulfilled those principles.
So finally, brethren, be strong, be joyful, and in that strength and that joy
journey well, fare well.
Victor 01844 279498
‘Finally, brethren, farewell’- St. Paul concluding the second epistle to the
Corinthians. Of course he did not pen that word ‘farewell’. The Greek word in
the New Testament is χαιρετε- ‘rejoice’, ‘have joy’. Had he as a Roman citizen,
been writing in Latin, it would have been valete- ‘be strong, have strength’.
But the person who made the Authorized Version chose ‘farewell’, journey well.
For ‘farewell’ implies ‘moving’, travelling, making a journey. ‘Farewell’ comes
from the old German word fahren, to travel, and survives in our words, like
thoroughfare, wayfarer, seafarer, bus fare, taxi fare.
Farewell then: travel well. It is what of your kindness you now wish me. It is
also what I wish you. For whether we like it or not we are all on the move. All
of us, always, day after day journeying on-getting ever farther and farther
from where we were this morning, and all that is past, and getting ever nearer
and nearer to whatever lies ahead in the future.
Leaving the past is often painful, and in my case having been here for over 15
years, there is so much which I find difficult in leaving. You have made me feel
The Haseleys March 2015
that I am part of your family. The warmth, generosity and friendship of you
good people, the encouragement you have afforded me, the happy smiling
faces of our school children, the honour and privilege of sharing in your joyous
moments, and seeking to strengthen when life seems raw and hollow, and
much, much more. But above all else I’ve sought to reveal something of the
over-arching and undergirding love of God, which is at the heart of all things.
Now to the future, what does the future hold for us all? It all seems so unsure.
The one and only thing we can say with certainty is that one day there will be
an end, and for us Christian people, that end will be-with the grace and mercy
of God-coming to a full vision of God.
But we journey on today, now, between the hither and farther shore, doing so
in the sure confidence of our Lord’s words, “Take no anxious thought for the
morrow”. So journey well, fare well, today.
That raises the question, what does it mean to fare well in our today? Many
things, I’m sure, but in particular, it means having the strength for today’s
journey, strength we haven’t got, the strength that only God can supply, the
strength to face and cope with all the achievements and setbacks, challenges
and joys which we shall encounter on our way. Which, I take it, is no little part
of the reason why a Roman, when wishing someone ‘fare well’, said ‘Vale’,
have strength. And the key to receiving that strength is prayer and the
outworkings of the Holy Spirit.
But secondly, the Greeks of Paul’s world, when wishing ‘Fare Well’ said χαιρετε,
‘have joy’. What is that joy? Well, in Our Lord Jesus Christ, God came down to
earth to take us by the hand and to lead us on, and when and where
necessary, to carry us along, through all that life may bring, till we see him as
he truly is on that farther shore. If we would but only grasp that hand which is
offered us, if we would only abandon ourselves to follow the patterns and
disciplines Jesus taught his first disciples, and longs to teach us still, then we
shall find being led deeper into his presence and his mystery. But more than
that, and much more to our surprise, we shall discover more fully than ever
before, that at the heart of things there beats a heart of love. If we were to
respond to that love, we shall find we ourselves become more loving, more
sensitive to others, less concerned with ourselves and our own desires. We
come alive when we live in love and live for others.
When love breaks into our lives, things are transformed and transfigured, and
joy follows. With this love and joy, our daily journey is not a dull advance
along a grim groove, but part of an onward and upward movement leading to
our ultimate destination, heaven. Heaven, which is perfect life and perfect
love, joy, perfect melody, harmony, grace and courtesy and all and everything
with Christ and Christ with God.
So finally, brethren, be strong, be joyful, and in that strength and that joy
journey well, fare well.
The Haseleys March 2015
As you know, Victor retires from the parish in March, after 15 years of devoted
ministry. He will be moving to Chipping Norton – so, not far away; and he
takes with him our every best wish for the future, and our deepest thanks for
all that he has given to us.
The process for selecting a new Rector is now underway. We are delighted that
the arrangement will remain as now – so there will be a new Rector with
responsibility for the three parishes of Great Milton, Little Milton and the
Haseleys. Advertisements will be placed in the relevant press shortly, and a
recruitment panel drawn from the PCC’s of the three churches has been
formally appointed. We hope that interviews will be held this side of the
summer, giving us a good chance to get a new Rector in place before the end
of the year.
Nevertheless, we will be without a Rector for a number of months, so it is
important to let everyone know how the life of the church will be sustained
over that period.
The pattern of the services will continue as now, although there will be some
changes to the format of the Family Service. It will still be at 11am on the first
Sunday of each month, but it will be a bit shorter – just half an hour; we will
replace the sermon with an activity more appropriate for the children, and we
will use more of the music and words they will be familiar with from school. It
will always be advertised in The Haseleys, and we hope that as many families
as possible will be able to come.
There will be Holy Communion at 8am on the second Sunday of the month as
now, and a sung Holy Communion at 9.30 on the third Sunday. On the fourth
(and when there is one, the fifth) Sunday of the month a Benefice Communion
will be held at one of the three churches, which will continue to take it in turns.
As usual, all these dates will be publicised in The Haseleys, and on the church
notice board. We have been able to ensure full cover for all of our services
from now until the summer, so there should be no disruption, and plenty going
If you want to arrange a wedding, baptism or funeral, the first person to talk to
is Jean Nixey, the Church Warden. She will be able to explain what you need to
do, and make all the necessary arrangements.
Anybody coming for interview to be our new Rector will want to know how the
church fits in to the life of the village, and how the church will be able to
sustain itself in future. We want to take advantage of the opportunity – and
challenge –of seeing ourselves as any potential Rector will see us, before we
The Haseleys March 2015
make the new appointment: to understand our strengths, and to identify the
areas where we would want them to help us develop.
So we are keen, as a PCC, to do two things: first, to hear as many views as
possible about how you feel the church does, or should, put itself at the heart
of our village and community life; and second, how you think we can best
secure the financial security of an institution which has to pay its own way.
That will always be through a combination of dedicated, sustained and regular
giving, and self-help through the events that we mount. We also benefit from
some generous legacies tied to supporting specific aspects of the church and
its fabric.
But the costs are rising: a beautiful church like ours is an expensive building to
maintain, and the overall running costs that we have to recover are now
somewhere above £20,000 per annum. So one of the challenges we will face
with our new Rector is how best to secure that future, so that the church can
continue to be a place where the village comes together to celebrate our sense
of shared community.
If you have thoughts on any of this, please do get in touch with any member of
the PCC – Jean Nixey, Toby Garfitt, Jill Freeman, Judy Alexander, Jane Cannon,
Stephen Fairfax or Tim Suter.
Jean Nixey, Church Warden (01844 281209; [email protected])
The Churchwarden is responsible for all matters relating to the Church during
the Interregnum. Please contact, Jean Nixey on 07748222991 should any
needs arise.
After 15 ½ years as our Rector of the Benefice of Great Milton with Little Milton
and Great Haseley and having reached the ripe old age of seventy, Victor is
retiring and going to live in Chipping Norton. We will miss him in our churches
and wish him well in his retirement. He will be missed in the schools at Great
Milton and Little Milton where he is so well loved by the children and the staff.
Victor was born and bred in Hastings. He qualified as a teacher of mathematics
in London and Brighton from where he graduated with his Degree of Batchelor
of Science. He later was called to the ministry and studied at Cuddesdon .After
serving at Evesham, Shipton on Stour and with the Mission of Seamen in
Rotterdam he joined our Benefice in 1999.
God Bless Victor
Malcolm Prior
In the responses to the Village Plan Survey 98% of you wanted an Annual
Fireworks Party. Well, if you want one, there needs to be a new team to
prepare for, execute and clear up after the event. Are you up to the
The Haseleys March 2015
challenge? If so, I look forward to meeting you on Monday 16th March in the
Plough at 7.30pm. I will buy a drink for the first four who arrive!
David Simcox
The Haseleys March 2015
St Mary’s
1st March
Lent 2
St James’s
Farewell Benefice
For Victor
11.00 a.m.
4th March
8th March
Lent 3
St Peter’s
7.30 p.m.
Toby Garfitt
Morning Praise
Sung Communion
9.30 a.m.
M Braybrooke
8.00 a.m.
M Braybrooke
7.30 p.m.
Toby Garfitt
11.00 a.m.
Toby Garfitt
11th March
15th March
Lent 4
18th March
Mothering Day
Family Service
10.00 a.m.
Tony Jefferis
7.30 p.m.
Andrew Meynell
Holy Communion
8.00 a.m.
Julian Dunn
22nd March
Lent 2
Communion CW
10.00 a.m.
Toddy Hoare
25th March
29th March
2nd April
3rd April
5th April
7.30 p.m.
Sister Anne
Communion CW
10.00 a.m.
Andrew Meynell
Holy Communion
7.30 p.m.
Sister Anne
A service of
11.00 a.m.
T Jefferis/T Garfitt
Holy Communion
11.00 a.m.
Toddy Hoare
The Haseleys March 2015
Holy Communion
9.30 a.m.
Toddy Hoare
8.00 a.m.
Toddy Hoare
The Haseleys March 2015
The Haseleys March 2015
The objective is to fill a 9x9 grid so that each column, each row, and each of
the nine 3x3 boxes (also called blocks or regions) contains the digits from 1 to
9, only ONE time each (that is, exclusively).
The Haseleys March 2015
The Haseleys
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in Great Haseley, Little Haseley, Standhill, Rycote, North Weston and Milton
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Great Haseley – Caroline Pickett, Elisabeth Spencer, Malcolm Prior, John
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Little Haseley and Standhill - Jennifer Lee
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Milton Common - Simon Hales
Essential Information
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Parishioners over 60 can request bus passes from OCC.
BP Stadhampton, ASDA Wheatley and Services at Junction 8 M40
St Peters Church, Great Haseley: see newsletter for service times.
Great Milton Methodist Church
Education Centres
Wheatley The Lodge, Wheatley Park School, Holton, tel. 01865
872664. Thame Towersey Road, Thame, tel. 01844
Morland House Surgery, London Road, Wheatley, tel. 01865
872448. Out of hours service 0845 345 8995
Transport to doctor or hospital. Contact Jane Jefferis 278743 or
Wendy Richardson on 278479
Dry Cleaning
Collected from the Post Offices at Little and Great Milton
Environment Agency Floodline, tel. 0845 988 1188.
South Oxfordshire District Council, tel. 01491 823473
Gt Haseley Village Hall Available to hire, contact Hazel Ball 208261 (Mobile 07780 604904);
[email protected]
Branch libraries at Wheatley and Thame, also Temple Cowley, Bury
Knowle, and Headington
Local news; Oxford Mail
Organic Farmers' Market every Thursday 2.30-6 pm at Sandy Lane
Farm, Milton Common. Thame Market every Tuesday in the Upper
High Street Car Park 8.30-4.30. Farmers Market in the Upper High
Street Car Park in Thame, second Tuesday of the month 8.30am
1.30 pm.
Allan Woods Tel: 07773006485.
Mobile library
Every second Thursday outside Great Haseley Village Hall, 2.15 to
2.30 p.m. tel. 01865 810229.
Neighbours Club
Janet Earl Tel: 01844 279432.
Delivered (Monday to Saturday) by P Donnelly, Great Milton Post
Office, tel. 279455. Open Sunday mornings.
ASDA , Wheatley, and services at junction 8 M40.
Non-emergency: 101
Post Offices
Available in Little Milton and Great Milton
Paper, Cans, Glass Bottles, Tetrapacks, Food Waste and Plastics
collected Tuesdays.
Collection Normally Tuesdays, after bank holidays collection usually
moves to the Wednesday.
a free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and
advice to older people, 0800 4 70 80 90 free phone line from
ASDA, Wheatley; Sainsburys, Heyford Hill; Tesco, Cowley;
Waitrose, Thame; also mini-market 08.00. 20.00 7 days a week at
Stadhampton; Great Milton Post Office.
Swimming Baths
Thame Sports and Arts Centre 01844 215607
Recreation Ground Contact Charlotte Ten Holter tel. 278821.for
The Samaritans
0845 790 9090
Thames Water. To report leaks: 0800 714614
Little Milton W.I. Meet second Thursday of the month, 7.30 p.m.
at The Pine Lodge, Little Milton, Kath Stacey 279438
The Haseleys March 2015