2015 Winter Newsletter - Helen Ross McNabb Center

Improving the lives of the people we serve
2015 Winter Newsletter
Found Help and Hope: A Mother’s Story
Linda Munday is 22 years old
and the mother of two year old
Isaiah. This simple statement
reveals a beautiful story. A story that Linda shares every day.
Linda has faced many challenges in life. She once said,
“I think God let the bad things
happen to me so I can share
my story and help others.”
Throughout her childhood, Linda lived in eight to ten foster homes.
Linda said she was featured on a local news station’s foster care
segment but was never adopted. She said it was so hard changing
schools and families so often and that she had a difficult time making friends because of the moves. Linda started to receive counseling and therapy for symptoms of depression and anxiety when she
was put in state custody and was diagnosed with post-traumatic
stress disorder and
separation anxiety disorder.
Linda grew up in a troubled home. Her father abused her sexually,
emotionally, verbally and physically. The abuse by her father continued until he was put in jail for multiple DUI charges. She was 5
years old when her father left her family and she has not seen him
since. At age 7, Linda’s brother and his friends raped her. Linda said
her mom loved her but never protected her. Her mother is deaf and
many times could not hear her cries for help. Linda said “I really
don’t know why I was removed from my mom specifically or what
happened that day. I just know my mom went to court. Her friend
had to take me to the court and I was bare foot. I was embarrassed,
my mom was crying and saying she cannot take care of me and my
brother. I was 8 years old and went to foster care that day.” Linda
said that she did see her mom for visitation a few times but her
mom’s rights were terminated soon after.
When Linda turned 18
she aged out of foster
care. At that time, she
left her last foster family and was homeless.
She lived on the streets
and stayed in shelters.
At the shelter she met
Tom*, the father of her
child and soon-to-be husband. Linda became pregnant and they
was referred to Center’s Healthy Families program by the health department where she went for a pregnancy test. CONTINUED ON
“I will always keep my son safe. I want him to be
with me and grow up in a stable loving home”.
What’s inside...
Champions of Care Recognized PAGE 2
Knoxville Challenger PAGE 2
New Clinic in Anderson County PAGE 3
Veterans Supportive Housing Opens PAGE 3
Telehealth Introduced in Rural Communities PAGE 4
Helen Ross McNabb
Boards of Directors
Champions of Care Recognized at
State-wide Award Ceremony
The Tennessee Association of Mental Health
Organizations (TAMHO) recently bestowed its
highest honors during their annual conference
in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
Center Board
Dr. Harold Black
Ms. Nancy Cain
Mrs. Susan Conway, Chair
Mr. Wade Davies, Chair Elect
Mr. Ted Flickinger
Mr. Joe Fielden
Mr. Charles Finn, Secretary
Mr. Mike Fishman
Ms. Mai Bell Hurley
Mrs. Debbie Jones, Treasurer
Mrs. Ellie Kassem
Mr. Chris Kittrell
Mr. Ford Little
Mr. Richard Maples
Mrs. Della Morrow
Mr. Joe Petre
Mr. James Schaad
Mr. Ross Schram, III
Dr. Karen Sowers
Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan
Mrs. Nikitia Thompson
Mrs. Traci Topham
Foundation Board
Mrs. Fay Bailey
Mrs. Sandy Bertelkamp
Mr. Patrick Birmingham
Mrs. Jenny Brock, Secretary
Mrs. Debbie Brown
Mrs. Betsey Bush
Ms. Elizabeth Campbell
Mr. Nick Chase
Ms. Jeannie Dulaney, Chair
Mr. Greg Gilbert, Treasurer
Dr. Joe Johnson
Mr. Bob Joy
Mrs. Chris Kahn
Mr. Dale Keasling
Mr. George Kershaw, Past Chair
Mr. Mark Kroeger
Mr. Jim Lloyd
Ms. Virginia Love
Mr. Richard Montgomery
Mr. Davis Overton, Chair Elect
Mr. Bob Petrone
Mrs. Avice Reid
Mr. Don Rogers
Mr. Keith Sanford
Mr. Andy Shafer
Mr. Mitch Streenrod
Mr. Jerry Vagnier, Ex-Officio
Mr. Carl Van Hoozier
The TAMHO Dorothea Dix Professional Service
Award was presented to Leann Human Hilliard,
Helen Ross McNabb Center’s vice president for
clinical services. This award honors a behavioral
health professional who has provided significant contributions over an extended period of
time to the behavioral health system that will
have a far reaching and long lasting positive impact on the quality and/or scope of behavioral
health services in Tennessee. Words like compassionate, understanding and innovative describe trailblazers like Dorothea Dix, Helen Ross McNabb and Leann Human-Hilliard. Leann
has practiced in the behavioral health field for more than 25 years. She earned her master’s
from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work and is a licensed clinical social worker. Her career, her compassion, and her innovation have served our behavioral health system
well. She is a true pioneer in the field.
The TAMHO Personal Courage Award recognizes an individual who exemplifies courageousness in facing personal challenges presented by mental illness in order to provide effective
leadership, advocacy, or support for programs that serve others through the public service
delivery system. Ms. Linda Munday, a graduate of the Helen Ross McNabb Center’s Healthy
Families East Tennessee program, was presented with the 2014 Personal Courage Award. As
you will read in this newsletter, Linda offers an inspiring story of overcoming life’s challenges.
You can read Linda’s story in this newsletter and see a picture of her with her award on pg. 4.
2014 Knoxville Challenger Serves Up
Support for the McNabb Center
This year marked the 6th Knoxville Challenger! The 2014 tournament raised more than
$130,000 to support mental health and addiction services. Adrian Mannarino from France
won the singles championship beating Australian Sam Groth. Also, a Challeger tournament
first, amateurs won the doubles championship and the players, Mikelis Libietis and Hunter
Reese, just happen to be on the University of Tennessee men’s tennis team.
Additionally, this year’s tournament
brought bittersweet news with Howard
Blum, passing the role of tournament
director to Adam Brock. Under Howard’s
leadership the tournament has raised
more than $600,000, all of which has
benefited the Helen Ross McNabb Center.
Howard, thank you for your commitment to organizing a first-class event
that supports our mission of “improving
the lives the people we serve.”
From left to right: Scott Patrick, Knoxville Challenger Co-Chair; Adam
Brock, Knoxville Challenger Co-Chair; Adrian Mannarino, Knoxville
Challenger Singles Champion; Sarah Stowers; Jenny Brock, Knoxville
Challenger Co-Chair; Jerry Vagnier, HRMC CEO and president.
New Clinic Closer to Home for Anderson Co. Clients
The Helen Ross McNabb
Center is happy to announce
its new center located in
Oak Ridge (158 Fairbanks
Road). Services will include
medication management,
nursing services, individual
and family therapy and case management services for both children and adults. A multi-disciplinary team consisting of psychia-
trists, advanced registered nurse practitioners, registered nurses,
therapists and case managers will work to meet the individual
needs of each client. The new location will also serve as a home
base for domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy services.
The Helen Ross McNabb Center currently serves a significant
number of individuals who live in Anderson County. By opening
a clinic in Oak Ridge, the Center can better provide access to affordable care close to home for individuals experiencing behavioral health needs.
Veterans Move Home for the Holidays
Community leaders gathered in December to celebrate the
opening of Cedar Crossing, the first facility to be completed
through the Center’s veterans supportive housing project. The
new unit of housing is located in the Inskip community in Knoxville and has 8 housing units.
The Helen Ross McNabb Foundation has raised $1.83 million to
develop and sustain two different housing facilities in order to
serve, at any given time, 21 homeless veterans with a mental
illness and/or a behavioral health disability. The second phase
of the project includes the rehabilitation of 15 units located on
Washington Pike in Knoxville with an anticipated spring completion date.
Considering that Knox County, at more than 35,000, has Tennessee’s highest veteran population east of Nashville, it is of the
utmost importance that homeless veterans have access to integrated services to ensure the best possible outcomes for recovery and resilience. Supportive housing can be the first step in
addressing complex factors like mental illness, addiction, and job
loss that compound a homeless veteran’s ability to be healthy and
successful. Four veterans were able to move in before Christmas.
From left to right: First row: Mike Hammond, Knox County Clerk of Courts; Katie Moore, TN Housing Development Authority; Randy Boyd, Radio Systems Corporation; Jerry Vagnier, HRMC
CEO and president; Susan Conway, HRMC board chair; Jana Morgan, HRMC asst. dir. of housing and supportive services; Second row: Leann Human Hilliard, HRMC VP of clinical services;
Mark Campen, Knoxville City Council; Jeannie Dulaney; Helen Ross McNabb Foundation board chair; Mayor Tim Burchett, Knox County; Back row: George Wallace, Knoxville City Council;
Dale Read, Read Windows; Todd Berry, Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati; Tyler Slack, Creative Structures
Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee Relocates to
a Central Campus
The Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee recently relocated to the Center’s John Tarleton Campus in Knoxville. SACET was previously located at 6215 Kingston Pike in Knoxville. The new location is centrally located, yet provides more privacy than the previous
location. The John Tarleton Campus will be a peaceful place for individuals to receive services.
The Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee was founded in 1973 as the Knoxville Rape Crisis Center and remains one of two comprehensive, community sexual assault agencies in the state of Tennessee; serving 15 counties. The mission of SACET is to provide
excellent and compassionate services for survivors of sexual assault and to empower communities through education and social
change. SACET has four program areas, which include: sexual assault nurse examinations, advocacy, therapy, and education and
outreach. The 24/7 crisis hotline for SACET services is (865) 522-7273.
A Mother’s Story continued...
After the birth of her son, Linda had a hard time finding work
due to lack of experience, transportation and her hours of availability. She had to find a job with work hours that were the same
as her son’s day care hours. She does not have anyone that can
help her with childcare in the evenings or weekends. She also
had to find a job on the bus line because she does not have a
car. While doing volunteer hours for her Families First requirements, she found a job. After one year of volunteering Linda
was hired full-time at Goodwill Industries.
own resources to help, though, her biggest resource is her story
of hope and perseverance. The program empowered Linda
with the tools and resources she needed to break the cycle of
untreated mental illness, poverty and abuse in her family. She
shares her story in hopes of making a positive difference in others’ lives. From the complex trauma of abuse in early childhood,
to moving from city to city in multiple foster homes, to aging
out of the system and finding herself pregnant and homeless,
Linda found help, found hope, and has broken the cycle of
abuse. She is not only raising her son in a way that was not afforded to her, but has
also become a passionate advocate for
others. She is brave.
Linda has been abused, hungry, homeless and hopeless.
Through the support of community resources and her determination, she has achieved stability and success. Her story offers
hope. Despite her circumstances and dealing with mental illness, she is a success and wants others to experience the same
success. Linda actively looks
for ways to share her story
so that others can connect
to needed services like she
did. She has been interviewed by local TV stations
and actively advocates for
funding and other resources
so that Healthy Families
remains a viable service for
others in the community.
She has shared her story
with state legislators by
writing letters and participating in advocacy projects.
Whenever Healthy Families
faces potential budget cuts,
she is the first to raise her
Linda accepts TAMHO’s Personal Courage award at the December luncheon with her son,
hand to help. She offers her Isaiah, and Helen Ross McNabb Center staff member, Stephanie Rollins by her side.
*Father/ex-husband’s name was changed for privacy reasons.
Donations and Community Support Make the HoliDays Brighter for Families
The Dear Santa program
has provided holiday presents and parties for clients
served by the Helen Ross
McNabb Center for 12
years. Community volunteers are actively involved in making the
program a success by sponsoring wish lists for families in need,
donating money to holiday parties and special projects and/or
volunteering their time to help make it all happen. Funds raised
through the Beth Haynes 12 Days of Christmas Online Auction
benefit Dear Santa and allow the program to serve more children
each year. The 2014 auction
had 170 unique. one-of-akind deals provided primarily
by East Tennessee businesses. More than 2,000 bidders
participated, raising nearly
Trinity Health Foundation Grant Helps Introduce
Telepsychiatry to Rural East Tennessee
Recently, the Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee awarded the Helen Ross McNabb Center nearly $150,000 to introduce
telepsychiatry to its continuum of care.
The Helen Ross McNabb Center’s telepsychiatry project will provide greater access to high quality psychiatric care for East Tennessee children, adolescents and adults affected by mental illness, particularly those in rural locations.
With a national shortage of psychiatrists, it is rare and fiscally
challenging to provide mental health services in rural areas. For
states with large rural populations, telehealth has emerged as a
cost-effective alternative to traditional face-to-face consultations between provider and patient. With this funding, the Center will allocate nurse practitioners and psychiatrists to provide
telepsychiatry services in rural communities. The Center will purchase web conferencing equipment for Anderson, Blount, Knox,
Loudon, and Sevier counties. Clinical staff will be headquartered
in two Knox County outpatient clinics. This option will allow the
Center to provide children, adolescents and adults 750 addition-
al contacts with a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner
during the project’s first year.
On March 24, 2014, the Tennessee House of representatives adopted Telehealth Legislation –SB 2050(Overbey) HB 1895 (Keisling), requiring insurance carriers to provide coverage under a
health insurance policy for health care services delivered through
telehealth. The legislation applies to Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act plans as well as other insurance carriers, thus
providing coverage for the majority of consumers. This legislation
has made it possible for the Helen Ross McNabb Center to seriously pursue telepsychiatry as a service option and grant funding
from Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee has made it
possible to initiate and introduce this service to East Tennessee.
While access to psychiatrists continues to decrease, mental
health issues remain common and costly in our community. Providing access to affordable mental health care is paramount to
our community’s health.
The following gifts were made between October 1 - December 31, 2014
Access to Care
Thomas M. and Midge Ayres
Catherine S. Beals
Bert and Sheila Bertelkamp
Beverage Control, Inc.
Mona Blanton-Kitts
Harry M. and Teresa Call
Wallace A. and Mary A. Casnelli
Susan and Pye Conway
Wade Davies and Bethany Hallam
Deana Ferguson
Joseph A. and Ruth Fielden
Charles M. Finn
Ted Flickinger and Julie Howard
Frank & Virginia Rogers Foundation
David N. and Nancy Goodson
Haslam Family Foundation
Lee and Susan Iglehart
Kevin James
Joseph E. and Pat Johnson
Robert and Eleanor Kassem
Mary Katsikas
Dale and Barbara Keasling
George and Cheryl Kershaw
Mark W. Kroeger and Barbara J.
Richard and Joni Maples
Joe Mont and Kane McAfee
Randy and Diane Miller
Pam Nixon
Marshall A. and Jo Ann Parker
Robert E. and Margaret Petrone
Pilot Corporation
Donald B. and Nancy Preston
Shafer Insurance Agency
Bo and Jane Shafer
Jack and Maggie Singleton
Anne Sprouse
Clif and Nancy Tennison
Thompson Charitable Foundation
Trinity Health Foundation of East
VLH Trust
Carl and Gail Van Hoozier, Jr.
Beth Haynes
12 Days of Christmas
Sue C. Acee
Ashley N. Acord
Donna J. Adcock
John K. Alley, Jr.
Phillip Andreason
Appalachian Ballet Company
Ashe’s Wine and Spirits
Augustus T. Zevely Inn
Ann Ault
Avanti Savoia
B&G Catering
Back Porch Mercantile
Gavin Baker
Banfield Pet Hospital
Ron Bayus
Bearden Beer Market
Emily Beasley
Rachel Beilstein
Virginia R. Bennett
Ralph D. Bennett, Jr.
Hank and Sandy Bertelkamp
Randall and Kimberly Black
Blue Slip Winery
Body Graffix Custom Tattoo
Boyd’s Jig and Reel
Jennifer Boyle
Breazeale Clinic for Plastic Surgery
Bristol & Bragg Fine Jewelers
Adam and Jenny Brock
Tiffany Buchanan
Jackie Buck
Debra Burnum
Chandra L. Butler
Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop
Cellular Sales of Knoxville
Central Flats and Taps
Chicken City
Chilhowee Sportsman’s Club
City of Knoxville Parks &
Clarence Brown Theatre
Lashundra Clay
Cleaning Authority of Knoxville
Club LeConte
Deborah H. Conner
Cool Sports, Home of the Icearium
Cool Beans
Creative Discovery Museum
Crossfit Pistol Creek
Cruze Dairy Farm
Melissa Cupp
Daisyeyes Handmade
Lindsey Davey
LT DeBord
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Diana Warner, LLC
Dragonfly Aerial Arts Studio
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Knoxville Zoo
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Knoxville’s Holidays on Ice
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Douglas Lawson
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Meadow View Greenhouses &
Garden Center
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Mtn Trax
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North Corner Sandwich Shop
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Ogle Entertainment
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Oliver Hotel
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Pratt’s Country Store
Premier Athletics
Prestige Cleaners
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Rainforest Adventures
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Rick Terry Jewelry Design
River Sports Outfitters
Riverstone Resort and Spa
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Sandra G’s Alterations
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Slamdot, Inc.
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Through the Foundation’s giving options, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy starting today. There are many
ways you can create a brighter future for children, adults and families in East Tennessee by remembering the Helen
Ross McNabb Center in your financial planning. For more information, please call the Foundation at (865) 541-6684.
Administrative Office
201 West Springdale Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917
Howard and Betty Blum
Thursday, March 5, 2015
Knoxville Convention Center
Cocktails and silent auction begin at 6:00 p.m.
Dinner begins at 7:00 p.m.