Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie Book Project

Name __________________________________________ Marking Period 3 Drums, Girls, & Dangerous Pie Book Project TOTAL POINTS _________/25 Directions. This book project will be correlated to the book you are reading in English class. Read the following directions carefully. DUE DATE: Odd: March 11th (Day 3) Even: March 12th (Day 4) Part 1: Complete the Terrific Titles & Quotation Sensation Worksheet. (10 points) Part 2: Be Creative! (15 points) Complete ONE of the following activities. All projects must be neat & have minimal grammar, spelling, & punctuation errors for full credit. You may work individually or with a partner or group of three. Characters: Steven, Jeffrey, Mom/Dad, Annette, Renee, _________ (your choice) Motivational Wristband: If you had to describe a character using only one word, what would it be? Select three characters and create or draw a wristband (must be in color) for each character. Write a paragraph for each motivational word & clearly explain with text examples as to why you chose each word to define each character. Get to Know Me Poster: Select one of the main characters from the novel and create a poster about him/her. Include at least five pictures and five captions that explain why these pictures are linked to your character. Think about physical characteristics, personality traits, relationships with other characters, actions/events that involve the character, etc… when selecting pictures. In addition, you need to include on your poster three meaningful quotes that this character said. (Pick quotes that help to develop the character’s personality.) Journal: Throughout the novel, Steven shared excerpts from some of his journal entries. Select a different character and write four journal entries from that character’s point of view focusing on key parts of the story. Each journal entry should be at least one paragraph. Soundtrack: Select 4 songs that match the mood/tone of this book (please pick school appropriate songs). Print out song title, artist name, and the lyrics. Highlight the words/phrases/refrain from the song that made you connect with this text. For each song, write a paragraph that summarizes why these lyrics made you connect to this text. If possible, bring the song so we can jam to it! Story Bag: Pick 4 characters, find 4 bags, and label each bag with a character’s name. Then select 4-­‐5 items that would be significant to that person and put them in the bag. Finally, write a paragraph for each bag explaining the significance of all of the items. Other: _________________________________________ Signature of approval_______________ Full Credit Criteria: You must have your “other” idea approved by me or you will not receive full credit. ** If you are a quick reader, consider completing this project with another one of Jordan Sonnenblick’s books and receive a two point bonus!**