Mayor`s Summer Job Program

Instructions for
applying online
The Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program…
 Helps you earn money for the summer and time to enjoy it;
 Offers both 20-hour and 40-hour work week positions;
 Provides a variety of work experiences and positions for
varying skill levels; and
 Gives you a chance to make a difference in your neighborhood,
while learning new skills to help you with future jobs!
Instructions for applying:
1. Go to Internet Explorer and type
and click on the application link or type
into the web browser and click enter.
2. Click “Apply”
3. Enter Username and Password
4. Click “Create Application” Make sure you follow the instructions provided on
the website or edit the application that you used to apply last year.
5. Complete the Application by adding personal information, education, work
experience, certifications and licensing etc…
6. Complete agency-wide questions section.
7. Complete the “Confirm your application” section then “Certify and submit”
8. Make sure you receive a confirmation page at the end of the process. If you
enter your email address in the application you should also receive an email
stating your application has been received.
9. If you do not receive this message, call (904) 630-7288 for assistance.
Candidates must pass a drug test and criminal background check.
For more information contact Dawn Daly, HR Coordinator, City of Jacksonville, at
(904) 630-7523 or [email protected]