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Mrs. Caroline Roberts, Principal
St. Colette, pray for us.
Volume 26 –March
School Mission Statement
St. Joan of Arc School, as part of the parish faith community, commits to
building the Catholic identity of its students, to challenging them
academically, and to preparing them for lives of service to others.
Recommended book by Mrs. Roberts,
3/10 Gr. 4-8 Stations of the Cross
2:00 pm in church
3/11 Dress Down Day
3/12 St. Patrick’s Day Programs
8:10 am: KB – 5B
9:25am: PK4A/B & KA –5A
Hot Lunch and Extended Care
as usual
3/13 No Classes
Teacher Workday
3/16-20 Spring Break
3/23 Classes resume
3/24 Gr.4-8 Stations of the Cross
2:00 pm in church
3/25 Feast of the Annunciation
Mass at 9:15 am in Church
3/27 Family Life Easter Egg Hunt
3/28 First Reconciliation
9: 00 am and 11:30 am
4/1 Grade 8 mass and retreat
8:15 am-10:30 am
4/1 3rd Quarter report Cards
after 9:00am on MSP
Easter Vacation
4/7 School resumes
4/10 Gr. 4 Eucharistic Adoration
at 12:45 pm in the Chapel
4/20 Dress Down Day
4/22 Grade 2 retreat,
7:50 am-10:15 am
4/29 & 30 Drama Club Shows
Ending the Homework Hassle
by John Rosemond
Why is homework important? Responsibility,
autonomy, perseverance, time management,
initiative, self-reliance, resourcefulness
ABC’s of Effective Homework
“A” stands for “All by Myself”
The child does his HW in a private, personal
place, preferably at a desk in his room, rather
than in a public family space such as the
kitchen. This physical arrangement helps
parents resist the urge to hover. Also helps
make sure HW does not become a family
affair. The child who is allowed to do HW at the
kitchen table is being handed an opportunity to
exercise a unique sort of control over the family.
The child can become increasingly convinced
that he is, in fact, incompetent, and that he does,
in fact, needs his parents’ constant assistance to
do HW. The attention the child receives is quite
literally addicting. The more he gets, the more
he thinks he needs, the more he wants. And
since the only way to get it (or so he thinks) is to
act helpless, he acts increasingly helpless.
“B” stands for Back Off”
Stay out of the child’s HW unless the child asks
you to get involved. This means that you do not
ask unnecessary questions like, “Do you need
any help with your HW?” “How can you do HW
with that music playing?” Do you have any HW
today?” Rule: if child has a question, he or she
has to pick up books, paper, or whatever, and
travel to parents. “We will not come running to
your beck and call.” Effort involved in
getting help is completely on the
child. Child’s perseverance is
strengthened. Help rendered should be
brief and encouraging and last no longer
than 15 minutes (clarify or reinterpret
directions, demonstrate or give example,
review or check for accuracy). If child
complains can’t do the work. Say: ask
your teacher for extra help.
“C” stands for Call
Set an upper time limit on HW. In most
instances, the child should be
responsible for deciding when to begin,
but parents decide when to call time on
a consistent basis. “Give me the books.”
Thank you for your positive response
to the online re-registration for the
2015-2016 school year.
For those of you who have not had
the opportunity to register, please go
to and complete the
forms online.
Don’t Miss our Fantastic
St. Patrick’s Day Programs in
Our Lady of Mercy Center
8:10 am: KB – 5B
9:25 am: PK4A/B & KA –5A
SJA Groovy Gators
Long-Sleeve Relief
Parents are invited to attend this
presentation on Safety and
Child Sexual Abuse.
This program is for adults; please
do not bring babies or any child
under the age of 18.
Date: Friday, March 27, 2015
Time: 8:00-10:00 am
Location: Our Lady of Mercy
This video is shown throughout the
year, and if you have previously
attended, you do not need to attend
a second time.
Our next school OPEN HOUSE is
Wednesday, March 25
from 7:00 pm-8:30 pm.
Please spread the word to
prospective parents and families and
encourage them to check out our
fabulous school.
To volunteer to place a promotional
sign in your yard or to take post cards
to distribute to advertise this night,
please contact
Mrs. Bradley, our school registrar.
Families that take a sign and a 25pack of post cards CAN RECEIVE
The SJA school staff and faculty members
have been competing in an 8 week
walking challenge sponsored by Blue
Cross and Blue Shield. The challenge is a
fun way to promote healthy living. It is
called the 2015 Principal’s Throw-down
Challenge and there are 11 schools in the
Diocese participating. During the 8 week
challenge, all participants have been
tracking and recording their daily walking
steps including all other types of exercise.
SJA is hoping to come out victorious and
claim the winning trophy for our principal,
Mrs. Roberts!
The final day of the challenge is Friday,
March 6th.. The Groovy Gators will be
culminating the challenge with a team
walk to St. Jude’s Catholic School.
Be sure to cheer on any Groovy Gator
you see!
The Stewardship Club is helping Catholic
Charities with the annual collection of longsleeved cotton shirts for migrant farmworkers.
Thick cotton long-sleeve shirts are the most
desirable. Catholic Charities specifies that they
do not want dress shirts or sweatshirts.
These shirts will protect the farmworkers from
bugs, mosquitoes, sunburn, and scratches.
Cotton shirts offer the most protection against
harmful chemicals and pesticides.
Thank you for helping this very worthwhile
project. The shirts can be dropped off in the
school office any day during Lent, up to April 2.
Thank you for helping the needy.
Gazebo Duty (outside)
10:50 am – 12:20 pm
2015-2016 School Year
At this time we are accepting sibling
applications. Please see the information
Pre-K Three students must be 3 years old by
September 1, 2015;
Pre-K Four students must be 4 years old by
September 1, 2015;
Kindergarten students must be 5 years old
by Sept. 1, 2015;
in order to be eligible.
If you have any questions please contact
Mrs. Debora Bradley at (561) 392-7974,
extension 2946.
Lorie Culligan, Marissa Qumsieh
Marcy Crowe, Luccia Mariano
Bettina Ale, Kamilla Smolinski
Tina Rodriguez, Kamilla Smolinski
Our Lady of Mercy Center (inside)
10:30 am – 12:15 pm
3/9 Brenda Garbinski
3/10 Pat Auger
3/11 Nikki Gentile
3/12 Pat Auger