Newsletter 5th March 2015

5th March 2015
From the Principal
Making Thinking Visible—Parent Strategy #3
Challenge but don’t rescue—we learn a lot from making mistakes, pushing ourselves out of our
comfort zone and taking risks to try new things. Encountering challenges, mistakes and even
failure can help build a growth mindset and develop intellectual resilience. When your child
encounters difficul es, resist the urge to jump in immediately and solve the problem and rescue
him/her. Instead, ask ques ons that will help him/her to think through the problem, iden fy and
choose a course of ac on for moving forward.
Every Day Counts
If a parent was told their child had a 90% School a endance rate, they probably wouldn't be too
worried. A few days off—what’s the big deal? However, a 90% a endance rate means one day
missed in every ten school days. By the start of Year 10 that means a child will have missed a full
year of school! Most parents would find that alarming. School a endance data recently released
reveals that in 2013 almost one in five Australian schools had an average a endance rate of below
90%. While Good Shepherd’s a endance rate is 93%, it s ll represents many missed days of
School. Of course a certain percentage of missed school days are related to ill health and cannot
be avoided, however, many days are missed for other reasons. Research shows that absenteeism
does cause difficul es and impacts on student learning.
A student’s level of school a endance in many cases does have an influence on academic
achievement. A day off here and there may not seem important, but the effect of absence
accumulates over me.
While governments and schools have a role to play in promo ng school a endance, the prime
responsibility is with parents to ensure their children a end School every day they can.
Government Educa on departments do encourage schools to raise the issue of a endance and
absenteeism with their school communi es. In 2015, Good Shepherd, along with all Australian
schools, are required to record student a endance for Semester 1 and report it to the Australian
Government as part of its data collec on process. Student a endance for each Australian school is
included on the MySchool website.
Of course, there are occasions when a student’s health prevents him/her from a ending school. If
a child is genuinely sick it is important they are cared for at home. At Good Shepherd we do ask
you to no fy the school first thing in the morning if your child will be absent from school and the
message will be passed on to your child’s teacher. When children return to school following an
absence, they are required to provide a note of explana on which is retained by the school. Note
templates explaining absences have been included in the back of your Family Directory for your
convenience. Thank you very much for your coopera on.
Greg Schneider
09/03/15 Labour Day Public
Holiday—No School for
10/03/15 Monday Timetable
11/03/15 Year 5 Camp
11/03/15 Share Care Leaders
13/03/15 Year 5 Camp concludes
15/03/15 Sunday Chapel @
16/03/15 Crea ve Arts
18/03/15 LAP Training Day
18/03/15 Year 3 Excursion to
19/03/15 School Council Mee ng
@ 7.30pm
23/03/15 Parent Teacher
Interviews—No School
for students
24/03/15 Parent Teacher
24/03/25 Prep 2016 Informa on
Evening @ 7.30pm
25/03/25 Mobile Farm visi ng
26/03/15 Senior Athle cs
26/03/15 Prep 2016 Informa on
Evening @ 7.30pm
27/03/15 Term 1 concludes @
03/04/15 Good Friday
05/04/15 Easter Sunday
06/04/15 Easter Monday
13/04/15 Term 2 commences for
Sunday Chapel – 15 March – Cross Shaped
Our worship at this me of the year draws our focus towards the drama c events of Good Friday and Easter. Jesus’ suffering
and death on the cross, combined with his resurrec on to life, are the focal points and founda on of the Chris an faith.
At our next Sunday Chapel I would like to highlight two young men men oned in the story of Jesus’ suffering – two men whose names
are hardly remembered. You have probably never heard of them! Yet they are men oned in the story for a very good reason: the
story of Jesus’ crucifixion has a family link and, as o en happens in families, the experience of one person impacts and shapes the lives
of all in the family.
Please join us for a bite to eat [provided] at 6.00pm in the Mul purpose Centre, followed by worship at 6.30pm. We finish by 7.15pm.
You are always welcome to bring family and friends to share this worship and fellowship with us!
Looking ahead: while our coming Sunday Chapel worship will focus on Jesus’ suffering and death, the first Sunday Chapel for Term 2
will celebrate his resurrec on and life! (And ours!) Mark your diaries for Sunday 19 April, the end of week 1 of Term 2.
Pastor Mark Greenthaner
The Milkshake flavour for March is lime.
Sushi and Rice Paper Rolls are available for
order on Thursdays only. Sushi cannot be
ordered on Flexischools. A PDF order form
has been uploaded to our website for future
Our Canteen offers online ordering for
lunches. Please follow the easy
instruc ons below. If you have any
queries, contact Tania, Canteen Manager.
Sushi and Rice Paper Roll
Parent Teacher Interviews
Orders for Sushi and Rice Paper Rolls
must be received by the Canteen on
Tuesday of each week, to have for lunch
on Thursday. For addi onal order forms
please go to our website :, click on “All About
Us”, “School Services”, “School Canteen”
and download the Sushi Order Form PDF.
Sushi and Rice Paper Rolls are not made
in the Canteen. They are ordered from an
outside supplier, therefore no altera ons
can be made to items on the Sushi list.
Parent Teacher Interview Request forms
have been distributed.
Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on
Monday 23rd March all day (no school for
students) and Tuesday evening 24th
March. Bookings are open on Enter the
school event code 94ZZ9. Enter your
details, choose your teachers and choose
your mes. Bookings will close on Friday
20th March @ 9.00am. If you have any
queries please contact the Administra on
Principal Awards
Congratula ons to the following students who were presented with Principal Awards at
our Chapel service on Friday 27th February.
Please log onto and
enter the booking code 3KXHX.
A er you have entered your details, an email
will be forwarded to you with a number.
Please enter this number and then select the
days of the week you would like to volunteer.
The whole calendar for 2015 is available for
days to be selected. You then select an
op on—Volunteers (Mon‐Thur), Friday
Volunteers (Friday only) or Sausage Sizzle
Volunteers (last Friday of each term) and
press OK. If you have any queries please
contact Jacki Jenkins in the Administra on
Volunteers are necessary for our Canteen to operate. Canteen Volunteer Roster
February / March 2015
Friday 27th
Jenny Evans
Melanie Cook
Monday 2nd
Cindy Myers
Help Needed Tuesday 3rd
Monica Barnes Monika Keuken
Eddie Carlton
Jordan Fitzsimons
Emma Peter‐Budge
Charlie Cai
Chris na Fouras
Freya Morton
Ronan Harding
Laura Huber
Kiarra Lalla
Ka e Anders
Ma hew Parker
Isabelle Balkin
Bayley McKenzie
Kiele Adams
Samuel Benson
Claire Haeusler
Tammi Taylor
Harry Murray
Sarah Columbine
Solomon Brown
Phoebe MacDonald
William Lowden
Montanna King
Helen Jia
Ally Southall
Samuel May
Noah Larkin
Nicole Shen
Thomas Smith
Nadia Geeves
Andy Soong
Imogen Frost
Ryan Farley
Nadia Ruzic
Sam Mar n
Aidan Kukielka
Noah Wya
Evie Hoen
Luca Braun
Alex Rigby
Bailey Keuken
Mia Cuteri
Josiah Thomas
Georgia Bell
Chloe Grubb
Helena Farley
Ryan Higgins
Emily Boer
Ava Parlee
Isla Thomas
Max Williams
Charlee Gentner
Toby Andrews
Cordelia Gaussen
Mathew Gleeson
Lexi Denholm
Chrys e Barnes
Jimmy Dong
Serissa D’Mello
Zarriah Dredge
Nadia Bell
Declan Launer
Abigail Vanderjagt
Mackenzie Lee
Holly Miniken
Dante Reid
Jacob Dalziel
Angus Fenton
Ben Denman
Wednesday 4th Help Needed Help Needed Isabella Missen
Brad Williamson
Joshua Rigby
Thursday 5th
Alison Daly
Help Needed Dominic Walkenhorst
Emmanuel Cheung
Flynn Kelso
Friday 6th
Help Needed Tyler Downes
Holly Jervis
Julia Stahl
Swim Squad members
Good Shepherd News
Student supervision at the end of
the day
Parents are reminded that students are to wait in one of
the two supervised areas un l collected at the end of the
day. Students with last names beginning with A‐K are to
wait adjacent to the LOTE room, while students with last
names beginning L‐Z are to wait under the shade sail area.
Students are not permi ed to wait on Plymouth Road or
at the McAdam Square Shopping Centre. Unfortunately
we have been made aware that some students are
crossing the road a er school to purchase from the shops
and are either wai ng across the road or returning to
Good Shepherd. Students do not have the School’s
permission to visit the shops while they are wai ng for
their parents to collect them. Please assist us as we do all
we can to ensure your children are supervised safely un l
you collect them.
Labour Day Public
Monday 9th March—
Labour Day Holiday
Tuesday 10th March—
The School will be
running a Monday
metable. All classes
will be as per a Monday.
Introducing Miss Ashley Payet
Hi! My name is Ashley Payet and I am the new Year 3 teacher. Previously I
have been teaching at a school in East Doncaster for four years. Year 3 at
Good Shepherd is an exci ng and fresh change! I grew up in the area and
a ended Good Shepherd and Luther College from Prep to Year 12. I must
admit it does seem a li le strange but also very humbling to now be
working alongside some of the teachers who have taught me throughout
my primary school years. In my spare me I am a ballroom dancer
compe ng in the Professional Standard category. I teach dance to all age
groups and also train other dancesport couples. I have been compe ng for
about 17 years and have had the honour of represen ng Australia overseas
at World Championships. I am very much looking forward to the year ahead as I am sure it will be a
wonderful adventure. Please come and say "Hello".
C for Chromebook
It has been an exci ng few weeks at GSLPS with the
‘deployment’ of mobile devices into each of the
classrooms. Prep students will have iPads to use as a
tool to support their learning, whilst Years 1‐6
classes will have both iPads and Chromebooks.
What is a Chromebook?
A Chromebook is a user friendly, lightweight, touch
screen laptop running Chrome OS as its opera ng system. The devices are
designed to be used primarily while connected to the Internet, with most
applica ons and data residing "in the cloud". Chromebooks power on and
are ready to use in around 8 seconds and can have up to twice the ba ery life
of a standard Windows laptop. Both features are very important in a school
se ng.
Teachers and students can use the Chromebooks to access any online
teaching and learning program, such as Reading Eggs, Mathle cs and Study
Ladder. They will also serve as an addi onal tool for research as well as
mul ple other applica ons in the class context.
The portability of the Chromebooks also allows for their use by the Learning
Enhancement Department ‐ further suppor ng student learning in small group se ngs or for
individual instruc on.
Merril Van Asperen ‐ Director of Learning
Good Shepherd News
Friday, 6th March
9.00 a.m. at The Good Shepherd
Lutheran Primary School
Sunday, 8th March
8.30 a.m. at Outer Eastern Lutheran
Church, Immanuel, Lilydale
Sunday, 8th March
10.00 a.m. at Open Door, Luther
College Chapel.
Wednesday, 11th March
9.00 a.m. at The Good Shepherd
Lutheran Primary School
Our Chapel service yesterday,
Wednesday 4th March, was led by
Pastor Mark Greenthaner.
Friday, 6th March, our Chapel service
will be led by Mrs Sonia Miniken and
Wednesday, 11th March, our Chapel
service will be led by Mr Michael
All parents and friends of The Good
Shepherd Lutheran Primary School
are most welcome to join us for
these mes of worship.
 We con nue to keep Mrs Trish
Smith in our prayers as she
recovers from surgery.
 Our thoughts and prayers are with
Chris and Deborah James (Harrison
4KF, Ma hew 4KL) on the recent
death of Deb’s mother.
Prayer Group
Our Prayer Group meets fortnightly
to have a cuppa, a chat and a me of
prayer with a special focus on the
people and ac vi es in our school
Students in the school are able to
write down prayer requests for us in
their classrooms. We also have a
li le blue box in the Admin Centre in
which prayer requests can be
placed. We meet on Thursday
mornings, 9.00am – 10.00am in
“The Lounge” Our Prayer Group
dates for this term: Thursdays, 12
March, 26 March.
The Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School
Senior School Athle cs
Year 3—Year 6
Posi on Vacant
Buildings and Grounds Maintenance
The Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School is an independent Primary
School located in the outer east of Melbourne. The School shares a large
campus with Luther College. The School takes great pride in the
presenta on of its facili es and grounds and provides an a rac ve
learning environment for its students and staff.
The Good Shepherd Lutheran Primary School is seeking to employ a
suitably experienced person to join its Buildings and Grounds team.
The posi on is part‐ me (19 hours per week) actual days/hours of work
to be nego ated with the successful applicant. The posi on is responsible
to the School Facili es Manager.
Positon Descrip ons are available by contac ng Jacki Jenkins, Execu ve
Assistant at
[email protected] or 9725 8255 or from the School
administra on Centre.
Applica ons close Friday 6th March
Applica ons are to be directed to;
Mr Dale Hewi
Facili es Manager
[email protected]
We are seeking parents to assist at the Senior School
Athle cs Carnival to be held on Thursday March 26 at
Proclama on Park from 9.15am‐2.30pm.
Parents can help for the whole day or part of it. Please
email Mr Flangan on [email protected] or
send him a note with your availability.
Jason Flanagan
PE / Sports Coordinator
Are you interested in Science?
Science at the speed of light
The Australian Synchrotron is a world‐class research
establishment located in Clayton. They are holding a
public access event targeted at primary school aged
children and their parents. This free event, “Science at
the Speed of Light” will be held on Monday 30th March
@ 2.00pm. Registra ons are required. Visit h p://
Sciencea hespeedoflight_speakerseries.
If you have any queries, contact Mary Morris at
[email protected]
Year 5 Camp Fees are now due and payable.
Next Week’s Activities
Before Care
Communica on
Architects and
Design your own
Rainbow Names
Draw My Family
After Care
Inven ons!
Design a Gadget
Ac vi es list
Paper Plane Survivor
Free Cra
We are halfway through Term 1 and our numbers are star ng to increase as the children se le back into school and the families se le
into their work rou nes. The children seem to be ge ng used to the rou nes at the program and most of them are remembering to
follow them which is great to see. Thanks to the fine weather we have been able to take the children outside for some group games
and free play. This week we will be concentra ng on comple ng of the children’s profiles and the children will also be decora ng their
names so we can put them up on our wall.
Many thanks
Sue and the team at OSHClub.
Just a quick note to families if you could please book your children in online as this helps us with
staffing and catering. If you find you are unable to book them in please make sure you check
OSHC program phone: 0423 777 355
your enrolment as it may be incomplete.
Coordinator: Sue Naylor
A reminder that opening hours are 7:00am to 8:50am and 3:30pm to 6:30pm
Assistants: Tracy Robinson, Maddy
Gordic, Alex Thompson
All families must be enrolled to a end the program, remember this is free!! Please create an
account online at all bookings and cancella ons can also be managed via OSHClub Head Office: 03 85649000
your online account. For on the day bookings please contact the Coordinator direct at the
Good Shepherd News
A er School Basketball Results
Year 1 Swans
Isla Thomas
Year 2 Mermaids
Isabella Murray
Year 2 Seals
Emmerson Auhl
Year 3 Cougars
Hannah Taylor
Year 3 Bu erflies Lost
Brooke Niksic
Year 5 Possums
Daisy Nicholas
Year 1 Lions
The whole team
Year 2 Pythons
Oliver Pa erson
Year 3 S ngrays
Aston Bell
Do you have any new and fresh ideas for fundraising ac vi es for GSLPS?
We would love for you to join us and help plan our 2015 year.
Our next mee ng is Thursday 12th March @ 7.30pm in the Staffroom.
Come along and help support our school community.
For more informa on please email Tanya –
Vice Chair [email protected]
Welcome Evening
We enjoyed a wonderful evening last Thursday night as we welcomed our new
families and staff members to our School community. It was a lovely, relaxing
evening and a wonderful opportunity for people to begin to get to know each
Introducing our new staff
Tamara Quilligan (2TQ), Dani
Worlley (6DW), Amanda Kay (5AK),
Ashley Payet (3AP), Jason Flanagan
(PE), Ruby Bunne (Music), Bernard
Dana (Piano)
Premier’s Ac ve April
Premier’s Ac ve April encourages all Victorians to undertake 30 minutes of physical ac vity a day during
April. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s part of the Victorian Government’s commitment to get more people ac ve
and healthy.
Use the online Ac vity Tracker to log your daily ac vity and track your progress throughout the month. Plus,
you can create and join teams, compare the progress of team members, discover events near you and win
awesome prizes!
Just by registering every par cipant receives*:
10 free YMCA passes
15% off at Sportsmart in store and online
one hour free tennis court hire at Melbourne Park or Albert Reserve
a 2 for 1 cket offer to SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium
a chance to win some great prizes including four ckets to the 2015 Toyota AFL Grand Final, a $1,500
bike voucher or a GoPro Camera
 a chance to win Sportsmart vouchers and coaching clinics at your school with high‐profile athletes
Register today at ac
*Terms and condi ons for all prizes and offers apply. Visit ac for details.
Community Sport
Service of
Pr Tom
Sunday 22nd
March at
tea will follow
in the Luther
Dining Room.
All welcome
Norwood Junior Football Club— Players Wanted
Under 10 and Under 12 players wanted
Free club bag for all new players in 2015.
For enquiries, please contact Wayne Knight on 0418 607 890, or email
[email protected]
Sth Croydon Junior Football Club – Players Wanted
Come down and register for the upcoming season. This year we are
planning to field sides from under 8’s to under 14’s and two under 17
sides. First me players to the club will be offered free registra on,
this is a saving of $150!
Round 1 starts on the 12th April, so get in quick! If you have any
queries, please call either: Simone Crapper on 0404 096 180 or Lynne
Tull on 0409 113 879
Good Shepherd News