Next meeting: Tuesday

“Art That Comes….Naturally”
PGA Members Closed Show
Entry Day: Monday
March 30th 10am-noon.
Next meeting: Tuesday - March 10, 2015
7-9pm @ Asian Pacific Culture Center.
4851 South Tacoma Way Tacoma
“The Tacoma Nature Center”
(19th & Tyler)
April-May 2015 Show
Reception April 4th 2-4pm
March Program: Sara Gettys is an artist, designer and
photographer living in Olympia, Washington. Her inspiration stems from the beautiful landFumiko Kimura is our Juror.
scapes around her - from Central
If you can help with this show
Washington to the west side of the
please let Gail Janes know.
state and the rocky beaches of the
coast. Her love of the Pacific
Northwest reflects in her connection with this
Sara is constantly drawn to the different textures
around her. In each medium she explores, from
textiles to painting to carving, she wants to create beautiful tactile objects for people to enjoy.
Tuesday night’s demonstration will center
around her approach to
creating her unique and
beautiful wood carvings.
March 10th Refreshments:
Tis Huberth - Esther Vine Marilyn Ferguson - Mari Zaffuto
Zade Choe our hospitality chairperson is back!
Thank you for the bright colorful valentine
decorations for our refreshments layout.
PGA Board Members
President Werner Dillenburger
Vice President Nola Tresslar
Secretary - Joanne Weaver - 253-475-5615
Treasurer - Shirley Petersen - 253-582-8883
Hospitality - Jade Choe - 253-925-0351
Membership - Marilyn Ferguson - 253-841-8961
Member’s Show - Gail Janes & Nola Tresslar
Newsletter - Liz McDevitt - 253-539-1165
Programs - Pat Graham - 253-584-2841
Gail Janes - 253-564-1150
Publicity - Joanne Hayden - 253-531-7532
Scrapbook/Historian - Open
Sound System - Jerry Martin
Sunshine - Jan Karroll
Home: 253-756-7618 Cell: 253-431-3991
Video Library - Joanne Knox
WEB Master - Gary Wiffler
[email protected]
Address: P.O. Box 454 Puyallup 98371
Members at large: Doloris Martin
Questions/Answers/Help, any of the above folks will be
more than willing to do so. Concerns, ideas or
applauding! Let these members know.
Joanne Knox’s husband passed away February
15th. Thinking of you Joanne.
Please continue to keep members and others we
know not of, in your prayers as they struggle with
and/or recover from health challenges or deal
with losses.
We remember members who have passed away
with fondness.
If you know of anyone not feeling well please let
us know or……...
Jan Karroll Sunshine Chairperson
Home: 253-756-7618
Cell: 253-431-3991
Joe, Peggy Peterson husband, showed
Kim Gunns, Gail Janes and Liz McDevitt
this “will” stating what to do with her art,
paintings, etc.
“After family choices, my art work to
go to PGA - RLA for members to use
for sale or raffle.
If family chooses to sell or give away
art supplies - ok. If not, art supplies are to be disposed of by either/or
both art clubs in a manner to benefit
the artists”
…..signed Peggy Peterson
Distribution was Feb. 28th. Members
March 20th Newsletter Items Due!
from both clubs picked what they wanted
Liz McDevitt [email protected]
Snail Mail: 13505 Waller Rd. E Tacoma, 98446
I prefer e-mail messages due to my hearing loss.
and made $ donations to either club. PGA
Any corrections please let me know.
Thank you Joann for the minutes. It ceases to
amazes me what I miss or misinterpret.
PS: Anyone interested in taking over our newsletter
this fall? I think someone else should show their
style. Change is good.
is using those funds for an award to be
given at our Member’s Show @ The
Tacoma Nature Center.
PS: I think I will do something similar so
my family will know what to do with the
many supplies etc. I have collected over
the years.
Our workshops are usually paid by PGA. Monies that were donated by pass members
but earmarked just for workshops. Lets’ use these funds.
Do you have an idea for our yearly workshop…..write your desire
(drawing; w/c painting; collage; sculpture; oil painting, etc.) on a sheet of
Give to President Werner or Vice President Nola so decisions can be
checked into. Time slips by so fast and arrangements have to be made if
we are to have one.
Many talented artists ready to share their expertise.
Tis Huberth classes
@ Myrna Hume’s studio
e-mail: [email protected]
See enclosed insert for details.
Experimental Watermedia
ARTESCAPE March 15-20 2015
@ Camp Arnold, Eatonville.
Check with Tis for details:
253-839-5623 cell-206-661-4384
Not certain if its too late to sign up….
but check with Tis!
Aletha Deuel teaches adults Monday 6-8pm.
Beginning & Beyond. Tues. 6-8pm Intermediate/
Advance - Wednesday 4pm Teen class 11-up
Advance/Little Bit of Everything
at the Fred Oldfield Center in Puyallup.
Pacific Gallery Artists is a non-profit organization
founded in 1946. The purpose of the organization is to
promote art in the Pacific Northwest, interest the public
in the work of local artists and cooperate with local
groups in artistic enterprises.
Membership is open to practitioners of the fine arts, including sculpture, painting and drawing or someone just
appreciating art. Our members are novice, to well known
2D-3D artists, plus many teachers.
Membership Application: Marilyn Ferguson
Yearly dues $30.
Send dues: Shirley Petersen (Treasurer)
7408 71st Ave. Ct. SW Lakewood 98498
Haven’t sent yours? Please send to Shirley.
Our meetings are 2nd Tuesday of each
month September thru June.
Be sure to check your rosters that all your
info is correct. Thank you Shirley Petersen &
Doloris Martin for putting it together.
Didn’t get your roster?
Give Shirley a call...253-582-8883
President Werner says elections are
coming up. Please volunteer for
one year or nominate someone. A
number of PGA members have
held positions for a # of years.
They would like to pass on to other members.
For your service...thank you!
Gail Janes & Nola Tresslar have been Co-Chairs
responsible for our membership shows for a number
of years. They would gladly like someone else to be
in charge, but will help if needed.
Pat Graham will be stepping down in May from her
programs Chair position to allow another member
the opportunity to plan PGA demonstrations for the
Sept. 2015-2016 year to come.
Please consider volunteering - it’s a lot of fun!
Are you a giver or a taker? We each have something
to give back to our group….new ideas and passing
on to the next “generation”. We have come a long
way since 1946.
Marjorie Mankin 1st place award
@ Peninsula Art League Membership
show @ Kimballs Gallery Gig Harbor.
Diane Geisler - 2nd
Tanya Lemma - 3rd
Lifetime PGA member Mary Lou Frank hangs
Tahoma Terrace residents’ works of art each month in
the 3rd floor dining lobby. Current exhibit of acrylic
paintings by Willard Dudley encompass a wide range
of subjects in a bold style and presents a welcoming
display. Willard is a former US Navy, Air Force, Army
band member and has traded his woodwinds to create
new acrylic works that can be viewed through March.
Mary Lou will exhibit a retrospective collection in
April at the Tahoma Terrace lobby….
2602 South Union Ave. - Tacoma
Be Disciplined! Nothing like a rigid schedule to
get those creative juices flowing freely.
Developing a routine schedule is good Pavlovian
training for getting work done.
Kate Buike our February demonstrator. An artist for more than
40 years, she recently turned her attention to urban ink and watercolor sketching. She is now a member of the non-profit Urban
Sketchers Organization founded by Seattle Times illustrator and
journalist, Gabriel Camponario in 2008. Kate along with Frances Buckmaster and 2 other regional artists began the local Tacoma Urban Sketchers group which has now received official
status. She presented a slide show, shared her sketching process
and fill us in regarding all things. They meet 2 days each month:
the 1st Saturday and the 3rd Wed….year round from 10am12:30pm. No critiquing with this group but sharing.
Pat Graham is active with this group: Info: 253-584-2841
“Art Shows, classes and other
opportunities, not all, too many to list”
“Found Photographs” @ The Gallery
at Tacoma Community College
Jan. 5 - March 20 FREE
[email protected] Gallery Exhibit @ South 12th and Mildred St.
Tacoma Art Lister
Tacoma is open noon-5 pm Mondays-Fridays
Gallery Row in Gig Harbor is hosting the
PGA members exhibiting:
first annual “Itty Bitty Show”.
Karen Benveniste and Denise MacDonald.
Showing of miniatures. Reception: March 12th 5-8pm
Juror for our Members’ Show
Show dates are: March 12th to April 15th
Fumiko Kimura, also in the show
Gig Harbor Thursday Night Out.
Bill Colby one of 1st few members in PGA.
“Meet me on the Waterfront” March 12th 5-8pm
Downtown “ART MINGLE” - 3rd Thursday
Bill Havens showing in Sidney Art Gallery in
February 19th FREE 5-8pm A tour bus is available:
Port Orchard and a show
Cost $10 Meet @ Tacoma Art Museum 5pm
@ The Tahoma Unitarian Universalist CongreCheck out the Haub Art Collection too.
gation Feb 19 through mid April. The Gallery is
located @ 1115 South 56th St. Tacoma 98408.
March 1—June 7 Eloquent Objects: Georgia
Open Sunday through Wed. 253-474-4646
O’Keeffe and Still-Life Art in New Mexico.
Reception Sunday March 1st 12-1pm
Peninsula Art League - Tuesday March 24th.
The show is titled “Diversity”. It shows how Asian
Olympia Art League meets 3rd Thursday (19th)
Sumi Art is used to display emotion, feeling or
6:30-9pm @ VFW Post 318
philosophy. The show will also show how Sumi
2902 Martin Way E. Olympia
can incorporate color and how the strokes and
Lucas Art & Frame “Gallery on the Hill”
style can be applied to other media.
Info: 253-847-0858
www.PleinAir Salon Competition
Nola Tresslar, Bill Havens, Jade Choe are in
Check this site for ongoing shows around the country. Puget Sound Sumi Show @ White Dove Gallery
Open Model Session @ Pacific Lutheran University
Reception March 7th.
FREE 6-8pm March 4, 11, April 1,8,15,22,29.
Info: Michael Stasinos:[email protected]
The 2nd annual Lakewood ArtsFest to be held in conor 253-535-7499
junction with Lakewood Sister Cities, will take place
Kim Gunns, showing in Winchester, VA.,
May 2nd/3rd, 2015 at the Performing Arts Building on the
The Museum of Shenandoah Valley
Pierce College Campus, 9401 Farwest Dr., Lakewood, .
Exhibition now thru March 2015.
2 & 3 dimensional artists from the South Sound area are
Her piece is one of 287 of the 1041 collection.
invited to enter. Photography and student art categories
are included. The current prospectus
Karen Marie Petrillose has a solo show
and info on the website.
@ Lakewood History Museum.
Sponsored by Rainier League of Arts
In the meantime, questions can be
Jan 12th –March 28th
directed to Shirley Petersen
Karen also has a w/c in Bremerton Juried Show.
Thank you
Jan Karroll,
Joanne Knox,
Bill Havens bringing your art
pieces. We do
need to allow time
for everyone to
share their journey through each
art piece.
Liz McDevitt and
Aletha Deuel each
won Judge’s Choice
@ Fred Oldfield 5th
Annual Spring Show.
Marjorie Mankin and
Sue Stewart had
Honorable Mentions. Both artists staying involved even with recent passing of
their husbands.
Aletha also won 1st Place in Rainier
League of Arts membership show @
The Premier Gallery in Puyallup.