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From the President…
I hope everyone is having a healthy
winter! Since the last newsletter,
several events have taken place at
MSMTA. We started with the
Gertrude S. Brown Memorial
Concerto Competition, which
was run beautifully as usual by
our long-time chair, Hyun Park.
The Spring Festival for Voice, on
hiatus since 2009 due to lack of
participation, returned this year,
thanks to Chair Richard Hartzell’s efforts to recruit more
students. This event was held at the newly opened music
building at UMBC. Thanks to UMBC faculty and MSMTA
member Audrey Andrist, we secured a date for the Gottlieb
Memorial Competition in May as well. I think everyone will
be pleased to have our events at this beautiful facility.
I also had an opportunity to visit and speak with our first
collegiate chapter members at Washington Adventist
University with our President-Elect Constance Fischel and
Eastern Division director Grace McFarlane in February. I
was very impressed by these students’ passion for teaching and
eagerness to be better teachers. We came out of the meeting
feeling encouraged that if these are the next generation who
will carry MSMTA, we will be in great hands! They are
planning to have a one-day wellness forum in the fall and
invite area music students to join them. The MSMTA board
will also be helping them to achieve their goals; we hope this
will encourage other schools to start their own collegiate
Lastly, our Vice President of Student Activities Judy Dalton
will be stepping down from her position due to personal
reasons, but Daniel Lau has graciously agreed to take on the
position and complete Judy’s term from July 2015. In the
meantime, Judy, Daniel and I will work together to fulfill
the responsibilities of the Student Activities chair for the
reminder of the year.
March 2015
News From the Board
The MSMTA code of ethics was revised in 1997. Following
is an updated Code of Ethics from MTNA to be ratified at
the next MSMTA general meeting, which will be held this
coming fall at the Maryland State Conference at UMBC.
On February 10, members received an email to vote on
accepting the new Code of Ethics by March 11. Please be
reminded that no response to the email is a YES vote of
Code of Ethics
The principles and aspirations found in the Code
of Ethics are not conditions of membership, but
are goals and ideals that each MTNA member
should strive to make an essential part of his
or her professional commitment to students, to
colleagues and to society.
Commitment to Students
• The teacher shall conduct the relationship with
students and families in a professional manner.
• The teacher shall respect the personal integrity
and privacy of students unless the law requires
• The teacher shall clearly communicate the
expectations of the studio.
• The teacher shall encourage, guide and
develop the musical potential of each student.
• The teacher shall treat each student with
dignity and respect, without discrimination of any
• The teacher shall respect the student’s right to
obtain instruction from the teacher of his or her
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News From the Board
Treasurer & VP Finance
Commitment to Colleagues
Junko Takahashi
10503 Redosier Court
Bethesda, MD 20814
Claudette Horwitz
5004 Barkwood Place
Rockville, MD 20853
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VP Student Activities
• The teacher shall maintain a professional attitude and shall act with
integrity with regard to colleagues in the profession.
VP Membership
• The teacher shall respect the reputation of colleagues and shall refrain
from making false or malicious statements about colleagues.
Judy Dalton
9268 East Court
White Plains, MD 20695-2670
Ann McCandliss
4429 Buena Vista Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211-1206
VP Publications
Kathryn Stansbery
16130 Patapsco Overlook Court
Mount Airy, MD 21771
• The teacher shall refrain from disclosing sensitive information about
colleagues obtained in the course of professional service unless disclosure
serves a compelling professional purpose or is required by law. VP Certification
• The teacher shall participate in the student’s change of teachers with as
much communication as possible between parties, while being sensitive to
the privacy rights of the student and families.
Recording Secretary
Commitment to Society
Ann Matteson
5204 Paducah Road
College Park , MD 20740
Daniel Lau
507 Walker Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21212-2624
Corresponding Secretary
Douglas Guiles
10359 Cullen Terrace
Columbia, MD 21044
• The teacher shall accurately represent his/her professional qualifications.
Bonnie Kellert
9140 Falls Chapel Way
Potomac, MD 20854-2454
• The teacher is encouraged to be a resource in the community.
Constance Fischel
6072 Warmstone Court
Columbia, MD 21045-4045
Immediate Past President
Carol Wolfe-Ralph
President Elect
Constance Fischel
Local Association Presidents
Anne Arundel MTA
Christene Sanders
MTA Greater Baltimore
Wendy Balder
MTA Bowie
Jeannine Case
Carroll County MTA
Nancy Rodo
MTA Charles County
Mary Wolf
Greater Columbia MTA
David Holmes
Eastern Shore MTA
Raymond Hobbs
Frederick County MTA
Laurel Carroll
Howard County MTA
David Kuperstein
Greater Laurel MTA
Wendy Johnston
Montgomery County MTA
Cynthia Cathcart
Prince Georges MTA
Janet Swaney
MTA Southern Maryland
Patricia Blanchard
• The teacher shall maintain the highest standard of professional conduct
and personal integrity.
• The teacher shall strive for continued growth in professional competencies.
student activities
Spring Festival Voice Competition
On Sunday, February 8, MSMTA held its first Spring Festival Voice competition since 2009.
The venue was the brand new Performing Arts and Humanities Building at UMBC, and it was
the very first event held by MSMTA in this beautiful facility. Also for the first time, there was a
Winners Concert at the end of the event which was held in the remarkably impressive Concert
Hall, a performance space worthy of any college, university or conservatory in the country.
Assisting MSMTA in firming up this event was MSMTA member and UMBC faculty member,
Audrey Andrist. We were most grateful for her work on our behalf. UMBC staff member
Sarah Baugher was instrumental in helping to make the event run smoothly.
There were a total of 22 students representing four teachers in the competition, and the teachers
were Martha Blakely, Polly Parr Corretjer, Richard Hartzell and Laura Kafka-Price. Fifteen
singers competed in the Popular Voice category, and twelve competed in the Classical category.
Winners in the Popular category were Sarah Tabin (Hartzell), Lena Ruther (Hartzell) and
Michael Butler (Corretjer); and winners in the Classical category were Lauren Foley (Corretjer),
Michael Butler (Corretjer), Sarah Eichhorn (Kafka-Price) and Tonya Mayo (Corretjer). Judges
were Elizabeth Vrenios and Betty Ridgeway, monitors were Martha Blakely and Laura KafkaPrice, and the chair of the event was Richard Hartzell.
The UMBC facility is quite wonderful for an event of this size, and we hope it can be the home
of the Voice Competition for many years to come!
Richard Hartzell, chair
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MSMTA Theory Testing Program:
Points for the DMA
This is just a reminder that the MSMTA board approved a change in the DMA point system for the
theory program starting with the 2015 exam. Exams taken in 2014 and before earned points under
the old system. Here is a summary of theory points for the DMA:
For 2015 tests:
For 2014 tests and before:
50 points
50 points
45 points
40 points
40 points
30 points
35 points
20 points
30 points
Below 60%
25 points
20 points
Below 60%
0 points
Claudette Horwitz
David Holmes
Ann Matteson
College Faculty
Community Outreach
and Education
Li-Ly Chang
Carol Wolfe-Ralph
Junko Takahashi
Claudette Horwitz
Fund Raising
0 points
The registration process has gone smoothly thus far and I appreciate the number of teachers utilizing
online registration. Please be sure to review the theory program rules on page 4 of the syllabus. If
you are a member and have not received a PDF of the syllabus or addendum, please email me at
[email protected] The syllabus and addendum are free to MSMTA members.
Lori McCarthy, Chair, Theory Testing Program
Independent Music
Helen Smith Tarchalski
Legal Advisor
Randy Reade
Local and Student Associations
Kathryn Stansbery
The Composers Circle was held on December 14, 2014, to the enjoyment of all who attended. This
concert celebrated both the compositions of students and also the MSMTA/MTNA commissioned
composition. The Composers Circle is held each year to provide a venue to encourage students and
teachers to compose and perform their original works. Every other year, MSMTA commissions a
professional composer to write an original work for the event. This year the composer was a retired
teacher from Peabody/Johns Hopkins, Thomas Benjamin, who composed A Garland of Caprices
for Viola and Piano, which had six sections: Processional, Balletta, Jazz Waltz, Drunken Dance,
Canzonetta and Giguetta. The piece was dedicated to the two performers, Victoria Chiang and
Li-Ly Chang, who played this premiere work brilliantly. MSMTA is so proud of the wealth of new
compositions that are being composed every other year and this composition of Dr. Benjamin will
contribute greatly to the repertoire of viola music. Two years ago we premiered a piece written for
cello and piano.
The students played a varied and interesting program with such imaginative titles as Carpe Diem,
Abstract Blues, A Change in Direction and La Luche Libre. Dr. Benjamin talked to these young
MTNA Foundation
Carol Wolfe-Ralph
MSMTA Foundation/
Ann McCandliss
Ann Matteson
Kathryn Stansbery
Christine Couch
Student Activities
Yoon Huh
Cynthia Cathcart
student activities
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composers after the concert about composing and critiqued the pieces he had
heard. A biographical sketch of each student was included in the program notes
and each performer received a certificate. The composers received a printed
booklet of their compositions. After this performance, a reception was held in
honor of Dr. Benjamin, Victoria Chiang, Li-Ly Chang and all the performing
Participating teachers were Patricia Blanchard, Edwina Hunter, Ann Matteson,
Ruth Peng, Junko Takahashi, Rosanne White, and Deborah White-Bondhus. LiLy Chang is the MSMTA Chair of Commissioned Music. The venue was the
University United Methodist Church, College Park, MD.
Teachers who are interested in having their students compose should start thinking
about preparation for next year’s event, which will take place later in 2015.
Ann Matteson and Joanna Greenwood, Co-Chairs
Deborah White-Bondhus and
student, Catalina Lennon.
Catalina is also the Junior
composition runner up for
the MTNA Eastern Division
Composition Competition.
Performing artists
Victoria Chiang and
Li-ly Chang
Victoria Chiang, violist;
Ann Matteson, Composers
Circle co-chair;
Junko Takahashi, MSMTA
Thomas Benjamin, composer
H. Stevens Brewster, Jr. Competition for Strings 2015
Competition: Saturday, April 18th, afternoon
Application Deadline: March 16, postmark
Jordan Kitts Piano Store
12303 Twinbrook Parkway, Rockville MD 20852
Senior level (grades 10-12) requires three works of contrasting styles and different periods.
Junior Level (grades 7-9) requires two works of contrasting styles.
Teachers who are current members of MSMTA with an active studio in Maryland or the District of Columbia are
invited to enter students. The competition is open to string students who have studied with the presenting teacher
for at least six months. First Prize winners from previous years are not eligible to enter in the same age group. For
application form and further information contact:
Lya Stern competition chair
[email protected]
MTNA Eastern Division Competition Winners from Maryland
Congratulations to the Eastern Division Winners from Maryland who will compete at the National Conference in Las Vegas,
Eleanor Shin, Violin
Teacher: Emil Chudnovsky
Concerto No. 3 in G Major, K. 216 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I. Allegro Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64
Felix Mendelssohn
III. Allegretto non troppo - Allegro molto vivace Senior
Neil Luo, Clarinet
Teacher: Albert Hunt
Sonata in E-flat Major, Op. 120, No. 2 Johannes Brahms
I. Allegro
II. Allegro
Capriccio for Solo Clarinet in A Heinrich Sutermeister
Young Artist
Xiaoxiao Ouyang, Piano
Teacher: Yong Hi Moon
Sonata in F Major, Op. 10,No. 2 Ludwig van Beethoven
I. Allegro
II. Allegretto
III. Presto Sonata in B-flat Minor, Op.35 Frédéric Chopin
I. Grave--Doppio movimento
II. Scherzo
III. Marche funèbre
IV. Finale: Presto
Ricercare and Toccata Gian Carlo Menotti
Ann McCandliss, Chair, Eastern Division
A composition entitled, “Beethoven’s Fit,” written for brass
quintet (two Bb trumpets, horn, trombone, and tuba) by
Jeffrey H. Bauer has recently been published! For more
information, see
PGMTA held its fall student and adult recital
on Sunday afternoon, October 26, 2014 at the
University United Methodist Church in Adelphi,
Md. Linda Head, with the help of Ann Matteson,
chaired the event in which thirty-one students,
representing four teachers’ studios, performed.
On December 6, 2014, PGMTA hosted the MSMTA Keyboard
Musicianship test at Prince George’s Community College.
Fifty-three students, representing five teachers’ studios, were
tested. Thank you to Hui-Yen Chang, chair for MSMTA, and
Ned Judy, chairman of the music department of PGCC.
To conclude our fall and winter events, PGMTA held the
Saul Roas Latin American Music Scholarship Competition,
featuring Latin-American music, on Saturday, February 7, at
Corkran Memorial United Methodist Church in Temple Hills,
Md. June Miller, chair for the event, announced the following
winners: Abigail Feng, Level 1; Carol Wang, Level 2; William
Vargas, Level 3.
We are now looking forward to our Broad Creek Music Festival
which will feature a competition on Saturday, March 14 at
Prince George’s Community College and a winners’ concert to
be held on Sunday, March 15 at Harmony Hall in the Broad
Creek Historic District of Fort Washington, Md.
Helen Smith Tarchalski recently performed Gregory
Pascuzzi’s one-movement piano concerto, Mourning to
Dancing, in Austria and locally with the Anne Arundel
Community College Orchestra. Performances were at
Schöenbrunn Palace in Vienna and the Mozarthaus in St.
Gilgen near Salzburg, and on the AACC campus when the
orchestra returned to the U.S. The Baltimore Sun reviewed
the local performance: “…In his program notes, Pascuzzi
explained that the title comes from Psalm 30, seeming to
express Job’s lament. In performance, the piece was poignant,
captured by the orchestra in a sensitive performance that
seemed to portray the struggle to find a voice for 21st-century
concerns. That voice was found in the expressive performance
of pianist Helen Smith Tarchalski.”
Janet Swaney, President
The Montgomery County MTA
nearly ran out of seating at our
February membership meeting.
What a wonderful problem
to have! The reason? Could it be the wonderful presenters
that Immanuela Gruenberg, our vice-president of programs,
brings to us each month? Could it be the desire to collect a
high number of continuing education hours for the next
CE certificate? (Suitable for framing and sharing with our
students, demonstrating our continued commitment to our
studios.) Could it be the delicious snacks and fresh coffee
served during our networking time prior to the opening of
business? Or maybe it’s the networking itself, the opportunity
to talk with each other about our studios, about the events we
enjoy the most. You can catch up on our business by reading
the newsletter; you can’t catch up on face-to-face conversation.
Speaking of our events, back in the fall we began a routine
of having a member stand up at each meeting to describe the
event they chair. At our last meeting, the event-of-the-day was
described by a member who has for the past seven years always
entered students. A wonderful perspective! Almost like a “Yelp”
review, we got to hear how the event really works (quite well, it
would seem), which may be more valuable than a description
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of how the chair hopes the event will work. Though there is
value in knowing the goals of an event, there is also great value
in learning the effect of participation on our students’ growth.
Backhaus-Shrout, Patricia Blanchard and Helen Gardner.
Meleah Backhaus-Shrout was chair of the event.
On February 7, we had our annual students in recital at St.
Aloysius Catholic Church in Leonardtown with 92 students
performing from the studios of Patricia Blanchard, Meleah
The Music Teachers Association of
Southern Maryland began our year
with our winter business meeting held
on January 16 at Grace and Peace
Presbyterian Church, California. Our
program, “Perspectives in Pedagogy,” was
shortened due to two presenters being
ill. Mary Stevens presented “Studio
Celebrations,” explaining how she
celebrates student achievements and participation. Everyone
was interested to see her numerous visuals and clever “Practice
Jail.” Patricia Blanchard presented “Dynamics Tips and
Tricks.” She displayed several ways to make dynamics maps
and shared her “Peeling the Onion” trick for balance between
accompaniment and melody.
Our first student activity was an ensemble recital on January
24 at the College of Southern Maryland in Leonardtown.
There were 19 duets performed from the studios of Meleah
Backhaus-Shrout, Joan Chovanes, Helen Gardner, Barbara
Graham, Georgia Harvey, Hyun Sook Kim, Abby Purcell,
Debbie Smedley and Donna White. Debbie Smedley was
chair of the event.
We are looking forward to our annual spring festival on
March 7 with judges Ella Wu and Louis Orphanos.
Cynthia Cathcart, President
Bob Devine Piano Tuning,
Repair & Rebuilding
Robert Devine II, Owner & President
Factory Trained, 7 year apprenticeship
13112 Dumbarton Drive
Rockville, MD 20853-3315
Patricia Blanchard, President
I think we all have seen enough snow and ice for this year,
although we can be grateful that we don’t live in New England!
Since the last MSMTA newsletter was issued, Howard County
had two very successful theory centers. We were so thankful
the weather cooperated for us! Our next event, which is a
series of recitals featuring solo and ensemble performances,
is scheduled for Sunday, February 22. This is always a very
full day of recitals, so the many students, teachers, and chair,
Helen Weems, have their collective fingers crossed that the
snowy forecast for the weekend does not come to pass!
Our next big event is the piano ensemble competition on
March 15, chaired by David Kuperstein. Students look
forward to this special annual competition, which is a
precursor to the piano ensemble competition scheduled by
MSMTA a short time later. This year there are over 70 teams
entered from nine teachers’ studios.
We hope everyone continues to be safe and warm during
these very wintry days!
Kathryn Stansbery, Vice President
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GLMTA has a busy spring planned. We will be hosting a
workshop featuring pianist Brian Ganz on Wednesday, March
25, at 10 am at Laurel Presbyterian.
This will be a lecture-recital with Q&A on Chopin Mazurkas.
Inform friends, family, and students. This workshop is free of
charge. Please e-mail Wendy Johnston if you plan to attend,
[email protected]
Laurel Presbyterian Church, 7610 Old Sandy
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AAMTA chairs have been busy: melodies at the movies,
chaired by Ellen Winner, holiday festival, chaired by Katya
Merchant, and the ensemble festival, chaired also by Katya
Merchant, have had record numbers of participants the past
three months.
On February 6 our guest presenter was Dr. Melinda Baird,
current director of piano programs at the Levine School of
Music, who shared insights and led us in a thought-provoking
discussion about characteristics and qualities of a great teacher.
Christene Sanders, President
Spring Road Laurel MD 20707
Laurel Presbyterian Church is located in Laurel, Maryland, about
mid-way between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland.
From Interstate 95:
Take the Maryland Route 198 exit east towards Laurel/Ft. Meade;
turn left at the first light, Van Dusen Road;
turn left on Old Sandy Spring Road;
LPC is about 1/4 mile on the right; turn right on the blacktop lane
and come to the back of the church for the main parking lot and
Saturday, January 10, started our spring schedule with the
first of two keyboard exams, chaired by Edwina Hunter and
held in conjunction with Greater Columbia Music Teachers
On February 14 we will be hosting our annual theme festival
“Music from the Heart.” A fun theme for a perfect day,
chaired by our president, Wendy Johnston.
February 21 will be a joint MSMTA keyboard examination
with Greater Columbia Music Teachers Association, chaired
by Constance Fischel.
March 7 will be our ensemble/chamber festival, chaired by
Douglas Guiles and Deborah White-Bondhus, followed on
March 14 by the MSMTA theory examinations, chaired by
Jeff Beaudry.
March 2 will continue our Young Musicians competition,
chaired by Wendy Dengler – piano, and Gina Eichman –
flute. We will round out our spring year with the Henri Carol
Memorial competition/Lisa Bussing Awards, chaired by Lisa
Bussing, Kirchoff/Mirabella, chaired by Douglas Guiles,
and MSMTA high school examinations, chaired by Wendy
The end of another busy year and numerous performance
and testing opportunities for our students.
Pictures from
the ensemble
festival held on
February 7 at
Woods Memorial
Church in Severna
Deborah White-Bondhus, Newsletter Chair
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The new year got off to a
very musical start in Charles
County. Our January business
meeting was followed by a
technology presentation by our own Michele Avrick, entitled
“Technology in the Music Studio: iPad 101,” which was
featured at the 2014 MSMTA Conference in September. On
Valentine’s Day, MTACC will feature an ensemble recital,
“How Sweet It Is…To Make Music Together,” highlighting
duets by students, teachers, parents, siblings and friends,
with music performed on various instruments. It may be still
winter, but there is a musical thaw in the air, so spring can’t
be far behind!
Mary Wolf, President
The Greater Baltimore Chapter held the keyboard musicianship
tests on Sunday, February 8 at the Lutherville School of Music.
We administered
twenty-five tests,
largely from Levels
1-3, but we also had Levels 4 and 5 well represented. One
student did the extremely challenging Level 10. The overall
standard was excellent, with many students receiving grades in
the outstanding category for many modules.
I would like to thank Patti Crossman, Ann McCandliss, Ruth
Peng, and Barbara Stumpf for their support and assistance with
judging and monitoring the exams. It’s great to have so much
help! Reminder: it is not too early to be thinking about what
students might benefit from the program for next year.
Our Matinee Music group continues to meet monthly in
members’ homes or, thanks to Menchey Music in Timonium,
in a wonderful venue where we can play two-piano works.
We have just completed a two-month discussion and shared
performance of Mozart’s “Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman” variations
and are embarking on a play-through of Chopin’s mazurkas. In
addition, participants bring their own works in progress and
various pedagogy issues. Meetings are the first Wednesday of the
month from 10-noon at various sites. All are welcome. For more
information, contact Barbara Stumpf at [email protected]
On March 8, MTAGB is delighted to present a master class
with Marvin Blickenstaff. We will be in the Recital Hall at
CCBC Essex, in the afternoon, beginning at approximately 3:00
p.m. Nine of our students will play late intermediate to early
advanced literature for this fabulous clinician, in two sessions
with an intermission between. All members of MSMTA are
welcome to attend, with their students, free of charge. Please
contact Betsy Stocksdale at [email protected] for the
exact timing and repertoire.
Wendy Balder, President
Music Teachers Association
Greetings all. Since our last report, GCMTA has held our “Friends
and Family” recitals which allow our students to bring in friends
and other family members with whom to play. We enjoyed a
woodwind quintet, several flute ensemble combinations, an
accompanied clarinet solo, an accompanied recorder solo, and
several piano duets. This event is always a delight!!
We also enjoyed our annual “Tweets and Twitters” festival with
three recitals in which each performer wrote a tweet of 140
characters or less about his or her pieces. The tweets are printed
in the program and can be wonderfully imaginative. Two
examples; “Sneaky Sam is spying on his big brother” about
a piece by Melody Bober entitled “Sneaky Sam,” and “the ups
and downs of the scales in this piece remind me of gorgeous
gowns billowing as aristocrats dance” about a Bach Courante.
We had some flute performers in this festival as well.
We’ve successfully completed our first set of keyboard exams
and by the time this is printed, will have had our set of judged
recitals, a second set of keyboard exams, and be looking
forward to the MSMTA theory exams. Life goes on and our
students keep learning. So do we! Much cheers!
David Holmes, President
MTAB’s third meeting of the
season was held on February 4
and included a unique performance given by members
Ray Hobbs (piano) and Sharon Winton (flute), in which an
original classical or traditional piece was played and compared
with a similar contemporary piece. Members were asked
to identify each piece presented and then discuss how they
related to each other.
On December 13, MTAB presented an ensemble festival
at Village Baptist Church, which featured a nice variety of
ensemble music in three recitals of 65 students from the
studios of nine teachers. The accompanying pictures show
the students from the 10 am, 11:30 am and 1:30 am recitals,
holding their certificates designed by Nadine Wobus, chair.
On Saturday, January 24, our annual chamber music festival,
co-chaired by Ray Hobbs and Sharon Winton, was held
at Cresthill Baptist Church in Bowie. Included were 42
students from the studios of eleven MTAB teachers. Piano,
vocal and flute selections were accompanied by professional
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Local Associations
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instrumentalists, and thoroughly enjoyed by the appreciative
audience. The participating students and instrumentalists are
pictured here from the three recitals presented.
Our next event will be the Mirabella “Russian” competition,
chaired by Jeannine Case, and will include a solo piano
division with eight recitals of 63 students, and a flute division
with two recitals of 18 students from the studios of nine
teachers. First place winners will perform and receive their
certificates and cash awards at the March 4 meeting. Other
events in March include the MSMTA Theory Exam, chaired
by Bonnie Pausic on March 14, and the MSMTA Keyboard
Musicianship Exam, chaired by Jeannine Case, and held on
March 21.
Jeannine Case, President
Membership in MSMTA is thriving as we continue
to add new members. Please see the list below
and reach out to the new members at the Local
Association level.
Ann McCandliss, VP Membership
New Members
Melanie Diane Kuperstein
132 Tregarone Rd.
Timonium, MD 21093
[email protected]
(410) 245-9734
Kyung Won Lee
3205 Whispering Pines Dr. #22
Silver Spring, MD 20906
[email protected]
(301) 575-7328
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Yoon Nah Cho
Enkelejda Spiro
James Herbert Lyons
13217 Highland Rd.
16908 Eckhart Cemetery Rd., SW 8401 Jopenda Dr.
Frostburg, MD 21532
Ellicott City, MD 21043
Highland, MD 20777
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(301) 689-3198
(240) 374-2154
(443) 735-9692
Bernard Proctor
Jennifer Stertz
Elizabeth Lillian Brown
12905 Glynis Rd.
8049 Phirne Rd. E
52 F Crescent Rd.
Clinton, MD 20735
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Greenbelt, MD 20770
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
(301) 292-1205
(443) 422-4915
(847) 275-4339
Arely C. Reyes
Karen Joyce Wood
Returning Member
7600 Flower Ave Halcyan Hall,
3914 Minden Rd.
Jong Bin Kim
Silver Spring, MD 20906-4424
3318 Hibiscus Ct.
Takoma Park, MD 20912
[email protected]
Ellicott City, MD 21043-4553
[email protected]
(301) 512-8883
[email protected]
Rm. #221
(619) 381-8573
(410) 693-3532
MSMTA is now accepting advertisements in its
newsletter. Space is limited to two pages total, so
ads will be accepted on a first-come, first-served
basis. Rates are:
Member Non-member
1/8 page
1/4 page
1/2 page $80.00
Full page
For more information, contact Kathy Stansbery
[email protected]
Please email all notices and copy for
inclusion in the May 2015 MSMTA
newsletter by April 20, 2015, to:
[email protected] or mail to:
Kathy Stansbery
MSMTA Newsletter Editor
16130 Patapsco Overlook Court
Mt Airy, MD 21771-3341
Tel: (443) 226-5801
The MSMTA Newsletter is published five times per year
by the Maryland State Music Teachers Association, Inc.
Claudette Horwitz and
Elizabeth White, contributing editors
Circulation: 725