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Integrated Dashboards, Analytics, and Social Collaboration
Cloud-based reporting without the high cost and complexity of traditional solutions
Bind together your business metrics and the critical related knowledge and documents
Which products were our best and worst sellers over
the past day, week, month?
What were the average discounts and profit margins
on these products?
How do sales, discounts, and profit margins vary by
region, channel, and individual reseller?
What factors account for the differences?
Knowing the answers to these types of questions are
essential to the success of your business. But the answers
remain locked away in the raw data collected in your
operational systems and in scattered Excel files. Even if
you could readily access all the relevant data and organize
it into meaningful views, the related non-quantitative
information and critical knowledge possessed by your
employees would remain dispersed in e-mails and
documents and be forever disconnected from the
Bottom Line
Freebird is an easy-to-use, cost effective information
solution that allows you to explore, view, and collaborate
around your key operational metrics. It will help you to
identify trends, problems, and opportunities that drive
revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.
dashboards that allow them to view the status of their
key metrics, identify issues, and take corrective action.
Further, because Freebird is a fully collaborative and
social environment, your users can create groups, share
views, add comments to charts, attach related
documents, and engage in discussions around the data.
This is important because the numbers alone never tell
the full story. Thus, Freebird, unlike other solutions,
ensures that the data is viewed in full context and that all
users have a shared understanding of the issues and the
actions that should be taken.
Traditional analytics/business intelligence software is far
too costly and complex for your needs, and Excel is a
modeling tool that doesn’t cut it for data visualization and
exploration. Neither approach can effectively integrate
non-quantitative information or collaboration that help to
explain the numbers
Why Freebird?
Freebird is unlike any other analytics/reporting solution.
With Freebird you can readily view your performance
metrics to understand what is happening and connect it
with the non-quantitative information and undocumented
knowledge that explains why it is happening.
Freebird is a cloud-based solution that can integrate data
from your operational systems and Excel files and turn it
into meaningful views. With Freebird users can build
reports, apply filters, drill into data, and create
per month
for 20 users
Operational insight without the cost and complexity
Add Comments and Attach Documents
Freebird delivers the information you need without the
high cost, irrelevant capabilities, steep learning curve, and
maintenance headaches associated with other analytics
and reporting solutions.
Add comments and attach documents that provide
important additional information and context to your
charts and dashboards.
Explore and Discover
Explore data and build reports in either graphical or
tabular view from any perspective by filtering, drilling in,
swapping, and dragging and dropping.
Create Charts and Dashboards
Collaborate and Co-create
Create charts and dashboards from multiple data sources,
including Excel, that at a glance allow you to identify
trends and isuues that require action.
Create topic specific groups where you can schedule
events, share charts and dashboards, and engage in
discussions around the data and related issues of
importance. View the latest content and see what is
trending and what others are saying.
True Information Self-service
Create Detailed Tabular Views
Create reports that organize a lot of data into highly
enriched tabular views, which you can readily export to
Because Freebird is a hosted solution, you can avoid the
cost and complexity that are associated with traditional
business intelligence software or Sharepoint collaboration
deployments. But even more than that, Freebird is a selfservice solution geared to non-technical end users. With
Freebird you will not be dependent on the IT department
or specialized report authors to get access to the data and
to create the views and dashboards that provide insight
and drive your business decisions.
Once you experience Freebird you will never think about
analytics software the same way again.
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