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11 CSA Information and
Referral Desk
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The Community Services Association (CSA) is
dedicated to providing the international expatriate
community with support to ease the transition and
adaptation to Egypt.
This month: Girl Power
14 Village Gift Shop
15 La Boutique
16 CSA Library
23 CSA Events
25 CSA Showroom
27 Fundamentals of
Living in Egypt
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Trips and Tours
37 CSA Fitness Training Center
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Training Center
41 CSA Fitness Training Center
43 BodyFit Cairo Program
54 CSA Activities Calendar
100 Community Announcements
The articles and views expressed in this publication are entirely
those of the authors and are not endorsed by CSA.
18 You’ve Got The Power
28 Hatshepsut: The Queen
Who Ruled As King
31 Music Matters!
38 The Pelvic Floor
48 Additives That Don’t Add Up
57 Nutrition 101
63 My Egypt
67 ASTI: A Personalized
Travel Experience
72 Ras Mohammed
National Park
75 Empowering Girls Through
82 Keeping Children
Connected With Extended
88 It Is Possible
91 A Cognitive Adventure
93 Talk Like An Egyptian
95 Mum & Baby
97 The Four Corners of India
98 Vegan in a Foreign Land
March 15 CSA 3
CSA to the Readers
Fitness Center Coordinators
Krishanthi Ekanayake, Tanya Allahham,
Ahmed Hazem, Olwing Martin
The place to be.
Executive Director:
Fitness Training Expert
Ahmed Agamy
Flavia Makram-Ebeid
Fundraising Department:
General Manager:
Events Manager
Lama Al Hammuri
On-Site Services:
Business Development Manager
Riham R.El-Mograby
Denden Alcantara
On-Site Service Manager
Heba Azzam
Communication Department:
Information Referral Specialist
Melissa Coleman, Renate Shehab El Din
Media and Communications Coordinator
Marcus O’Neill
Gift Shop Supervisor
Michaela Nemethova
Magazine/Digital Coordinator
Perihan Ahmed
Gift Shop Coordinator
Cecil Reyes
Information Designer
Claudia Dencker
La Boutique Supervisor
Lisa Gonzales
Website and Social Media Coordinator
Marcus O’Neill
La Boutique Coordinators
Natalia Zadaionia
Finance Department:
Renate Shehab El Din
Program Department:
Program Supervisor
Tracey Allard
Program Development Coordinator
Deliah Adham
Finance Manager
Verna Pinto
Finance Administrators
Svetlana Kirnasova
Bliss Coordinator
Hala Metwally
Carmen Urquiaga; Cecilia Alleyne-Budge;
Chandrika Naidu; Cristina Wheish;
Dominique Krayenbuhl; Jayne Kimmet;
Johanna Boessenkool; Mayssa Hourani;
Mona ElEmary; Nisha Patwari; Pat
Canfield; Phoebe David; Radia; Robert
Moss; Samia Wadman; Sylvia Jennette;
Tina Cleverton; Unnati Shah; Urvashi
Mohan; Violeta Salama; Wiwik Johnson
Fitness Training Center:
Oasis Magazine:
Language School Supervisor
Jehan Al Ashry
Fitness Center Manager
Sherif El Deib
Printing by Interpress
Fitness Center Reception Administrator
Tanya Allahham
Integrated Technology Services (Karim
Abdel Raouf ) www.its-egy.com
IT Services:
In recognition of International
Women’s Day on March 8, the
theme of this month’s issue is
Girl Power. Not being a female
myself, on the surface it may feel
little inappropriate for me to be
commenting on the importance
of such a day. But in reality it’s
just as important for males to get
behind these types of movements
as women. While the world has
made great strides in recent years
when it comes to women’s rights,
inequity still exists, even in the most
modern of societies. According to
“…the unfortunate fact is that
women are still not paid equally
to that of their male counterparts,
women still are not present in equal
numbers in business or politics, and
globally women’s education, health
and the violence against them is
worse than that of men.”
Men and women alike must
be part of the solution and set
ourselves towards doing all we
can to eliminate this disparity. A
shining example of this sentiment
is highlighted in Empowering
Girls Through Sport, an article
describing the amazing work by the
local non-profit, Girl Power Egypt.
Ads must be presented by email or on CD
with all fonts and pictures included; resolution
300dpi; tiff format.
For placement of advertisements and more
information please contact Perihan Ahmed at CSA:
Tel.: 2358 5284
Mobile: 010 688 28 537
e-mail: [email protected]
We’re all stronger when everyone
is given the chance to aspire to the
same dreams.
Deadline: The deadline for booking the Ads is
first Tuesday of the month prior to publication;
artwork is accepted till the 10th. Please book
early as space is limited.
Marcus O’Neill
Editor, Oasis Magazine
Prices are quoted in USD, however payment can be
made in Egyptian currency based on the CSA rate.
“Gender equality is not a women’s
issue. It is a human issue.” Emma Watson, UN Women
Goodwill Ambassador
Additionally, this month we’re
featuring one author’s account of
the incredible women in her life
in You’ve Got the Power, and the
ultimate example of Girl Power
in Ancient Egypt in Hatshepsut:
The Queen Who Ruled As King.
We hope you enjoy this month’s
magazine (and maybe even get
inspired by it).
Oasis is a premier magazine for the international expatriate community living and working
in Greater Cairo. With a distribution of 5000 free copies throughout Cairo, we offer exciting
opportunities to advertisers wishing to reach a large segment of the expat community.
¼ page 9cm x 12,5cm: $70
½ page horizontal 19cm x 12,5cm: $130
½ page vertical 9cm x 26cm: $130
Full page (A4)
21cm x 29,7cm + 3mm bleed: $250
Full page Advertorial (A4)
21cm x 29,7cm + 3mm bleed: $310
Acceptance of Advertorials is entirely the
discretion of the Magazine and Website
Advertising Coordinator.
March 15 CSA 5
CSA Sponsors and Supporters
CSA offers a heartfelt “Thank you” to all our supporters. Your continued support allows us to offer services, workshops
and lectures for expats living and working in Egypt. As an independent, non-profit organization, we could not exist
without the support of the business community. It is through partnerships and the efforts of companies like yours
that CSA is able to offer our services.
CSA Sponsors
CSA needs your financial support to continue providing services to the international community working and
living in Egypt. If you care to help and would like to become involved, please contact Denden Alcantara at
[email protected]
March 15 CSA 7
CSA Community Center
Welcome to your local CSA Community Center
The place to be for information and support, to learn and connect
with your local community, and to relax and meet friends
The CSA Center provides the expatriate community with a wide range of services.
Our well-trained staff and volunteers are here to help you find your way around the
confusing but exciting city of Cairo. Whether you are in need of a cup of coffee, a
chance to read a good book, looking for that perfect gift, fitness classes or wanting
information about Cairo, the CSA Center is here to provide the expatriate community
with all these services. Visit our center and read our magazine to find out how you can
utilize all our services to help make your day easy, relaxing and enjoyable.
Community Marketplace
CSA’s Community Marketplace is the fun
and easy way to find and talk about great
(and not so great) local businesses! It’s
about real people giving their honest and
personal opinions on everything from restaurants and spas
to coffee shops and medical services. Both Community
Marketplace together with the CSA online Classifieds
and much more are available at: www.livinginegypt.org.
CSA wants to be a family friendly place that
is safe and enjoyable for all members of your
family! Please remember:
• Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
• Pets in the garden must be on best behavior at all times.
• Please don’t double or triple park.
• Please take care of your personal belongings at all times.
For more information visit our front desk or
download our membership application at
Stay up to date with all happenings
at CSA by having our e-newsletter
delivered to your inbox every week.
For more information or to sign up, go
to the CSA website www.livinginegypt.org
CSA Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 8.45am-7.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm
CSA, 4 Road 21, Maadi , Cairo
Tel: 23585284 / 23580754, Mob: 01068828540, Fax: 23802838
www.livinginegypt.org Facebook: livinginegypt Twitter: @livinginegypt
Directions to CSA in arabic from the autostrade, the corniche:
March 15 CSA 9
CSA Community Center
CSA Information and Referral Desk
The Information and Referral Desk is often the first place
people visit when they come to CSA.
We answer calls and transfer customers to the relevant
departments throughout CSA (Library, La Boutique,
Programs, Gift Shop, Fitness Training Center, Bliss and our
other partner vendors).
We respond to emails and face-to-face enquiries to try
and give customers as much information as possible.
New to Egypt, New to Maadi?
Come and see us to buy our Welcome Pack,
collect the latest Oasis magazine and answers
to your questions!
Available at Information and Referral
Community Announcements. Next to our three bulletin boards we also
have a Community Announcements board. If you have information you
think might be relevant to the wider community such as dog poisoning
in the area or a charity related event please notify us and we will add the
information to this board. Drop us an email or bring your A5 (1/2 page)
flyer to the Information and Referral Desk.
Flyers and Brochures. Flyers and brochures are a great way to promote
your business or service. CSA offers three box sizes where you can place
your flyers (maximum size A4/a full page) for 1 month, 3 months
or 6 months. Visit the Information and Referral Desk for pricing
information. Maximum of 50 flyers per month.
Answers to your Questions. Our friendly and helpful Information
and Referral staff will do their best to answer any and all questions you
might have. Drawing on their own personal knowledge or utilizing our
information packed website they will assist you in any way they can.
Bulletin Board
Did you know…
…that you can book your own
private tour for you and your group of
friends with the help of our Programs
If you would like to place an advert on the CSA
Bulletin Board bring a copy of your advert (maximum
size A5 or ½ a page) with payment to the Information
and Referral Desk. Types of advert include apartments
for rent, cars for sale, animals, services, items for sale,
household staff, drivers, jobs.
For private adverts we will add them to our online
Classifieds Section (check Online Resources,
Classifieds) of our website and for businesses we will
make sure you are included as a basic listing in our
Community Marketplace (check Online Resources,
Community Marketplace).
…that you can find everything from
real estate listings to household staff
in the CSA Classifieds section on our
…that volunteering is a great
opportunity to connect with
the local community, make
friends and learn new skills?
Volunteer at CSA today!
Give us a call! If you have any questions for us don’t hesitate to give us a call
or drop us an email and we will do our best to help you. Tel: 02 2358 5284 /
02 2358 0754, Mobile:0106 882 8540, Email: [email protected]
Opening Hours:
Sunday-Thursday 8.45am-7.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm
March 15 CSA 11
CSA Community Center
CSA Partner Vendors. We’ve partnered with various vendors in the community to bring our members top
notch products and services; all available onsite at CSA. Stop by, do some shopping, grab a coffee and get your nails
done. Make sure you experience all that CSA has to offer.
Sunday-Thursday 9.00am-6.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm.
Surrounded by Egypt…
Inspired by the World
Daily 9.00am-5.00pm.
Experience the wonders of Egypt and the world.
ASTI can arrange your flights, car rentals, hotels,
tours and much more.
Thursday 9.00am-6.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm
L’avenue offers a variety of
luxury gifts and homeware,
including hollowware, flatware,
luxury home linens, crystal,
porcelain, handmade artistic
glass, indoor and outdoor
candles and much more.
Antwerpen Fine Jewelry
Pamper yourself and enjoy
Antwerpen’s beautiful
selection of gold, diamond
and colored stone
pieces and its new
stunning and
silver line.
Zen Nail Salon
New at
Ultrasound Cavitation
• Removes fat non-invasively
• Tightens the skin and improves body contour
• Removes wrinkles
• Shrinks and tightens pores
• Rejuvenates skin
Appointments available 7 days a week.
Tel. 0100 310 3414
Reconnect with nature and
free your body and mind.
Experience complete relaxation
with the numerous services we
provide you. Nails, manicure,
pedicure, gelish, acrylic, wax, facial hair removal.
For the Best Coffee in Cairo, look no
further. Aside from freshly brewed coffee
and specialty drinks, we carry a selection
of pastries, sandwiches and salads.
Sunday-Thursday 7.00am-7.00pm
Friday and Saturdays: 9.00am-5.00pm
Khan Touloun
Sunday-Wednesday 9.00am-7.00pm
Thursday 9.00am-6.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm
High quality Egyptian handmade crafts, including
beautiful recycled glass items, hand-woven shawls and
textiles, pottery, tea boxes, trays and coasters. They also
have a collection of embroidered leather bags, purses,
dolls and shawls by Nevin Altman and angels and
nativity sets available year round.
The Place
Sunday-Thursday 9.00am-5.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm
Heba Arteen
Heba is a Cairo based jewelry
designer whose pieces are
reminiscent of the old times, yet
contemporary and stylish.
March 15 CSA 13
CSA Village Gift Shop
CSA La Boutique
The Village Gift Shop is a unique store that offers a range of handcrafted items, Egyptian souvenirs, artwork
and guidebooks. What truly makes it unique is our commitment to reach out to charities and NGOs, women
entrepreneurs and local artisans; you’re one-stop away from a perfect and unique gift.
‘A woman is full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform’
- Diane Mariechild
In March we celebrate two key events: International Women’s Day (March 8) and Egyptian Mother’s Day (March 21).
March is the month we dedicate to all the loving, caring, hardworking, passionate, supportive, and kind women whom
we encounter in our lives daily.
Women’s continued advancement in the areas of the economy, business and society ensures stability alongside ongoing
creativity. In a country such as Egypt, which is going through so much change, the support for women is critical. The
traditions of culture where women are expected to stay at home and depend on the males in the family still prevails here.
At the Village Gift Shop we are dedicated to supporting charities and organizations which uplifted women by teaching
them skills to support themselves and their families and hopefully give them more confidence to stand steadfast in society.
By purchasing products at the Village Gift Shop you not only make yourself or your loved ones happy but also contribute
to the support of many skillful artisans.
Sosal is a small group of Egyptian artists, based
in Cairo but working in the southern Oasis. They
established Sosal Art Center in the village of Bedkhelo
in Dakhla in 2011.
Sosal produces palm-based products that are both useful
and stylish. They redesign house wares for modern
functionality while keeping the charm of the raw ethnic
character. By adding woven accessories to their glass
items they create a unique look and touch of ethnicity.
Leaves are used for weaving baskets, tree trunks for little
crates and dates for delicious food. Not one part of the
tree is wasted.
We have many more items made by the skillful hands
of gifted women in our shop. Beautifully painted ostrich
eggs made by Karmen Philips, whose art is delicate and
Reminders: All items must be laundered, ironed and in good
to excellent condition to be eligible for sale. Mechanical
items must be in good working order. La Boutique reserves
the right to return items deemed unfit for sale. We must be
selective in the merchandise we accept for consignments, so
please do not feel offended if your items are not accepted.
We only want the best for our members.
Adult Section: You will find apparel in various styles and
sizes ranging from formal, business, casual, and athletic. It
is your one stop to find great buys.
Kids & Teens: Our kids grow out of their clothes so fast they
don’t have time to wear them out before they need to get new
ones. La Boutique offers fun and playful outfits for the little
citizens of the world.
Miscellaneous Items: We also accept home decorative items,
curtains, bedding, children’s toys, and electronics. All items
must be clean and in working condition. It you are not sure of
an item give us a call.
Volunteers: Need something to do? Why don’t you try our
volunteering at La Boutique? Great place to meet fun and
animated staff as well as interact with lots of new people in
the shop. Stop by and fill out a volunteer form at reception
and we will get those free hands working.
• Garage Sale: The back garden garage sale will be held on Friday,
March 20, 9.00am-12.00pm. Items available until supplies last.
• La Boutique is now accepting Spring and Summer items.
Also, Turath, founded by Dalia El Allamy, offers silverplated copper handwork such as bowls, trays, jewellery
boxes, napkins and bookmarks as well as colored classic
glasswork. Dalia’s work is an inspiring touch of culture
and a must have for every home.
The Village Gift Shop is run with
the help of a team of volunteers who
are always ready to help you with a
cheerful and friendly smile.
If you want to become part of our team fill out an application at the
CSA Front Desk and we’ll make sure to find you a position that suits
14 March 15 CSA
La Boutique - The CSA Consignment Shop is an expatriate “members only” shop where you can buy and sell preowned clothing, household items and other decorative accessories. Contribute to the community and make some
money for yourself by recycling your items. If you choose, we can forward items as donations to charity. New stock
daily, do not miss out on these great buys!
In December 2014, La Boutique donated
clothing to Sisters of Charity Mother
Therese Congregations. Thank you to all
the La Boutique members who chose to
donate their unsold items to charity.
Spring is Here!
What better time to indulge your inner fashionista than spring, especially
with so many fun and versatile styles? The good news is that La Boutique
items will fit right into your budget, so you can indulge without guilt!
Brush off the winter doldrums with at least one fashion indulgence this
spring! Woven wedges are just the thing for spring, as you can wear
them for casual and dressy occasions. They add height, elongate
your legs, and are both flattering and more comfortable that your
sky-high heels. Sleeves take a back seat this Spring to sleeveless,
cut-out and off-the-shoulder tops. Pair with cargos, light linen
pants or a swishy skirt and this blouse will take you anywhere,
day to evening. Choose a classic solid color, or go a bit bolder
with a blooming floral print. You can also indulge your animal
instinct in small doses with a belt or clutch in giraffe or
leopard print. Pick your pattern wisely and wear with
solid colors. Add a go-everywhere shirt dress to your
closet - they’re terrific
in a playful print.
We are always looking for new and
unique items, please ask our Gift Shop
Supervisor for more information.
Gift Shop Opening Hours:
Sunday-Wednesday 9.00am-7.00pm
Thursday 9.00am-4.00pm
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm
Opening Hours
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9.00am2.00pm
Wednesday Evening 4.00pm-7.00pm
Saturdays 9.00am-2.00pm
Drop Offs:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10.00am-1.00pm
Wednesday 4.30pm-6.30pm
Saturday no drop offs
March 15 CSA 15
CSA Library
The CSA Library is the only leisure-reading library of its kind in Maadi. A muchvalued resource for newcomers and veteran expatriates alike, it is stocked through
community participation via donations to the library.
Book Sale:
Join us in the CSA garden on Tuesday, March 17 and Wednesday, March 18 from
9.00am-2.00pm for our Library Book Sale.
Get on board with these
great series featuring strong
female protagonists….
@ CSA Library
• Award-winning authors
• Health and wellbeing section
• Reference books on Egypt,
Middle East and other
worldwide destinations
• Biographies and nonfiction books
• Children’s section (preschool to young adult)
• Science fiction, fantasy,
romance and more
• Magazines, periodicals and
The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
When Mary Boleyn comes to court as an innocent girl of fourteen, she catches the eye
of the handsome and charming Henry VIII. However, it is becomes painfully obvious
that she is just a pawn in her family’s ambitious plots, and soon she is forced to step aside
for her best friend and rival: her sister, Anne. Mary realizes that she must take her fate
into her own hands.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
Mikael Blomkvist, a once-respected financial journalist, must enlist the help of
investigator Lisbeth Salander, a misunderstood genius with a cache of authority issues to
help solve a decades old disappearance. Little is as it seems in Larsson’s novel, but there is
at least one constant: you really don’t want to mess with the girl with the dragon tattoo.
The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride #1) by James Patterson
Six unforgettable kids — with no families, no homes - are running for their lives. Max
Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly. And that’s just the beginning of their
amazing powers. But they don’t know where they come from, who’s hunting them, why
they are different from all other humans... and if they’re meant to save mankind - or
destroy it.
Did someone say
girl power?...
Terms and Conditions:
• Annual Membership:
350 LE per year for books,
magazines and DVDs.
• Any family member can take
out 5 books for a period of
three weeks.
• Members are entitled to
borrow 3 magazines and 2
DVDs per family in addition
to 5 book limit.
• Please note that children
must be accompanied by an
adult when using the CSA
The CSA Library donates all
their old glossy magazines to
A.P.E (Association for Protection of the Environment) an
Egyptian NGO whose mission
is to promote environmentally
safe solid waste management
in Egypt. A.P.E will use these
magazines to produce beautifully crafted products that
can then be sold. You can view
some of A.P.E’s products in the
CSA Village Gift Shop.
Legally Blonde. When a blonde sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to
follow him to law school to get him back and, once there, learns she has more legal savvy
than she ever imagined.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A bored married couple is surprised to learn that they are both
assassins hired by competing agencies to kill each other.
The Help. An aspiring author during the civil rights movement of the 1960s decides to
write a book detailing the African-American maids’ point of view on the white families for
which they work, and the hardships they go through on a daily basis.
We feature a new movie (or two) every week - check the posters in the library for the
current week’s movie.
16 March 15 CSA
Library Opening Hours:
Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm
By Heather Ramsey, MA
The power of women is their mindset –
the way that they show up in this world.
These powers include but are not limited
to the ability to endure, persevere, love,
motivate, coordinate, imagine, problem
solve, laugh, empathize and appreciate
others for their strengths not their
weaknesses. This month as we celebrate
women we admire not just the many
things they do but really who they are
and the impact they have on all of us.
As I think of women that I celebrate
and admire there are many that come
to mind. Below you will find several
women that I am highlighting. You
will hear about who they are, how they
are and what impact they have had on
When I lived in Egypt, Tara was one of
the first people I met. Her warmth and
openness helped me to feel at ease almost
instantly. She was authentic, strong and
unguarded. Tara is “with” her family in
a way that I can only aspire to be. She is
so happy for every moment with them.
It is apparent in the way she shows up,
in the love that she has for her husband,
the way she encourages and nurtures
her children and the way she works but
doesn’t let it overtake her world. Tara
is positive, playful and can always find
ingenious and realistic ways to resolve
problems. The strongest character traits
of people come out in times of conflict.
18 March 15 CSA
I remember one day when she came
to my house for a dance class we were
hosting. She had just gotten into a
minor car accident on the way there. A
moment after she arrived the doorbell
rang and it was the woman with whom
she just collided with on the street.
Most people would have left or would
have continued the argument that they
started. Not Tara, she paused, admitted
that it was hard for her but then moved
passed the accident and saw the woman
as a person. In future classes she worked
so hard to welcome her into our group
and to let go of what had happened.
Tara had a way of bringing us together.
She was often the one leading the
charge to encourage other women to
support and be there for one another.
It is hard for me to ask others for help,
especially in the overseas world where
I strategically didn’t know who was a
friend or foe, but somehow she became
the one person that I would’ve felt
comfortable calling in the middle of
the night. What was it about Tara that
made me feel safe? It was her openness.
She had very little ego. The way she
approached others and me in our
circle was completely nonjudgmental.
She accepted me for who I was, how I
was and what I did. I follow her now
on Facebook and I see her overseas
adventures as they continue, her fight
against cancer, the way that she is
raising her children and the time she
spends with her family. Tara’s power is
in her “can do”, positive attitude. If I
had even an ounce of her power I would
be a lucky woman.
I am blessed to work with Yvonne
almost every week. She is incredibly
intelligent, warm, and forward
thinking. She is a leader in every sense
of the word. Yvonne is passionate about
making a difference in this world. She
and her team are bringing education to
the masses. Her gift is that she is downto-earth and yet at the same time so
far ahead of all of us. I appreciate her
most for her ability to see other people’s
strengths and put them in a position to
utilize their gifts. When things are off
track she pulls her team back starting
with the relationships, then the bigger
Yvonne is the one that energizes
everyone around her. Yvonne’s vision
and belief in others comes through
not only with her team at work but
also in her personal relationships. She
has the ability to see many steps ahead
and help the rest of us get there. We
will be hearing some day about how
she has helped to change the higher
education landscape thus decreasing the
gap between the haves and have-nots –
Nancy was my college roommate. She
is my muse and an incredible spark of
energy and passion. Her creativity and
hutzpah have brought me and so many others
to a different level of thinking and seeing.
She really encompasses the spontaneous
and full-of-life energy that we all crave.
Nancy is a hard worker. She has taken
on projects time and time again that are
new and different. Sure she puts in a lot
but deep down she also knows that she
will figure it out because she is a scrapper.
Nancy’s gift is that she makes those
around her see that anything is possible.
When I am with Nancy not only do I feel
confident about my strengths and gifts, I feel
motivated to do something with them. She is
loyal, thoughtful, determined and innovative.
Nancy sees the world differently than the rest of
us and she helps us to look at things from a different
perspective. When she is on a task there is nothing that
will stop her. Although her power is one that many can’t
gauge because it comes through in the impact that she has on
those around her, she brings creativity, confidence, passion and
endurance to everyone she touches.
As you think this month about the powerful women in
your world consider the mindset and impact they have
on others and let them know the power that they
hold. Many would never even consider themselves
to be powerful. Notice how you want to show up
and start to define how you can step into your
fullest power. Each one of us, male or female
have gifts to share and impacts that we are
supposed to have on this world and those
that live within it. Capturing that is our
I look forward to either working with
you to help you find that power or to
hear about your journey there. Each
one of us has the ability, the need and
the responsibility to step fully into who
we are and the impact we are meant to
leave behind. Many good thoughts are
coming to those that lead the charge
and those that will in the future.
Heather Ramsey is from Sojourn Partners
(www.sojournpartners.com) an executive
coaching and leadership development
firm. She and her team work with
individuals and teams all over the world
to strengthen their leadership skills by
working together to set a clear vision,
enhance communications, manage
conflict and increase negotiation skills
through coaching and team development.
March 15 CSA 19
CSA Events
CSA Events February 2015
Garden Bazaar
Sunday, March 15 and
Monday, March 16
Calling all ladies! Shop ‘till you drop! Lots of vendors
await you with a great selection of items to choose from
including clothes, accessories, arts and crafts.
Cook’s Day Off
Sundays and Thursdays
For those days when you just don’t have the energy
to cook, we can provide a reprieve with homemade,
authentic cuisine from Egypt, India, Italy, Lebanon,
Pakistan and Thailand. These specialties are cooked with
care and love for you and your family.
Farmer’s Market
Get your fresh herbs and vegetables from
Makar Farms.
Stop by for Tabi3y’s organic vegetables and
Thai Buffet
Wednesday, March 18
Looking for a friendly place to stop
in for lunch? Drop by with your
friends for a traditional Thai meal.
With harmony as its base, dishes in
the Thai buffet are prepared with fragrant Asian spices
and herbs that will tantalize your taste buds. Don’t forget
to mark your calendar because it’s only once a month
and the menus are always different.
Easter Spotlight Bazaar
Sunday, March 29
Women’s Health Day
Easter is around the corner and CSA is ready for you
to find the perfect Easter gift for you or your family.
Vendors will be selling chocolates, Easter eggs, bunnies,
Easter baskets and more.
Sunday, March 8
Celebrate International
Women’s Day by putting
your health first. CSA
makes it easy to know
the health services
available to you by
gathering health
in the
all in one convenient location.
For any queries or questions on events, please contact [email protected]
March 15 CSA 23
CSA Showroom... a concept corner
This space is utilized by various artists and vendors to introduce you to new and exciting trends within fashion,
culinary arts, furniture design and more.
March 1-March 7
Handcrafted Egyptian Housewares
Add elegance to
your home with
these Arabic-inspired
decorative glassware,
serving trays, wooden
trivets, coasters, dishes
and more by Magda
Abdel Satar.
March 8-March 14
Handmade embroidery
Handmade Embroidery creates and designs products
from pure cotton and linen fabric. All of their items
are Egyptian-made and elegant in design. They have a
wide collection of cushion covers, pillows, bed sheets,
tablecloths, towels, guest towels, placemats, nightgowns,
blouses and pajamas.
March 22-March 28
El Patio Furniture and Home Accessories
by Lamia Hassanein
View exceptionally crafted textiles
on Egyptian cotton, linen, and toile.
Gaze on El Patio’s custom made
furniture, including sofas, tables,
beds, chairs and curtains, as well as
March 29-April 4
El Rooh
by Abeer Ibrahim Shah
Vibrant colors, bold strokes,
sweeping ideas and imaginative
concepts characterize the abstract
art creations of Abeer’s hand.
March 15-21
Delonghi – Kenwood
Acti is an Egyptian company who are sole
agents for many International Brands of
home appliances, including Delonghi
Kenwood. On display in the CSA
Showroom will be a full range of small
appliances that make life so much more
March 15 CSA 25
CSA Newcomers
New to Egypt?
Help us help you
At CSA, we understand the importance of positive adjustment and ongoing
in-country support
Fundamentals of Living in Egypt Seminar
Fundamentals of Living in Egypt is a one day orientation
seminar for the international expatriate community living
and working in Egypt. It is a unique opportunity for those
who have recently arrived in Egypt.
Next Seminar:
Sunday, March 15, 2015
Cost $140
(It includes an authentic Egyptian Lunch)
Fundamentals of Living in Egypt will help you to
Some of the topics covered are
•understand the importance of cultural self-awareness and the
influences of culture in everyday life and in the workplace
•Cross-Cultural Adaptation
•improve and adapt communication with the local community,
colleagues and family members
•Staying Healthy
•adopt new activities and be ready to enjoy an enriching
experience living and working in Egypt
•Customs and Tradition
•Daily Life in Cairo
•Egypt Past and Present
Ahlan wa sahlan
Something that can be readily apparent when you first arrive in Egypt is the distinct roles
men and women have here. It’s not to say that things haven’t improved in recent years, but
anyone who’s spent time in Egypt will tell you we still have a long way to go before gender
equality is achieved.
Perhaps the best way to foster gender equality is to start at home with your own children.
Firstly, children’s chores should always be determined by their ability and not because they are
a boy or a girl. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a son helping his mom bake a cake or
a daughter helping with the yard work. Next, it is important to be a good role model. Above
all children learn what they see and experience. If they observe mom and dad unfettered by
gender stereotypes, they’re likely to grow up without these biases as well, regardless of what
they see around them.
Finally, instilling confidence and respect for others in your children is essential. Praise desirable
behavior and encourage them to do the same with their peers. When a child knows their
friends are cheering them on it can sometimes be even more valued than encouragement from
their parents. Their confidence will soar and they’ll be more likely to challenge situations they
see as limiting or unfair.
Who knows, maybe sometime soon when an expat arrives in the country the differences won’t
seem quite so stark?
Arriving in a new
country is exciting and
stressful at the same
Since 1980, CSA has
played an integral part
in the lives of expatriates
by providing practical
support in what can
be a challenging, yet
exciting time. Improve
your chances of a
successful transition by
joining us at our next
Fundamentals of Living
in Egypt Seminar or any
of our other numerous
March 15 CSA 27
the Queen Who Ruled As King
By Lisa Sabbahy
A royal woman named Hatshepsut
ruled on the throne of Egypt from
approximately 1479 to 1458 BC, during
the Eighteenth Dynasty of a period
known as the New Kingdom. The
evidence for how she became king, and
what she accomplished during her reign
is fairly clear, although it has not always
been correctly presented. Particularly
in older sources, Hatshepsut has been
maligned as a conniving, over-bearing
woman who stole the throne from the
young King Thutmose III, her stepson,
who later destroyed her monuments in
Part of the problem of modern scholars
accepting Hatshepsut’s reign is that,
with few exceptions, only males served
as king of Egypt. The mythology that
backed the power and legitimacy of the
ancient Egyptian king was based on
the story of the god–king Osiris, who
was killed by his jealous brother Seth,
who wanted to be king. A tribunal of
the other gods proclaimed that kingship
goes father to son, and therefore the
falcon-god Horus, son of Osiris, took
the throne. The human king of Egypt
ruled as the incarnation of the god
Horus on earth.
At certain times in ancient Egyptian
history queens did rule the country. A
queen who was king’s mother, could
act as regent for her son, if he became
king while still too young to rule on
his own. There seems to be evidence
for this situation as early as in the 1st
Dynasty around 3000 BC. There were
also times when a queen took over as
king when there was no male left in the
family line. This is well documented
in the period of the Middle Kingdom,
when Sobekneferu, who seems to have
been daughter of King Amenemhet III
and possibly wife of her brother, King
Amenemhet IV, reigned as king for
slightly more than three years at the very
28 March 15 CSA
end of the 12th Dynasty. She referred
to herself in inscriptions as the “female
Horus”. On a statue of Sobekneferu in
the Louvre, she is shown wearing the
head cloth of the king over her hair,
and the king’s kilt over her dress, clearly
making the statement that she is both
female and king.
Hatshepsut was the daughter of King
Thutmose I, who took the throne
around 1504 BC. Thutmose does not
appear to have been related to the king
who ruled before him, but his wife,
Ahmes, the mother of Hatshepsut,
may have been the earlier king’s sister.
Thutmose I had a second wife who
bore him a son, also named Thutmose,
and later known as King Thutmose II.
Thutmose I ruled for about 12 years.
He carried out military campaigns to
the south in Nubia, as well as to the
north in Syria, claiming that he was
extending the boundaries of Egypt “as
far as the sun encircles”. He also built
extensively in Thebes, creating the core
of the New Kingdom temple of Karnak,
and beginning the Valley of the Kings.
Upon the death of Thutmose I, his son
Thutmose II, became king, although he
must have been very young at the time.
Hatshepsut, his half-sister became his
wife and queen. Marriage between royal
siblings was commonplace in ancient
Egypt. Not only did this practice reflect
the pattern of brother-sister marriage
found among ancient Egyptian deities,
for example, Osiris and his wife Isis
were siblings, but it also served to limit
the people who could claim the throne
through a family relationship.
Thutmose II seems to have died after a
reign of only a few years. As far as we
know, he and Hatshepsut only had one
daughter, Neferure, but Thutmose II
had a son, Thutmose, still only a baby,
from a secondary wife. This son became
King Thutmose III, while Hatshepsut,
instead of his mother, served as regent
for him. The high official Ineni made
the situation clear when he stated in
one of his tomb inscriptions that the
king’s son “stood in his place as king
of the Two Lands having assumed rule
upon the throne of the one who begat
him,” while the king’s sister and wife
Hatshepsut “was conducting the affairs
of the country”.
Then, at some point between two and
seven years later, Hatshepsut took
a throne name, Ma’at-ka-Re, and
proclaimed herself king as co-regent
with Thutmose III. Co-regencies were
common in ancient Egypt, but typically
consisted of an elderly king naming his
son and heir to rule with him, so that
succession to the throne was already
taken care of if he died. In Hatshepsut’s
case, she named herself co-regent with a
very young boy.
There is some evidence that at the
beginning of her kingship Hatshepsut
was depicted with a mixture of the
attributes of queen and king, just like
Sobekneferu had done earlier in the
12th Dynasty. Then there was a change,
and she was depicted for state purposes
as male, with male physique and
clothing. It was known, of course, that
Hatshepsut was actually a woman, and
this caused confusion in the pronouns
used to refer to her. For example, in a
rock inscription describing Hatshepsut
on a military campaign in Nubia, one of
her officials stated:” I followed the good
god, King of Upper and Lower Egypt,
may she live! I saw when he overthrew
the Nubian bowmen”.
Like her father, Hatshepsut lavished
a great deal of attention on additions
to Karnak Temple. Most famous
is probably her obelisk, which was
once one of a pair erected behind the
Fourth Pylon. In the obelisk inscription
Hatshepsut makes clear that all her
building projects were done out of
a “loving heart” and devotion to her
divine father, the god Amun. Indeed, the
northern wall of the upper colonnade of
her mortuary temple at Deir el-Bahari
on the West Bank of Thebes depicts
Hatshepsut’s divine conception and
birth as the physical daughter of Amun.
The southern colonnade of her mortuary
temple is decorated with relief scenes of
the expedition Hatshepsut sent to Punt,
probably ancient Somalia, to get myrrh
and incense for Amun’s temple rituals.
Altogether, Hatshepsut and Thutmose
III ruled Egypt together for twenty-two
years, when it appears that Hatshepsut
died a natural death. After her death,
Thutmose went on to rule for another
thirty-two years. During this period
his military conquests created the
Egyptian Empire, and Thutmose III is
considered by many scholars to have
been been one of the most important
pharaohs in ancient Egyptian history.
Certainly Thutmose III could not have
accomplished this, had he not inherited
a powerful and stable Egypt from
In year forty-two of his reign, his son
Amenhotep II, became king with
Thutmose III in a co-regency. It has been
shown that at this time Hatshepsut’s
monuments were defaced, apparently
to promote the legitimacy of the family
line of Thutmose III, and strengthen
the kingship of Amenhotep II. It is
certainly possible that there were heirs
to the throne in Hatshepsut’s direct line
of descent, who might have been able
to contest Amenhotep II becoming the
next king.
It would seem that Hatshepsut’s success
in her fairly long rule with Thutmose
III was based on the fact that she had
the support of the royal court, as well
as Egypt’s religious establishment, and
competently carried out the duties of
kingship. From all the evidence we have,
it appears that Hatshepsut was a very
able and active ruler, and there is no
reason, as earlier Egyptologists, all male,
have done, to paint her as a scheming
shrew who frustrated Thutmose III by
keeping him from the throne.
Lisa Sabbahy has a Ph.D. in Egyptian
Archaeology from the University of
Toronto, and is Assistant Professor of
Egyptology at the American University in
March 15 CSA 29
By Maria Harper
Music means different things to
different people, but one thing is certain
- life would be very boring without it!
Aside from the undoubted pleasure of
listening to music, learning to play an
instrument is not only fun but also full
of positive ‘side effects’.
Experts have known for some time
that learning an instrument enhances
the ability to perform well in other
areas. A recent report by the Society
of Neuroscience has found that
young musicians generally had more
white matter in the area of the brain
responsible for connecting motor
regions in the right and left side of the
brain than non musicians. Optimum
results were found in children who had
started to play an instrument before the
age of 7. As language skills, planning
and organisation of time and space are
all influenced by this region of the brain
there is potential for educators to elevate
music classes from just a fun pastime to
a vital part of a child’s development!
It is always a pleasure to watch the joy
and amazement a youngster has when
they play their first tune. It’s as if they
can’t quite believe they have made this
wonderful sound. The discipline and
dedication needed to successfully play
an instrument is also a valuable life
skill for children in today’s fast-moving
world of computer games and instant
gratification. As competence increases
so does confidence, empowering even
the most timid of children to perform
on stage with pride once an instrument
is mastered.
Making music not only builds self-esteem
but can also have real academic value. The
International Baccalaureat exam, which is
widely studied at international schools
in Egypt, recognises the importance
of creativity alongside the traditional
academic subjects. The course has a
requirement for students to spend a
certain number of hours in creative activity
leading many teenagers to start to learn an
instrument and gain credits towards their
IB qualification. In today’s competitive
world universities and employers are
looking for rounded individuals as well as
traditional qualifications. The ability to
play an instrument on any CV indicates a
character with strength and commitment.
When undertaking any activity it is
important to have attainable goals of
accomplishment. This is particularly true
with children, who can easily become
bored without regular encouragement
and reward. In February of this year the
London College of Music (part of the
University of West London) launched
their international music exams in
Egypt. The qualifications range from
Step One, which can be taken by
children as young as 6 who are just
starting out on their musical adventure,
to diplomas taken by professional
musicians. An examiner from the UK
will conduct practical exams in Cairo
twice each year giving musicians of all
abilities in Cairo the opportunity to
gain globally recognised qualifications
from their hobby.
The recognition of these certificates in
Europe, the UK and other countries is
particularly relevant for Cairo’s transient
expat community. For children who
continue to play to higher levels the
UK awards UCAS university entrance
points for certificates gained at grade 6
and above. Other countries give similar
recognition. For students planning
to continue their studies in Egypt the
American University in Cairo recognises
artistic achievements, including music,
by offering a scholarship discount based
upon merit for competent musicians.
Whatever path your child’s interaction
with music takes the main aim is for
them to gain pleasure from what they
are doing and enjoy the experience. But
as a parent it is also good to be aware
and take advantage of all of the benefits
available from the wonderful world of
Maria Harper originates from the UK and
has lived in Egypt for 16 years. She runs
Symphony Music Schools in Maadi and
New Cairo with her husband Hesham.
March 15 CSA 31
CSA Activities
Welcome to Programs!
We have prepared a wonderful month for you! Join us in many of our diverse events!
There is a new team on board at Programs that have put together creative and exciting new adventures for you,
your children, and the entire family. Keep a look out for details in our Oasis magazine, website, newsletter, or
pop in at the CSA. Come for a coffee and chat, bring your ideas, share your skill in a lecture or workshop…
we love seeing you all!
To guarantee your place on a trip,
please book your trip well in advance.
Please note that all trips have to be
paid at least 5 days in advance either
in dollars or equivalent in EGP.
Boulak Fabric Market
Wednesday, March 4
Cost: $35
Located just steps away from the bank of
the Nile, the fabric market is nestled in
the popular neighborhood of Boulak. Find
great bargains on a wide variety of quality
fabrics for dresses, shirts, suits, draperies,
comforters or furniture. Sign up early
as this trip is expected to fill up quickly.
City of the Dead
Sunday, March 8
Cost: $35
Visit two of the most important mosque/
mausoleum complexes in Cairo. Many of the
Mamluk-style tombs are quite grand and date
back many centuries. After enjoying a brief
walk through this fascinating area of Cairo,
where nearly a million Cairenes reside, you
will then visit a picturesque second mosque,
where you will complete your tour. Be sure
to bring a camera for this tour!
Nilometer and
Om Kulthoum Museum
Monday, March 16
Cost: $40
The Nilometer, first constructed in 861AD
was used to measure the height of the Nile’s
flood each year. The tour will showcase
the Nilometer’s numerous additions and
restorations over the years. Following that
you will visit the museum of the Star of
the East, Om Kuthoum. This museum was
built after her death in 1975 and is a tribute
to the legacy of the greatest Arabic singer in
the history of the Middle East.
All activities are subject to
changes and cancellation.
House of Nagada
Thursday, March 19
Cost: $20
The Nagada collections are housed in a
beautifully restored 1930’s villa in the city
center of Cairo. Visit the house of Nagada
to browse the ethnic collections of fashion,
home accessories and pottery. After being
offered a hot welcome drink and assorted
patisseries, Silva, the business owner, will
show you around the villa.
Ladies Evening Under the Stars
Wednesday, March 25
Cost: $35
Enjoy a relaxing evening cruise along the
Nile as you listen to jazz music the stars.
A light snack of Canapés and wine will be
served on board.
Mena House and
Tour of the Old Palace
Tuesday, March 31
Cost: $55
This is a great chance to learn about the
royal history of the Mena House Hotel.
Enjoy a guided tour around the Old Palace’s
luxurious lounges that are embellished with
exquisite antiques, handcrafted furniture,
original work of arts and magnificent pieces
that are rarely found in luxury hotels. Then
you can gaze upon the magnificence of the
Pyramids while having lunch in one of the
hotel’s garden restaurants.
Trip of the Month
Family Day in Fayoum
Saturday, March 28
Cost: $80
Enjoy a family weekend experiencing
this Egyptian village’s art, culture,
fresh breeze, exquisite local cuisine and
many other family activities. Fayoum
is Located 90 km from the capital city
of Cairo, with a year round moderate
weather. You will get a guided tour
around the pottery village of Ezbet
Tunis, a one hour boat ride in Qarun
lake and local breakfast and lunch
in this beautiful village of unspoiled
nature and rich history.
Book your private tour with CSA
If you have guests visiting or just want a special trip
for yourself and a few friends, we can still book a
private tour for you. Choose between half and full
day tours and we will provide you with the needed
transportation and a professional tour guide. All of
our guides are very reliable, highly informative and
carefully selected. For further information please
contact the Programs Department.
note: We provide transportation and guides for all our tours to historical sites and
landmarks. For other tours, please check with Programs.
Terms and Conditions: All trips are subject to cancellation if required
minimum number of bookings is not obtained. Cancellation by the CSA: If a trip is
cancelled the CSA will refund the cost of that trip. Cancellation by the customer: A
minimum of 3 business days notice is required in order to obtain a full refund. The
original receipt must be presented when claiming a refund.
For the most up-to-date information on all CSA’s trips, tours and classes please visit our website at www.livinginegypt.org
March 15 CSA 33
CSA Activities
Please note that all courses have to be
paid at least 5 days in advance either in
dollars or equivalent in EGP.
Fabric Printing
Wednesdays, March 4 to April 6
(6 sessions)
Cost: $80
Electric Guitar Lessons
Cost: $100
From RNB to Metal we will rock the place!
Bring your electric guitar and learn how to
play the most famous rock music songs.
Over 6 sessions you will learn the basics
of the electric guitar, how to read notes,
rhythm and timing. No matter the music
style, Mena will have all basic information
ready for you to start rocking.
New at CSA
Expat Coffee Mornings
Cost: Free (advanced registration required)
Are you new to Cairo or looking to meet new
people? Expat Coffee Mornings are great way
to start your day over a coffee in CSA garden
Maadi, network with other internationals living
in the area and get information on important
expat-related topics. We look forward to
meeting you. The event is for Foreign Passport
Holders only. To register, stop by the Programs
desk or email [email protected]
Classic Guitar Lessons
Cost: $100
CSA is offering an 6 session classic guitar
course for beginner and intermediate levels
focusing on the basic skills, chord changing
and introduction to rhythm. Each session
is 30 minutes. It is a one on one class, and
is suitable for anyone 10 years and older.
Students must bring their own guitar.
Horseback Riding
Cost: $30
This CSA excursion will take you to a
beautiful equestrian stable located on
Mansurea Canal in Sakkara. Enjoy a relaxed
day of riding in the garden and surrounding
area, where you will first have a small lesson
to check your level of comfort. Book now
as there will be limited space available.
Vegan Baking
with Cynthia Huijgens
Monday, March 30
Cost: $35
In this class you’ll learn tricks to tasty vegan
baking, both sweet and savory, including
how to alter your favorite cake recipes. You’ll
also learn how to make a dairy-free cream
cheese frosting and delicious whipped
cream topping you’ll swear was made with
‘real’ cream. This class will explore where
to find ingredients locally, and also suggest
items to source when traveling abroad.
Bring a mug for your own take home “One
Minute Chocolate Cake”.
Egyptian Cooking
Mondays, March 9, 16, 23
Cost: $75
Join Amira and learn how to create delicious
Egyptian dishes. In this 3 session course
you will create a variety of appetizers, main
courses and desserts.
Celebrating Women
Very few arts or crafts activities offer more
opportunities for creative expressions
than painting on fabrics. There is nothing
more satisfying than painting your shirt or
your jean jacket with your own design or
embellishing your children’s clothes with
their favorite cartoon characters. Drawing
expertise is not required.
March 8 to March 31 (8 sessions)
Sundays, 11.00am-1.00pm
Tuesdays Fieldtrips, 11.00am-2.00pm
Cost: $160
Woman Empowerment Workshop
Wednesday, March 11
Cost: Free (advanced registration required)
Marwa Mansour is certified Life Coach BBCC (Brain Based
Certified Coach-ICF accredited) and a professional trainer
with 8 years experience in training. Topics will include: My
life vision and long term goals, short term goal setting, my
strengths, needs and motivational tricks. To register, stop by
the Programs desk or email [email protected]
Jewelry Making and Wirework
Mondays, March 9 to April 20
(6 sessions)
Cost: $160
Join Sheri in designing and making your
own beautiful jewelry. In only 6 short
sessions, you will learn different design
techniques to be able to create your own
perfect accessory for any outfit.
Join professional photographer, Bahaa
Mansour, for this month’s photography
course. Learn to master your camera and
the basic rules of shooting portraits, objects
in motion, landscapes and shooting at night.
This is a 4 weeks/8 sessions course, which
includes both theory and practice. Bahaa
will take you for 4 field trips to practice
what you have learned in class and end the
course with a fun competition. Bring your
camera, whatever type or model, a pen
and paper and you are good to go! Check
out his Facebook page: “Bahaa Mansour
Photography “.
34 March 15 CSA
Wednesdays, March 11 to April 1
Cost: $80
In this 4 session course
with Noha, you’ll take a
walk down memory lane,
creating memory albums,
or scrapbooks. Let’s get
those wonderful photos
out of shoe boxes and
into albums where they can be shared. This
is the opportunity to use your creativity with
photographs to convey a story.
Tarot Readings
Wednesday, March 18
Cost: $15
A Tarot card reading can help guide you with
reflections of your past, present and possible
future showing you a fresh perspective on
your life. Book now for your session.
Mum & Baby Group
Cost: $5
Come join other mums
and their infants/
toddlers for play dates,
coffee breaks and
information exchange.
Mum & Baby is
friendly group of new
mothers who meet
at CSA every Monday for the purpose of
providing mums and caregivers fun and
information in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment.
Find out more about food with CSA.
We offer a wide range of cooking classes
in a relaxed and friendly environment.
Our classes are designed for anybody
who loves trying out new flavors in good
company. Cooking classes are usually held
on-site with instructors demonstrating
preparation of authentic dishes. During
each class you can sample the prepared
dishes. Additionally CSA offers cooking
classes at special venues with professional
chefs: so brush up on basic cooking
skills, experience new cuisines and learn
advanced culinary techniques.
Private Cooking Classes: If you would
like one of our regular cooking classes set
up just for you, your friends or visiting
family then contact CSA program
department to discuss availability.
Please note that all courses have to be
paid at least 5 days in advance either in
dollars or equivalent in EGP. For those
of you who love our cooking classes but
live in Katemeya, we could also organize
it for you in NCBIS, New Cairo for
your convenience. Do contact Programs
for more information.
Do you have a small group and would like a custom class or
trip organized just for you? Let CSA do the planning for you.
Contact: [email protected]
Please note: Cancellations should be made at least 3 working
days prior to class in order to receive a refund. To avoid
cancellation of classes please sign up 3 working days in advance.
For the most up-to-date information on all CSA’s trips, tours and classes please visit our website at www.livinginegypt.org
March 15 CSA 35
CSA Fitness Training Center
Welcome to the CSA Fitness Training Center!
CSA Fitness Training Center offers an array of activities designed to help
you and your family to achieve your personal health and fitness goals:
• Fat loss • Increased Flexibility • Muscle Tone • Rehabilitation • General Fitness
• Conditioning • Gym Orientation and Assessment • Certified Personal Trainers
The Free Trial Pass (Please bring your foreign passport to avail this offer) allows you
to enjoy three consecutive days of free membership and fitness at the CSA Fitness
Training Center! Gym only, eligibility includes a foreign passport.
Points to Note
Signing In. You must sign in at the FTC front desk
and present your membership card (or pay the walkin fee) before you will be granted access to the facility.
Attire. You must bring a clean pair of training shoes
to wear in the gym; no outdoor shoes will be allowed.
Please demonstrate good hygiene when in the gym
area. Refrain from wearing strong perfumes and do
not wear dangling jewelry or key chains.
Group Fitness Classes. Group Fitness Classes
are available to all FTC members as part of their
membership. Group Fitness Pass Cards are available for
$100 for 12 sessions. You can also pay the walk-in fee.
Pre-Paid Classes: Adults and Kids. Payments for
these classes must be received in advance of the
class starting and paid in blocks of sessions. Please
contact the FTC front desk for more information on
individual classes and pricing.
Pre-Booked: Adults and Kids. These are private
classes. See the FTC front desk for information to
contact the individual instructors.
Prices in USD
Family (Couple)*
Senior (65+)*
1 Year**
6 Month
3 Months
1 Month
Walk in
incl. 60 day freeze option
incl. 30 day freeze option
* Current members receive a 5% discount when renewing their membership.
** Those purchasing a 1 year FTC membership also receive an annual CSA
membership for FREE.
The above memberships give you full access to all the gym’s facilities
AND to all the Group Fitness Classes. See FTC front desk for more
CSA Group Exercise - PASS CARD
For Group Exercise Classes we also offer a Pass Card for the cost of $100,
which allows you to access 12 Group Fitness Classes over a period of 3
months. See FTC front desk for more details.
Weights/Equipment. Members are requested to
re-rack their weights and put their equipment away
after finishing each exercise. Please do not place any
weights directly on any bench. If you are unsure how
to use any equipment, please see the FTC staff.
Cardio Machines. At peak hours, usage on the cardio
equipment is limited to 30 minutes per machine. This
is to ensure that all members are able to participate in
their cardiovascular workouts.
Visitors. At no time may members have visitors
inside of the FTC workout areas. Visitors may wait
for members in the garden area. Front desk staff will
inform the member if he/she has a visitor.
For a full list of FTC rules see the FTC front desk
staff or the CSA website www.livinginegypt.org
For more information drop by the CSA Fitness Training Center front desk 2nd Floor,
#4, Road 21, Maadi - or call 010 0382 9368
Opening Hours - FTC opens early!
Sunday-Thursday 7.00am-9.00pm
Friday & Saturday: 8.00am-9.00pm
March 15 CSA 37
Health and Wellness
The Pelvic Floor
Don’t Be Too Shy To Discuss It!
By Kim Hampton
Typically, for both women and men,
anything in reference to “between our
legs”, “under the belt”, or “where babies
come from” has gained so much of
a social stigma that I was almost too
embarrassed to write about it. However,
with the encouragement from a
colleague and knowing the importance
of this topic I decided to write this in
hopes that it can help to shed light and
crush any negativity surrounding it.
If you haven’t already figured it out, your
pelvic floor is in the area located between
your legs. It is referred to as a “floor” as it
lies at the bottom of the pelvic region and
is made up of a series of small muscles. It
is just as important as any other part of
your body. Together with surrounding
fascia (connective tissue), the pelvic
floor helps to support your abdominal
organs, including your rectum, bladder,
intestines, and specifically in women the
reproductive organs.
Contrary to what you may think, these
muscles exist in both men and women.
38 March 15 CSA
The pelvic floor muscles work together
with the abdominal, back and breathing
muscles to help regulate the internal
pressure in the core region of your body.
These internal pressures are constantly
changing when you apply a load (or
weight) to the body. Once you drop the
load, the pressure normalizes. Most of the
time these pressure regulations happen
automatically, without you knowing. If
pelvic floor or abdominal muscles are
weak or injured, then the action becomes
altered, putting added strain on other
parts of your body, such as your back or
hips. A strong pelvic floor gives the body
a good foundation to function and also
allows for adequate range of motion in
the hips and lower back.
The pelvic floor area is vital to your
health. It is vulnerable to injury via
pregnancy, child birth, lifting heavy
objects, occupational stress, and even
being kicked between the legs. Yet,
saying all that, how can we protect this
part of our body and
keep it healthy?
For starters, it is very hard to locate the
pelvic floor and understand this part of
the body, as there is no visual feedback
that you gain from engaging your pelvic
floor muscles. However, to better locate
the area simply sit and rock your body
from side to side. This will help you to
locate your sit bones (one on each side).
Then locate your pubic bone (in the
front), and the coccyx bone (tail bone).
Then draw a diamond shape between
these bony landmarks. The pelvic floor is
located in the space between these bones.
To activate the pelvic floor muscles,
just imagine that these bones are
coming closer together and with your
breathing, exhale and try to draw this
muscle upward like a small elevator.
A light engagement is preferred
to help stimulate other
supporting muscles in
the correct way.
As a fitness instructor and teacher of
Pilates, we are always asking our clients
to start their exercise with breathing
followed by “engaging their pelvic
floor.” It is not always easy for the client
to locate and feel this area of their body.
We often use analogies to assist trainees
to feel this engagement. For women,
we ask them to imagine that they are
holding a small ball inside their vagina
and to squeeze this ball. For men we ask
them to lift their testicles. These verbal
cues receive a lot of laughs and giggles,
but they in turn assist the client in
imagery and thus, create a connection
between mind and body to get the most
out of their exercise.
Keeping your pelvic floor strong and
knowing how to engage it can assist you
in more ways than you can imagine.
Being aware of how to activate these
delicate muscles, over time, can help
with incontinence, improve your
posture, and strengthen
your core.
Pregnant and post-natal women
are always reminded by their
doctors to perform Kegel
exercises, (which are similar
to pelvic floor engagement
exercises) to either keep their
pelvic floor strong during
pregnancy and/or to additionally
strengthen it after giving birth.
Learning how to engage
your pelvic floor, along with
stabilizing other parts of your
body and increasing your body
awareness in general is a valuable asset
in pursuing a healthy life style. If you
are just getting back into an exercise
routine or have been practicing one
for a long time, whatever the case, a
Pilates class that addresses pelvic floor
engagement during exercising along
with the other principles to stabilize
and protect the area will be of great
value and one that you not only utilize
in exercise class, but in daily life as a
Reference: Trail Guide to the Body –
4th Addition (Andrew Biel)
Kim Hampton is an ISSA Certified
Fitness Trainer & Specialist in
Performance Nutrition and
Instructor. She currently
offers Personal Fitness
Training at CSA
Fitness Center and also
Group Fitness Classes
(Equilibrium & Body
Action). She instructs
Reformer Classes at
BodyFit Egypt along
with her professional
in this specific area.
Please feel free to stop
by anytime for more
information on this
subject and try out a
Pilate’s class to learn how
to engage your pelvic floor
and get over the shyness!
March 15 CSA 39
CSA Fitness Training Center
March News
FTC Schedule March 2015
Asana Session
Explore what it feels like to be absolutely
still – even while moving. In collaboration
with the Embassy of India, the CSA is
excited to present this free introduction
to yoga session with instructor Mr.
Bharat Sindh. Sign-up today to reserve
your spot. Asana Session is on Saturday,
March 14 from 1.30pm-3.00pm.
Ballet is famous for its beauty in
movement, graciousness and etiquettes.
It is also a great way for your child to be
free-spirited while learning to be attentive
and focused. Ballet’s other benefits include
building posture, creating proper body
alignment and improving flexibility.
Both of our instructors (Nicole and
Mye) are professional ballet dancers.
Nicole’s classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Mye’s
classes are on Sundays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Minimal Master (Mixed Class)
Barre Fitness
Join Kristina and push yourself
to the max with exercises that
require minimal equipment. This
class consists of tabata training,
high intensity interval training
(HIIT), and different types of
circuit training. Beginners are
welcome as every exercise has
different levels, allowing you to
pick the most suitable exercise
for you. Minimal Master is on
Saturdays at 9.00am.
Looking for a workout that helps you to
achieve visible results quickly? Try our
new Barre Fitness class with Sabrina!
The Barre class is an innovative blend
of barre-based exercises with strength
training, cardio intervals, and stretches
to create long lean muscles. In addition
to using your own body weight as
resistance, we will be using various props
such as a ballet barre, a stability ball and light weights. All
levels are welcome. Barre Fitness classes are on Mondays at
10.30am and Wednesdays at 8.15am & 10.30am.
Super Zumba
Our Bollywood class is a fun alternative
to traditional workouts. It is low impact,
rhythmic but still intense enough to
really boost your metabolism. Join
Madhu and improve your overall fitness
in this exciting high-energy cardio
workout that combines Bollywood
dance moves, aerobic steps and the
latest Bollywood tracks. Bollywood
dance is on Sundays at 9.30am.
If you love Zumba don’t miss Jun’s
FREE Super Zumba class. Kick start
your metabolism with this 1.5 hour,
non-stop calorie scorching workout.
If you’re into toning your body while
having fun, make sure to sign up
before there is no space left! Super
Zumba is on Wednesday, March 25
from 9.30am-11.00am.
Pre-Dance & Pre-Fitness
Introduce the world of dance
and fitness to your child. PreDance & Pre-Fitness classes
with Mye allow children to
improve their coordination
and learn dance basics as well
as gaining muscle strength
and flexibility. And all in a fun
and exciting atmosphere! Pre-Dance & Pre-Fitness is on
Sundays at 4.15pm.
Marathon Class
Come join three of our best instructors,
Carey Harris, Ahmad Agamy, and Kim
Hampton, for a FREE 2 hour class filled
with aerobics, weight training, cool
down and stretching all to the best beats.
Space is limited so sign up now to reserve
a spot! Marathon Class is on Thursday,
March 26 from 8.30am-10.30am.
Step Aerobics
Body Action
Barre Fitness
Circuit Training
Minimal Masters
9.30am-10.30am 9.30am-10.30am 9.30am-10.30am
9.30am-10.30am 9.30am-10.30am
Power Pump
Power Pump
10.00am-11.00am 10.00am-10.45am
Pre Ballet
(4 years)
Teddy Tennis
10.30am-11.30am 10.30am-11.30am 10.30am-11.30am 10.30am-11.30am 10.30am-11.30am
Belly Dance
Barre Fitness
Barre Fitness
Hisham Gohar
Ballet LV 1
(6-7 years)
Teddy Tennis
Tae Bo
Tae Bo
Hisham Gohar
Hisham Gohar
Belly Dance
(3-5 years )
Dr. Khaled
Ballet & Creative Alpha Academy
Dance & Fitness
(3-5 years)
(5-8 years)
(7-12 years )
Dr. Khaled
5.00pm-5.45pm 5.00pm-6.00pm 5.00pm-5.45pm 5.00pm-6.00pm
Ballet & Creative Ballet & Creative Alpha Academy
Ballet & Modern
Dance (6-8 years) (Intermediate)
(4-5 years)
(9-13 years)
Ballet LV 1
(6-9 years)
Ballet & Modern
Dance (9-12 years)
6.00pm-7.00pm (Pre-Teens/Teens)
(Advanced Class)
Little Ninja’s
(Advanced Class)
Registration for all classes at the FTC front desk.
For more information drop by the CSA Fitness Center front desk or call 010 0382 9368
Please note that for all Pre-Paid Classes (Adults and Children), if we do not have any paid bookings before the class then we cannot guarantee
that the class shall take place. Schedule Information - Important notice: Please check all information for the classes as there may be changes.
Group Fitness - Free to Fitness+ Members
Group Fitness Pass Card available at Fitness Center Reception,
$12 Walk In Fee. All Welcome
40 March 15 CSA
Pre-Paid Kids
Bookings and Payments to
Fitness Center Reception
Pre-Paid Adults
Bookings and Payments to
Fitness Center Reception
PLEASE NOTE: This schedule is subject to change. Always check notice boards and/or Fitness Center Reception for more information.
For more information please do not hesitate to ask Fitness Center Staff for more details.
March 15 CSA 41
Precision, Control, Balance & Strength ......
STOTT PILATES® Mat & Reformer
Tel: 0100 343 3111
The Serenity Centre
at CSA
4 Road 21
Maadi, Cairo
March 15 CSA 43
March 15 CSA 45
Health and Wellness
Food Additives That
Add Up
By Clare Fleishman MS RD
That first box of Kellogg’s Raisin Bran
cost an eye-popping 60 LE. But just
newly arrived in Maadi, I was happy to
see some familiar labels in the grocery
As you are well aware, seeking out
comfort foods while struggling to adapt
to a new home in a foreign land can be
pricy. And the local versions may be less
than perfect: a few rocks and insects
regularly jump in the cereal box from
the factory floor.
Months and even years later, you are
able to laugh at your hubris. After all,
the local products are delicious and
wallet-friendly. The creamy yogurt costs
little, the traditional breakfast of fuul
and aaysh is easy as well as nutritious
and date milk is true discovery for the
nutritive and nonnutritive sweeteners,
propellants, preservatives, salts, and
sequestrants, stabilizers, thickeners,
texturizers, and tracers.
Improved taste, longer shelf life and
defense against pathogens are the goals.
Unfortunately, it appears that some
additives may be linked to metabolic
diseases including diabetes and obesity.
Women in Egypt (who do most of the
shopping and cooking) should not
fall prey to the processed foods which
represent modernity to many. Women
in Egypt are growing obese along with
the rest of the world; the resulting
diabetes and heart disease will destroy
bodies and budgets.
High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
Forty years ago farmers across America
were up to their ears in corn. Uncle
Sam (really Earl Butz, the Secretary of
Agriculture at the time) had deregulated
export and trade of grains. Out came
the hay and in went more profitable
corn and soybeans. Farmers fed corn
to cows. Animals for which grazing on
grasses was long written in their dining
history were now fed starchy corn in
the confined mosh pits of industrial
warehouses. Another big idea came from
the lab: all this corn could be used as a
sweetener if its chemical structure could
be tweaked.
Here are some additives you should
consider reducing and/or eliminating
from your diet:
As expats, we often don’t value the
native offerings. Now returned to the
United States, I miss the simpler foods
of Egypt. The mega-supermarkets here
offer choice but much of it is processed
food all dressed up to look nutritious
and inviting. Labels listing ingredients
and additives are unreadable because
of their lengthy litanies and chemical
charades. Though I researched my book
Globesity while in Egypt, only in the
United States did I fully experience the
massive transformation of the global
food supply.
Consumption of HFCS soared in the
United States. According to USDA
figures, HFCS has replaced 50 percent
of all the traditional table sugar sucrose
since 1970. HFCS poured into soft
drinks, sports drinks, fruit punches,
pastries, and countless processed foods.
However, the high-fructose corn syrup
story has proven to be less than sweet:
In mice and rats, a high-fructose diet
leads to the development of obesity,
diabetes, and dyslipidemia.
Trans Fat
Called “frankenfood” because of its lab
origins and frightening results, trans
fat has slipped into margarines, fast
food fries, cookies, commercial pastries,
and countless other processed foods.
Labeling laws wrestled from the FDA
by a decade of pressure from Michael F.
Jacobson and his nonprofit Center for
Science in the Public Interest revealed
hundreds of hiding places. Trans fats
raise bad LDL cholesterol and lower the
good HDL. In addition, the huge tide
of trans fats into the world’s food supply
may have no small connection to the rise
in obesity. Research shows a connection
in primates with more abdominal fat
and insulin resistance resulting.
In humans, when consumed as part of
a high-calorie diet, fructose can raise
triglycerides in the blood, cause insulin
resistance, and increase fat both in the
liver and hips. Fructose, unlike table
sugar or sucrose, is shunted straight to
the liver. This little joy ride doesn’t end
well: the liver makes more fat and sends
it back out into the blood where insulin
resists the added work. Result: obesity.
McDonald’s took the trans fats out
of their frying oil; other fast food
followed. Of course, they remain in
many products, hiding as hydrogenated
oils. In Egypt, people are often too busy
getting enough to eat to care about the
double bonds in their cooking oil.
Third, fructose impacts ghrelin -the only
hormone known to increase appetite.
Fructose-containing meals are less able
to quash ghrelin than meals
containing the same
amount of glucose.
These include saccharin, aspartame,
and sucralose, the last new sweetener,
introduced in 1999. You may know them
by their brand names of Sweet N’
Low, Equal and Splenda.
Artificial Sweeteners
More than 6,000
new products with
noncaloric artificial
sweeteners were
launched in the
United States
between 1999
and 2004.
By 2013, sucralose was an ingredient in
more than 3,500 products according to
the online database at Foodfacts.com.
The rise in obesity parallels the
widespread use of these artificial
sweeteners, an irony not missed in the
soda aisles. All are meant to supply
sweetness without the calories. Fair
enough. If a diet soda takes the place of
regular one, calories are cut out of the
diet, correct? Not necessarily, some say.
While people often choose these
products to lose weight, artificial
sweeteners may do the opposite. In
2010, Qing Yang at Yale University
looked at studies behind the claim. In a
first sign of trouble, the reviewer found
that several large-scale studies showed
weight gain with artificial sweetener use.
One reason may be this: feeling virtuous
with a diet food or beverage, the dieters
reward themselves with extra calories
in other foods. This was observed in a
controlled setting; knowingly ingesting
aspartame was associated with increased
overall energy intake, suggesting
overcompensation for the expected
caloric reduction.
Another problem was suspected: natural
and artificial sweeteners activate both
reward pathways and taste receptors in
different ways. Thus these fake sugars
with no calories do nothing for the satiety
centers. A million years of evolution
will not be easily fooled. Meanwhile,
the nonnutritive sweetener keeps the
taste buds on high alert for more sweet
flavors, perhaps candy or cake next time.
Because we prefer flavors we repeatedly
taste, artificial sweeteners may lead to
sugar craving and sugar dependence.
First Steps
Read the excellent online site from
nutrition watchdog Center for Science
in the Public Interest. In a section called
Chemical Cuisine, there is a list of food
additives and safety ratings along with a
printable chart.
Beware processed foods, buy local
(organic if available) and drink purified
Additives used by food processors
make a very long list: acidulants,
antimicrobials, anticaking agents,
buffers, chelating agents, clarifying
agents, coloring agents, emulsifiers,
enzymes, fillers, flavoring agents, flavor
enhancers, gases, leavening agents,
48 March 15 CSA
The resulting high-fructose corn syrup
(HFCS) seemed like a gift from the geek
gods: it was cheaper than sugar, enhanced
texture, tasted good, and lasted longer
on the supermarket shelves.
Clare Fleishman wrote Globesity: 10
Things You Didn’t Know Were Making
You Fat while living in Egypt. Copies are
available at AUC bookstores in Cairo.
Contact her at [email protected]
March 15 CSA 49
CSA Calendar March 2015
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Boulak Fabric Market 10.00am-2.00pm
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Safety &
Kid’s Corner
CSA Events
Health and Wellness
breaking down the complex into
more manageable bites
By Marcus O’Neill MSc RD
Tweaking the Bestselling Diets
One big reason most diets tend to fail
is that people aren’t able to stick with
them for the long term. This is usually
because they are unnecessarily restrictive
and ultimately not very enjoyable
to be on. When it comes to the food
we eat most of us can only live with
making ourselves miserable for so long,
regardless of the health benefits we may
see down the road.
That said, diets and the practice of
dieting aren’t going away anytime
soon. What I’ve decided to do in this
inaugural Nutrition 101 column is take
a look at some of the current bestselling
diets and suggest some simple healthy
tweaks that will help to make them
more sustainable.
Vegan Diet
The vegan diet is a
form of a vegetarian
diet where all products
that come from animals
are avoided, including
dairy products and
eggs. People most often
choose to go vegan
for moral reasons or
because of the negative
health effects associated with eating
certain animal products. The vegan diet
is actually very healthy if done right,
but many who attempt it can find it too
restrictive to stick with for the long term.
As long as your opposition to animal
products isn’t related to moral reasons,
it can be perfectly healthy (and add
welcome variety) to incorporate lean
animal products into your diet from
time to time.
Diet Tweak: Try including chicken
breast, fatty fish (like salmon, mackerel
or tuna) and/or eggs into your meals a
few times per week.
Grain-Free Diet
Popularized by the
recent bestseller, Wheat
Belly, the grain-free diet
is exactly what it sounds
like - a diet void of grains
and grain products. The
theory goes that over the
years, wheat and other
grains have undergone
modifications, whether through selective
breeding or genetic manipulation, such
that the grains we see today no longer
resemble the grains our hunter-gatherer
ancestors encountered millennia ago.
And that these changes in the grain are
responsible for many of the health issues
common today including, obesity, type
2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome,
ADHD and more.
There is little scientific evidence to
suggest that grain products can’t be
incorporated into a balanced healthy
diet but you don’t have to throw all of
their advice out the window.
Diet Tweak: Continue to avoid any
processed and/or packaged grain
products (ie. cookies, crackers and cakes,
etc.), particularly those that are made
with white flour, but reincorporate
whole grains, including brown rice,
bulgur and quinoa, back into your diet.
The Bulletproof Diet
This diet is most notable
for its signature coffee
infused with butter, but
in reality The Bulletproof
Diet has a lot more to it
than that. The brainchild
of a self-professed Silicon
technology entrepreneur, the creator
of The Bulletproof Diet claims to
have spent 15 years “hacking his own
biology”, with this diet as the end result.
Other features of The Bulletproof Diet
include eliminating sugar, gluten,
grains, legumes, synthetic additives and
processed dairy, and only consuming
organic fruits & vegetables and meat
from animals that have been grass fed.
Perhaps unsurprisingly this diet requires
a bit more tweaking than the previous
Diet Tweak: First don’t bother with any
of the Bulletproof brand supplements
as their use is completely unfounded.
Despite the diet’s claims, it is okay to
incorporate whole grains into your diet
and unless you are gluten intolerant
there is no need to explicitly avoid
gluten. Also, loosen the restrictions on
the allowable servings of fruits per day
(diet allows for a max of 1-2 per day).
As you may have noticed many
of the tweaks made above involve
incorporating a bit more balance
into these bestselling diets. This will
hopefully allow you to stick with
them longer (ideally indefinitely) so
that you’re able to see lasting results,
whatever your goals may be.
Keep in mind, there is no perfect diet for
everyone. Anyone claiming otherwise
isn’t being truthful. Ultimately, you
need to figure what works best for you,
while at the same time trying to make
the healthiest choices you can.
Marcus O’Neill is a
Registered Dietitian
from Canada and
Editor of Oasis
Magazine. You can
reach him by email at
[email protected] or follow
him via Twitter (@marcusoneillrd) or
his blog (www.dietitianabroad.com).
March 15 CSA 57
My Egypt
My Egypt features a different person every month giving you their personal tips and recommendations about life
here as an expat.
Name: Robert Moss
Nationality: South African
Age: 53 years young
Living in: Katameya
About: This is my wife and I’s first expat experience. Katameya, New Cairo has been home for the first three months of a three year
stay. We enjoy the area because it is quiet, close to my wife’s place of employment and the airport, and only a twenty five minute drive
to bustling Maadi.
My typical week
but it mostly ends successful. You meet
the nicest people in the supermarket and
I’ve yet to meet a shopper who has not
tried to assist if asked.
We are happy and comfortable in
Cairo. Egypt is rich in history with
many interesting places to visit. Egypt
is going through an exciting period of
transformation which will one day be
viewed as a significant part of Egypt’s
historical evolution and it’s exciting to
be living through that change.
Keeping busy is a must and I’m
thankful that the CSA has a volunteer
program. I volunteer two days a week
and happily fill in for volunteers that
are away. Volunteering is a great way
to meet people in a similar situation to
me and share solutions to challenges I
face. An added bonus is the variety of
nationalities to chat with. When I’m not
at the CSA I’m in charge of managing
the household and responsible for the
grocery shopping and cooking. I have a
new found respect for my fellow home
executives, as the challenge of producing
a wide variety of meals is daunting. The
grocery shopping is always exciting and
worth a good laugh as I try explain
what I’m looking for to a supermarket
employee with my non-existent Arabic,
We are slowly becoming accustomed
to the daily experiences of the crazy
traffic, the ever present dust and sand
(of which I am painfully aware as I
am responsible for keeping the home
clean) and food markets that don’t
have a continuous supply of items and
are then over supplied!
Food Heaven
Two restaurants we enjoy visiting are
Casper & Gambinis and Paul’s, which are
pleasant for breakfasts and light lunches.
For Lebanese cuisine we really like Cafe
Blanc. All three restaurants are found in
Cairo Festival City Mall.
Driving Tips
I started by driving on weekends,
particularly on Fridays. The roads are
quiet and it allows you time to get a
feel for Cairo’s roads, which have quite
a few pot holes. If all else fails GET A
DRIVER. They can be a god send!
Takeaway: The discovery of Drinkies
home delivery service was a life
Mall: Cairo Festival City Mall comes
highly recommended. It has a great
range of stores equal to western malls.
Coming from South Africa where Ikea
has not yet arrived, the Ikea outlet was
a very pleasant surprise with its large
range of home accessories and unique
floor layout.
If you are interested in contributing to the My Egypt page contact Marcus O’Neill: [email protected]
March 15 CSA 63
American Star Travel International (ASTI):
A personalized travel experience
For the past 25 years, ASTI has been
providing services exclusively to the
US government for both business and
leisure trips. We’ve supported two US
Presidential visits and two of the biggest
conferences in Egypt, where we handled
accommodations, transportation and
tours for over 3,500 clients during a 6
week period. Our experience has set us
apart from other agencies and given us
a great reputation among Egyptian and
International Suppliers, which in turn
allows us to give our clients their dream
vacations at a very competitive price.
This year we decided to expand our
services to CSA, where its members
will now be able to enjoy the new
features offered on our website.
Booking online is a popular way to
make travel arrangements but a large
number of clients prefer to deal with
travel agencies directly, as they feel it
is more comfortable and secure. ASTI
has combined these two services so
clients will have the ability to search
for thousands of flights, hotels, cruises
and packages online, while having the
comfort of knowing they can easily visit
our office if they have any changes or
additional requests.
Our Nile cruises allow you to sail the
Nile and experience the beauty of
ancient Egyptian culture while enjoying
deluxe accommodation, meals and
countless activities.
Flights, Hotels and Cars
Not only can you search for flights
on our new website, you can also find
hotels and car services. If you want to
rent a car for the duration of your trip
or to only transfer you from the airport
and back, we’ve got you covered.
Worldwide Cruises
Egypt Travel
We have a large selection of tours, hotels
and Nile cruise packages tailored for
you to discover the ancient history and
beauty of Egypt. ASTI has handpicked
exclusive tours in Egypt to offer you
the best possible experience. We will
meet you in the airport before passport
control and assist you in getting your
visa, luggage and customs.
All of our tours include an experienced,
English speaking tour guide and private
Tailor Made Packages
Whether it’s the Atlantic or the Pacific,
a romantic trip or a family trip, through
ASTI’s new website you can book any
cruise you want. For example, if you
want to go on one of Disney’s world
famous cruises, there are over 200 offers
in 2015. All you need to do is book
online through our website or simply
visit our office and we will do all the
bookings for your trip.
World Tours and Packages
We offer worldwide vacation packages
transportation and tour guide available
in every language. Visit our website
and choose a location from the world
map to search through countless travel
packages fit for romance, family, friends
and adventure.
This is our speciality. For the past 25
years we have been working personally
with our clients to plan their trips. We
are not only a travel agency, we are
travel counselors who are highly trained
in customer satisfaction. If you want to
go on a trip but are not sure about the
destination, all you need to do is email
us or visit our office and tell us briefly
what type of experience you want and
your travel dates. We will then build
you a custom made package to satisfy
all your needs.
Safety and Security
We focus greatly on
our clients’ safety and
comfort. This is why
we’ve designed ASTI’s
Safe To Go App for all
our customers. Once
you book a ticket with
us you will be able to
download our app
which allows you to:
• Receive any travel alerts regarding
your flights.
• Receive security alerts of the city you
are in.
• Communicate immediately with us
via phone, text and email.
• In case any problems arise, we will
be able to locate you via GPS on our
map and send immediate assistance.
Stop by ASTI’s new office at CSA
for help with all of your upcoming
travel needs.
March 15 CSA 67
Ras Mohamed
National Park
By Supriya Chawla
During 1989 the Ras Mohammed
protected area began a period of phased
development and was classified as a
National Park. This designation is
given to an area to protect natural and
scenic areas of national or international
significance for scientific, educational
and recreational uses.
The program seeks to strike an equitable
balance between conservation and
economic development while retaining
the value of the Park as a National
The Park contains examples of most
geological features found in the South
Sinai: uplifted coral reefs, alluvial plains,
wadis, granite and sand stone mountains
and dunes. Together, they contribute to
create rich and varied desert ecosystems.
The park is surrounded by the shallow
95 meter Gulf of Suez to the west and
the deep 1,800 meter Gulf of Aqaba to
the east.
The Gulf of Aqaba is part of a large rift
on the earth’s surface, extending from
the Dead Sea to the African Rift Valley.
The Gulf was formed as the African and
72 March 15 CSA
Arab continental plates began to move
apart about 70 million years ago. This
movement is still taking place today.
Present coast lines were uplifted over
long periods.
The Park contains marine fossils ranging
from 20 million to 75,000 years of age.
The latter can be seen as rocks close
to the water. Careful inspection will
show that these are all of marine origin
(corals, shells, urchins, etc.). Most of
these animals are still found on the
present day coral reefs.
Fossilized reefs are studied to
understand past marine environments
in order to better understand the
present day reefs. Coastlines are always
changing and are affected by marine,
terrestrial, geological, atmospheric and
human factors. The Park also serves as a
laboratory to study these changes.
to 300 thousand years ago. For example,
a species of shrimp is endemic to the
crevasse pools in Ras Mohamed.
Large numbers of raptors such as
falcon, buzzards and kites follow these
migrations. There has been a dramatic
increase in bird numbers since the Park
was established. This has been assisted by
and complete hunting ban in the Sinai.
The majority of fish species are closely
associated to the coral reef, and include
the wrasse, grouper, snapper, butterfly
fish, damselfish and parrotfish. These
fish live and breed in the reefs or
adjacent sea grass beds. Other species
such as the shark, tuna, and barracuda
come to the reef to feed and sometimes
breed, but are normally present in open
In order to increase public awareness,
appreciation of the area and an
objectives, informative nature trails
both on land and in the sea have been
established, telescopes are installed at
selected view points, photo exhibitions
and audio visual displays are shown
in the Visitor Center and information
panels are placed in areas of interest
throughout the Park.
Also present and breeding are turtle
species such as the Hawksbill, Green
and Leatherback turtle.
In addition to the above ecosystems, the
park also contains mangroves. Mangroves
are important to the ecosystems in
tropical coastal areas. Mangroves grow in
salt or brackish water. Their root system
removes salt from water entering the
trees vascular system. Any remaining salt
is removed by the leaves. Inspection will
show a layer of salt on the underside of
the leaves. Mangroves stabilize coastlines
by retaining sediments and are important
Visitors to Ras Mohammed are struck by
the sharp contrast between the seemingly
barren desert and the profusion and
variety of life on the coral reefs and in
the coastal areas. The Park contains
representatives of all 1,000 fish species
found in the Red Sea. Many of these are
endemic as a result of a period during
which the sea was isolated between 500
fish and invertebrate breeding areas and
a habitat for migrating and resident bird
Terrestrial habitats contain a large
number of different animals and plants
insects and reptiles. Mammalian species
reported have included the desert fox,
fennec, ibex, gazelle, hyena, hyrax
and small rodent species. As a Park
Attendant will tell visitors, all these
animals, though rarely seen in public
areas, are increasing in number since
the Park Management
Program was initiated.
More visible are the
birds, both resident
and migrating. Osprey
breeding groups are
increasing in number.
Each breeding group
two males and one
female. Likewise, the
number of resident
wader species is also
are undisturbed on a
section of the Gulf of
Suez Coast.
Migrating birds of
the White Stork and
the Black Stork. Both
are endangered species.
March 15 CSA 73
Empowering Girls
Through Sport
By Hayam Essam
Sport has been an important part of
my life since I was a child. I played
basketball for twenty years and for
twenty years it was all I thought about. It
was the one thing I planned everything
else around. For me sport was never
about the competition or even about
the winning or losing. Sport was always
about the values that it represented and
the life lessons I learned from it, which
basically made me into who I am today.
When I quit playing basketball I tried
to think of ways that I could stay in the
field of sports but in a different capacity.
I wanted to use sport to give back and
to help others experience the same great
benefits that I did.
In 2013 I was selected to represent
Egypt in the “Global Sports Mentoring
Program”, which is an exchange program
sponsored by ESPN and the US
Department of State as part of an effort
to empower women and girls all over
the world through sport. “Girl Power”
was the action plan I presented in the
program. When I returned to Egypt I
was so inspired by my experience I was
determined to start implementing it.
It was a turning point in my life. I quit
my engineering job and decided that I
would dedicate all of my time to bring
this project to life. I’ve been incredibly
lucky to find dedicated volunteers who
74 March 15 CSA
have been willing to go through this
journey with me.
Girl Power is a community initiative
that uses sport as a tool for development,
social change and gender equality. The
initiative’s main target is underprivileged
girls, aged 9 to 14, who have never
previously played any kind of sport.
We reach out to the girls through our
partner NGOs. These NGOs are well
established in their local underserved
communities and willing to offer
our sports programs as part of their
activities. Girl Power is now working on
two projects: Mansheyet Nasser in Cairo
and Talbeya in Giza. We’re currently
serving four teams of girls with two
teams of volunteer coaches, all of whom
are former or current basketball players.
Girl Power’s objective is much bigger
than just sport; we are using sport as
a tool to reach other social goals. By
playing team sports the girls learn
valuable life and social skills that
will develop their personalities and
capabilities. Through sport we also try
to teach the girls nutrition and health
tips that will help them lead healthier
lives. Sport is a force for gender equality
that can breakdown gender stereotypes
and challenge traditional scripts for
females. It changes the way girls think
about themselves and about their roles
in society. Girls who play sports have
higher levels of self-confidence, selfesteem and psychological well-being.
It can help to prepare them to stand
up to the challenges they face in their
communities. Through sport girls learn
about achievement oriented behaviors,
which can expand their aspirations
and make them more likely to assume
roles of leadership in the future. Also,
through sports the girls learn about
sportsmanship, ethics and values which
will influence all aspects of their lives
and pass on to their friends and their
children in the future.
The importance of sport today goes
way beyond just improving physical,
mental and emotional health. Sport
provides a great socio-cultural learning
environment that can develop youth into
caring individuals who can contribute
to their communities’ development. It
has the power to advocate for unity and
peace in a way that nothing else does.
Unfortunately, the great potential of
sport’s positive force has not yet been
fully realized in Egypt. Girl Power is
determined to change that.
Hayam is an engineer by profession and
a basketball fanatic by passion. She is
determined to make a difference in the
lives of underprivileged girls through sport.
For more information about Girl Power
Egypt, check out their Facebook Page at
March 15 CSA 75
78 March 15 CSA
80 March 15 CSA
Keeping Children Connected
with Extended Family
By Jennifer Cole
Living abroad as an expat is no doubt an
adventure for both parents and children
who come along for the ride with the
world as their playground. However,
it can be difficult for children to stay
‘connected’ to their extended families
who they may only see from time to
time. Many children develop a strong
sense of identity and belonging from
their role in the family, so here are a few
ways to keep young children in touch
from abroad.
Take some photos of family members
with your child and display them
around your home or in their bedroom.
Create a photo book and regularly look
at the pictures reminding your child of
key family member’s names and stories
about them. It is also worthwhile to
create photo albums of special times
and memories, such as Christmas or a
family holiday, to keep them alive in the
mind of your young child so that when
you see family members next, they are
remembered. UK based websites such as
Snapfish or Photobox can help with this.
You can also make simple puppets
with the faces of grandparents, aunts
and uncles so that the children feel
familiar with them through role
play. For toddlers, place small family
82 March 15 CSA
pictures inside the spaces on wooden
puzzles. There is a great iPad app called
Storybots where you can upload photos
of your child and family members and
it will allow you to tell
an animated fun story
with the photos used
as characters or create
funny videos.
You can also take advantage
of friends or colleagues who
travel home throughout
the year to send some
post for you on
behalf of your
child. A child’s
Regularly send home postcards with
photos of your children’s milestones
using an app such as Touchnote. This
is a great way of including grandparents
in the life of your children. First smiles,
first day of school
or first ballet class
are some simple
the types of
moments that
Families don’t
need to miss out
on key events if
you transform
postcards, which
to put a smile on
the recipients face.
Touchnote cards can
be posted worldwide
without hassle and postage is
included in the price of the
artwork, footprints or a simple
letter is always appreciated
back home. Stock up on
postage stamps when you
are home next so that you
can easily hand over a piece
of thoughtful mail to be
delivered on your behalf.
replay before bedtime. If you are wary to
expose your child’s photos too publicly
on Facebook, you can alter privacy
settings to restrict who sees an album or
their pictures or try an app such as Tiny
Beans that allow you to share with just
close knit friends and family.
Take photos of your child’s
school reports or positive
notes home from their
teacher to email home to
proud grandparents so that
they can feel up to date
with your child’s progress
and development.
doesn’t have to mean
Technology can be
great to help keep in
touch when time
zones don’t clash! Try
FaceTime or Skype
to hold live web
chats or you can also
send voice notes and
short videos quickly
via Whats App. This
is especially good
when your child
can recite a small
nursery rhyme or
song. Ask your
family at home to
do the same and
your child will be
delighted to watch
a little video recorded
especially for them.
Ask an auntie or nana to
sing a lullaby or record
the telling of a story to
send to your child to
play and
It’s also important to create and maintain
shared traditions, especially around
special times of year such as birthdays
or Christmas. This helps forge a sense of
home and belonging and it is especially
nice for children if they can see the
tradition as being connected to their
family back home. In our family, every
time we return to the UK we have special
breakfast the following day with the
grandparents and a fish and chip supper
with an auntie and uncle. These little
rituals help to reconnect your family and
teach your child what to expect.
And finally, regularly write home or
create a private blog to share your news.
We send monthly updates which are
distributed to close family and friends
to help us stay in touch and help to
break the gap of long months apart.
Being abroad is a wonderful horizon
broadening experience and it’s even
better when family are able to visit and
share in the experience. With these little
tips, being apart can mean being closer
together. In our experience, it is quality
not quantity of time shared as a family
that helps to create a sense of belonging.
Jennifer is a teacher at a leading international
school in Cairo and has lived in Egypt since
August 2012. Prior to this, she has worked,
lived, studied or travelled in over 40
countries and 400 cities, including the
Middle East, Asia, Europe, North and
South America, Africa and Russia. She
lives in Cairo with her husband Sam
and their two young daughters.
March 15 CSA 83
Learning to play,
playing to learn…
In British education, the time in your child’s life between birth and age 5 is
called the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is a very important phase of your
child’s learning journey – it is the time when the key building blocks for future
development and success are laid. Your child’s early years experience should
be happy, active, exciting, fun and secure, and should support their development, care and individual learning needs. At MBIS, we are very proud to have
so many parents entrust their children to us in our Nursery (2-3 years) and our
Reception (4-5 years). Certainly, our Early Years provision is first class.
practice and consolidate learning, experiment, solve problems,
make decisions, take risks, develop independence and forge
relationships. High quality learning comes through a structured
balance between adult-led learning time and the opportunity
for children to explore their own ideas, use their imagination
and be creative. At MBIS, we aim to secure a balance of
one-third adult directed activities (focused tasks) and onethird child initiated activities. The remaining third of the time
is for child-initiated activities supported by an adult, providing
opportunities for ‘shared thinking’. Play activities take place
indoors in our spacious, well-equipped learning bases and in
our safe, exciting purpose-built outdoor areas.
At MBIS, we follow the UK Early Years Foundation Stage
Curriculum. The children learn skills, acquire new knowledge
and demonstrate their understanding through 7 areas of
learning and development.
Children mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are:
• Communication and language
• Physical development; and
• Personal, social and emotional development
These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s
healthy development and future learning.
As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop
skills in 4 specific areas. These are:
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Understanding the world; and
• Expressive arts and design
These 7 areas are used to plan a child’s learning within a
framework of clear, progressive objectives. The curriculum
is designed to be very flexible, enabling our caring staff to
ensure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique
interests and needs.
Kinesthetic learning is the predominant learning style at this
age, meaning play is central to your child’s development!
It is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively,
physically, socially and emotionally. Through play, children
Individualised learning rests upon Early Years professionals
truly knowing each and every child well, understanding the
progress made, identifying the ‘next steps’ and structuring
activities to support further achievement. At MBIS, our
excellent child-adult ratios support the development of very
close, warm personal bonds. Detailed daily observations
and records inform our ongoing provision. Every child has
a personal ‘Learning Journey’ file, which parents are invited
to share.
Regular dialogue is key to a shared understanding of ‘the
big picture’ - how your child is progressing at school and at
home. In addition to written reports and termly parent-teacher
consultations, an open-door policy actively encourages
parents to regularly share with us what their child has been
doing with them - what their child enjoys and does well, and
equally identify if support may be needed and what that
support should be.
Why do so many parents value our Early Years provision?
The answer is simple. They know that their child is safe,
secure, happy and making daily progress in a fun, engaging
and caring environment. MBIS offers an educational ‘oasis’
where young children learn to play and play to learn.
If you are looking for the best start in your child’s learning, do
come along to see us in action.
Richard White
Head Teacher
MBIS is very pleased to announce that the Early Years
Nursery Centre is now open from 8:15 to 2:30pm. For more
information about our Nursery and Reception classes,
please contact Nancy Girgis - Admissions Manager - at
[email protected]
March 15 CSA 87
his childhood due to something called
‘Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis’.
As I’m briefly lost in the romanticism
of the transformation of a crippled child
into a hunky wrestler with beefy biceps
and six-pack abs, shouting handsomely
from billboards across India, Sangy taps
me on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry”, he says with a sheepish
smile. “My ad shoot got delayed. The
agency guys could not find the right
shirt and we had to wait for the shops
to open. I’m really sorry”
By Riju Shrimali
I’ve been waiting in the lobby of Four
Seasons, Juhu, Mumbai, for over 2
hours now. When I started
my career as a sports
reporter, hotel
lobbies and exotic complimentary
“welcome juices” were incentive enough
to look past the erratic hours, low
pay and odd celebrity
tantrum, but not
Now as a senior reporter, it is not often
that I still venture out to interview an
athlete, but this interview is extremely
important for the newspaper. So, two
cappuccinos and a deliciously sparkling
“welcome” hibiscus juice later, I sit and
wait. My stomach rumbles, but because
I loathe five star lunches, I continue to
sit in ever increasing agony. How dare
this pampered athlete make me waste
my time.
Every second my eyes dart towards
the reception. I want to make sure
that my athlete does not slip past
me to his suite because some of
them do. Especially the ones who
think they have earned enough
laurels that they could now
safely do away with the crutch
of good public relations and
media management. After all,
my athlete has won a bronze
in the Olympics, gold in
the Commonwealth Games
and many more silvers in
tournaments across the world.
What’s another interview by a
reporter of no repute?
It is not easy for a wrestler in
India to conquer the imagination
of the masses. That has been
reserved for cricketers for generations
now. But this wrestler, Sangy Singh, has
managed what was hitherto believed to
be impossible. He has been voted the
most influential Indian sportsperson
of the year. And all this after he was
confined to a wheel chair for almost
88 March 15 CSA
We shook hands and he sat across
me. “I shall make up for the delay by
taking you out to lunch at my aunt’s
house. Authentic Punjabi food! I hope
you have some time”, he added. His
simplicity made me feel apologetic for
confusing him with celebrities who
make a fashion out of being late. I am
instinctively overtaken by a patronizing
mood and before I could think, words
slip out. “So Sangy, tell me something
about your fight out of your handicap?”
Sangy started his story, with the same
simplicity and matter-of-fact tone with
which he had spontaneously invited me
for lunch.
“I owe my transformation to a woman.
Some people believe that she was sort of
clairvoyant. She was the wife of the most
respected wresting teacher in my village.
My parents, though they were not very
educated, were rooted in reasons. They
thought it was superstition and did
not encourage me or my siblings in
any conversation about supernatural
powers. Anyway, my grandfather and
my great grandfather were wrestlers,
so you could say that I inherited the
passion and talked about it ever since I
learnt to see and feel the world. But I
was confined to a wheel chair. You see,
this arthritis hit me when I was about 6
months old. In this disease the immune
system of the body reacts against the
body itself…or something like that. My
knuckles and joints were swollen and I
could not even lift a pen”.
Here Sangy took a pause to sip his
own complimentary hibiscus juice,
which had arrived moments before.
The staff informed him that some kids,
across the table wanted his autograph.
He enthusiastically obliged before
continuing with his story.
“Anyway, by 6 years of age, my parents
had tried all the doctors that they
could afford and experimented with
whatever herbs neighbors, relatives or
quacks recommended but there was
not an iota of improvement. In the first
few days of any new medicine, there
would be a sense of hope in the air,
even euphoria, only to be replaced by
gloom and helplessness soon thereafter.
While this cycle went on, my older
sister religiously wheeled me to the
wrestling training center run by Pandit
Vaijanath, whose wife I mentioned was
thought to be a clairvoyant. I observed
potential wrestlers. Some of them
were kids my age. I was transfixed on
them. Impossible dreams choked me
as I watched on. Not an inch of my
paralyzed nerves felt a tingle, save my
heart which almost burst with vacuum.
Yet, I went everyday with my sister to
ride this roller coaster of emotions.
One day, Mrs. Vaijanath called me in
her house. She offered us some yoghurt
drink and spread a sketching sheet on
the floor she had made. In the sketch,
there was me, in a wrestling arena, about
to win perhaps, because it showed my
siblings in celebratory gestures. Tears
trickled down me and I urged my sister
to take me home. I vowed not to return
but the next evening, my sister again
wheeled me to the training spot. Mrs.
Vaijanath again invited me in. This time
she showed me a painting, as realistic as
a photograph, of me in a wresting arena,
my hands raised. She told me that her
husband had agreed to take me in his
tutelage and that I should be there the
next morning before sunrise. Much
against my father’s objection, my sister
wheeled me out of our house before
sunrise, ignoring the fog which was
apparently harmful. Pandit Vaijanath
started the exercises.”
Sangy paused again for some water. I sat
with rapt attention, like a kid watching
Harry Potter fight the dementors.
Sangy started again. “Since every other
attempt had failed, my parents gave up
objecting to the exercise regimen started
by Pandit Vaijanath, though thankfully
they did not entertain any hope either.
Within 6-8 months I was out of the
wheelchair, but I was too frail to wrestle.
Younger kids against whom I was pitted,
made fun of my lean, spindly limbs. I felt
like giving up the battle but whenever a
doubt threatened me, Mrs. Vaijanath,
the clairvoyant and painter, painted me,
without any handicap or deformity, in
a wrestling arena. Once the painting
was made, I was able to envision that
scene as a reality. It haunted my dreams
and waking hours until I restarted the
battle. At 15, after winning the village
wrestling championship, I went to
Delhi to represent my state and here I
am now…”
Sangy had a mischievous smile when he
finished the story. “Aren’t you curious
about this clairvoyant?” he asked me.
“Wouldn’t you like to interview her?”
“Well, why not! I’m surprised that she
has escaped media attention”, I said, not
sure whether it was a good idea.
Sangy laughed. “Well, she was no
clairvoyant. By the time my training
was complete, I had special bond, as you
can imagine, with the Vaijanath couple.
But Mrs. Vaijanath was no clairvoyant.
The whole sketching business was just
a last resort conspired by my sister and
her to urge me to move and work on my
dreams! I think, women are blessed with
faith, which goes beyond reason…”.
He seemed to be at loss of words. “I
think my story is less about words. It is
about believing… Yes, about believing
in the impossible which comes so
naturally to some women.”
We proceeded then for an authentic
Punjabi lunch.
Riju was a consumer research director in
Indian Market Research Bureau, Delhi.
After moving to Egypt, she has been a
homemaker and devotes spare time in
learning about cognitive sciences and
child development.
March 15 CSA 89
A Cognitive
Amazing Women
Hello. Hola.
I am Amirah
I was born in the Sunshine State
(Florida, USA) to a Cuban mother
and Egyptian father and lived
for over 4 years in Egypt. This
multicultural mix has provided me
with a great interest in international
affairs, culture, and people.
Therefore, I am very curious about
the world and curiosity undoubtedly
leads to questions. In the process of
nourishing my curiosity, I hope to
offer you with some insight into
your own lives… Let’s go on a
cognitive adventure together!
There are many important women
in the world. Many of them are
mothers, sisters, and daughters whose
contributions often go unrecognized.
Yet every woman is capable of great
things. In recognition of International
Women’s Day on March 8 it only seems
fitting that we explore some women
from around the world who clearly
demonstrated that not only does a
woman have the ability to “touch the
sky” but that even “the sky is not the
Who was Amelia Earhart?
90 March 15 CSA
Amelia Earhart was the first woman
to fly across the Atlantic Ocean by
plane in 1928. She is also known by
her mysterious disappearance while
flying in 1937 over the Pacific Ocean.
Nevertheless, Amelia is an important
icon not only among women but in
aviation history as well.
Amelia Earhart was born on July 24
in Kansas, United States in 1897. Her
upbringing was challenging because
her father was unable to consistently
provide for the family which in turn
caused Amelia to move around a lot.
In 1920 she went to California to visit
her parents and while there happened
to take a plane ride at a Long Beach
air show. It changed her life. Amelia
became obsessed with airplanes and
engrossed herself in learning how to fly.
She began working many jobs in order
to afford lessons from a pioneer female
aviator named Anita Snook. Eventually,
Amelia bought a second-hand Kinner
Airster biplane that was painted
yellow to which she nicknamed “The
Canary”. She broke the world altitude
record for female pilots at 14,000 feet
in October of 1922. She also became
the 16th woman to be given a pilot’s
license by the world governing body
for aeronautics called the Federation
Aeronautique in May of 1923. Finally,
it was in 1932 on May 20, that Amelia
Earhart made her mark; she took off
from Harbour Grace, Newfoundland
across that Atlantic to Londonderry,
Northern Ireland where she landed.
This voyage made her the first woman
to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
Who is
Tereshkova was the first woman ever
to go into space, marking an incredible
moment not only in space history but
in women’s history too.
Valentina Tereshkova was born in
Maslennikovo, a village in northeast
Moscow, Russia on March 6, 1937.
Despite her significant role in
International Women’s history as
being the first woman ever in space,
it is interesting to note Valentina’s
background. She didn’t start school until
a late age of 8 and had to leave school
just 8 years after that where she then
became an apprentice at a tire factory.
She then joined her mother and worked
in a cotton mill. It was during her time
at the mill’s Young Communist League
that she was introduced to the Yaroslav
Air Sports Club and developed a passion
for parachute jumping. Valentina’s 126
parachute jumps in the Yaroslavl Air
Sports Club granted her acceptance into
the Soviet Space Program. In the Soviet
Space Program Valentina received a year
and a half of training until she was chosen
to pilot Vostok 6 in 1963. In Vostok 6
she spent almost 3 days in space, orbiting
the Earth 48 times. Adding to her
accomplishment of being the first women
in space, Valentina received numerous
medals including the United Nations
Gold Medal of Peace for fulfilling the role
of being a spokesperson for the Soviet
Union. After her first and only flight into
space, Valentina spent most of her time
promoting Soviet science as well as being
involved in Soviet politics.
March 15 CSA 91
CSA Community Center
Talk Like An
My name is Jeje (Jehan) Ashry and I am the CSA
Language School Supervisor.
Good morning
(response is)
sabah el kheer
(sabah el nor)
Good evening
(response is)
masa’ el kheer
(masa’ el nor)
Good night
lila sa3eeda
Have a nice trip
rehla sa3eeda
Enjoy your meal
bil hana wil shefa
Good luck
haz sa3eed
Expressing Appreciation
I like the…
baheb el…
Have you ever asked an Egyptian for something and received the reply ‘Men
3eyni’, while he/she points to their eye with their finger? ‘Men 3eyni’ literally
means ‘from my eyes’, but the expression means “with pleasure”.
I miss you
See you later
ashofak 3ala
alf mabrouk
Get well soon
Welcome back
hamdelah 3ala
God bless you
rabena yebareklak
You look so nice
shaklek gameel
Happy birthday
eed melad sa3eed
Nice to meet you
farsa sa3eeda
Thank you,
shokran, habibi
I have spent 13 years teaching Arabic to English
speakers. I love learning and have discovered
that it is contagious. I have been privileged to
meet people from all over the world who have
broadened my thinking and in turn, I do my best
to educate them, not only about my language, but
also about my country, its culture and its people.
In Arab culture there are two ways to pray. One is the physical prayer which
we call ‘salat’. The other is verbal prayer which we call ‘duaa’. In our daily
conversations we use duaa as a way to express our appreciations. Duaa is used
by Muslims, Christians, and non-religious people alike. So, for example, if
someone does something good for you by using their hands, you will reply
‘teslam eedak’, which means ‘bless your hands’. Similarly when someone says
something that you consider good and fair, you should say to them ‘yeslam
bo’ak’, which means ‘bless your mouth’.
Finally if you receive the compliment, ‘enti gamela’, which means “you are
pretty”, you should reply ‘3eynak illi gameela’, which means ‘your eyes are
pretty and they see everything pretty’
For more information about Arabic (or other) Language Classes at
the CSA Language School please contact our front desk or email
[email protected]
92 March 15 CSA
When you see a ‘3’ written, this symbolizes the a
strong “A” sound, where you compress your throat
and exhale strongly.
March 15 CSA 93
March Trivia
Maadi Mum & Baby Group
It’s time to test your knowledge of some of the world’s most influential women, past and present.
1.Cleopatra was reputed to be fluent in how many languages?
6.At 17 years of age, Malala Yousafzi, a Pakistani activist for
female education, was the youngest ever winner of what
prestigious award?
2.This female scientist did pioneering research in the area
of radioactivity and was the first woman to win a Nobel
7.Of these pop music heavyweights, which has sold the
most records over their career? A) Whitney Houston, B)
Madonna, C) Celine Dion or D) Mariah Carey?
3.In 1937, what female American pilot vanished in her
attempt to fly around the world?
8.This author was made to change her initials to J.K.
because publishers felt little boys wouldn’t read a book
about wizards if it was written by a woman.
4.In which event was Romanian gymnast, Nadia Comaneci,
first awarded a perfect score of 10 (the first ever awarded
in competition) during the 1976 Summer Olympics in
9.In 2014, of the world’s 1645 billionaires, how many were
women? A) 19, B) 84, C) 172 or D) 501
5.This tennis great won 18 Grand Slam singles titles, 31
major doubles titles and 10 major mixed doubles titles in
a career that spanned 1973-2006.
10.Which European country has had the most female
presidents in its history?
Place numbers from 1-9 in each empty box so each column, row, and bold box contain numbers 1-9
Answers from February
94 March 15 CSA
Answer to Trivia
1. 9
7. Madonna (more than
300 million records sold
2. Marie Curie
8. J.K. Rowling, author of
Harry Potter series
3. Amelia Earhart
4. The uneven bars
9. 172 (up from 138 in
5. Martina Navratilova
6. Nobel Peace Prize
10. Switzerland – 6 (with
one being elected twice,
Micheline Calmy-Rey)
In addition the obvious joy and elation that comes with a new baby, most mothers
experience a degree of anxiety surrounding a pregnancy and birth. For me, as an
expatriate living in Cairo, my anxiety stemmed from two sources: access to baby
supplies and access to community. The former was easily resolved with a trip home
to the US and a ridiculous amount of excess baggage. The latter however was more
complicated. After one of my first doctor visits in Egypt, my husband and I went
to the Maadi British club for lunch in order to contemplate our happy news as
well as discuss my anxiety over our isolation from friends and family. Serendipity
intervened as there were two other mothers who just happened to be lunching at
the restaurant. We started talking and they allayed many of my fears about giving
birth and raising a child in Cairo. These ladies also recommended a Facebook
group that has been of invaluable assistance. The Maadi Mum and Baby Group
organizes community activities and also provides an important forum for mothers
and expectant mothers to meet, interact, and receive advice and support. The
forum explicitly bans advertising of goods and services in a commercial capacity
yet, as expatriates relocate often and kids obviously outgrow necessary items, moms
can interact with each other individually to purchase or sell used baby items. The
Maadi Mum and Baby Group can be found at https://www.facebook.com/
groups/maadimumandbaby/ and the activities listed below are organized by the
hardworking moderators of the group:
Mum &
Julie C. Herrick is a freelance
writer and editor. She and her
husband have lived in Cairo
for ten years and welcomed
their first son in July 2014.
She helps to run the weekly
Mum & Baby Group at CSA.
Group is held at the CSA in
Maadi Monday’s from 10.30am
to 12.30pm. The group is for
babies up to one year old. There
is a 30 LE charge per mom
attending for the play room. The Baby and Toddler Group is held at the Maadi
British Club on Saturdays at 10.00am and Sundays
starting at 2.00pm. Dad’s are welcome to join in
the festivities. If you are a member of BCA then the
baby group is free. Non-members are charged 30 LE
for Saturday and 20 LE for Sunday. Non-members are
required to provide a passport or photo ID and Egyptian
nationals are required to call 24 hours in advance with identification and details.
The Maadi BCA is located at No. 18 Port Said Street The Maadi Mum and Baby Group also
organizes Bounce and Rhyme classes on
Thursday’s at 10.00am for children of one year
or older. These classes are held at the personal
residences of the group members and details
concerning the locale are posted weekly. The
classes involve music, singing, and general fun
for mom and baby.
The group also hosts a breakfast meeting every other Wednesday at 10.00am. These meetings are held at the restaurant Zentro located at Villa 7, Road 206,
Hopefully readers of this column can join us for one of the many events discussed
above. There is no reason for Cairo expat moms to feel alone as the Mum and Baby
Group does a wonderful job of creating a sense of community for moms who, let’s
face it, can always use a bit of extra support.
The Mum & Baby Group meets on Mondays at 10.30am at CSA. Please check
their Facebook group for updates and information: maadimumandbaby.
March 15 CSA 95
Entertainment & Recreation
The Four
Corners of India
By Lyric Unger Bowditch and Eden Unger
Wait…we just need one more bite
before we can begin to write…perhaps
just one more…
A great lament for many lovers of Indian
cuisine is that there has been precious
little in Maadi. Or, perhaps, we just
need to know where to find it.
Begum is, in fact, not that easy to
find. But what attention they spare
in promotional campaigns and fancy
signs is lavished on the food that they
serve. It is simply superb. There is not
a curry restaurant in London that can
out-class Begum’s fare. “We are a nofrills restaurant,” claims proprietor PJ
Begum’s breads are fresh from the oven,
their fritters and samosas are rich in
flavor, yet light and crisp. Favorites
include their saag paneer; fresh spinach,
which is, as PJ contends, ‘an extension
of India’) including rabri, a slow-cooked
sweet milk dessert.
PJ (at the time a multi-national marketing
executive) and his wife, Dalal (then a
mall administrator) met in Dubai. For
PJ, “It was instant romance.” In his 18
years living there, PJ traveled to over 40
countries. He found it challenging to
find even simple Indian dishes, like daal
or roti, that were done well. Three years
after moving to Cairo, the two ‘’foodies”
decided to ‘retire’ and open a restaurant.
They opened Nawab (named after a
provincial governor) in Zamalek in 2009
and Begum (the female version) in Maadi
in 2012. PJ and Dalal hand-select their
chefs from India, (mostly from Mumbai)
after an evaluation of their talents in the
kitchen. Presently, they have five between
the two restaurants.
DESI-Chinese: Chinese International
According to PJ, in the 1950’s a large
influx of Chinese immigrants in
Calcutta began to tailor their offerings
to the tastes of India. From there,
Chinese immigrants began doing the
same as they moved to other places,
reinventing their cuisine and going on
to create American Chinese and other
regional neo-Chinese food. Today,
many restaurants in India offer Chinese
menus along with their Indian menus.
Begum provides this offering, too.
During the week, Begum offers a variety
of ‘quick bites’, a delicious and healthy
‘fast’ food to be ordered for lunch from
1.00pm-3.00pm. Orders can be placed
for one-time delivery or to be sent daily
(free delivery with 2 or more orders
from the same office).
Specialties of the House
delicately creamed with wedges of soft
cheese and spices, and vegetarian kofta.
The vegetarian kofta is served in a tangy
sauce that is spiced to perfection - strong
cumin but not too strong as to cover
the other spices. They offer items found
only in India (and perhaps Dubai,
Four Corners of India
Every Friday Begum offers brunch
starting at 12.30pm. PJ and Dalal
are determined to prepare the
most selections from all over India.
This brunch demonstrates that
determination. If you look at a map,
you can see that India is 2800 km from
New Delhi to southern Tamil regions
(farther than Estonia to France, or
Moscow to Venice.) The languages in
those two regions don’t even share an
alphabet. You can imagine, with such
great distances, how the food can vary.
Begum diners will have the opportunity
to sample authentic ‘street food’ from
northern and southern India, Calcutta,
and Mumbai (Bombay).
Begum’s catering is their biggest
demand. They can provide fare for a
party of any size. If you are entertaining
in your own house or other third-party
venue (no maximum people) or prefer
to have a special buffet set up at the
restaurant (a minimum of 8 people),
Begum can meet your needs.
Begum is located at 34,
Rd 276, New Maadi, Tel:
Lyric is in 11th grade (year 12) at Cairo
American College. She is an avid writer
and eater. Eden is also an avid eater, as well
as an author (www.younginventorsguild.
com). She teaches at The American
University in Cairo. They have lived with
their family in Cairo since 2006.
March 15 CSA 97
Lettuce Wrap Lentil-Walnut Meat Tacos
For The Lentil-Walnut Meat (Makes 3 Cups), Vegan, gluten-free, soy-free
in a Foreign Land
By Cynthia Huijgens
Living in a foreign land can be a daunting
experience for any person accustomed
to one-stop shopping to satisfy their
culinary wants and dietary needs. For the
vegan it can be down right frustrating.
Instead of reaching for grocery store
staples such as Earth Balance (a delicious
dairy-free butter substitute) or Tofutti
(“better than cream cheese” spread made
from tofu), or grabbing a mouthwatering
“I can’t believe it’s not meat” burger and
fries from the fast-food restaurant Habit
(which believe it or not may soon be
coming to Egypt), we vegans have to get
creative and make our own Vegannaise
(yep, you guessed it, vegan mayonnaise,
made without egg or dairy). It often
seems unfair that carnivores have so
many choices and vegans so few, when
the health benefits of a diet lower in
or absent of meat and dairy products
can lower cholesterol and reduce the
risk of heart disease and obesity-related
illnesses. Plus, eating a vegan diet which means lots of fresh vegetables and
fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, prepared
in delicious and creative ways - can also
lead to a leaner body with less fat.
I eat a vegan diet, but I don’t necessarily
live a vegan lifestyle. There’s a difference.
I still wear leather, and last month my
Grandmother passed away leaving me a
fur coat, which I would definitely wear
given the right conditions. I chose a
vegan diet for two reasons. The first: ten
years of high cholesterol was putting me
98 March 15 CSA
at high risk for future heart disease and
my doctor insisted statin medications
would be needed. I had resisted this
conversation for a long time as members
of my family had difficulty with various
drugs and I didn’t want to go through
the same pain. Rather than take statins,
I thought changes to my diet, such
as eliminating meat, could shift my
cholesterol numbers. Secondly, I had
been suffering chronic sinusitis for a very
long time. My doctor and I discussed
dairy as a possible contributing factor
and decided to try eliminating it from
my diet. Boom, boom! Meat went first
and two months later dairy followed.
In a span of two months I had successfully
redesigned my eating regime, and to be
honest, it wasn’t altogether painless. I
had to read labels ALL THE TIME. As
a result of this exercise, which I found
frustrating not only because of the time
involved, but because of all the hidden
ingredients, I decided not to eat any
industrially produced processed, “faux”
cheese or meat, opting instead to make
things myself. To this day I rarely eat
things out of a box or bag, with the
exception of potato chips or crackers,
nuts, seeds, certain natural protein bars
and very special cookies. I make and I
bake. Through it all, the internet has
become my best friend. There are SO
many excellent bloggers and gracious
home cooks out there who want to share
their own journey to healthy eating. I
search, find, refine, make mine. There
are a lot of recipes out there made of
easy to find ingredients, even for Egypt,
with easy to follow instructions that
yield delicious results.
The best thing about eating vegan is
the way your body feels. I have more
energy than before, less stomach bloat,
I never suffer constipation, and my
body is lean. Best of all, my sinusitis is
gone and my cholesterol is in a healthy
range. Recent blood work-up showed I
was a little deficient in some minerals,
so I started taking a multivitamin, but
I’m in my fifties now, so that’s not out
of the norm. Eating vegan has made a
big difference for me, and even though
the rest of my family still enjoys meat,
they’ve made a shift to enjoying strictly
vegan meals periodically throughout
the week and on holidays too. And
when people come to my house for
dinner, which happens often, they eat
vegan sometimes without even realizing
it. So far I haven’t had any complaints.
I know cooking and baking vegan food
often intimidates people, but before
you rule it out, you should give it a try.
On the next page is one of my favourite
warm weather meal recipes: Lettuce
Wrap Lentil-Walnut Tacos with Cashew
Sour Cream. I hope you will enjoy it.
CSA is hosting Vegan Baking with
Cynthia Huijgens on Monday,
March 30 from 10.00am1.00pm. Contact our Programs
Department to register.
• 1 cup uncooked lentils (you will
need 1 ¾ cups cooked lentils)
• 1 cup walnut pieces, toasted
• 1 ½ teaspoons dried oregano
• 1 ½ teaspoons ground cumin
• 1 ½ teaspoons chili powder
• ½ teaspoon fine grain sea salt, or to
• 1 ½ tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
• 2 tablespoons water
1.Cook the lentils: Rinse lentils in a
fine mesh sieve. Add to a medium
pot with water according to package
and cook per package instructions.
Drain off excess water.
2.Toast the walnuts: Preheat oven to
300F. Add walnuts onto a rimmed
baking sheet and toast for 10-13
minutes, watching closely, until
lightly golden and fragrant. Set aside
to cool for a few minutes.
3.Prepare the taco meat: Add 1 ¾ cups
cooked lentils (you’ll have some
leftover) and all the toasted walnuts
into a food processor and pulse until
chopped (don’t over process, make
sure to leave some texture). Stir or
pulse in the oregano, cumin, chili
powder, and salt. Stir in the oil and
the water until combined.
For the toppings:
• 1-2 bell peppers, thinly sliced
• 1 large onion, thinly sliced
• Cashew Sour Cream (see recipe that
• Diced tomatoes or Pico de Gallo or
• Lettuce wraps (large romaine or
Butter lettuce leaves work best)
• Other topping options: Sliced
avocado, cilantro, Green onion &
fresh limes
1.Slice the bell pepper and onion and
sauté in 1-tablespoon oil in a large
skillet or wok. Cook the onion
and peppers over medium heat for
about 15 minutes, reducing heat if
necessary and stirring frequently,
until translucent.
2.Prepare the rest of your vegetable
toppings and wash and dry the
lettuce wraps.
3.To Assemble: Place a large lettuce
leaf onto each plate, top with large
spoon full of taco meat, lay on some
sautéed peppers + onions, and the
rest of your toppings as desired.
Don’t forget the Cashew Sour
Cream! Tuck in.
Cashew Sour Cream
Vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, no bake/raw, oil-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free
• 1 cup raw cashews
• ½ - ¾ cup water, as needed
• 2 tsp fresh lemon juice
• 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
• ¼ - ½ tsp fine grain sea salt, to taste
• Chives (optional)
1.Place cashews in a Mason jar and fill
with enough water to cover cashews.
Soak for a minimum of 4 hours,
preferably overnight or 8 hours of
you have time.
2.Drain and rinse the cashews and
place in a blender.
3.Add water, lemon juice, cider
vinegar and salt. Blend on high
until smooth, stopping and scraping
down contents from time to time.
Add a touch more water if needed
to get a smooth consistency.
4.Once sour cream is super smooth,
its ready. Transfer to a small airtight
container, add chives if desired, and
refrigerate. The cream will thicken
up as it sits. Serve when ready.
Recipes adapted from Oh She Glows Community Recipes by Angela Liddon http://theglowspot.com/recipes
Cynthia Huijgens is a southern California native. She came to Egypt four years ago with her husband, Rutger. When Cynthia is not
travelling, writing, painting and visiting museums, she is hosting dinners and tampering with recipes, making new vegan creations
from traditional meat and dairy standbys.
March 15 CSA 99
Community Announcements
We have both Men’s and Women’s teams to join or bring your own! We have a
children’s playground as well as food and beverages available. Games are in the
evenings and on Fridays. For more information please contact: Ways and Means
Mgr Suzy Werner at [email protected] or Chairmen Monte Davis at
[email protected] or Rodney Stephens at [email protected]
Organized road rides occur every Friday at 6:30 AM leaving from the front gate
of CAC. A typical road ride will consist of 5 to 15 riders and cover distances of
40 to more than 100 km. Skill level is divided to three groups CCC1, CCC2
and CCC3, each of them teaming up for the ride, and all groups meeting
together at the finish line in CSA for refreshments. Extraordinary rides are
organized a few times a year. Visit us in http://cairocyclists.wordpress.com.
We meet every Friday afternoons for fun interesting runs and walks in the
desert areas around the city. A typical run is 9 kilometers in length with a 4
kilometer walk for the more sensible. Physical fitness is not essential but a
sense of humor is mandatory. CH3 is family oriented club, leashed dogs and
even children are welcome. You can catch a ride from our meeting point is in
front of the ACE club in Midan Victoria. For more information call Lurpak
on 01092442570, email [email protected] or visit www.cairohash.com.
Men’s and Ladies training, Tuesdays 7.00pm-9.00pm, Maadi Olympic Sports
Village. Juniors training, Thursdays 6.00pm-7.00pm, Victory College playing
fields. Beginners and experienced players welcome. Contact Juniors rep: Paul
01223794779 or Seniors rep: Mathias 01274930208. Visit: www.cairorugby.com
Maadi Runners meet for long runs early Friday mornings in front of the CAC
main gate. Runners of all abilities are welcome. For more details contact
Mohsen Alashmoni at [email protected]
Race is a club which promotes the building and racing of radio controlled
cars. Races are held twice a month at Victory Field on an outdoor track. For
more information call John Klingler at 01001690402 or send him an email at
[email protected] or check the website, www.racegypt.org
Coffee mornings, cocktail evenings, special events and day tours. For more
information please contact Sarah at [email protected]
Ours is a socio-cultural, non-profit organization of ladies representing Asia,
Africa and Egypt. It is also a socio-civic association aimed at giving aid and is
involved in charity. For more information please contact Sarra 01001267671,
Mahsit 0111104659.
Autism rates have been rising throughout the world in recent years. In the
US, the current Autism ratio is 1:91 in children. Many Egyptian societies
are there to offer support to autistic children and their families. If you have
an autistic child and would like to talk about it contact Reem Samy 01006369473 or email [email protected]
Our monthly coffees are held every 3rd Sunday morning of each month at
the following address: 33 road 15 in Maadi. We also have coffees morning
in Katameya. For any information, you can contact Caire Accueil president:
Carole Brena, mobile: 01095049061, email: [email protected] or
visit our website www.caireaccueil.com
Cairo Chinese Speaking Women’s Association
Cairo Chinese Speaking Women’s Association is an energetic and dynamic
group committed to promoting Chinese cultural awareness and appreciation
through community services, charities and cultural activities such as Chinese
language courses, Chinese cooking class, martial arts, mahjong, business
networking and organize cultural exchange tour to China. For more
information Tel: 01206202999, Email:[email protected]
Cineclub of Egyptian films with English subtitles at the Netherlands-Flemish
Institute of Cairo (NVIC), Zamalek. Weekly lectures on Thursdays at
6.00pm and film evenings on Sundays at 7.00pm. Free Entrance. Visit:
of each month in the garden of the house. Multiple cultural activities and
entertainments (body workout, English conversation) proposed to all
nationalities speaking French. Please contact UFE secretariat: 01062104334 /
[email protected] or website: www.ufe.org
Meets every Wednesday. Contact Ans ‘Noordermeer’ [email protected]
or call 01061492247
invites all Indonesian speaking ladies to attend our monthly meeting on
the second Monday of each month. For more information, contact Kum
Italians in Egypt host a monthly coffee morning every Sunday. For more
information please contact: Faiza Frigido 01222163463 or email [email protected]
giegypt.net or visit www.giegypt.net
Attention all current and one-time string players! Dust down that violin,
polish up your cello, dig out your viola and come and join us in musicmaking. We are a group of adult and student players who meet weekly at
CAC and are keen to welcome new members. We have a varied repertoire
from classical to modern. For more information, please contact Jenny Jeong at
[email protected] or Judy Tansca at [email protected]
We meet every second Tuesday of the month, please join us for Coffee and
Refreshments and learn about our Activities and Special Events. For more
information please email [email protected]
Wednesdays 10.00am-12.00pm (0-11 months) Cost: $5 at the door. Mum &
Baby Group is a great way to meet other mothers who are going, or have been
through, the same experiences as you. Use this time to chat, ask questions,
play with your baby and interact with others. This is not a childcare facility, so
babies must be accompanied by a parent at all times. Expectant mothers are
welcome to join. Join our Facebook group maadimumandbaby.
Do you have a problem with food? Are your problems with eating too much (or
too little) affecting your life? Maybe Overeaters Anonymous can help. For more
information, contact OA Cairo at [email protected] or go to www.oa.org. Meetings occur most Fridays from 12pm to 1pm in Room 204 at the CSA
(above reception and below the gym - through the door labeled Accounting).
ourselves. Our purpose in gathering is for our own spiritual growth but we
come together to assist each other in our journey. For more information
contact Leslie at [email protected]
WOW are a diverse group of women with one thing in common ... A strong
interest in new people and unique experiences! Join us at our Coffee Morning
Meetings. We usually meet on the 4th Wednesday at the Maadi House
(September-April). For more information, email us at [email protected]
Join The Fun! Expand Your World!
AA & AI Anon meeting schedule: Saturday & Sunday, 8.00pm at St. Joseph’s
Church in Zamalek in between St. Hassan Sabry and Shagaret El Zor, near
Pub 28. Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 8.00pm, Tuesday 7.30pm at Kasr
El Maadi Hospital, Corniche El Maadi (near Alfa Market beside Radio Shack
on 3rd Floor). For more information, contact Magdi at 01222133926, email
[email protected] Or Mo Tycoon at 01004884902, email [email protected]
hotmail.com, www.aaegypt.com
African Hope Learning Centre
An English Speaking school for Refugees in Maadi needs help with
volunteers. All sorts of possibilities from tutoring to running special programs
to mentoring teachers or fundraising. No previous experience necessary- just
a willingness to help. Please contact Alessandra on 01068745272 or Jonathan
on 01007582391. More information on our website- www.africanhopelc.com
We are a local NGO that helps empower Egyptian youth to impact their
communities through inter-cultural exchange and education. We are in need
of native foreign language speakers volunteers. For further information please
visit the website http://www.bwngo.org/ or email [email protected]
Our center provides free counseling and rehabilitative services to drug
addicts through the assistance of a dedicated professional team. If anyone is
interested in volunteering or is qualified professionally in drug addiction/
rehabilitation issues and would like to offer their services, visit our website
www.caritasegypt.org or email us at [email protected]
Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month. For details please
contact Cecibel Elshaer on 01227483993 or Rosa America on 0100- 1071181
or visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ CDHHCairo2011Y2012
Egyptian Advance Society for Persons with Autism
and Other Disabilities
The Egyptian Advance Society for Persons with Autism and Other Disabilities,
is looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help in the daily program, the Saturday
Recreational Club, and a variety of areas for our Autism Awareness Month
activities and events. We also need volunteers who enjoy being creative and
working with the public. Maadi Address: 329 Road 262 cross with 277, New
Maadi Cairo, Egypt. New Cairo Address: Ahmed Ismail St, 14 Avenue, 5th
District, El Narges, New Cairo. Tel & Fax: (+202) 25177471 or 2 or 3, email:
[email protected], www.advance-society.org
It has been functioning in Cairo since 1976. The monthly meetings take place
on the second Wednesday of every month. All women who are Indians/Indian
origin/married to Indians are invited to join this very special organization. To
get in touch with us please send an email to our group site [email protected]
googlegroups.com or call our President Urvashi Mehta at 01225413434 or
our treasurer Renuka at 01003309229
The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization - This is a non profit, charitable,
animal organization rescuing indigenous native spotted Mau cats, and
offering these for local and international adoptions. Please help through
adoption, donations, sponsorship or volunteering of time. EMRO Office &
Veterinary Clinic - Villa 11, El Togarayeen City, El Mokattam, Cairo. Tel:
25076946 or 01507157525 www.emaurescue.org - [email protected]
The Tree Lovers Association is an environmental NGO focusing on nature
conservation and propagation. Founded by Mustapha and Saffiya Moyine El
Arab in May 1973 with a group of dedicated residents from the green suburb
of Maadi, they initiated several programmes and projects, and developed
guidelines and codes of conduct on how to interact with the environment.
For more information about the group or to join one of their walks email
Samia Zeitoun: [email protected]
The wards for the poorest of the poor have beds for 80 children from all
over Egypt who look forward to our visits. We offer them time, comfort,
encouragement, and gifts we can provide. Items needed for donations are
coloring books, crayons, notebooks & pens, flight bags, playing cards,
baseball caps, stuffed animals, bubbles, small trucks or cars, dolls, or anything
that is appropriate for children from 1-18 years of age. Please contact Susie
01222105835 or 2358-5627.
Toastmasters can help you improve your public speaking and leadership skills.
You can work on anything from the fear of speaking in public to using a more
interesting vocabulary and smiling at the audience. For more information
about the Cairo Toastmasters Club visit www.cairotoastmasters.com or call
Abdelrahman Magdi on 0114-1322003 or Mohamed Zamzam on 01005249195 / [email protected]
Our organization helps the numerous child rubbish collectors we often
see sifting through Cairo’s streets. There is an economic pressure on these
children to work rather than to attend school regularly. We are looking for
volunteers to teach or to prepare food and also for donations of any kind. For
more information please contact Dr Luciano Verdoscia 01227782305, email
[email protected]
email: [email protected], tel: Tania: 01277701756
Meets every month, open to all Nationalities (Turkish Speaking). For more
information please contact Nidal El Beheiry at [email protected]
Open to all Finnish-speaking expatriates in Egypt. For more information,
please go to www.finnsinegypt.org
Welcome all English speaking women. For information a schedule of events
please contact the WA Center at 11 Yehia Ibrahim St., Zamalek, Cairo Tele:
27364187, mobile 01006319888. Or email [email protected]
Information for partners of foreign nationality. I.A.F. supplies information
for women who wish to marry or are married to Egyptian men. I.A.F. answers
questions on family rights, visas, working permits, marriage contracts and
marriage, safety for children and immigration, hate and racism, women and
sexual discrimination etc. Address: 2-4 Ludolfusstrasse 60487 Frankfurt a.M.
Germany Telphone: 0497075087/7075088
French Abroad Network (UFE)
Nonprofit organization supporting childwood associations in Cairo (orphans
and young people). Meeting held permanently in the UFE’s house (every
morning, road 14 in Maadi). Coffee and networking, every first Thursday
The Women’s Group now meets on the full moon each month. We use the
energy of the full moon for illumination. We discuss the astrological trends
of the day, and do a group meditation as well as setting an intention for
We are a non profitable organization that helps the underprivileged all over
Egypt and our work is based fully on donations. For more information about
what we do visit www.rn3n.org or call 0122106102.
100 March 15 CSA
“Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt” Ours is a charitable
organization dedicated to protect animal lives. Our shelter can house up to
forty dogs, complete with food, grooming, exercise and medical attention.
Part of our shelter is a kennel where you may board your dogs while traveling.
We accept donations for food, medicine, vet care and neutering programs. We
need volunteers to socialize the animals and assist with grooming. We have
wonderful animals waiting for adoption. Please call 33813855, 38190575,
01223162912, www.sparelives.org
If anyone would like to join a group of ladies and bring a smile to those
children in hospital for cancer treatment, then please join us on Thursday
mornings leaving Maadi at 9.00am returning around 12.30pm. There are
25 children in the ward aged from babies to 18. We need 25 juices, some
small gifts, soft toys, cards, puzzles, caps and toiletries for boys and girls.
Transport from Maadi provided. For further details please contact Jane on
Buddhist Meditation
Are there any other Buddhists out there who would like to meditate together
regularly? If so, please contact Maureen on 012753-36442.
Meeting just off Baghdad St. in Korba, the heart of Heliopolis, HCC is
where “new things come to life.” Worship service is Fridays at 9.00am (with
children’s classes). An interdenominational and international church with
people from over 25 countries, worship is in English in the chapel of St.
Michael’s located at 10 Seti St. For more information please call 24142409,
email [email protected] or visit our website www.hccCairo.com
Holy Family Roman Catholic Church in Maadi
55 Road 15, Maadi, Egypt. Tel.: 2358-2004. Weekend Masses: Friday: 9 am
(English with Tagalog hymns), 7 pm (English/Korean). Saturday: 10:30am
(Italian in chapel), 5:30pm (English), 6:45pm (French). Sunday: 8:00 am
(French), 11:00 am (Sudanese), 5:00 pm (Spanish), 6:15 pm (English).
An oasis for refuge and renewal.....where the nations gather for worship.
Over 40 different countries and many denominations come to together on
the weekend at the corner of Port Said & Rd 17 on the grounds of St. John
the Baptist Church. Come join us Fridays from 2:30-4:00pm (Africa Live)
and from 5:00-6:15pm Visit our website (www.maadichurch.com) for more
information. You can also contact us by phone at 23592755 or by email at
[email protected]
St. Andrew’s is an international, interdenominational congregation in the
heart of Cairo. We invite you to join us for worship and fellowship on Fridays
at 10:00 AM (year-round) and Sundays at 7:00 PM (September-May). If
interested in volunteering with refugees and displaced persons at StARS,
please call (02)25759451. For more information, please call 01276666843,
email [email protected], or visit www.standrewschurchcairo.
com. St. Andrew’s is located above the Nasser Metro station at 38, 26 July
Our church carries out lots of charity work please come and give us a hand
Coptic Orthodox Holy Mass in English. Saint Mary’s Coptic Orthodox
Church (Ard El Golf, Heliopolis, Shams Iddeen Il Zahabi Street), 8.00 am
to 9.30 am (Communion served to Orthodox). Followed by Bible Study
in English, third Saturday of Each Month. All are Welcome! Please bring
others!Snacks and Drinks served. For more information contact Father
Youssef (Phone & Text: 01223476343, Email: [email protected]
“A spiritual home away from home.” We are an English-speaking
international and multi-denominational congregation following an Anglican/
Episcopal tradition. Worship Services: Family Holy Communion: Fridays 10
AM (with Nursery and Church School for Children & Youth), and Night
Service with Communion: Thursdays at 6:30 PM. Rector/Minister: Rev.
Paul-Gordon Chandler / Assoc. Minister for Youth, Education & Young
Adults, Rev. Ben Robinson. For details please call 23583085 or email to
[email protected], website: www.maadichurch.org. It is located at the
corner of Road 17 and Port Said Rd in Maadi.”
(LDS) hold services on Friday at 9:00 am in Maadi-#21 Road 17. Contact:
David Risley 01274857932 / 23783395.
We offer cleaner, baby sitter, domestic helper, a program striving to assist
refugees and displaced people in Cairo to meet the challenges of life here. We
have a basic skill training program equipping people for domestic help. Please
call Amira- 27364836 or 27364837
Please note: The above is for informational purposes only. CSA accepts no liability
for any of the services advertised throughout the magazine. For changes or additions
to Community Announcements please contact [email protected]
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106 March 15 CSA