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N ame:l S tephen S adl er
Chef at: Crumbzz
J StephenSadleris a long way from his days as a chefin
That is bad for peoplewho grew to love his fine epicurean
delights while at the sametime, it is good for people who live
near Crumbzzin downtown Forney.
A native New Yorker, Sadler first served up The Sadler
Crumb Cake in the tiny Hudson Valley hamlet of Highland
Fallsin New York state.
The crumb cakeswerea secretuntil zoor, when NewYork
City residentChuckDellerhad one.
Deller took news of the cakesback to New York City and
soon there were lines of what Sadler refers to as "cakers"
lining up to taste his cakes at his second Iocation in
"I had a bakery,bistro and cateringcompany,"he said. "I
had just a bistro in Manhattan."
His bistro was calledthe Upper Crust.
"I worked sevendaysa weekfrom S:3oa.m. to Z:3op.m.,"
he said.
Sadler,by zooz, wasservingup about4,8oo hot, steaming
slicesof streusel,chocolate,apple and apricot crumb cakes
to peoplein Connecticut,New York and New Jersey.
While he has perfectedthe crumb cakerecipe,it is about
4oo yearsold and comesfrom his family generationsago in
Austria. Sadlerrenamedit the CrumbzzCake.
He shippedmore than t,ooo cakesthroughoutthe nation
i n zooz.
And beforeorganicbecamefashionable,Sadlerwas using
fresh ingredients becausehe knew they would make his
cakes superior. Besidesthat, he wanted to stay away from
chemicalsthat were in ingredients availablefrom his bakery
Sadler was at the forefront of not using hormone-filled
milk in his baking.
Alas, the long, cold winters in the Northeastbeganto get
to Sadler,and he soldhis bakery and movedsouthto Florida.
"Peopleaskedwhy,"he said."I saidto havea life. I soldthe
business,but not the recipe.
"The crumb cake was the biggest seller," Sadler said.
"It was a family recipe and I was not going to sell it. It was
passeddown from generationto generation."
The new owners of his restaurant stopped making the
crumb cakesand Sadlerbelievedthey would becomehistory.
Sadler,in zoo6, sold a secondcompany he had started
and movedto Dallas.
But life can turn on a dime. Although the much-desired
Crumbzz Cake appearedto have become extinct like the
dinosaur,it did live to rise once again like a phoenix from
the ashes.
Sadlerwas at Dallas-FortWorth InternationalAirport in
zoog when someonecame up from behind him and said, 'J
Stephen Sadler. How the hell are you? My wife and I loved
your crumb cakes and have been looking for the 'elusive'
crumb cake since you left. I'll pay you whatever you want."
Of course, it took a bit of time for Sadler to realize it was
one of his regular customersfrom back east.The customer
askedhim if he could make one of his infamouscakesfor his
Crumbzz is open Tuesdaythrough Fridayfrom 7:30 a.m.
to 2 p. m . ,on S at ur d a yfro m 7 :3 0 a .m .to 3 p .m . a nd on
Su n d ayf r om l0 a. m .to 3 p .-.
It i s loc at edat 212 B o i s D ' A rc S t.,i n F o rn e y .F o rmore
information, call214-541-9665or visit Crumbzz,com.
The bistro also is on Facebook.
w l te.
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Call of the }vild lContrnued
loo-foot tower, and will hang over water.
A trail on the property known as
Hunter's Alley will someday include
a monument and a reflection pond.
Eventually,the family would like to funnel
a portion of the proceedsinto a memorial
fund in Hunter's name that would provide
scholarships and support nonprofit youth
"There was a certain way about him,"
Art said. "We want to be able to reward
kids and give them a chanceto be successful. We need to reward those who are trving."
Chef Profile
Owning such a facility requires an outgoing and friendly personality, and the
Brownings fit the bill. Art said one of the
perks is getting to meet so many new people not just from Texas but from around
the world. He said their visitors have come
from as far away as Canada,Mexico, Russia and Ireland.
"You have to be a people person to do
what we do," he said. "Hearing all these
people'slife stories, that's been really fun."
These days, most of their business
comesfrom outsideofthe county.Art said
this spring has been the busiest yet, and
the calendarfor the rest of this year and
next shows no signs of slowing down.
"We haven't had a vacation. That's the
downside. We don't know what that is,"
Art said. "It's a seven-day-a-weekjob."
Amid all of the hustle and bustle behind
the scenes, Art said that above all, he
wants the atmosphereat CedarMountain
Lodgeto feel peacefulfor humans and animals alike.
"You can seethe stars at night," he said.
"We have to protect the wildlife. We have
to give them a space.".
he could make the cakes as well as
from where he could ship them. Sadler
happened upon the empty Ambassador
Hotel in Dallas and went through a
basementdoor to find someone.
The hotel, he said, still is set up as
if it has regular customers and diners.
Sadler was able to make arrangements
with the hotel'sowners,an area ministry',
to lease the kitchen. He began baking
and shipping his cakes out of the hotel's
Sadler then began looking for a place
in Dallas to open a small restaurant/
"I wanted ari old building," he said.
"I wanted to bring life back to an old
Dallas, said Sadler,doesbig very well.
But small? Not so much.
"I thought a little town surrounding
Dallas would love to havethis." he said.
It was while Sadler was on a Dallas
TV station's morning show that he
talked about his search. which included
Sadler said Kim Buttram, Forney
Economic Development Corporation
executivedirector, saw the segment and
suggestedhe come to Forney.
"Forney had the best, clear program
for redoing downtown," Sadlersaid.
Sadler, the EDC and city officials were
able to strike a deal and thus. Crumbzz
was born.
The restaurant has a show kitchen
with Le Cordon Bleu-trainedchefs.
Besides Sadler's trademark Crumbzz
Cake, the menu includes salads,
sandwiches, Gamberaia blueberry
pancakes, Gaufre Lidge waffles, light
souffl6s and egg-white omelets, Fribourg
grilled cheese,soups, ice cream, custom
blendedcoffeesand teas. .
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Sadlerdid not immediately commit to
making a cake.
"I am not a karma guy, but it rvas ro
years to the day,"he said. He had agreed
not to make the famouscakesfor a decade
when he sold his business. "I made a
crumb cake and sent it to him."
Sincethen, Sadlerhas sent one to him
every Thursday.
While he uses the finest ingredients
from around the rvorld. including
cinnamonand chocolate,Sadleralsogets
the boxes, ribbons and rlax seals for his
cakefrom outsidethe United States.
The leather boxes come from China,
the ribbons are rhade in India and the
wax sealscome from
An elegant gift card comes n'ith the
box and cake.The linen card includesthe
chef'sname and date.
"It is a really nice touch,"Sadlersaid.
He began looking for a place rvhere
W inds o r
Care Center
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Discount Tire & Service
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p...and 8:45 p.m.,and S aturdaysa t 7:30 p.m.,8:45
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o,m. and l 0 o.m.
"We're getti ngmore peopl e i n," Johnstonsai d."l t's very fri endl yand v ery
comfortabl eto be here.
sai dshe has been especi al l ypl easedw i th the n umber of fami l i es
w ho haveenl oyedp ayi ngbi ngotogether.C hi l drenages6 an d up are al l ow ed
to olav.
"We have ots of fami i i esthat come i n,"Johnstonsai d."l t' s a ni c ei nex pensi vefami l yni ght out. S ometi mesthe ki ds enj oy i t more than t herr parentsdo."
Terrel lP l atnum B rngoi s part of D al l as-based
Team B i ngo,w hi c h ow ns tw o
faci l i ti esi n D al l asand tw o i n R i chardson.
For more i nformat i on,c al lthe bi ns o
hotl i neat 972-234-861|or vi si tw w w ,teambi npo,com,
loc at c - , - : . : r i : r r r .r :i :, :.r :- ,^ i.t- wth th e sa m e nati onw i de
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behrndt h e r . t ' : : ' , : " : ^ - ...:- I - .' , :e th a t wr l d ir e ct yo u to parti ci pati ng gatheringsand must provide reasonableclean-upafter use.
Cost to rent the facilityis $ 100 per day on weekdaysand $225 per day on
s erv ic e c e n t e r a r . , . ' . ' . : - r - :::- .' .f' 1 "!th n 2 5 m r le so f yo u r d isabl edvehi cl e,
weekends,with a $75 deposit and rental contract required. For informationon
orels e i t w i l l w r - r t e. : - : : - : :. ' ' : S2 5 0 .
avai l abi l i ty,
cal l2 l 4-5| 5-5587or vi si tw w w .rotarycl ubofterre l l .org/bpw bui l di ng,
M ea n w h i l eM
, o o r e : : : - : i- a - : e m p lo ye e skn o w m a n yo f th ei rcustomers
by first name and be ere :--r: -o^esty and trust is what is expected by the
consumerand that rswhat s :'.' .e: 'c" w thout apology.
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"We want the relationsrD i. :^ i.e cJstomer. lt's not just a transaction,"
"P eopl e know each other," K aur sai d,"l t'l y staff know s mos t of the palYoore said,"You're go ng to be t-eated rkefamily."
DiscountTire & Servicers open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdaysand 8 a.m.
ti ents, and the pati entshave been returni nghere for years ."
to noon on Saturdays.For more rnformatron,call972-563-9700and ask for RJ,
For more i nformati on,or to schedul ean appoi ntment, c ontac t B ri ght
Dempsy or Greg, or
S mi l esD ental C l i ni c at 972-524-1048.
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