Spanish doughnuts with a twist
he mouth-watering taste of Spanish
Doughnuts is one of the most
unique food concepts to arrive in
Australia over the past decade.
Born from Spanish legend, where nomadic
shepherds created a cake-like bread that
could be cooked over an open fire, comes the
delicious selection of sweet and savoury pan
fried doughnuts.
Originally similar to a bread stick, the
mountain shepherds ate this staple plain or
rolled in cinnamon sugar. The traditional
star shape has developed over time. This
ensures the fluffy inside texture is cooked
through and gives the outside its crispness.
The fluted sticks of fried dough are usually
sold in dozens or half-dozens and are
tastiest cooked fresh. They remain popular
breakfast, snack and desert fare right
throughout Spain and are now available in
Spanish Doughnuts franchise has perfected
the Churro recipe and made the business
model into a superb franchise opportunity.
A quick, fresh choice for people on the
run, Churros appeal to people of all ages.
Expanding upon the simple plain and
cinnamon sugar coated varieties, Spanish
Doughnuts now offers Bonbon Churros,
Hot Jam Churros, an assorted selection of
chocolate Churros and for those who prefer
a savoury flavour, cream cheese, sundried
tomatoes, peanut butter or cheesybite
vegemite filling! So there is something for
Spanish doughnuts offer a unique business
opportunity within the expanding indulgent
food category. The supportive, hands on
team helps franchisees every step of the way.
They provide a low start-up cost coupled with
110 Business Franchise Australia
a strong business model and minimum risk.
With such a unique and authentic Spanish
flavour, the Churros brand is hard to resist.
The franchisor will help secure the best
possible retail locations to ensure a strong
flow of traffic past your establishment.
The team at Spanish Doughnuts is dedicated
to providing everything their franchisees
need to make the business a sweet success.
With a comprehensive training program
and a strong support strategy, the franchise
business model for Spanish Doughnuts
will allow you to get your business up and
running quickly and easily.
As a franchisee of Spanish Doughnuts you
will benefit from the easy, streamlined
operation and the strong team culture. You,
along with your fellow franchisees, will be
able to enjoy a comfortable profit margin and
a secure return on your investment.
All this while providing hot, tasty Churros to
your loyal customers.
If you would like to become part of the
team, contact Spanish Doughnuts at:
Phone: 03 9654 5577
Email: [email protected]
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