Head of Development - The Royal Caledonian Curling Club

Job Description: Head of Development
To provide strategic leadership for the development team within the Royal
Caledonian Curling Club (RCCC).
Working with other RCCC staff, volunteers, coaches, committees, relevant
partners including sportscotland and reporting to the CEO.
The Head of Development will be line manager for staff within the
development team: Competitions Development, Youth/Adult
Development, Workforce Development, Performance Development.
Establish a programme of research that will that will produce evidence to
inform planning and decision making
Lead on the creation of a development plan for existing and new
programmes and projects
Working at senior level with key partners and potential partners to create
new initiatives, ensuring new ideas are developed, tested and
implemented to help the growth of the sport
Encouraging innovation and promoting team work for new concepts
From planning stages to delivery, support others so that high standards
are maintained in all areas of curling development work
Lead, manage and inspire colleagues in the development team
Manage the finance and other resources to best effect
Manage relationships with curling performance programme and staff
delivering and administration teams
Collaborate closely with the headquarters staff to ensure effective
administration of all programmes and activities
Maintain accurate membership and participation data
Proactive communication is effective with members, staff, volunteers and
a wide range of partners including: clubs, development groups, ice rinks,
local authorities, sportscotland and the World Curling Federation.
Contribute to the dissemination of information and use of the website
Share examples of good practice with members and the community
Monitor and evaluate all work and provide reports to relevant staff,
committees, officers and partners as requested
Provide the directors and partners with quarterly reports on progress
against the business plan and annual reports on progress against the long
term strategy.
Candidate Specification: Head of Development
Qualifications and
Educated to degree level or a
professional qualification in
sport or management related
subject or relevant experience.
Driving Licence and access to a
Managing people, budgets and
Proven experience of
innovation and converting
ideas into reality
Writing, developing and
evaluating strategies, plans
and reports
Proven experience of
managing change and making
things happen
Leadership and management
skills and evidence of leading
Track record of building
effective relationships with
internal and external partners
Evidence of research,
analytical and decision making
Demonstrable interpersonal
and communication skills
Sound organisational and
planning skills
Competent IT skills
Work and Other
Experiences (in an
employed or
voluntary capacity)
Disposition and
Personal Qualities
Special Aptitudes
Coaching or officiating
qualification in curling or
another sport
Professional management
Knowledge of contemporary
issues within sports
development in Scotland or
the UK
Working with committees and
Planning/organising events
Demonstrable negotiating
Sound business principles
that can be applied to the
development of products and
An ability to interface with
professional and volunteer
An ability to work with others,
motivate, provide direction and
Versatility and creativity
An ability to demonstrate
confidence, empathy,
enthusiasm and initiative
A strategic leader with vision
and drive to achieve corporate
The ability to undertake flexible
working hours, including some
evenings and weekends
Proven knowledge of roles
and responsibilities of a
sport’s governing body