2nd - HSA Meeting, 7PM, IMMS

March 2, 2015
Indian Mills Home and School Association Meeting
Meeting Opened at:
A. Flag Salute
B. Welcome
C. Minutes from Previous Meeting
a. Bridget Sawdy
D. Executive Board Reports
a. President’s Report
i. General Organization Information
b. Vice President’s Report
i. Harlem Wizards Game: Need Assistance
c. Recording Secretary’s Report
i. Web Site Update
d. Corresponding Secretary
i. Correspondence
e. Treasurers Report
i. Financial Report (s)
E. Committee’s Reports
a. Designer Bag Bingo Event Held : February 10
i. Karen Sheairs, Jennifer Mercado, Colleen McCaffrey
b. Spirit Wear
i. Bridget Sawdy, Heather Epps
c. Harlem Wizards: March 15
i. Scott Caloiaro
1. Teacher Players
2. Fan Support
3. Tickets on sale now
d. Spring Book Fair:
i. Penny Dwyer/Tammy Schwartz/Julianne Hunt March 23-27
e. Golf Outing
i. Karen Sheairs: April 27, 2015 Little Mills Country Club
f. Spring Fling Dance
i. Kim Lambiase. Proposed Date: May 15
F. Unfinished Business
a. Insurance issue resolved
G. New Business
a. Wish list Item
i. Kate LaMonaca: Reading A to Z
ii. Jennifer Simpson: Nutrition Nuggets
iii. Michelle Montrose: 7th Grade indoor recess games
b. Any other New Business
Meeting Adjourned at: