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March 1, 2015
Understanding Collateral Underwriter™
By: Pat Farrell
U.S. Postage
San Antonio, Texas
Paid Permit #1590
There is one thing about it, there is
nothing more constant than change! In late
January of this year Fannie Mae launched its
proprietary property appraisal review tool
better known as Collateral Underwriter™
(CU) and made it available to the mortgage
lending community. CU consists of a database that includes information for almost 20
million transactions and more than 12 million
appraisals coupled with a self contained stepby-step set of operations to be performed
upon appraisal information that is input to the
system. The result of this analysis is the
assignment of a rating, from one (low)
through five (high,) that purports to assess the
risk potential to a mortgage lender and raises
flags when information in an appraisal does
not match what is in the system.
It is fair to say that the introduction of
CU has been met with a significant amount
of trepidation and controversy as to its over-
all value and intent. There have been claims
that use of the program will likely result in
delays or cancelled transactions and could
possibly increase overall appraisal costs.
While it has generated many questions in the
industry some appraisers view it as an attack
on their integrity and personal skills.
Hopefully by the time CU is fully implemented in late March these issues will be set
to rest.
Comments from online discussions
concerning CU are mostly from appraisers
with some from lenders scattered in. The tone
of most of these comments addresses who is
to blame for this change being initiated.
Some say things like: now it will be a computer generated algorithm to definitely make
the appraiser's job more difficult or next to
impossible, and appraisers are already overworked and under paid. Or: it was never the
appraisers fault or the buyers fault or the
agents fault - the lenders birthed it! Or: real
estate agents have always been the ones who
pressure the lenders when an appraisal comes
in low. Or: underwriters are gods – so
appraisers now are not really needed. Or:
why did Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac spend
all that money - they could just have used
Zillow and I’m not sure which one would be
more wrong!
Many agree that the negative reaction
has in part been due to a lack of sufficient
solid information along with some disinformation that has led to some general misconceptions. While the information related to
CU contained here may be superficial, there
have been and will continue to be presentations locally on this subject that are presented
by the major players, appraisers and lenders,
that are open to all who wish to attend. One
area of confusion is that it has been said that
utilization of CU will not be mandatory, but
that is essentially incorrect as lenders that
deliver loans to Fannie Mae are held responsible for reviewing appraisals to confirm that
they meet the policy guidelines. And lenders
who routinely do not sell their loans to
Fannie Mae will not have access to CU.
Since the CU program is expected to
be fully implemented prior to this April, it is
important that all involved understand what
is expected of them and how it may (or may
not) impact their transactions. The intent for
this reviewing of appraisals is to be sure that
the data entered compares to what is already
on file so the property value truly reflects the
quality and condition of the property. Fannie
Mae has noted in published information that,
for appraisals, CU performs a more comprehensive analysis of data integrity, comparable
selection, adjustments, and reconciliation.
When the submitted appraisals don’t measure up to comparable data already in the CU
system, lenders will receive notice when certain areas have been “flagged” and it will be
necessary for them to make the needed corrections before reevaluation of the data to be
certain it is eligible for a more favorable
A property address that receives a rating of 1.0 is usually new construction and
could obviously meet all guidelines and it is
important to note that CU does not treat new
construction any differently than existing
properties. On the other end of the scale, a
property that receives a rating of 5.0 will
require a new, in depth review of the information contained therein to bring it to the
point where, upon resubmission, Fannie Mae
would accept it as being less risky. In cases
where properties do receive higher ratings it
could likely require some renegotiation
between the parties to the existing contract in
order to adjust it to be in agreement with the
final appraised value. The goal of the CU
process is to ensure that appraised values are
consistent so that if 20 appraisers are looking
at the same address, the collective appraised
value would be the same, and if it is not then
the data that accompanies the report must be
Mortgage companies may vary in
how they go about complying with CU
guidelines. Whatever their approach the end
result is to look at utilizing a process that is
most efficient and least costly to both their
company and the borrower. It had been suggested that this new system would result in
sky high costs for appraisals but that seems
not be the case as one company I spoke with
reported their appraisals increased by only
ten dollars. Recently a company added more
appraisers to their staff with their main
responsibility being to take care of the areas
that have been flagged because the data
entries are inconsistent with the CU database
and are therefore not acceptable within
Fannie Mae’s guidelines.
I believe it is also fair to say that it will
take a while for some appraisers to stop feeling they are being singled out and over regulated when this new process seems to impose
no additional requirements on underwriters,
mortgage brokers and REALTORS®. But of
course it is the mortgage lender and the
underwriter who will suffer the risk should
they provide a loan for a property that is
questionable as to its true value. On a personal note, prior to the institution of the CU
tool, I recently had two appraisals done on
the same property. The first came back at
$161,000 and the second at $149,000 so it
easy to see that all appraisals are not equal
and had they been run through CU there
would have been all sorts of flags returned to
either lender. Given time, I expect CU will be
accepted as “it is what it is” and the grumbling will cease as the industry waits for the
next “change.”
March 1, 2015
The Monticello Homes
sales team at the 4th
Quarter Sales Awards
held at El Jarro.
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Cris Balderas, Highland Homes welcomes Wayne Johnson,
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Realtors and Missy Reiley, Katie Griffin-Ross, RE/MAX Associates and Diane
Keller Williams City View to the Highland Homes brunch at Lauer, Keller Williams City View are all smiles at the
February WCR Luncheon.
Stillwater Ranch.
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March 1, 2015
From The
Chairman’s Desk
Tori Streff, Burdick
Custom Homes
and Jenny Forsyth,
Residential Realty
at Burdick Custom
Home’s new community, Smithson
By Mary Ann Jeffers
Chairman, San Antonio Board of REALTORS®
Make Your Voice Heard at the Hill
Visit on April 14
On April 14, 2015 the San Antonio
Board of REALTORS®, working with
the Texas Associations of REALTORS®
(TAR), will come together in Austin,
Texas to demonstrate the importance of
the real estate economy to the Texas
State Legislature.
In today’s world, being a REALTOR® goes hand in hand with being in
politics. There’s a reason why Texans
don’t pay a tax on every deed recorded
by the county clerk and why most private
transfer fees on real estate transactions
have been eliminated. There’s a reason
that cars aren’t taxed as property and
property managers are licensed professionals. These accomplishments have
been realized because of REALTORS®
working with SABOR and TAR in support of private property rights and
REALTOR® issues. In fact, there’s a
team of people fighting every day to protect the rights of REALTORS® and their
clients at City Hall, the Texas State
Capitol, and the U.S. Capitol.
The annual REALTOR® Hill Visit
supports these efforts. Thousands of
REALTORS® on Capitol Hill sends a
clear message to the State Legislature
that real estate is the single most important segment of the economy. This year
in Austin, TAR isn’t happy just to play
defense. They have committed to moving
forward an agenda that would triple the
annual homestead exemption to $45,000,
eliminate the $200 annual professional
license tax paid by brokers, end diversions from the State Highway Fund, and
outlaw rental registration throughout the
It’s an exciting time to be in real
estate. Come out on April 14 and join
with REALTORS® from throughout the
state. You can be part of the most impressive display of grassroots political advocacy this State has ever seen. The cost is
just $15 to participate and covers the bus
ride there and back, a barbecue lunch at
TAR and other refreshments. Visit
SABOR.com to learn more.
Kristen and Sheila
Moran, both
RE/MAX Access
get ready for the
March 1, 2015
Alfonso Rivas and
Alvaro Pequeno,
both Patty
Pequeno Real
Victor Yong, Home
Team of America
and Gordon
Deering, Keller
Williams City View.
KB Home Agent Social
Andy Mushinski,
Keller Williams
Heritage with Gina
Dawe and Arnold
Santos, both with
KB Home.
Carol Spencer, Keller Williams City View, Alma Lopez, Keller
Williams Legacy, Victor Yong, Home Team of America and
Sharon Brenner, Keller Williams City View.
Rosalva Flores,
RJ Carter Real
Estate w/ Laci
Padilla, KB Home
Daniel Quesada and Elsa Cantu, both Mitchell Realty.
Roland Gonzalez,
Urban LUX Realty
and John Kuntz,
III, Reliance
Residential Realty.
Brigitte Owens
and John Gattas,
both Owens Real
Estate and guest
Diane Koenning.
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
YPN Bowling
Rachel Castillo and Sara Gerrish, both RE/MAX
Jan Hicinbotham, Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper
Realtors and Kari Utz, Apartment and Relocation
Tiffany Wright, RE/MAX Access, Beatrice Briseno,
RE/MAX Unlimited and Shannon McLaughlin,
Boardwalk Real Property Management.
Rick and Mavis Brown, both Realty
Executives of San Antonio.
Charles Bamford, Alamo
Zippyshell, Brenda Mullen,
RE/MAX Access and guest.
The Trey Group and Van Dyk Mortgage,
a Stellar Partnership!
(center) Melinda Hipp, Branch Manager, VanDyk Mortgage
with (l -r) Bobby Cortez and JJ Gorena, II,
both with the Trey Group of Keller Williams City View
Melinda Hipp, Branch Manager, NMLS# 219085
Office: 210-493-7332 • Fax 210-247-9413
17721 Rogers Ranch Pkwy., Ste. 215, San Antonio, TX. 78258
Branch NMLS# 866803
March 1, 2015
The Way I See It
By Cathey Meyer
Post Traumatic Shopping
In an act of full disclosure, on occasion, incidents that are related in this space
are smaller than they actually appear. If
you look at the fine print on any rear view
mirror, you realize looking back always
allows for more in-depth reflection. (Please
feel free to use that as your next tee-shirt
insignia.) I am constantly amazed at what
people innocently believe is fact and what
might indeed just be stretch of almost
truth. For the record, (and this encompasses over a decade of writing) I did not
place my nephew in a microwave oven
(reference 2006); I did require under-educated young men to haul too much stuff
down two flights of stairs and then up
another flight of stairs in 100 plus degree
heat (reference 2009); I did not buy a lifetime supply of FOREVER stamps (reference 2007); and I might have made a New
Year’s Resolution in 2013 and kept it. The
following, however, is a factual recollection of a recent life experience.
In a practicality twist, my family
enjoys receiving really nice bath towels for
Christmas gifts. One of those things you
do not really get for yourself, but when
someone else foots the tab, you get the
good stuff. Of all places, we have discovered the towels at the ‘hardware’ store that
claims to restore stuff as the best of the
best. I assume the towels themselves are
not restored from some pre-used form,
but it really does not matter as they are
BIG, soft, fluffy and indestructible in any
kind of washer/dryer situation. My usual
purchase location is from the big outlet
mall as I enjoy the shopping experience at
all the other stores that house things I
don’t need at prices that may or may not
be cheaper than retail.
Somehow this year, I miscalculated
the final towel tally and came up short
one bath sheet (towels for the larger than
average torso) and one bath mat (not to be
confused with the plush bath rug). I discovered my local restore-the-hardware
store in a pricey local zip code and decided to just pay the retail price and complete
my absorbing obligation. I entered the
store, which looked very similar to its outlet counterpart, just a bit smaller. The bath
section was buried in the back, but I located shelf after shelf of colorful towels and
removed the two missing items on my list.
As I approached the register, the
accented ‘sales consultant’ in skinny jeans
and a matching IPad, let out a gasp. I
looked down to make sure my fly was
OK and my buttons were all attached. I
placed the two items on the counter and
she gasp again. “We do not touch the
merchandise!” She shrilled. I backed
away from the counter thinking some
alarm had been set off. She immediately
mumbled something into the microphone
attached to her head and then remembered to smile at me with her blinding
white teeth. “Someone will be right with
you. I am not authorized to handle items
removed from the shelves.” I looked
around to make sure I had entered a
STORE and not a foreign spy facility.
Everywhere I looked there were things for
sale with price tags on them, but indeed, I
was the only moron who had touched
merchandise and hauled it to a register.
I presume after the facial recognition camera determined I was not a shopping terrorist, two more Stepford ‘consultants’ appeared in skinny jeans, IPads and
communication headsets. “We understand you wish to purchase a mochamilk-chocolate-light-seared bath item? We
will check to see if we have them in
stock.” I was confused—they had shelves
full of ‘stock’ and nobody buying it. “We
have checked in the back. Your items are
not in stock. You will have to order
them.” Never mind they were RIGHT
purse full of cash. I gave in and decided
to try something new and subjected
myself to the endless questions requiring
ordering something I was staring at the
entire time.
At the conclusion of our interview,
they asked where I would like my items
delivered in the next 5 to 10 days. I told
them I could pick the towels up at this
store as I was pretty sure I would just be
picking up the very towels I was looking
at. “We are sorry ma’am. That is not
allowed. We must have an alternate
address.” The ‘we’ stuff was getting to me
and I was close to getting creeped out
when logic intervened and I inquired as to
a delivery charge. “Yes ma’am. There is a
delivery and handling fee in addition to
the charge for this exclusive merchandise.”
HOLD the UPS! The restoring
hardware store wanted me to pay to have
merchandise delivered to a location other
than their retail store where I was currently standing ready to purchase the merchandise sitting on the counter directly in
front of me. This, my friendly readers, is
an actual Twilight Zone event. As you
may have hypothesized, my money and I
departed the store (even though they had
all my personal information) scratching
my logic cortex trying to figure out if consumers really ‘shop’ this way. How did I
miss the new retail shopping memo?
If anyone has the 2015 shopping
regulations, please update my shopping
status in Facebook—NOT! Just verbally
fill me in the next time we meet face-toface. (Sans the skinny jeans and headsets.)
March 1, 2015
Pat Acquisto,
Keller Williams
Legacy dons the
hardhat for her
work with Habitat
for Humanity.
Kenley Mendoza and Diane Brooks, both David Weekly Homes welcome
Barb Cardavoyne and Daniel McKinski, both JB Goodwin to their company event at Paesanos.
Pat Farrell, Slater
Realtors, Lynn
Bradshaw, Frontier
Title and Barbara
del Amo, Keller
Williams Legacy at
the WCR Happy
Hour to raise
“Baskets for
Beauties” money
for residents of the
Battered Women’s
Tori Streff, Burdick Custom Homes meets Travis Amaro, Kuper
Sotheby’s International Realty at the Burdick & Frank building
Don’t Forget
To Set The Clock!
Daylight Savings Time Starts
Sunday March 8th
(back row l-r) Jeff Cruz, Bobbie Greenman, Melissa Marquez,
Margaret Canfield and Jeff Cameron with (front row l-r)
Cynthia Gutierrez, Alex Deimel, Laura Medlin and Corvette Wiseley
(not pictured: Margot De La Paz, Ashley Herrera and Donna Jacobs)
1354 N. Loop 1604 E. #103
San Antonio, TX 78232
Corp NMLS# 24055
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
Adrianne Lacroix,
Keller Williams
Legacy and
Maudel Hardie,
Hardie &
Gail Couser,
Title and Johnnie
Childs, Icon
GRI February Breakfast at the Petroleum Club
Pat Strong, GRI
Instructor shows
Dan Lopez,
Integrity Realtors
how to read handshakes.
George Brannon, Brannon Properties, Pat Strong, Pat Strong
Realty and Pat Farrell, Slater Realtors.
Kathy Olivarez
and Eva
both Trinity Title.
Amy Karns, Northwest Real Estate, Pat Strong, Pat Strong Realty
and Jackie Doherty, guest.
Tim amd Nancy
Brown, both of
RE/MAX Corridor.
Stewart and
Marian Knowlton,
Keller Willams
March 1, 2015
Lisa Stanley, Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Realtors with John Gattas and
Brigitte Owens, both Owens Real Estate and Rose Arredondo, Coldwell
Banker D’Ann Harper Realtors at the David Weekly event at Paesanos.
All smiles at the
WCR Luncheon
are Paula Grigsby,
President, TAP FCU
and Debbie
Keeland, Stewart
At the Highland
Homes and Mi
Homes Balcones
Creek Grand
Opening we find
Heather Hart,
Keller Williams
Legacy and
Debbie Ortiz,
Realty Executives
March 1, 2015
Matt Mauldin, JB
Goodwin and
Mike Higgins,
Joseph Caldari
and Larry Allen,
both Monticello
Homes and Sean
Hamilton, JB
Monticello Homes and Japhet Homes
Bob Borders, Keller Williams Boerne and Patricia
Broyles, Realty Executives Select Properties.
Paige Japhet, Vi Arnold and Kimberly Kiper, all
Japhet Homes.
March 1, 2015
Cavazos and
Karen Shaffer,
both Frontier
Treat Realtors to Lunch at Napa Oaks
Rose Arredondo and Lisa Stanley, both
Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Realtors.
Tara Masling, Masling Properties and
Desaree Vega, Legacy Mutual Mortgage.
Debbie and John Craig, both Key
Jean Gross, Rick Brown and Mavis Brown, all Realty
Executives of San Antonio.
March 1, 2015
Stewart Title Cowboy Breakfast
David Moore, Stewart Title and Bob Boyd, Gold
Cherie Short and Mike Meyer, both Stewart Title.
Tracie Mckee,
Stewart Title
and Randy
Home Team of
Eddie Gammill,
Stewart Title and
Jesse Adams,
Welcome To San Antonio
Bob Smith, Guild Mortage, NMLS# 618347, is pleased
to work with the new company Melanie Salas, Redfin.
• Few INVESTOR OVERLAYS on our serviced FHA & VA products
• In house underwriting and loan servicing
• Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae direct lender
14100 San Pedro #210 • San Antonio, Texas 78232
For use by Real Estate Professionals only.
Not intended for public use or distribution.
Linda Hernandez and Mendy Renteria,
both Stewart Title.
Company NMLS# 3274
March 1, 2015
Trish Potts, Sonora
Barbara del Amo, Alma Lopez and Linda Vasquez, all Keller Williams
Legacy at the Sitterle Open House at Bluffs of the Dominion.
Teresa Ruiz and
Kim Compton,
both Reliance
Residential Realty
at the company
2014 Awards.
March 1, 2015
Cecilia Sosa,
North American
Title, Florence
Terrell, Keller
Williams Legacy
and Mary Ann
Jeffers, Reliance
Residential Realty.
Sherry Hughes,
Guest, Elaine
Sevier , JB
Goodwin and
Jackie Arnette,
Keller Williams
CRS Lunch At Silo’s
Diana Ridgway, JB
Goodwin, Victoria
Subia, Champions
School of Real
Estate and Leslie
Wright, Capital Title.
“Realtor LLC vs. Sole Proprietor A Major Difference in Taxes”
Julie Craighead,
Jeff Barefoot and
Denise Smith, all
Providence Title.
Congratulations Mary Ann
You Have Our Support
New Event:
Tax Strategies for Realtors
KB Home meeting room
4800 Fredericksburg - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Other Event:
(l) Marietta Alba and (r) Kari Utz with
SABOR 2015 Chairman of the Board Mary Ann Jeffers
508 W. Rhapsody
San Antonio, Texas 78216
(210) 493-1688 • (800) 598-1688 • FAX (210) 493-1695
Apartment rental assistance for long and short term needs. Corporate apartments.
March 1, 2015
Kathy Olivarez
and Sylvia
Vasquez, both
Trinity Title.
Elaine Sevier, JB
Goodwin, Sue
Trautner, BHHS
PenFed Realty
and Doc Martin,
Niblock Company.
CRS Lunch At Silo’s
Susan Jones, JB
Goodwin and Phyllis
Trollinger, RE/MAX
North San Antonio.
Florence Terrell
and Pat Acquisto,
both Keller Williams
March 1, 2015
GSABA Update
By Cheri Bass
Director of Sales & Marketing, Sitterle Homes
Who Will Be in the 2015 Million
Dollar Circle?
The sales have all been
finalized, the numbers tallied
a nd no w i t ’ s t i me fo r on e last
look at the successes of 2014 as
the Greater San Antonio
Builders Association (GSABA)
a nno unc e s t he 2 0 1 5 Million
Dollar Circle Awards.
This nationally recognized
program celebrates the newhome sales professionals who
closed more than $1 million
w o r t h o f s i ngl e -fa mi l y h om es,
townhomes or garden homes
during one calendar year.
The GSABA Sales and
Marketing Council will give
a w a rds i n fo ur c a t e gories:
Bronze Citation for sales from
$ 1 m i ll i o n t o $ 1 . 9 mi l lion ;
Silver Citation, $2 to $4.9 million; Gold Citation, $5 to $9.9
million; and Platinum Citation,
$ 1 0 m i l l i o n a nd a bo ve. With
new-home closings up and the
number of housing starts in the
upper price ranges also
increasing last year, we are
hoping to welcome a record
number of new-home sales pro fessionals to the Million Dollar
The annual awards pre sentation happens 9 a.m.
Monday, March 2, preceded by
b reak fast an d n etworking
opportunities at 8:30 a.m. The
event is typically a sold-out
event, but those hoping for a
last-minute ticket are welcome
to contact Valeria Munoz at
[email protected] or
Rally Day Road Trip
Just two days after the
2015 Million Dollar Circle
Awards, GSABA members will
gather again for a road trip to
Austin. The March 4 Rally Day
will give interested member s a
chance to increase their famil iarity with the legislative
issues facing the building
industry. Attendees will be
able to meet legislator s to discuss the association’s legisla tive agenda and gain insight
on possible actions this legislature might take. It’s an important grassroots initiative that
safeguards a healthy real estate
2015 Summit Awards
The association is now
taking entries for the 2015
Summit Awards, with an earlybird deadline of Marc h 13 and
a final deadline o f A p ril 1.
This prestigious awards cere mony honors builders, remod elers, developers and associ ates who have sh ined in 2014.
New this year is a Grand
Award, open to production and
custom builders who enter four
or more categories. Learn more
about the awards p ro g ram o r
begin the entr y p ro c ess at
http://www.sananto niobuilders.net/sum mitawards/summitaward home.php.
Adam Hughes,
Legacy Mutual, with
twins Madison and
Baily and wife
Bridget, enjoy dinner
at Stomewerks.
March 1, 2015
Nora Uriostegui,
Mission Real
Estate Group and
Connie Ramirez,
BH&GRE Bradfield
Properties at the
Sitterle Open
House at the Bluffs
of Dominion.
Vi Arnold and Kimberly Kiper, both Japhet Homes at the WCR Happy
Hour to benefit the residents at the Battered Women’s Shelter.
Cynthia Acosta,
Keller Williams City
View and Raul
Vergara, Premier
Realty Group at
Imagine Homes
on Old
"One set of keys at a time!"
This is the driving vision behind the
exceptional service and positive attitude that Providence Title Company
seeks to provide with every real
estate closing. Starting out with the
original five Dan Foster Fee Attorney
Offices, with over ten years of history
throughout Texas, Providence Title
emerged as an independently owned
Texas title company in May of 2008.
Within the first few months of its
founding, word quickly spread
across the Lone Star State with customers and employees looking to
become a part of the company. This
excellent reputation allowed
Providence Title to double in size as
they added several more independent closing offices. Today
Providence Title, headquartered in
Dallas, has 26 locations within the
Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston
and San Antonio areas with approxi-
March 1, 2015
mately 250 employees.
Providence Title's continual
focus on customer and employee
needs originates with its six owners,
five of whom are in the Dallas area
and the sixth, Denise Smith, who
covers Austin and southward including San Antonio and its surrounding
areas. Each owner strives to maintain
a fully customer focused business
that, through enhanced personal relationships, will result in success for
their clients and their team members.
Each owner at Providence Title
works daily in the title business.
They are fully available to their associates and customers to ensure each
facet of the closing process is managed properly. Should title problems
arise, Providence is able to handle
these issues with access to seven different underwriters equating to
seven different options for obtaining
the necessary “yes” needed to suc-
Spring Is
On Its Way!
Ellen Schuler, NMLSR# 409880
40 N.E. Loop
San Antonio,
TX 78216
cessfully close the transaction. In the
same way lenders shop for favorable
rates, Providence Title shops for the
ideal closing solution. Oftentimes the
competition has fewer options available to them and in some cases they
may have only one source within
their plant to try to overcome title
Since its inception Providence
Title has actively given back to the
various local charities in the communities where employees live and
work. They participate in the annual
Toys for Tots by collecting new
unwrapped gifts at each office and
donating them to children in need.To
assist in the search for a cure for
breast cancer, Providence Title supports the various “Bras for a Cause”
events held around the state.Locally,
Denise Smith's closing team has been
involved for a number of years with
the Fiesta Royal Court and participates in many Fiesta activities.
Denise is also an active member of
Lo Bello Women’s Association which,
through their fundraising efforts,
provide deserving Bexar County
applicants scholarships to schools of
their choice. And since 2011,
Providence Title has been recognized
as a Platinum Top 50 REALTOR®
This year in San Antonio,
Denise Smith and her teams will be
involved in two additional philanthropic community events. First, she
is a candidate for the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society’s Woman of the
Year and as such will be competing
to raise the largest amount of donation dollars in the name of a young
survivor of the disease. Next, she will
be competing in the local Fifth
Annual Dancing with the Stars event
that supports Family Endeavors, a
long-standing non-profit agency that
provides an array of programs and
services in support of children, families, Veterans and those struggling
with disabilities. That event will be
held September 26 at the San Antonio
Shrine Auditorium. As Denise is
quick to point out, it is her face that
is visible, but is done on behalf of her
company and her local teams.
Providence Title's main goal is
not to become your title company,
but to become your partner in the
real estate transaction process.Their
team members actively work to provide an outstanding work environment and employee suggestions are
respected and implemented. Title
and escrow professionals might be
interested to know that, unlike many
other companies, they continue to
grow and are always hiring. As
Providence Title has employee owners, they are able to quickly react to
customer and employee suggestions
in an effort to continually enhance
and improve your closing experience.
Providence Title's San Antonio office
is located at 700 East Sonterra Blvd.
Suite 1215 and the office phone is
(210) 495-0396.
March 1, 2015
Sitterle Homes and PT50 at Triana in Helotes
Cheri Bass, Erika
Ramos of Sitterle
Homes. and Kelly
Maizel with PT50.
Pattie Holladay, Jessica Garza, Denise Martinez, Aurora Crawford, Lisa
Martinez and Roland Flores, all with Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper
Sharon Brenner, Keller Williams City View and Patti
Bennett, Realty Executives Select Properties.
Todd Weber, Sente Mortgage and Sue Baillio, JB
Denise Martinez, Coldwell Banker D’Ann
Harper Realtors.
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
March 1, 2015
Century 21 Scott Myers Welcomes 3
The office of Century 21 Scott Myers,
Realtors is delighted to announce the affiliation of three agents to the firm.
Valorie Pollard recently moved to
Century 21 Scott Myers, Realtors from
another company. Prior to entering the real
estate profession in 2014, she was employed
as a social worker for 28 years.
Christina White comes
from Maryland. She attended
St. Mary's University and
decided to remain in San
Antonio. She is full time in
real estate, but is also a partner
in a horse and carriage business
that is involved in many events.
Robert Garza is a retired
university professor. He has taught Geology
and Geography at SAC and the University of
Houston. Garza is a member of the
Professional Tour Guide Association and
gives tours of such places as Rocky
Mountain National Park and parts of South
RE/MAX Corridor Celebrates New Sales Associate
R E / M A X
Corridor is happy to
welcome new sales
associate Nathan A.
Sagun to our office.
Nate, his wife
and two children relocated to the San
Antonio area in 2011
after serving 5 years
with the Department of Homeland
Security and the Navy Reserve based out
of San Jose, California. Nathan was born
in the Philippines and is fluent in
Tagalog, an Austronesian language spoken mainly in the Philippines. He enjoys
working with both buyers and sellers and
has a keen interest in helping military
families relocate to the area and find their
dream home.
Nate can be reached at 210-7651780.
Want a Custom Design?
We Do That!!
Century Communities Unveils Expanded Brand
in Austin and San Antonio Markets
Century Communities, a national
homebuilder with communities in
Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, and Texas is
pleased to introduce the brand transition
for its operations in Austin and San
Antonio following its September 2013
acquisition of Jimmy Jacobs Homes. On
February 2, the former Jimmy Jacobs
Homes operations officially launched a
new look with the name and colors of
Century Communities.
The re-branding continues Century
Communities’ strategy of expanding into
markets with strong economic growth,
favorable demographics, premier locations
and exceptional product. Builder
Magazine recently named Century
Communities as one of the top 5 fastest
growing builders in the country.
The homebuilder will soon open six
communities in local markets including
Reagan’s Overlook in Austin, Pearson
Place at Avery Ranch in Leader, Siena in
Round Rock, Avalon in Pflugerville,
Rough Hollow in Lakeway, and Steven’s
Ranch in San Antonio. The company continues to deliver quality, LEED-certified
homes in highly desirable neighborhoods.
Century Communities has expanded rapidly in the Austin market, doubling
the number of developments with 12 current Austin-area communities. Additonally,
Century Communities operates in four San
Antonio-area developments.
Sandahls Open New Company, Steps Realty
Chris and Rachael Sandahl are very
excited about the opening of their own real
estate company, Steps Realty. They both
come from families of business owners so
this is not only a dream come true, but also
carrying on a family tradition. This wouldn't
be possible without the loyalty and support
of their family, friends and clients. They are
ready to help you take the next step!
Or choose one of our ready for move-in homes
100% N Y L O N CARP E T S O L UT I O N D Y E
12.24 S Q Y D (VAC)
FHA CARPET 1.58 SF / 13.01 SY
Andalucia at The Dominion
Move-In Ready
6318 Sevilla Way
• 5 bedrooms
• 5 full baths
• 2 half baths
• game room w/balcony
• theater room
• conditioned wine room
Call Bill Dayson - 210-372-9207
Andalucia in The Dominion - New Model Now Open - 6314 Sevilla Circle
Gardens at Greystone - Only 2 lots left to custom build on
Hidden Canyon - In the heart of Stone Oak from the upper $400's
Building Homes - Building Relationships
C arpe t S pe cif ically E ngine e red
For Property Managers.
Installed (VAC)
Wi t h S p i l l g u a rd P a d
1 .7 7 SF / 1 4 .5 8 SY
Deferred interest with minimum monthy payments
Call Us For All Types Of Flooring
• Carpet • Hardwood • Ceramic Tile • Vinyl
100% Nylon, FHA Grade Carpet in stock for very prompt installation
March 1, 2015
Sitterle Homes Touts ‘Last Chance’ Communities
Sitterle Homes has only a few homes
and properties remaining in several popular
San Antonio developments, Aviara, Triana
and San Miguel at Canyon Springs
The gated development of Aviara,
located in the Westover Hills area near
Lackland Air Force Base, features traditional Sitterle Homes’ designs and schools in
the Northside Independent School District.
One homesite is available and a home is
under construction, offering four bedrooms,
three baths and a three-car garage in 3,197
square feet. Slated to be complete this summer, the home is priced in the $480,000s.
Two homes are ready now in Triana,
a development in Helotes that boasts quarter-acre homesites. Buyers can select from
one- and two-story homes, all with open
floor plans, broad island kitchens, four or
five bedrooms, three-car garages and abundant natural light. Prices of the available
homes range from the $540,000s to
$570,000s. In addition to the completed
homes, three greenbelt homesites are available. Buyers can select from an array of
home designs priced from the $420,000s.
Sitterle Homes also is nearing closeout in San Miguel at Canyon Springs, an
amenity-rich development located north of
Loop 1604 near Stone Oak’s rapidly grow-
Redfin Brings Its Real Estate Brokerage to San Antonio Cole Receives CIAS
the customerfirst
estate brokerage
t o d a y
the launch of
selling services in San Antonio.
Redfin has a unique
approach that combines technology and top-notch customer
service to create a real estate
experience that's better for consumers and also works to put
money back into the pockets of
both its home-buying and selling customers. On average,
someone selling a home with a
Redfin agent saves about
Redfin is excited to
introduce Melanie Salas, who
has been hired to launch and
grow the brokerage in San
Antonio. Melanie has over
eight years of experience as a
real estate agent.
ing medical community and the Canyon
Springs Golf Club. Sitterle Homes offers
more than a dozen designs in San Miguel,
with prices from the $370,000s and sizes up
to 3,700 square feet and beyond. Three
homes are under construction in the neighborhood, which is served by the Northeast
Independent School District. These homes
feature open great rooms, island kitchens,
ample storage, formal dining and extended
outdoor living areas. Prices on the available
homes are from the $400,000s to
Imagine Homes Certified
Outperformance + Solar
Cathy Cole
of RE/MAX North
– San Antonio has
earned the prestigious
Specialist® CIAS
Designation, after
completing extenCOLE
sive training to
understand the different real estate
investor types, and the investment opportunities, financing options and calculations needed to provide solutions for
Imagine Homes and The
Dow Chemical Company, are
excited to announce that
Imagine Homes is Dow’s first
Certified Outperformance +
Solar Home Builder in North
America. Imagine Homes has
unveiled plans to build more
than 100 homes in the San
Antonio area that will incorporate both Dow Building
Homes system and award-winning Dow POWERHOUSE
Solar Shingles, as standard features. This combined offering
gives homebuyers in San
Antonio the benefits of
Outperformance Homes, an integrated system of Dow solutions
that work together to better protect the home from air and water
infiltration, temperature fluctuation and energy loss-plus DOW
Shingles, an integrated solar
roofing systems that protects the
home and generates electricity.
March 1, 2015
(Back) Diane Lauer, Keller
Williams City View, Tiffany
Wright, RE/MAX Access,
Corie Boldt-Hutt and Susie
Sheffield, both CORIE
Properties, Carolyn Rhodes,
BH&GRE Bradfield
Properties and Florence
Terrell, Keller Williams
Legacy. (Front) Donna
Fremin, Century 21 Scott
Myers, Carolyn Wyckoff,
Wyckoff Realty and Pat
Farrell, Slater Realtors.
Carolyn Rhodes,
BH&GRE Bradfield
WCR/TAR Business Meeting in Austin
R. Scott Kesner, TAR
Chairman and
Travis Kessler, TAR
Corie Boldt-Hutt, CORIE Properties and Sylvia Seabolt, TX WCR
Past President.
Cathy Mitchell, TX
WCR President,
Susie Sheffield,
CORIE Properties
and Ethel O’Dell,
TX WCR President
Donna Fremin, Century 21 Scott Myers and Carolyn Wyckoff,
Wyckoff Realty.
M’lissa Steele, Reliance Residential Realty and Marie Gabriel,
Limestone Country Properties.
Florence Terrell, Keller Williams Legacy.
Diane Lauer, Keller Williams City View.