City of Kingston - Spring Recreation and Leisure Showcase

All Recreation Organizations and/or Commercial Businesses
City of Kingston, Recreation and Leisure Services Department
Spring Recreation and Leisure Showcase
March 28, 2015, 10 am – 4 pm
Where: Portsmouth Olympic Harbour
Community groups are now in full swing with planning for spring and summer activities, meaning it’s time to
think about registering for the Spring Recreation Showcase.
This is the event through which you’ll want to promote your program or activity to the Kingston Community! It’s
one stop shopping for kids, teens, adults and seniors alike. Whether you offer a sport, child care services, a
summer camp, a cultural program, something educational, or if you have a commercial recreation oriented
business, then this showcase is for you! We attract approximately 2500 Kingston residents who are looking
for the programs, services or activities you offer! They are coming to ask questions, compare programs and
register themselves or a family member. You also have a chance to demonstrate your activity, either at your
booth or in a large demo space.
If you have not participated in the showcase in the past, perhaps you should consider taking part and seeing
what it’s all about. If you have participated in the showcase before, the information below will reflect many
changes in the way we will do things this year. Please be sure to give special attention to the section on
registering for your booth.
NEW REGISTRATION PROCESS : Register for your Booth Space
In person: FEBRUARY 2 , 5 to 8 pm at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, Press Lounge. The showcase
layout is included in this email. This in-person registration will be the initial registration for groups who will have
an opportunity to choose their booth location. It will be first come, first served
(see **exceptions outlined below) and registrations must be paid by cheque or credit card.
NO CASH accepted at this registration.
FEBRUARY 3 - MARCH 3 , 8 am to 9 pm daily in person at the INVISTA Centre only or via email or mail
Groups who do not wish to choose a specific booth location do not have to come in person to register on Feb.
2. Registrations will be received effective February 3 from groups, commercial or otherwise, by email at
[email protected]; by mail: Recreation and Leisure Services, 216 Ontario St. Kingston, ON.
K7L 2Z3 or in person at the INVISTA CENTRE,1350 Gardiners Rd. Kingston, between 8 am and 9 pm.
Registrations cannot be processed at Artillery Park.
**Booths for Municipal Partner Groups: The City has some sport groups who are considered “Partner
groups” based on their long standing facility agreements with the municipality. Some booths will have already
been designated as reserved for our summer municipal partner groups (6 groups only) . These groups have
been given first right of refusal on booths, but must indicate their choices prior to February 2. Once registration
opens, all booths except those designated as commercial space, will be available to rent by any group.
**Booths for Commercial Groups – priority on designated spaces until Feb. 8, 2015.
Commercial groups who pay a premium for prime locations within the show layout, will be given first right of
refusal on a set number of spaces – indicated by a “C” on the map – until February 8th only. As of February 9th,
any commercially designated booths will then be opened up to non-profit groups. Note: Any group can rent two
spaces if they wish, Commercial groups may also rent non-commercial booth space so they will have the
ability to rent spaces side by side if required.
Showcase Details
Note: To be shared with the person(s) responsible for setting up/tearing down and working in the
Setting Up the Booth:
 8 am to 9:45 am Saturday, March 28, 2015 (all groups must be set up and ready to go by 9:45 am)
 No Friday set up this year
Items to Bring with You: (please label all personal electrical cords and supplies)
 Table Cloth (in an effort to ‘green’ the event we no longer supply them)
 Extension cords/power bars (there is enough power for each booth, wireless internet is not always
reliable at this site)
 Rope, Cord, Bungee Cords for hanging banners and signs
 Clips, pins, tape, pens, pencils, scissors
 Equipment cart and helpers to move in and out (there is only one cart on site and the demand for it is
Your Booth Space – Note: 10 foot backdrops do not fit the booths – backdrops that encroach on an
adjacent space, will not be allowed
Booths are 8 x 8, or, depending on the location, they may be similar square footage but a different
By making your display interactive, you will attract more visitors to your booth. Suggested activities for booths
are draws, face painting, crafts, samples, giveaways. In a group of 80 + exhibitors, you’ll want to be sure you
stand out from the crowd. Be creative!
Tear Down:
 You must remain at your booth throughout the showcase and not begin tearing down until 4pm
 We ask each group to fold the chairs and leave them on top of the table in their booth at the end of the
show. As there is no room for storage, all display items must be removed from the facility immediately
following the showcase.
 Groups are not permitted to sell merchandise at their booth without advance permission.
 There will be a concession stand in the lobby for hot and cold beverages and snacks during the
 Groups must have someone in their booth at all times. They must be set up and ready to go no later
than 8:45 am, and wait until 4 pm before tearing down their booth.
 Groups will receive Emergency Procedures when they arrive at the site to set up, outlining steps to
follow in the event of an emergency in the facility.
Advertising in the Recreation and Leisure Guide:
If your group is interested in placing an ad in the Recreation and Leisure Guide, scheduled for distribution in
advance of the Showcase, you must call the Whig Standard and speak to any one of their Account Executives
to place your ad. You still have time to purchase an ad!
The deadline to book your ad space with the Whig is February 6, 2015 Call: 613-544-5000 ext 170.
Email [email protected] or call Lesley Kimble 613-546-4291 x 1715 for general information.
See registration information on accompanying cover letter.