All you need to know about our Rare

All you need to know about our Rare
Breed Kurobuta Berkshire Hams
Feeling a little Glazed?
Here at Victor Churchill we appreciate how busy
you are. To make your life a little less hectic you
can purchase our delicious ham glaze produced
by our Executive Chef, Romeo Baudouin.
Alternatively if you would like to make your own
ham glaze, here is copy of Romeo’s (not-so-secret!)
ham glaze recipe:
Baked Kurobuta Berkshire Ham with Maple
Syrup and Clove Glaze
200g Brown sugar
20g Dried mustard
60g Cider vinegar
60g Maple syrup
1 cup of cloves
1 Victor Churchill Rare Breed Kurobuta
Berkshire ham
Place the brown sugar, dried mustard, cider vinegar and maple syrup into a bowl and mix together until all ingredients are combined to make the glaze.
Use a small sharp knife and carefully remove the skin from the ham, making sure that the fat remains on the meat. Save the skin to cover the Kurobuta ham surface until you are ready to
start glazing.
• Use a sharp knife to score the meat in a
criss-cross (diamond) pattern and stud the
centre of each diamond with a clove.
• Place the ham in a baking tray and pour over the glaze. Add a little water to cover the base of the pan.
Bake the Kurobuta ham at 180oC for
approximately 30 minutes or until the outside
of the Kurobuta ham has turned a golden brown colour. Baste the Kurobuta ham with a brush
4 – 5 times throughout the cooking process.
To Serve
• Simply slice to serve. This Kurobuta ham will be perfect hot or cold.
• The remaining glaze can be warmed and served with the sliced Kurobuta ham.
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