Tutor: Dr. Jone Gaillard
From prehistoric times, the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea have seen the development of human
communities and given birth to the civilisations that constitute the basis of our own. From the Fertile
Crescent, inventions, arts, languages and religions spread to Greece, Egypt, Etruria and Rome. In this course
we will see how these civilizations developed, transformed themselves and shaped the world from which we
Classes are weekly, on Fridays 12.30 – 2pm at Northcote Senior Citizens’ Centre.
Tutor: Nada Samani
Nada is a graduate of the Beirut Arab University in Lebanon, and has experience in teaching the Arabic
language to both school and university students. She can also explain and illustrate the many and varied
cultures of the Middle East. Recent research shows that learning another language as an adult helps keeps
your mind active, so why not join Nada to learn more about this fascinating part of the world and acquire
new language skills?
Fortnightly class, 1st and 3rd Mondays 10.30-12.00 at Donald Street, East Preston.
Leader: Philippa Wetherell
Would you enjoy bringing a play to life? Getting inside an interesting character? Discovering vocal talents
you didn’t know you possessed? This Play Reading group will be led by Philippa Wetherell. As a former
teacher of speech and drama for many years, Philippa has directed a number of productions and also has
stage experience with New Theatre in Melbourne.
Classes are weekly, Wednesdays, 1.15 – 2.45 pm at Alphington Community Centre.
Tutor: Alison Laird
This group meets on the first Friday of the month and on any 5th Friday at Fairfield Station classroom from
10 am to 11.30. Visits to exhibitions in Melbourne and regional galleries will be made on the third Friday of
each month.
Topics include a mixture of Australian and overseas artists and a variety of periods. Members are able to
participate as much or as little as they wish – to lead a class discussion, contribute to the discussion or
merely listen to what others have to say!
Maximum – 18 participants
Qualified Instructor: Barbara Johnson
Expressions of Interest are invited from members who would like to learn dances such as the waltz, foxtrot,
rumba, cha cha and much more. Barbara will discuss with potential members the focus of the 2015 class.
The aim is to have fun, and maybe to go as a group to small dance venues.
Classes are at Croxton Uniting Church Hall, Wednesdays, 1.00 – 3.00pm
Convenor: Dianne Beaumont
This long established group meets on the first Wednesday of the month with rotating leaders who facilitate
discussion on a book of their choice. Books are chosen by the group. The Group meets at Fairfield Station
on the first Wednesday of each month, 10.30 – 12.00.
Maximum - 12
Coordinator: Elva Armstrong
Do you enjoy reading a good book and then wish you could discuss it with someone? Book Discussion 2
meets on the second Wednesday of the month at Fairfield Station at 10.30-12.00.
Convenor: Alison Daams
To ensure titles are easily accessible and reasonably priced, Alison has selected a wide range of popular
titles from the Penguin collection, for discussion. Prior to each class she will circulate some background
information on the author and the book. The Group meets monthly on the fourth Friday at Northcote Senior
Citizens’ Centre from 10.30-11.30.
A relaxed group of card players gather at Fairfield Station from 1.30 to 4.00 pm on the second and fourth
Saturdays of the month to play this popular game, with partners when the numbers are even, otherwise
Tutor: Vladimir Zakarczenko
Learn to play Chess well enough to enjoy it! As a pastime chess gives lasting pleasure because of its
unending variety. It can also be fun!
Please join our informal and welcoming sessions. The text used is the classic "Chess Made Easy" by Cecil
Purdy and Gary Koshnitsky (both Australian Chess Champions 1930s-40s)
It's never too late to learn to play the noblest and most popular board game in the world!
Class meets on Tuesday afternoons at East Preston Senior Citizens’ Centre, 2.00 – 5.00.
Tutor: Paul Michell
For 2015 the plan is to present a diverse range of cinematic treats from around the world. Whilst the focus
will be on US cinema, foreign films will included from Scandinavia, Japan and French/US co-production.
Our first film will be Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ (1958).
Follow us at our website: www.u3acinema.weebly.com. which lists dates of films to be shown, and includes
a rich archive of past film notes.
The U3A Cinema Class runs for 3 hours at the Fairfield Station Venue, staring at 9:45am on the 3rd
Wednesday of the month. We do not break in June as Paul is often absent in August (travelling). Final
dates and films for 2015 will be finalised nearer the end of the year.
Tutor: Russell Lennox
Students will have a computer each using Microsoft Office 2010 Applications, enabling them to create and
maintain word processing documents, spreadsheets and slide presentations. We will study core tasks, like
the keyboard, the mouse, working with files, folders, Help and Support. All students will have e-mail
addresses on the Internet and will e-mail each other with and without attachments.
Please note: The class runs for a full semester of 20 weeks with no term break. An extra fee of $50 is
payable on application to cover the cost of the SPAN Computer room.
Venue: SPAN Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury
Time: Tuesdays, weekly, 10.00am – 12 noon, no school holidays; Start date: Tuesday 3 February 2015
Class size:
Maximum 10
Tutor: Russell Lennox
This class has a prerequisite of Computer 1 or similar computer training. The course covers the same topics
as Computer 1 but will delve deeper into each topic. The software will be Microsoft Office 2010.
Please note: The class runs for a full semester of 20 weeks with no term break. An extra fee of $50 is
payable on application to cover the cost of the SPAN Computer room.
Venue: SPAN Community House, 64 Clyde Street, Thornbury
Time: Thursdays, weekly, 10.00am – 12.00noon, no school holidays
Start date: Thursday 5 February 2015
Class size:
Maximum 10
Tutor: Nalin Sharda
The tutor, Nalin Sharda, is happy to meet the needs of all class members, either with the basic operations of
computers and the internet or in exploring some areas in greater depth. The class runs for a 16 week
semester with no term break. Starting date and location are still to be confirmed. The fee to members is
$40 for each semester to be paid on application.
Facilitator: Noel Butterfield
This lively group meets fortnightly at Fairfield Station. Discussion is informal and wide-ranging, examining
issues in the news, both local and international.
Classes are at Fairfield Station, alternate Thursdays 10.30 – 12.00 noon
Class size: Maximum 14
Group Leader: Col Purchase
Current ability to ride a bike and previous riding experience are essential.
Individual riders must be responsible for their own bike maintenance during rides. U3A insurance does not
cover bicycle riders. Each rider is responsible for their own safety. If you join Cycling Victoria for about
$100.00 then you will be insured under their membership. Please ensure you have your name and emergency
contact details on your person for each ride.
Rides are on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 9.00am - 12.30pm approximately. We generally meet
at Fairfield Boathouse car park or Darebin Parklands car park to set out riding on bike paths and bike lanes
with a few connecting roads. Our rides are about 20 - 40 km per ride. Depending on distances, we may
cycle one way and return to Fairfield by train. Some recent rides were to Federation Square, Brighton,
Williamstown, Coopers Settlement, Coburg Lake, Latrobe University, Hartwell, Heidi Art Gallery.
Most rides include a coffee stop.
Coordinator: Mary de Bortoli
This is a flexible group which has an outing once or twice a month. Some of our excursions have included
National Trust properties, museums, gardens, the Block Arcade, Shrine and the State Library. We would
love your suggestions as to future visits. We are not a class as such as we are not enrolled as a group – you
come on the excursion which interests you, but we are typically U3A – FRIENDLY! Come and join us and
try us out. Details of forthcoming outings are published in the U3A Darebin newsletter.
Contact: Frances Hennessy
The Draw Then Paint Group is for artistically minded persons with an interest in painting and drawing.
There is no formal tuition and class members set their own agenda with a different topic each week. The aim
of the class is to nurture development using their preferred materials mainly watercolour and pencil. The
class runs on Tuesdays 1.30-3.30 at Fairfield. NB: Begins 10/2/15
Convenor: Anita Hanstock
This class offers the opportunity to discuss and enjoy great operas on DVD with high quality sound.
Sessions will be held on the 3rd Monday of the month from February to November, excluding July and
August, from 2 pm at Fairfield Station.
Tutors: Robert Cole, Mark Wilson, Kate Patrick.
Be Daring! Read Shakespeare! Compare Orson Welles and Laurence Olivier playing Othello!
This weekly class grows out of and complements “Shakespeare for Everyone”.
During the year we will tackle a few of Shakespeare's plays, probably one a term, starting with Romeo and
Juliet (to be confirmed). We will read and explore each play, talking it over, watching different DVDs,
discussing key speeches and difficult language, and re-reading.
The aim is for everyone in the group to find each play more and more exciting and rewarding to read.
Fridays 3 - 4.30 at Fairfield. Commencing February 6th.
Contact: Annette Davis
The First Tuesday Talks are held each month at Fairfield RSL at 1.30pm. Speakers and topics will be
announced in the U3A Darebin Newsletter and on our website. Gold coin donation.
Tutor: Michelle Manly
The focus of this class is modern French language, conversation and pronunciation. The class also discusses
aspects of contemporary French culture. Classes are held fortnightly. Prospective students please note that
the class has been running for more than a year and builds progressively on language skills. New students
will need to have studied some French (about one to two years of lessons) to participate fully.
Classes are at Fairfield Railway Station every second Thursday, 10.00 – 11.30am.
Class size:
Maximum 10.
Tutors: Rita Keller& Jill Toulantas
This class is for people for whom English is not their first language and who want to improve their speaking,
reading and writing skills in a friendly and relaxed environment. The course is designed for beginner, postbeginner or intermediate levels of English although an understanding of very simple spoken English is a prerequisite. Classes offer speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises according to students' needs and
there is plenty of general conversation, laughter and friendship. The tutors, Rita Keller and Jill Toulantas,
are qualified ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers with many years' experience. They would be
delighted to welcome more members to the class.
Classes are at Merrilands, Wednesdays, 1-4 pm. Commencing February 11th.
Tutor: Adriana Ficarazzi
The course assumes that participants have completed at least some basic studies in written and spoken
Italian. Learners will continue to expand their knowledge in the spoken language, idiomatic usages and
useful vocabulary words. Language and culture units will be integrated into a range of topics including:
Italian cities, tourist attractions, shopping, eating out and pleasure etc. Text book for 2015: to be advised.
Details: Weekly, Mondays 2.30 – 4 pm, East Preston Senior Citizens Centre, starting Monday, 9 February.
Facilitator: Larry Ginger
This course is designed to assist members in improving their spoken Italian. Various activities include
reading articles and stories in Italian, studying ‘Learn to speak Italian’ courses, talking in Italian within the
group and in pairs. This is done in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where we all work with, and assist each
We will also be learning some of the history and culture of Italy and the experiences of those immigrants to
Australia. Details: Monday, 10.30 - 12 at SPAN.
Tutors: Loraine Hegarty and David Lamb
The class is led by well-known exhibition duo Stepping Out. Loraine and David have many years’
experience in teaching Ballroom, Rock and Roll and Line Dancing and you can be sure of a lot of fun as you
move to the music and get fit. The tutors are unable to accept new members into this class. Please wear
comfortable clothes and runners or similar well fitted shoes with rubber soles. Classes are held Friday from
2 – 3:30 pm in the main hall at Northcote Senior Citizens Centre, starting March 6.
This is a western version of a Chinese game, played with tiles similar to dominoes but engraved with
Chinese symbols and divided into suits and honours. We play Mah Jong every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the
month between 1.30 and 4 pm at Fairfield Station. We all have a lot of fun, win or lose. This is a very mixed
group of people, from absolute beginners to very experienced players. New members very welcome!
Convenor: Jean Garita
Needlecraft is a self-help class. We all bring our own project along – cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, and
patchwork, anything you care to bring. We sometimes do a class project if the group wishes. If someone
wants to do a project that they have not done before, someone with those skills will show them how. People
in the group all help one another and the atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.
Classes are on Wednesdays at Fairfield Station, 12.45 – 2.45 pm
Paul Michell
Northcote’s past is a rich amalgam of riches, follies, greed, entrepreneurship and family dynasties. Many
companies began or were based in Northcote. A variety of subjects will be presented – High Street virtual
tour, a divorce lawyer in Westgarth, Tower House in Thornbury, Land Speculation, Northcote Brick
Company and much more. Through a personal view of local history, this class will feature tales of the past
history of Northcote. If you want to learn more about the varied and wonderful past of Northcote – then this
is for you. All classes will feature an illustrated talk on a featured subject. It is proposed that the final class
will be an easy historical walk.
2.00 - 3.30 on the 4th Friday of each month at Bent Street Senior Citizens Centre, commencing in February.
Facilitator: June Pitman
The class is a gathering of like-minded people who share enthusiasm and the desire to draw or paint subjects
of their own devising, using materials of their own choice, mainly watercolours.
Classes at SPAN, Thursday 1.30 – 3.30 weekly
Tutor: Noel Butterfield
Noel, an experienced English teacher, invites you to join this weekly class. ‘Let’s immerse ourselves in the
passion that is poetry. The emphasis will be on appreciation and enjoyment. I have been captivated by
poetry for thirty years so I feel qualified to introduce you to the very best. I will take you through some
ballads, odes, sonnets, etc., purely for your enjoyment. We will also look briefly at various techniques that
make poems ‘work’ and come alive. Class members will also be encouraged to create their own poems,
using some of the techniques studied’.
Classes are at Fairfield Station, Tuesdays 10.30am – 12 noon.
Maximum – 14
Convenor: Elva Armstrong
Everyone is welcome to join this sociable group, whether you are a complete beginner, very ‘rusty’ or an
avid player. Scrabble is a lot of fun and it really gets the brain working! At East Preston Senior Citizens, 2nd
and 4th Monday each month, 10.00 – 12.30 pm.
Class leader: Albert Stuckey
The Shakespeare class meets weekly. We read a portion of one of the 38 plays and then watch a DVD of the
same section. In this way we come across those quotations which ‘everyone knows’, but don’t know where
they occur. The Bard was a very clever fellow and his plays still resonate with today’s values. We think it is
interesting without being overwhelming or tedious. Classes are held weekly on Wednesdays, 3.00 – 4.30pm
at Fairfield Station.
Tutor: Lynn Hogg
The U3A Singing for Pleasure group is intended to be a safe place where we all feel welcome. We sing
mostly popular songs and learn to sing some harmonies. We occasionally sing at U3A functions, community
events and visits to nursing homes. Classes at SPAN Community Centre, weekly on Fridays, 1.00 – 3.00pm.
Tutor: Barry Watson
Tai-Chi is a recreational fitness technique of flowing movements and forms designed to exercise and
develop the body and mind in unison. As a qualified instructor, Barry teaches the ‘Traditional Yang Style’ in
a light-hearted and professional manner. Classes also include Chi Quong breathing, stretching exercises, soft
exercises for joints, posture and balance. The movements are modified for people with arthritis. Beginners
are welcome to join the Basic class on Mondays 1-2pm at Northcote Senior Citizens Centre, Advanced
classes at 2- 3 pm. at Northcote Senior Citizens Centre.
Contact: Margaret Monument
This class offers an abundance of mind games to challenge and entertain us. We will have buzzers and bells,
teams of two or more, no pressure, just fun. Other games for the group to choose from include Charades,
Sale of the Century, Pictionary and much more. Come along and have a ball! Fairfield Community Room,
weekly, Mondays, 1.15 – 2.45 pm.
Tutor: Lynn Hogg
Got a yearning to play your ukelele? Haven't touched your guitar in years? Forgotten how to play the flute or
recorder? Or are you an absolute beginner, but keen to learn and practice, and enjoy the fun of playing music
with others? Why not join our tutor, Lynn Hogg and become part of a brand new musical venture? Lynn's
musical and vocal skills and enthusiasm will inspire you! (Lynn can only take on a couple of absolute
beginners, but contact the office and leave your details). Weekly classes Fridays 10-12.00 at Bent Street
Senior Citizen's Centre, commencing in March 2015.
Tutors: Shyamala Benakovic & Colleen Farrell
Our tutors are professionally trained and experienced in conducting forms of Yoga modified for older
people. Two Yoga classes are held at Northcote Town Hall on Thursday afternoons and one on Friday
morning. They are general classes catering for a range of abilities. Hatha Yoga poses positively strengthen
the physical body promoting balance and a sense of harmony. Combined with breathing techniques, they
assist in developing a positive mind attitude counterbalancing mental stress. (Please bring a yoga mat to
class.) Classes are at Northcote Town Hall, Thursdays 1-2 pm and 2–3 pm and Friday 10-11 am.