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April 2010
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Why Some Students Will Not Graduate From BCC
Travis Weite
Copy Editor
Out of all the students at Bergen Community the courses they choose to take and will not have
College, a large number end up dropping out, never to withdraw. Financial Aid programs are designed
to be heard of again. Most would agree that the to help students who are dealing with financial
stresses of college may be too much for some students troubles. For students who are having difficulty
to handle, but drop-outs may be prevented with more in their classes, the tutoring center is available for
communication between the administration and students to receive extra help.
struggling students.
President Ryan realizes that the administration
Since 2000, the graduation rates have been steadily must try to reach out to students at the beginning of
increasing, reaching an all time high of 1,542 graduates their academic career if they are to graduate in two
for the 2009 academic year. This increase may act years. Director of Student Life, Nestor Melendez,
as a sign for those instances when a degree is vital emphasized that, “[S]tudents should come into BCC
in order to be employed at a job that will support a with their focus on graduating.” BCC offers transfer
family. Some students may believe that this is only programs to several nearby, four-year institutions
true of a Bachelor’s degree, but it can be applied for an that allow students to transfer in as juniors. Should
Associate’s degree as well. “[S]tudents underestimate students choose to transfer before graduation, they
the value of a BCC degree," said Academic Vice may end up needing to repeat courses they have
President, Gary F. Porter. "Having a degree from BCC already taken. will help students get a job because a BCC degree is
To avoid some of the confusion that students
recognized by BCC alumni in the workforce. This normally go through when trying to plan their
recognition will show what graduates are capable of.” academic career, speak with advisors within the
There are many reasons why students make the school to develop a plan that is right for you. It is
decision to drop out of BCC. Students may be under the goal of BCC to educate students and provide all
financial stress or have family obligations that force of the information and resources that are necessary
them to sacrifice school. “The average student has for a student to succeed academically.
more to worry about than just school,” said President
It is important to note that college is different
G. Jeremiah Ryan. “Students have jobs, family from high school. No one will inform you that
responsibilities and are involved in other activities in you have taken enough credits to graduate or hold
addition to going to school.” This understanding is your hand in the transferring process. If you do
reflected in some of the programs and policies that not take charge of your academic career, you will
have been implemented at BCC. end up repeating classes and spending more time
These programs and policies are designed to in a community college than necessary. BCC
decrease the probability that a student will withdraw administrators will meet you halfway when it comes
from classes and drop out of school. By requiring to your academic career, but you must do your part to
students to have prerequisites to take certain classes, talk to the people who can help, if you truly want to
BCC hopes that students will be more prepared for succeed and move on to a four-year institution that is.
Don’t let your chance of graduating turn to ashes.
Good Morning America
Ayelet Shimron
Torch students exhibit their posters while waiting outside the GMA studio
Many dedicated journalism
and TV-media students lined up
at 6:00 a.m. outside the "Good
Morning America" studio,
located in Times Square, New
York City, to get a behind-thescenes look at the production
process from A-to-Z. The trip, which took place
on March 3rd, allowed students
to catch up with country singer,
Tim McGraw, who lit up the
stage with his country jam
performance of the song ‘Still’
from his new album, Southern
Voice. The Bergen Community
College students got a front
row view of McGraw’s
interview with Robin Roberts.
McGraw’s appearance in the
movie, ‘The Blind Side,’ was
noted to be a great success. In interviewing McGraw
about his new movie ‘Sunday’
Roberts asks, “You go from
Sandra Bullock, who's fantastic,
then working with Gwyneth
[Paltrow] in this latest one.”
McGraw’s humorous response
was “Well the women in my
Winner for News & Arts and Entertainment Writing Award and Layout & Design 2008-2009,
Winner of the General Excellence Award 2007-2008
New Jersey Press Foundation Better College Newspaper Contest
life, I’m doing pretty well with.
I get to go home to the best.”
The chutzpa present in the
field of journalism really shone
through when students walked
right up to McGraw and took
pictures with him, as well as
with the band. After McGraw
and his band concluded their
live performance, some lucky
BCC students were able to go
home with the guitar picks used
by the musicians themselves.
Stage manager, Eddie
Luisi, when asked what he
likes best about working at
GMA, said, “I like that it’s
live. When you’re in TV, when
you’re in a soap opera, you can
do a show that’s not live and
take its Take-1, Take-2, Take14, Take-20, it could get real
boring, very monotonous. You
could be on one set all day long
for eight hours.
This is a live show, so you
got to do it right. Also, at this
show you have news, music,
models, celebrities, authors;
you have a good mix. Every
See Good Morning America on
BCC News
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April 2010
Women’s History
Month at BCC
“Writing Women Back into History”
Travis Weite
Copy Editor
Women’s History Month is an annual salute to the
women around the world who will forever be remembered
in history for their contributions to mankind and the
progress they have made in making a name for women
everywhere. Women’s History Month started from humble
beginnings as just one day, but has since come to be a
week in 1980 and is now celebrated for the entire month of
March in the United States as of 1987. There would have
been no celebration at all had it not been for the efforts of
the National Women’s History Project (NWHP).
There have been several events around Bergen
Community College in honor of this month. These events
honor the women of history, as well as the women of today. The events serve to educate students about the importance
of women everywhere, those at BCC in particular. There was a time when women were not allowed to
attend college, let alone teach at one. The women who
teach and attend BCC are historical figures because they
are teaching at, or attending a college. Female BCC
students serve as examples of women who further the
cause of women’s rights by exercising them. The NWHP is an initiative originating in 1980 to
honor women for their historic achievements and ensure
that women’s history is forever remembered. The project
was created in 1980 by a group of female activists: Molly
Murphy MacGregor, Mary Ruthsdotter, Maria Cuevas,
Paula Hammett and Bette Morgan. The theme of 2010’s Women’s History Month is
“Writing Women Back into History.” The majority of
history books have been written by men. This has caused
most historical contributions of women to be omitted from
the history books. The purpose of this year’s theme, as set by the NWHP,
is to correct this injustice and defend the rightful place of
women in history books. By teaching the children, as well
as the young men and women of today, the contributions
of women throughout history, perhaps we will raise
a generation of tolerant men and women who believe
that women are capable of doing anything men can do,
including serving as President of the United States.
Despite the progress women have made for women’s
rights so far, disrespect and injustice toward women still
exists within and outside of the United States. Today,
women are being sold into human trafficking, or modern
day slavery, and having their civil rights taken away from
them. In some parts of the world, girls no older than ten
years old are being sold to old men as wives. Women are
being killed for voicing their opinions or showing parts
of their body. All over the world, girls and women are
being raped and abused. It is important to realize that the
horrors of the past are present today, and that many women
still suffer as a result. It is important for BCC students to realize the
importance of this month and the women honored. Many
women have sacrificed their lives and their freedom
to stand up for the cause of women’s rights. It is sad to
realize that a woman’s right to vote did not come about
until the beginning of the last century. Women are strong
and intelligent beings that are worthy of the recognition
that so many men have received throughout history. Everyone has a mother and all of our mothers have
been a subject to some form of disrespect just for being
female. Use this month to honor your mother, sister, wife,
daughter and all women who have made an impact in the
world. Women’s History Month may just be one month,
but respect toward women and their contributions should
last year round. What Am I Speaking, Yiddish?
Matthew W. Cole
Features Editor
The sweet, subtle poetry of Deborah Vogel is
relatively unknown to most educators and students. You can punch Deborah Vogel in a Google search
and you would have to hunt for a while before
finding a slim bit of information, in English anyways. For Women’s History Month, Dr. Maria Makowiecka
decided to educate both teachers and students
wanting to learn more about Vogel’s life story. With the help of a PowerPoint slide show and a few
crisp handouts of Vogel’s collective work, Makowiecka
presented an engaging story on the life of Deborah Vogel. As Makowiecka read and dissected a few poems, a couple
of informed spectators chimed in with insight of their own.
Makowiecka describes Vogel as “…obviously brilliant…”
when her 1993 poem, “Streets and the Sky” was discussed.
Material information and opinions were also discussed
for two other poems; "A Day Figure” from the series
Tog-Figurn, 1930 and "The Military Parade," 1937.
“Always, when the sky is gray, the streets are tired
and sweet, like the seas, gray and warm,” is a quote from
the "Streets and the Sky." This fine quote, as well as
all her other writings, were written in Yiddish; educator
Makowiecka translated into English herself for the listeners.
Vogel was born in Lvov, Poland and earned her
Ph. D. in 1926 from Jagiellonian University. In 1932
she married, and had only one son who was named
Anshel. Sadly, in 1942 she and her family were killed
for not siding with the Nazis during World War II.
Deborah Vogel has now been brought to
Bergen Community College. Hopefully her work
will be spurred throughout the classrooms and
into the hearts of students and educators alike.
Sojourner Truth
Mother Teresa
Maya Angelou
Amelia Earhart
BCC News
April 2010
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Dr. Susan Fuhrman Speaks at BCC
Nicole De Los Santos, Alfred Martinez
News Editor, Staff Writer
During a period when Bergen Community College
honors and recognizes the hard work of women, a very
notable individual took center stage as keynote speaker
at the Anna Maria Ciccone Theatre on March 3rd, who
gave an informative speech on education and a plug for the
Teacher’s College of Columbia University. This individual
has worked very hard throughout her career, earned every
bit of recognition for her accomplishments and is none
other than Dr. Susan H. Fuhrman, who eloquently graced
BCC with her voice at the podium.
A fact that Dr. Fuhrman made clear from the beginning
of her presentation was that for every one hundred high
school students, only eighteen will complete college;
this is not surprising since the college graduation rate is
extremely low in America. Internationally the United States is ranked 25th out of
30th in mathematics and 15th out of 19th in reading. That’s
a very dreadful statistic, considering that many high school
students enter college needing to take remedial courses
before they can commence their collegiate curriculums,
delaying college graduation by at least a semester. Here
at BCC, the graduation rate is 10% for students who
complete their program within the estimated time, and the
transfer rate is 16% respectfully, based on statistics from
Fuhrman, being the 10th President of the Teacher’s
College of Columbia University, has many inspirational
goals set in mind for the well being of students to succeed
in their academic journeys. The changes she hopes for
range from local, state and government reform, pertaining
to educational policies and accountability pressures in
high schools. The students we have now are the future that
will lead us into a whole new era. Therefore, the very best
in education should be available; an issue which President
Obama has recently pressed upon, with his support for the
firings of unqualified teachers and raises for teachers that
help students excel.
A new idea is emerging with the vast amount of
technology available. Now is the time when everyone
must use the advanced frontier of the internet, computers
and limitless resources that are available. “Each generation
romanticizes a golden age of school. The way students are
learning now has definitely changed and it’s frustrating
to teachers who never learned that way,” commented
Fuhrman. Nothing definite has been decided, but these
advancements need to be embedded so teachers can help
students get back onto a more accurate trajectory. Another noteworthy idea is to start at the foundations
of high school learning, specifically targeting dropout
rates. Schools don’t always put into consideration that
less affluent students may have to work for their families,
meaning they don’t have the necessary time for studying;
making it critical for students to get the necessary
education during school hours. One solution—pull back
the students performing poorly and having them repeat
the year, some may wonder? Better solutions must be
Words of Women
Rachel Kaminer
Staff Writer
In school curricula of this
day and age, female writers,
like Emily Dickinson and Jane
Austen, may be forgotten at
times. However, it is not only
famous women writers that
should be recognized. The
women of today need to make
their voices heard as well. The
“Writing Women” workshop,
part of Women’s History Month
at Bergen Community College,
helped women of all ages get
their voices heard.
The workshop, led by Dr.
Dorothy Altman and Dr. Leigh
Jonaitis, focused on helping
women write and make their
points known. The workshop
started with the question, which
received a variety of responses:
Why did you come here? Some
people said that they came
to express themselves. Some
people came because they
wanted to become better writers.
The workshop gave everyone an
opportunity to achieve those
goals in a relaxed, yet productive
Everyone got a list of five
prompts. Each of these prompts
focused on self-expression. The
topics ranged from writing a
tribute to a woman you admired
to realizing your role in society.
There was a writing period of
about twenty minutes. I found
that it was extremely helpful to
write down the words that I was
thinking at that very moment.
The exercise helped with selfexpression and with writing as
After writing for twenty
minutes, we each got a chance
to read what we had written. It
was a sense of togetherness as
I listened to people of all ages
share what they had written. One
woman read what she thought
about her name. Another one
read about growing up with a
large family. It really gives a
sense of peace and comfort once
you see that people are going
through the same situations as
you are.
Natalie Portman
made that are both beneficial to the students and schools,
since the current result ‘hold and repeat the year’ isn’t
helping. An additional plan that has already begun is dual
enrollment. Having high school students earn college
credits throughout their four years prepares students for
college curriculums, allowing for a smoother transition
toward earning a degree.
Following Dr. Fuhrman’s presentation, she was asked
many questions and given comments by the audience
regarding what can be done to fix the educational epidemic
that America faces. Topics ranged from comparisons of
how well certain Asian students are doing in reflection
to America’s schools and which schools around the states
have had to close due to budget cuts.
Other topics that drew attention were in regards to
structural reform for students entering college, charter
schools, what can be done for students in and out of school
communities, needed improvements in K12 school systems
and taking diverse classes so that students have a broad
option of ideas in deciding what and where to study. New Jersey’s own budget woes also gained interest and
that's something teachers will have to get use to since a
lot of misspending has taken place causing these effects.
When asked about how a teacher’s performance to teach
may be affected by such strains in education, specifically
budget cuts, one word summed it up from Dr. Fuhrman,
Edwidge Danticat’s Unique Way of
Writing “Night Women”
Stephen Zheng
Staff Writer
Are women's writing styles different from
men's? In celebration of Women's History Month,
one author's writing would be studied Professor
Stacey Balken and Professor Kelly Keane hosted
a Book and Brunch event on March 18th in room
C-303, reintroducing a famous past story like
Marlon Jame’s Night Women as well as the famous
and successful Haitian-American author Edwidge
Danticat’s Krik? Krak!.
During this event, Balken explained the unique
ways of writing that Danticat has shown in her
stories and novels; her work having inspired other
writers to write in the same style. She also explained
how some of Danticat’s story has a relation to the
tragedy that happened in Haiti.
Balken pointed out the harsh times that the
people of Haiti are going through right now, which
is very similar to how the main character in ‘Night
Women’ is. In Night Women a mother struggling
to feed her only son is forced into prostitution just
so they can survive and put food in their stomachs.
Ellen DeGeneres
Oprah Winfrey
The same form of attempting survival can be said
for the people of Haiti due to the tragedy that many
of the people are even struggling to survive. Professor Stacey Balken also compared one of
Edwidge Danticat's famous stories, the Krik? Krak!
with one of the New York Times news article, To
Heal Haiti, Look to History, Not Nature, written by
Mark Danner. Balken showed how in Krik Krak!
a mother was scolding her daughter how being a
writer will bring shame to their family and nothing
good will come out of it; that each braid of her
daughters hair represented each of the nine hundred
and ninety-nine ancestors that made her who she
is. Professor Stacey Balken pointed out how each
braid in the daughter is very similar to the Haiti
women in the Haiti tragedy. This event showe a lot of students and professors
the unique writing ways of Edwidge Danticat and
Marlon James, while offering food and beverages
as well!
Princess Diana
BCC News
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April 2010
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You Can Transfer
To Iona College.
A Best College in the North
-U.S. News & World Report
A Best Northeastern College
-The Princeton Review
A Top Undergraduate
Business School in the Northeast
Good Morning America
single day it’s a little different, even
though it’s the same show.”
Luisi has been at GMA for 25 years.
He claims that the field is about your
personality; how you get along. It is
about being friendly and doing the job
without getting people nervous. This
job is a union job so it’s a “catch 22.”
You cannot get in unless you are in the
union. It is a hard job to get into so for
those looking to get a job at GMA, it’s
advised you get into the lower level jobs
and work your way up the ladder. To be a
news anchor or reporter for GMA takes
time. Once you’ve built your resume it
comes down to other facets in which
Luisi describes, “Hopefully you got
the right look, I don’t know [what that
may be]. I mean, you got Robin Roberts
and George Stephanopoulos; do they fit
together? I don’t know.”
continued from pg 1
After watching a live cast production
of the show the students of BCC got
a personal tour behind the scenes of
GMA. They were able to see where
the magic takes place firsthand. From
meeting the back stage TV editing team,
to an opportunity to sit in the same
seats that Robin Roberts and George
Stephanopoulos speak from every
morning, the young aspiring journalists
and TV-media students could not have
asked for a more adrenaline pumping
event. The staff at GMA wakes up every
morning at 3:00 AM and have proved
worthy of producing a show that many
dedicated early birds across America
have grown to trust and respect as their
number one choice of morning news. Earn a degree that matters
• Over 40 majors and minors taught by
professors, never teaching assistants
• Successful alumni
• Fantastic internships
• Scenic suburban campus just 20
minutes from midtown Manhattan
• Dozens of campus clubs and activities
• State-of-the-art athletics center
• New student union
• Study abroad opportunities
• 21 NCAA Division 1 (MAAC)
athletic teams
Come spend a day or schedule a campus visit.
To speak to an admissions counselor call
( 800 ) 231-IONA or visit us online at
IONA COLLEGE • 715 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801
Follow us on Twitter (
[L-R] Bergen Students Perpetua Romain, Ayelet Shimron, and
Nita Lim posing with stage manager, Eddie Luisi backstage at the
GMA studio in Times Square.
•Academic Excellence.OurrecentgraduatesareFulbright
•Choice Programs.Weoffer60+majorsandprogramsincluding
•Transfer Credits.Keepallormostofyourexistingcredits.
Get your future started!
BCC News
April 2010
Page 5
I Kissed A Mezuzah and I Liked It!
Torah, can provide you with a certain sense of
uncompromisable holiness.
With Passover right around the corner, Bergen
Community College’s Hillel Club, run by Rabbi Ely
Allen, provided the club’s members with the opportunity to engage in a “Make your own
Mezuzah” day!
What is a Mezuzah? According to, a Mezuzah is “A parchment
scroll inscribed with the verses of the Shema [the first two words of a section of the
Torah] and affixed to the right doorpost of every room in a Jewish home.”
The Mezuzah stems back to the time of the Exodus when the Jews fled Egypt to
rid themselves from slavery.
The word Mezuzah is derived from the word “zuz,” which in Hebrew means
“move” or “pass over,” thus resulting in the Jewish holiday, Passover. The concept
signifies Moses when he called for the elders of Israel and, according to www., said to them, “Pick out and take lambs for yourselves according to
your families, and with the Passover lamb, strike the Mezuzot with the blood
of the lamb. And none of you shall go out of the door of his house until
morning.” It is written: “by His DEATH, HE might DESTROY him who
holds the POWER of DEATH – that is – and free those who all their lives
were HELD in SLAVERY by their FEAR of DEATH.” Heb 2:14-15.
You are probably still asking yourself, what exactly is a Mezuzah?
To put it plain and simple, a Mezuzah allows us, in short, to capture
those tiny meaningful moments, providing us with a daily pause
for reflection and prayer in the process of coming and going from
the home.
The Mezuzah is a truly precious addition to any Jewish
household and should not be taken for granted. It does not only
provide one of the best security systems a home could have, but it
is also a testament and conventional reminder of our faith, as well as
Ayelet Shimron
a representation that G-d’s presence lies within, and all around; watching over the home
and its dwellings with a caring protective eye.
Upon entering your home, the traditional method that accompanies
owning a Mezuzah requires you to kiss your finger tips and place that
hand on the Mezuzah with a simple touch. Since the majority of people
are right-handed, the Mezuzah is typically placed on the right side of
every door and doorway throughout the house.
According to, “The name of G-d, Sha-dai,
which appears on the reverse side of the parchment is an acronym for
the Hebrew words which mean ‘Guardian of the doorways of Israel.’"
The ritually recited phrase that goes along with the establishment of
the Mezuzah states, “May G-d protect my going and coming in, now and
forever.” With a custom so spiritually uplifting, it would be an undoubtedly
difficult task to feel anything but secure in any Jewish household.
In regards to the Hillel Club and its growing popularity within our student
body, we have a great deal of gratitude and appreciation to express to Rabbi Ely
Allen who has devoted many hours to transform the club into a valuable, nonetheless
essential constituent to BCC’s campus. The students of the Hillel Club were able
to bless their homes with a wonderful and deep-rooted attribute, generating more
meaning and righteousness by virtue of obtaining a Mezuzah.
According to club President, Josh Rubin, he describes his experience as one that
has been, “One hell of a joy ride. I’ve gotten to know all the Jewish faculty and students.
I think we are really doing great things. We [even] managed to get a Menorah [placed]
in the school.”
Hillel hopes to bring more recognition to Jews everywhere, taking it out from under
the radar, because it really belongs to each and every Jewish student who feels a collective
sense of pride for their treasured culture.
Job Opportunities May Be Coming Your Way
Alfred Martinez
Staff Writer
For the bottom 10% of earners (workers who bring
home less than $12,500 annually), the unemployment rate
was 31% according to Laura Rowley who wrote, "Two Job
Markets, Worlds Apart."
This daunting statistic is due in part to the little-tono education that individuals have, making it increasingly
difficult to find jobs. During these fluctuating, struggling
economic times, stock markets and big corporations are
finding it difficult to make ends meat for their multimillionaire executives. The national unemployment
rate, as of February 2010, is hovering at 9.7% (NJ is at
9.9%). There are some institutions out there trying to help
people and improve this nation's deficit, by educating and
finding jobs for those in need. These individuals looking
for support and improvement through higher learning,
New Jersey in general, can receive assistance from our
own almamater with support from its Career and Transfer
Department counselors, here at BCC.
As many of our readers already know,
BCC has made tremendous efforts in improving the
school, helping students and helping the public find jobs
by organizing job fairs and many informative events.
The transfer counselors, along with staff, from the
former Cooperative Education & Career Development
Department, teamed up back in August 2009, to establish
the Career and Transfer Services Department (CTS). They
are located at A-123 and C-111 in the Pitkin Center.
Many people may recall, last year when the
CTS Department arranged a huge Job Fair event, which
was open to students and the general public. People had to
literally park near the entrance of the school off Paramus
Road due to the high volume of unemployed people
looking to fill positions and get back in the job market.
This semester, such an arrangement was unmanageable
due to the enormous renovation the school is undergoing.
Though construction is going on, it has not stopped BCC
from bringing students segments of the job fair called "Job
Opportunity Days." At these miniature events, outside the
cafeteria, there were about five to six recruiters on their
scheduled days, including school staff, who were looking
to assist and hire students for various positions.
Among the companies looking to hire students was
UPS, which was looking to fill several positions for their
Parsippany and Saddle Brook locations. Other companies,
like Columbia Bank, only had a couple of positions to
fill, but that did not stop them from gaining interest from
many students. Also attending these events and looking
to fill many part-time and full-time positions were:
Century 21 Department Stores, PSCH-NJ, Inc, Esquire
Staffing Solutions, Toys ‘R’ Us, Exquisite Home Product,
Embassy Suites, Council for Airport Opportunities and
Fire Department of New York recruitment.
While attending the job opportunity event
on March 2nd, and listening to some of the recruiters, I
realized they were all looking for prepared students with
resumes that were ready for on-the-spot preliminary
interviews. One recruiter, Ms. Ana Medina from Esquire
Staffing Solutions, who was nice enough to entertain a
question replied, “We are looking to help young college
students get ahead. We are a staffing firm who helps place
individuals in part-time and full-time positions, in clerical,
administration, finance & accounting, customer service,
light industrial and data entry.”
It has been a long time since people have heard
or seen the words "Now Hiring." When jobs are hard to
find, one can only have an optimistic outlook in finding
work. With the continuing efforts of BCC and employers
looking to find smart individuals, the hope is that this
trend will continue. Meeting with the recruiters at these
events is just a step towards earning some experience and
cash for your personal needs.
Transferring to Your Bachelor Pad
Nicole De Los Santos
News Editor
So what lies in front of most Bergen Community
College students when Graduation Day draws closer, or
even those wishing to transfer to a four-year college? The
long-awaited day for decision time, which is titled ‘Transfer
Day’ was held on March 17th in the student cafeteria.
The event started at 5 p.m. and half of the
tables in the cafeteria were set up to display brochures,
applications and even those little giveaway pens for fouryear local schools all throughout New Jersey, as well as a
few in New York, came to BCC in the hopes of drawing in
the fresh, new alumni for the upcoming semesters.
Participating colleges were:
· Berkeley College
· Bloomfield College
· Caldwell College
· City University of New York
· College of Saint Elizabeth
· Columbia University (General Studies)
· Dominican College
· Fairleigh Dickinson University
· Fashion Institute of Technology
· Felician College
· Fordham University
· Iona College
· John Jay College
· Kean University
· Mercy College
· Montclair State University
· New Jersey City University
· New Jersey Institute of Technology
· New York University (Steinhardt)
· Pace University
· Ramapo College
· Rutgers University
· Seton Hall University
· Saint Thomas Aquinas College
· William Paterson University
Students were able to go from table to table and speak
with college representatives; asking questions in order to
learn about the reasons why they should consider applying
to the respective schools. The event was both helpful in
ways of quick information gathering, as well as with added
bonuses for students looking to transfer. One thing that
should be noted is most colleges waived application fees
if students applied then and there or took an application
with a signed note from the representative for mailing-in,
which aided students who wanted to apply to more than
one school, but could not afford all the application fees. With so many choices available, it is likely that there
is a vast amount of questions a student would want to ask a
college representative. Some questions in regards to grade
point average minimums, tuition, scholarships, transfer
of all or some credits, dorming and application deadlines
were the main topics that could be heard coming from
curious students. As it turns out, most colleges want a minimum of
2.0-2.5 GPA. Tuition depends on what major and courses
are taken. Depending on college admittance credits, most
credits between 60-70 are accepted. Scholarships are
listed in brochures and depend on the applicant’s grades.
Dorming is available in all places and most application
deadlines are either in the first week of April, June—or
best of all, rollover deadlines so that a student could apply
at any time.
Most students are probably in awe at the average
answer of a 2.0-2.5 GPA minimum for application, but it
should be made clear that all representatives had the same
response, “It’s okay to have the minimum, but your chances
are even better the higher it is.” The 2.0-2.5 minimum was
the average, some colleges asking for 2.7, 2.8 and even 3.7. Although this is a repeated topic, it should be made known
that because of state budget cuts for schools, it is getting
harder for colleges to give out scholarships. The higher
your grades are, the higher the chance you have of getting
close to a free ride on the road to academics.
The event was insightful as to what requirements
are needed to transfer to other colleges and what is to be
expected in regards of what a student should aim for when
choosing a new school. The on-sight application made
things go smoothly, but students must still ask BCC to send
their current transcript to the colleges now, as well as after
May when school lets out to update the desired schools on
how they are doing in their current college. Students who
are transferring when Spring 2010 comes to an end should
start sending out applications and transcripts as soon as
possible before all spots are taken, or they might just have
to wait for the next semester to come around. BCC News
Page 6
April 2010
Toyota Recall
Travis Weite
Copy Editor
The trust that consumers once had in
Toyota cars is now dwindling among American
consumers. This of course is in response to the
massive number of recalls that Toyota has experienced
since September of 2007. The purpose of these recalls
is due to acceleration problems, in which vehicles would
accelerate without drivers being able to brake. There have
been three major recalls to address the three reasons why
this was happening to vehicles.
The first recall, which was September 26th, 2007, was
a result of accelerators being caught underneath oversized
floor mats. The cars that had been recalled for this reason
included floor mats that were not designed for the models
they were sold with. The misshaped floor mat would shift
while the vehicle was in motion, causing it to cover the
accelerator and speed up the vehicle with the driver being
unable to control the speed of the car. The second recall, which occurred on January 21st,
2010, was due to faulty accelerators that would stick to
the floor, causing the vehicle to accelerate uncontrollably.
The third recall, which occurred on February 3rd,
2010, was due to malfunctioning brakes that would be
unresponsive while drivers tried to brake. In older Toyota
cars, the braking mechanism was purely mechanical,
meaning that stepping on the brake of the car would cause
braking pads to squeeze on the tires of the car to slow down
the vehicle. The cars that have been recalled did not have this
braking mechanism. Instead, stepping on the brake would
computer aboard the vehicle, which would
send another electrical message to the car
The 2010 Toyota Camry that has been recalled since 2007
that signaled it to brake. These computers
were malfunctioning in vehicles, which
rendered the brake pedal useless.
Many consumers are now turning away from Toyota, Toyota drivers of being the problem by saying that the
which is good news for American car companies. acceleration problems occurred because “[Toyota] was
Americans are starting to turn to American car companies not aware of how drivers were using their vehicles.” like General Motors and Ford for safety reasons. A Other Toyota executives have even said that American
commercial that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl manufacturers of the brakes are partially to blame. But
explained how Toyota was working hard to fix the as Eleanor Holmes Norton, House Representative for
problems that resulted in the recalls. However, kind words Washington D.C. and speaker at Toyota’s Congressional
from Toyota will not make up for the 21 deaths that have Hearings, so eloquently put it, “No matter where the error
been a direct result of these malfunctions. Since many in the production line occurs, [Akio Toyoda] is responsible
Americans drive Toyotas, United States Congressional for any product produced with the name Toyota on it.”
Consumers have been complaining to Toyota about
Hearings took place between the Committee of Oversight
such as these long before the recalls were made. and Government Reform and the heads of Toyota Motor
Toyota has tried to avoid taking the blame for what their
The reactions of Toyota Executives have been products do for years; according to some consumers. As
seemingly sincere, while they try to pass the blame onto of now, Toyota is trying to correct the deadly malfunctions
other parties. President and Chief Executive Officer of in their vehicles and recover from the recession as well
Toyota Motor Company, Akio Toyoda, was very apologetic as the loss of trust from consumers. It is very important
during the Congressional Hearings, but has tried to accuse for Toyota owners to find out if their vehicles have been
recalled, for their lives depend on it.
Not Your Everyday Cajun BBQ
Matthew W. Cole
Features Editor
Lead Cajun singer terrance simien hands audience disney magic
You are not going to find a better barefoot,
Cajun singer than Terrance Simien. Simien and
his cohorts make up the Zydeco Experience. Zydeco is a genre of music. Basically, it is a
fusion of funk, reggae, Afro-Caribbean and
Cajun flavors that create a lively sound; not to
mention Simien’s thick accent that only added
to his Cajun charm.
Simply put, they play down home
heartwarming Louisiana music. As they played,
you got the feeling of being in Woodstock '76. They even did a cover of a song by The Band –
“The Weight” – who performed at Woodstock.
Simien and his band had more than just upbeat,
booty-shaking music; they also broke it down
with a few slow songs that were perfect to hold
your girl or wife to.
The crowd really ate up this Cajun flavor
as the young and old alike danced to the sweet,
salty melodies of the Zydeco experience. Butt
bumping seemed to be the favorite move of
the evening. Surprisingly, as the audience
got more into the music, the band seemed to
become more energetic.
“Let the good times roll,” said Simien right
before he started throwing Mardi Gras beads
into the audience. They truly took it back to
Louisiana with that one. The band really put a
lot of energy into each song. A few guitar solos
showed some depth to their band.
Terrance has also been featured in a
recent Disney/Pixar film by the name of “The
Princess & the Frog,” which the audience even
had the privilege of hearing firsthand.
Terrance Simien and the Zydeco
Experience are Grammy award winners with a
lot of experience under their belts. They have
performed over five thousand concerts, toured
in over forty countries and touched over a
million people in their twenty-five year career.
Pro Arte Chorale:
The Beauty of Brahms
Jeff Carbone
Contributing Writer
Walking into the Anna Maria Ciccone
Theatre, I did not know what to expect.
Having never been inside, I had no idea of
the size, acoustics or lighting our very own
theatre has to offer. I must say, they are all
excellent. In comparison to other college
theatres, the lighting at Ciccone was great,
the lighting technician was right on cue
throughout the entire performance.
The seating arrangement and intimate
size also struck me, because as the choir
came in, I realized that there was not a
bad seat in the house. I sat up in the back
and out of the way to take notes, and had a
great view of the stage.
As the concert got started, the
organization and training of this choir
was shown. The conductor, David Crone,
kept the entire choir on the same page
throughout the pieces. After the first piece,
there was a short intermission. However,
the rest of the concert was one piece
known as "Ein Deutsches Requiem."
Throughout the entire piece, there
was a flawless transition from movement
to movement. On top of the transitions, the
ability of the choir to move from pitch to
pitch and key to key throughout everything
also impressed upon me the talent of the
men and women onstage.
One detail I almost overlooked as I sat
back and started enjoying the music was
the pianists. Though there was only one
piano, there were two pianists who worked
in unison perfectly; something I was very
impressed with.
However, what really blew me away,
more than anything else I noticed, was the
fact that the entire concert was in German,
and all the singers were American. Overall,
while not something I was used to seeing
or hearing, it was very interesting.
music director and maestro, David Crone, conducting Pro Arte Chorale
BCC News
April 2010
Page 7
2010 State of the County
Andoni Demetriades
Staff Writer
Bergen County’s Executive, Dennis McNerney, addressed the 2010 State
of the County, which was hosted by Bergen Community College. It was
held on campus and anyone interested in Bergen County Politics was
there. Some well-known faces were, Bergen County Sheriff Leo P.
McGuire, the County Freeholders, the County Clerk and many others. The evening began with a welcome to everyone in attendance
by BCC’s very own President G. Jeremiah Ryan. It was extremely
encouraging to see how well-respected President Ryan was in the
community. Something that we, as students, should be very proud of
because we are in good hands.
The welcome was followed by the presentation of colors, the
pledge of allegiance, which was done by McNerney’s children: Kevin
and Julia, then the National Anthem and a word of prayer by Reverend
Gregory Jackson of the Mount Olive Baptist Church. McNerney, who happens to be a graduate of BCC, then began his
address. He spoke about his long history in the county, how he grew up in
Teaneck and attended grammar school in Bogota. He and his family now
live in Ho-Ho-Kus, and then said the following, “My family is attached
to the County because we know that Bergen is the best place to raise
our family.” He continued to talk about Bergen County’s low overall crime
rate, one that has dropped by 9% in the last seven years. Also, our
great public schools, one of which is a top ten school in the entire
nation, the Bergen County Academies. There were many positive things said at the State of the County
Address. As we attend school here in our County’s community
college, we all come from different towns. Each town is unique in
its own right, but at the end of the day, collectively we make up what
is great about this part of New Jersey. Something you can get a glimpse
of here on campus as Bergen County residents.
Voted Sexiest Accent In The World
Matthew W. Cole
Features Editor
Now these are The Boys of the Lough, a group of five
individuals, each with a thicker accent than the last. They
performed Celtic music from the depths of their hearts.
Cathal McConnell and Dave Richardson are both
founding members while the other three: Brendan Begley,
Keven Henderson and Garry O’Briain joined at a later
time. Each of these individuals possesses a great deal of
skill when it comes to their instruments.
Featuring mostly instrumentals, they strove for variety
with every song. The Boys of the Lough used their
hometown songs to bring musical culture to Bergen’s Anna
Maria Ciccone Theatre. Hailing from Ireland, Scotland,
Shetland and Northumberland provides the band with the
ability to touch on a wide spectrum of musical resources. This is apparent in each vocal performance by
McConnell and Begley. Speaking of Begley, he played
the button accordion about as well as you will ever hear. His solo on the button accordion erupted into the audience
louder than any other song.
Their stage presence was very easygoing and friendly.
Cracking jokes as well as sharing funny stories about their
70 completed tours and life back at home. One of the
members of the band was even doing some type of Irish
jig in his seat.
This line-up of The Boys of the Lough has been
together since circa 2001 and seems to be one of the best
meshing teams. Their chemistry and mixing of domestic
backgrounds provides an unusually strong fusion for
This type of music can induce an Irish jig in any
type of person for sure. The Boys have a reputation for
technical brilliance and that title is well lived up to as
they provide music that looks complex to the audience, but
sounds simple and majestic. This was a BCC performance
that the audience won't easily forget.
GTG Bergen Community 4-23:Transfer Ad 3/29/10 11:09 AM Page 1
Find Out What Berkeley College Offers
Bergen Community College Students
Berkeley College offers many benefits to the students of Bergen Community College.
Widely recognized as unique among colleges and universities, Berkeley College offers a proven
approach to career education that provides students with a competitive edge and the skills sought
by employers. This innovative combination of benefits is known as The Berkeley Advantage®.
• Small classes for more personal attention
• A faculty selected for both academic credentials and professional experience
• More than $28 million each year in Berkeley College grants and scholarships
for qualified students
• Flexible scheduling: day, evening/weekend, and online classes
• A Bachelor’s degree in as little as three years or an Associate’s degree in
just 18 months
• Online degrees: Bachelor’s and Associate’s, both part-time and full-time
• On-the-job internships as part of the curriculum
• A tuition freeze for students who maintain continuous, full-time enrollment
• An extensive network of employer connections
• More than 20 Career Services professionals who collectively specialize in each
field of study and actively pursue job opportunities for every student
• Free lifetime career assistance
• Seven convenient locations in the New York metropolitan area
As an indication of Berkeley’s success, every year a high number of graduates
gain employment in positions related to their studies. Last year, Berkeley’s
graduate employment rate was 90%.
It’s easy to transfer your credits!
Call today to find out how:
800-446-5400 ext. GTG
NY: NYC (Midtown and Lower Manhattan) | White Plains • [email protected]
NJ: Newark | Paramus | Woodbridge | Woodland Park (formerly West Paterson)
BCC News
Page 8
April 2010
How Would You Feel About
Carina Tesone
Co-editor has become a
site for students to choose classes based on
anonymous comments about professors’
teaching abilities and ease of grading…
and rate their “hotness” with a chili pepper
Torch previously published an opinion
piece on from a
student's perspective, pointing out that the
posts are anonymous and that comments
may not be 100% trustworthy.
But what do professors have to say
about your ratings?
“I may have or I might not have just
posted ratings or comments about various
BCC professors on the ratemyprofessor
site,” began Professor Gregg Biermann
of the Visual Arts Department. “You just
don’t know who has posted what on the site
and really there is no way to know. Would
you take the advice of a flunking student?
Or how about posts that professors write
about themselves? Are those reliable?”
Professor Biermann also pointed out
that there are much more effective ways
to find out more about your professor.
“My advice is to begin by reading one of
their publications or attending a public
presentation that they might be giving.
A student potentially then might find out
something about who this person that is
standing in front of a class is!”
encourage use of course rating sites, but
suggest Bergen to organize their own
online domain of;
much like Columbia University has for
their students.
“Students should start their own
Bergen rating site, because it can result in
more meaningful data,” said Dr. Denise
Budd from the Visual Arts Department.
Dr. Budd previously worked in Columbia
University, and remarked, “True, a fouryear institution has more time to invest
themselves.” However, she also sees as an opportunity
for improvement. Features of the site demonstrating Columbia’s effective ratings, in
comparison to, include: a text box to briefly describe workload; the
site being student-run, much like running your own club/website; and core curriculum
Cotsakos College of Business at
William Paterson university
classes are specifically accounted for
in terms of rating the professor in a
certain class.
Check it out at
Ratings can also appeal to other
key aspects about a class. Students
may take into account different
teaching styles and workloads in a
given course. Professor Troy Miller
of the Information Technology
Department explained that a
professor’s role is to find ways to
help students better understand the
material. “I know in my classroom,
I present the material in several
different ways; from explaining
the concept, to demonstrating how
it works in examples, to posing
questions about what we are seeing,
to name a few.”
For those still on the fence about,
David Pallant of the Communications
Department said it best, “For and
against it. I think that there’s value
to it, but it’s not that valuable.” He
explains how one student commented
on the site that Professor Pallant gives
pop quizzes, when in truth he does
not; the student just so happened to
not have known that there was a
quiz that day and may not have been
following the syllabus.
But who is going to delve into
those little details when they see
comments like that on the first page?
believe is great can
make some valid points; until you
come across comments for a teacher
or class that seem to not do any justice
for the professor or the students. The
typical “Boring-Easy A” and “Don’t
take this class” comments are just
a few of the vague, the funny and
the ugly opinions splattered all over
the site. If we rate our professors, it
might as well be constructive criticism that both professors and students can benefit from.
Of course, the “Red Hot Chili Pepper” will remain as a cute and amusing icon, making
any professor's day.
Tony Lopez
Majors: Accounting and
Business Administration
your next investment.
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
NJCU has everything you need to succeed,
personally and professionally, in the global economy.
High quality, relevant undergraduate and graduate
programs. Acclaimed, supportive faculty.
12:1 student-to-faculty ratio.
Beautiful, convenient campus.
Outstanding value.
ortfolio at William Paterson
Tony is a financial whiz who likes to examine the market from the inside
out. But he’s also a people person who’s intensely interested in the
human factor. The Cotsakos College of Business at William Paterson
University showed him how to blend both into an incredible career.
your next
open House.
Admissions application fee will be
waived for all students who attend.
Sunday, April 25 .......................12:00 p.m.
Build your Portfolio at William Paterson university.
Plan your next move at
Apply now.
OR E-MAIL [email protected]
BCC News
April 2010
Page 9
BCC Keeps On Giving
Perpetua Romain
Staff Writer
Since the recent devastation in Haiti
students and staff of Bergen Community
College have utilized each day to aid the
victims in need. "Give 'Till It Helps" is
a very successful relief campaign, put
together whole-heartedly by all the faculty
advisors of BCC.
Immediately after Haiti's earthquake
took over news headlines, every faculty
member at Bergen contacted one another
to find ways to get our college involved in
aiding Haitians. Professor Lori Talarico,
the club advisor of the Community Service
Club, was determined to get more students
involved in community service to better
more than just the community around us.
Therefore, "Give 'Till It Helps" is a jointservice consisting of all the clubs at BCC,
working together under the umbrella of the
Community Service Club, which Talarico
This is the first time that BCC has
put together a huge project such as this.
The proceeds from three non-profit
organizations, as well as the proceeds
of "Give 'Till It Helps," are donated to
"Doctors Without Borders," "Habitat For
Humanity" and "Save The Children." Our
financial goal for this relief campaign
program, as a BCC family, is to reach
"The Give 'Till it Helps" campaign is
unique in that it encompasses all of the
college's fundraising efforts for Haiti," says
Talarico. "Any club or organization that is
doing a fundraising project is supporting
the same cause: the BCC Haiti Fund. If
every student at BCC donated $1, the goal
of $10,000 is easy." No doubt, this is an
easy goal, especially since we are a school
with a population of over 15,000 students.
Many clubs at BCC have taken the
initiative to raise money alongside each
other and individually as well. The African
Student Union began a T-Shirt drive to
send clothes to Haiti, the International
Student Association sponsored a student
designed T-Shirt sale and many other
clubs held a bake sale. There are about 150
donation cans circulating the school so that
students and staff of Bergen may donate-but the donating does not stop there.
On April 22nd, Earth Day, students of
the Environmental Club, as well as the
Community Services Club, will join forces
to create an event called "Sustainability
For the Earth and Community," which will
be held in the cafeteria.
Numerous tables will be set up with
information and other ways to donate;
not only to aid the victims in Haiti, but
to help everyone around us as well. This
includes, but is not limited to, bake sales,
information on animal shelters and even a
donation of prom dresses for the girls who
do not have the means to purchase one,
but would love to have their dream Prom
There is also a major weekend
music concert that will be held
in order to raise money after
students return from Spring Break.
Students are encouraged to participate
as much as they can to continue to aid
the unfortunate inhabitants of Haiti. The
"Give 'Till It Helps" relief campaign began
in January and will end on May 31st,
but our care and helping hands do not
have to cease on this date. Students, staff
and faculty of BCC can now, and in the
future, donate to the credible, non-profit
organization, the R.O.S.E. Foundation of
Members of the foundation will depart
for Haiti on April 17th, to distribute
duffle bag survivor kits from their
"Operation: Drop A Duffle" program,
and will be returning to Haiti again this
year. Donations of any form, including
survival supplies are highly encouraged
and accepted. For more information on
what to donate or how to participate in
the" Drop A Duffle Program," visit www.
Bergen Community College
Give till it HELPS!
Student Club Organization Campaign
Please contribute $1 to help us reach our goal of $10,000 for Haiti
African Student Union
Albanian Student Association
Anime Club
Art Club
B.C.C. Health Club
Bergen Lit
Business & Finance Club
Black Student Union
Chemistry Club
Chess Club
Chinese Club
Community Service Club
Criminal Justice
Christian Student Association
Dance Club
Debate Club
Dental Hygiene
Early Childhood Association
Environmental Club
Filipino American Association
Fitness Club
Hillel Club
Honors Association
International Student Association
Italian Club
Math Club
Media Club
Model UN
Muslim Student Association
Music Interactive Club
Nursing Club
Out of Homeostatis Club
Paralegal Club
Peace Club
Philosphy Club (LOGOS)
Phi Theta Kappa
Ping Pong Club
Polish Club
Psychology Club
Respiratory Therapy Club
Rotary Club
Student Activites Board
Student Government Association
Shy Club
S.T.A.R. Club
Theatre Club
Turkish Club
Video Game Club
Women's Club
For more information, please contact Professor Lori Talarico at [email protected]
Page 10
The Torch
Opinions and Editorials
April 2010
Mother, why are you crying?
MATTHEW COLE, Features Editor
NITA LIM, Layout Editor
DAWN FOSTER, Layout Editor
400 Paramus Road
Paramus, NJ 07652-1595
[email protected]
For News and Op-Ed
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THE TORCH, a member of the Associated
College Press and the College Media
Association, is the official student newspaper
of Bergen Community College. The purpose
of THE TORCH is to report on the events at
BCC and the local community, and to offer the
BCC community a forum for expression. The
opinions expressed in THE TORCH are not
neccessarily those of THE TORCH. All the
materials submitted to THE TORCH become
property of THE TORCH.
The Torch strives for the highest journalistic
standards and accuracy. Readers are
encouraged to contact us if they find any
mistakes in any edition of the Torch.
Editorial and
Opinion Pieces
As an open public form, The Torch welcomes
guest opinion pieces and letters to the editor
from any member of the Bergen Community
College community. Materials should be
submitted to [email protected]
or delivered to The Torch office, B-101. Such
submissions must include the writer’s name,
contact information and affiliation with the
college. Students should include their major;
faculty and staff should include campus title
or position. Opinion pieces are limited to 600
words and letters to the editor to 200 words.
The Torch reserves the right to edit and to
refuse publication of any submission.
Deforestation in Ethiopia
Ayelet Shimron
Man has been given the gift of
reason, with the potential to create,
so that he can build on it. In contrast,
throughout existence, man has not been
creating; man destroys. Forests vanish,
rivers dry up, wild life becomes extinct,
global warming drastically worsens and
the land grows weaker every day.
Earth survives significant, volcanic
eruptions, tectonic cataclysms and
the glacial epoch. We live in an age
of compulsiveness. What mankind is
causing is nothing short of clicking
the fast forward button, while blindly
escorting themselves to their own doom.
Life is a pattern of configurations, in
which we are all a piece of its intricate
design. What we neglect to realize is
that nature is the dominant life present
on planet earth, not us. What nature was,
"once upon a time," willing to share with
humanity, we have taken advantage of,
in abundant quantities, and now she
naturally plots her revenge.
The dilemma is, rather than learning
to create a true individual, we lack the
power to question authority or think
for ourselves, and therefore, succeed to
establish an unclear understanding of
right from wrong.
Manipulation is a device that has
been used to stabilize humanity for past
ages. Regardless of what your personal
system of beliefs may be, we can all
confirm that nature was here first. It
withstood every period of evolution,
every natural disaster, every test of time
throughout history; ultimately proving
to be the dominant source of life.
As we progress onward in life, the
more we get handed to us; we willingly
indulge in the abundance of it all, yet
unceasingly hunger for more. We are constantly experiencing
evolution all around us. From the death of
a plant to its rebirth, from one summer’s
end to another summer’s entrance, from
sunrise to sunset and back again, from
procreation to extinction; we are all a
part of life’s continuous rhythmic cycle.
Our purpose should be to ascend
to levels superior to our knowledge,
knowledge that is only attained by
those who are able to truly embrace
their surroundings. Rather than go with
the current of what others perceive
as “normal,” we must deviate from
that comfort zone. We must begin by
preaching the right message. We cannot
reach those higher levels of serenity
until we have conquered total awareness
and love for ourselves. You cannot photoshop the colors
of a sunset and expect to achieve its
natural elegance. As I was driving home
one day, I noticed the sun setting on
the horizon. As I tried to get closer to
get a better view, it suddenly became
progressively more difficult to maneuver
in and out of buildings, and steer around
the billboards that were blocking the
sun's ability to glow. By the time I
reached, what I considered to be, a
decent perspective, the sun had already
set. I came to the realization that, in
life, people’s awareness becomes merely
a perception of reality, fogged up by
mind pollution, caused by the attempt to
creatively build the world, all the while
ultimately destroying it.
Reality has become waking up in the
morning, going to school, graduating,
getting married, raising a family, then
death; but whose reality is this? Is this
the reality we have made for ourselves or
just a mere perception of what we expect
of ourselves? People get punished for
vandalizing the property of others, but
when humans puncture massive holes
into God’s home by building factories
and toxin producing automobiles, these
crimes go unnoticed... or so we’d like to
believe. We are the cancer to our planet
and the cure to cancer starts with us.
We will be destined to search the
universe for a new abode because we
will have transformed Earth into a place
inhospitable and uninhabitable. Unless
we act NOW, society must hope that
the people’s ability to overcome natural
disasters will keep pace with nature’s
ability to create them. This time, the war is within
ourselves; we are our own enemy. The
ideal approach is catalyzing change. As said by an ancient Native American
Wisdom, “You must teach your children
that the ground beneath their feet is the
ashes of your grandfathers. So that they
will respect the land, tell your children
that the earth is rich with the lives of
our kin. Teach your children what we
have taught our children; that the earth
is our mother. Whatever befalls the
earth befalls the sons of the earth. If
men spit upon the ground, they spit upon
Opinions and Editorials
April 2010
Roving Reporter
Page 11
CERT to the Rescue at BCC
Alfred Martinez, Juan Saliba
Staff Writers
“What have you found to be the most
efficient study method when preparing for
a test, midterms, finals, etc?”
Rasean Blain
Major: Counseling
"Going over the notes the teacher gives
in class, and making sure I take good notes
in class, so that I can go over them later on.
Repetition of terms, names and dates helps
me out." Barbara Space
Major: Early Childhood
"Group studying because I like to study
with people, I cannot study by myself. I
learn more when I interact with others and
it's a fun way of learning, plus I like to talk
very much."
Brian Perez
Major: Biology
"Having a friend or my girlfriend help
me study. I always find it easier to be tested
by others on new material because certain
things they say help me remember the
Alfred Martinez, Stephen Zheng
Staff Writers
During the weekend of March 13th
through 15th, violent winds and heavy
rain devastated several New Jersey
homes and institutions, causing severe
damage to many residences. Here in
Bergen County, thousands of residents
were affected by this brutal storm.
The storm caused major power
outages and flooding that overflowed
many rivers, as well as causing flooding
to numerous homes.
Acting as a major relief to
the unfortunate people who had to
leave their homes due to the bad
weather was CERT (Community
Emergency Response Team), which is a
part of the OEM (Office of Emergency
Management). This specially trained The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) taking a
group of individuals is made up of role in emergency prepardness projects in their community
volunteers who come together to
help those in need. The CERT volunteers,
Two individuals who contributed to
along with their coordinators, train at
various municipalities within their towns and organizing the relief were Gidget Petry, an
prepare for terrorism, fire safety and disaster OEM coordinator, and Marie Jardine, BCC’s
own Assistant Director of Public Safety and
With the assistance of the BCC CERT CERT coordinator for the college. When asked
Program, on the Paramus campus, individuals about how many people were estimated to fill
were able to seek shelter, food and personal up the gym, Petry’s response was, “Hopefully
assistance to help them get through their harsh none, I would prefer that people in need have
situations. The BCC CERT Program assists in families or friends that can help them out. Who
training students and is recognized for helping wants to stay in a shelter? If not, the CERT
victims in terrible times. In the gym at BCC, a volunteers and myself are here and ready to
maximum of 150 cots were ready to be set up service those who are in need.” for those displaced. Ali Starzyk
Major: Sociology
"I think the most efficient method
to study is involving yourself in group
discussion. Sometimes you may only
understand certain aspects of a topic, and if
you're allowed to engage in the exchanging
of ideas with other classmates on the
subject, it becomes easier to understand."
Melanie Hernandez
Major: Psychology
"I start studying from day one when
classes begin, so that I can understand
everything completely and know what is
going on. If you start studying too late or
mid-semester, then you are completely lost
and it becomes harder to catch and pick
things up."
Comin’ Out and Bein’ Proud
Katrina Marie Botti
Staff Writer
Being a girl of my stature, no one
in a million years would believe that
I have a homosexual tendency. At the
age of twelve I began to consciously
grasp that I was a lesbian. Although,
at that age many things are constantly
in question and I thought it was
simply a phase, something I would
grow out of. Apparently, that was not
the case.
As I grew older my feelings
toward females only grew stronger. I
had experimented with both females
and males. I was in denial about
my sexuality. Being with a former
boyfriend, for about four years, I
knew at that point I was meant to be
with a woman. Being involved with
him only made me realize I was
more attracted to women.
Since I have announced to my
loved ones, family and friends that
I am indeed a lesbian, my life has
changed dramatically. It was hard
enough being a woman, let alone
being a woman who was attracted
to other women. My friends and
family love me, so they completely
understand, but being in the scene,
I can see how difficult it is to be
brave enough to come out. Not only
is it scary to not be accepted in my
community, it is even scarier to
realize that my sexual orientation is
not accepted globally. I personally
am proud of who I am and would
like to help others be proud of who
they are no matter what they do or
believe in. I believe you should stand
up for what you believe in and be
who you are.
When I had entered BCC for my
first semester, I had joined the GLBT
Club. Joining GLBT has given me
the courage and the strength to be
who I really am. I hope, in the future,
to help young people like myself to
not have fears of being judged for
being who they were born to be.
The Torch hiring!
We are looking for...
Writers and Reporters, Photographers, Cartoonists,
Those Interested in Graphic and Web Design
...and we do pay
for your services
Please attend a meeting, held in B-101, every Tuesday at 12:30 for more information
Page 12
The Gods
vs. Titans
April 2010
Ben De Brasi
Contirbuting Writer
It is finally here! After years of following Kratos, "God
of War III," the Greek mythology inspired trilogy has
arrived. The question is: does it live up to its hype?
In terms of visceral violence and grand scale, this game
has no equal. Though the series has always been known
for its brutality, "God of War III" takes it up a couple of
notches. Deaths are shown in excruciating detail, nerve
endings and all. Everything from the character models and
the environment to the lighting and shadowing is superb.
"God of War III" provides the player with breathtaking
The scale of the game is epic. Fighting legions of
undead while on top of a moving titan is an experience
no other game can claim to have. Set pieces are huge and
everything seems so grandiose. However, most of the set
is just for show and, when coupled with revisiting areas
multiple times, it feels like wasted potential.
The game feels too streamlined. The platforming is
easy, the puzzles are simple and the combat is tipped in
your favor. It is not until you unlock the "chaos" difficulty
where the combat begins to feel like a real challenge, but
even then the game's difficulty is intermittent and never
Kratos has some new accessories
reaches the height of its predecessors.
The music is a mixed bag. For instance, while the eerie
and quaint chorus singing in the Hades level provides a
creepy supernatural atmosphere, the combat music is
lacking. The memorability of the music has definitely
"God of War" has always been an intensely characterdriven game and that has not changed. The story is all about
Kratos and his need for vengeance. Unfortunately, "God of
War III" does not deliver and falls short of satisfying. The
story makes little sense and seems lost.
"God of War III" is a lukewarm end to the trilogy. My
recommendation is to rent, as the game is short and you
will have more than enough time to beat it and get all of
what this title has to offer.
Tackling That Term Paper
Jorge Estrella
Contributing Writer
Have you ever spent hours on end, frantically writing a paper for class only to find out
that you've received a low grade on the assignment? This is a very common scenario for
many college students. The process for writing a paper can be very tedious and stressful,
however that does not mean that the process cannot be a rewarding one.
By following these simple guidelines, you will find that writing
that A+ paper is not as hard as it seems. The first key component
to writing the perfect paper is preparation. Before you begin, you
must make sure you have all the proper materials that will make the
assignment come along easier. Materials such as an internet-ready
computer and textbooks pertaining to the subject matter at hand are
necessities for gathering information. The more information you
have, the more you can put into your paper.
Also, be weary of procrastination, which seems to plague many
of us, college students. When we wait till the very last minute to get started on a paper,
our work is greatly affected. If you are given a week to complete the assignment, it helps
to get started as soon as possible; every bit you do along the way will help diminish some
of the pressure.
It is also important that you follow the professor’s instructions, and not leave any
questions unanswered. If there is one available, follow the rubric word for word, this will
make sure you cover anything your professor might be looking for. Make sure you format
the assignment to the professor’s liking and use the proper
form of citation.
Lastly, it is absolutely imperative that you thoroughly
proofread your assignment and make sure that your writing
remains consistent and follows a certain structure. Pass it
off to a friend that may know a thing or two about writing.
If you follow these fundamental rules, not only will you
see a jump in your grade, but you will also see how easy
writing a paper can be.
“writing that A+
paper is not as hard
as it seems”
April 2010
Page 13
Stephen Zheng
Staff Writer
The Battle has just begun but the War is far from Over.
indexes and caches web pages, but also
takes "snapshots" of other file types which
include: PDF, Word Documents, Excel
Spreadsheets, Flash SWF and plain text
files. Google also uses a feature called
search engine optimization. What this
does is help increase a website's ranking on
Google, making it beneficial to industrial
Beside just a search engine, Google
also offers 22 other features such as:
weather, stock quotes, time, sports scores,
unit conversion, currency conversion,
calculator, dictionary, maps, movie show
times, public data, real estate, housing,
travel data/airports, package tracking,
patent numbers, area code, synonym
search and also U.S. Government search.
Overall, Bing is not a Google Killer and
the best choice for a user is to just stick
with Google Search, which offers a better
search engine and many more features.
Health Benefits of Sex
Thrust. One… two...
hold. Repeat. These
moves may be saved for
the bedroom, but the
positive affects they have on your body follow you way
beyond. The positive effects of sexual pleasure can bring
couples closer together as well as aid in one's health and
mental well being.
In the heat of the moment, as your skin beings to tingle,
your breathing becomes erratic and you feel your heart
beating out of your chest, all your muscles are working
together to get blood flowing, which in turn is helping your
cardiovascular health. Researchers in England published
a study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community
Health and found that having sex twice or more a week
reduced the risk of fatal heart attack by 50% for the men in
comparison to those who had sex less than once a month.
The major health benefits of sex are lower blood
pressure and an overall reduction of stress. Research done
in Scotland, reported in the journal Biological Psychology,
found that those who engaged in sexual behavior have a
better response to stress. A different study published in the
Nita Lim
Staff Writer
Microsoft announced in May 2009, the
release of their new search engine "Bing,"
A.K.A."the Decision Engine." This was
to replace their previous search engine
"Live" and to compete with the king of all
search engines, "Google." So what is the
difference between "Bing" and "Google?"
Bing has a couple of features that make
it superior to Google Search, such as the
Best Match feature. This feature searches
for the websites that best match what the
user types in. Another feature is called,
Deep Links. This feature allows insight
into what resources a particular website
has to offer. Another interesting feature is
called Interfaces, allowing each website's
interface to be customized from global to
local information.
The Google search engine,,on the
other hand, is still the easiest to use thanks
to the patented system called PageRank.
It helps by ranking web pages that match
a given search string. Google not only
same journal supports research which states that frequent
intercourse is associated with lower diastolic blood
pressure in cohabiting participants.
A study done at the State University of New York in
Albany suggests that semen acts as antidepressant. “The
data is consistent with the possibility that semen may
antagonize depressive symptoms and evidence which
shows that the vagina absorbs a number of components
of semen that can be detected in the bloodstream within a
few hours of administration,” said an author of the study.
Mom always said to take in a lot of vitamin C to fend
off colds, but according to scientists at Wilkes University
in Wikes-Barre, PA, sex also helps boosts immunity.
Engaging in sex once or twice a week has been linked
to higher levels of antibody called immunoglobulin A or
IgA. Those help protect you from colds and infections.
During sex specifically, orgasms release the hormone
oxytin, which helps promote sleep and us, college students,
know the importance and value of sleep. This hormone
also increases endorphins that in turn cause pain to lessen. Ready to work out?
Girls know how PMS symptoms can sometimes decline
after sex, now you know why.
Page 14
April 2010
Suriving BCC, Pregnant
Alfred Martinez
Staff Writer
Attending college can be a very rewarding experience, and
many things can happen during the 2-4 years you are there.
One of which is getting preagnant. So how is it that a pregnant
woman can survive attending classes at BCC?
The anatomical and physiological nature of a woman goes
through many changes during the first, second, and third
trimesters. Concentrating on class work, homework and exams
is another ongoing process. Being pregnancy while having to
juggle classes in between, can be a very exhausting and stressful
experience for any woman trying to get ahead in life.
Women experience many symptoms and signs of being
pregnant, some are: morning sickness, body aches, breast
changes, fatigue, sleep disorders, swelling, leg cramps, urinary
frequency, dizziness and several other conditions, which should
all be consulted with a doctor.
One must ask him or herself, with so many changes all
at once, what keeps a pregnant woman going? I spoke to two
fulltime, BCC students, both in their third trimesters and asked
them a few questions on how they are handling being pregnant
while staying focused on school.
Valerie Gushiken
Charity Garcia
Valerie Gushiken is Japanese/Brazilian, born in Brazil and has been living in
America for the past two and a half years.
Charity Garcia is a Puerto Rican/Dominican Latin American, 28 yrs. Old, and
resides in Englewood, NJ
Q. "So what are you expecting?"
Valerie. "I’m expecting a baby girl."
Charity. “I’m expecting a boy which will be my second child.”
Q. "Are you excited about having your child?"
V. "Yes, very excited, this going to be my first child. I'm due in a few days."
C. “I can’t wait, I feel tired, and I am due in May.”
Q. "I’m happy to hear that, good luck, so what keeps you motivated to continue
going to school?"
V. "I really want to finish so I can get ahead in life because it’s very necessary now
a days and my baby keeps me going also."
C. “My daughter and the baby on the way, somebody has to make some money.”
Q. "How far do you plan on attending college?"
V. "This is my second semester and I’m taking twelve credits. I plan on going to
and completing a four year college."
C: “I plan on finishing my 2 years and transferring to a 4 year university.”
Q. "How have you been able to cope with school and being pregnant?"
V. "Thankfully, I think I’ve done fine."
C. “It’s very difficult, sometimes you don’t feel good and it’s hard to get out of
Q. "What suggestions do you have for women who are in similar situations like
V. "Given the environment which demands a lot from you, I would say, don’t give
up. Enjoy being pregnant and find a way to
balance your routines."
C. “Do the best you can and be open with your professors about the pregnancy.”
After brief conversations with these two individuals, one can only gain a great deal
of respect and admiration for the commitment they have exuberated. It is definitely
a complex period, which requires strength of mind and the will to move on. Women
in similar situations should take heed from these fine individuals and put their best
foot forward. College can be a rewarding experience, and even more rewarding when
accompanied by the obstacle of being pregnant. Tame the Monster
BDD, which stands for Body
Dysmorphic Disorder, is a serious
medical health concern, mostly
affecting women and their self-esteem. This psychological anorexia disorder literally controls and takes over a
person’s mind. A common characteristic of BDD is the constant need
to over analyze physical features. Although many people have felt
dissatisfied with their body at some point in their life, people who have
BDD are never satisfied with their looks. BDD relates to anxiety and
eating disorders. Constantly thinking being dissatisfied with one's
physical traits blocks personal thoughts, which may harmfully affect
physical and mental health.
Obsessions such as, acne, facial symmetry, breast size, and weight
are common concerns that people with BDD have. BDD also causes a
chemical imbalance of hormones, such as low serotonin. This hormone
is responsible for our feelings of happiness. In addition, BDD may
lead OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), GAD (generalized anxiety
disorder), depression, and agoraphobia, which is an extreme fear of
certain places and scenarios. Usually this results in avoidance of
places/situations. BDD is a continuous snowball effect of one thing
on top of another. This unhealthy lifestyle has many symptoms of low
self-esteem, anxiety in public, avoiding or excessively using mirrors
for constant reassurance of appearance, avoiding social situations,
and much more.
In order to know if someone is diagnosed with BDD, a doctor
needs to evaluate a BDDE (Body Dismorphic Disorder Examination)
test. This means vital information such as medical history, daily
behavior, and family evaluation have to be highly scrutinized
when being diagnosed. Cognitive Behavior Therapy and antidepressants are also other ways of treatment. BDD clearly weakens
an individual’s quality of life and can influence many around them.
It is not clear what causes this “disease," but clinicians believe
the combination of biological, psychological, and environmental
factors from a person’s past or present may be a cause. Experiences
of abuse and neglect can also be a factor. BDD usually occurs
in early adulthood when self-criticism of
appearance generally begins. The media
and public also factor in with the
obsession and peer pressure of
Do not be too hard
on yourself because,
subconsciously, BDD
does not happen in
one day. Slowly it
progresses into a
monster inside
of you.
Emily Prendergast
Staff Writer
My Dog Ate My
You look at the clock and
see you have five minutes
before class and suddenly
you begin to sweat. You
sweat because you did not
finish your homework that is going to take about an hour to do.
What do you do?
1. Use Class Time: Now, I do not suggest doing this
everyday. However, if you have no other time to do your work,
do it during class and hand it in at the end. Your professor will
understand that you forgot to pass it up at the beginning of class.
2. Be Honest: Tell the professor in private why you are
handing the assignment in late. This is not going to work if you
are a student with ten absences, but if you are a student who is
attentive, attends class and makes good grades, the professor
will likely understand.
3. Email the Professor: Tell your professor you got swine
flu or just let them know your assignment is going to be late. If,
for whatever reason, you are not going to finish the assignment
on time, email the professor and tell them. If you have to work
six days next week, email him or her ahead of time and explain
the situation. Professors are people too; they understand and
might give you an extension.
4. Technical Glitch: If you know you have time to do the
assignment after class, tell a little white lie and say that you
will get it to your professor right after class. This is a dangerous
idea, but if you think you have the time, tell the professor you
emailed it to him. Then quickly, after class, run to the library,
find a Facebook free computer, and do it. This is by far the most
risky idea, but if you are neck deep in trouble, give it a try.
5. Dead End:
If the assignment is
going to take longer
then the class itself,
you have no excuse
for not doing it and
you cannot go to
the library after
class to finish it,
tell the truth. If
you are honest and
contrite, professors
might feel bad and
give you an extra
day to complete the
Remember kids you can only use this once
Jeff Carbone
Contributing Writer
April 2010
The Long Distance
a relationship with? Nicole De Los Santos
After you have figured this out, the rest
News Editor
flows easily. If you are willing to work out
There is a good chance that all of the the distance, then be glad that this is the era
MySpace/Facebook users reading this have of technology where cell phones, unlimited
at some point found someone they would text and Skype (webcam feature to see and
like to get to know over the internet. Just speak with the person) are available. The
one problem: they live on the other side of days of waiting for the letter in the mail to
the planet, well at least not close enough to come, which could take days, weeks or even
see on a daily
basis. So here
replaced with
is the question:
getting into a
relationship with
at least by
someone you will
never meet in
real life?
This issue can
be picked apart
into a million
when and how
different pieces;
often you can
like how far
see each other. away the other
If sparks fly,
lives, how much Couple uses technology to stay in touch.
then again be
would it cost to
glad you have
see them, how
often can the trip be done, is there someone cars, Amtrak trains, Greyhound buses and
else nearby, etc. The basic fact that anyone Continental Airline planes at your disposal. should figure out before considering doing If it does not work out, then at least you tried
the whole long-distance relationship is, “How and have the knowledge of saying you knew
committed are you at making this work?” what to do. I speak from my own experience
Are they a one-night stand fling, until you and freely admit that it is difficult, but you
finally do meet a potential relationship may find someone that is worth waiting for.
candidate, or someone you honestly WANT
Living Together Before
Saying “I Do”
Emily Prendergast
Staff Writer
Thinking about moving in with your
sweetie? Not sure if it will save a relationship
or put things into sour mode? Maybe you
should think twice before making a decision.
Individuals consider living with their
significant others for various reasons, such as
to prevent loneliness, to help their finances,
or to feel committed. If you have both agreed
that you want a commitment, consider the
following information.
Psychologist, Scott Stanley, at the
University of Denver found through his
research that living together before marriage
may increase a couple’s chances of divorce.
In fact, a Denver study shows that out of 1,050
married people, 19% of those who “lived
together” before marriage have mentioned
divorce. In contrast, only 10% that did not
live together brought up divorce. Dr. Stanley
claims that couples who lived together before
they married were less dedicated to their
marriage than those who did not.
The cost of living together before
marriage is called “The Cohabitation Effect”
among researchers. The negative effects
of premarital living include lower levels of
male commitment to their spouses, higher
marriage instability, and more negative
communication in marriage. Why is this
the case? One explanation is that couples
who decide to live together often have their
financial and social priorities compromised.
This can get very sticky at times, which often
makes it harder for non-compatible couples
to break up, than if they lived separately.
Instead of calling it quits, the easier choice
seems to be to get hitched.
On the other hand, living together before
taking vows can have its benefits. This time
together can provide an advantage for both to
get to know each other more before saying “I
Do.” Adapting to your spouses living habits
can prevent future disappointments and
surprises in marriages.
Overall, it all depends on how stable the
couple is to merge houses. The people who
live together without a plan and a vision
of their future will most likely get the
divorce. There is no wrong or right answer
for cohabiting together before marriage.
It is something that the couple has to take
into deep consideration and decide for
Page 15
Eco Spring
Spring is finally here, and
that means it is time to shed
those heavy overcoats and
jackets and step out into the
sunshine. With trees of green and red roses too, spring makes
you appreciate “What a wonderful world” we live in. That is
why Eco-friendly spring fashion is so great. It makes the world
a more beautiful place in more ways than one.
Where can you get Eco-friendly spring fashion (and at a
decent price)? "American Apparel," known for their leggings,
which are still in style, is sweatshop free and twenty percent
of their cotton clothes are made from organic material. They
also recycle fabric scraps and use solar energy for their
headquarters in Los Angeles.
Levi Strauss is another company that recycles and
uses organic cotton. This is good news, since denim
is a huge fashion trend this spring. Denim jackets,
denim bags, denim shoes, you name it and they've
already most likely made it in denim.
Denim can also be found at your local thrift or
second hand store. Throw a cute 10 dollar denim jacket
from the thrift store over an organic cotton floral print dress,
and voila! Talk about Eco-friendly and fashion-friendly. Many
other trends, like various prints (floral, stripes, abstract), can
be found at second hand stores, since fashion so often revisits
the past.
Some other Eco-friendly companies include "Greenloop"
organic cotton clothing, which sells from many Eco-fashion
lines;, which has an organic cotton $11
blank men’s tee in 15 different colors; and "Toms Shoes,"
which besides being Eco friendly, is also humanitarian,
wearing eco friendly
giving a pair of shoes to a child in need for every shoe
clothing feels good and
you purchase.
So have a happy spring. And do not pollute as it will
looks good.
kill animals.
Lydia Snyder
Staff Writer
Chat Roulette
No Relation to Russian Roulette
Juan Saliba
Staff Writer
From AIM, MSN to Skype, there created by a Russian seventeen-year-old
are a variety of ways to virtually by the name of Andrey Ternovskiy. “I
connect with friends. From photo created this project for fun. Initially,
sharing to conducting a video chat, the I had no business goals with it,” says
technology is there and is improving Ternovskiy. day after day. However, there is one chat
He started off by building it for his
site that is changing not only our typing friends and himself, but eventually the
mannerisms, but the way we verbally fan base grew larger and larger. The
speak as well. The site is called Chat site gets an average 20,000 users on a
Roulette, where you never know who typical night. So, care for an adventure?
you are going to find.
Click that next button and enjoy the
The age range of users vary and ride; you will never know who or what
you can use your webcam to meet new you will find.
people. If you do not like the person or
if you find yourself getting bored of him
or her, just press next, or F9, to go to the
next available stranger. The
advantage of Chat Roulette is
that once you press next, you
will not see that person again
and you will then see a fresh,
new face.
Some people have gotten
creative and worn masks
like Darth Vader or used
puppets like Kermit the Frog.
However, a bit of warning for
those with a weak stomach:
some have gone a bit too far
and have shown their privates
willingly, but you can simply
click next to avoid overly
engaging in these types of Bcc student, Juan Saliba tries his luck on Chat
According to www.bits. Roulette
How to Deal With Your Friend Attacking Your Relationship
Katrina Marie Botti
Staff Writer
Many people have best friends who are overprotective,
especially when it comes to dating. When you are dating
someone, your friend typically looks out for your best interest,
which is something you want a friend to do. It is a comforting
feeling to know your best friend is watching your back.
Do not feel that your friend is judging the person you are
dating. Your friend is most likely nervous and does not want
to see your heart get broken. Your friend is just looking out
for you, as if you are a part of their family. For example, if you
have a family member that suffered from a severe heartbreak,
you would be afraid that he/she would be hurt once again
upon entering a new relationship. However, in some cases,
your friend's over-protection may be viewed as hostile by the
guy or girl you are dating.
If your best friend and your new boyfriend or girlfriend
start a feud, you will feel as if you are helplessly caught in the
middle. No matter what happens, it is best not to favor a side. Favoring a side may cause you to lose either your best friend
or your new love interest. Keep in mind, your friendship
should have a higher value, compared to the value of your new
relationship. Your friend will always be there for you, but once
you get into a conflict with someone you are dating, he or she
can move out of your life as quickly as they came in; but your
friend will remain by your side. The best way to avoid conflict with your friend and the
person you are associated with is to always speak highly of
one in the presence of the other. This will let them both know
that they both mean a great deal in your life. They both should
respect you enough to have some respect and not put you in
the middle of a feud. Despite how annoying it may seem, a The third wheel in its natural habitat
friend who warns you of a harmful relationship will let you
know that he or she is a loyal friend.
Page 16
April 2010
Picking Up People at a Bar
Ben De Brasi
Contributing Writer
Katrina Marie Botti
Staff Writer
How to pick up a girl
How to pick up a guy
In many situations, men are nervous to
Approaching a guy at a bar can be a scary
approach a girl. Naturally, everyone is scared of
thing. Despite the feminist revolution and all
rejection. People can feel more comfortable at
the changes that have been made in the women's
bar or any place that has liquor, because they feel
favor, the cultural norm is for a guy to initiate
relaxed with some booze in their systems. a convorsation with a girl. Though there is no
If a guy is interested in a girl he sees at a bar,
exact science for attracting men, there are things
he should approach her naturally, not nervously,
a woman can do to maximize the odds of a man
girls can sense if a guy is nervous. The simple
being attracted to them.
act of going up to a girl lets her know that you
Contrary to what women think, men are not
actually have an interest in her. When you start to
all about looks. However, men want a girl to
approach the girl at the bar, you should not go up
be presentable. No one wants to date someone
to her and say a corny pick up line. For example,
who does not take care of their body. The most
“Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the
appealing way to dress would be something that
only ten I see.” Immediately, the girl is going to
flatters your figure and is appropriate to a specific
know you are not taking her seriously. time and place, but nothing not too overt or showy. Pick up people at a bar not a book save that for the library
A big turn off for women is when a guy is
Nothing arouses the mind more than mystery and
Men, here is a little hint for you: women do
being a little conservative gives the impression of class and self-confidence.
not care about your ex-girlfriend. Do not waste her and your own time talking about the
A girl should act flirtatious and interested, but within respectable limits. You do
"ex," it is taboo. There is one big question you do not want to ask a girl, “What is your
not want to give the impression that you look for a guy every Friday night. The best
occupation?” The girl will automatically assume that the guy is a gold digger and will no
advice is to be fun and let a guy know you are into him as guys can often be painfully
have an interest. Girls want you to approach them in a very sincere manner. oblivious to what girls deem sufficiently communicative signs of interest.
When guys approach a girl, they should start out very straightforward, and ask for her
At the end of the day it does not matter whether or not you get the guy or not, it
name. When a guy gets the girl's name and introductions are made, then the guy needs
is about having fun and that is the mentality you should have throughout the entire
to proceed into a conversation and find common interests. See what the girl likes to eat,
dating process. Remember, not everyone's style is the same and everyone deals with
what type of music she is into and do not get too personal. If guys do not get personal
attraction differently. Just be yourself and learn from your mistakes and eventually
and keep it simple, the girl will feel you have respect for her and from there, who knows
you will find your own way of approaching men.
where it will go.
Living the Game
8-Bit Chiptune Bands Play East Coast Tour
Dawn Foster
Staff Writer
Low-fidelity and high-energy is what this "8-Bit, Chiptune Tour"
is all about. The four bands on this tour come from both sides of
the Atlantic. Anamanaguchi, Sabrepulse, Henry Homesweet, and
Starscream all produce music using the sounds of old consoles,
such as the Game Boy, NES and Atari and other synthesizers in
the mix as well. “Chiptune” music is where sounds are synthesized
by a video game chip. Beginning in the 2000s, new emulators and
cartridges for consoles have helped bring chiptune to live audiences.
The "8-Bit Alliance Tour," which started March 5th in New York
City, goes down the east coast and will end in Texas for the "South
by Southwest Festival."
The room was dark and lit only by a red light on the stage. The
first on stage, Starscream, a two-piece band from New York City
who creates their music using Game Boys, Commodore 64’s and
drums. They name their influences as Mono and Iron Maiden. Their
music was spacey at atmospheric. Next was Sabrepulse, a one man
act from Yorkshire, England, who is the "Godfather" of the 8-bit
scene in the United Kingdom. His songs were more techno, trance,
and house-influenced.
After Sabrepulse, Henry Homesweet's performance, another
chiptune artist from the UK kept the dance party going, dancing
and kicking himself around. He also uses a Nintendo Game Boy
as one of his musical instruments. The sounds were ear-candy.
Anamanaguchi is a punk band from New York that incorporates
the traditional instruments, electric guitar, drums, and bass, on
top of their digital sounds. Besides video games, they name their
influences as Weezer and The Beach Boys. The audience practically
bounced off the walls in the small space that there was and the band
was very funny and friendly, entertaining us during a power outage.
Anyone whose childhood involved classic gaming systems can
relate to this relatively new, fun, and exciting genre of music.
The Best, New Animated Comedy
Sterling Archer and his sexy cohorts
Dawn Foster
Staff Writer
Adult Swim fans… James
Bond fans, this one is for you.
"Archer" is a raunchy, animated
comedy series on the FX network
created by Adam Reed (also
creator of Sealab 2021 on Adult
Swim). The show takes place at
the dysfunctional International
Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS)
where all the employees betray
and lie to each other constantly,
even under global crisis. If
the James Bond series were a
comedy, it would be "Archer."
The show stars a narcissistic,
deadpan, insensitive spy, Sterling
Archer, voiced by comedian H.
Jon Benjamin (Human Giant,
Important Things with Demetri
Martin). Archer’s job is made
difficult by his controlling,
hypersexual mother/boss Malory
Archer who is voiced by Jessica
Walter (Arrested Development).
Making his life even harder,
Archer’s partner is his ex-
Into the Rabbit Hole
girlfriend Lana Kane who is
voiced by comedienne Aisha
Tyler (24). Lana is dating one of
the nerdy office workers, Cyril
Figgis, voiced by Chris Parnell
(Saturday Night Live), when she
is clearly still attracted to Archer.
The show is driven by the
rapid fire dialogue, jokes on
stereotypes, wacky characters
and pop culture references.
Archer describes karate as “the
Dane Cook of martial arts” and
insults the fat office druid by
saying, “Oh, like you'd recognize
a vegetable that wasn't wrapped
in a Monte Cristo sandwich.”
The show’s opening credits,
clothing and hair look like they
come from the 1960s and the
USSR still exists. However, the
plot is still very modern with
their use of robots, cell phones,
and the internet. You can find
smart dialogue, quirky humor,
and action in this FX hit.
Episodes air on Hulu and on
FX Thursdays at 10pm.
Don’t be late alice.
Nicole De Los Santos
News Editor
Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel "Alice’s Adventures
in Wonderland" and 1871 "Through the LookingGlass" took on a refreshingly new twist with
Director Tim Burton. The tale transformed into a
3-D movie that debuted on March 5th. Instead of strictly following the novels, Burton
has converged both of the stories into one epic
narrative. The plot involves Alice leaving a man
who had asked for her hand in marriage. Instead,
she goes on to follow the white rabbit down the
rabbit hole and is plunged into Underland. In
Underland, the prophecy of her having to fight and
defeat the Jabberwocky is laid upon her. Questions are raised if this Alice is the real
"Alice" everyone has been waiting for to fight
on Frabjous Day, causing confusion to stir.
Nonetheless, Alice finds herself thrown around
by the characters, as the battle between the Red
Queen and the White Queen draws near. Burton’s "Alice in Wonderland" adds an
interesting twist, since Alice's adventures are
real as opposed to being a dream, according to the
novels. Absolem the Caterpillar explains that she
was the real "Alice" all along, but that she never
acted the way in which the real "Alice" did when
she was younger and first came to Underland. As
the movie progresses, Alice witnesses all that has
happened to the magical world and its occupants,
dons a suit of armor and prepares for her prophetic
Needless to say, Burton's rendition of the
story is very different from the novels, but it still
managed to pack theaters, nonetheless, as people
flocked to witness the latest version of the famous
tale. The film has a varied cast of people, both
seen and unseen; either on the screen and moving
around or behind the curtain of computer graphics. The movie is a must-see, whether viewers are
a fan of the original novels, Tim Burton or are just
looking for something unforgettable to see that
may have them asking towards the end, “Why IS a
raven like a writing desk?”
April 2010
Page 17
Legal vs.Illegal Downoads
Stephen Zheng
producing music, movies and video
Staff Writer
games. Illegal downloads have
affected the entertainment business
In today’s world, the transfer of
a lot. Many music artists have come
information, data and media travels
out and publicly spoken against illegal
faster than it has ever before with the
downloads. advent of the Internet. As a result,
One case was Sean (P. Diddy)
the entertainment industry has been
Combs who said, "As an artist who
affected drastically. Music, movies,
has dedicated his life to music and
television-shows, video-games and
the music business, I understand
other industry software do not even
why people download music. But for
have to be purchased in person
me and my fellow artists, this is our
livelihood. When you make an illegal
If one knows how to use any
copy, you're stealing from the artist.
form of P2P (Peer to Peer) software,
It’s that simple. Every single day we're
torrent software or IRC (Internet
out here pouring our hearts and souls
Relay Chat) software, then one can
into making music for everyone to
possibly gain access to any form
enjoy. What if you did not get paid for
of media out there. IRC, P2P and
your job? Put yourself in our shoes!"
Torrent are not similar actually, they
Movie producers like Jerry
are quite different.
Bruckheimer work day and night to
A P2P network is any distributed
help produce good movies such as
network architecture composed of
"Bad Boys," "Remember The Titans"
participants that make a portion of
and "The Rock." Such hard-working
their resources and use it as a server
movie producers like him, deserve
to help transfer media files to other
to be paid for their work by letting
participants . IRC, on the other
people download his movie for a price
hand, is mainly designed for group
rather than downloading it illegally.
communication in discussion forums
Video-game makers feel the same
called channels, and have the ability
way, such as Vince Zampella and
to transfer media type files, illegally,
Jason West, the creators of the most
directly from the site with the Clientfamous shooting game, "Call of Duty:
to-Client application.
Modern Warfare." They work really
Torrent any file size and format
hard to create such great games and
with the suffix -torrent, which
they deserve to be paid for it.
contains all the information needed
Millions of dollars are lost
to download any media file format
in income tax revenue, sales tax
torrent was made for. You can get
revenue and personal income. Illegal
torrent for anything on a variety of
downloads save you some money,
web sites or torrent search engines.
but it affects all the media industries
These three are the most famous for
down to the employees working for an
using illegal downloads.
Yo Ho Yo ho a pirate’s life for me. We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot. drink up me ‘earties, yo ho!
hourly wage. Illegal downloads can
Legal downloads help pay for a
save you money, yet it is destroying
multitude of different media forms,
help pay hard-working employees
not just the music industry. They help in the production of your favorite video games,
your favorite movies and not to mention, all the employees signed on a record label, from that do not make the album covers or movie posters. So you have to make that conscious
decision, attain media legally or illegally? top paid businessmen to your everyday Joe the Plumber .
Loss of income from illegal downloads means the loss of jobs and reductions in
Viral Marketing:
Good or Bad for Movies?
Best E-Book Bargain
Dawn Foster, Stephen Zheng
Staff Writers
Going viral doesn’t always mean success.
Cesar Alverez
Staff Writer
The term “viral marketing” might sound like a horrible computer
virus to some people, but in reality, viral marketing is a great marketing
strategy to keep people entertained when it comes to movies. This
form of marketing begins by using word of mouth and it is used mostly
on social networking websites. It has proven to be a recent success in
promoting movies such as “Cloverfield” and “Star Trek.”
“Lost” producer, J.J. Abrams, is one of the culprits behind this
new form of entertainment. It is amazing what this man does in order to
get the attention of the audience. Take “Cloverfield” for example; most
people do not know that J.J. Abrams created an entire back story,
detailing the origins of the monster. Many people have mentioned that
they felt empty when they saw the movie for the first time. “I kind
of wish I knew the whole story,” said a fellow student when asked
about the plot of “Cloverfield.”
“Cloverfield” went on to be one of the most successful movies
during 2008, but there were also a few movies that viral marketing
failed in promoting, such as “I Love You Beth Cooper.” According
to a recent Wall Street Journal article, marketing executives at “Fox”
hired a high school valedictorian to imitate a scene from the film,
paying the student $1,800 to conclude her valedictorian address by
professing her secret love for a classmate. The video was then posted
online. Few people saw “I Love You Beth Cooper,” as it bombed at the
box office, but the article generated enough attention for many people
to view it online.
To be successful at viral marketing, one must keep the audience
interested and create a whole new world. This form of marketing can
make or break a movie. This is why studios have to be careful when
generating “buzz” for a movie. Either way, this form of marketing has
become increasingly popular and hopefully it will be used more in the
future to generate “buzz.”
Page 18
April 2010
The Best Things in Life are Free
Whoever said
“There’s no free
lunch” must have
just been too lazy to
look. Like a good old game of hide and seek, there are
plenty of free products, trips and activities, so long as
one is willing to put a little elbow grease in, and look
for it. The world is our playground, and if you are
willing to put in the effort, the sky is the limit.
1. Free Food
Free lunch? You bet! For the extra hungry and
eating ambitious, there are a number of culinary
establishments in the tri-state area that offer a meal
that, if finished, is on the house. Pinata’s Mexican
Grill located in Bethpage, New York, boasts "The
Ultimate Burrito Challenge." Finish two of their
monster burritos in one hour, and the bill is on them. "The Beer Barrel Belly Buster Challenge" at
Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, Pennsylvania,
is home to a twenty-inch hamburger patty. This
beastly burger holds twenty-five pieces of cheese,
three whole tomatoes, a seventeen-inch bun and a
whole lot of heartburn. If you and a friend can wolf
this meal down in under three hours you will be saving
yourselves a thirty dollar tab.
2. Free Air
Free air? Who pays for air anymore? Well, most
gas stations charge patrons for filling their tires, and
unless you reside in California, where gas stations
are required to provide free air pumps, you probably
have handed over a fist full of quarters throughout the
years. Several gas stations in the area do provide free
air, and I highly suggest you patronize their businesses
as a thank you: Parwood Sunoco, 50 East Midland
Avenue, Paramus, New Jersey, Paramus Discount
Tires on Route 17 South and Clifton Sunoco at Van
Houten Avenue & Clifton Avenue, across from Clifton
City Hall.
Carlo Santello
Sports Editor
5 simple tips to keep uncle sam out of your pockets.
3. Free Classes
A class at Bergen costs students several hundred
dollars, but what if I told you there were free classes,
and even college credits, open to the public?
Free Yoga classes at Five Corners Branch Library
in Jersey City, New Jersey. Classes run Monday 6:00
p.m. – 7:30 p.m. evenings. Call (201) 547- 4500 for
more information.
Free Tai Chi classes at Bryant Park in New York
City, Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.
Call (212) 221-6110 for information.
Free Pilates Class at Empire–Fulton Ferry State
Park, New York City, Tuesday 7:00 a.m. - 8 p.m. Call
(718) 802-0603 for information.
Henry George School of Social Science provides
accredited college courses in economics and social
science. Everyone is admitted and the cost is free. The credits will transfer to every four year University
in New Jersey. 121 East 30th Street, New York City.
Call (212) 889-8020 for more information.
4. Free Trip to Israel
To all students of Jewish descent: there is a
program called "Birthright" that provides a free, tenday, all expense paid trip to Israel! Sounds too good to
be true? Jewish American-Israeli sponsors have been
donating money to this program for years in an effort
to persuade Americans to move to Israel to help boost
the economy. The program provides a dream-like tour
of this Middle Eastern gem of a nation. Trips take
place in the summer and winter, but you're better off
applying early to ensure a spot. Airfare, food, hotel
accommodations and transportation are all included.
5. Free Kayak on the Hudson River
Between May 16th and October 1st, take advantage
of the NYC Boating House’s free kayak rental. Entirely volunteer-run and funded by donations,
anyone can kayak out into the Hudson River for a
day on the water, or even a great workout. Free rental
locations at Pier 26, Pier 40, Pier 64 and Pier 96; all in
New York City.
The Epidemic of Porn
a documentary review
Nita Lim
Staff Writer
The 82nd Annual
Academy Awards
Raven Bryant
Staff Writer
definitely an eye opener
Technology has changed the way many different
things are done, one being how porn is viewed
and who views it. The documentary “Porndemic”
examines this taboo subject. What other industry
could make $10 billion annually? This annual profit
is more than that of the professional sports and the
video game industries combined.
Porndemic examines the epidemic of porn and
what few laws exist in regards to online porn and
protecting the civil rights of porn stars. Computers
provide instantaneous access to millions of sexual
images to children, but those same children cannot
go and buy a copy of magazines, such as "Penthouse"
or "Playboy."
Porn stars, like Hanna West, used to make
$1,000 a month working in the US Air Force,
but now makes $1,000 a day working in the porn
industry. Porn also mimics the movie industry with
award shows, like "Adult Video News" the "Gay
Video Guide Awards" or the “Dickies,” but unlike
the "Oscars," the awards are more along the line of
“Best Blow Job” and “Best Anal Scene.”
Like all good things, porn has a negative side.
Studies have shown that some people have developed
psychogical dependecies on porn, affecting half a
million people frighteningly not all adults. Sonya
Thompson, a researcher from the University of
Alberta in Alberta, Canada did research about
teens and the harmful consquences associated with
the viewing of porn. Her research found that teens
and pre-teens are viewing porn at younger and
younger ages, but they are also viewing more hard
core porn such as BDSM(bondage) and discipline
sadomasochism. Thompson theorizes that empty
relationships and unfulfilled sexual fantasies loom
ahead for these young S&M lovers.
The world of porn and the industry are
changing rapidly as more and more children grow
up on the internet and porn becomes a mainstream
norm. Oldies like Larry Flynt creator of "Hustler"
magazine are old school compared to Frank Hu
creator of This past March, movie
lovers, aspiring actors and
celebrity updaters alike, all
tuned in to watch the annual
Academy Awards ceremony,
better known as the Oscars. Held
in Hollywood, California, the
Oscars' red carpet occupied the
prominent Kate Winslet, Zoe
Saldana, Lenny Kravitz and
Jake Gyllenhal. And although
actress Mo'nique's hairy legs
were appalling to many viewers,
the fashion and awards of adored
celebrities stayed of importance
as the festivities went on.
Alec Baldwin and Steve
Martin hosted the Oscars, both
supporting as crowd-pleasers.
The audience became even more
captivated as Ben Stiller graced
the stage disguised as an Avatar.
Avatar was one of this year's
most successful films, directed
by James Cameron. It won the
awards for "Best Art Direction,"
"Cinematography" and "Best
Visual Effects." A few other
winners for the 82nd Academy
Awards were Sandra Bullock as
"Best Actress in a Leading Role"
for “The Blind Side,” “Up,” for
"Best Animated Featured Film"
and “The Hurt Locker” for "Best
Written Work" in an original
screenplay, authorized by Mark
Boal. Each award was presented
in the same traditional manner.
While the awards specifically
claimed the attention of "to-diefor fans" and students of the
arts, stay-at-home mothers and
the fashion-savvy surrendered
their time to witness what our
Sandra Bullock with her Oscar
favorite celebrities wore this
time around. Cameron Diaz
embellished herself in a dazzling
Oscar de la Renta gown, dusted
in gold. Rachael McAdams in
an Elie Saab Haute couture
gown with floral patterns and
Twilight's Kristen Stewart posed
in a modest black pearl gown.
Sure the red carpet savored our
most favorite male celebs, but to
say the least, black ties and white
shirts are not inspiring to creative
fashionistas. The 82nd Annual
Academy Awards, once again,
took storm in American history
and kept its vow to appreciate
films and their entertainers.
March 2010
Page 19
Timing and New Places in Athlos
[L-R] Top Row: Manager Eddie McElroy, Ryan Arnold, Steve Caracena, Mark Edwards, Wayne Smith, Ramzan Nanayez, Thomcsz Dlugozima
Bottom Row: Head Coach Randy Brazil, Chris Kailath, Mike Brown, Ismael Garcia, Julissa Douglas, Marcus Brown, Stephanie Orgueira,
Assistant Coach Erika Czujko
Endurance, speed, agility, and strength, are some of
Having struggled through two injury-plagued seasons, team captain, Mark Edwards,
Alfred Martinez
the key components needed to perform ‘athletics’—a looks to snap a two-year dry spell with a successful spring track season. “After two years
word derived from the Greek word athlos—meaning of being injured with hamstring problems, being able to stay healthy is my main goal,”
Staff Writer
contest. These same components were displayed Edwards remarked, hopeful about the upcoming season.
earlier this year by some of our very own athletic alumni, most notably, the ladies’ and
On the girl’s side, sophomore, Julissa Douglas, will be one of the team leaders, and
gentlemen’s basketball teams.
will need to place high if the women are to see any success. “I want to be able to bring
With Bergen Community College’s well-recognized athletic departments, will the my timing down and hopefully run a 400 [meters] in 50 seconds,” explained Douglas,
record-breaking performances be able to do a follow-up opening act to a new season in determined to leave her mark as she enters her final season at BCC.
2010? The answer is very simple: you take the baton and run with it!
Another returning veteran is Ramzan Nanayez, who previously qualified and won at
Here at Bergen Community College, the track and field team does not need any the Regional Meetings in the 110 meter hurdles.
introduction to figure out what it takes to win and compete, because they have done so,
There are a total of 14 participants competing this year for BCC, some of which
year in and year out. In the past three years, the Bulldogs have competed in the National include: Ryan Arnold, Mike Brown, Thomas Dlugzima, Christopher Kailath, Mike
Championship Meet, bringing home a number of national titles in various events. With Brown, Wayne Smith, Carl Schneck, Ismael Garcia, Stephanie Orgueira and Marcus
constantly improving opponents, BCC will be facing stronger opponents than ever, but Brown. The itinerary of events that individuals will compete in, include: relays, long
Coach Randy Brazil and Assistant Coach Erika Czujko are confident that their athletes jumping, javelin, shot put, discus, hammer throwing, sprinting and long distance running.
will be well-prepared for the forthcoming season.
With a target on their backs for their previous success, both the men’s and women’s
Honorable mentions from past years, such as Dervel Thomas, class of ‘08’, who holds track and field teams will be facing staunch competition this coming year. With a slew
six records at BCC, recently succeeded in qualifying to play in the Jamaican competitions; of meets throughout the tri-state area, Coach Randy Brazil and the team will be looking
Kwame Banahene, who competed in the 100 meter finals, and Ricardo Garcia, an forward to their chance to act as the hosts, with the Region XIX Championships to be
All-American who competed in the 400 meter hurdles at the National Championship held at Overpeck Park in Leonia, NJ on April 30th and May 1st.
Meetings last year, also left a long-lasting impression.
When asked about the team’s goals this year, Coach Brazil replied, “Our goal is to
And let us not forget that assistant Coach Czujko was also a former alumni, and All- place in the top three at the districts and top five at the nationals.” Good luck Bulldogs!
American shot-putter, who BCC is very glad to have assisting in the training of the team.
Student Athlete Biley Kakou
Carlo Santelli
Sports Editor
A spectacular athlete on the field and a stellar
student in the classroom, Bergen Community
College’s Biley Kakou is March’s "Student Athlete
of the Month." With a grade point average of 3.9,
and numerous impressive athletic accolades, Biley
has made himself stand out as a model studentathlete here at BCC.
Born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, in 1987, Biley
spent his youth playing soccer with friends at the
local park, and gained a deep love for "the beautiful
game" from a young age. In middle school, Biley
was a stand out student in his village, and gained
several academic awards for his work ethic and
exemplary study habits.
“When I was around 15 or 16, I was considered
quite good at soccer. A nearby professional team
sent a scout to my village [and] watched me play,”
Biley reminisced. “They wanted me to quit school,
and train with them.”
Biley decided to remain in school, and upon
finishing his high school education, Biley enrolled at
Agitel Formation College. He received high grades,
but he knew in his heart that something was missing.
“My mother had moved to America several years
before, and was working as a nurse for a wealthy
Jewish family in Bergen County,” remarked Biley,
almost in tears from the fond memories. “It was
always my dream to drape myself in a red, white and
blue flag. I wanted to come to America!”
In August 2008, accompanied by his younger
brother, Biley finally received a visa and immigrated
to the United States. He moved in with his mother in
Teaneck, New Jersey, in a small apartment.
After enrolling at Bergen Community College,
his number one priority was to join the soccer team. His love and passion for the game carried over to
America, and Biley was excited to apply his skills
and experience to help the BCC Men’s soccer team. Despite his burning desire to succeed, Biley faced
many obstacles.
“At first, I didn’t speak English!” Biley remarked,
with a chuckle. “But I soon realized I wasn’t the only
one. The Spanish kids didn’t speak English either!”
Jeff Carbone
Staff Writer
‘Big Daddy’ as his teammates called him, hit the
books immediately. He took on a full course load,
and was well on his way to earning his Associates
degree in Finance. After four semesters at BCC,
Biley has earned a 3.9 grade point average. His
plans after graduating are to attend a four-year
university in New Jersey. He is currently looking
to attend Rutgers, Ramapo, Monclair or Seton Hall.
Athletically, Biley had few opportunities to play
in his first season as a Bulldog, yet managed 2 goals
and 4 assists in “10-15 minutes a game,” according to
Biley. His sophomore season, after proving himself
in the off season, Biley earned a spot as a starter. With eight goals and four assists, Biley earned 2nd
Team All-NJCAA regional team.
“He is a model player both on and off the field,”
commented Men’s Soccer Coach Sal. “I wish I had a
team full of players like Biley.”
Biley’s favorite moment as a BCC Bulldog was
when he scored the game's winning goal against
Bronx Community College with less than 1 minute
left in a thrilling 3-2 victory in the fall. His time on
the soccer team was enhanced by the camaraderie
of his teammates, especially Wojtek Majerczak and
Johnny Twinky Cortes.
Coming off an 11-14 record
from their 2009 season, the
Bergen Bulldogs Men’s Baseball
Team is hungrier than ever.
Though they lost two of their
key players from last year,
Jose Padilla, who received
a scholarship to play in the
Dominican Republic, and Mike
Cassese, who transfered to
Rutgers-Newark , expectations
are still high for the 2010
baseball campaign. When asked
for a prediction on how the team
would do this season, Coach
Hernandez remarked, “I think
we’re going to be good. This
team has the best pitching depth
of any team I’ve coached in my
five years here at Bergen.”
That pitching staff is led by
Waldwick native Brad Brovero,
who in eight games last season
had an Earned Run Average
(ERA) of 3.92, and Ricardo
Lazzaro, a 2008 graduate of
Passaic High School, who the
coach also expects big things
Over on the offensive side
of the ball, the amount of talent
has not slipped at all, with 8
returning starters that will be
led by the big bat of sophomore,
Mike Ciaramello, a Bloomfield
resident. Ciaramello batted .375
in 2009, and will need to have
a similar level of productivity
if the Bulldogs are to see
success. The Bulldogs have a set
centerfielder in the right hander,
Liam Penberthy, a product
of Bloomfield High School. Look for Pernberthy to have a
steller season at the plate. Mike
DiGuilio, lefty Andrew Calore,
and Danae Berry will be vying
for the left and right fielder
slots. Sophomore Jason Luzzi is
coming off a season where he hit
.314 and nabbed 7 stolen bases,
is most likely going to get most
of his at-bats against left handed
pitching. Look for infielders Eric
Gullander, who batted .386 in
2009, and Garfield’s Luis Buron
to also be major contributors in
Bergen’s 2010 campaign.
The 2009 season saw the
BCC Bulldogs come one strike
away from earning a playoff
berth. Let us hope the 2010
season brings more success
and victories for Bergen Men’s
Baseball Team!
April 2010
Take the baton
and run with it.
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pg 19
Bulldogs in Beast Mode
Carlo Santelli
Sports Editor
Despite an undefeated 30-0 season, and a #1 ranking going into the NJCAA DIII
National Championships, the Bergen Community College Men’s Basketball team ended
their storybook season with a loss to Minnesota’s Rochester Community College in the
national semifinal game on March 12, 2010. The NJCAA National Championships
were held in Delhi, NY, and featured teams from across the nation all vying for a place
as the supreme team in the country.
The Bulldogs opened up Nationals with an impressive 97-89 victory over the Texas
regional champions, Mountain View Community College. The win, bringing their
season record to 34-0, was quite evenly matched throughout the first half, with the
Bulldogs only having a 2 point advantage at the break. But aided by sophomore Elgin
Brown’s 30 points, Bergen was able to pull away down the stretch and claim the victory,
and a berth in the National Semi-Finals.
The victory also came with support from David West’s 19 point, 13 rebound
performance, as well as an 17 point night from freshman Asmar Edwards.
"We are very proud of the season thus far,” explained Coach Sean Kelly. “When
you get to Nationals and compete against the best in the country, anything can happen.”
Bergen’s winning ways unfortunately came to an abrupt end when they faced the
Midwest Champions, Rochester. Rochester, which went on to lose in the finals to
Illinois’ Joliet Community College, started off strong and took an 8 point lead into the
locker room at halftime.
Bergen seemed to be trailing most of the game, and despite small rallies, was never
able to fully catch up. Down at times by double digits, Bergen cut the lead to six points
with just over 7 minutes remaining. A dunk by team leading scorer Elgin Brown
seemed be the turn of momentum that the Bulldogs needed, but ultimately it wasn’t
meant to be as the Rochester Yellow Jackets held on for the 84-79 triumph, ending
Bergen’s perfect season, and a chance at a National Championship.
"We ran into a hot team and we didn't play our best game,” commented Coach Sean
Kelly after the season ending lose, adding, “Despite the loss, we had a dream season
and have a lot to be grateful for. It’s a tribute to this team and their hard work."
Rochester decisively outscored Bergen from 3-point range, and was shooting well
over 50% for 18 total points from beyond the arc compared to Bergen’s 3. Bergen did,
however, outrebound the Yellow Jackets by nearly a 2:1 ratio.
Despite the loss, Bergen put up some impressive numbers, with 4 players in double
digits, including David West, Elgin Brown, Jayvon Beaty, and Derrick Ross. West,
Beaty, and Brown all completed double-doubles as they had their fair share of rebounds
as well.
As for next season, the Bulldogs will be losing many key starters, yet with plenty of
off season training, the Bergen Bulldogs are set to be among the preseason favorites,
and once again be in the hunt for a national crown.
"The players we lose have left behind a legacy that will be remembered forever at
this institution both on and off the court. I will miss them dearly,” Kelly remarked.