1. All participants MUST produce their college ID at the time of arrival. If in case, college ID card
does not bear the photograph of the candidate then a valid photo identity card and the college ID card
is required. Common photo identity cards are: Driver's License, PAN card, Voter ID Card.
2. All participants have to come and report at the Registration/Hospitality Desk for verification of their
documents, after which they will be provided with a Conscientia ID Card at the main entrance.
3. At the entrance gate, the participant and his/her belongings will be thoroughly checked for any
undesirable items.
4. Smoking of cigarettes and consumption of alcohol inside campus is strictly prohibited, any
participant found guilty of these will be asked to vacate the hostel room, and his/her security
fee will be confiscated.
5. Any student found guilty of possessing narcotics will be immediately asked to leave the campus and
legal actions will be taken against the participant found guilty.
6. Please refrain yourself from physically hurting anybody intentionally, action will be taken against
any participant found guilty.
7. The climate of Trivandrum is generally hot/warm and humid with occasional showers. Participants
are advised to refrain from bringing any warm clothes.
8. Conscientia 2015 and IIST will not be responsible for any mishaps that occur through Conscientia
9. We may provide buses from Railway Station to IIST. Participants are requested to keep themselves
updated on our website.
1. Accommodation is limited and will be provided on first come first serve basis.
2. The participant has to register for accommodation through their Conscientia ID.
3. Registration for accommodation starts on 1st March and ends on 16th March. In case of any
dispute/urgent registration, participants are requested to contact Coordinators of
4. The accommodation charge is Rs. 800/- for 4 days, Rs. 700/- for 3 days, Rs. 500/- for 2 days, Rs.
250/- for one day per person.
5. Once the participant has registered, he/she has to send us a Demand Draft according to his plan in
favour of 'Student Activities Account IIST' payable at 'Union Bank of India, Valiamala'.
6. Please write "ACCOMMODATION" and your respective “WORKSHOP NAME”, your name,
mobile number and Conscientia ID number at the back of DD.
7. Participants should also send us a scanned copy/photograph of the DD with his/her Conscientia ID as
the subject of the email, along with the photograph or the PNR number of the ticket(if issued in
advance) to [email protected]
8. The DD should be sent by a Registered post or Speed Post to the following address:
9. Conscientia 2015, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), Near Liquid
Propulsion Systems Centre, I.S.R.O junction, Valiamala PO, Thiruvananthapuram-695547,
10. Once the DD is received, we will confirm your accommodation by E-mail.
11. The check in time is 1500 hrs on 19th March, and check out time is 0900 hrs on 23rd March.
12. Participants will not be checked in before the check-in time.
13. Participants will have to submit either an Original Bonafide Student Certificate issued by their
College/institute or a photocopy (Xerox) of their college ID card attested by the Principal / HOD
/ any gazetted officer when they arrive at the registration desk.
14. Participants will have to pay a security deposit of Rs.200/- in cash, when they arrive, at the
registration desk. They will be given a receipt for the same. This receipt has to be produced as a proof
of the claim for refund.
15. Participants are requested to keep this receipt with them throughout their stay at IIST. They may be
asked to produce the receipt at any time so as to avoid unauthorized stay in the campus.
16. Participants will not be provided with blanket / bed-sheets. Only Mattresses will be provided. They
are expected to bring their own. A thin blanket is advisable, as nights may get a little cold.
17. Smoking of cigarettes, consumption of alcohol and the usage of narcotics inside campus is strictly
18. Any participant found guilty of possessing narcotics will be immediately asked to leave the campus,
and legal actions will be taken against him/her.
19. Security fee will be confiscated if:
20. Participant is found smoking cigarettes and/or consuming alcohol.
21. Participant is found in possession of narcotics.
22. Participant has caused damage to the Institute property.
23. For further queries, you can contact us as per the details given under “CONTACTS” section on
our website.