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Kinross Parish
Church of Scotland
March – May 2015
Sunday 1 March
to the
Celebration of Holy Communion
Kinross Parish Church
at 10.30am and at 2.30pm
Retiral collection in support of Kinross-shire Youth Enterprise
New Members
By Profession of Faith (11 January)
Rachel Miller
Ailsa Morris
Station Road, Kinross
Argyll Road, Kinross
By Certificate of Transference
Robert and Lorna Burns
Brian and Margaret Timms
Cathy Barnett
West Crook Way, Crook of Devon
Whinfield Gardens, Kinross
Argyll Road, Kinross
By Resolution of the Kirk Session
Brenda Frier
Rannoch Place, Kinross
If you are a regular worshipper in Kinross Parish Church but you are not in
formal church membership, please speak to one of the ministers about how
to become more fully involved in the life of the church family.
20 November
28 November
1 December
1 December
3 December
4 December
19 December
22 December
29 December
David Addison, Argyll Road, Kinross
Christina Rutherford, Beveridge Place, Kinross
Tom Fraser, The Muirs, Kinross
Margaret Dalgleish, formerly Kinross
Betty Wood, Causeway Court
Norman Winyard, Harris Court, Perth
Margaret Crichton, Bowton Road, Kinross
Tom Scally, Sunnypark, Kinross
Frank Barr, Highfield Circle, Kinross
16 January
30 January
2 February
Bill Love, Montgomery Street, Kinross
Jean Cowbrough, Ochil View, Kinross
Fay Morgan, Lomond Place, Kinross
The cover image depicts the Walk of Witness by Kinross-shire
Churches Together from Easter 2014. More information on Easter
activities can be found in articles throughout the magazine.
Recordings of Services: CDs are available of Sunday services;
these are in the church vestibule. If you would like a copy, or know of
anyone who would, please speak with the Church Office (862570).
An elder from Kinross Parish Church usually calls on you and
delivers the quarterly Church Magazine just before the Communion
Services in March, June, September and December. There are
some Districts where there has not been an assigned elder for some
time, but we have usually been able to get the magazines delivered
by other volunteers.
We are working hard to ensure there is an elder for everyone and
hope to have that sorted within the next two months. In the
meantime, if for any reason, you need contact with an elder or the
Minister, call the Church Office on 862570. You can also contact
Robert Mitchell on 865570 for contact with an elder.
Dear Friends,
The Kirk Session (that is to say the elders) of our church recently
held one of our occasional Away Days. This year we met in
Fossoway Church Hall for worship, fellowship, and in-depth
discussion, not to mention lunch and home-baking. From a hardworking but inspiring day, I want to update you briefly on some of the
things that were discussed and which will have an impact on our
congregational life in the coming year and beyond.
You will have been aware of our focus on Stewardship over the last
three years, looking at how we use our Talents, our Time, and our
Money in God's service. Each of these themes has been explored in
different ways under the heading 'A Church for All – Faith in Action'
and positive things have come out of them all. Following the Talents
focus in 2012, a culture of volunteering has been growing in our
congregational life to the extent that a recent plea for helpers for
Jampact and PS2 produced no fewer than 12 new people willing to
help – thank you! And last year's focus on Money has led to a
significant increase in general giving – thank you! The Session has
decided that in 2015 our focus will be on consolidating what has
been achieved over the last three years. Watch this space.
On the Away Day, the Session was given an overview of the work of
the Education Group, looking not only at what is done with the 160
children and young people who are involved in the life of the
congregation through Crèche, Pram Service, Junior Church,
Jampact, Crossfire, Connect, Aspire, and the Brigade, but also at
opportunities for adults to grow in their faith, through such things as
house-groups, the Guild, and training for service. If there is
something you would find useful to help you fulfil your potential as a
Christian, please ask.
We considered how our partnership with the Great Church in
Debrecen, Hungary, might be developed, and we also heard about
progress towards the appointment (jointly by the Kinross-shire
Churches) of a youth-worker – our retiring collection on Communion
Sunday will benefit this new work. Do give generously to this good
Over the last year, the Kirk Session's Pastoral Group has been
looking at how we might better care for the whole church
membership, particularly through the role of the district elder. This
work is ongoing and we would be very glad to hear members' views
as to the kind of contact and support that would be most beneficial to
Finally, a group has been set up to look at how our buildings – the
Church and the Church Centre – might best be adapted to meet the
challenges we face today and those we might need to address in the
future. We would also be pleased to have input to that discussion
from members of the congregation.
Kinross Parish Church is greatly blessed not only with a vibrant
congregation but also with a gifted and committed team of elders.
Together let us seek the leading of the King and Head of the Church,
Jesus Christ Himself, as we follow Him in 2015 and beyond. Let us
pray for one another and let us pray for the Kirk Session as we
commit ourselves anew to follow Christ, to spread the Word and to
serve the community.
Yours in Him,
Rev. A.D. Reid
If you cannot easily get out to church for communion, please contact
Alan Reid or Margaret Michie, and we will be pleased to arrange a
home communion in fellowship with your elder or a family member or
Keep your eyes out later in the spring for details of an Alpha Course
which will be running locally. This is a great opportunity to explore
what the Christian faith is all about in relaxing surroundings. It is also
something to which you could invite a friend with whom you perhaps
have the occasional discussion about matters of faith and spirituality.
Use these thoughts and quotations as the basis of quiet contemplation and
listening in prayer.
Tomb, thou shalt not hold Him longer; death is strong, but Life is
For it we are guilty, in it we were loved, by it we are saved.
Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.
God, in His ultimate triumph… in His goodness and love… which
nothing can shake.
Our illnesses don’t seem nearly so final, our fears fade and lose their
Christ has not only spoken to us by His life, but has spoken for us by
His death.
The Cross of Christ shows us that God’s love is of universal
distribution and eternal duration.
Jesus cannot forget us; we have been graven on the palms of His
For He departed, and behold, He is here.
It was impossible for death to keep its hold on Him.
He is not here; for He is risen.
Come, see the place where the Lord lay.
A miracle that changed teacher to Saviour, defeat to victory, life for
And they that are in their graves, and we who shall lie down in ours,
will feel in our mortal bodies, the power of His resurrection
(Adapted from a media presentation published by The Steelhouse Media
Group, with quotations from Phillip Brookes, Clarence Hall, Basil Hume,
Charles Swindoll, Soren Kierkegaard, Fred Barlow, Lois Picillo, St
Augsutine, Luke, Matthew, and David Gregg)
Contributions for ‘Talking With God – A Prayer’ come from members of the
congregation; if you are interested, please contact the Editor.
We have started our year by learning about John the Baptist. He was
a strange-looking man wearing camel hair and eating insects but,
following God’s plan, prepared the way for Jesus. The children have
made interesting locusts and discovered how Jesus
was baptised in the river Jordan.
Missionaries David Livingstone, Mary Slessor, Gladys
Aylward are next to discover, and we will also look at
current missionary work later in the year.
Our plan for the year can be found on the website.
Always subject to change!
Children can be dropped off at the church centre from 10.15am.
Team members are set up and ready to go at that time.
As always we look forward to seeing old and new faces at Junior
Church, and welcome any children from age 3 upwards to join us on
a Sunday morning.
Until next time,
Lynn Caldwell
Pram Service have been having lots of fun in the last few weeks,
with topics of “I make all things new” for the New Year and “People
we meet.” On Tues 3 Feb, we welcomed Janice, our local lollipop
lady, who taught us how to cross the road safely. We then heard
about how God is our shepherd and cares for us. In the next few
services we hope to hear about other people who help us including
doctors, nurses, and the police.
Numbers are still growing, and if you’d like to join us for noisy
worship, we’d love to see you. Pram Service is at 10am on Tuesdays
in the Church.
PS2 is a new venture. It is a drop-in coffee afternoon which we
started in October. At the moment we have 5 mums and 6 little ones
who come along. This is a valuable support and strong friendships
have been made. Crafts and story time are part of the afternoon, not
to mention snacks. If you have a child from birth to P3 please come
and join us. PS2 is from 2.15-3.45pm in the GP room.
Evelyn Cairns (863990; [email protected])
Jampact and Crossfire continue to thrive and enjoy fellowship and
friendship together each Sunday, Jampact during morning worship
and Crossfire in the church centre each Sunday Evening. Both
groups are of a good size and the majority of our young people are
regular attendees, with Crossfire being the bigger group. Between
the two groups, we are very glad to have the input of four older boys
helping to run some of the activities as they work towards their Duke
of Edinburgh awards. Thank you to Finley Reith, Alasdair Bennett,
Ben Cormack, and Rowan Harvey for their enthusiasm, interest, and
energy. There are always plenty of fun games for the younger ones
to enjoy, and there are strong, supportive friendships among all the
young people. Both groups are always happy to welcome new
members and hope that any new youngsters will immediately feel
encouraged and at home and enjoy taking part in the activities.
There are also some new adult leaders who will be supporting
Jampact over the next few months, and we are really grateful to
those who have volunteered to give up their time to help on some
Sunday mornings.
Jampact are going to be studying and exploring the life of David over
the next few weeks. Crossfire has an exciting programme of events
planned for the term where we will be thinking about the message of
Holy Week, as we’ve been asked to perform some drama and
expressive movement at the church service on Palm Sunday
evening. We really hope that many in the congregation will be able to
come along and support our young people as they seek to convey
the message of God’s love at the cross through drama and dance.
Our wonderful young people are our church and our future church,
and it is a privilege to see them grow as they explore God's
message. If you would like more information, please contact Ruth
(01577 865985; Jampact) or Jenny (07749275583; Crossfire).
Jenny Masson and Ruth Robertson
Can I say a big THANK YOU to the people who have volunteered to
support the leaders of Jampact and PS2? There is now a rota of 8
volunteers for Jampact and 5 volunteers for PS2. These volunteers
allow our important work to thrive with the under 5’s and our
teenagers. Having a volunteer rota in place is both supportive and
encouraging for these groups and their leaders – and it helps to
forge relationships amongst our church family. Thank you!!
Evelyn Cairns (Education Group Convenor)
Over 50 members of the Company enjoyed the Glenrothes
pantomime "Babes in the Wood" in mid-December to round off 2014.
Company section members were busy during the festive period
assisting Kinross-shire Round Table with their Santa round as well
as bag-packing at the Perth
Marks & Spencer’s to raise
money for Perth Battalion
The badminton side lost out to Kilmarnock which sees the end of the
road for this season's National Competitions.
The Company swimming team retained the three trophies at the
Battalion swimming gala with Claire Wilson winning the Norie Miller
Shield. The Battalion Chess Competition for Junior and Company
Section members took place at the end of January along with the
annual Scripture Search Competition.
Anchors have been busy with a variety of crafts, activities, and
The Battalion Drill Competition and 5-a-side football will also take
place over February/March. The Kinross Company is hosting the
popular Battalion Midnight Hike at the end of March. Juniors will be
competing in the Battalion festival of activities which involves
singing, drill and games.
A number of Company Section members are working towards their
President’s and Queen’s Badges.
Junior Section members are also preparing for their May weekend
camp at Dounans Activity Centre with Company Section members
looking forward to their Summer Camp at Kincraig over the first week
of the school holidays.
The marquee hire season is about to start and bookings are already
coming in for various dates throughout the summer. The Company
has two large white marquees (40 foot by 20 foot) which can be
hired out. Contact Company Captain David Munro (01577 862126)
for details.
David Munro, BB Captain
Aspire is a new leadership development programme for young
people. There was more detailed information in the last magazine,
but we thought it would be helpful to give a quick update on
There are seven teenagers from S4-S6 coming together once a
month for 2 hours of activities, including games, all focused on
developing leadership skills and putting them into practice.
A Weekend Away is planned from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 of March.
The leaders booked the venue near Blairgowrie and then handed
over the responsibility for planning to the young people, and they are
doing an amazing job. All aspects of the practical details have been
discussed and decided, from the shopping list down to the music to
be played in the bus!
We have many gifted young people in Kinross Parish Church, and it
is a pleasure to work with this group in the Aspire venture.
Alan Reid, Susan Smith, and Ewan Cathcart
The Family Week team invites children and their families to the Good
Friday Experience on Friday 3 April from 10.30-12 noon in the
Church. Through a wide variety of activities, we’ll think through the
events of Good Friday and Easter. This has been a popular event in
the past few years, with around 70 people joining us. We look
forward to sharing with many families this year too. No need to book,
just turn up on the day. A light lunch will be included. It’s all free but
there will be an opportunity to make a donation.
Ruth Robertson
This year we’re excited to announce that the theme for family week
will be Polar Explorers. We’ll be setting off on an artic mission and
meeting some characters from the book of Acts along the way. We’ll
be discovering that no-one is too young, too near or far, too ordinary,
too bad, or has made too many mistakes to be part of God’s
expedition (ie to be a friend of Jesus). The dates will be Monday 3 –
Friday 7 August. We are looking for volunteers to help in a wide
variety of different ways. There will be two training evenings on
Tuesday 5 May and Tuesday 16 June. These will be really important
meetings so that you can be matched to a job that you feel
comfortable with and be given all the relevant information to help you
prepare for that job, especially if you are helping with crafts. Both
training evenings will be in the Church Centre and will begin at 7.30
p.m. for coffee with the meeting starting at 7.45pm.
If you would like to find out more about helping at family week,
contact Ruth Robertson (865985). Whether you’ve helped many
times before or never been along at all, we’d be very happy to
welcome you onto the team. It’s a great way to get to know people if
you’re new to the church.
Ruth Robertson
The Presbytery of Perth is holding its quarterly meeting in Kinross
Parish Church on Saturday, 14 March. A special invitation has been
extended to members of the congregation to attend. The idea of the
new experimental format is that all are welcome, especially to the
first part of the day, when there is worship, a main speaker,
workshops and fringe activities before the business sessions.
The morning session (from 10am) will include a speaker – Rev. John
Duncan, the Army chaplain to the Black Watch – some stories of
what different congregations are doing across the Presbytery, and a
discussion about the need to reduce the number of church buildings
we have over the coming 10 years. Members of the public are also
welcome to observe the afternoon business meeting which will start
at 1.30pm.
This year's Christian Aid Week considers one of
the greatest injustices of our times: discrimination
against women. Women do two thirds of the
world's work, earn one tenth of the world's
income, and only own 1% of the world's property.
The collection will provide practical help to
women to take control of their lives.
If you can help by doing something practical here in Kinross, then
please put the date in your diary to help with door to door and/or
Sainsbury’s collections. Last year we joined 20,000 churches across
the country to raise a staggering £12million - of which 75% came
through the vitally important house to house collection.
Alisdair Stewart
It’s always good to hear what is happening in our area and to
remember that we are not just a single congregation but part of a
national and Presbyterian church – and of the world-wide church.
Here are some points of interest from the December meeting of the
Presbytery of Perth:
St. Matthew’s Church, Perth (the one with the tall spire on
Tay Street) has been given the go-ahead for phases 1 and 2
of a major project to redevelop their sanctuary.
The churches of the ‘Loch Leven District’ have been granted
a reduction in total of £11,000 in the money they were to pay
in to the national ‘Ministry and Mission’ fund. This is primarily
to allow them to use that money as start-up financing for a
proposed full-time youth worker in Kinross-shire. The
reduction for our church is £2,500.
Approval has been granted for the purchase of a new manse,
in Station Road, Crook of Devon, for our neighbours ‘Cleish
with Fossoway: St. Serf’s and Devonside’.
The referral to all Presbyteries by the General Assembly of
the Overture concerning the ordination, induction, or
appointment of ministers who are in civil partnerships was
debated. The presbytery voted by 51 – 38 to accept the
overture. This decision, with those of all the other
Presbyteries, is now referred back to the General Assembly
for a decision.
Rev Susan Thorburn was ordained in October as an ordained
local minister and will serve at Dunbarney and Forgandenny.
Congregations are encouraged to consider Corporate
Investment in the Perth and Kinross Credit Union
Presbytery has written to Perth and Kinross Council
expressing concern at the road proposals at Perth
Crematorium and the ‘apparent lack of consideration for the
feelings of families who may be affected by these proposals’.
Gordon McFarlane
The fifth Christmas Wrap took place in December when almost 150
parcels were wrapped for homeless people supported by Churches
Action for the Homeless in Perth and for the women and children
who are cared for in the Perth Prison Visitors’ Centre run by
Appreciative letters of thanks have come from both organisations
expressing how much the gifts meant to the recipients. Many of you
generously provided contents for the parcels and there was a great
response to the request to come and wrap. Once again Kinross
Parish Church has been able to share God’s love to many in difficult
circumstances. A very warm thank you to the congregation for
making this possible.
Myra Cathcart
Angus Morrison, well known to us all as the Minister of Orwell and
Portmoak Parish Church, takes up the role of Moderator this year. Illhealth had prevented Angus from being Moderator in 2014, but
having made a good recovery following surgery he has been able to
accept the nomination and so embarks on an intensive year. Alan
Reid will serve as one of two
comprising approximately 850
Saturday, 16 May and closes on
Friday, 22 May, and during this
week Angus will lead daily
worship, keep order, rule on
points of order, and sign
documents on behalf of the
Assembly. After the Assembly, the
Moderator spends much of the
rest of his time in office travelling
as a Church representative in
Scotland, other parts of the UK,
and overseas in an ambassadorial
Speaking on his appointment and
acknowledging that these are difficult days for our Church as they
are for many other denominations, Angus said, “My main hope and
prayer for the year ahead is that it may be possible to encourage a
fresh focus on the centralities of our faith and calling, and that we
may find new ways to bring encouragement and support to one
another, so that in the power of the Holy Spirit, vital ministries with
which we have been entrusted, in fellowship with all God’s people,
may truly flourish for the enrichment of the people of Scotland and
We send Angus and his wife Marion our prayerful good wishes as he
embarks upon this year of leadership and service. We also pray for
our neighbours in the parish of Orwell and Portmoak.
Alice Getley
This project is aimed at having a Youth Worker based in the High
School, working across the age range. The long process in obtaining
the necessary approvals as an independent charity with its own
Trustees, bank account and charitable status has now been
achieved thanks to the hard work of the Trustees.
Now KYTHE is a SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated
Organisation) currently with four Trustees, set up with the support of
the Churches of Scotland in Kinross-shire. Soon a sub-committee
will be formed, perhaps called the Management Group, mainly drawn
from people in churches in Kinross-shire who are presently working
with teenagers. This will be the working group who, supporting the
youth worker, will begin this project ‘at the coal face’.
We have been inspired by the team from Hope to Oban (H2O) who
have helped us greatly. Most recently they invited us to join them at
their Weekend Away at Ardeonaig on Loch Tay. They have been
hosting imaginative events for school pupils in Oban High School for
10 years, and so have useful experience to share.
Over the next few weeks other churches will be invited to be
represented both as Trustees and volunteers on the Management
Group. Please pray for this work which has the potential to transform
lives in all areas, body, mind and spirit.
Ewan Cathcart
We were all deeply saddened and shocked at the sudden loss of
Tom, who was a servant of Christ who carried out his faith in the
actions and service that benefitted many.
I was blessed to be his district elder; the hospitality and the
discussions that we had were wide and varied and sometimes
controversial, but he did make me think wider and deeper on a whole
range of issues. I will miss that sounding board, as will we all.
He made people feel wanted and special – he was simply a Good
Samaritan to many of all ages.
Here are some of words and phrases used to describe him: a top
man, an encourager of faith, principled, very faithful, strong on social
He was an elder who was involved in all aspects of church life:
Pastoral, Administration, Communications, Outreach, and Education.
What made Tom unique was not just his dependability, but the many
unseen deeds he did, driving people to shops, picking up people so
they could come to church, supporting causes – Faith and Light
being just one. Tom’s actions, deeds, and thoughts were based on
his Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.
We celebrate and give thanks for Tom’s life, the Good Samaritan
who touched so many people in a positive way, who never gave up
on people.
We will all miss him as a Brother in Christ and our thoughts and
prayers go to Brenda and his family. He will be sorely missed.
In reflection, a few words from Mathew’s Gospel:
His Lord said unto him, Well done, my good and faithful servant: you
have been faithful over many things: enter you into the joy of the
Jaffrey Weir
We have nearly come to the end of our 2014/15 session of the Guild
with only two more meetings in March:
3 March – Out of Africa into Malta (Guild Project)
17 March – Annual General Meeting
Guild members will also be involved with The
World Day of Prayer in Kinross Parish Church on
6 March.
There has been a very interesting programme
over the winter months. We have had a steady
attendance of between 30 and 40 people, and
we enjoyed meeting up with other Guilds.
On Saturday 28 March, all are welcome to our Hot Cross Bun
Coffee Morning in the Church Centre between 10am and 12 noon.
There will be stalls.
This will be our major fundraiser for the Guild, including making
donations to the projects which we support. More details will follow in
the church notices.
Helena Cant (Convener, 862923)
Please remember to leave the marked car parking spaces at the top
of the lane for use by our disabled members at all times – not just on
Sunday mornings.
Enclosed with the magazine is a leaflet summarising the financial
content of the 2014 Trustees’ Annual Report and Accounts, to be
presented at the Stated Annual Meeting on Sunday 15 March. If you
have any questions I will be happy to try and answer them either
before or at the Stated Annual Meeting.
Thank you to everyone who responded in any way to the
Stewardship Focus in September on the giving of money, and
especially to those who were able to positively review their offerings.
Immediate indications signify an increase of around 10% overall, and
in fact open plate offerings in the 4th quarter increased by
considerably more. While this is most welcome and appreciated, I
would again ask tax-paying members to consider using Weekly
Freewill Offering envelopes or standing orders, rather than open
plate, and signing a Gift Aid declaration; in that way your offerings
can be augmented by 25% through the reclaiming of tax.
Looking forward, the General Fund budget for 2015 is based on a
fairly conservative assumption of 5% increase in offerings and shows
a small surplus for the year. Along with the other local parish
churches, a successful application was made to Perth Presbytery for
a £2,500 reduction in our Ministries & Mission contribution in order to
fund a similar contribution to the Kinross-shire Youth Enterprise in its
start-up phase. There is the prospect of expenditure in the region of
£25,000 to address erosion in the stonework of the bell-tower, to be
financed from our Fabric Fund and for which grants are also being
As this is my final report as Church Treasurer I wish to take the
opportunity to thank everyone for their cooperation and support over
the last 8 years – no names mentioned, as that can only lead to
difficulties! – but especially the fundraisers and the congregation as
a whole, whose generous financial support of the Church has made
my job relatively straightforward. My thanks and best wishes also to
my successor Alan McGhie (see separate article) who bravely fought
his way to the front of the queue! I am sure you will give him the
same support and encouragement that you have given me.
Jim Marshall
Since the inception of the current style of Report & Accounts in 2007,
the necessary role of independent examiner has been diligently
fulfilled by Hugh Cumming. Whilst being thoroughly professional in
his approach, at the same time Hugh has performed the job on a
voluntary basis, thereby saving the congregation several hundred
pounds every year in accountancy fees, and we are indebted to him
for that.
Hugh has intimated that the 2014 year-end will be his final one as
independent examiner and therefore we will be on the lookout for a
replacement, ideally from the congregation, during the course of this
year. For our style of accounts, the examiner must be a qualified
accountant who is not a member of the Session or Congregational
Jim Marshall
On 4 December 2014, on the
Committee, the Congregational Board
was pleased to appoint Mr Alan W
McGhie CA as Church Treasurer to
succeed Mr Jim Marshall with effect from
the Stated Annual Meeting in 2015. We
thank Jim for all of his efforts in his
tenure as Treasurer and will cover his
retiral as Treasurer in more detail in the
June issue of the magazine.
Alan has a wealth of experience both in
accountancy and in church finances. He
qualified as a CA in 1974 and has spent
most of his time in industry and
commerce with small- and medium-sized businesses and, more
recently, in legal practice management. He is now working part time,
and planning to retire in May 2016.
Alan was Treasurer and an elder at Rosneath Parish Church from
1987 to1992, where he was also a Sunday School teacher. At Dollar
Parish Church, where he was an elder, he was Treasurer for 6
years, as well as being Youth Fellowship Leader and Magazine
Editor. He was also Treasurer of the Presbytery of Edinburgh from
1994 to 2007.
In his spare time, Alan is a keen bagpipe player. He lives in Dollar
and his wife Mal, who grew up in Kinross, sings in our extended
We welcome Alan into his post and ask for God’s blessing on his
important work for us.
Robin Webster
Mark it in your diaries! Start
brushing up on your general
knowledge! Get some friends
together to make a team!
Organised by Lindsay Cant, this Quiz Night at 7pm on Saturday 18
April at our Church Centre in the High Street will be an excellent
opportunity for fun, fundraising, and fellowship.
The Quiz Night is in support of Mission Aviation Fellowship and
Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance. Kinross Parish Church has had a
long association with Mission
Aviation Fellowship and the
link has been made stronger
knowing that Jamie Hookham’s
work in Madagascar with Africa
Inland Mission is supported by
MAF transport.
£10 entry for a team of five, or come along and support (£2). Look
out for Quiz Night posters and information nearer the time but for
more information please speak to Lindsay or Jaffrey Weir
([email protected]).
Alice Getley
Have you ever wished you had a clear picture of the overall
message of individual books in the Bible? Well here’s a great
opportunity for you! Orwell & Portmoak and Kinross Churches are
working together to offer interesting and engaging presentations on
Sunday evenings twice a month using a variety of approaches and
the opportunity for fellowship, both during the service and over a
cuppa afterwards. Look out for details in the weekly intimations.
Many in the congregation are not comfortable with public discussion
of questions of human sexuality. For others, it is a major question
that they want and need to talk about either because they have
questions about their own sexuality or because they are upset or
angry about the direction the Church of Scotland is taking. The
Minister will be happy to meet at any time with any members of the
congregation who (regardless of their views) would like to talk either
in confidence or in a wider discussion.
The Church is committed to supporting all who wrestle with their own
sexuality and the church's teaching on matters of sexuality. The
minister is available to offer compassionate pastoral care to all
without prejudice.
The following website offers a wealth of resources to those for whom
this is a live and personal issue: http://www.truefreedomtrust.co.uk.
The following website offers those who wish to protest at the
direction the Church of Scotland is taking the opportunity to do so:
An open discussion meeting can be organised if there is enough
Fairtrade Fortnight this
year is between the 23
February and the 8
March. As part of the
fortnight, there is a
Rice Challenge being
promoted. I’m sure we all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge brrrr!!!
Well, this is an idea to give a bucket of rice to someone in need. In
Malawi only 1 in 3 children attend Secondary School because going
to school is not free, so if 90kgs of rice is sold that would allow a
child to go to school for a year. We have bought 45kgs of the rice,
and it is on sale for £3.00 a pack, so why not come and try some and
help the “Rice Bucket Challenge”. Also between January and April,
there is a Fair Necessities Appeal, where the Government will
double any money raised either by donations or by holding a
Traidcraft Big Brew, which we will be doing on Sunday 8 March after
the service. The local Fairtrade committee is also holding a coffee
morning on Saturday 28 February in the Church Centre at 10.00am,
so there is plenty going on. Thanks again for your continued support
and look out for the new catalogues which will be arriving shortly,
with new Spring and Summer gifts.
Thanks again,
The Traidcraft Team
“Credit unions aren't just an oasis for those struggling to qualify for
high street borrowing. As community co-operatives, they can also
appeal to those who want to benefit their neighbours. And while
savings rates are so low, they can sometimes beat high street rates.”
(Money Savings Expert)
The Perth and Kinross Credit Union, which was established in 2014,
has been commended to us by Perth Presbytery and is looking for
investors and volunteers. Please look at www.pkcu.org.uk, contact
01738 624872, or call in at their office at 282 High Street in Perth.
The Great Church in Debrecen has again invited a team from
Kinross Parish Church to come and run the ‘Scottish Camp’ from 1219 July. Debrecen is the second city of Hungary, and is deemed to
be the main centre of the Hungarian Reformed Church.
Our hosts generously provide meals and accommodation, and we
pay our travelling costs. This has in previous years been subsidised
by the Church and the Presbytery.
Conversational English classes take place each morning. The young
people who attend the camp are placed in four groups according to
their facility with the English language. Two leaders from our team
along with two Hungarian translators work with each group. After
lunch there is an hour of Bible exploration followed by a variety of
activities – games, crafts and always one session of Scottish country
dancing! The programme for the day finishes with a short epilogue
and the young people return home around 5pm.
The ideal number for our team is twelve. Most of the places are
already spoken for, but we would be delighted to hear from anyone
who feels that they could be involved in this service for God in July
Ewan Cathcart
The donations of used stamps over the last year have been greatly
appreciated. Please continue collecting them and placing them in the
boxes provided at the church entrance and meeting room. Every
stamp helps fund a worthy cause in the world. We are nearing the
end of the present initiative, which is to help fund a refuge for women
victims of domestic violence and their children in North Greece. With
a final effort, World Mission are hopeful they may achieve a record
breaking target of over £4,072. All donations, no matter how small,
are gratefully received. Do remember to leave at least a quarter of
an inch (6mm) round each stamp when cutting it from the envelope!
Maureen Morrison & Kath Seaton
5 March we are holding a Beetle Drive to raise money for
Leukaemia Research. 16 April is a special evening to celebrate our
40th anniversary, with members from 1975 onwards invited. Phone
865478 or 863421 for details on both events.
Molly Dobson (secretary)
The five-session course will run in Kinross Parish Church on
Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm beginning 25 February and at St.
Paul's Episcopal Church on Thursday mornings at 10.30am
beginning 26 February. The studies are entitled "Praise Him!" and
look at songs of praise in the New Testament. Both these groups are
open to all.
We continue to add to the funds of the Church. Our enthusiastic
band of helpers would greatly appreciate and welcome with open
arms anyone willing to help out. Interested? Then perhaps you could
come along one Saturday morning before noon, look around, and
talk with those on duty. Donations of home baking could be one way
of helping and would be gratefully accepted. On the book front, we
have again managed to collect an excess of books, and these we
are passing on to CHAS.
Jim Henry (864452)
Our Christmas Draw made good money for us, as did “Guess the
Number of 5p in a Jar”; that money will go towards our projects.
Médecins Sans Frontières was the recipient of £800 presented to Dr.
Christa Hook at our project lunch late last year. Our thanks to all
from Kinross Parish Church who make these lunches a success by
bolstering our numbers and adding to our funds.
Jim Henry, Volunteer Representative
Candlemass is the ending of Christmas here at St Paul’s. Our
Thursday morning bible study group is at present discussing topics
such as same-sex marriage in church and “Islam – what we know
and what we are ignorant of”. We look forward to sharing Lenten
study with other churches. On Pulpit Exchange Sunday, Mr. Brian
Ogilvie came to preach to us, and we give our thanks for a most
interesting address.
Jim Henry, Sacristan (864452)
Hi y’all—
As winter’s hold on our weather gives way to
spring, I am reminded of Christ’s triumph over
death on the cross. Easter is a glorious time of
rebirth, and there are always many activities
offered in the Kinross church community for this
holiday. As always, please have a look at the
calendar of events to ensure that you do not
miss anything of interest!
Ann Marie Neave (862271,
[email protected])
The Monthly Prayer Diary (including a short Bible reading for each
day) is available in print at Church on the last Sunday of the month
and can also be accessed via the website. If you require a large print
edition, please contact the Church Office.
• Silent Meditation: half an hour of guided stillness on the first
Monday of the month at 8am (2 March, 6 April, 4 May).
• A Prayer Breakfast is held on the second Saturday of the month
at 8.30am (14 March, 11 April, 9 May). A breakfast of rolls and
coffee followed by a short time of prayer. Names in advance
please, for catering purposes, to the Church Office 862570.
• Compline is 20 minutes of reflective readings and prayers, the
perfect way to end the day on the third Thursday of each month at
9pm (19 March, 16 April, 21 May).
• There will be a Bible Study and Prayer Meeting, either in the
Church Meeting Room or Church Centre Garden Room (as
announced) at 8pm (24 March, 28 April, 26 May).
Note: For Guild meetings, see page 17. Thursday Group meetings are
noted on page 23. Lenten studies are detailed on page 24.
Friday 6
World Day of Prayer
2pm – Church Centre
7pm – Kinross Parish Church
Margaret Michie
01592 840602
Friday 6 –
Sunday 8
Aspire Weekend Away
Ewan Cathcart
Sunday 8
Traidcraft Big Brew after service
Isobel Watt
Saturday 14
Presbytery of Perth Quarterly Meeting Church Office
at Kinross Parish Church
Sunday 15
Stated Annual Meeting
During Sunday morning service
Saturday 28
Guild Hot Cross Bun Coffee Morning, Helena Cant
Church Centre
Friday 3
The Good Friday Experience
Ruth Robertson
Saturday 18
Quiz Night
Church Centre
Lindsay Cant
Tuesday 5
Family Week Training
Church Centre
Ruth Robertson
Sunday 10 –
Saturday 16
Christian Aid Week
Alisdair Stewart
Tuesday 16
Family Week Training
Church Centre
Ruth Robertson
Monday 3 –
Friday 7
Family Week 2015
Ruth Robertson
Church Office
March – May 2015
Sunday Morning at 10.30am (Crèche, Jr Church, and Jampact)
Evening Service at 6.30pm on the last Sunday of the Month.
1 Mar Communion Sunday
10.30am Mark 11:27-33
‘Questioning Jesus’
2.30pm Afternoon Communion
(both common cup & individual glasses will be used)
8 Mar Mark 12:1-12
‘Parable of the Tenants’
15 Mar Mark 12:28-34
‘The Greatest Commandment’
22 Mar Mark 12:35-44
‘Jesus and the Crowds’
29 Mar Palm Sunday
10.30am Mark 13:1-13
‘Noise and News’
7.30pm Did the Angels Cry? The Holy Week Story in Music and Drama
5 Apr
Easter Sunday
7.30am Churches Together United Service at the Pier
Easter Morning Worship: ‘He has been
10.30am Mark 16:1-8
6.30pm Churches Together Easter Songs of Praise
12 Apr Acts 4:32-35
‘A Powerful Witness’
19 Apr Acts 3:11-20
‘A Powerful Testimony’
26 Apr Acts 4:1-12
‘A Powerful Message’
3 May Acts 8:26-40
‘A Powerful Encounter’
Informal Communion at the close of the morning service
10 May Acts 10:1-22
‘A Powerful Transformation’
17 May Acts 1:1-11
‘The Promise of the Spirit’
24 May Elder-Led Service
Acts 2:1-12
‘The Gift of the Spirit’
31 May Romans 8:12-17
‘Father, Son, and Holy Spirit’
Minister: Rev. Alan Reid (862952) or [email protected]
Ordained Local Minister: Rev. Margaret Michie
(01592 840602) or [email protected]
Session Clerk: Jaffrey Weir (865780) or [email protected]
Safeguarding Coordinator: Alison Brown (861113) or
[email protected]
Church website: www.kinrossparishchurch.org.
Church Office: 862570 (open 10am–12 noon weekdays) or
[email protected]
Booking of Church Centre or Church: contact Church Office
(862570 or [email protected])
Kirk Session: next meeting Monday, 11 May, 7.30pm
Magazine editor: Ann Marie Neave (862271) or
[email protected]
Deadline for next issue of quarterly magazine: Tuesday, 12 May
Kinross Parish Church of Scotland: Charity No SC 012555