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From Your Missionary
For some time now we
have been praying about a
Pregnancy Care Center in
Crisp County. This is a
vision God gave me
several years ago. Since I
have been serving as the
Chairman for the Crisp
Ministerial Collaborative,
many people have sensed
God leading us to begin
this type of ministry. I have
been working with a
Gary Leutzinger
feasibility team, and we are
at the stage of getting a Board of Directors for the
Center. We are planning sometime in May to have a
vision/fundraising banquet to look toward opening a
center in late Summer or early Fall. This ministry will
be one that our churches can support in many ways.
As an extension of this type of ministry, we are also
looking at using our Sheffield Building as a boutique
for young girls and women who need help providing
things for their children. This ministry would be a
strong partner with the Pregnancy Care Center. This
ministry would offer parenting classes, life-skill
classes, and Bible classes for the girls and young
women. They would have to be involved in the
classes in order to take advantage of the clothing and
other items for their child/children. We are going to
need a director to oversee this ministry. I am praying
that God will call a Godly women who has a passion
in this area and would be willing to commit their time
to seeing that this ministry will be successful. If
anyone is feeling led to lead this type of ministry,
please contact me as soon as possible. I am very
excited about how this ministry can have a big impact
on girls and young women. I believe God could use
this ministry to change and transform the hearts of
many young women in our communities. Please be in
prayer for this ministry as well as the Pregnancy Care
Center. We will also need volunteers to help with the
Care Center. For more information regarding how you
can help in these two ministries, please call me.
In closing, I would like for our churches to pray for
our mission teams that are going to Moldova/Ukraine
and Romania. When you receive this newsletter, the
Moldova team will already be ministering in the
churches of that area. The team will be back March 6.
The Romanian mission team will be leaving on March
20 and will minister in country for five days and will
be preaching the Gospel and having eyeglass clinics
in 20 churches. Please pray that thousands of people
will give their hearts and lives to Christ.
I am thankful we can do international missions, but
we have big task of reaching thousands in our own
communities with the Gospel. We will have that
opportunity as churches on March 28 at Williams
Field in Cordele through the Jesus and Me Festival.
We believe that hundreds of people will attend this
festival. We will be able to share the Gospel and see
God save and change many lives right here in our
Jerusalem. We encourage churches to have a booth as
well as having a part in music and drama. The
information has already been sent to your church, and
we hope that every church will take part in some way
in this festival. It is a joy to be a witness and share the
love of God. I pray that God will use our churches in
a mighty way not only through this festival but
through the ministries of each local congregation!
Bro. Gary
March pastors meeting to
focus on pastors round table
No, the pastors meeting on
March 11 at 10:30 a.m. at
HBC won’t be about the shape
of your table, however, GBC
missionary Stacy Dyer will be
there to talk about beginning a
Pastors Roundtable in HBA.
The purpose of the Pastors
Roundtable is to create an
environment where pastors of
similar situations can come together to exchange ideas
on topics related to ministry in the local church. Its
mission is to strengthen one another through the open
exchange of questions, ideas, best practices, mistakes,
and successes.
Come, learn and enjoy going out to eat together after
the meeting.
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Church news
Filadelphia ordains
four new deacons
Filadelphia Church recently ordained these four men
pictured as deacons (left to right): Santos Gonzalez,
Jose Rodriguez, Martin Francisco, and Benjamin
Cordele First Church has
called Richard Williams as
associate pastor.
Northern Heights Church recognized Eva Joe &
Greer Laporte, Glenda & Reggie Calhoun, Billy
Forrest and Rubye Eason as Sweethearts of the Year
for 2014 at their Senior Adult Valentine Banquet.
Also, Billy Bullington, Janet Devane, and Leala
Sheffield were recognized as Sweethearts of the Year
for 2015.
Northern Heights
Church will present
Crosby Lane in Story and
Song at 11:00 a.m.
March 8. On March 29,
the Stone Family will be
in concert at 6:00 p.m.
On March 28, the church
will conduct their
monthly Food and Prayer
Distribution beginning at 8:30 a.m.
Pinecrest Church is selling pork chop plates for $8
each. Proceeds will go to fund the summer mission
trip to West Virginia. Pick up times on March 13 are
11am–1pm and 4pm–6pm. Call 229-273-1261 for
more information and to purchase tickets.
Cordele First had a special
prayer service at their new
church house on February 22
and look forward to moving in
the near future.
Hatley Church will have revival services March 1-4.
Times are Sunday at 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. and
Monday through Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. Kevin
Moore will be the guest preacher. There will be
special music and nursery at all services.
Ebenezer Church will have revival services March
8-11, Sunday at 11am and 6pm and Monday through
Wednesday at 7pm. Bruce Lovesmith, a student at
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, will be
the guest preacher.
Pinehurst Church is sponsoring this event to raise
funds for their mission trip to Brazil May 31–June 9,
Pleasant Grove Church will have revival services
March 15-18. Sunday’s service will be at 6:00 p.m.,
and Monday through Wednesday services will be at
7:00 p.m. Stan Bowen will be the guest preacher.
Lakeshore Church distributes food each fourth
Wednesday of the month. Call 229-805-0890 for
more information.
Page 4
More info about
Jesus And Me Fest 2015
The mission of JAMF2015 is to unify God’s people in
our community to share Jesus with people in our
community. So how can you and/or church help?
!Need participants for the music and drama
ministries (especially the Via Dolorosa drama)
!Puppet teams, drama/dance teams to perform
!Singers and musicians to perform
!Vendors (individuals or church groups–great for
fund raisers)
!Clean up crew. Golf carts or four wheelers to help
with clean up and trash maintenance during the day.
!Large bank tents.
!Flat bed trailers for stages.
!Temporary power poles (2)
!Help advertise event (i.e. church publications, post
flyers in high traffic areas, share on Facebook)
!Help with planning event–attend meetings.
Over 300 people attended the Matt Papa Concert on
February 8 at 6pm at the Crisp County Middle School
Reflections of a Lovely Lady
Women’s Conference
Flyers, bulletin inserts and vendor applications are
downloadable from and the
JAMF Facebook page. Hardcopies are available at
Houston Baptist Center.
To help, come to the next meeting or contact one of
the following:
Administration: Erie Eidenire (229-869-1046) or Gary
Leutzinger (229-406-1445)
Organization: Sonya Mizell (229-805-0890) or Art
Castillo (229-805-0319)
Publicity: Lorey Smith (229-395-9356) or Sonya
Grounds: Robert Smith (229-947-9282) or Dawn
Smith (229-947-1086)
Vendors: Mike Neumans (229-938-1127) or Jayme
Rabon (229-322-6908)
Music: Deedy Eidenire (229–869-1026)
Drama: Steve Cobb (229-406-0461)
Children’s Area: Shona Warren (229-322-0976)
Planning meetings are at 7:00 p.m. at Houston Baptist
Center, 2116 US 41 N, Cordele, March 3, March 10,
and March 17. Please come.
Presented by Gibbs Family Ministries
229-273-8373 or 938-1760
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
133 Emmaus Road (Off Hwy 90), Cordele
Donna Stripling, Pat Story, Lillie Weaver,
Amy Gibbs, Nancy Gibbs
No Admission Fee
Love Offering Taken
Praise and Worship
Come And Be Inspired!
Page 5
Men’s Day at Penia Church on January 25, 2015.
Recent Memorials Received:
`In memory of C. R. Gamble
By Merle Sheffield
`In memory of Emeral Gill (for Camp Houston)
By Carol Serravezza
`In memory of Kathy Spires
By Merle Sheffield
On January 25, Lake Blackshear Church celebrated
Hgh Attendance Day. The Cordele Cruisers brought
their classic cars, and everyone dressed in classic 50s
If you are not following us
on Facebook, you are
missing a lot of good stuff!
Page 6
Price of $129/person includes four meals, refreshments breaks, worship sessions and conferences. Go
to for more information and to register online.
March 1-8, 2015
Offering Goal: $60 Million
GospelSings By Grace
Alex Clements
The Faithful Servants
Goodbread & Co.
Jim Cox as Cousin Theodore
March 6, 2015 at 7pm
Cordele Community Clubhouse
NE Corner of US 280 & US 41, Cordele
April 12, 2015 at 7pm
Pinecrest Baptist Churh
Page 7
Please pray for:
Opportunities coming up
#Asssociational Missionary Gary Leutzinger
#Lisa Chalk
#Happi and Chuck Keenan
#Merle Sheffield; Lauralyn & Troy Drew
#Billy Tison
#Linnie Tukes
#Lost and unchurched people
#Moldova/Ukraine Mission Team (Ray Burnette,
Chris Hurt, Fred Jones, Stacy Posey, Greg Sims,
Jennie Taylor, Aubrey Wynn) Feb. 23–Mar. 6.
#Soon to be Pregnacy Care Center, Cordele
#Revival in HBA churches
#Romania Mission Team (Connie Carney, Bruce
Howland, Chris Hurt, Gary Leutzinger, Shaun
McNulty, Pat Story, Shona Warren, and Jane White)
#Unity in our churches and unity among our churches
#Churches without pastors–Bakerfield, Dooling,
Mars Hill, Pinecrest, Warwick First
Houston Baptist Association events are printed in bold type.
HBC is an abbreviation for Houston Baptist Center.
Mar. 1-8
Mar. 3
Mar. 7
Mar. 7
Mar. 10
Mar. 11
Mar. 13-14
Mar. 14
Church positions available
Mar. 15
Mar. 15
Smyrna Church is seeking a part-time minister of
music. Contact Linda Whit at 229-268-6792.
Mar. 17
Mar. 20-21
Unadilla First Church is looking for a pianist. Call
Mar. 20-22
Vienna First Church is seeking a pianist for Sunday
AM worship and weekly choir practice. Contact Jim
Bolton at 229-268-4386.
Mar. 20-27
Mar. 21
Warwick First Church is seeking a bi-vocational
pastor. Contact Sherry Bailey at 229-349-0256.
Mar. 28
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Mar. 2
Mar. 6
Mar. 8
Mar. 11
Mar. 21
Mar. 26
Mar. 28
Mar. 29
Mar. 30
Sid Davidson
Kristy & Matt Stephens
Dan McPherson
Morgan Duncan
Brenda Lockerman
Cecelia & Damon Fountain
Sara Jones
Lisa Chalk, James McBurrows
Aidan Price
Apr. 12
Apr. 17-18
Apr. 24-26
Week of Prayer for Annie Armstrong
Easter Offering and North American
Jesus & Me Fest Meeting, 7pm, HBC
VBS Clinic, FBC, Centerville,
Children’s Extravaganza, Green Acres
Baptist Church, Warner Robins
Jesus & Me Fest Meeting, 7pm, HBC
Pastors Meeting, 10:30am, HBC
Marriage Seminar led by Danny
Singleton (see page 8)
VBS Clinic, Byne Memorial Baptist
Church, Albany, 7:30am–12:30pm
Start A Church Sunday
Substance Abuse Prevention Sunday
Associational Youth Event, 6:30pm,
Pinecrest Church
Jesus & Me Fest Meeting, 7pm, HBC
Handbell Festival, Central Baptist
Church, Warner Robins
Journey–A missions focused retreat for
teen girls, Immanuel Baptist Church,
Romania Mission Trip
State RA/Challengers Racer Derby,
Camp Kaleo, Forsyth
Jesus & Me Fest, 9am–3pm,
Williams Field, Cordele
Kuyasa Kids Choir Concert,
Pinecrest Church, 7pm
Georgia Baptist Women’s Spring
Event, Toccoa Baptist Conference Ctr.
Assn’l Youth DiscipleNow Weekend,
Cordele FBC
Page 8
Houston Herald is published monthly by Houston Baptist Association. Send news and/or comments to P O Box 1274,
Cordele, GA 31010, email to [email protected] or call 229-273-4127.
Hous on Baptist Association
2116 Hwy 41 ^ P O Box 1274 ^ Cordele, GA 31010
229-273-4127 (phone); 229-273-0626 (fax)
Associational Missionary: Gary Leutzinger
[email protected]