PSI Colloquium "Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability" Prof

Swiss Competence Centers
for Energy Research
PSI Colloquium
Prof. Dr. Steven Chu
Nobel Laureate in Physics 1997
Secretary of Energy of the United States of America, 2009 - 2013
“Energy, Climate Change and Sustainability”
Date: 12th March 2015
Time: 10.00 am
Place: Paul Scherrer Institut, Auditorium PSI West
Prof. Dr. Steven Chu
Prof. Dr. Steven Chu is the 6th recipient of the Richard R. Ernst Gold Medal. He
received the 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics together with Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and
William Daniel Phillips “for the development of methods to cool and trap atoms with
laser light”. His contribution to optical science was a technological breakthrough.
Equally honorable is his appointment as the 12th United States’ Secretary of Energy
from 2009 to 2013.
Prof. Steven Chu is indeed an exemplary role model for scientists, demonstrating how
scientific insight and initiative can help finding approaches for solving societal problems.
One of his ideas is to replace the oil-based economy by a global glucose economy
where glucose from high-glucose plants is being used for satisfying the global energy
The holder of 10 patents, Prof. Chu has published more than 250 scientific and
technical papers. Also today, he remains active with his research group and has
recently published work in as diverging fields such as on general relativity, single
molecule biology, biophysics and biomedicine, and most importantly on scientific
challenges and opportunities in clean energy.