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March 2015
From the Interim Pastor...
What Kind of Lent?
The Lenten season has crept up upon us, amidst the snows of winter. The word Lent originally meant,
“to lengthen,” referring to the days becoming longer as Spring approaches. Though it is a bit early this
year, Lent is here, and the days are slowly getting longer.
All are invited to take part in our Lenten observances. On Sundays during Lent, our theme is “Pilgrimage
to Easter.” If you haven’t seen the sanctuary yet, come and behold the wonder of the “visuals” which
bring this theme and the meaning of the Lenten season alive. Our mid-week Lenten suppers & service
have begun and will continue through Mar. 25, as we explore “Questions Jesus Asked.” (See separate
article for details.)
There are many traditional spiritual practices that make this season meaningful, as we make the journey
to the cross with Jesus, and continue that journey to the great surprise God has in store for us on Easter
morning. In addition to other tried and true spiritual disciplines of Lent, here are a few ideas for other
options for spiritual formation during this holy season.
1) “I think of Lent as a time for developing a new, ongoing and life-giving habit rather than as a
time for abstaining from an old and life-defying one. Very often the new habit will effectively replace or significantly modify the old habit anyway, and psychologically it just feels so much better
to be doing something positive and creative….” A conversation overheard during a coffee hour
after church - (church name and source unknown)
What new life-giving habit might you want to try this season?
2) “40 Days, 40 Ways to Re-Lent” is the title of the 2015 UCC Lenten devotional booklet, from the
“Stillspeaking” writers’ group. Instead of “giving up” something for Lent, the suggestion is made
to “give in” to the amazing grace of God working in our lives, thus “re-imagining” Lent. The cover
alone is very thought provoking, filled with “re” words such as: redevelop, refine, rekindle, restart, reform, reunite, recycle, reclaim, reboot, recreate, refresh. The devotional booklet can be
ordered from UCC Resources- (800-537-3394; uccresources.com)
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Parish News
Pastor’s Perspective (continued)
Fasting is an ancient tradition, which is being re-embodied in new ways.
For example, there is the “carbon fast,” an ecumenical effort initiated by the UCC, to “fast” during Lent
from activities that increase carbon in the earth’s atmosphere, such as turning off appliances when not
in use, and buying local produce. There is a Facebook page that offers daily suggestions for a way to
fast from carbon. One can also sign up to receive these daily suggestions via email. The extent to
which anyone “fasts” from carbon is completely voluntary- there is no expectation that everyone who
“signs up” for this fast will do everything suggested. Choosing only a few of the many options can make
a difference and even save money on electric bills. Find out more info at www.macucc.org/carbonfast,
where you can sign up to receive weekly tips during Lent, and click on the link to the carbon fast Facebook page. Below is an example of one of these daily fasting suggestions.
May your Lenten journey be a meaningful and inspiring pilgrimage to Easter!
Lenten Blessings to all,
Pastor Janet
Put on a sweater and turn down your thermostat to 65° when people are home and active and
55°- 58° at night as well as when no one is home. In warm climates, raise your air-conditioner thermostat 4° or up one setting. Home heating and air-conditioning are
responsible for a large portion of our carbon footprint. For more on air-conditioning and alternatives,
check out Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air-Conditioned World (and Finding
New Ways to Get Through the Summer).
"Let there be light" in our churches such that it affirms the goodness of God's creation. One
church in Colorado replaced the 20-watt incandescent bulbs in their exit signs with LEDs and saved
about $360 a year while eliminating 4000 kilowatt hours of polluting electricity usage. For information on switching from incandescent to high efficiency fluorescent or LED lighting at a discount, go
here. For detailed info on all bulb alternatives, please visit Ask Umbra. Did you know that utilitysponsored programs may reimburse you up to 70% of the cost of making the switch?
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From Dana’s Desk...
The Mystery of Darkness
“Lent is such a ‘downer’! I don’t do Lent, it’s depressing. I wish we could skip from Christmas to Easter.
Can we make winter any more dismal? It’s cold and dark enough. And Lent is supposed to be good for
me because….? Misery loves company….woe is me a sinner... you?”
(actual comments overheard at a church gathering …. not FRC!)
The Lenten journey is a time for prayer and quiet introspection, a time of personal spiritual growth.
Lent is a time to enter more deeply into the heart of God, and in doing so, we grow beyond ourselves
and realize that darkness does not overcome us but is part of the journey. The journey to the cross is
also the path which leads us to the light of life radiating from an empty tomb.
Here, in the midst of another Lenten observance, I share a prayer by Henri J.M. Nouwen for your
“seasonal pondering.” It is from A Cry for Mercy by Nouwen, copyright 1981.
“O Lord, this holy season is passing quickly. I entered into it with fear, but also with great expectations.
I hoped for a great breakthrough, a powerful conversion, a real change of heart; I wanted Easter to
be a day so full of light that not even a trace of darkness would be left in my soul. But I know that you
do not come to your people with thunder and lightning. Even St. Paul and St. Francis journeyed
through much darkness before they could see your light. Let me be thankful for your gentle way. I
know you are at work. I know you will not leave me alone. I know you are quickening me for Easter –
but in a way fitting to my own history and my own temperament.
I pray that these weeks of Lent, in which you invite me enter more fully into the mystery of your passion, will bring me to a greater desire to follow you on the way that you create for me and accept the
cross that you give to me. Let me die to the desire to choose my own way and select my own cross.
You do not want to make me a hero but a servant who loves you.
Be with me today, tomorrow and in all the days to come, and let me experience your gentle presence. Let me experience the mystery of darkness as prelude to the light of your resurrected life.
May yours be a grace-filled journey.
Pastor Dana’s Contact info:
Phone: 717-625-4551
Email: [email protected]
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UCC News
Rev. John Dorhauer Named Candidate To Become UCC's Ninth
General Minister And President
The General Minister and President Search Committee has identified a candidate to become the ninth leader of the United Church of Christ. The Rev. John C. Dorhauer, conference minister of the Southwest Conference of the UCC, is the search committee’s candidate, named Friday, Feb.13, chosen to lead the nearly 1-million-member denomination
into the future.
"John is an articulate visionary who has a deep love for the United Church of Christ and
will help us shape the future of the church for years to come," said the Rev. Kent Siladi,
who co-chairs the search committee.
"I am deeply humbled and honored by the trust and confidence placed in me by the search committee,"
Dorhauer said. "I am grateful for the work they have given over the last four-and-a-half months. Taking
nothing for granted, I look forward to meeting with the full board in March."
"I believe the Holy Spirit envisions a future in which the United Church of Christ matters," he said.
Dorhauer served as associate conference minister in the Missouri Mid-South Conference for five years prior to being called to the Southwest Conference and has served churches in rural Missouri. Dorhauer has a
Master of Divinity degree from Eden Theological Seminary and a Doctor of Ministry degree from United
Theological Seminary, where he studied white privilege and its effects on the church.
Dorhauer’s candidacy must be confirmed first by the United Church of Christ Board of Directors by a twothirds vote at its upcoming meeting March 19, then by the delegates of the 30th General Synod, meeting
in Cleveland June 26-30, with a 60-percent majority.
The 18-member search committee spent four-and-a-half months on the process to identify a candidate
for the next general minister and president. They were seeking a leader who is "a person of faith, an articulate and theologically-grounded preacher and speaker, and an innovator who leads with clarity and purpose" to act as CEO and chief spokesperson of the UCC. Dorhauer would be charged with preparing the
denomination for the future by planning, coordinating and implementing the mission of the church.
Conference Associate Minister Coming to FRC
On Sunday, March 15, we are pleased to have the Rev. Thomas Webster, Conference
Associate Minister of the Penn Central Conference, with us to preach during our
10:30 worship service. Rev. Thom, along with his colleague Janice Mountain, will be
working with our Search Committee once it is formed. The congregation will also be
able to get an overview of the Search process during Thom’s visit. On that Sunday,
Elaine’s parking space in the staff lot will be reserved for Rev. Webster.
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Parish News
Mid-Week Lenten Suppers & Services
Our mid-week Lenten gatherings will began Wednesday evening, February 25 and will continue
through Wednesday evening, March 25. There will be a simple supper from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m., followed
by a half-hour meditative “Vespers service,” from 7:00-7:30, with piano music, song, prayer and a devotional. The theme of this year’s “Vespers” will be "Questions Jesus Asked,” based on a new book “Jesus
is the Question” by Martin Copenhaver, UCC pastor and President of Andover Newton
Theological School, Newton, MA. Each week is “self-contained” so please join us for
any session or as many you can. Please call or email the church office if you plan to
attend the supper so we know how many to prepare for.
Questions Jesus asked is an intriguing topic that offers us a unique kind of opportunity
for spiritual growth during this sacred season. In the Introduction to “Jesus is the Question,” Copenhaver reflects:
“Answers can be offered as a conclusion. Questions are an opportunity for further reflection. For the most part, answers close and questions open. It is telling that the word question contains
the word quest. That is, a question sends you on a journey and often in search of something valuable.
Easy answers can give us a sense of finality. By entertaining questions God has a chance to
change us.”
We hope you will be a part of this quest!
The topics and leaders of each Wednesday evening’s devotional are as follows. Thank you to all who
are sharing devotionals and all who are helping with the suppers; if you can help provide soup and
bread for our meals please let the office know.
Feb. 25: Questions Jesus Asked About Worry (Alyssa Leister)
Mar. 4: A Question About Identity (Joanne Carroll)
Mar. 11: Questions About Faith and Doubt (Megan Malick)
Mar. 18: A Question About Compassion (Nadinne Ziegler)
Mar. 25: Questions About Healing (George Peterson)
Give the Gift of Music at Easter
On Easter Sunday we again welcome the glorious trumpet music of Dr. Kate Umble.
We are looking for donations to support this cost. A wonderful opportunity to
enhance our worship music on that special Resurrection Sunday. A gift in loving
memory of a beloved one or in honor of someone, would be noted in the bulletin.
Please see Larry or call the church office if you would like to give the gift of music.
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Parish News
Holy Week Worship
Palm Sunday, March 29 will be observed this year as “Palm/Passion Sunday.” The first part of
the service will focus on Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. We will then shift into the retelling of the rest of the events of the last week of Jesus’ life. Volunteers are needed to help
“re-tell the story,” by reading the parts of the Narrator, Jesus, Judas, Peter, the High Priest,
Pilate, and others, in Mark 14:1-15:47.
On Friday of Holy Week, April 3, please join us for our Good Friday service at 7 pm, which will
include Communion, as we commemorate Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, as well as the
traditional elements of Good Friday worship.
The Downtown churches ministerium will also hold a Good Friday observance. From 123:00, there will be a service at St. James Episcopal Church. Over the course of the 3-hour period, different preachers will offer sermons on each of Jesus’ last words from the cross. Worshippers may
come and go as they wish, staying for as little or long as they are able.
In Our Prayers
We hold in our prayers:
Terry Styer, recovering from surgery.
Rick Cashdollar, recovering at home.
Phillip Holt, recovering at home.
Jess Turner, a patient at LGH.
Courtney Wettrau on the death of her grandmother, Rachel Enck.
June Lantz, recovering from wrist surgery and a
broken foot.
Phyllis Sanders, recuperating at Spang Crest.
Ethel Murr, Sandy Schlemm’s sister-in-law,
recovering from a broken hip.
A friend of Judy Mason’s who has just been
diagnosed with cancer.
We continue to hold in our prayers:
…Le An Ambrose, Bill Anderson, Leona
Anderson, Carroll Barton, Cheri Becker, Kimberly
Bender, Larry Bonaccorso, Stella Bonaccorso, Lois
Bowman, Mary Brocco, Deb Burke, Marian
Chavez, Carol Connor, Thelma Connor, Darlene
Christiansen, Anna Devonshire, Kathy Gilchrest,
Norma Good, Pat Harbaugh, Arlene Holbein,
Etta Irwin, Bill and Ruth Moore, Kevin Parise, Jo
Ann Peppler, Bobbie Pontz, Charles Rohrer,
Chester Spotts, Janet Spotts, Jeanne Sullivan,
Paula Wagner, Kathy Warns, Ila Westbrook,
and Robert Whetts.
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Parish News
One Great Hour of Sharing
On March 15, members of First Reformed Church will once again have the opportunity to help change
the lives of those affected by natural disasters in the United States and the world as we take up the 2015
UCC "One Great Hour of Sharing" offering. Through the ministries of disaster response, sustainable development and refugee relief, the OGHS reaches those both near and far, impacting the lives of those
we may never meet.
As the Apostle Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 8:15, "The one who had much did not have too much,
and the one who had little did not have too little." God provides us with the resources so that we can
give back, and our abundance becomes their need and their need becomes our abundance. What if we
all lived as if this is our call? We would change the world!
Last year, First Reformed raised nearly $1,700. Do we dare to dream bigger? Do we dare to practice a
more radical spirit of Christian hospitality and benevolence? Please give to One Great Hour. Your generous participation in this offering can . . . and will . . .
help transform the lives of those most in need. Thank
you from the Outreach Team.
FRC Hosts Tuesday Dinner
FRC will again be serving the evening meal for the community on
March 24. Joanne Carroll will be
the chief chef and will need all the
help she can get from the congregation. Please join us for an evening of serving and fellowship. As
usual, desserts will be most welcome.
Vacation Coverage Needed
Our church Administrator, Elaine Miller, will be
taking vacation the week of March 16. We are looking for volunteers to be in the office from 9AM—
noon each of those days to answer phones and
greet visitors. If you can cover one morning for us,
please call Elaine at 397-5149 so she can arrange
the coverage schedule.
2015 Leadership Team
Below is the slate of members and officers elected
to the Leadership Team at the January Annual
Meeting. Please give them your prayers and support as they lead the congregation through an
unusual year. Thanks be to God for their service!
Kay Hughlett
Joanne Carroll
Sandy Frey
Toni Tice
Chad Souders
Nadinne Ziegler
Admin Team Chairs:
Jim Chryst
Patrick Helm
Congregational Life Chair: TBD
Finance Team Chair:
Jim Fisher
Outreach Team Chairs:
George & Linda Peterson
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Parish News
Notes of Thanks
I want to thank Pastor Janet and
the members of the congregation
for their many prayers and expressions of sympathy and condolence, during
my recent absence, while caring for my aunt in
Florida and my now deceased step-mother in
Jim Chryst
Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers and the prayer shawl/
lap robe– I enjoyed the flowers so
much and the shawl was just the
right colors. I really appreciate the
kindness and love shown by First
Florence Friend
Christmas feels long past but the
work of Salvation Army Bells lingers into the winter air. Thank you
to all who participated ringing the
Salvation Army Bell on Saturday,
December 6, at Central Market. Despite the cold
you all rang the bell with vigor and collected $604.
Our community is grateful for your service!
New Member Class
A new members class is forming.
There are people already signed up! If
you are thinking about becoming a
member of First Reformed UCC, this is
an opportunity to learn more about
the congregation and the UCC denomination. To
join the class simply speak with Pastor Janet or
contact the church office (397-5149 or [email protected]). Classes will meet on
Sundays following worship.
Attention Parents of Grades
3-6 Children
Penn Central Conference Youth Task Force is
holding their first "Younger Youth" Retreat
scheduled for April 10th-11th. Arrive on
Friday, the 10th around 7pm and enjoy an overnight and a day of activities
and meals. The event will
end around 6pm Saturday,
the 11th.
This retreat has been designed to get our younger
(Grades 3 through 6) youth
acquainted with Hartman
Center and what our conference Retreat and
Camp can offer. If some youth have already
been to Hartman Center, great, have them tell
their friends about how much fun they will have.
Concert at Trinity U.C.C.,
East Petersburg
The Lebanon Valley Concert
Choir will give a concert at
Trinity U.C.C. on March 22 at
3 p.m. The church is located
at 2340 State St. in East
Petersburg. There will be an offering to support the church's hand bell fund.. For more information, visit www.trinityeastpete.org or call
the church at 569-1632.
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Parish News
Altar Flowers
Bushel of Love
The sign-up sheet for Flowers for
2015 is in Harbaugh Hall. Several
dates are still available.
If you have signed up for flowers,
please contact the church office
to let us know what dedication you want in the
bulletin. You can do this now even if you have
flowers in December!
The food you donate to our Bushel of Love is
distributed to our hungry neighbors by the
Lancaster County Council of Churches. Thank
you for your generosity!
The March items are canned meats and
stews. Please place your offering in the basket
in Harbaugh Hall. Please remember, the Department of Health requires all cans to have
labels, and packaged goods must be factorysealed, in good condition, and without rust or
severe dents.
SOS program - Park City Diner
and Day & Knight Diner
At the end of 2014 we had received a total of
$515.55 from these two diners as we participate in their “Share Our Success” (SOS) program. As a direct result of your efforts in promoting this program we’ll raise about $1,200
per year for the church!
We can expand upon our
initial offering, to provide
more cards to relatives
and friends, so they can
help our church. So I have ordered an additional 250 cards for distribution in the near future.
The objective would be to increase our revenue
to over $2,000 per year.
This is a great program for the church, with little
effort on our behalf. Just distribute the cards,
and follow up with those who have the cards, to
ensure they are being used.
Thank you for your support.
Capital Campaign Update
As of February 09, 2015, we have received
$299,243.00 in contributions including gifts from
FRC members, corporations
and other churches. The capital campaign team would like
to thank everyone for their
donations to the campaign.
We have come a long way but we still have to
pay off our Fulton Bank loan.
“There is a time to let things happen and a time
to make things happen”-Hugh Prather
We hope you give this matter your prayerful
Dean Mason
Capital Campaign Chairman
Jim Chryst
Page 9
Parish News
Fellowship Schedule
Our fellowship time directly following worship is a crucial ministry at First Reformed. Our Church Growth
Team does a wonderful job welcoming new friends into our space and they encourage visitors to stay for
fellowship. This time provides everyone the chance to interact with one another and
with the new faces that join us. If you are unable to do your assigned day, feel free to
reach out to another member to see about switching. If a switch can be made, fantastic! If not, no problem. Either way, please let the church administrator know. She will
keep an up-to-date list of Fellowship Hosts and will print them in the bulletin each week
and the newsletter each month. Thank you for your commitment to growing our church and extending
the hand of hospitality.
1-Sandy Frey & Shirley Urban
8-Bonnie Van Tassel-Parent
15-Joanne Eby & Darlene Devonshire
22-Jim & Timna Fisher
29-Linda Gainer
12-Jen & Jeff Eaton
19-Jim Chryst
26-Bruce & Marianne Adams
3-Diana & Patrick Helm
10-Chad & Sara Souders
17-Jack & Kay Hughlett
24-Dave & Kelly Cochran
31-Tara Schram-Trompeter
7-Gloria Nixdorf
14-Toni Tice
21–Nadinne Ziegler
28-Meagan Holler
5-Rick & Joanie Cashdollar
12-Audrey Shirk
2-Ice Cream Social
9-Megan Malick
6-Welcome Back Potluck
19-Carol Tracy
26-Sue Wike
23-Joanne Carroll
30-Lois Newswanger
20-Linda & George Peterson
27-Karen Risser
4-Julie & Donovan Witmer
11-Jill & Kelly Van Belle
18-Becky DiLeo
25-Bruce & Christie Alton
1-Kelly Wobrak
15-Diane Sanchez
22-Hanging of the Greens Meal
29–Sandy & Terry Styer
6-Alyssa Leister
13-Courtney Wettrau
20-Nadinne Ziegler
27-Diana & Patrick Helm
Page 10
Parish News
Grocery Card and Gas Card
Vivian Spiese and Jim Chryst would like to
thank those of you who participate in the gift
card fund raising program. During 2014 your
purchases amounted to a contribution of approximately $2,700 for the church. That is a
tremendous accomplishment! However, it is
reasonable to assume that we could realize
over $4,000 per year, if more folks got into
the habit of buying these cards, and helping
the church. We would ask you, as part of the
Lenten season, to try this method of grocery
and gas purchases and see why so many of
our parishioners are involved and satisfied.
Vivian and Jim.
Save the Date!
We had such a positive response to First Reformed's
first New York City trip this
past September that we are doing it
again! Details will be forthcoming, but save
the date - Wednesday, June 10!
Again, it will be New York City on your own
or New York City plus show, which this time
will be Beautiful, the Carole King Musical. Hope to see lots of familiar faces on
that bus!
Volunteers Needed
Are you available for an hour or two on Monday
mornings? The faithful money
counting team needs a few more
members. Training will be provided.
Currently members of the team are
serving about once a month, but with a couple
more folks on the team, we could stretch that
to every 6 weeks or so.
If you are not afraid to handle money and can
use a calculator, please talk with Elaine Miller in
the church office (397-5149).
We would also like to have a person or a team
of folks who will regularly go through
the Welcome folders in the pews to
be sure they are kept orderly and
complete. This could be done on Sundays after
church or during the week. Speak with Elaine if
you can help.
Thank you for considering new ways in which
you can support your FRC family.
Scheduling a Meeting?
When you schedule a
meeting, please be sure to let
the Church Administrator,
Elaine Miller, know (397-5149
or [email protected]).
Space is limited and surprise meetings can
cause challenges. Also, if you reschedule a
meeting, be sure Elaine knows that, too!
Jim Chryst and Sandy Frey
Page 11
Parish News
Pastoral Search Committee
Emergency Info
Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the Pastoral Search Committee. A subteam of the Leadership Team is now reviewing
the nominations to establish a balanced team
that represents the demographics of the congregation. We hope to be able to announce the
members of the Search Committee sometime in
Below is a form for you to cut out and keep track
of emergency phone numbers, courtesy of PPL
It’s a good list to have several copies of: one in
your wallet, one at home and one with a friend
or family member.
First Ladies Luncheon
The First Ladies of First
Reformed United Church of
Christ will hold their monthly
luncheon Tuesday, March 10 at
11:30 a.m. at the Elks Club on
Duke St. You are invited to join
the ladies of First Reformed for an afternoon
of fun and fellowship. Please contact Judy
Ames at 393-0587 for information and
Nursery Volunteers
We need additional volunteers
to assist in our Nursery on
Sunday mornings. Typical hours
are 10-12 each Sunday. If you
love children, and want to help out, please
contact Jim Chryst at 284-6996.
In the Hospital?
When you are in the hospital, please be sure to let
the church know, especially if you are admitted
during the weekend. Our local hospitals are good
at getting this information to us, but it helps if we
hear from your family as well.
Page 12
Easter Flower Order Form
Help fill the sanctuary and chancel with the fragrance and beauty of
White Lilies and Colored Tulips this Easter Season. The cost is:
$8.00 per White Lily plant
$7.00 per pot of Colored Tulips.
You may place your order by calling the church office 397-5149, or by completing this
form and placing it in the Church Administrator’s mailbox in the church office, or
place it in the offering plate along with your payment.
Deadline for ordering is Sunday, March 22.
Print please
Donated by:
In honor of:
In memory of:
Total Cost
White Lilies
x $8.00 = $
Colored Tulips
x $7.00=
Page 13
Member News
Reach Out to Our Homebound
Following you will see a list of First Reformed members who are not able to come to worship or to our
many church events (so called “Homebound”). Without exception, they miss being able to be here and
be a part of this community. They eagerly receive any kind of contact from us. You are encouraged to
send a note, send flowers, make a phone call, make a visit. You will be rewarded much more than you
can imagine.
Norma Good
33 Cottage Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17601-3211
Jess Turner
507 Country Place Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601
Mary Brocco
156 Tracy Berg Rd.
Lancaster, PA 17603
Thelma Conner
Room 506
675 Willow Valley Square
Lancaster, PA 17602
Jo Ann Peppler
Country Meadows Rm. 202
1380 Elm Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17603
Bill Anderson
Reed Run Room 325
1520 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
Etta Irwin
600 Freemason Drive
Elizabethtown, PA 17022
Phyllis Sanders
Spang Crest
945 Duke St.
Lebanon, PA 17042
Leona Anderson
Juniata 306
1520 Harrisburg Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601
3—Jack Hughlett
9—Todd Hutchinson
23—Pat Barton
12—George & Linda Peterson
3—Dana Schlegel
12—Bill Anderson
24—Hugh Dickel
21—Dean & Judy Mason
3—Sue Wike
18—Judy Ames
24—Tiffany Dickel
26—Bill & Leona Anderson
4—Phyllis Sanders
19—Sally Rohrer
24—Ethan Hutchinson
5—Ron Christiansen
19—Donna Amato
26—Corey McCarthy
6—Brian McCune
21—Heather Torres
27—Karen Risser
28—Bill Groff
Page 14
Worship Participants
March 2015
Altar Guild
1—Georgia McCune & Kelly Wobrak
8—Mary Anne Remley
15—Kay Hughlett
22—Tara Schram-Trompeter
29—Bonnie Van Tassel-Parent
Bell Ringers
1—Susan Fisher
8—Alyssa Leister
15—Bill Groff
22—Meagan Holler
29—Jack Hughlett
1—Patrick Helm
8—Kelly, Dave & Spencer Cochran
15—Jim Fisher
22—Toni Tice
29—Gordie Kraft & Granddaughters
Money Counters
2—Sandy Frey & Gordie Kraft
9—Linda Esbenshade & Alta Hamric
17—Art Ezard & Carol Martin
23—Bonnie Van Tassel-Parent & Sandy Frey
30—Brad Allen & Gordie Kraft
Children’s Church
1—Kelly Cochran
8—Kim Kleckner
15—Judy Ames
22—Diane Sanchez
29—Kim Kleckner
1—Kim Kleckner
8—Diana Helm
15—Alta Hamric
22—Jen Eaton
29—Lindsay Hershey
Fellowship Hour
1—Sandy Frey & Shirley Urban
8—Capital Campaign Team
15—Joanne Eby & Darlene Devonshire
22—Jim & Timna Fisher
29—Linda Gainer
Sound Tech
1—Dean Mosemann
8—Dave Sanchez
15—Dean Mosemann
22—Dave Sanchez
Flower Sponsors
1—Sue Wike
15—Rick & Joannie Cashdollar
22—Linda Esbenshade
29—Georgia McCune
Bulletin Sponsor
Sue Wike
Usher Captain(s)
1—Sandy Schlemm
8—Joanne Eby
15—Jim Fisher & Ila Westbrook
22—Alta Hamric & Art Ezard
29—Alta Hamric & Art Ezard
Riley Kraft & McKenna Kraft
Welcome Table
Gloria Nixdorf
Communion Assistants (March 1)
Jim Fisher, Gloria Nixdorf, Georgia McCune, Theresa Simo
If you cannot serve as scheduled, you must find a substitute and then advise the Church Office,
either by phone (397-5149) or email ([email protected]).
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~March 2015~
6:00 Lenten Supper
7:00 Vespers Service
7:00 AA
5:30 Community
Dinner: Swamp
Fellowship Church
6:00 Women’s
Art Group
7:45 NA
5:30 NA
6:00 SA
7:45 NA
9:00 Chime Choir
10:30 Worship
11:45 AED Demo
7:00 Outreach
11:30 First Ladies
5:30 Comm.
Dinner: Zion UCC
6:00 Women’s
Art Group
7:45 NA
7:30 Choir
8:00 AA
6:00 Lenten Supper
7:00 Vespers Service
7:00 Leadership &
Transition Teams
7:30 Choir
5:30 NA
6:00 SA
7:45 NA
8:00 AA
6:00 Lenten Supper
7:00 Vespers Service
7:30 NO Choir
7:00 AA
5:30 Comm.
Dinner: Hamilton
Park UCC
6:00 Women’s
Art Group
7:00 Cap Camp.
7:45 NA
5:30 NA
6:00 SA
7:45 NA
7:00 Leadership
5:30 Comm.
Dinner: FRC
6:00 Women’s
Art Group
7:45 NA
6:30 Finance Team
9:00 Chime Choir
9:45 Choir
10:30 Worship
7:00 AA
9:00 Chime Choir
10:30 Worship
8:00 AA
7:00 AA
6:00 Lenten Supper
7:00 Vespers Service
7:30 Choir
5:30 NA
6:00 SA
7:45 NA
8:00 AA
10:00 Staff Meeting
5:30 Comm.
Dinner: St. Peter’s
6:00 Women’s
Art Group
7:45 NA
St. John’s
Church Office Hours 9 am—noon
9:00 NO Chime
10:30 Worship
Grace UCC
9:30 Diffenbach Bd.
7:00 AA
Apostles UCC
10:00 Staff Meeting
9:00 Chime Choir
10:30 Worship with
12-3 Good Friday
at St. James
7:30 Choir
5:30 NA
6:00 SA
7:45 NA
7:00 pm Good
Friday Service at
5:30 NA
Grace UCC
8:00 AA