The Second Sunday in Lent - Immaculate Conception Church

The Second Sunday of Lent
March 1, 2015
Sunday Readings
Masses For The Week
First Reading - Genesis 22: 1-2, 9a
Second Reading - Romans 8: 31b-34
Sunday, March 1st - The Second Sunday of Lent
7:30 am - Bernard Trainor
9:00 am - Vincent Napolitano
10:30 am - Elenor Beckmeyer
12:00 pm - Lillian Stahl
5:00 pm - Juava & Manuel Rodriguez
Monday, March 2nd - Lenten Weekday
7:00 am - People of the Parish
12:05 pm - Ines Macchieraldo
Tuesday, March 3rd - St. Katharine Drexel
7:00 am - Charles & Katherine Rotondaro
12:05 pm - Natale Schirone
7:00 pm - Rosary Mass
Wednesday, March 4th - St. Casimir
7:00 am - D. Mc Kay
12:05 pm - Dolores Riebesell
Thursday, March 5th - Lenten Weekday
7:00 am - Michael Turano
12:05 pm - Carmen L. Jalowayski
Friday, March 6th - Lenten Weekday
7:00 am - Mark Scalzo Jr.
12:05 pm - Therese Hilger
Saturday, March 7th - St. Perpetua & St. Felicity
8:00 am - Memorial Mass
5:30 pm - John Niznik
Sunday, March 8th - Third Sunday of Lent
7:30 am - Butch M. Manrique
9:00 am - Georgia Pagarigan
10:30 am - Arnold & Anne Landi
12:00 pm - Ines Macchieraldo
5:00 pm - Joseph Maresca
The Altar Bread is offered for - Lillian Stahl
The Sancturay Lamp is offered for - Natale A. Schirone
The Memorial Candle is offered for - Joseph Tiboni
Gospel - Mark 9: 2-10
Even though God spared Abraham’s son, Isaac, God’s own
Son, Jesus, was not spared, but rather was handed over for
the benefit of us all. Yet already today’s Gospel gives us a
hint of the resurrection to come. As we listen to these
readings, let us take time to ponder what ‘rising from the
dead’ means in our own lives.
Collection for 2/22 was $7932.50 & Archdiocese
Retired Priest was $ 3904. Your generous
support is greatly appreciated.
Sing in the Shower?
Maybe you feel the tug when you hear the entrance hymn.
Maybe you sing along with the car radio. Maybe you’ve
wanted to join but never got around to it.
Maybe you’re called to join the choir.
If you feel the Spirit move you, or if you’re
curious and want to find out about our music ministry,
please join the choir. Contact Jonathan by leaving a
message at the office 201-863-4840 or at
[email protected]
Parish Mission Statement
We at the Catholic Christian community
of Immaculate Conception, Secaucus, in the
Archdiocese of Newark, proclaim to be a
Eucharistic Community, guided by the Spirit to
proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, as we
journey by passion, to evangelize, to celebrate our
diversity and to meet the challenge our
responsibility as disciples of the Lord Jesus.
Rosary Society
The Rosary Society will be meeting on
TUESDAY, Mar. 3rd after the 7pm Mass.
After the meeting, we will be having a
Pound Party! Please note, this is the only month that we
will be changing the date of our meeting to a Tuesday.
Anyone interested in joining the Rosary Society is welcome
to come and find out what we’re all about.
Sunday, Mar. 1st
CCD - School - 8am - 12pm
K of C Spelling Bee- Cafeteria - 1:30pm
Monday, Mar. 2nd
CCD - School - 6-8pm
CC General Reception - Cafeteria/Gym - 7-8:30pm
Rosary Mtg. - Cafeteria/Church - 7pm
Tuesday, Mar. 3rd
Breavement - Notre Dame Hall - 7 pm
Girl Scouts - Cafeteria - 6-8pm
Wednesday, Mar. 4th
Cafeteria in use - 10am-1pm
Lunch - Library - 12:30 pm
CCD - Notre Dame Hall - 6-8pm
Knights of Columbus Mtg. - Cafeteria - 7pm
RCIA - Faculty Room - 7:30 pm
RCIA Kids - Notre Dame Hall - 6:30-8 pm
Choir - School - 7pm
Thursday, Mar. 5th
CCD - Notre Dame Hall - 6-8pm
Holy Hour - 6 -7 pm
Bible Study - Rm. 101 & Library - 7- 9:30 pm
Cub Scouts - Cafeteria - 4-6 pm
Living Stone - Gym/Cafeteria - 7pm
Friday, Mar. 6th
Stations of the Cross - Church - 7pm
Pre-Cana - Cafeteria/Classrooms - 6-10pm
Saturday, Mar. 7th
Bible Study - Cafeteria - 9am - 12pm
Pre-Cana - Cafeteria/Classrooms - 8am-3pm
There is an appointed time for everyhing….
Catholic Daughters are holding a Mystery Pageant on Sat.
Mar. 14th after the 5:30 pm Mass. Come and enjoy an
unusual night! Tickets are $20 and include pasta,
meatballs, salad, dessert, and beverages. Tickets are
available thru the Gift Shop or by calling Sue Kolodziej.
Annual Parish Candy Fundraiser Ends Today
Our Annual Candy Drive, Gertrude Hawk’s
premium candy, to benefit the Parish ends
today. You still have time to order if you can
get your order ready today and call Betty Ann
at 201-866-8621 or order online, just reference
our group number #109078. These items are
perfect for Easter. Pick up date will be published in a
future bulletin. Thank You!
Knights News!
Knights of Columbus Mary Immaculate
Council 12769 will hold their next council
meeting this coming Wed. Mar. 4th at 8pm. The Knights
of Columbus is the largest Catholic fraternal organization
in the world. Our order is built on the principles of charity,
We pray for those in our Parish Family who
unity and fraternity and we are looking for men of the
are sick: Hedwig Paczkowski, Marie
parish 18 yrs. Of age or older who would like to help us
McGuire, John Jepson, Bill Innis and those
continue our assistance to our parish, our priest and
who are homebound, for patients in
religious, our community and especially our assistance to
Meadowlands and Meadowview Hospitals, Hudson Manor
our brother knights and their families. If you woul like
and the Fountains at the Manor.
more information contact Neal at 201-223-7967 or
[email protected]
Isaac Hie Delgado
Donna O’Krinsky
An Evening of Music, Prayer and Reflection
St. Therese Parish located at 120 Monroe Ave. in Cresskill
is welcoming Dan Schutte to perform a concert on Mar. 29
(Palm Sunday) at 7pm. Dan is the composer of various
songs used in Catholic worship. For more information
contact Adrian Soltys 201-567-2528 ext. 313 or
[email protected] A Free Will Offering ($10
suggested donation)
First Reconciliation
Congratulations to the following students on their Reconciliation:
Jonathan Aldridge
Ryley Alonozana
Florianne Arnado
Connor Backiel
John Banks
Steven Bann
Gianna Barrett
Maria Sophia Buenafe
Jannice Burges
Rafael Campo
Aiden Concepcion
Sophia Currier
Dylan Cutola
Derek DeLeon
Aidan DelRosario
Cayden Drumeler
Riley Duda
Daniel A. Escobar
Maria Esperanza Bello
Ava Marie Falco
Christian Figueroa
Anna Formisano
Lia Frank
Isia Frometa
Ian Fu
Marcus Goldsack
Kirsten Griffin
Luke Gutteridge
Hailey Hablitz
Cody Hernandez
Gabrielle Higgins
Ryan Joehnk
Abigail Jones
Anthony Kolmer
Mateo Kolmer
Charles Krajewski
Michael LaManna
Alexander Lopez
Adriel Marrero
Samantha Mastropietro
Joshua Mastropietro
Jonathan Mateo
Nicole McSweeney
Gianna Monnecka
Noah Montalvo
David Montero
Jacob Orlando
Daniel Orriols
Sara Papa
Ryleigh Quinlan-Rutigliano
Christian Ramirez
Amanda Ranaudo
Damon Rivera
Amanda Rosales
Leon Santino
Trinity Sarmiento
Julianna Tango
Gabriella Torrillo
Kaitlyn Tusa
Stephanie Wassong
Jessica Zampino
When the hour came, he took his place at the table
with the apostles. He said to them, “I have eagerly
desired to eat this Passover with you before
I suffer, for, I tell you, I shall not eat it (again)
until there is fulfillment in the kingdom of God”.
Luke 22: 14-16
This Passover; Luke clearly identifies this last supper of Jesus with the apostles as a Passover meal that commemorated the
deliverance of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Jesus reinterprets the significance of the Passover by setting it in the
contest of the kingdom of God (Luke 22:16). The “deliverance” associated with the Passover finds its new meaning in the
blood that will be shed (Luke 22:20)
Celebrate an Authentic Passover Meal
From 33 A.S. with Christ Centered Overtones
We will use the meal Jesus Celebrated the night before he Died to understand the Eucharistic Celebration of
Today and the Meaning of Holy Week. Through this Celebration we will trace our roots to help us understand what
John meant when he said.
“Behold the Lamb of God.”
March 29th 5PM School Cafeteria
limited to the First 50 who sign up
call the Parish Office 201-863-4840
Cost $20 per person Includes Dinner and Wine