Facebook Announcement! Congratulations!

February 24, 2015
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DRCC’s Mission: To support individuals with disabilities by creating opportunities to live
rich and meaningful lives with family, friends, work and community.
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Job Openings
Grant Requests
Friday Fest Event
Fund Changes
February Tips
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Facebook Announcement!
We are proud to announce the birth of DRCC’s Facebook account. A
committee was formed several months ago to take a look at how DRCC
could do a better job of getting our name out to our community. We
looked at ways to reach more people regarding employment opportunities as well as what we are about as a company.
Amber Pedersen and Cassie Harvey have agreed to create and monitor
our Facebook account. Please remember:
 If you list yourself as an employee, please have appropriate pictures
and updates, per our policy.
 If you are contributing pictures that include clients, you must first
inform the guardian and/or the client before using the picture.
 If you want to “like” our page, but don’t want any connection with
DRCC on Facebook, you can change your personal settings to reflect
 Periodically we will post information about community events, Friday
Fest, ARRM awards, program highlights, and more.
 The committee will continue to meet to find creative ways to communicate our message and mission to others.
 Program Directors may now send updates and events happening at
their programs or in the community to [email protected]
If you should have any ideas, please contact Renee or Michelle at the
Thank you for your participation in this new adventure!
Congratulations to Jim Paine, Basswood’s Program Director, who was one of the
top two finishers in Superior, Wisconsin’s mayoral primary election on Tuesday,
February 17th. Jim will be facing off in the general election on April 7th. Nice work
Jim and good luck!!
Congratulations to Corrie Walker, who is the new Program Coordinator at Maple.
Corrie has been with DRCC since 2013.
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Positions Open
Full Time
Part Time
DRCC-Galere (a waivered services program serving 4 women in Rice Lake
Township) is seeking a FULL-TIME PROGRAM ASSISTANT (starting wage is
$11.40/hr + benefits). The current scheduled hours are: Tuesday 2p-7p,
Wednesday 11a-7p, Friday 11a-11p, sleep overnight, Saturday 6a-4p. We are
looking for someone flexible and organized with self-initiative. For more information or to apply for this position, please contact Cassie or Corey at 726-0233 or
at [email protected] by Wednesday, March 4th.
DRCC-Aspen (serving 4 men in the Riverside area) is seeking someone to
work every Wednesday 12p-8p, Friday 2p-9p and Saturday 11a-7p, with Fill-In
opportunities. Contact Valerie at 722-3039.
DRCC-Daniels (serving three adults in the Pike Lake area) is seeking 2 Up &
Awake staff to work every other weekend: Thursday 10:30p, Up & Awake, to
Friday 8:30a; Friday 10p, Up & Awake, to Saturday 7a; Saturday 10p, Up &
Awake, to Sunday 7a. Fill-in opportunities available. Call Rochelle at 729-8037.
DRCC-Glendale (serving three men and one woman in Lakeside) is seeking
someone to work Fill-In (a variety of shifts as needed). The person must have
availability to pick up shifts in advance as well as on short notice. Please contact
Becky or Lynne at 525-1913.
DRCC-Jitney (serving four men in East Duluth) is seeking someone to work
every other Saturday 2p-11p, Sunday 9a-7p & Thursday 2p-8p. Please contact
Dave or Nina at 724-4897.
DRCC-Laverne (an ICF/DD program serving 6 individuals) is seeking fill-in program assistant. Hours available to fill are 5-10pm all days of the week. Please
call Jeana or Adam at 728-5891 if interested.
DRCC-Thalassic (serving 5 individuals in Two Harbors) is seeking someone to
assist the residents from 6a-8:30a, Monday-Friday, to get ready for their day.
This position involves assistance with breakfast, personal cares, medical treatments and medication administration. Fill-in opportunities also – primarily afternoons and overnights. Please contact Pam or Chris at 218-834-5657.
DRCC-Triplex (serving 9 individuals in Gary-New Duluth) has the following
shifts available: Week #1: Sunday 2p-9p, Friday 3p-8p, Saturday 8a-3p; Week
#2: Friday 8a-1p. Please contact Rod or Jennifer at 626-2359 if interested.
Part Time
DRCC-Fairview (serving 4 women in the Virginia area) is seeking someone to
work a variety of 2-8pm shifts plus every other weekend. Must be able to work
a sleep overnight when needed. This position includes 22 scheduled hours in a
pay period, with fill-in opportunities available. Contact Jane at 218-741-5964
REFERRAL INCENTIVE: DRCC offers a $100 referral incentive to any employee who refers a Program Assistant, Coordinator
or Director and a $250 referral incentive to employees who refer an LPN or RN for employment to DRCC. The incentive
payment will be received after their referral is hired and successfully completes six months of employment.
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Grant Committee Is Soliciting Requests
DRCC’s Grant Committee is again accepting requests for grants.
week is
you shop
at Super
Individual clients may submit a grant application or requests may be for
items/activities that will benefit a number of individuals.
Grant applications are due by March 4th to Michael Mills. Grant request forms are
available in the Staff Resources section on DRCC’s website.
Friday Fest Event for March
March 13, 2015 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Coppertop Church
Free admission!
We will play 15 games of bingo! Prizes will be given to the winner of each game.
Refreshments available.
RSVP by Tuesday, March 10th, to [email protected]
2015 Fund Changes
Participants in the DRCC 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plan should read the “Spring
2015 Fund Changes” John Hancock will be making to the DRCC retirement plan.
These changes are posted (in green) on the Time Entry System for your review.
12 Tips for Better Heart Health continued….
5. Get heart healthy social support. Exercise
improves heart health by keeping weight
down and raising levels of HDL cholesterol,
but doing it with a friend adds benefits.
6. Volunteer to fight heart disease. People
who volunteer tend to live longer.
7. Take a heart-felt approach to quitting
smoking. Smoking is a major risk factor for
heart disease. Talk to your doctor about
some of the new therapies that are available.
8. Drink a little alcohol a day to keep heart
disease away. “For women, up to one glass
of alcohol a day and, for men, up to two
glasses a day can help reduce the risk of
heart disease.” But keep in mind - more is not
merrier. Alcohol has calories!
9. Strengthen your heart with weight training. Strength training reduces your percentage of body fat, keeps your weight down, and
increases your muscle mass and endurance
for aerobic exercise.
10. Measure your waist size to gauge your
heart health. If you waist size is more than
35” in women or more than 40” in men, this
tells you that you are at increased risk for
heart disease and Type 2 diabetes.
11. Reduce your blood pressure by reducing
your salt.
12. Sleep to your heart’s content. People who
sleep fewer than seven hours a night have
higher blood pressure and higher levels of
the stress hormone cortisol.