Matilda Harris Wins P. E. Fair 2015

Matilda Harris Wins P. E. Fair 2015
The Physical Education departments from each of the nine elementary
schools held the annual Camden County P. E. Fair on Thursday, February
19th at Mary Lee Clark Elementary School. Each school chose two
students, one boy and one girl, from their third, fourth, and fifth grade
classes that demonstrated outstanding athletic abilities to represent
their school. Students competed in a six different events, including, the
40 yard dash, football throw, free throw shooting, shuttle run, pull-ups,
and the standing broad jump.
This year, the competition was outstanding, with multiple teams within
several points from each other. During the six different rounds of events,
the student athletes were given the opportunity to showcase their abilities. The third best score on the event was awarded one point, second
best received two points and first place in the event received three
points. Any ties received the same number of points for their team. The
total aggregate scores determined the overall winners of the
competition. Third place this year was the host school of Mary Lee Clark
Elementary with 39 points; second place was David L. Rainer Elementary
with 43 points; and the overall winner was the team from Matilda Harris
Elementary scoring 60 total points. The team from MHES has won the
competition eleven of the twelve years the competition has taken place.
Congratulations to all the students that participated in the event and