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M ARC H 2015
The Spirit
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Growth Strategy
Adult Education Hour
Special Forum
Fields of Blood
President’s Report
Mission Outreach
Kids’ Education Hour
High School Trip
Foundation News
Multi-faith ACTION
Finance Report
Prayer Requests
HOLY WEEK Schedule
February Concert
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Daylight Savings Time 3/8
Congregation Council 3/15
Major Works Concert 3/15
Our Savior’s Is a Reconciling
In Christ Community
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Carnival Sunday, February 15, 2015: Beads, Masks & Music
Milestone Classes
Kindergarten Worship Milestone 2015
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First Grade Prayer Milestone 2015
Second Graders Making Bread for First
Communion Milestone 2015
Volume 32 Issue 3
1035 Ca ro l L a ne
L a f a ye t te , CA 94549
Marketing and Communication
Team Update
T EL . (925 ) -2 8 3 -37 2 2
F AX (925 ) 28 3 -4 7 8 3
9 :30 AM
M O N – T HU RS : 9 A M – 4 P M
F RID AY : 9 AM – 12 P M
Daniel E. Senter
Holly McHale-Larsen
Martin Morley
Children Ricci Jamgotchian
Lou Smith
Bill Klaproth
Off. Mgr. Skip Ordway
Facility Use Kellee Bachour
Spirit Volunteers
Barbara Millar
Edna Fenske
Assembly: Sue Edgar
Edna Fenske
Lorraine Holmstedt
Nan Lovington
Marlys Randick
The Spirit is published monthly.
Article submissions are due on
the 2nd Monday of the month.
All articles are subject to space
limits and editorial changes.
This publication is
printed on paper containing 10% postconsumer fiber. Please recycle
after use.
We are a community grounded
in the life and teachings of
We embrace an open approach to every spiritual
We ask questions together
and value every voice
We strive for justice
through service to the
We seek to be transformed by
the path we walk together
e have a great
group of folks
working hard to bring a
fresh new look to the way
we tell our story as a congregation, stay connected
with each other, and keep
up to date on all the life
giving projects that occur
each and every week. Here
is a sample of the progress
to date:
Working on the new
on-line church directory in order to help
folks connect faces
and names
Working on a revision
of the web site to
bring it in line with
our current identity
and clean up content
Working on a strategy
for social media that
generates a healthy
and vibrant spirit reflective of our community.
Working with designers on a new logo that
matches our latest
identity statement
Updated all of our
database information
to ensure we are communicating the best
we can.
See the related
article below. —Pastor Dan
“Doing church in our
time is a whole new
Special Forum, Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 10:45 AM
Our Emerging Growth Strategy
oing church in our
time is a whole new
adventure. As our community evolves, there are always new and refreshing
programs and projects
that need our support as
they launch. Over the past
months, the Church
Council has asked all of
our program areas to report on which aspects of
our common life are
providing the most meaningful and engaging opportunities for you, your
household and for those
who come to visit us to
connect most deeply, and
to tell us about ways to
enhance those areas. As
we prepare a budget for
the fiscal year that begins
in July we will try to align
our resources to enhance
those key areas.
In addition to
discovering opportunities
for growth that we should
encourage through our
budget, we have been ask(Continued on page 4)
Page 3
Sundays, 10:45 AM
Adult Education Hour
“These are exciting
times! Jump into the
conversation during a
special forum on
ave some time after
church on a Sunday
morning? Grab that cup of
coffee and a small plate
full of wonderful treats
and come down to the Fellowship Hall at 10:45 AM
for one or all of our sessions designed to help you
explore the story of you!
Yep, your story
matters! In these stand
alone experiences, participants will be invited to use
our Lent labyrinth to
journey more deeply into
their own story and see
where they might discover
the hand of the holy.
Each experience
will provide a creative and
safe way for all to pay attention various key experiences throughout life and
to share those experiences
with others. Each session
is designed and led by
Pastor Dan.
Feb. 22: Living into My
Deepest Connections
Mar. 1: A Journey of Concern and Hope
Mar. 8: Places that Bring
My Life Meaning
Sunday, March 15 at
10:45 AM and help us
shape the way
forward.” —Peter
Special Forum Sunday, March 15, 2015
(Continued from page 3)
ing how we can tell our
church’s story in a way
that will be of interest to
our neighbors as they explore their spiritual path.
Our Marketing and Communication team has been
working hard to develop
ways of telling the story of
Page 4
our congregation that
both connects with the
wider community and is
reflective of the identity
work we have been doing
as a congregation.
They are working
to create a new logo, developing a social media
strategy, modernizing our
website, and looking at
the ways we communicate
internally. The team’s
efforts are works in progress at this point but are
an important part of developing our strategy for
In all these areas,
the Church Council
would love to hear your
suggestions and to share
with you some of the reasons why it’s important to
(a) focus on those areas
that are showing healthy
signs of growth and (b)
market and brand the
congregation in a way that
can communicate our
emerging identity and
meet people where they
These are exciting
times! Jump into the conversation during a special
forum on Sunday, March
15 at 10:45 AM and help
us shape the way forward.
—Peter Baumhefner, Church
Council President
Volume 32 Issue 3
Tuesdays, February 24-March 17, 2015 at 9:30 AM
Book Discussion: Fields of Blood
“Religion is the cause of
all wars.”
e have all heard
this statement.
Some of us have even
uttered it. Is it true?
More, what is religion’s
role when it comes to
In her book Fields
of Blood: Religion and the
History of Violence, historian Karen Armstrong argues that religion is not
itself a source of violence
but the problem lies
more deeply in “our human nature and the nature of the state.” To
prove her point, she co-
vers roughly five thousand
years of religious history,
from Gilgamesh to the
present day.
"This passionately
argued book is certain to
provoke heated debate
against the background of
the Isis atrocities and
many other acts of violence perpetrated around
the world today in the
name of religion." -John
Cornwell, Financial Times
Starting Tuesday,
February 24 at 9:30 AM,
and every Tuesday
through March 17, we are
exploring this intriguing
and relevant book. All are
welcome to join the discussion. —Pastor Holly
“’Religion is the cause
of all wars.’
We have all heard this
statement. Some of us
have even uttered it.
Is it true?"
March 2015
Our Council President’s Report
ue to publication
deadlines, this report is written prior to
the February Congregation Council meeting.
I do have a couple
of items to bring to your
attention. First and foremost, as you may have
already read in this edition of the “Spirit”, our
actual January 2015 finanSpirit
cial results put us in a surplus position for the fiscal
year to date, including the
elimination of the prior
year’s deficit carry over!
This is fantastic! All of us
on Council thank-you for
your continuing dedicated
financial support. We also
thank-you for the gift of
time and energy that so
many of you give to this
I’m happy to report that the Marketing
and Communication team
has completed another
step in the development
of a new logo for our com-
munity. Several designs
were submitted and the
team has chosen one for
consideration and submission to Council. As previously mentioned, the
work around a new logo
was initiated to better present the values and ideals
we, as a community, portray in our current Identity Statement. Stay tuned
for further information
regarding this process as
the team continues its
It is hard to believe that this current
(Continued on page 6)
Page 5
Interested in Being Part of MOT?
“Every aspect of
Our Savior’s is about
ne of the central
identities of Our
Savior’s is that we are a
community committed to
being God’s hands in the
world. From worship to
education, from the Sunday Cafe to music, every
aspect of Our Savior’s is
about embodying God’s
radical love. There is one
team, however,
who’s wholly focused on justice
and extending
God’s radical love
into the wider world. This
is the Mission Outreach
Team (MOT).
The MOT organizes community service projects, prayerfully considers
the benefactors of OSLC’s
5% tithing, educates
themselves on local nonprofits and tries to create
opportunities for OSLC to
reach out into the community.
MOT is not a
closed team. We are always looking for new people and new perspectives
to help shape OSLC’s involvement in the community. If you are interested
in being part of this amazing team please contact
Pastor Holly,
[email protected]
embodying God’s
radical love.”
Can You Serve?
SLC will provide
dinners at the
Mountain View House
shelter in Martinez, for
homeless families. Our 5
nights are March 16-20.
Dinner is served at 6:00
pm, to approximately 20
adults and 10 children.
Exact numbers will be pro-
vided the week prior. If
you have not done this
before, we will try to pair
you with someone who
has. It is rewarding for a
family, or several adults or
teens. Contact Pam Hill at
[email protected]
net or (925) 934-3471 for
information. If you wish
to donate casseroles or
dessert, Pam will pick up
and serve for you.
President Pete’s Ponderings
(Continued from page 5)
Council’s year is nearly
2/3’s complete! Some
would say time goes by
fast when you are having
fun, and I would agree! In
preparation for the next
Council year (July 1, 2015June 30, 2016) I ask each
one of you to consider
Page 6
how you are, or might be
involved in this community called Our Savior’s Lutheran Church. Whether
it’s on Council, serving on
a Team, or just participating in the various opportunities presented
throughout the year, your
personal energy and interaction with others in the
community is vital to our
health and future.
May your lives be
enriched during this reflective time of Lent and
journey to Easter! —Peter
Baumhefner, Church Council President
Volume 32 Issue 3
Kids’ Education Hour for March
reschool through grade five meet from 10:45 to 11:30 AM on Sundays. See hallway
signs for classroom locations.
March 1
Jesus with his friends & Preschool Milestone
March 8
March 15
Three servants’ parable
March 22
Anointing Jesus’ Feet
March 29
Spring Break (No classes)
“God promises that
Sunday, March 15, 2015
one day we’ll feast
Worship Milestone Recognition
together with Jesus
Congratulations to
Kenley Bounds, Evie Eck,
Isabelle Maher, Nate
Smith and Wyatt Stratton.
indergarteners who
completed the Worship Milestone will be recognized during worship
on Sunday, March 15.
in heaven, but until
then, Communion is
that delicious little
taste of what the feast
will be like.”
Sunday, March 22, 2015
First Communion Recognition
econd Graders who
completed the First
Communion Milestone
will be recognized during
worship on Sunday,
March 22. The
communion bread we will
use that day was personally
made by the first
communion students.
Come see their
hand painted communion
plates that will be displayed
at this service.
Congratulations to
Second Graders Gabriel
Engelsgjerd, Lars
Erickson, Kiley Ferron,
Emmy Madderra, Noah
Madderra, Brooke
Maher, Ryan Miller,
Isabella Smith and Levi
Stratton and to Fourth
Graders Quincy Miller
and Skylar Thomas!
Page 7
Saturday, March 28—Saturday, April 4, 2015
High School Mission Trip to Rancho Santa Marta
“Expect great things
from God; attempt
great things for God.”
ach year, our high
school youth take a
trip south of the US border to Rancho Santa Marta in San Vicente, Mexico
for a week of living on the
ranch, working on im-
provement projects, playing with the kids that live
on the ranch and thinking,
learning and living faith.
When thinking of
Rancho Santa Marta, resist
picturing it as a pig ranch
with horses. Yes, there are
also cows and goats, but
this ranch is a special education school, with a large
population of orphaned
youth. If this trip falls during your Spring Break
please consider coming.
This year’s trip is
from March 28 to April 4.
The deadline for registration is Sunday, March 7.
There will be an orientation meeting in midMarch. For more information please contact Pastor Holly at
[email protected]
—William Carey
Monday, March 16, 2015
High Schoolers to Cook & Serve Dinner
uring the week of
March 16-20
OSLC is providing dinner
each night for the families
at the Mt. View House
shelter in Martinez. Our
high schoolers have signed
up to cook and serve on
Monday, March 16. If your
teen is interested in cooking please let Pastor Holly
know at [email protected]
Student Instrumentalists Needed
o you play an instrument? Are you practicing for a spring performance, festival or adjudication? Want to try it out on
us on a Sunday morning?
We’d love to hear you
Page 8
share your talent.
Please let Martin
Morley know you are available at [email protected]
Volume 32 Issue 3
Sunday, April 5, 2015
Easter Morning Services
n Easter Sunday,
April 5, we will repeat the schedule we piloted for Easter 2014—an
8:00 AM contemporary
service in the Fellowship
Hall followed by more traditional services in the
Sanctuary at 9:30 and
11:00 AM. After the 9:30
service, at about 10:30,
there will be an Egg Hunt
in the Courtyard for the
little ones.
Music at the 8:00
AM service will be provided
by the Contemporary Singers; at 9:30 by our brass,
timpani, handbells
(Bellissimo) and Chancel
Choir; and at 11:00 by
the 9:30 musicians plus
the Children’s Choir!
Please remember
as a courtesy to the many
Easter visitors (who don’t
realize we have two parking areas) to fill the lower
parking lot first on that
Sunday. Easter is the biggest festival on the liturgical calendar. It’s going
to be a great day!
“Christ distributes
courage through
community; he
dissipates doubts
through fellowship.”
—Max Lucado
Concert Reception Hosts & Hostesses Needed
e have receptions
after concerts to
reinforce the positive experience area residents
receive when they attend
our musical events. Can
you help with our receptions (even just once or
twice a year)? This involves
putting out food and help-
ing with cleanup afterward
(Concerts are at 4:00 PM,
so there’s a little work before and a little work after
the performance). If you
can help, please let Martin Morley know at
[email protected] Thanks!
Page 9
OSLC Foundation News
“Love is a great
investment. No matter
whom you give it to,
it returns great
he OSLC Foundation Board is
pleased to report that at
our quarterly meeting on
December 14, 2014, we
approved the following
grants: (1) a $5,000 grant
for New Day for Children
in Alamo, CA (a first time
Foundation grant recipient); (2) a $4,700 grant for
OSLC Responds: Raising
Hope in Africa in Zambia
(50% of one year’s tuition
for 2 seminary students
being overseen by Pastor
Arden); (3) a $400 grant
to help pay for a new Baptismal bowl for the Sanctuary; (4) $500 for scholarships to the OSLC Women’s Retreat; and (5)
$1,500 for an OSLC
member to attend a weeklong Stephen Ministry
training session in Southern California.
The OSLC Foundation Board meets once
every quarter to oversee
the operations of the
Foundation and review
grant requests. The prima-
ry purpose of the Foundation is (a) to receive gifts
and bequests, (b) manage
and administer the funds,
and (c) distribute investment income through
grant requests for specific
purposes authorized by
the donor or in the discretion of the Board of Directors.
We wish to thank
those who included the
Foundation in their end
of year giving. Please contact Mark Johanson, President, at
[email protected]
with questions.
Saturday, March 21, 2015 9:00 AM
Shoreline Trail Hike
e will be hiking
on the new Carquinez Regional Shoreline
Trail. The trail is asphalt
so no need to worry about
mud after rains. However,
if it is raining that day, we
The trail is approx. 2 miles each way so
we will go as far as we
want to hike. Afterwards
we will have a little tour of
Port Costa and maybe get
a snack and drink there.
However, bring water and
a small lunch with you.
Page 10
Karen Zullo Sherr, artist
Meet at the
church at 9:00 AM and
wear comfortable walking
shoes. Directions are as
follows: Take Route 24
east to north I-680 to west
on Highway 4. Go beyond
the Martinez exits and exit
when you get to McEwen
Road. Exit right and continue on that road until
you get to Carquinez Scenic Drive and turn right.
Go to the end where you
will see a large parking lot.
There is also a restroom
Call if you have
questions and also let me
know if you will be coming. Carolyn Zerby, (925)
Volume 32 Issue 3
What Is the Multi-Faith A.C.T.I.O.N. Coalition?
he Multi-Faith ACTION (Advocates &
Communities Taking Initiative 4 Our Neighbors)
Coalition is a group of
Contra Costa County residents working together to
address the root causes of
poverty through advocacy
and public policy change.
Our shared values and our
to be a part of that voice?
Seven Task Forces
have been formed to work
on specific problems, such
as food security, shelter &
housing, jobs, etc. We
need members from every
faith institution to participate. The Coalition's vision will only be realized
when you get involved!
ty to reflect our faith values about human dignity,
equity and basic needs?
Please consider
how you can engage in
this work. We cannot
solve these issues alone or
even as a single congregation. It will take a village
and we need all members
of our village to get in“How do we shift the
economy and policies
of our County to
reflect our faith values
experiences as faith groups
providing food, shelter
and other services make us
strong voices for those in
need. This Coalition is
striving to speak in one
strong cohesive voice in
addressing the problem of
poverty and injustice in
our county. Do you want
Every voice can help bring
significant change to Contra Costa County.
Two questions we
are asking (of many): 1.
What does it look like to
approach any budget as a
moral document? 2. How
do we shift the economy
and policies of our Coun-
volved and speak up—
numbers matter!
Questions? Interested? Speak with Pastor
Holly or Pat Daily for
more information about
how you can put your
faith to work fighting poverty.
about human dignity,
equity and basic
The Waiting Game
ife involves lots of
waiting. We wait in
groups, in lines, in cars.
We wait for packages, for
the bus, for the sun to
rise. We wait in doctors’
offices, at the post office,
at the DMV. Waiting implies we’re at someone
else’s mercy, but it’s also
usually linked to hope.
Perhaps that’s why Paul
Tillich called waiting a
metaphor for faith. Why
would one wait if there
weren’t the firm belief
that the object of one’s
wait will eventually materialize.
Waiting can be
enervating, which is why
Isaiah 40:31 is so promising: “They who wait upon
the Lord shall renew their
strength.” Yet waiting is
tough if you have nothing
to do while waiting.
That’s why Jesus, when
talking about waiting, also
talked about working—
work for the night is coming. Sometimes it’s less
tiring to work than it is to
There’s a lot of
waiting during Lent.
You’re waiting for a payoff.
You’re waiting for the Resurrection. You’re waiting
for spiritual growth. And
then you realize this isn’t
waiting at all. It’s life. It’s
joy. It’s opportunity. It’s
blessing. —Timothy Merrill
Page 11
2015 showed continued generJ anuary
osity with a total offering of $43,606.
OSLC Mission
We are extended into
the world through our
relationships with our
mission partners,
Senior Helpline
Services, Lafayette;
Rancho Santa Marta,
Our 10% benevolence to the synod and
our mission projects was $4,360. Other
income, primarily from facility use, was
also higher at $17,731, due to a late payment from the previous month. Expenses
were $48,711, slightly under budget. January 2015 ended with a surplus of $8,266.
December 2014 closed with a deficit of $1,670; our January surplus took
care of that, leaving us with a net cash position of $6,596. Thanks again for your
generous support.
As we begin to develop the budget
for Fiscal Year 2015-2016, we look forward to emerging from a chronic deficit
position and being able to support the
projects and programs we like and which
January 2015
Offerings received
Less Benevolence
Net member giving
Other income
TOTAL operating income
Surplus this month
Cumulative surplus FY15
$ 32,502
Prior year deficit (6/30/14)
- $ 25,906
Net cash position (1/31/15)
bring new people. The recent Carnival
service with a jazz band is an excellent example. Tell your friends and neighbors
about the upcoming special Earth Day
service on April 19.
Please consider increasing your
pledge to support expanded programming.
If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to call. —
Laurel Waters M.D., Council Treasurer and
Bill Klaproth, Finance Manager
Guatemala; and
New Life Band,
Yarusha, Tanzania.
Page 12
Volume 32 Issue 3
2014 - 2015
Peter Baumhefner
Steve Tanner
Vice President
Laurel Waters M.D.
Julie Veenstra
Douglas Bea
Dan Bosshart
Mike Kirkland
Craig Lingel
Ken Madderra
Elaine Parkhurst
Karl Pfeiffer
Ron Rogness
Barbara Sanchez
Mary Lou Till
Scott Walker
Prayers for the Bereaved
Ed Miller & family, grieving the loss of Ed’s uncle, Sam
Holloman, on January 22, 2015.
Prayers for Healing
Eric Schlutt, Kris Mullins’ brother, living with cancer.
Jenilee, Kiley Ferron’s mother, recovering from addiction.
Hold Safe in Your Prayers
All those serving in harm’s way, especially military, public safety and firefighting personnel.
“Prayer is not a
spare wheel that
you pull out when in
trouble; it is a
steering wheel that
directs us in the
Sunday, March 22, 2015
Easter Gift Deadline Is March 22
ould you like to
honor someone or
remember a special event
this Easter? You can order a
plant to be placed at the
altar in honor or memory
of a loved one and you can
choose to make a small gift
to support the Food Bank
of Contra Costa County.
Mention of your gift will be
included in the Easter bulletins.
The cost for each
plant or commemoration
is $15. Donation forms
are on our website.
Checks should be made
payable to OSLC with
“Easter gifts” on the
memo line. The deadline
is Sunday, March 22.
by calling the church office at
(925) 283-3722, or sending
an email to [email protected]
Public prayer requests
are printed in the Sunday
bulletin and in this newsletter.
Confidential prayer
requests are not printed.
They are forwarded to a prayer team that will lift up your
concerns and maintain your
privacy. Please feel free to
submit your concerns to the
confidential prayer team directly by calling Lee Bellas at
(925) 945-6310.
right path
throughout life.”
Avenues of Prayer
ou may request prayers
by filling out the back
of a worship attendance card
(found in the pew rack) and
placing it in the offering
plate any Sunday. Please indicate if you wish your concern
to be added to the public or
the confidential prayer list.
You may also request prayers
Page 13
aster comes as a delightful celebration for all, but especially for those who attend
the more somber Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services. Those who attend have said how deeply meaningful these unusual services are, and how much
more depth they provide for celebrating Easter—so if you’ve not attended one or both,
we encourage you to try them this year.
“How easy to imagine
Thursday, April 2, 2015
ourselves celebrating
your entry into
Jerusalem, Lord. Help
us not fall away as you
approach the cross.”
Sunday, March 29, 2015
Worship in the
at 9:30 AM.
ome wave a palm
and sing as people
did at Jesus’ triumphal
entry into Jerusalem.
Worship in the Sanctuary
at 7:00 PM.
hat does
“Maundy” mean?
It is derived from the Latin word mandatum, remembering the mandate
Jesus gave his disciples at
the Last Supper to “love
one another.”
On this special
night the service ends with
the traditional “stripping
of the altar,” a ritual in
which all colored and decorative elements are removed from the front of
the church in preparation
for Good Friday.
Good Friday
Friday, April 3, 2015
Worship in the
Fellowship Hall
at 7:00 PM.
large recumbent
cross laden with
candles provides the
centerpiece for
remembrance of the
crucifixion on this “night
of shadows.” This is a very
unique service not to be
Page 14
Sunday, April 5, 2015
Early Worship in the
Fellowship Hall
at 8:00 AM
Worship in the Sanctuary at 9:30 and 11:00 AM.
t 8:00 AM we will
gather in the Fellowship Hall for a simple,
contemporary Sunrise
service; and at 9:30 and
11:00 AM, more formal
services with brass choir
and handbells (at the
11:00 AM service, the Children’s Choir will also
Whichever service
you attend, you will enjoy
an uplifting experience.
The experience will be
especially meaningful for
those who have worshiped
together all week: Holy
Week at OSLC.
Volume 32 Issue 3
Spirit Lablers - 9:00 am
Meditation - 9:30 am
Stephen Ministry - 9:30 am
Spirit Assemblers - 9:30 am
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
Joy Bible Study - 9:00 am
LWR Quilters - 11:30 pm
28-4/4 High School Trip to Mexico
CLEAN-UP DAY - 9:00 am
Celebration Worship - 9:30 am
NO Education Hour
NO Confirmation
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
Children's Choir - 10:45 am
Meditation - 9:30 am
Meditation - 9:30 am
Stephen Ministry - 9:30 am
Book Study - 9:30 am
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Worship & Music Team - 7:30 pm
Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
Joy Bible Study - 9:00 am
LWR Quilters - 11:30 am
Worship - 9:30 am
Education Hour - 10:45 am
Confirmation - 10:45 am
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
1 Worship - 9:30 am
Education Hour - 10:45 am
Confirmation - 10:45 am
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
Children's Choir - 11:30 am
2 Meditation - 9:30 am
3 Book Study - 9:30 am
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Mission Outreach Team - 7:00 pm
Adult Faith Formation Team - 7:00 pm
4 Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
5 Joy Bible Study - 9:00 am
LWR Quilters - 11:30 pm
6 Fellowship Bridge - 7:00 pm
Worship - 9:30 am
Education Hour - 10:45 am
Confirmation - 10:45 am
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
Children's Choir - 11:30 am
9 Meditation - 9:30 am
Stephen Ministry - 9:30 am
10 Book Study - 9:30 am
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Worship & Music Team - 7:30 pm
11 Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
12 Joy Bible Study - 9:00 am
LWR Quilters - 11:30 pm
14 Choral Rehearsal - 9:30 am
15 Worship - 9:30 am
Worship Milestone - 9:30 am
Education Hour - 10:45 am
Confirmation - 10:45 am
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
Children's Choir - 11:30 am
Congregation Council - 11:30 am
Major Works Concert - 4:00 pm
16 Meditation - 9:30 am
17 Book Study - 9:30 am
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
18 Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
19 Joy Bible Study - 9:00 am
LWR Quilters - 11:30 pm
22 Worship - 9:30 am
First Communion Milestone - 9:30 am
Education Hour - 10:45 am
Confirmation - 10:45 am
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
Children's Choir - 11:30 am
High School Hang Out - 4:30 pm
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
Worship - 7:00 pm
Worship - 7:00 pm
Worship - 8:00 am
Worship - 9:30 am
Kids Egg Hunt - 10:30 am
NO Education Hour
NO Confirmation
Worship - 11:00 am
Church Office Closed
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Mission Outreach Team - 7:00 pm
Adult Faith Formation Team - 7:00 pm
Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
NO Joy Bible Study
NO LWR Quilters
10 Fellowship Bridge - 7:00 pm
Meditation - 9:30 am
Book Study - 9:30 am
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
Joy Bible Study - 9:00 am
LWR Quilters - 11:30 am
24-25 Grade 8 Confirmation Retreat
Worship - 9:30 am
Education Hour - 10:45 am
Confirmation - 10:45 am
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
Concert - 4:00 pm
High School Hang Out - 4:30 pm
Spirit Labelers - 9:00 am
Meditation - 9:30 am
Stephen Ministry - 9:30 am
Spirit Assemblers - 9:30 am
Bellissimo - 6:00 pm
Chancel Choir - 7:00 pm
Joy Bible Study - 9:00 am
LWR Quilters - 11:30 am
Worship - 9:30 am
My Church Milestone - 9:30 am
Education Hour - 10:45 am
Confirmation - 10:45 am
Contemporary Singers - 10:45 am
Congregation Council - 11:30 am
Pizza Smorga - 4:00 pm
4:00 pm—March 15, 2015
Page 15
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 513
Walnut Creek, CA
1035 Carol Lane
Lafayette, CA 94549
(925) 283-3722
[email protected]
2:00 AM
Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 4:00 PM
Spring Major Works Concert: 
ur major works concert this
year is themed “Sing a New
Song,” and presents ancient texts set
to modern music. Neil Harmon’s
Requiem (published 2014) and John
Leavitt’s Missa Festiva (written 1991,
revised 2013) will be accompanied
by a rich instrumental ensemble including woodwinds, strings, timpani, harp and vibraphone. This is a
great way to introduce your friends
and neighbors to our church!
Page 16
Volume 32 Issue 3