March 2015 VIEWS - Vermont Street United Methodist Church

Vermont Street
February 25, 2015
Lenten/Easter Offering
Envelopes are available in the pew pockets for our special Lenten/Easter offering
through Sunday, April 5 (Easter). The offering received this year will be distributed
between two projects, one international, and one local.
The local project is Habitat for Humanity, a mission we’ve been involved in for many
years. We’ve had many folks who have had hands on involvement in home builds,
and many have contributed in other ways to move building projects forward. Our
financial gifts will help ensure that a family will have a home to call their own, as
100% of our gifts go to the project!
The international project is the Liberia initiative, and includes support for scholarships for children and
young people, and for reconstruction assistance in our partner districts in Liberia: Monrovia District,
St. Paul River District, and Jorquelleh District. These funds are channeled through the United Methodist
Church in Liberia, and 100% of what we give will go to these projects!
Let’s give sacrificially this year, as we give thanks to God for Jesus’ sacrificial love for us.
Vermont Street
United Methodist Church
818 Vermont Street
Quincy, IL 62301
Rev. Patty Johansen
open minds...
open hearts...
open doors...
Sunday Worship Schedule
Classic Worship 9 am
Sunday School 10 am
Contemporary Worship 11 am
We will be participating with
churches and pastors from three
other congregations in our Lenten
round robin worship series again this
year! Here’s the schedule:
Sunday, March 1, 7:00 pm at Melrose Chapel UMC,
3600 Payson Road
Pastor Tim Woodard from Union UMC preaching
Sunday, March 8, 7:00 pm at Bethel AME, 905 Oak
Pastor Patty Johansen from VSUMC preaching
Sunday, March 15, 7:00 pm at Union UMC, 1101 State
Pastor James Hailey from Bethel AME preaching
Sunday, March 22, 7:00 pm at VSUMC, 818 Vermont
Pastor Ron George from Melrose Chapel UMC
Please get these dates & locations on your calendar, and plan
to participate in worship with our brothers & sisters in Christ.
Vermont Street Views
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Vermont Street UMC Staff
Rev. Patty Johansen, Pastor
Ray Gilmer, Discipleship Director
Dr. Ann Behrens, Organist/Music Coordinator
Stacy Taylor, Praise Team Director
Jean Murray, Handbell Choir Director
Russell Goodell, Pianist
Hope Tucker, Secretary/Adm. Asst.
Jerry Carnivale, Business Manager
Al Jones, Custodian
Tanya Beth, Preschool Director
Jean Barnes, Nursery Staff
Tech Team: Tim Beth, Kelly McElroy, Ryan McElroy, Amy McCallister
February 25, 2015
Next Views schedule:
Views deadline: March 18
Views mailed: March 25
January Budget Fund Report
Ending Balance
At the end of fiscal 2015, the Finance
Committee voted to transfer $50,000
from the operating account to the
Money Market Account. The committee
felt that it was a good business practice,
so the funds would yield a higher
interest rate . - Jerry Carnivale
March 9am Ushers: Clif Weisinger, Chris Larson, Hal Oakley,
Chris Dedert, Henry Spradlin, Brett Gorman, Dan Hayden,
Lee Hanlin, Ron Wallace
Gathering Place:
Mar 1: Randy & DiAnne Hughes
Mar 8: Alan & Judy VanDeBoe
Mar 1: 9am Clif Weisinger
Mar 15: Rick & Carol Parise
11am Rev. Patty Johansen
Mar 22: Bruce & Shirley Tode
Mar 29: Randy & Jan Krutmeier
Mar 8: 9 am Pat Dillon
Sunday Stewards:
Mar 1: Chris Dedert
Mar 8: Lee Hanlin
Mar 15: Kelly McElroy
Mar 22: Dan Hayden
Mar 29: John Staff
11am Fae Jones
Mar 15: 9 am Suzi Duker
11am Kim Larson
Mar 22: 9am Linda Godley
11am Nathalie Messan
Mar 29: 9am Marvin Kerber
11am Jim Weede
Mar 1: (9 am) John & Venora Deemer, Alan & Judy VanDeBoe
(11 am) Bruce & Shirley Tode
Mar 8: (9 am) Youth Group
(11 am) Youth Group
Mar 15: (9 am) Jim & Cathy Stebor, Rick & Carol Parise
(11 am) Chris & Kim Larson and family
Mar 22: (9am) John & Mary Ellen Inman, Dennis & Jennifer Dempsey
(11 am) Justin & Nathalie Messan and family
Mar 29: (9am) Kathy Emerick, Martha Fuller, Jay & Linda Sade
(11 am) Jim & Karen Weede, David Hedrick
Communion Stewards March 1:
(9 am) Paul & Christie Mugerditchian
(11 am) Dennis & Sharon Adams
Feb 15
Ash Wed
Feb 22
9 am 11am
Feb 1
Feb 8
The season of Lent provides a
time for reflection. As we move
towards Palm Sunday, join with us
in celebration with brass, organ,
choir, drums, and handbells to
mark Jesus' triumphant journey
into Jerusalem.
Just four days later we will again
participate in the Tenebrae
service. The extinguishing of lights
throughout the service as we
move towards Good Friday is
symbolic of the events leading to
the crucifixion.
On Easter Sunday we will
celebrate the resurrection with
joyous music, again including the
brass choir and timpani.
We invite you to let music help
you worship. If you would like to
be a part of this important
ministry, please talk with one of
the directors. You are always
welcome! - Dr. Ann Behrens
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February 25, 2015
Easter Lily Order Form 2015
 I wish to purchase a lily (lilies) ______
e are again offering you the
opportunity to order a lily for the
altar on Easter Sunday to honor a
special person or in memory of a
loved one. The plants will be $9
each. You may pick up your lily
following the 11 am service on
Easter Sunday, April 5.
To order, please complete this
form and return it with your
payment to the church office, or
place it in the offering plate
Sunday morning March 22
or 29.
Deadline for ordering is March 29.
(Make check payable to VSUMC
with “Easter Lily” in the memo
check #
In honor of__________________________________________________
In memory of ________________________________________________
Given by ___________________________________________________
NOTE: Please write your
check separately from any
other contribution.
AMONG OUR FOLKS Birth Announcement
Notes of Thanks
To All Members of Vermont Street
Church and Rev. Patty:
Thanks to everyone who has been so
good to me since Don’s illness and
death. I have appreciated your
prayers, calls, food, visits and
attendance at the visitation/funeral.
Your outpouring of love was
overwhelming. - Margaret Callahan
Thank you to the Care Team and
everyone who sent cards or prayed for
me, brought food or came to visit. I
appreciated everything! I hope to be
back to par soon. Love my prayer
shawl. - Darlene Kerber
Members in the News
Tallulah Lane Emerick was born to
Deb Wellborn was named as an
Max & Kristin Emerick on January 29.
associate judge in the Eighth Judicial
Grandmother: Kathy Emerick.
Circuit and began her duties Jan. 2.
She was chosen from a field of 19
With Sympathy
Bessie Gilliland, 95, passed away
candidates. She will be 1 of 5
February 2. Bessie loved gardening,
associate judges that work throughout
camping, quilting, crocheting and
the circuit, which covers several
needle work of all kinds.
Memorials: VSUMC.
Dorothy Evans, 95, passed away on
February 7 in Grapevine, TX. She was
a longtime member of VSUMC.
Dorothy always knew she wanted to be
a teacher and started her career in oneroom schoolhouses. She taught for 51
years. Memorials: VSUMC or the
Kahoka, MO Cemetery.
Lori Kruse, a longtime volunteer with
the Qcy Civic Music Assn, Qcy
Symphony, QCT and other
organizations, was the “Individual
Volunteer Leadership” honoree at the
presentation of the 2014 George Irwin
Arts Awards January 27.
Rick Calvin, 32, passed away
February 10 in his home. Rick joined
VSUMC in 2012 and was active in the
Guatemala Mission Trips.
Memorials: to the family.
Deb Brown won a QUILTA for an
outstanding performance in a musical
for “Les Miserables” at the award
ceremony January 31.
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February 25, 2015
Congratulations to the 2015
Woman of the Year: Sissy Speak
Sunday School: 10 a.m. in the Loft
A wonderful woman
who shares her time and talents
with her church family and our community.
Upcoming Events
Ham loaves for Easter
We will be taking orders
March 1, 8, 15 & 22 for ham loaves.
Cost: $5 per package of 2
Pick up dates: March 25 - April 5
Easter is April 5
Salvation Army’s Dress an Angel
The Salvation Army is sponsoring its Annual “Dress An
Angel” clothing project. VSUMC plays a vital role in this
important project for Easter. Our donations will be on
display in the Gathering Place on March 22. The UMW
will gratefully accept cash or clothing donations.
You may help by….
- giving a financial donation
- purchasing new children’s clothing
or donating LIKE NEW children’s clothing
- purchasing new boys boxer shorts/dress socks
or girl’s dress socks/underwear
Make checks payable to UMW w/memo line “Dress An
Angel”. Clothing donations may be left on the coat
racks by the Welcome Center. Questions? Contact
Kathy Emerick at 653-8760.
Summer Missions Trip Update
Plans for the summer mission trip are coming
along. We still need of a couple adult
chaperones who would like to join us on this
spiritually impactful service trip to Slidell, LA
to participate in the Epworth Project. The
dates for the trip have changed to July 11 - 18.
For More Info Contact: Ray Gilmer
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: (217) 222-7468
Cell Phone (618) 203-0012
March Calendar
3 Bazaar work shop 9-11am
Quilters 9-2
6 CWU at Good Sam 1pm
10 UMW Board Mtg Room 215 9:30am
17 Bazaar workshop 9-11am
Quilters 9am-2pm Room 215
18 District Mini Mission, Carthage UMC, 9am
22 Dress An Angel Display
24 Make ham loaves 9am (kitchen)
Fellowship Dates:
March 24 Dolphine, Loretta Hyslop, 7pm, Café Vermont
March 25 Mary Martha 9:30am, Café Vt, carry-in, “Q&A”
March 26 Deborah Ruth 9am-noon “Rite of Spring”
Start thinking Spring!!!
Spring Rummage Sale - April
25th 7 am – 12 noon
APRIL 11 & 12
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February 25, 2015
Rev. Patty Johansen
The God We Can Know
The season of Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter, gives
us an opportunity to see Jesus in a different light, especially
as we hear him speak of himself in the “I Am” sayings. As
we hear Jesus self-identify, we grow in our understanding
of his relationship with God, and how we can be in
relationship with God through Jesus.
The Bible is a collection of stories about humanity’s attempt
to know God. It also shares stories that help us know of
God’s attempts to be known. God’s greatest desire is to be
in relationship with us, and Jesus is the key to that. Through
Jesus, we can know God.
There will be many opportunities between now and Easter
for you to grow into deeper relationship with God:
Sunday morning worship
Sunday evening round robin worship series
Prayer labyrinth during Holy Week
Maundy Thursday Tenebrae service
Holy Saturday prayer vigil
I’m looking forward to my first Lent/Easter season here at
Vermont Street. It is a powerful season, and I’m eager to
see how it forms and transforms us. Blessings to you!
March Worship:
The God We Can Know
During the season of Lent, the sermon series will
explore the “I am” sayings of Jesus, and how these
sayings can help us to know God.
Sunday, March 1, 2015 (2nd Sunday of Lent)
Text: John 6:25-40
Title: I Am the Bread of Life
Sunday, March 8, 2015 (3rd Sunday of Lent)
Text: John 8:12-20
Title: I Am the Light of the World
Sunday, March 15, 2015 (4th Sunday of Lent)
Text: John 10:1-15
Title: I Am the Good Shepherd
Sunday, March 22, 2015 (5th Sunday of Lent)
Text: John 15:1011
Title: I Am the True Vine
Sunday, March 29, 2015 (Palm/Passion Sunday)
Text: John 14:1-7
Title: I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
Forget the groundhog -- seeds and seed-starting
supplies are available and that means spring is right
around the corner! Our new covered beds & elevated
beds will allow for early planting in March of lettuce,
radishes and sugar snap peas. As you come and go
from church, check out our Mission Garden area for
changes and activity. And thank you for your support of
this successful VSUMC project.
- Jim & Elaine Sours
If you enjoy sewing, knitting, or crochet, and have a passion
to provide comfort to others, we have a plan. With each item,
the recipient will know that he or she is not alone and God’s
love is abundant. Since most seamstresses prefer “creating”
at home, we provide patterns here: OR
If you would like a printed pattern, or have questions,
please contact Susan Kissick at [email protected]
Our sewing efforts will benefit Blessing Hospital, Sunset
Home, Chaddock, Cunningham Children’s Home as well as
Midwest Mission Distribution Center for global distribution.
Deadline for completed projects is April 15, 2015.
School bag – Use Sturdy fabric
Backpack – Use Sturdy fabric
Baby knit or crocheted layette sweater –
3 patterns available
Prayer Shawls – any pattern approximately 24-26” wide
and 60-72” long - knitted, crochet, or sewn; with optional
fringe for women and plain for men.
Cover Them with Love quilt (updated 6/21/2012)
Pillowcases with many patterns available. Great project
for your creative spirit! 7/8 yd print with 3/8 yard for
contrasting band – try “hotdog” or roll it up method.
Vermont Street Views
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Care Team
Sebby Fierge, Darlene Kerber, Jan Quintero,
Clif Weisinger, (Ch)Karen Weisinger, Barb Gerdes,
Vicky Connors, Patty Johansen (staff)
Church Historian:
Suzi Duker
Education Team
Chair: Jessica Dedert
Ray Gilmer (staff)
Kathy Oakley
Melissa Penn
Jessica Dedert
Kathleen Taylor Cathy Staff
Betsy Rush
Priscilla McElroy
Jennifer Brown
2015 VBS: Betsy Rush & Jennifer Brown
Nursery Representative: Jean Barnes
Evangelism Team
Patty Johansen (staff)
Beth Buckley
Vicki Hayden
Clif Weisinger
Justin Messan
Travis Brown
Finance Committee
Chairperson: Jim Stebor
Pastor: Rev. Patty Johansen
Lay Leader: Clif Weisinger
Financial Secretary (employed): Jerry Carnivale
Jim Stebor
Ron Wallace
Jim Sours
Pat Dillon
John Staff
Colleen Anderson
Joe Ballesteros Bruce Kruse Jennifer Dempsey
Fun & Fellowship Committee
Ray Gilmer (staff)
Fae Jones
Kim Larson Christie Mugerditchian
Barb Klingner
Jennifer Brown
Dikki Andrews Priscilla McElroy
February 25, 2015
Puppet Team
Tanya Beth, Tim Beth, Evie Conrad
Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee
Chairperson: Linda Godley Pastor: Patty Johansen
Lay Leader: Clif Weisinger
Linda Godley
Suzi Duker
Sherry Brothers Kent Kanauss
Bob Hultz
Don Larson
Craig Hall
Trustees, Board of
Chair: Alan VanDeBoe
Treasurer: Brad Billings
Secretary: Charles Jones
Patty Johansen, staff
Chris Dedert
Brett Gorman
Marian Sorenson
Eugene Trautvetter Charlie Jones
Marvin Kerber
Cathy Stebor
Charlotte Rylander Alan VanDeBoe
United Methodist Women
President: Loretta Hyslop; Secretary: Sue Altheide;
Treasurer: Diane Sloan
Worship Team
Leader: Rev. Patty Johansen
Staff: Dr. Ann Behrens, Stacy Taylor, Jean Murray
Ushers: Carl Rylander
Greeters: Linda Sade (9 am), Barb Klingner (11 am)
Communion: Melissa Penn
Tech Team: Tim Beth, Kelly McElroy,
Ryan McElroy, Stacy Taylor, Amy McCallister,
Harold Hyslop
Others: Marian Sorenson, Stacie Spradlin
Directing Pastor
Discipleship Director
Recording Secretary
Lay Leadership Development (Nominations)
Patty Johansen, Chair
Clif Weisinger, Lay Leader Lay Leader
Lay Members to IGRC
Carl Rylander
Chris Larson
Vicky Connors Beth Buckley
Christie Mugerditchian Chair, Trustees
Karen Weisinger Kathleen Taylor Chair, Finance
Chair, Staff-Parish
Memorials Committee
Chair: John Kissick
Jerry Carnivale (staff)
UMW President
Jill Babey
Shirley Tode
Harold Hyslop
John Kissick
Alan VanDeBoe Mary Ellen Inman Missions
Missions Team
Member Care
Chair: Pat Wallace
Patty Johansen (staff)
Hospitality (Receptions)
Lollie Johnson
Nathalie Messan Lee Curtis
Fun & Fellowship Committee
Melissa Penn
Puppet Ministry
Susan Kissick
Pat Wallace
Preschool Board of Directors
President: Betsy Rush
Patty Johansen, staff
Tanya Beth, Jessica Dedert, Betsy Rush, Loretta
Hyslop, Colleen Anderson
Rev. Patty Johansen
Ray Gilmer
Charlie Jones
Fae Jones
Clif Weisinger
Clif & Karen Weisinger
Alan VanDeBoe
Jim Stebor
Linda Godley
Loretta Hyslop
Jessica Dedert
Pat Wallace
Travis Brown
Karen Weisinger
Linda Sade/Loretta Hyslop
Fae Jones
Tanya Beth & Evie Conrad
At Large Members of Church Council:
Suzi Duker, Alice Knight, Niki Estepp, J.D. Speak,
Barb Wooleyhan
Cathy Stebor, Brian Barnes
Dixie Hoffman, Clara Ehrhart
Don Larson, Ben Oakley
Polly Sprick, Jana Priepot
Pam Davis
Joe Ballesteros, Wilma Miller
Alyssa Livesay
Jennifer McCaughey
page 8
February 25, 2015
10 Mary Schardon, Samantha
Barnes, Ava Barnes
11 Betty Thomas, Brad Billings
13 Bill Heaton
14 John Bunting, Scott Sprick
15 Todd Buckley, Joshua Lepper
16 Emily Lewis
17 Betty Bradney,
Elizabeth Musch (Johnson),
Sue Carnivale
18 Cinda Barnes,
Katharine Guither
20 Alice Gorman,
Dustin Carolan
21 Cooper Veihl, Steve Wall,
Eva Adele
22 Holly Woodruff
24 John Staff, Patrick Stevenson,
Andrew Staff
25 Jack Babey
26 Casey Jellison, John Rischar,
Barbara Tripp
27 Eric Sieck, Laina Turner
28 Jimmie Dean Charton
29 Trish Crane
31 Carolyn Brown,
Larry Freeman,
Stephanie Koscielski
10 Dan & Evie Conrad
12 Tony & Trish Crane
Dave & Tasha Kraushaar
22 Loren & Barbara Wallace
24 Ryan & Carla Fierge
25 Marvin & Darlene Kerber
30 Terry & Jana Priepot
Vermont Street United Methodist Church
818 Vermont Street
Quincy, IL 62301-3048
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U.S. Postage
Permit No. 877
Quincy, IL