Application Form - Oxenfoord International Summer School

Sat 25th July - Sun 2nd August 2015
(please complete in block capitals)
Name: _____________________________________________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________________________
__________________________________________________________ Postcode: _______________
Telephone: (Home) _____________________________
(Mobile) _____________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________________
I wish to attend the course for:
Whole course
(Sat arrival)
Whole course
(Sun arrival)
____ days
____ nights
Arriving _______ July (morn/aft/eve) and leaving _________ July/August (morn/aft/eve)
I wish to attend as:
a resident
a non-resident
Please detail any specific dietary needs or access requirements _________________________________
Although bedrooms will be allocated on a single occupancy basis where possible, it may be
necessary to allocate bedrooms on a shared basis, particularly to those allocated a bursary.
Due to very limited accommodation at Loretto School, rooms will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
Where possible the distance from your home address will also be taken into account and details
of local B&B’s can be provided upon request.
Please tell us a little more about yourself by ticking the appropriate boxes below.
Keen and experienced amateur
Music Student _________________________________
(music college, year)
Keen but inexperienced amateur
Over 50
Date of birth (optional)_________________
C Give details of any recent performances, including date and venue, or of works recently studied.
D If applying for Opera Scenes, what roles/repertoire would you like to be considered for?
E If applying for Solo Ensembles, what repertoire would you like to be considered for?
F Voice: _________________________________________________________ Range:
G If applying as a duo/ensemble, please specify other applicant:
How did you hear about this summer school? ____________________________________________
Sun 25th July - Sun 2nd August 2015
You may choose 1 class point for each day you’re attending the course. With up to seven class points included in the whole course
fee, time is given for preparation, reflection and observation of other classes. There will also be the opportunity to take part in evening
showcase concerts, the Oxenfoord Choir and a series of group warm-ups and workshops throughout the week.
According to tutor availability, extra classes may be requested at an additional £35 per class (£25 for students). To reserve these classes
in advance, please mark them with an ‘E’ below or you can request extra classes once the course has started.
Applications for advanced classes (marked (#)) must be supported by a recording and/or teacher’s reference if not known to the
organisers. Advanced class applications should be received no later than Friday 24th April so that parts can be allocated in time to be
studied and memorised. Applicants must also provide details of alternative classes (up to the relevant class points) should they be
unsuccessful in their advanced class application (please number alternative classes in order of preference in the right-hand tick column
below). Advanced classes are allocated according to the variety and strength of applicants each year and previous involvement is no
guarantee of being shortlisted.
Masterclass students will work individually with John Mark Ainsley for 30 minutes on any repertoire of their choice. A handful of applicants
will also be chosen to take part in the Public Masterclass on Sunday 26th July.
Malcolm Martineau's Song Cycle Class is worth two class points and is only available to full-week course applicants. Successful
applicants may not select additional classes with Malcolm as part of their weekly allocation, but may apply for extra classes subject to
Students choosing Opera Scenes (worth four class points) must attend the whole course to ensure attendance at all rehearsals.
Please see the website for tutor biographies, class descriptions and further information about the course.
John Mark Ainsley
Malcolm Martineau
Masterclass (#)
Song Cycle (#) [2 class points], Song Repertoire, Accompanists
Janis Kelly, Linda Ormiston,
Sergey Rybin & William Vann
Opera Scenes (#) [4 class points]
 or “E”xtra
Solo Ensembles (New Class for 2015) [group class]
Lorna Anderson & Jo Ramadan
Cantata & Baroque, Open (New Class for 2015)
Lorna Anderson
Robin Bowman
French Song, Open
Joan Busby
Enjoy your singing, Vocal Technique, Open
Fiona Dobie
Voice and Presence, Emotional Freedom Technique
Matteo Dalle Fratte
A new approach to sung Italian
American Song, Brahms Liebeslieder (New Class for 2015)
Alisdair Hogarth
Janis Kelly
Vocal Technique [one class per student]
Jamie MacDougall
Lieder, Scots Song, Open
Gary Matthewman
Early Lieder, Accompanists
Acting, First Impressions (New Classes for 2015)
Bridget McCann
Linda Ormiston
Cabaret, Performance
David Roblou
Baroque to Bel Canto, Accompanists, Open
Sergey Rybin
Russian Song
Ingrid Sawers
Effective Learning Techniques for Singers and Accompanists
Susanna Stranders
Opera Coaching, Playing Opera Reductions [group class]
Clare Sutherland
William Vann
Open2015 (non-refundable if accepted onto the course).
Please send completed form and
£200 Song,
by Friday 26th June
Please send completed form and £200 deposit by Friday 26th June 2015
(non-refundable if accepted onto the course).
Applications for the Masterclass, Song Cycle and Opera Scenes
should be received no later than Friday 24th April 2015.
The balance must be paid by Friday 3rd July 2015.
Cheques made payable to ‘Oxenfoord International Summer School’ or you can pay by bank transfer:
Oxenfoord International Summer School, Lloyds TSB Scotland, 30-25-83 01323979
BIC code: TSBSGB21276
IBAN number: GB26 TSBS 3025 8301 3239 79
Steve Phillips, Administrator, Oxenfoord International Summer School,
C/O Opera North, 46 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU
07720 773 910
[email protected]
Find us on Facebook: Oxenfoord International Summer School Follow us on Twitter: @Oxenfoord
Please photocopy your completed application form and keep for reference
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