March - Lakeview Christian Church

Our Love & Prayers Go Out To…
Worship Info
Nursery available—Both Services
Beginners Church (10:45am Only)
for ages 2-Kindergarten
Jr. Church 1st -5th grade
(10:45am Only)
Fellowship time—9:30am (Adults/Children)
2 & 3 Yr. Olds: Dianne Royer, Sharon Brannon
4 & 5 Yr. Olds: Vera Jean & Ada May Royer
1 & 2 Grades: Linda Borner
3-5 Grade: Sarah Dezso
2 & 3 Yr. Olds: Amanda Stripe and Shelby Stumpf
4 & 5 Yr. Olds: Patreece Welser and Becca Bussey
Sunday, March 1
9:45a Life Group
12:00n Study and Serve
6:00p Life Group
Monday, March 2
10:00a Staff Meeting
6:00p Quilting
6:15p Life Group
6:30p Bowling
7:00p Life Group
Tuesday, March 3
6:30p Women’s Bible Study
7:00p Deacons’ Meeting
Wednesday, March 4
6:30p Choir
7:30p Praise Team
Thursday, March 5
7:00p Life Group
Friday, March 6-8
Teens Retreat
Saturday, March 7
9:00a Quilting
1:00p Memorial Service
Teen Retreat
We are planning a spring retreat for teenagers in grades 6-12 for the
weekend of March 6-8. We’ll be departing at 5:30 on Friday, March 6
and returning around 1:00 on Sunday, March 8. The cost for the
weekend is $90, but assistance is available if you need help paying
for the weekend. See Josh to sign up and reserve a spot.
Communion: Sue Callihan and Montana
Bread: Betty Jo Spindler
Laundry: Mary Glasser
Bible School: Joyce Humbert, Melrose Miller
Celebration: Jody Norris, Karen Kendle, Ashley Norris
Ada May Royer and Vera Jean Best
If you have any questions please call Pat Glasser
Ministry Team
Darryl Moulder, Senior Minister Jim Gindlesberger, Associate Minister
Josh Robinson, Minister of Youth Sharon Brannon, Children’s Director
Jim Mitzel, Music Director
LIFE on Mission
“Life on Mission” by is an exciting series which will help
us rediscover God’s heart for the world! Books are $12,
and we have six more available. Be sure to take the
Prayer Card home and use it each day as a tool to help
you stay focused on the mission. Also grab a scripture
reading card and follow along in God’s Word listening to what He
has to say to us about the church’s mission in today’s world!
How To Become A Christian
Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (John 3:16).
Place your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:8).
Repent of your sins (Acts 2:38).
Confess Jesus as Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9,10).
Be baptized by immersion (Mark 16:15,16).
Live a life of service and gratitude (Romans 12:1,2).
Continue to pray for our Church Family, Shut-ins, Friends, Relatives, CoWorkers, Our Leaders, Military and Our Missionaries
Our Leaders and Military: Dakota Vawlter, Dennis Spohn Jr., Michael
Spohn, Dan Howe, Eric Pamer, David Hutton, David Beal, Jay Dempsey,
Leigh Winslow, *Zack Coyle, Joe Maken, David Williams, Josh Wheeler,
Nathan Koby, Brock Barton, James Byrd, Tim & Greta Grant, Ben Emch,
Erik Kuntzleman, Joshua Prokop, *Gabe Travers, Jack Marsh, Jacob Glover,
Alex Cercone, John Spohn and Greg Funk
Please call the Church Office with updates.
Lakeview Missionaries: Mid India, Lower Caribbean Mission, Central Brazil
Mission, Mission to Russia, Vida Nueva Mexico, Christian Arabic Services,
Round Lake Christian Camp, Christian Children’s Home, Canton Christian
Home, Noah, ARM, IDES, Good Neighbors, As He Is--Doctor Zindoga Bungu
and Pregnancy Solutions
Children’s Easter Celebration
Plans are being made for the Children's Easter Celebration on
March 28th, and we are again asking the congregation for donations of individually-wrapped candies. Last year we were able to
fill and hide over 500 eggs! If you can help us with a candy donation, please drop the candy off in the office or give it to Sharon
Brannon by March 15. Thank you for all of your support!
Make plans to join us on Saturday, March
28th at 10am for the Children's Easter
Celebration! All children ages 2 through 5th
grade and their parents are invited to participate in our second annual Easter egg hunt
(bring your own basket), followed by a performance by the Mustardville puppets. Come and bring a friend to
share in some Easter fun and to hear a great message told
through puppetry!
Vision Statement
“To boldly present Christ in a Biblical, credible,
creative, and caring way in an environment where
people can find and commit themselves to Jesus;
growing to their full potential in Him.”
March 1, 2015
We are getting several envelopes that do not have the
amount on them that was given. In order to have an accurate account of what you gave it is necessary to put the
amount on your envelopes. It is not necessary to put your
name on them, if you are using envelopes with the number you were assigned. Although, if you are using pew envelopes
please mark both your name and amount.
Parent Chat
Our next Parent Chat will be on Sunday,
March 15 from 6:00-7:30. We’ll be joined
by Dianne Moulder, who has a specialty in
family counseling. She’ll be leading a seminar-style discussion focused on helping you communicate better
with your teenagers. This is open to all parents, but focused specifically on those who have kids in grades 5-12.
Encouragement and Prayer Cards
The importance of prayer is affirmed throughout the Bible. As a church, we are committed
to pray—your needs are important to us.
Please share your encouragement/prayer request by filling out the card in the pew and
placing it in the box in the foyer. The staff will
diligently pray for your request during the week.
Women Ministry Team
We still have
openings can you help?
There are several committees you can sign-up
to help on, from preparing Communion,
Laundry, Funeral Dinners (serving or preparing a dish),
Nursery Workers, Sonshine Committee (sending
cards out), Fellowship dinners, etc.
There are sign-up sheets on the table in the foyer.
Offering Envelope Info
Barbados Mission Team 2015
Our next fundraiser is at Applebee’s Restaurant on Arlington Road on March 10th. Next week we will make
flyers available to hand out to family and friends. Once
again, thank you for all your support!
If you are a consultant or know a marketing co., who would be interested in participating in a vendor/craft fair open to the community on
or about April 18, please contact Brett Kendle or Candice Robinson.
Celebration Service
Opening Prayer
A Time For Worship
March Mission
A unique place where
the Gospel of Jesus Christ
is experienced.
A Time To Remember
Communion, For All In Christ
A Time To Give
Round Lake is owned by and accountable to member Christian
Churches and Churches of Christ in the North Central Ohio area.
It is through their generosity and private donors that RLCC is
able to provide summer camps, year-round retreats, and rentals
for private retreats. Lakeview should be proud that we are one of
RLCC Charter churches. Last year the camp served over 11,000
people including 3216 summer campers & faculty. Lakeview
sent 45 campers last summer which puts us back in the top 10
churches for summer campers.
A Time To Share
Acts 8:4-8 Darryl Moulder
Summer Camp will be here before we know it (the snow will go
away!). See Josh to get a camp book, ask questions about
Round Lake, or make a scholarship donation for one of our students. All new Men’s Retreat coming April 24 & 25th.
Lakeview Christian Church
Welcomes You!
A Time To Respond
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4613 S. Main St., Akron, OH 44319