Recipe Box Designed by: Lisa Falduto

Recipe Box
Designed by: Lisa Falduto
During the holidays is when I seem to pull out my recipe box the most. All those
yummy cookie and candy recipes that my mom has passed on to me are all filed neatly
right behind the Dessert tab! I will admit that my recipe box has been well loved.
After all these years it is in need of a facelift so I have decided to revive it!
Your recipe box may be a different shape or size than mine so you may need to modify
some of the steps in the instructions below! I would love to see what you create so
please make sure to post your recipe box in the Fiskars Crafts gallery when you are
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Supply list:
Fiskars 86067097 12x12 craft mat
Fiskars 94667097 Classic no. 8 scissors
Fiskars 99947097 Non-stick No. 5 Scissors
Fiskars 12-99087097 12 inch Portable Rotary Trimmer
Fiskars 95807097 12 inch Desktop Rotary Trimmer
Fiskars 98887097 Fiskars Softgrip No. 5 Micro-tip scissors
Fiskars 12-68267097 Prince Charming 4-in-1 Corner Punch
Fiskars 12-73297097 Round the Corner Squeeze punch
Fiskars 01-001044 Leave it to Weaver border punch
Fiskars 01-001045 Threading Waters border punch
Cloud 9, Kensington Gardens patterned papers and embellishments
Ink by Steph, Glazed cardstock
Cloud 9 Christmas Joy Letter stickers
Lil' Davis Foil rimmed ovals
Heavy duty double sided tape
Several 6" lengths of coordinating ribbon
Glue dots
1. We will start by covering the outside of our recipe box, starting with the bottom of
the box. Place your box on top of your Luster Swirl patterned paper, green side down.
Trim around the bottom of your box leaving approximately 1" as shown in photo.
Adhere this piece to your recipe box using heavy duty double sided tape.
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2. Cut all 4 corners at an angle. Attach your double sided tape to each piece of paper
still attached to the recipe box and trim excess tape off of angled pieces using your No.
5 Non-stick scissors. Fold each piece up on to the side of the recipe box.
3. Using your trimmer cut two pieces of Silver Strand glazed cardstock that measures
4"x12" or the width of your recipe box by 12" in length.
4. Attach these together so you have a strip that is 4"x 23" in length. Using your
double sided adhesive attach this strip to your recipe box wrapping around as you go.
5. Cut 2 pieces of Kensington Multi Stripe cardstock measuring 2 1/2" x 12". Lay
your Wave Tear Edger at an angle on your striped strip and trace along the top edge
making sure the edge with the most wave is at the top. Now cut along the line you
created using your Classic No. 8 Scissors. Repeat this exactly on the next strip except
flip the strip over so the blue side is up.
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You will want to repeat step #5 using Flower Buds sparkle cardstock by using the
striped pieces you have cut as patterns.
6. Match the 2 striped strips up on the wide ends as shown, overlapping and
attaching with adhesive. Repeat this with the Flower Buds strips.
7. Trim off pointed peaks with Micro-tip scissors to make a nice even wave.
8. Trim 1/4 inch off the straight side (bottom) of your floral cardstock. Line up on top
of the striped cardstock and use your double stick tape to fasten in place.
©2008 Fiskars Brands, INC. All rights reserved
9. Fasten your wave strip in place about 1/4" up from the bottom of your box
adjusting to make sure your wave falls how you want on the front of your box for your
letters. Match and trim as needed where ends meet.
10. Attach sparkle letter stickers along wave to spell "Recipes."
©2008 Fiskars Brands, INC. All rights reserved
11. Attach Kensington Element and Stitches sparkle sticker along the bottom of your
wave piece. I chose the blue stitches and I needed 2 packages of the stickers to make
it all the way around my recipe box. Also attach a grouping of 3 Kensington
Dimensional flowers off to the right of the word "Recipes."
12. Create 3 loops using coordinating ribbon by folding over and securing with a glue
dot. Tuck these in underneath the dimensional areas of the flowers in 3 different
areas to add texture and dimension.
©2008 Fiskars Brands, INC. All rights reserved
13. Cut a piece of Green Luster Swirl patterned cardstock to fit the top of your recipe
box. Using your Prince Charming corner punch, punch each of the 4 corners of your
rectangle and adhere to the top of your box.
14. Cut a piece of Blue Luster Swirl patterned cardstock so it fits inside of the green
above leaving 1/4" border all the way around. Use your Round the Corner squeeze
punch to round the corners of your blue piece and attach to your green piece.
15. Attach a Jumbo sparkle flower punch out to the top of your recipe box cover.
Mine has an additional metal piece I added back on to the top after attaching the
flower. I have added some knotted ribbon pieces to this as well. I also added a sticker
in each corner of the blue piece where I rounded the corners for added flair!
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For my box I will make 5 tabbed dividers since these are the categories I use. You may
want more or less depending on how you keep your recipe file.
16. Cut your file divider out of a heavy cardstock or medium weight chipboard
depending on what you prefer. I will be using plain chipboard which I will then cover
with patterned cardstock. Using your 12" Desktop rotary trimmer cut the amount of
dividers you would like so they each measure to fit inside of your recipe box. The size
I need is 3" x 5 1/2".
NOTE: When you measure divider size make sure you leave enough clearance for the oval foil rimmed
piece that will contain your category titles at the top. They will stick up about 1/2" over the top of the
17. Now cut patterned cardstock to mount on top of each chipboard divider you
created. I have decided to use more solid patterns so I can embellish each divider. So
I am using green, blue, and orange Luster Swirl.
©2008 Fiskars Brands, INC. All rights reserved
18. Print the File tab word at the end of this PDF file on to the gold side of green
Luster Swirl. Trace around the small Li'l Davis Foil rimmed ovals so each word is
centered inside of the oval window. Cut each oval out slightly inside of the traced line
using your No. 5 Micro-tip scissors.
19. Apply your liquid glue on the outer edge of the gold side of your oval and mount it
behind the clear foil rimmed oval. Adhere each oval to the chipboard file dividers you
previously created staggering them as you go in a file manner.
©2008 Fiskars Brands, INC. All rights reserved
20. Now we will embellish each file divider. Using the Silver Strand glazed cardstock
create a border using your Leave it to Weaver border punch all the way across. Cut
this piece in half.
21. Now weave a 3/8" strip of Flower buds through the slots in the border from above.
Attach this to the front of your Appetizer file card. Finish this card off with one of the
Kensington Quote Cards. I also added some sparkle stickers left over from the
elements and stitches sheet to this file card.
22. For the next card add two rows of green elements sparkle stitches going across the
recipe card. Add a dimensional flower off to the left side with a blue heart dimensional
sticker on both sides.
23. Using a strip of blue paper cut anther 5 1/2" border using the Threading Waters
border punch. Add a piece of the striped paper down the center of this border to fit.
Add a jumbo sparkle punch-out off to the left hand side.
©2008 Fiskars Brands, INC. All rights reserved
24. To the next file card attach the remaining Leave it to Weaver border and Flower
buds. Attach a quote card and some sparkle element stickers.
25. To the 5th card attach a 1" strip of stripes running vertically down the left hand
side in about 3/4". Place a quote card across this strip and embellish with elements
sparkle stickers.
Tuck your file dividers neatly inside your box, add recipes and you are ready to cook!
If you are not one that enjoys cooking this little recipe box makes a lovely gift for
someone who does love to cook! Either way, you just created a little piece of beauty to
grace your kitchen or the kitchen of another!
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