ACT212 l BSMA Association l 3000 Bern
Irene Hirzel CEO
Phone: +41 79 477 80 97
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E-mail office: [email protected]
Web site: www.act212.ch
ACT212 has no political or religious affiliation and sees itself as a nexus between governmental
institutions, NGOs, the police, public authorities and the Swiss population.
The services offered by ACT212 support efforts to combat human trafficking in Switzerland and
abroad as outlined in the NAP (National Action Plan to Fight Human Trafficking) of the KSMM
(Swiss Coordination Unit against the Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants), with
respect to the international terminology of the four “P“ (prevention, prosecution, protection,
partnership) in combatting human trafficking.
a. Consulting. Highly competent consulting services in specialised areas of human trafficking and sexual exploitation at the national and international level.
b. Trainings. For public administrators, local authorities, individuals, institutions, associations, churches and schools.
Awareness raising. Encouraging actions against human trafficking and sexual exploitation
through awareness raising and inclusion of the public by means of campaigns, conferences
and information events.
d. Prevention and intervention – national hotline
Through awareness raising at national level on human trafficking, the national hotline offers the possibility for preventive action and coordinated intervention with public officials
in case of need.
e. Networking. Cooperation with the KSMM, institutions and experts in developing strategies
and implementing measures against human trafficking within Switzerland as well as abroad
with the help of partners.
Guiding principles of ACT212
Human dignity must be respected and protected. Article 7 of the Swiss Federal Constitution (BV)
Persons in need and unable to provide for themselves have the right to assistance and care and
to the financial means required for a decent standard of living. Article 12 BV
Children and young people have the right to the special protection of their integrity and to the
encouragement of their development. Article 11 BV
Human trafficking and sexual exploitation can only prevail as long as secrecy and anonymity
persist. The more society unterstands what inconceivable sufferings occur here, the more will
the truth about these abominable crimes be revealed. I.H.
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