Akhass Wasti First Year, Trinity College CUES Events Officer

Akhass Wasti
First Year, Trinity College
Committee Elections 2015
CUES Events Officer Manifesto
Proposed by: Nick Kateris (1st Year, Trinity College)
Seconded by: Aniruddh Raghu (1st Year, Trinity College)
My name is Akhass Wasti and I am a first year engineer from Trinity
College. During my short time at Cambridge, I have attended various
CUES events and I found them to be informative and inspiring. I am
very enthusiastic about CUES and I would like to be part of the team
that provides these opportunities for students to enhance their
understanding of industry and develop their knowledge beyond
their degree. By fulfilling the role of Events Officer, I would hope to
be able to promote CUES and its aims to as wide an audience as
What would I do?
Uphold the reputation of CUES Careers Fair as the largest and best in Cambridge
Organize more workshops and field trips in collaboration with industry representatives to
enhance students skills
Organize our very own CUES hackathon!!!
Focus on increasing the involvement of students in the events and opportunities provided by
Promote the diverse interests of the wide range of students within CUES to make sure that all
members are engaged and enthused by the society
Be a source of new ideas for organizing engaging events, enthusiastic speakers and lively
Why me?
I am committed to ensuring a smooth running of CUES activities and to finding ways to increase
student participation
I have experience in organizing events as I was part of the Student Council in my high school
I was involved in organising fund-raisers in my high school whose proceeds went to the 2011
flood victims in Pakistan, organising concert for 500 children with special needs while working at
Family Educational Services Foundation, and organizing the SIUT Charity Spring Festival 2012. I
hope to use the skills I gained from these experiences as the CUES Events Officer.