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February 2015 | 12 Shevat - 9 Adar 5775
A Publication of Mosaic Law Congregation
From March 1-3, more
than 16,000 Jews and non-Jews
will be attending the annual
AIPAC Policy Conference in
Washington, D.C. I am pleased
that Mosaic Law will be represented at this important gathering by the following: Alan
and Dana Edelstein, Phil Fine, Adam Foster, Noah Lightman, Don Gilbert, Hy Kashenberg, Dr. Larry and Evie
Lieb and Joel Zimmerman. One of the highlights of the
conference will be speeches by many prominent leaders in
both the House and Senate. And Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu will also address the conference.
With the brouhaha regarding the Prime Minister's speech
on Tuesday, March 3rd to a Joint Session of Congress, I
am pleased that the Sacramento Bee agreed to publish an
opinion piece which I composed on the Iranian nuclear
threat. An op-ed is just what it is, an opinion. And I am
certain that there will be people within our congregation
and community who might disagree with the premise of
my article (so what else is new?).
But, indeed we are living in trying times.With the increased level of anti-Semitism in Europe and on college
campuses in our own country, we must be vigilant and not
be afraid to speak out. Many of us were disturbed by the
images of Swastikas painted on a Jewish fraternity house
near the campus of UC Davis. And just a few days ago, a
resident in the River Park neighborhood of Sacramento
began displaying a Palestinian flag alongside an Israeli
Flag and an American Flag with Swastikas embedded
within the flags. This incendiary display of hatred has no
place in our community or in any community. I commend
Scott and Monica Shapiro and their children, Rebeka, Avi
and Esti. They live in River Park and were so upset by
their neighbor's actions that they decided as a family to
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Passover Seder Registration
From The President
Education & Youth
Men’s Club
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MLC Events
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Community Notes
place a sign in their
front window of
their home. The
sign reads: "HATE
is NOT Acceptable
in our Community." I am hoping
their actions will be duplicated by
every other resident in their neighborhood.
March is another active month here at Mosaic Law and I
encourage you all to participate in the many programs and
activities. And lastly, please do not delay in making your
reservation for our Community Seder on the Second Night
of Passover. Reservations are coming in and we do not
want to have to turn anyone away. If any of you can also
help in making a contribution for those who cannot afford
to attend the Seder, please let me know.
Wishing all of you a Purim Samayach and I hope that I
will see many of you at our Purim Megillah Reading on
Wednesday, March 4th.
Rabbi Reuven Taff
The following Op-Ed is scheduled to be published in the
Sacramento Bee on Sunday, March 1, 2015.
President Obama’s Bitburg
By Reuven H. Taff
Special to The Bee
The lead story on the April 19, 1985, evening news has
been indelibly etched into my mind. Holocaust survivor
Elie Wiesel, a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, had just
received the Congressional Medal of Achievement from
President Ronald Reagan in a ceremony at the White
House. At the end of his remarks, Wiesel turned to the
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Service Times, Condolences,
Kiddush & Oneg Sponsors,
Mazel Tov!
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| Fax: (916) 488-1165 |
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Rabbi (Continued from page 1)
president and implored him not to go to Bitburg, Germany,
where he was planning to place a wreath at the military
cemetery which included the graves of 49 members of the
Despite pressure to not confront or embarrass Reagan,
Wiesel pleaded with him. "That place," he told the president during the nationally televised ceremony, "is not your
place. Your place is with the victims of the SS."
Reagan’s decision to go to Bitburg created one of the most
acrimonious rifts between any U.S. administration and the
American Jewish community. The Bitburg episode appears
to be re-inventing itself in another rift brewing between
many American Jews and our current president.
On Tuesday (March 3), Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu is scheduled to address a joint session of Congress. The invitation came from House Speaker John
Boehner without consulting President Barack Obama. The
president announced that he will not meet with Netanyahu
during his visit. Vice President Joe Biden, who usually sits
in the chamber when a head of state addresses Congress,
will be conveniently out of the country.
Obama is prepared to announce a done deal with Iran that
would suspend sanctions, yet not require Iran to completely
reverse its weapons development progress, which was the
original purpose of sanctions."
In its latest report on Iran's nuclear program, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog, says that it "continues to have serious concerns regarding possible military dimensions to Iran's nuclear program.
Iran has stepped up uranium enrichment, denied inspectors
access to the Parchin military testing site near Tehran and
has not resolved outstanding questions about past charges
of weapons-related work.”
When Wiesel’s conscience drove him to confront Reagan,
it was regarded by many observers as a moment when, in
the words of Wiesel, "truth was spoken to power." Now
Wiesel feels that he must again speak the truth to the most
powerful leader in the world. In a full page ad Feb. 14 in
the New York Times (
B9rVUzGIIAApr-s.jpg:large), Wiesel pleads with Obama,
Biden and members of Congress:
“As one who has seen the enemies of the Jewish people
make good on threats to exterminate us, how can I remain
silent? I plead with you to put aside the politics that have
obscured the critical decisions to be made. Surely it is
within your power to find a solution that will permit Israel's
Pundits continue to debate the motives behind Boehner’s
prime minister to deliver his urgent message. Will you join
invitation as well as the prime minister’s reasons to speak
me in hearing the case for keeping weapons from those
to Congress two weeks before elections in Israel. Netanyawho preach death to Israel and America?”
hu sees no other choice but to use the grand stage on Capitol Hill to convey why a bad deal with Iran over the proExperts who have knowledge of Iran’s nuclear capability
duction of nuclear materiel is dangerous.
agree that it is past time to more stringently implement international sanctions that would be punitive enough to conEfraim Inbar, director of the Begin-Sadat Center for Stratevince the Iranian leadership to abandon their pursuit of nugic Studies, seems to concur. In a recent op-ed for Arutz
clear weapons. In the absence of such sanctions, or if they
Sheva, an Israeli media network, he wrote:
are shown to be ineffective, a joint military response, as
undesirable as it may be, seems likely to be the only other
“This is precisely why he does not want Netanyahu to
speak in the U.S. Congress. Obama fears that Netanyahu's option.
speech could become a catalyst for a public debate about
If our president cannot clearly see the danger, the alternahis own dangerous policy toward Iran. He does not want
tive may be for Israel to take care of business as it did in
undue publicity for his dangerous foreign policy gambit.
1981, when it shocked the world and destroyed the Osirak
The last thing he needs is a gifted orator such as Netanyahu
nuclear plant in Iraq. As then, the world will publicly conpointing out the glaring deficiencies in the American apdemn Israel’s attack on nuclear Iran and privately applaud
proach toward Iran.”
Israel’s actions.
Reagan sent the wrong message by going to Bitburg.
In 2009 Obama said, “When I came into office, the world
Obama is sending the wrong message that he will try to
was divided and Iran was in the driver’s seat.” Six years
implement any deal he can with Iran, including the suspenlater it appears that the world is still divided and Iran is still
sion of sanctions originally imposed by Congress.
driving the bus. The president would be wise to heed
Hal Stein, a member of my congregation who has family in Wiesel’s pleas and accept that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are
not only an existential threat to Israel, the Middle East and
Israel, told me: "If Obama is truly on a negotiating path
with Iran that would reverse Iran's progress toward nuclear Europe, but to the entire world. And that threat needs to be
weapons development, then he and Netanyahu would be on stopped now, before it is too late.
the same page. What Netanyahu and others fear is that
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The Scroll
The Mosaic Law Passover Seder is Back!
Of all the special days in the Jewish year, the one that brings the most people together is the celebration of the Passover
Seder. This year we have the opportunity to blend together a family event with a synagogue event, making it doubly
meaningful – particularly as we work to emphasize the importance of “relational Judaism" and strive to connect our
members in order to create a more robust Mosaic Law community.
At a time when Judaism around the world is being threatened on an almost daily basis, the Passover Seder allows everyone to relive and renew some core traditions and values of our people: hope for redemption, striving for freedom, and a
firm or fluffy matzah ball (depending on your preference). How much more wonderful to share all that with family and
friends while enjoying gourmet food that someone else prepared for you!
I would imagine everyone has a story to share about some memorable seder from the past: the first time he or she got a
little tipsy on Passover wine, found the afikomen, or discovered that the wine in Elijah’s cup had mysteriously disappeared! The seder is more than a fun experience or a simple holiday meal, though – it is an essential religious tradition
that has been absent from our Mosaic Law Congregation for far too long.
A group of dedicated volunteers has been working tirelessly to create a delightfully memorable Mosaic Law Second
Night Passover Seder once again. The menu is set, the song sheets are being prepared, the kitchen is ready for springcleaning, – all we need now is your name on a place card!
Date: Saturday night April 4, 2015 (the second night of Passover)
Time: 7:30 PM
Place: Mosaic Law Social Hall
Meal: Catered by Yair Luria, Kosher Master Chef
Seder Leaders: Rabbi Reuven Taff, Cantor Ben Rosner and YOU
Below, you will find the Second Night Passover Seder flyer and tear off registration form. You can also go to or visit the Mosaic Law website ( and click on the links or image at the top of the home page.
Get those reservations in early for the early-bird discount – prices go up on March 4th! Bring your family, friends, Chavurah members, Hebrew or Shalom School classmates and alumni, and anyone else who wants to experience more than
just another uneventful Passover Seder. Escape the ordinary!
See you there!
Dr. Karl Zeff
Ritual Team Chairman
Page 3
The Scroll
Reflections from the President
David Long
This Month’s Pollyanna
I’m not exactly sure how a synagogue president can be an eternal
optimist, but it’s hard not to be from
my perspective at Mosaic Law. Sure we have some big
challenges, really all related to the almighty dollar, but it
stands to reason that all the positive things we have going
for us will have an impact on that bottom line if we continue to let the good times roll. So here’s this month’s review
and preview of some of those things that make me warm
and fuzzy.
The gala, “A Cut Above.” was a tremendous success. The
feedback has been outstanding and it gives me great pride
that everybody had so much fun. When I looked at the
craps table and saw someone in their 90’s high fiving
somebody in their 20’s, surrounded by cheers and laughter
– all for pretend money – that’s a party! The dance floor
was full, stomachs were full of good food, the silent auction items went like hotcakes, and we finished with a raffle
that was as fun to witness as it was to win (maybe I’ll win
next year). A tremendous effort by the Board of Trustees,
a huge team of volunteers, and a massive contribution
from the executive director of the Center, Adrienne Grevious made it possible. We pulled that off with only about 4
months to put it together. I’m excited at the prospects for
next year’s gala, as we’ve already started to plan it. By the
way, amongst all that fun, we met our fundraising goal –
see how this works?
Who made it to the Kids Shabbat a couple weeks ago?
Over 200 of us, that’s who. The kids helped with the entire
service, 3rd and 6th graders got their first Siddur and
Tikun (including my own boys), respectively, and the congregation got to enjoy watching our future take part in the
Shabbat services. Special thanks to Irit Winston, Leslie
Kuperstein, and the education committee for making that
Martha Negrete has been part of the MLC family for a
long time, but we recently made it official. Until now she
has been contracted out through Pride, but economics
made sense for both Martha and Mosaic Law to bring her
on as a full time member of our staff. So an official welcome aboard to Martha! Be sure to congratulate her when
you see her on campus.
Our last Shabbat Shalom in the Home was our biggest yet
with nearly 100 people participating in this wonderful opportunity to celebrate our traditions and strengthen our
bond as congregants off campus. The next one will be on
May 8th. A huge thank you to Alla Gamarnik for her tireless efforts in making this free event a success.
We’re raffling off a car! This is pretty exciting because
we’re limiting the number of tickets sold to make the odds
of winning very high. When’s the last time you had a 1 in
400 chance to get a 200 fold return on your money? Want
better odds? Buy three tickets at a discount, we’re still only going to sell 400 of them. Best part, you get to pick the
car from many brands. Not a lot of time left to get your
tickets, so be sure to talk to Mike Levy, Todd Sperber,
Dave Tokarski, or contact the office for more information.
The MLC Second Night Passover Seder returns Saturday
night, April 4th! It’s been several years since we all got
together for this special Seder. This will be led by Rabbi
Taff and Cantor Rosner and will be the “can’t miss” Seder
of the season. Come for the singing, the stories, and, of
course, the food catered by Master Chef, Yair Luria!
The Fourth Annual Kiddush Cup golf tournament is closer
than you think – June 12th. We want more golfers, so
start putting your foursomes together now. We’d like Mosaic Law members to build foursomes with non-members
if possible so we can get as big a crowd out for the event
as possible. We’re going back to Whitney Oaks where we
had a great time last year. Of course, we’ve got to eat, so
there will be breakfast before we tee off, as well as a barbecue lunch afterward. It’s a scramble which means you
can be a duffer like me and still have a great time. Contact
Steve Turtletaub if you’d like to be a sponsor of a hole, the
putting contest, etc. This is a great way to kick off the
summer with some ruach and support for shul.
Whew! As you can see, Mosaic Law is hopping. I look
forward to seeing more and more of you join in on the fun
as we offer opportunities to realize our vision as a congregation - a thriving, vibrant Conservative Jewish congregation, whose members are invested and engaged in creating
a welcoming, participatory synagogue for the betterment
of the Jewish community, the greater Sacramento area and
the world.
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Page 5
The Scroll
From the Desk of Irit S. Winston
Director of Education and Youth
Religious School will meet March 1, 8, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, and 29. No school on March 4.
Purim Carnival - Sunday, Mar 1 from 11am to 1pm. Enjoy a bounce house and brand new
activities that will keep your children entertained. Tickets: $15 for a wrist band to use for all of
the activities. Hamantaschen: $5 for a packet of 5 hamantaschen. Lunch: $5 for hot dog, chips &
drink. All children are welcome to join our Religious School morning programs.
Religious School Schedule:
9:00am—9:20am - Religious School Special Funny Service.
9:20am—9:40am - Purim Parade with Rabbi Taff.
9:40am—11:00am - Children’s plays according to the story of Megilat Esther based on Dr.
Seuss’ story and exchanging Mishloach Manot.
SAVE THE DATE - March 1 - MLC's Education Committee is conducting a drawing for a car.
The drawing will be held at the Purim Carnival on March 1st. Tickets will be on sale from Feb
1st to Mar 1st.
Study with Melton
And join the great Jewish conversation!
Melton’s next two-year cycle will be starting in October 2015 and will be held Tuesday evenings 6:30-8:45pm at Congregation Beth Shalom. Our faculty for these classes will be Dr. Sheree Meyer and Leslie Kuperstein. More information
about this curriculum can be found at:
For Parents of Young Children: Melton is introducing Foundations of Jewish Family Living to the Sacramento area.
This will run at Mosaic Law Congregation on Sundays 9:30-11:00am, following the Religious School schedule. Leslie
Kuperstein will be the instructor of this class. Babysitting will be available if we have parents interested in registering
whose children are not yet in Religious School. Find out more exciting information about this curriculum at:
The Florence Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the
world. We have set the standard for high-quality text-based interactive Jewish study by offering a world-class, two-year
curriculum developed at Hebrew University that informs and inspires adult learners from all knowledge levels and backgrounds. If you are looking for a profound understanding of what it means to be Jewish, join us to explore the texts of
our tradition and discover how they relate to us today. Learn more about Melton at You may
also contact Sara Kahn Shapiro, Director at [email protected] or call 916-488-6397.
Page 6
The Scroll
From the Men’s Club
Victor Strasser & David Tokarski - Co-Presidents
Greetings from your Men’s Club!
Purim is coming up, and the Men’s Club is happy to be working with the Religious School and USY again at the
Mosaic Law Purim Carnival on March 1st. The Men’s Club needs volunteers to help prepare and serve hot dogs.
Please contact Victor at [email protected] if you can help.
Here are some photos from past Purim celebrations that are sure to bring a smile to your face.
Victor Strasser and David Tokarski, Men’s Club co-presidents
From the Women’s Network
Sheri Pearl
Sunday, March 8th from 12:00
– 2:30 PM
MLC Social Hall
Featuring special guest speaker
Michal Kohane
“Purim: The Real Deal”
and honoring
Janie Gumpert, Arlene Pearl and Judy Persin
for their dedication to performing the mitzvah
of providing Seudat Havraah
Please save the date and watch
for your invitation by mail. For
information please contact Janis
Lightman or Sheri Pearl.
Their numbers are in
the directory
Page 7
Sunday, April 26th – Torah Fund Brunch –
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
As members of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, our Women’s Network will
host its annual gala dedicated to perpetuating
Conservative/Masorti Judaism. Funds raised
support these seminaries that train our future
 The Jewish Theological Seminary, New York
 Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies, Los Angeles
 Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem
 Seminario Rabinico
Latinoamericano, Buenos Aries
The Scroll
Mosaic Law Events
Purim Carnival and Silent Auction - Sunday, March 1st.
See details on page 6.
Purim Megillah Reading - Wednesday evening, March
4th at 7pm in the Main Sanctuary as we will have our annual . Bring your children of all ages and yes, dress in costume! We will continue our Purim Celebration on Thursday, March 5th at 7am as we will have our Megillah Reading on that morning at our daily Minyan.
Friday Night Live! Join us in the Friedman-Lichter Sanctuary on Friday, March 6th at 7:30pm for this service with
instrumental music. The one-hour service is all about congregational participation in singing the prayers of our Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv Services. Bring the entire family
and join us afterwards for an Oneg Shabbat.
The MLC Isaiah Team for Tikkun Olam is hosting an
overnight shelter for approximately 100 homeless individuals on Monday night March 23rd. In addition to providing a warm, secure space to spend the night, we will provide a warm dinner, evening entertainment or fellowship,
and a morning meal. If you would like to help obtain, prepare, or serve food, spend time with an individual for one
evening, or collect/donate toiletries to distribute to our
guests before they leave, please contact Chuck Adelman
425-2957 or Marilyn Bargman 709-4065.
Once we were slaves and now we are free - to clean!
Please share your time and energy to help clean and kasher
our Mosaic Law kitchen for Passover and our Second
Night Seder. Shifts will be scheduled between Wednesday
March 25 and Wednesday April 1. Please contact Ricki
Lobel at 916-363-7066 or [email protected] to volunteer,
and to choose your hours. Thank you in advance for your
help with this great mitzvah!
friends. Celebrate Shabbat and get to know your fellow
congregants in an informal home setting. To sign up as
either a host or a guest, please contact Alla Gamarnik at
(916) 392-5782 or the MLC office or fill out a host or
guest questionnaire which can be found on the Mosaic
Law website. Please email the questionnaire to [email protected] or drop it off at the Mosaic Law
4th Annual Kiddush Cup Golf Tournament – June
12th. This year we’ll be returning to the beautiful Whitney
Oaks Golf Club. Registration is at 7am with continental
breakfast. Shotgun start 8am. Kosher barbeque after golf.
Registration fee is $125.00 – there are sponsorship opportunities as well. Contact Steve Turtletaub (916) 549-3725
for more information.
Legacy Trip tp Poland and Israel - For those who have
made a bequest to the synagogue as part of our ATID Fellowship Legacy Project, you are invited to join Judy and
Rabbi Taff as we travel to Poland and Israel in November,
2015. The itinerary and costs will be shortly available and
will be distributed to the entire congregation. If you have
not yet made a commitment to be part of our Legacy
Campaign, please contact Caren Zorman at [email protected] for information on how to be included in
this most important project for the future of our synagogue. The trip is for all who have signed up for our ATID
Fellowship Legacy Campaign.
After several years of absence, our congregation is working towards having a wonderful Community Seder on the
2nd night of Passover, Saturday April 4th. Be there
with Rabbi Taff, Cantor Ben, and our fellow congregants
as we recount the thrilling story of the Exodus. The next
General Seder Planning Meeting is on Sunday, February 8th at Mosaic Law Congregation in the Youth Lounge
from 2-3pm. All those interested in helping in some way
for planning, promoting, and preparing for the Seder will
be very, very welcome. Please contact Karl Zeff, (Ritual
Team Chairman) 424-8043 or Mary Blumenstein, our clergy secretary, to express your interest in planning or just
show for the meeting for the greatest Community Seder
since the Exodus! Registration form is on page 2.
The next date for Shabbat Shalom in the Home is May
8th. Shabbat Shalom in the Home is a free quarterly Shabbat home hospitality event for Mosaic Law members and
Page 8
The Scroll
Page 9
The Scroll
KOH Library and Cultural Center
Calendar of Events March 2015
New Arrivals to our Library Collection:
KOH is proud to offer a diverse selection of programming
and an impressive collection of videos and books of all
genres. Check out our webpage: or call us at
485-4143 for more information.
God’s Neighbors (in Hebrew with Hebrew Subtitles)
Music! Music! Music! KOH Music Series Concert
On the heels of the wonderful program, A Night of Yiddish Music and Culture in February, we look forward to
another delightful musical program at KOH Library and
Cultural Center on Saturday, March 28th at 8:15pm
Os Lorenzos Quintet, featuring Marc Epstein. Come enjoy
an evening of Latin Jazz, including Brazilian Choro. Join
our own Marc Epstein and the Os Lorenzos Quintet in a
delightful, vibrant musical event open to the entire community. General Admission $15; Students & Seniors $10
Seating is limited so RSVPs are recommended. For more
information & to RSVP, contact Taliah Berger at (910)
541-3720 or [email protected]
KOH Poetry Club
The next meeting will be on Sunday, March 15th at 2 PM
– The theme for this gathering of the KOH Kadima Poetry
Series will be Spring. Open to the community. Readers of
all ages are welcome. Please RSVP if you wish to read:
[email protected] or 485-4143.
Suggested Donation $5
KOH Book Club
All meetings of the KOH Book Club are open to newcomers. Walk-ins are welcome to join the interesting discussions. Tuesday, March 17 at 7pm. This month we’ll be
discussing two books. The first selection is FairyLand: A
Memoir of my Father by Alysia Abbott to be reviewed by
Ron Meyer. The second selection is Sadie, Sadie, P.I.
Lady by Michelle Gabriel, to be reviewed by Harlan
Goodson. Copies of both books – and all Book Club - selections are available at KOH.
Books - Fiction
Sadie, Sadie, P.I. Lady, by Michelle Gabriel*
Delicious, by Ruth Reichl*
To Rise Again at a Decent Hour, by Joshua Ferris
The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah *
Slave and Sister, by Sabra Waldfogel*
Exceeding Expectations, by Lisa April Smith *
Books – Non Fiction
Learning Yiddish in Easy Stages, by Marvin Zuckerman
and Marion Herbst
A History of the Jews: From Babylonian Exile to the Present
Jewish Minters & Medalists, by Daniel M. Friedenberg
*Book Club Selections
KOH Hours and Amenities:
Free Wi-Fi is available.
Please continue to visit in person – or check us out on our
webpage: You can access our catalog, calendar of events and our Wish List online.
Our hours are:
Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday: 10am to 1pm
Wednesday: 1pm – 6pm
We are also available as needed – just call ahead to be sure
someone is here to assist you (916) 485-4143.
The KOH Library and Cultural Center is run solely by volunteers. If you wish to join our volunteer family, please
contact Taliah Berger, KOH President and Program Director at [email protected] or 916-541-3720 or call the library office directly at 916 485-4143.
KOH Film Club
Sunday, March 22nd at 2 PM – Join us at our regular time
and day – Movie selection To Be Announced. Contact us
at 485-4143 or Jolie Baron at [email protected] for
more information. Suggested donation $5.
Ongoing Groups
Rabbi Melamed’s Discussion Group – Meets at 1:30 the
second Monday of each month.
Hadassah Discussion Group – Meets every other Wednesday at 9:45. Contact Soni Meyer for more information:
(916) 383-5743
Page 10
The Scroll
Community Notes
Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento - Sunday
March 15 at 10am. "Anusim -- Crypto Jews on Your Family Tree" Join the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento for the presentation by Jason Lindo and Susan
Aguilar on "Anusim" or "Crypto-Jews” from the Iberian
Peninsula, Jews forced to convert to Christianity. All are
welcome to attend the Sunday, March 15, 10 a.m. meeting
at the Einstein Residence Center, 1935 Wright Street, Sacramento. For more information about the Jewish Genealogical Society of Sacramento, email
[email protected]
Celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut with the Sacramento Kings
& the Jewish Federation! - April 13th. Sacramento Kings
vs. Los Angeles Lakers. The Jewish community is invited
to the last game of the season as the Sacramento Kings
take on the Los Angeles Lakers! Purchase specially priced
tickets through the Jewish Federation and receive preentry privileges, including a Q&A session with former
Kings sensation Vlade Divac. Special swag provided upon
entry. Pre-game entry begins at 5:00pm. Sleep Train Arena, One Sports Parkway, Sacramento. Stay tuned for the
purchasing link and additional information.
Committee on Inclusion and Disabilities
March 26, 2015. Regular meeting of the Committee on
Inclusion and Disabilities. 7:00pm. Jewish Federation,
2130 21st St., Sacramento. For more information about
community programming for children with special needs
and their families, visit
inclusionanddisabilities. For more information about CID,
contact [email protected]
Hillel at Davis and Sacramento 50th Anniversary
Celebration – Sunday, May 3, 2 – 5pm, 328 A Street, Davis - Please join Hillel in celebrating 50 years of providing
a vibrant Jewish center for the college students of our region. This special occasion also will honor Hillel's Board
Presidents through the decades, including Mosaic Law’s
Mike Singer, Julie Lavine, David Dulberg, Scott Shapiro
and Wendy Hoffman-Blank. Sponsorships available.
General admission $150/person. Drawing tickets $50/each
or five for $200. Prizes include diamond necklace, private
wine tasting party, ski condo weekend and Giants vs.
Dodgers tickets. For more information, contact Joy Cohan
at [email protected] or 530-756-3708.
Jewish Community Relations Council - April 19th.
SAVE THE DATE. Communitywide Yom HaShoah Commemoration. The Book of Remembrance includes a listing
of family, loved ones, and friends of Sacramento-area residents who perished in the Holocaust. Honor your loved
ones by submitting their names for the 2015 edition by
March 20, 2015. Email the information to [email protected] or mail the form to Elissa Provance, The
Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region, 2130 21st
St., Sacramento, CA 95818. For more information, contact
[email protected] or 916-486-0906 ext. 308.
Jewish Family Service
NEW! Evening Caregiver Support Group
March 4, 11, and 17, 2015. Open to spouses, family members, and friends who are acting as caregivers for a loved
one. Facilitated by Jane Zeiger, LCSW. $60 for 6 sessions.
6:30-8:00pm. Congregation Bet Haverim, 1715 Anderson
Rd., Davis. For more information or to RSVP, contact
Community Social Worker Alicia Mittleman at 916-2050688.
Individual/Family Counseling
JFS offers affordable individual and family counseling
with Community Social Worker Alicia Mittleman, LCSW,
and Pastoral Counseling Intern, Rabbi Joel Zeff. Strict
confidentiality maintained. For more information or to
schedule an appointment, contact Alicia at 916-205-0688.
Page 11
The Scroll
March Birthdays
Mort Ehrlich
Jonah Rosenthal
Maya Vaknin
Elana Varshawsky
Sivan Shamir
Gregory Sharg
Zachary Solomon
Lillian Gabriel
Gayle Govenar
Sid Rosenberg
Laurie Meyer
Harry Skaletzky
Alan Sukin
Irit Winston
Dana Eckler
Nancy Fogler
Matthew Friedman
Frank Gumpert
Jacob Govenar
Edward Rabin
Joe Kleiman
Jack Mador
Jason Reiser
Lazarus Zeff
Moti Darf
Richard Pachter
Linda Poisner
Gabrielle WolfStahl
Harlan Goodson
Philip Levy
Rachel Levy
Lea Samuels
Wendy Herberholz
Stuart Cohen
Burt Ginsburg
Simon Edber
Louis Elfenbaum
Lesley Finkel
Daniel Ichel
Margaret McClasky
Molly Goldberg
Jennifer Goldwyn
Isabella Govenar
Daniel Herberholz
Eliza Wendel
Uri Herszage
Maya Racket
Shmuel Toledano
Ian Yellin
Noah Finkel
Gail Haberman
Jonathan Lightman
Hilda Sadigh
Darlene Brodovsky
Betsy Polan
Stuart WolfStahl
Sharon Futerman
Sara Kahn Shapiro
Susanne Leitner
David Mantell
Ryan Samoville
Ariana Brasch
Zoe Duensing
Larry Meyer
Lee Schmelter
Shelby Ostwald
Rabbi Reuven Taff
Elias Azoulay
Jesse Villanueva
Stephen Weinberg
Noga Alon
Lily Baron
Zohar Bogin
Eli Shtulvarg
Dana Edelstein
William Brodovsky
Mia Fahn
Roshelle Sham
Richard Schuman
Mark Urban
Daniel Yoshpe
Joseph Fahn
Ruth Saunders
Ezra Hausman
Alyssa Prohofsky
Arianna Shtulvarg
Sarah Velazquez
Leyne Milstein
Julian Block
Richard Kravitz
Bradley Rosenberg
Eva Teilmann
Jonah Cartwright
Mori Naftulin
Michael Parr
Edward Tanner
Boaz Magill
Al Berkowitz
Karen Goldstein
Allen Green
Dotan Leibushor
Sarah Zeff
Patricia White
1 Mark & Dianne Cohn
3 Harold & Andrea Rosenblume
6 Ken & April Goore
12 Daniel & Azita Ichel
14 Edward & Gayle Fishkin
15 Edward & Shirley Kobrin
17 Mort & Janet Ehrlich
17 Gil & Marie Levander
18 Joshua & Deborah Frost
19 Jim & Judy Lawson
20 Carey & Nancy Wolf
21 Richard & Zoey Goore
21 Stephen & Joyce Weinberg
22 Randy & Bebe Pollack
23 Kenneth & Ardyth Sokoler
25 David & Katherine Tokarski
27 Michael Rogawski & Julie
28 John Back & Beryl Michaels
28 Alan & Dana Edelstein
30 Michael & Rachel Salman
30 Alex & Caron Zamansky
31 Adam & Barbara Greenspan
Page 12
The Scroll
Generous Gifts From Thoughtful People
Donations Made Between February 22 - March 20
Cantor’s Mitzvah Fund
In honor of Cantor Ben’s
time and help in reading
Dale Gaskin
General Synagogue Fund
In memory of Norman
Davis, may his memory be
for a blessing
Shira & Don Gilbert
In Memory of Hymie
Wendy & Greg
In memory of Stephen Waks
mother, Reggie Waks
Joyce Berger
In honor of the Alyiah he
had while visiting his colleague, Peter Kenez in San
Murray Baumgarten
In loving memory of Jack
Igra, of blessed memory
Louis Elfenbaum &
In appreciation of Harry &
Julie Lavine
Jerry Pollack & Joan
In memory of Reggie Waks
Nancy & Dick
In memory of Bill Edber,
dear uncle of Harvey Edber
In memory of Norman
Stephen Waks &
Mehrnaz Halimi
In honor of Lou Weintraub’s
101st birthday
Ed & Gayle Fishkin
Thanks for honoring me as a In memory of Norman Davis
member of an excellent synLouise & Michael
Dale Gaskin
Rabbi’s Mitzvah Fund
In memory of Joe Kerub
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Fannie Levy
Emergency Fund
Sylvia J Greenstein
In memory of Rona Burton
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Shirley Cohodes &
Emergency Fund
In memory of Norm Davis
In appreciation of AIPAC
KOH Library
In Appreciation of KOH
donation for luncheon tickets
Arlene and Elliot
Dana & Alan
Pearl Hadassah
Study Group
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Jennie Gall
Emergency Fund
In Honor of M.O.
Karen Neuwald
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Elena V. Gelfand
Emergency Fund
and David
Ken Ross
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
The Michael Boussina
Emergency Fund
Inclusion Project
Timothy Taylor &
Congratulations to Anna
Kerry Wittlake
Frank on her Bat Mitzvah
Sheri and Karl Zeff To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Murray Bachman
Baryohay & Tamara
Minyan Fund
In memory of her beloved
father, Herman Bailin
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Iris Bachman
Emergency Fund
Robert Velazquez
In honor of Lou Weintraub’s
special birthday
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
The Waks Family
Emergency Fund
Neil Levy
In memory of Nettie
Goppman (Necha bat YaaTo the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
kov), her mother
Emergency Fund
Marlene Chernev
Bernie & Molly
Past President’s Youth
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
In memory of Norman Davis Emergency Fund
In memory of Rona Burton
Anna Igra
Susan & Larry Long
and Rande & Henry To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Dwight Freund
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Cantor Ben Rosner
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Michael Fahn
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Naomi Igra
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Joseph & Debbie
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Janis Lightman
Mazel Tov! To Lou Weintraub on his 101st birthday
Janis & Jonathan
In honor of Lou Weintraub’s
101st birthday
Hal Stein
In memory of Albert
Azoulay, his brother
Elias Azoulay
In loving memory of Joe
Sam & Sharon
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Reid Milburn
In honor of Lou Weintraub’s
101st birthday
Louise & Michael
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Nancy & Carey
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The Scroll
(Continued from page 13)
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Art Zimmerman
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Bruce Barnett
In memory of Joseph Kerub
Laurie Kamras
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Iris & Ron Bachman
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
David & Sheree
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Richard Glazier
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
David & Delores
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Gerald Schwarz
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Ruth Elkins
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Jill Stecher & Daniel
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Larry & Evie Lieb
Mazel Tov! Art Zimmerman
Happy birthday to a great
father & grandfather
Corey Zimmerman
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Emergency Fund
Fron the children of
Sam & Bernice Ross
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Cynthia Goldberg
Emergency Fund
Emergency Fund
In memory of Lillian
Marcy Friedman
Rosie Yurman
Nitzberg, her sister-in-law
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen In memory of
Emergency Fund
Emergency Fund
Her beloved husband, Leo
Nancy Alan
Elissa Provance
Edelstein (Lazar)
Lilyan Edelstein
In appreciation of Rabbi’s
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen support and kindness during In memory of Pauline
Emergency Fund
Kack Igra’s illness and death Thomas, his mother
Elizabeth & Michael
Elizabeth Igra &
Bill Thomas
In memory of Carol
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen In appreciation of Rabbi of- Horowitz, his mother
Emergency Fund
ficiating at our daughter’s
Dan Ott
Joan & Klafer
marriage this month and for
In memory of his beloved
everything have done for
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
grandfather, Rubin Rubakhin
this family over the years
Emergency Fund
Cynthia Furst
Lew & Toni
Arkady Komsky
Religious School
In memory of her beloved
Scholarship Fund
In memory of Norman
brother, Dean Hoffman
In memory of Norm Davis
Davis, father of Marci Davis
(Dean ben Mordechai
Sam & Sharon
In memory of Phyllis
Needelman’s beloved father,
Deborah Gonzalez
Hyman Needelman
In memory of Rene Raphael,
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen In memory of Eliot Daniel
her father
Emergency Fund
Zeff and Minnie Zeff
Marcia Raphael
In memory of Jack Igra
Karl Zeff
Melanie MagesIn memory of her beloved
In memory of her beloved
father, Harry Binder and her
brother, Bob Snitman
beloved mother H. Lillian
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Lillian Edelstein
Emergency Fund
In memory of Beatrice
Ruth Elkins
Shira & Don Gilbert Lightman, his mother
Jonathan Lightman In memory of his beloved
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
father, Harry Green (TviEmergency Fund
In memory of his beloved
Yehuda ben Refoel)
Sara Shapiro
mother, Florence Roth
Ralph Green
(Tzipporah bat Yosef v’Gita)
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Jerry Roth
In memory of their beloved
Emergency Fund
father, Samuel Dubnick
Brian &Laini
In memory of Her beloved
(Shmuel David ben Israel
father, Sheldon Edelstein
(Shmuel ben Yehuda)
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen
Davina & Barbara
Randy Goldstein
Emergency Fund
Sheli & David
In memory of His beloved
In memory of her beloved
father, Max Berkowitz
father, Harry Silver
To the Rabbi Wechsler-Azen (Mordechai ben Yisrael)
Joan Klafer
Al Berkowitz
Emergency Fund
In memory of her beloved
Linda & Steve
In memory of her beloved
mother, Sara Triger (Sarah
father, Irving Goldberg
Rebecca) and her beloved
In memory of her beloved
father, Herman Triger
mother, Dianne Goldberg
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Page 14
The Scroll
Kiddush & Oneg Sponsors,
Hosts & Co-Sponsors for
29 January to 21 February
Alan Lewis
David Navi in honor of Lou Weintraub’s 101st
birthday and his own birthday
Rosie Yurman in memory of her beloved husband, Bruce
Shirley Cohodes in honor of her birthday
Ron & Soni Meyer in honor of Ron’s birthday
Harry & Julie Lavine in honor of their wedding
Alan & Dana Edelstein in honor of their 39th
Mazel Tov! for 29 January to
February 21
Sheri Pearl, Elliot & Arlene Pearl and Robin
& Phil Fine on the engagement of their daughter, granddaughter, and nieceAriel Ilana PearlJacobvitz to Eliezer Mayer Stewart.
Condolences for 29 January to
February 21
Ann Kerub on the loss of her dear husband,
and our dear member, Joe Kerub, of blessed
Terry Marks on the loss of her Uncle, Sol
Seligman z’ll (Zelik ben Yankav).
Richard Kravitz on the loss of his Mother,
Joanne Kravitz.
Terry Kaufman & Gary Weinberg on the
loss of their dear brother-in-law Michael Meltzer, of blessed memory
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(Hymen Gershon ben
Abraham David)
Edythe Asch
Services & Festivals
March 6 - 5:46pm
March 13 - 6:53pm
March 20 - 6:59pm
March 27 - 7:06pm
Mosaic Law Congregation
Board of Trustees
Executive Board
President - David Long
First Vice Pres - Daniel Ott
Second Vice Pres Erich Olson
Treasurer - Alex Zamansky
Secretary - Martin Skeer
Friday Kabbalat Shabbat – 6pm
Friday Night Live - 7:30pm
Immediate Past President
Jonathan Lightman
Shabbat Morning Service 9:00am
Board of Trustees
March 21 - Vayikra
Havdalah - 7:06pm
Stuart Cohen
Joel Blank
Mark Cohn
Joshua Heller
Michael Levy
Carol Loew
Steve Turtletaub
Karl Zeff, MD
Joel Zimmerman
Caren Zorman
March 28 - Parshat Tzav
Havdalah - 8:05pm
Women’s Network President
Sheri Pearl
Minyan Schedule
Men’s Club Co-Presidents
Victor Strasser&
David Tokarski
Sunday – 9:00am
Monday & Thursday - 7:15am
Rosh Chodesh – 7:15am
Federal Holidays – 8:30am
Past Presidents
March 7 - Parshat Ki Tisa
Havdalah - 6:44pm
March 14 - Parshat Vayak’helPekudei
Havdalah - 7:51pm
Monday – Thursday – 5:45pm
In memory of her beloved mother, Kate
Minna Erle Jacobs
In memory of her beloved mother, Joan
Rosalie Roth
In memory of her beloved husband
Lorraine Katz
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Alan Brodovsky
Mark Cohn
Alan Edelstein
Morton Ehrlich, MD
Deborah Gonzalez
Kenneth Goore
Frank Gumpert
Marvin Kamras, MD
Steven Mopsick
Charles Nadler
Michael Opper
Mitchell Ostwald
Arlene Pearl
Elliott Pearl
Steven Polansky, MD
Sid Rosenberg
Published monthly by:
Mosaic Law Congregation
2300 Sierra Boulevard
Sacramento, CA 95825
A member congregation of United
Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
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Deadline for submissions to The Scroll is the
20th of the month prior to publication. Please
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Rabbi’s Secretary
Office Manager
Mary Blumenstein………………..ext 119
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Women’s Network President
Sheri Pearl
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