Dealer Handbook

Dealer Handbook
Welcome to the Crawford Supply Dealer network. We are excited to have you join our elite
group of Traeger Wood Pellet Grill Dealers throughout the central United States. We have
created this handbook to give you all the information we think you will need to be a successful Traeger Grill Dealer. Our staff is available to help you with any questions or concerns that
may arise. We look forward to working with you and making this a successful partnership.
Unless you actually own one of our grills and cook on it regularly, there is no way you can
be equipped with the knowledge you need to become successful in selling our grills to your
customers. Traeger Wood Pellet Grills are totally unique in their design and function. There
is NO OTHER GRILL like them in the world. We don’t want to be just another product line for
your business. We want TRAEGER GRILL FANATICS introducing their customers to our grills.
About Crawford Supply Company
Crawford Supply Company, Inc. is the authorized Midwest Distributor of Traeger grills.
Traeger Pellet Grills LLC has been in business since 1986. We have been associated with
Traeger Pellet Grills LLC since 1993. Traeger Grills are the original pellet grill. No imitation
here, trust us you can “Taste the Difference.” Our territory consists of Arkansas, Colorado,
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New
Mexico, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, and South Dakota. We have three warehouses
located in Hays, Kansas; Lenexa, Kansas; and Englewood, Colorado.
The Kick Felt Around The BBQ World!
July 4, 1985 dawned clear and hot. The temperature that day, a
seasonal eighty degrees. Joe Traeger was preparing the family’s
Fourth of July get
together of barbecued
chicken, cooked on
Joe’s new gas grill.
But the eager
anticipation of
Joe’s clan turned to
utter despair when
the chicken on the
grill caught fire and
burnt to a crisp.
In frustration, Joe
kicked the grill off the
deck. It rolled down
the hill, where it lays and rusts today.
Applying Traeger’s wood pellet technology, Joe fashioned the
first wood pellet barbecue-the grill that would revolutionize the
barbecue industry.
Now, more than twenty years later, the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill
is being used around the world by outdoor cooks who’ve “Tasted
the Difference” and switched to our unique handcrafted grills. The
Traeger grill has freed families from gas flare-ups, messy charcoal
and ruined meals. Here’s your invitation to join tens of thousands of cooking
enthusiasts and “Taste the Difference” cooking on a Traeger.
The Inside of the
Traeger Grill
Auger - A corkscrew-like rod that feeds pellets through
a tube from the pellet hopper to the firepot. Auger Drive
Motor - The motor that turns the auger. Cooking Grate
- The non-stick, easy-to-maintain surface upon which
your food rests while cooking. The porcelain-coated steel
we use is the same material used by many other highend grill manufacturers.
Draft Induction Fan - Blows fresh air into the firepot
through perforations in the cylindrical firepot wall.
Electricity - Standard household current (110 VAC) is
needed to power the igniter rod, auger motor and induction fan. The Traeger Grill operates on 300 watts during
the first four minutes (when the igniter rod is active),
then drops down to just 50 watts per hour, less than a
standard light bulb.
Firepot - Located in the heart of the grill, below the
cooking area. This is where the combustion takes place,
as the fire is fueled with hardwood cooking pellets and
fresh air.
Grease Bucket - The galvanized bucket into which excess
grease drains from out of the grill and away from the fire
and your food.
Grease Drain Pan/Drip Tray - The angled piece of steel
that extends from one side of the grill to the other, and
extends almost all the way from front to rear. Its two
purposes are to drain grease out of the grill, and also to
serve as the secondary point of heat diffusion, forcing
hot air through the very front and rear of the cooking
area. We recommend that you line this pan with heavyduty foil for quick and easy cleanup when needed.
Heat Shield/Fire Baffle - The heavy-gauge piece of
angled steel that fits directly over the firepot to act as
the primary heat diffusion point.
Hopper-Auger Assembly - This refers to the entire modular assembly that attaches and extends into the main
body of the grill during the easy assembly process on the
BBQ070, BBQ075 and BBQ100.
Igniter Rod/Hot Rod - A small heating element at the
bottom of the firepot that gets red-hot for a few minutes
upon startup--just long enough to start the pellets on fire.
Pellets - Made from 100% pure hardwood sawdust,
Traeger wood pellets are the source of both fuel and flavor
in your Traeger Barbecue. Traeger cooking pellets are
manufactured using heat and pressure (10,000 psi) and
provide more than 8,500 BTUs of heat per pound. Traeger
hardwood cooking pellets contain no added substancesjust pure hardwood goodness. Pellet Hopper - holds pellets above an opening to the auger. The hopper is situated
to the side or front of the cooking area, depending on the
RTD Sensor (Resistance Temperature Detector) - A precision temperature sensor that measures the temperature
inside the cooking chamber of a Traeger Barbecue. As
the temperature inside the cooking chamber changes,
so does the resistance created by the RTD. The circuitry
within the Traeger Digital Thermostat Control monitors
these changes and causes the auger motor to turn or not
turn depending upon the difference between the selected
temperature and the desired temperature.
Smoke Stack/Vent - The point from which hot, smoky air
exits the cooking chamber. This is designed to look like a
smokestack, a subtle slot on the back of the unit or even
the snout of a pig, depending on the model of grill.
Temperature Control Board - The microprocessor circuitry
and control settings that regulate the auger motor to
stop and start the auger. The standard control has three
settings: Smoke, Medium and High. The Digital Thermostat Control allows you to dial in a specific temperature
and monitor the grill’s internal temperature via the LED
How the Traeger Works
Easy Operation & Automatic Start
The Traeger Wood Pellet Grill is simple and safe to operate. When a Traeger is turned on, the igniter rod is
activated, the auger begins to feed pellets into the firepot, and the draft induction fan feeds air into the
firepot. The igniter rod glows red hot for the first four minutes of operation - just long enough to ignite the
pellets in the firepot.
Traegers require standard household electric current (110 VAC), which powers the igniter rod, auger motor
and draft induction fan.
Electronic Temperature Control
The start-up process and operating temperature are controlled by Traeger’s electronic control board. The
microprocessor circuitry regulates the heat and smoke in the Traeger by stopping and starting the auger
There are two types of controllers:
* The Digital Thermostat Control allows you to select a specific temperature, automatically feeding pellets
as needed to maintain the desired temperature. The operating temperature inside the Traeger is monitored
by an RTD (resistance temperature detector) probe and displayed on a bright red LED display.
* The Manual Control has three settings: smoke, medium, and high.
Even Heating & Convection Airflow
The draft induction fan and auger in the Traeger operate continuously, as long as the Traeger is turned on.
Air is fed to the firepot via several small holes in the cylindrical wall. Directly above the firepot is a heat shield
that acts as the primary point of heat diffusion, forcing heat from the centrally located firepot to spread to
the sides. A few inches higher is the steel drip tray. Besides catching the drippings from the cook surface (we
recommend lining it with foil for easy cleanup), this piece also serves as a secondary point of heat diffusion,
channeling the heat into the front and rear of of the cooking chamber. This effective system of heat
distribution allows you to cook evenly enough to grill or smoke the most delicate fish or even bake a large
pizza - right on your Traeger.
As the hot, smoky air circulates around the cooking chamber, it surrounds your food with heat, cooking it
evenly on all sides, both top and bottom. This means that Traeger Wood Pellet Grills do not need a rotisserie.
In most cases, you don’t even need to turn food unless you are cooking at a high temperature or want grill
marks on both sides of the meat. This even heating means that you achieve perfectly cooked food every
time, with no flare-ups, no burnt food and no hassles.
Power Consumption
During the first four minutes of operation, the igniter rod is activated and the
grill will draw 300 watts of power. After the first four minutes only 50 watts per
hour are needed. This is equivalent to a standard household light bulb.
Among the many advantages of cooking’ on “The Original Traeger Grill”….. there seem to be
four features that truly separate the Traeger Grill from the others using gas or charcoal.
The Fuel
No more messy charcoal or dangerous propane. All other grills utilize propane, natural gas
and/or charcoal. All grills fueled with one of these require the user to have great knowledge
of their grill and typically demand the user to be present to “baby-sit” the grill. Traeger Grills
utilize All Natural 100% Hardwood Pellets! These pellets burn within a controlled system
and offer great convenience, confidence and flavor! Traeger’s all-natural wood pellets come
in 8 flavors (all other fuels come in one flavor) and when blended, offer dozens of flavors
customized to each individual user. When burning, these pellets do not harm the environment
and add a great aroma to every neighborhood of Traeger Owners across America!!!
True Temperature Control
Your Traeger Grill offers true temperature control in cold, mild or hot weather. This
allows the user to cook with confidence on lower – mid range – and high settings. The
Traeger Grill cook times are consistent and the risk of burning food is virtually eliminated. It
truly is an outdoor cooking appliance you can trust. With this level of temperature control, you
can even bake biscuits and pizza on your Traeger Grill!
Air Induction
Traeger Grills are equipped with a 4” induction fan. This fan feeds air to the burning
pellets that allows them to burn very hot and efficiently, while circulating the super-heated,
smoke-filled air around the food. The Traeger Grill moves the heat around the meat so you
do not have to move your meat around your heat! That’s cooking convection style! This air
induction system allows the grill to be “sealed” underneath and used in the wind (cold or
warm) to smoke, roast, bake and grill!
Grease Management System
All Traeger Grills are equipped with a grease management system, a slanted grease tray
moves the grease out of the grill and into a bucket. When lined with foil, this allows for easy
cleanup leaving no “old grease” to “burn off” inside the grill. This G.M.S. also prevents flareups that lead to ruined food, out of control cooking temperatures and grill damage.
Traeger Grill Models
The Traeger Junior, our most affordable Traeger pellet grill yet! Perfectly sized
for small households, tailgating, college living and as a second grill for your
vacation home. It’s small but has it all! The Junior features 292 square inches
of cooking surface, along with our electronic autostart ignition and E-Z drain
grease systems, the Junior is a perfect introduction to wood pellet cooking,
creating great tasting food every time.
* Model BBQ055
* 19500 BTU’s
* 3-speed
* 292 sq. in. (15” x 20”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 38 inches
* Width: 36 inches
* Depth: 16 inches
* Weight: 68 lbs.
MSRP $399
Lil’ Tex brings Lone Star outdoor cooking to new levels. Modeled after our
popular BBQ075 Texas Style grill, this slightly more portable version, provides
the same “ten gallon” cooking potential and great taste. The Lil’ Tex includes
all the most popular Traeger features in a size and at a price that meets all
your outdoor cooking needs. 418 sq. inches of cooking surface. Just like the
bigger BBQ075, the Lil’ Tex features a high-tech auger-fed burner, electronic
autostart ignition, Solid state control system, and EZ-drain grease system. All
the most popular Traeger features in a size and at a price for the masses. Now
everyone can join in on the fun!
Lil Tex
MSRP $699
* Model BBQ070
* 20000 BTU’s
* 3-speed
* 418 sq. in. (19” x 22”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 49 inches
* Width: 40 inches
* Depth: 20 inches
* Weight: 125 lbs.
A stylish twist on our popular Lil’ Tex, the “Elite” features a multi-position
digital thermostat control, upgraded wheels, and a durable powder coat
finish round out the amazing standard features of the Lil’ Tex Elite. This
model is sure to set the barbecue world on fire!
Lil Tex Elite
MSRP $799
* Model BBQ07E
* 20000 BTU’s
* Digital LED Thermostat
* 418 sq. in. (19” x 22”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 49 inches
* Width: 40 inches
* Depth: 20 inches
* Weight: 126 lbs.
The classics never go out of style. Introduced in 1992, this grill has
become our most popular model. Designed after the traditional Texas
Style wood cookers, this unit brings old fashioned wood cooking into
the 21st century by featuring a high-tech auger-fed burner, electronic
autostart ignition, multi-position digital thermostat control, EZ-drain
grease system, and a durable powder coat finish. Forget fire tending
and temperature control problems. This unit automatically augers
wood pellets to accurately provide the exact temperature you set.
Traditional design combined with “state of the art” technology deliver
professional results every time you cook. If you’re serious about your
outdoor cooking, this is the Traeger for you.
MSRP $999
MSRP $1199
* Model BBQ075
* 36000 BTU’s
* Digital LED Thermostat
* 646 sq. in. (19” x 34”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 49 inches
* Width: 59 inches
* Depth: 22 inches
* Weight: 165 lbs.
Introducing Traeger’s latest residential pellet grill, the SELECT.
We preserved the best features of our popular DELUXE – its sleek
design, high quality stainless steel trim, handy side tables, and
enclosed storage space. What’s different?
We increased the flat grilling surface by over 37 percent! And the
grill’s large capacity hopper, now conveniently accessed from the
outside, holds 18 pounds of natural wood pellets for hours and
hours of uninterrupted grilling and smoking. Another attractive
and versatile BBQ from Traeger. Taste the Difference® with the new
Traeger SELECT!
Dimensions & Weight
Model BBQ400
36000 BTU’s
Digital LED Thermostat
570 sq. in. (19” x 30”) Grilling Area
Height: 46 inches
Width: 57 inches
Depth: 25 inches
Weight: 191 lbs.
Is it “Art Deco” or is it a barbecue? You decide, because our Lil’ Pig
smokes and cooks just like any other Traeger grill. With 418 square
inches of cooking surface, and internal hopper, stainless steel door
handle, multi-position digital thermostat control, and upgraded
wheels, this grill is sure to raise a “squeal” from your guests. “Soo-ee!”
Lil Pig
MSRP $1795
* Model BBQPIG
* 36000 BTU’s
* Digital LED Thermostat
* 418 sq. in. (19” x 22”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 45 inches
* Width: 55 inches
* Depth: 21 inches
* Weight: 250 lbs.
Traeger XL
MSRP $1995
Bigger IS better, especially when it comes to entertaining outdoors.
Introducing the Traeger XL-Extra Large pellet grill. Make a statement
when you use the XL’s 836 square inches of cooking surface,
providing you with enough cooking space to turn your backyard into
party central. Imagine being able to cook up to 24 chicken quarters
or 16 racks of baby back ribs at one time!
The XL’s commercial grade dual firepot design provides exceptionally
balanced heat inside the large cooking chamber. Comes equipped
with Traeger’s electronic autostart ignition, EZ drain grease system,
multi-position digital control, and a durable powder coat finish.
This “big boy” will make you the party king of the neighborhood!
* Model BBQ150
* 72000 BTU’s
* Digital LED Thermostat
* 836 sq. in. (19” x 44”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 43 inches
* Width: 48 inches
* Depth: 31 inches
* Weight: 324 lbs.
Two independently operating units let you manage separate food
items simultaneously or use only the space you need. The same
features as the BBQ150 times two, plus a handy cargo box. The easyto-tow trailer allows you to go where the crowds and profits are.
Double Commercial
* Model COM190
* 144000 BTU’s
* Digital LED Thermostat
* 2 x 836 sq. in. (19” x 44”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 73 inches
* Width: 72 inches
* Depth: 72 inches
* Weight: 740 lbs.
MSRP $6395
Get maximum capacity with minimum labor. This unit boasts
50 square feet of cooking space. Load it with up to 224 chicken
quarters, close the door, and reopen to serve 90 minutes later! Ideal
for serving large crowds, this unit is masterful with turkeys, prime
rib—even whole hogs. You can build an entire profitable business
around this wise investment in your food service operation!
Large Commercial
MSRP $9855
* Model COM200
* 108000 BTU’s
* Digital LED Thermostat
* 4 x 1815 sq. in. (19” x 55”) Grilling Area
Dimensions & Weight
* Height: 73 inches
* Width: 72 inches
* Depth: 72 inches
* Weight: 1400 lbs.
Traeger Grill Accessories
(Prices listed are MSRP)
Smoke Shelf
BAC213 (Fits BBQ075) $89.95
BAC214 (Fits BBQ070, BBQ07E, BBQ124, BBQ300) $79.95
Adds 230 sq. in.(BAC214) and 360 sq. in.(BAC 213) of
smoking surface to your grill. Made from one piece nickel
plated steel.
Grill Pad
BAC312 $49.95
Protect your expensive deck and patio surfaces with our
rubberized grill pad. This 32 x 40 inch grill pad is large
enough to provide grease and stain protection for all
our residential models.
Meat Injector
BAC246 $32.25
Professional quality stainless steel meat
Rib Rack
BAC245 (Fits BBQ070 and larger)
Chrome rib rack. Holds 8 full racks of ribs.
Front Shelf
BAC222 (Fits BBQ070) $39.95
BAC223 (Fits BBQ075) $49.95
Traeger HydroTuff Cover
BAC 309 (BBQ055), BAC260 (BBQ070/E), BAC261
(BBQ075), BAC313 (BBQ300), BAC308 (BBQ150)
Protect your investment with a heavy duty hydrotuff grill
cover. Form fitting to match your grill. Black with white
Traeger logo.
Digital Thermostat Kit
BAC227 (Fits all models)
Stainless Steel Fork & Knife Set
BAC259 $19.95
Our new digital thermostat control is the
ultimate way to control your barbeque.
This beautiful, Contemporary styled set is made from
long lasting stainless steel.
Maverick Remote Probe Thermometer
12277 $50.00
Stay inside and monitor your meat temperatures. Wireless receiver
can be placed up to 100 ft away.
Junior Tailgater Kit
BAC311 $26.95
Turn your Traeger Junior into a tailgate grill with this
easy to install kit.
Dome Thermometer
BAC211 $19.95
Easy to read and easier to install.
Provides both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
Chicken Throne
We do “beer can chicken” one better with our
porcelain chicken throne. Dishwasher safe for
easy clean up.
Technical FAQs
My Grill Will Not Ignite
1. If your grill is plugged into an electrical outlet with a GFI (ground fault interrupter) plug,
chances are the hot rod has absorbed or been exposed to too much moisture and is leaking
to ground causing the plug to trip.
2. Open your cooking chamber lid, remove cooking grill, angled drip pan and U-shaped
firepot cover. Is there ash build up in the firepot and/or around the firepot? If so, this needs to
be cleaned out. The ash is choking out the fire.
3. Check the fuse on the back of the control board. To do this, first UNPLUG the grill from
the electrical outlet. Then, unscrew the control board and look at the fuse—is it blown or
4. If the fuse is good, check for power by switching the colored plugs first. Unplug the
purple plug and the orange plug. Plug the purple plug into the orange plug. Now plug
the power cord back into the electrical outlet and turn the grill on. Does the induction fan
operate? If so, you will need a new hot rod and fuse. If not, you will need a new control board.
Unplug the purple from the orange and reconnect the plugs together to their correct color
5. Always start your grill on the SMOKE setting.
There Are No Pellets Getting Into My Firepot
1. If this is a new unit, have you allowed at least 7 minutes for the pellets to travel from the
pellet hopper via the auger tube to the firepot? If the answer is yes, then proceed to next
2. If your unit is new, unplug the red and orange connectors and hook the red plug up
to the orange plug. If the auger motor works with the orange hooked up to the red, the
problem is in the control board. It will need to be replaced.
3. If the auger motor does not work, but the auger fan does work the problem is in the
auger system itself. If this is the case, check the following:
* Wet or decomposed pellets. If yes, you need to use a shop vac to remove them from
the pellet hopper and firepot and auger tube. Once the firepot is cleaned out, put the
vacuum hose to the end of the auger tube to suck out any pellet material in the auger tube.
* With the red plug still attached to the orange plug, turn on the barbecue and watch
the two inch propeller on the motor. If the propeller turns and then stops, switch the
barbecue off and see if the propeller un-winds. If it unwinds, there is a jam in the auger
system and the auger will need to be removed, the auger tube thoroughly cleaned out.
Same thing for the pellet hopper.
* If the propeller does not turn, then turn off the power switch. When off, the auger
motor will unwind. This indicates that the auger motor is bad and will need to be replaced.
Contact your local Authorized Traeger Dealer or call our Service Department at 1-800-8723437.
How Do I Remove My Auger?
1. Remove allen screw and 5/16th inch nut which attaches the auger to the auger motor.
2. Use a 7/16th wrench to remove the bolts that hold the auger motor and motor bracket to
3. Place an 12” pipe wrench on the auger shaft.
4. Turn the shaft counter clock-wise (pull it towards you).
5. It will be hard to turn at first. When the auger breaks free, it will turn freely.
6. After removing the auger, push all of the loose pellets out of the auger tube and into the
firepot. Use a shop-vac to help remove all of the pellet material.
7. Take a piece of medium grit sandpaper and sand the outside of the auger. If the auger
tube is rusty, sand the auger tube and vacuum out the auger tube.
8. Re-assemble the unit by placing the auger back into the tube, make sure the auger shaft
turns freely over the motor shaft before re-bolting the motor bracket and auger motor. Then
re-attach the auger shaft to the auger motor shaft using the 5/16th nut and allen screw.
How Do I Manually Light The Grill?
1. You will ONLY need to do this IF your hot rod has gone out.
2. Manual lighting instructions can be found on the paper label on the underside of your
pellet hopper lid.
3. Manual lighting instructions are also included in your Owner’s Manual, which comes with
every grill.
4. Before you Manually Light your grill, you will need to unplug the purple plug, place a
handful of pellets into the firepot, squirt Alcohol Gel onto the pellets. Use a long handled
fireplace match or an “aim and flame” to ignite the gel.
5. You will need to wait approximately 5 minutes before turning the grill back on. Before
you turn the grill on, replace the U-shaped firepot cover, angled drip pan and cooking grill(s).
Do Not Burn Yourself!
My Unit Goes Out On Smoke
1. Open the cooking chamber lid and remove cooking grill, angled drip pan and U-shaped
firepot cover. Look and see if there is a large accumulation of pellet ash in and around the
firepot. If there is, it will need to be cleaned out. Do this ONLY WHEN THE GRILL IS TOTALLY
COLD! Replace U-shaped firepot cover, angled drip pan and cooking grills and resume cooking/smoking process.
2. If this does not remedy the problem, please contact the Traeger Service Department.
How Do I Protect My Paint Finish?
1. Purchase and use a Traeger Hydrotuff cover. This will help protect against the weather,
dust, and scratches to your outside paint.
2. Once every 90 days, use a quality car wax and wax the entire outside of your grill. Be sure
the grill is TOTALLY COLD before starting this process. Use a clean towel to thoroughly remove all of the car wax from the grill body.
3. If you need to touch-up the paint, see your Authorized Traeger Dealer or go to the Traeger General Store at and purchase genuine Traeger Touch-Up
My auger makes a lot of noise when I turn on my grill. What’s wrong?
You need to “true” your auger. To do this:
1. Run the unit out of pellets.
2. Remove the allen screw and nut out of the auger and motor shaft.
3. Try spinning the auger shaft over the motor shaft. The auger shaft should spin freely over
the motor shaft without binding.
4. If the auger binds, loosen the 7/16th inch bolts on the motor bracket and move bracket
until you can rotate the auger shaft over the motor shaft. Then re-tighten 7/16th inch bolts.
Make sure auger shaft still rotates over motor shaft, or repeat step 4 again until it does.
5. Reattach auger and motor shafts using the screw and nut which you removed in step 2.
I’ve been noticing that my grill temperature keeps dropping lower. What is the problem?
You need to “true” your auger. To do this:
1. Run the unit out of pellets.
2. Remove the allen screw and nut out of the auger and motor shaft.
3. Try spinning the auger shaft over the motor shaft. The auger shaft should spin freely over
the motor shaft without binding.
4. If the auger binds, loosen the 7/16th inch bolts on the motor bracket and move bracket
until you can rotate the auger shaft over the motor shaft. Then re-tighten 7/16th inch bolts.
Make sure auger shaft still rotates over motor shaft, or repeat step 4 again until it does.
5. Reattach auger and motor shafts using the screw and nut which you removed in step 2.
I have a Traeger with a Digital Thermostat unit. What setting do you recommend I have
the dial set on when I first start the grill?
If you own a grill outfitted with one of our Digital Thermostat Kits, you should know that we
recently changed our recommendation on how you should start your grill. Instead of rotating the dial to the 350 degree temperature setting, we now recommend that the best way to
insure proper start-up is to rotate the thermostat dial to the smoke setting and allow the grill
to start-up on this setting. Once the grill is going, you can rotate the thermostat to any cooking temperature setting you desire.
Can I substitute homemade barbecue pellets, other brands of pellets, or heating fuel pellets for Traeger-brand barbecue pellets?
No. In fact, doing so will void your Traeger Warranty. Our barbecue pellets are made exclusively from natural food-grade hardwoods and are free of contaminants such as chemicals,
petroleum, dirt or sand, or corrosion-causing salt from wood harvested from coastal areas.
The pellets are designed specifically to optimize the performance of your Traeger. They are
manufactured and packaged at our own mill according to strict specifications for density,
hardness, and moisture content. The safety and/or performance of your grill may be compromised if you substitute any fuel other than Traeger-brand barbecue pellets.
What setting do I start my grill on?
Always start your grill on Smoke with the lid open.
What colored wires go to which components?
Purple= Hot rod, Black= Power Cord, Red= Auger Motor, Orange=Fan
Can I purchase a Hopper/Burner Assembly?
No, due to insurance liabilities we are unable to sell Hopper/Burners.
I have a new grill and I am getting ash on my food.
The more you use the grill grease will adhere to the inside of the grill and will eliminate
the ash getting onto the food.
How many OHM’s should the Hot Rod read?
74 OHM’s
What needs to be done to maintain the grill?
Cleaning the drip pan and vacuuming the firepot.
How hot does the grill get?
400-450 degrees
What kind of finish are on Traeger Grills?
High Temperature powder coat.
What holds our pellets together?
The wood is heated up to a certain temp to make a natural gluten and pressed.
What are the approx. temps for the 3-way switch?
Smoke- 160-200 Medium- 250-300 High- 400+
Can you sear a steak on a Traeger Grill?
Yes, searing occurs at temps between 300 and 500 degrees. Grilling at over 500
degrees results in charring.
Pellet consumption on different settings.
Smoke 1 lb, Medium 1.5 lbs, High 2 lbs, 10 cooks per bag on high.
Pellet consumption Digital Control.
Smoke 1lb, High 2lb, between setting depends on outside temp.
What fuse is used in the grill?
5 amp 250 volt fast acting fuse
Average Temp Swings
20 degrees plus or minus
Temperature spikes
Start grill on smoke with lid open then close and let run for 45 minutes without
turning off or changing settings.
Should I raise or lower my chimney cap?
No, it should be left at the standard setting which is a 1 1/2 inch gap between the top
of the chimney and the bottom of the cap.
How many amps does the grill pull?
3 amps for the first 4 minutes and 1 1/2 after the hot rod shuts off.
How many pounds of pellets fit in my hopper?
BBQ055 8lbs, BBQ070/75/7E 18lbs, BBQ300 15lbs
What is the average life of a Hot Rod?
1-3 years
What are our pellets made from?
100% natural wood. There is NO added smoke flavoring. 100% what it says on the bag.
Where are Traeger Grills made?
Residential grills have been made in China since late 2008.
How long should it take to get to 400+ degrees?
30-40 minutes
Can I run my grill on an inverter?
Yes, with the digital control you can use a 400 watt modified sine wave inverter and
with the 3-way switch you would need a 400 watt pure sine wave inverter.
Can I run my grill on a generator?
Yes, a minimum of 1000 watts will work.
How long is the warranty for the Traeger grills?
3 years
Traeger Wood Pellets
Cooking with Wood
The experts agree, if you want the ultimate outdoor cooking experience, you will need to use
hardwood. However, up until now you have been given only two choices for grilling, propane
or charcoal. Finally, technology has caught up and a healthier, safer and tastier alternative
has arrived. Before Traeger Wood Pellet Grills, you just couldn’t cook with wood unless
you wanted to dig up your backyard, build a pit,
cut down the trees, chop the wood, and make
the fire ... that sounds like a lot of work.
At Traeger, we make cooking simple.
We have eight flavors of wood pellets that
provide great taste to every dish. The amazing
taste the pellets provide is just one of the many
benefits, there are no artificial binders. You can’t
say that about the other grilling options.
Additionally, Traeger cares about our environment. All Traeger Wood Pellet Grills reduce your
carbon footprint and are made from 100% natural material. That means nothing harmful is
cooking your food. That’s something we think is important.
As far as cost, wood pellets win there as well. Propane costs twice as much per BTU as natural
wood pellets, and as far as charcoal is concerned, are there really any benefits?
Why Use Traeger Natural Wood Pellets?
Traeger natural wood pellets are different than all others. We are one of the few wood pellet
grill companies that manufactures our own wood pellets. Why is this important? By manufacturing our own pellets, we carefully control the quality and purity of our raw material supply.
Traeger natural wood pellets are made with only 100% VIRGIN hard wood material that has
never been processed or recycled.
What is the big deal about VIRGIN wood?
In our ongoing testing and research of hardwood pellets, we found that many other wood
pellet manufacturers frequently utilize recycled wood material. Recycled wood material
many times will include treated or painted wood (from sources such as hardwood floors and
furniture) and particle board or MDF to name just a few. Did you know that formaldehyde is
a chemical used widely by industry to manufacture building materials, particularly pressed
wood products such as particle board and that most hardwood floors are treated with polyurethane? Would you really want to be grilling your dinner over these types of potentially
toxic materials?
Processed wood by-products such as formaldehyde and polyurethane are extremely undesirable for use in barbeque pellets as they may produce toxic fumes and unpredictable variations in how pellets burn.
Unfortunately at this time, there is little regulation over wood pellet content in the United
States and what little regulation does exist is aimed at the wood pellet stove industry. Due to
this, many large pellet manufacturers obtain hardwood from wherever they can, including
using the cheaper recycled wood sources. At Traeger, we are committed to providing consistently high quality, SAFE hardwood barbeque pellets to maximize the Traeger experience
and our customer’s safety. We provide a measure of quality control that is unmatched in the
We vigorously monitor our selected raw material suppliers to insure strict compliance with
our demanding standards as we do not particularly care to have our food or our children’s
food flavored with polyurethane or formaldehyde. We suspect that you feel the same way.
What are the barbecue pellets made from?
Traeger Barbecue Pellets are made from 100% all hardwood
sawdust. The raw material is ground, heated and fed through
a die at enormous pressure-which forms the pellet. There is no
glue or other binding agent used in forming the pellet. They are a bio-mass, 100% renewable
resource product.
Barbecue pellets are the same as heating pellets, right?
Wrong! Fuel pellets are made from resinous soft wood, scrap wood with glues, paints, and
varnish. It doesn’t matter what the heating pellet is made from, its job is to create heat-not
cook food. Substituting fuel pellets for barbecue pellets is DANGEROUS and UNHEALTHY!
If heating pellets are used in a Traeger grill, they can coat the food with resins and creosote
which produces a NASTY taste! Using any other type of pellet will VOID OUR WARRANTY. The
warning, ’NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION’ is printed on every heating pellet bag.
What are the different flavors of pellets Traeger offers?
Apple, Alder, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, Maple, Oak, Pecan. (Chart in Forms)
Promotion of the Traeger Grill
We can tell you exactly who is the most likely person to purchase a Traeger Wood Pellet Grill. This
information is based on our own extensive research of Traeger Grill owners. It is a snapshot that has
remained consistent for the past 19 years.
The most typical Traeger Customer is:
1) Male, 35-55 years old.
2) Self employed or is a white collar professional.
3) Lives in a household of 3-4 people.
4) Has an income over $60,000.00.
5) Currently owns a gas grill, for which they paid more than $300 for it.
6) 95% of Traeger owners have tasted food cooked on a Traeger-which is what triggered their interest in our grill in the first place.
7) The top reason they purchased the grill FOOD TASTES BETTER.
8) The second most important reason they purchased the Traeger-SMOKING ABILITY.
9) Cooks for family and friends year ‘round and enjoys entertaining.
10) Will become one of your best referral sources.
Why Traeger?
A) What Are You Selling?
Traeger Wood Pellet Grills. A REAL BARBECUE that produces food that
tastes better than food cooked on any other grill in the world. The Traeger
is the MOST VERSATILE grill anyone can own. It GRILLS, SMOKES, BARBECUES,
and BAKES.
B) Benefits of Traeger Grill Ownership:
(listed in order of importance)
1) Taste. That campfire, cook-out, wood smoke flavor. Once customers
begin cooking on a Traeger, their taste buds will be SPOILED! They won’t be able
to go out and get a steak, piece of
prime rib, chicken or fish that tastes as good as those cooked on a Traeger.
this is proof in the pudding that our grills back up your claim.
Once you’ve established TASTE as an important consideration in owning a grill, ask your customer about
their present grill and its deficiencies. After all, they are shopping for a NEW grill. As it applies, give them additional benefits of becoming a Traeger owner.
2) Safety. Traeger Pellet Grills are safer than gas or charcoal fueled grills. No explosions from gas
leaks, no hot coals that could potentially cause a fire. No open flame to worry about. The Traeger uses 100%
all natural, non-toxic wood pellets. Fire Safety officials LOVE OUR GRILL.
3) Membership. When your customer makes the step and becomes a Traeger owner, they’re joining
an elite group of outdoor cooking enthusiasts who “get it!”
There is REAL SATISFACTION in becoming a Traeger owner. They can’t help themselves in sharing their love
for their Traeger with friends, family, and co-workers.
4) Recognition. When your customer begins serving food cooked on their Traeger Wood Pellet Grill,
they’ll receive nothing but praise and admiration from the people they are cooking for. They’ll receive a big
pat on the back every time they cook food on their Traeger.
5) Convenience. No baby sitting needed when cooking on a Traeger. Start the grill, put on the food,
and the Traeger does all the rest. Your customer can accomplish more important tasks while their Traeger
cooks for them automatically.
6) Healthier. Cooking on a Traeger adds NO cholesterol, fat or calories. The in-direct cooking system
produces less benzo (a) pyrene than gas or charcoal grills. The National Cancer Institute recommends cooking meat in-directly, just like the Traeger does. And, new studies from Chalmers University in Sweden document that wood smoke contains many of the SAME anti-oxidant (cancer fighting) properties as Vitamin E.
(we have the study on file at our office).
7) Smoking. For those customers looking for REAL WOOD SMOKING ABILITY, the Traeger delivers! You
are selling the BEST SMOKER IN THE WORLD. The Traeger provides a consistent level of smoke and temperature and requires NO BABYSITTING.
8) No Flare-Ups. With no open flame to worry about, your customer doesn’t have to worry about
standing guard to knock-out grill flare-ups. It is almost impossible to burn food when cooking on a Traeger.
This also means it’s safer to use around families with small children.
9) Environmentally Sound. Wood pellets in the Traeger burn 98.7% efficiently. Plus, our hardwood
barbecue pellets are a renewable resource. We’re using hardwood sawdust in the manufacture of our
barbecue pellets, helping to eliminate what would be wood waste and using it in a constructive, healthy
manner. No fossil fuels are used in the operation of the Traeger.
10) Versatility. The Traeger is 4 appliances in one. Grill, Smoker, Barbecue, Wood pellet-fired oven. If
you can cook it on the stove or in an oven, you can cook it on the Traeger.
11) Economical. Traeger Pellet Grills cost less to operate than most charcoal grills. A ten pound bag
of Traeger Barbecue Pellets will last an average of five (5) grill uses.
12) Handcrafted Construction. The Traeger is handcrafted and built to last. Our long-time
production crew takes immense pride in the construction of every Traeger that rolls off the assembly line.
The Traeger Wood Pellet Grill is a TOP QUALITY PRODUCT.
It has NO EQUAL in the versatility it provides your customers.
The # 1 benefit to owning a Traeger is TASTE! Food TASTES
Demoing the Traeger Grill
This is where the rubber meets the road. You want to sell Traeger grills? Then demo them non-stop. The smell
of smoke lures in the curious and gets their mouths watering. They begin to envision the food cooking on
the grill IN THEIR BACKYARD! You’re more than halfway to closing the sale!
A) Formulate a demonstration calendar. Use it to schedule consistent demos, tie them into special
store or community events. Post it so people will know when that Traeger is getting fired-up!
Be consistent! Get people accustomed to the fact that you’re cooking every Wednesday and Saturday. Or
twice a week on such and such a weekday. Then STICK TO IT! Nothing is more frustrating than a customer
coming into a store with certain expectations, only to have them unrealized. That creates bad will and you
can flush the sale goodbye.
B) Make sure the person doing the cooking/demo is intimately familiar with the set-up and operation
of the grill. They don’t need to be a certified gourmet chef, but they should have some level of competency
and passion for cooking on the Traeger. Develop a pool of demonstrators you can draw upon to help demo
for you. If possible, set up a rotating schedule with your employees. That way everyone on staff will know
firsthand how to cook on the Traeger. Your Traeger customers could also be a good pool of enthusiastic
demonstrators for you. Ask them!
1) When to Hold Demonstrations:
People all across the country are grilling and barbecuing ALL 12 MONTHS of the year. Barbecue
Industry Association studies show that 63% of all grill owners use their grills year ‘round. People are using
their grills year round and you should be too.
2) Where to Demo:
Contact your local Convention & Visitors Association, Chamber of Commerce, State Tourism Department
or City Hall to obtain information as to when and where community-wide events are being held in and
around your area. Find out when the local fraternal organizations hold their annual barbecues, pancake breakfasts, etc. Volunteer to be there and cook food on your Traeger).
3) DEMONSTRATION PRICING Your demonstration is a special event. As such, your stock of Traeger
Grills should reflect special limited-time-only pricing, good only during the demonstration. This creates
urgency and shortens the decision cycle on the part of the consumer.
Be consistent with the time-frame of your offer, whether it’s good for one day, one week or one month.
Obviously, the shorter the time the offer is valid, the quicker the consumer will have to make up their mind.
We have found that throwing in a couple of bags of pellets, a sauce and spice sampler kit is a good way to
cement the close-IF THEY BUY TODAY!
A Few Ideas to Get You Started
A) County & State Fairs: Purchase a 10x10 booth space at the fair and set up your display. Cook up and give
out food samples. You might want to get involved with a number of county fairs in and around your area.
Contact your statewide Chicken or Pork Producer Council or organization. Find out if they are going to be
represented at the county or state fairs. Offer to loan them grills and fuel at no charge in exchange for signage and/or catalog display space, or their agreement to give your card to people interested in the Traeger
Pellet Grill.
B) Home & Garden Shows: Before you make a commitment for one of these shows, find out how many
years the show has been held. Get references so that you can get reliable, third party information about traffic and sales at the show.
These shows usually attract a high percentage of homeowners who want to improve his/her residence.
We recommend getting an outdoor booth to demonstrate your grills. However, if this isn’t possible, make it
contingent that you be allowed to operate at least one grill outside in order to cook up samples to giveaway.
If this isn’t allowed, pass on the show, it won’t be worth your time, effort or expense.
You might want to consider providing a grill as a random drawing giveaway in exchange for free exhibit
space AND inclusion in ALL of the show’s advertising.
C) Sportsman Shows: Hunters and fishermen love to smoke their game and fish. What better place to
exhibit America’s BEST Smoker, than at such a show. Again, you’ll want to be able to set up operating grills
outside, or at least be able to have a working grill at the event so you can provide smoked samples of food
from the Traeger Grill.
D) Community Events: Every year, thousands of these events take place in every community in the country.
Many of these events are not set up for outdoor commercial space. Use your imagination! Many organizations will be glad to provide you with display space in exchange for use of your grills to cook for their events.
Perhaps the Jaycees need a grill to cook Teriyaki Beef Sticks for their food booth. Perhaps the Rotary Club
needs a barbecue for their chicken feed to help raise scholarship money. BE THE SOLUTION TO THEIR NEEDS!
In exchange ask that they display your signage, hand out catalogs and business cards. Many of these organizations will think you’ve given them a gift of gold and will easily accommodate your request.
E) Grocery Stores: Next to your retail location-there is no better place to reach people who have food on
the mind! Approach the store owner/manager-ask them to let you set up a working grill to cook and sample
chicken, meat, fish. Grocery stores constantly have food demonstrations, why not one using a Traeger?
Arrange to set up close to the outside entrance of the store. Then cook up a storm!
Find out when the store celebrates its anniversary. Work out a joint promotion where the store allows you
to display a barbecue inside for a month and then they get one to giveaway in a random drawing-provided
that YOU get all of the entry forms to do telephone or mail follow-up with. The store can surround your grill
with mustard, hot dog buns, relish, pickles, napkins, paper plates-everything to help cook outdoors. ASK
F) Barbecue Party: Here’s a great way to create some excitement! Hold a party at your store! Send out invitations to the most influential people in your community or area—the mayor, governor, police chief, fire chief,
state senators, restaurant owners. Get the local beer or soda distributing company to demo their newest
beverages. Have some door prizes to give away. Then hold this event after-hours on a weeknight. You feed
the guests a great barbecued dinner and create some great word of mouth advertising. Don’t forget to contact the local paper and have them swing by with a photographer.
Use this same idea for a “LADIES NIGHT” prior to Father’s Day and Christmas.
Hold a short thirty-minute course on “What every husband wishes his wife knew about grills” and be sure to
make the Traeger the grill star of the show. Make up and send out special invitations. Be sure to have them
RSVP so you can plan on having enough food to meet the need. Be sure to have each person bring a friend
along too. This will help to increase your exposure.
G) Business Lunches: Get a list of the largest businesses from your local Chamber of Commerce or area Economic Development entity. Now, choose the businesses which employ the most amount of people. Contact
the business owner or manager and tell them you want to cook lunch for their company free of charge. Offer
to cook chicken or hamburgers-with the employees bringing salads and desserts.
Use this same approach for area Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs. Ask them to let you briefly talk about the Traeger
and how you cooked the food. You’ll be the hit of the meeting!
The “Business Lunch” is a great way to develop immediate sales. You’ll also find that it provides you with a
tremendous number of business-to-business referrals. Remember, the CORE Traeger customer is self-employed or white collar professional-so you’ll want to target these types of businesses first.
H) Saturday Store Front Barbecues: Out in front of your store-right there on the sidewalk. Talk about
STOPPING TRAFFIC! Do this EVERY Saturday like clockwork and you’ll soon have a wonderful reputation as
“the” place to put on the “must visit” list each Saturday. Send out a mailer to your best customers and area
business people. Let them know about your “Saturday Smoker!” You’ll be surprised at the foot traffic this idea
can generate for you. And foot traffic=more potential sales!
Demonstrations are one of the MOST IMPORTANT MARKETING STRATEGIES you can use them to boost
awareness of Traeger Grills, generate interest in the grills and get in front of hundreds, if not thousands of
potential grill buyers.
If your sales are slow, it’s because you didn’t DEM-OH!
Demo Supplies
Here’s a list of what we recommend you have on hand as part of your “Demo Kit”
1- 10x10 pop-up canopy
2- Traeger Grills (BBQ 075 )
1- Folding table-6’ in length
2- Traeger Banners-bungee cords and/or suction cups and duct tape to secure
1- Company sign for your business. A 2 sided “A” frame is a good choice.
1-large ice chest with ice for meat
1-large poly cutting board
1-slicing knife
1-boning knife
Plenty of paper towels Garbage bags
Anti-bacterial soap to wash up
LOTS of business cards
Toothpicks for food samples
2-barbecue tongs
2-cloth towels
3-buckets for bleach, rinse, sanitize
Resealable bags for meat
Food platters for meat samples
Extension cords (at least 150’)
Plastic tablecloths for prep/serving tables
409 or similar spray cleaner
Most of these items will easily fit into a clamshell type carrying box, which you can purchase at any
discount department store. It helps keep everything in one place and ready to go on a moment’s notice.
Label the top and sides using a permanent marker-DEMO BOX.
The following are some of the most typical questions you’ll get from prospective buyers.
Q: “Barbecue pellets are the same as heating pellets, right?”
A: Wrong! Fuel pellets are made from resinous soft wood, scrap wood with glues, paints, varnish. It
doesn’t matter what the heating pellet is made from, its job is to create heat-not cook food. Substituting
fuel pellets for barbecue pellets is DANGEROUS and UNHEALTHY! If heating pellets are used in a Traeger
grill, they can coat the food with resins and creosote which produces a NASTY taste in the food! Using any
other type of pellet will VOID OUR WARRANTY. The warning, ’NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION’ is printed on
every heating pellet bag.
Q: “How does the Traeger work?”
A: Pellets from the hopper are automatically delivered to the firepot by an auger. Air is added by a
blower fan, which makes the pellets burn like a miniature forge. The heat and smoke produced from the fire
comes up and around the baffle pan and angled drip pan and surrounds the food like a convection oven.
Q: “How does the smoker control work?”
A: The smoker control is a solid-state timer. On HIGH, the auger runs all the time, delivering the maximum amount of fuel to the firepot. This creates a temperature between 400-425 degrees F. On MEDIUM,
the auger runs for 2 minutes and then stops for 2 minutes. A temperature of approximately 300 degrees F. is
produced when cooking on MEDIUM. On SMOKE, the auger runs for one minute and is off for 3 minutes. The
auger comes back on for 1 minute. The pellets have burned down so far that there isn’t enough heat to
generate a flame, but there is just enough heat to produce SMOKE. If you watch the grill in the smoke mode,
every 3 minutes you’ll see the smoke being produced..
Q: “How long have Traeger Pellet Grills been around?”
A: Traeger began manufacturing the Wood Pellet Grill in 1986. Today, there are Traeger grill owners all
across America and around the world. .
Q: “Why isn’t there a rotisserie unit for these grills?”
A: The patented cooking system built into every Traeger means you don’t need a rotisserie. Those
devices were designed for grills that cannot cook food evenly, so the meat had to be placed on a spit and
mechanically turned in order to have the food cook evenly. With Traeger’s revolutionary in-direct cooking
system, food cooks evenly and therefore doesn’t need a rotisserie.
What to Cook During a Demo
Here are demo food ideas to get you started. You will find these foods will help you be able to show everything the Traeger grill can do. They are also easy to make and you can get many samples out of them at a low
Bacon and Biscuits - The pop can biscuits need to be cooked on the grill first to
prevent the flavor of the bacon from transferring. Place the directly on the grates and
put seasoning or sugar on one side. Flip after about 7 minutes and finish cooking.
Use time and temperature off of the instructions for the oven. The bacon is best if it is
thick cut. It is easier to place onto the grill grates and also easier to flip. Traeger Sweet
Rub can be sprinkled on one side. Flip once and cook to desired texture.
Pork Tenderloin- Remove loin from the package, rinse, and dry. Place your favorite
rub on the outside. Inject with apple juice if you prefer. Place on the grill at 225 for
2 hours. Then turn the grill up to 325 until the internal temperature reaches 165
degrees. You can do this the night before the demo if you don’t have time to cook it
that day. If you do double wrap it in tinfoil then place in the fridge. The next day pull
it out and place on the grill in foil at 350 for approx an hour. Let the meat rest for 1015 mins before slicing.
Chicken Wings- Chicken on the Traeger Grill is one of the best ways to show your
clients they will “Taste the Difference.” Chicken stays so moist on the Traeger
compared to any other cooking method. The wings are very easy to do. Shake in your
favorite seasoning and toss the wings around in the bag. Once the wings are coated
place them directly on the grill at 350. They should take approx 30 mins if defrosted.
Pizza- One of the goals of a demo is to show the versatility of the Traeger Grill. People
will be amazed that you can bake on this grill and at how great the pizza tastes. You
can get frozen pizzas, take and bake pizza, or homemade pizzas. Thin crust usually
turns out the best. You can use a pizza tray but most pizzas you can sit directly on the
grill. Follow the same heating and time instructions as the pizza lists for the oven.
Cookies- Again this is another way to show everything you can do with this grill. You
can do homemade or packaged cookies. Be sure to use a mild pellet such as Apple or
Pecan when baking. You don’t want these foods to turn out smoky. Cookies will need
to be placed on a cookie sheet. Follow heat and time instructions off the package.
How Maintain the Traeger Grill
We believe it is very important for Traeger Grill owners to know how to take care of and
maintain their grill. This will help the parts of the grill last longer and work properly longer as
well. These brief tips are something to mention as soon as a client purchases a Traeger Grill.
We have also included a handout for you to send home with the client in the forms section of
this handbook.
the foil is wrapped tightly around the edges to help keep even airflow.
ready to empty it, the drippings will more easily slide out. Take a wad of paper
towels to swab down the inside of the bucket. In hot weather, empty the grease on
a more frequent basis---so it doesn’t turn rancid. Or put a cottage cheese container
inside and throw it out as needed.
take a piece of aluminum foil and rub it over and between the grids. This is best
done when the grids are warm. Be careful not to burn yourself! Use a long sleeve
barbecue mitt to protect your hand and forearm.
VACUUM CLEAN - Each month, while your grill is cold, remove the cooking grids,
angled drip pan and U-shaped firepot cover and give your grill a good cleaning
with a shop-vac. Vacuum out the pellet ash from inside and around the firepot and
bottom of the cooking chamber. Use a vegetable brush to knock-off built up scale
on the inside walls of your barbecue.
cooking grids will be clean as a whistle, without having to use a lot of elbow grease.
This is especially useful if your cooking grids are encrusted with food deposits.
ANOTHER WAY TO CLEAN your cooking grids is to place them in a heavy-duty yard
debris sack, add one-half cup of ammonia, seal the bag closed. Lay the grids down
flat overnight. The next day, remove the grids, thoroughly rinse with hot water and
they’ll be nice and clean. The ammonia helps to dissolve the grease on the grids.
IF YOU OWN A STAINLESS STEEL GRILL, remember to ALWAYS clean dirt and dust off
the surface of the grill BEFORE you begin cooking. Use a damp cloth to do this job.
Otherwise, the dirt cooks into the metal and discolors it.
Crawford Supply Company Website
Instruction Manual
Inside this instruction manual you will learn about all the features of
the Crawford Supply Company website. You will see where to find new
recipes and news updates on our main site. You will also learn how to
navigate our DEALER site. On the dealer site you will find advertising
options, a demo day credit form, and a store to place orders. After
reading through this short manual, if you have any questions please call
Courtney Brunswig at 785-673-6024.
Main Website Features
There are many other features of the main website but these are the two we wanted to point out for your use.
Please explore the other topics on the site as well.
To find news updates, click the About
button on the home page and move
down the list to NEWS.
Once on the News page, you will see
what is new with Crawford Supply,
our dealers, and you’ll also see what
has been posted on your Facebook
page along the right hand side of the
You can submit stories to be featured
on this page to Courtney Brunswig at
[email protected]
Weekly Recipes....
To find Recipes, click the TRAEGER
button on the home page and move
down the list to RECIPES.
Once on the Recipe page, you will
see the new recipe of the week along
with older listings. You will also
see what has been posted on your
Facebook page along the right hand
side of the page.
Having this weekly recipe on hand
in your store is a good way to start
conversations with new and old
Traeger owners.
Dealer Site: Website Features
How to Get to Dealer Site....
On the main Crawford Supply Home Page, click the Dealers
That will then direct you to a login page.
Username: dealer
Password: cookin
It is case sensitive so make sure they are all lower case.
(You can hit remember me and it will send you straight through
from then on.)
Below is what you will see once you log in. You will see the
most recent news on the Dealer site and important information
for you to note. Example: Radio Remote Co-op deadline. To
the right you will see the Monthly Promotion you can click to
download as well. These will change so it is important to check
back to see what is new.
Dealer Site: Newspaper and Radio
Newspaper Ad Examples....
To find Newspaper ad examples, click
the NEWSPAPER button on the home
page. The first page you see will show
you the most recent Newspaper Ad
Examples listed.
Click the one you want to download.
You will see the second screen with a
DOWNLOAD button. This will prompt
you to open or save a .pdf file. If you
like the ad or want something like it
for your dealership, email Courtney to
discuss the details.
[email protected]
Radio Ads...
To find Radio ads, click the Radio button on the
home page. The first page you see will show
you the most recent Radio Ads listed.
Click the one you want to download (Scripts
are word documents/ Clint ads are sound
bites). You will see the second screen with a
DOWNLOAD button. This will prompt you to
open or save a word document or .mpg3 file.
You can send your radio station the .mpg3 file
directly to be tagged with your information.
Dealer Site: Television and Images
Television Ad...
To find the Television ad click the
TELEVISION button on the home
You will be able to watch the TV
ad. If you would like to use this ad
and have it customized for your
business, you need to DOWNLOAD
THE ORDER FORM. Fill out the order
form and mail it to the listed address.
This can be used on your Facebook
page, website, in store, at events, or
on TV. So, there are many options
if you don’t want to pay to run a
TV commercial at this time. Please
contact Courtney with questions.
To find the Images, click the IMAGES
button on the home page.
Here you will be able to download
pictures of all the models of Traeger
Grills, and the NEW Traeger Logo. We
will ad other images throughout the
year as well.
Download and Save the files on your
Dealer Site: Demo Day Credit
Demo Day Credit Form...
To find the Demo Day Credit Form click the CREDIT REQUEST button on the home page.
You will see these instructions:
Crawford Supply is here to help any way we can. If you plan to hold a Traeger demo or event
at your store, please fill out this request form for food credit. Just because you request an
amount it does NOT mean you will receive the full amount, but it lets us know what you are
looking for. The request will be reviewed and we will contact you with your approved credit
ONCE YOUR EVENT CREDIT IS APPROVED: Within one week after the event all food receipts
will need to be sent to the Hays location. (Crawford Supply Company Attn: Jessica, 1023 E
US Highway 40 Bypass, Hays, KS 67601) The approved amount will then be added to your
account. For questions please call Courtney 785-673-6024.
Dealer Site: Store
To get to the Store, click the STORE button on the home page. This is the first page you will
see. Click the icon where you would like to start your order request.
Dealer Site: Store Continued
Once you select what area you would like
to start your order, you will see a full item
list under each of them. They also have a
description of each item.
Once you select what item you would like to
order, you will fill out the Quantity and hit ADD
CAUTION!!! When ordering spices and rubs be
sure to select the proper size you would like to
order. Then hit the ADD TO REQUEST BUTTON.
Dealer Site: Store Final
When you feel your order is complete hit
GO TO CHECKOUT. You will then see a
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How to place your Orders:
1. Online
2. Call 1-866-TRAEGER or 785-621-2552
3. Email [email protected]
4. Fax 785-625-4523
Hays Office
1023 E US Highway 40 Bypass
Hays, KS 67601
Phone: 785-621-2552
Toll Free: 1-866-TRAEGER
Fax: 785-625-4523
Kansas City Office
14751 W 101st Terrace
Lenexa, KS 66215
Phone: 913-735-8400
Fax: 913-735-8399
Colorado Office
3067 S Umatilla
Englewood, CO 80110
Phone: 303-789-6070