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Issue 331
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Need to Know
manners to present the check before it is
requested, so when you’re ready to leave,
ask «La cuenta, por favor» and your bill
will be delivered to you.
you may have to wait in line for a few
minutes, remember that the banks will
give you a higher rate of exchange than
the exchange booths (caja de cambio).
Better yet, if you have a «bank card»,
withdraw funds from your account back
home. Try to avoid exchanging money at
your hotel. Traditionally, those offer the
worst rates.
f you’ve been meaning to find a little information on the region,
but never quite got around to it, we hope that the following will help.
If you look at the maps on this page, you will note that PV (as the locals call
it) is on the west coast of Mexico, smack in the middle of the Bay of Banderas
- one of the largest bays in this country - which includes southern part of the
state of Nayarit to the north and the northern part of Jalisco to the south.
Thanks to its privileged location -sheltered by the Sierra Madre mountainsthe Bay is well protected against the hurricanes spawned in the Pacific.
Hurricane Kenna did come close on October 25, 2002, but actually touched
down in San Blas, Nayarit, some 200 kms north of PV.
The town sits on the same parallel as the Hawaiian Islands,
thus the similarities in the climate of the two destinations.
AREA: 1,300 sq. kilometers
POPULATION: Approx. 325,000
CLIMATE: Tropical, humid, with
an average of 300 sunny days per year.
The temperature averages 28oC (82oF)
and the rainy season extends from late
June to early October.
allowed under certain circumstances
but fishing of any kind is prohibited.
Every year, the Bay receives the visit
of the humpback whales, dolphins and
manta rays in the winter. During the
summer, sea turtles, a protected species,
arrive to its shores to lay their eggs.
FAUNA: Nearby Sierra Vallejo
hosts a great variety of animal species
such as iguana, guacamaya, deer,
raccoon, etc.
ECONOMY: Local economy is
based mainly on tourism, construction
and to a lesser degree, on agriculture,
mainly tropical fruit such as mango,
guanabana, cantaloupe and bananas.
Banderas encloses two Marine
National Parks - Los Arcos and the
Marieta Islands - where diving is
CURRENCY: The Mexican Peso is
the legal currency in Mexico although
Canadian and American dollars are
widely accepted.
BUSES: A system of urban buses
with different routes. Current fare is
$7.50 Pesos per ticket and passengers
must purchase a new ticket every time
they board another bus. There are no
TAXIS: There are set rates within
defined zones of the town. Do not enter
a taxi without agreeing on the price with
the driver FIRST. If you are staying in a
hotel, you may want to check the rates
usually posted in the lobby. Also, if you
know which restaurant you want to go,
do not let the driver change your mind.
Many restaurateurs pay commissions to
taxi drivers and you may end up paying
more than you should, in a secondrate establishment! There are 2 kinds
of taxi cabs: those at the airport and
the maritime port are usually vans that
can only be boarded there. They have
pre-fixed rates per passenger. City cabs
are yellow cars that charge by the ride,
not by passenger. When you ask to go
downtown, many drivers let you off at
the beginning of the area, near Hidalgo
Park. However, your fare covers the
ENTIRE central area, so why walk 10 to
15 blocks to the main plaza, the Church
or the flea market? Pick up a free map,
and insist on your full value from the
driver! Note the number of your taxi in
case of any problem, or if you forget
something in the cab. Then your hotel or
travel rep can help you check it out or
lodge a complaint.
TIME ZONE: The entire State of
Jalisco is on Central Time, as is the
area of the State of Nayarit from Lo
de Marcos in the north to the Ameca
River, i.e.: Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerías,
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Sayulita, San
Pancho, Punta Mita, etc. North of Lo
De Marcos, Guayabitos, La Peñita,
San Blas, etc. are on Mountain Time,
i.e.: one hour behind PV time.
check on the cost of long distance
calls from your hotel room. Some
establishments charge as much as U.S.
$7.00 per minute!
CELL PHONES: Most cellular
phones from the U.S. and Canada may
be programmed for local use, through
Telcel and IUSAcell, the local carriers.
To dial cell to cell, use the prefix 322,
then the seven digit number of the
person you’re calling. Omit the prefix if
dialling a land line.
usually 10%-15% of the bill at restaurants
and bars. Tip bellboys, taxis, waiters,
maids, etc. depending on the service.
Some businesses and offices close from
2 p.m. to 4 p.m., reopening until 7 p.m. or
later. In restaurants, it is considered poor
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
WHAT TO DO: Even if your allinclusive hotel is everything you ever
dreamed of, you should experience at
least a little of all that Vallarta has to
offer - it is truly a condensed version of
all that is Mexican and existed before
«Planned Tourist Resorts», such as
Cancun, Los Cabos and Ixtapa, were
developed. Millions have been spent to
ensure that the original “small town”
flavor is maintained downtown, in the
Old Town and on the South Side.
belief that a Mexican vacation must
inevitably lead to an encounter with
Moctezuma’s revenge is just that:
false. For the 21st year in a row, Puerto
Vallarta’s water has been awarded
a certification of purity for human
consumption. It is one of only two
cities in Mexico that can boast of such
accomplishment. True, the quality of
the water tested at the purification plant
varies greatly from what comes out of
the tap at the other end. So do be careful.
On the other hand, most large hotels
have their own purification equipment
and most restaurants use purified water.
If you want to be doubly sure, you can
pick up purified bottled water just about
EXPORTING PETS: Canadian and
American tourists often fall in love with
one of the many stray dogs and cats in
Vallarta. Many would like to bring it
back with them, but believe that the laws
do not allow them to do so. Wrong. If
you would like to bring a cat or a dog
back home, call the local animal shelter
for more info: 293-3690.
beginning would be to take one of the City
Tours offered by the local tour agencies.
Before boarding, make sure you have a
map and take note of the places you want
to return to. Then venture off the beaten
path. Explore a little. Go farther than the
tour bus takes you. And don’t worry this is a safe place.
Your Comments
[email protected]
Dear Editor,
I have seen a few changes in our bus service
since the first of January as promised and I am
thankful for any improvement.
However some things haven’t changed. I was
at the bus stop at Plaza Caracol waiting for a bus
to Ixtapa Llanitos. I waited for one hour and 4
minutes until one arrived. During that time, I saw
three buses go by without even slowing down and
2 passed other buses that were stopped. Those we
couldn’t see where they were going, so I don’t know
if one might have been my bus. None of the buses
pulled fully off the street or came down to where the
bus stop sign and benches are located. Instead, they
stopped in the street, a half a block up.
Also can’t the bus company do something about
the drivers who think they are driving in the National
bus race of Mexico? The buses have no right or
reason to drive faster than the rest of the traffic on
the streets. I do ride two to four buses a day.
on Saturday March 7th, from 5 to 9 p.m. We will
have Mariachis, Folkloric Ballet, Games, lots of fun
and of course, drinks and the best food provided by
prestigious restaurants in Vallarta, such as Trio & Vitea,
Kaiser Maximilian, Porto Bello, Archie’s Wok, Peking,
Cheeky Monkey, Fredy’s Tucan, Ernesto’s, Encantos,
Mariscos Polo, Trattoria Michel, and much more.
Do not miss this opportunity to have fun and help
these little angels. Tickets are for sale at Daiquiri
Dick’s, Eddi’s by the river and Trattoria Michel, or,
for delivery, please call me at 178 8506 or email me
at [email protected]
See you there!!!!
Silvia M. Snyder
Dear Editor,
CARITAS is celebrating a week of charity to help
the homeless.
They will have several very important activities
from March 1st to March 7th.
The old gringo
Dear Editor,
As a long time winter visitor and regular user of the
local buses, I am appalled at the number of drivers
texting and/or using their cell phones, driving with
one hand on the wheel, sometimes a knee to steer
while shifting. This is a very dangerous practice
which is against the law in Canada for sure and
should be here as well if it is not.
I am not particularly interested in their selfish
opinion that the drivers must have in thinking they
are so skilled as drivers that there is no danger to
the passengers.
A. R.
Dear Editor,
I have been a long time volunteer at RISE Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza - a children’s
shelter that provides love and care for more than
50 children who have no family to look after them.
There, they get a clean bed, clothing, food, and
education. However, their needs are many, and for
this reason, we will have the Annual “Celebración
para los Niños” with a Mexican touch, at the
beautiful Secrets Vallarta Hotel / Now Amber,
There will be Mariachi on Sunday the 1st, next to
the church. Concerts, food drive, during the events.
On Thursday, there will be a concert inside the church
at 8 p.m. People can bring food, gently used clothes,
or $ to the concert.
For more information, they will post a calendar of
events at the tourism office and next to the church.
They serve warm food during the week to many
people who have nowhere to go, including seniors
and children.
Thank you so much for helping so many families
in PV.
Otis Carrillo
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Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Sound Off
Sound Off
Continued letters to editor...
Dear Editor,
Gratitude is the best attitude!
I have been wintering in PV for 12 years. I enjoy reading the PV
Mirror each week, however I do not enjoy reading the letters to
the editor from folks who put down the government, demand things
get done to fix statues, lights, potholes, building projects that don’t
appear to have proper permits and the list goes on.
First off, I am almost certain that none of the government officials
read the PV Mirror as they most likely don’t read or speak English.
Second, as foreigners here on tourist visas of one sort or another, it is
not our place to speak poorly of the government. If someone buys a
condo in a building that does not have the proper paper work in place,
then shame on them for not doing their homework. As the saying
goes, “buyer beware.”
Puerto Vallarta is a wonderful place to spend the winter. It has a lot
of natural beauty. The local people are helpful, friendly and genuine.
There are some folks - as in any country - that can leave a bad taste
in your mouth by their wrong actions and intent towards tourists. I
would like to say to all the “Negative Nellies” and “Debbie Downers”:
please keep your negative and mean spirited comments to yourself
and do not post them in an English-speaking paper expecting to get
results from the government. Instead I would recommend that you
use your time to help the beautiful people of Vallarta. Check out and click on the charity tab to look for some
opportunities to give back.
Take the free Malecón Sculpture Walking Tour, conducted by
Galeria Pacifico owner Gary Thompson every Tuesday beginning at
9:30 a.m. It starts in front of the Millennium sculpture - next to the
Hotel Rosita - at the north end of the Malecón. Gary supports the Los
Mangos Public Library, a very worthy charity in PV. The International
Friendship Club offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. If
you like kids, contact R.I.S.E Orphanage, Pasitos de Luz or Casa
Hogar Orphanage. You will not be able to change the policies of
the government, but if you volunteer your time or give money to a
worthwhile charity, you can make a difference in the life of a citizen
of Puerto Vallarta.
Annette Horst
Allyna Vineberg
[email protected]
Anna Reisman
Joe Harrington
Harriet Murray
Stan Gabruk
Krystal Frost
Giselle Belanger
Gil Gevins
Ronnie Bravo
Tommy Clarkson
Luis Melgoza
Todd Ringness
Christina Larson
Dr. Fabio Cupul
Tim Wilson
John Warren
Bill Jory
Paco Arjona
Samara Alpern
Arcelia Barbero
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“At Hacienda San Angel”
by Anna Reisman
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An important notice
Dear Editor,
The PVMIRROR wants your views and
comments. Please send them by e-mail to:
Last week we had friends in from our hometown. This is not their
first visit, so we know that they enjoy trying new restaurants. We
took them to Frankies Spaghetti House Ristorante Bar for a wonderful
evening of food and wine, on Venustiano Carranza.
The evening we a great success with the excellent service and
mouth-watering Italian dishes. Three of us each tried a different
pasta and one ordered a pizza. There were no favorites as everything
was delicious. After dinner the owner, “Frankie” was chatting at our
table and he has the best stories as a child growing up in Italy! With
an after dinner drink, we had their homemade Flan. That is a must
with every visit!
Thank you, Frankies Spaghetti House, for your hospitality!
[email protected]
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the deadline for publication is:
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week prior to publication.
Jerry & Marla Irving
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Publisher / Editor:
Within PV
Changing kids’ lives one smile at a time:
The IFC Cleft Palate Program
John Warren
On Tuesday March 3
at 7 p.m.,
the IFC will host a public information
session on its Cleft Palate Program at the
IFC clubhouse. Medical professionals
who volunteer their time to treat local
children at no cost will summarize the
past few years of medical care, with an
interesting PowerPoint presentation,
time for questions and answers, and
desserts and refreshments after the
session. The public is invited and
there is no cost, so please join us for an
inspiring evening!
Nearly 30 years ago, a group of
caring expats noticed that children
with cleft palate conditions were
not able to get the care they needed
locally. Motivated by a desire to
help, they formed The International
Friendship Club to raise money and
support a Cleft Palate program.
All these years later, The IFC Cleft
Palate Program is going strong.
Clinics are held at roughly threemonth intervals and takes three days
to complete. The first day is for
consultations, the second for surgery
and overnight monitoring, the third day
is medical review and discharge day.
The afternoon and early evening
of Wednesday, March 4th, will
be dedicated consultations and
examinations at the Clubhouse,
during which the doctors can see
50-100 babies and children involved
in the program. Volunteers who are
interested in visiting with families
and entertaining children can bring
some coloring books, crayons, or
similar entertainment. Please email
Marlene Lopez at [email protected] by March 1st if you’d
like to help.
On Thursday, March 5th, those
patients needing surgery will go to
one of the CMQ Hospitals, whose
management generously provides
operating rooms, equipment, rooms
and meals for an overnight stay.
Our volunteer medical staff include
surgeon Dr. Ezequiel Fuentes Lopez
who has been with the program since it
started, along with Dr. Rodolfo Becerra
Castaneda and anesthesiologist Dr.
Emigdio de la Cruz Llontop Pisil of
the Instituto Jaliscence de Cirugia
Reconstructiva, both of whom have
served for many years.
Their specialist nurses who also
volunteer their time are Enfa. Emma
Gonzalez Serna, chief of nursing at
Sanatorio Versalles, and Enfa. Maria
del los Angeles Alvarado, also of
the Instituto Jaliscence de Cirugia
Reconstructiva. The team brings all
their specialized surgical instruments
with them and the IFC pays their
transportation and expenses and buys
the surgical supplies that are needed.
April and Bill Miton head up
the IFC’s dedicated Cleft Palate
volunteer team and they manage to
find accommodations in town and in
Nuevo Vallarta donated by generous
friends. Various restaurants in Puerto
Vallarta support the program by
donating dinners or offering our
medical personnel and volunteers
reduced prices. Daiquiri Dick’s has
been donating wonderful clinicnight dinners to the medical staff
and volunteers for years, while other
Puerto Vallarta restaurants have
been generous in their support too,
including Ocho Tostados, Ginger,
Prime 159, Sea Monkey, Eddie’s
Place, and Fajita Republic. For further
information about the IFC Cleft Palate
Program please contact April Miton at
[email protected]
If you would like to support this
program for PV’s children, you can do so
by going to the IFC website, ifcvcallarta.
com and clicking on the “Donate” button,
or by taking an IFC Home Tour, which
raises funds for the program. Reserve at
Information about
the cleft palate condition
People often wonder what exactly
a cleft palate involves. Cleft lip and
cleft palate are conditions that occur
when a baby’s lip or mouth do not
form properly during pregnancy.
Together, these conditions commonly
are called “orofacial clefts.” The
condition typically develops early in
pregnancy. A baby can have a cleft
lip, a cleft palate, or both.
Children with a cleft lip with or
without a cleft palate or a cleft palate
alone often have problems nursing
-which can be life threatening- as well as
with their hearing, speech development,
teeth, and many other challenges.
Surgery to repair a cleft lip usually
occurs in the first few months of life
and is recommended within the first
12 months of life. Surgery to repair
a cleft palate is recommended within
the first 18 months of life or earlier
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
if possible. Many children will need
additional surgical procedures as they
get older.
Surgical repair can improve the
look and appearance of a child’s face
and might also improve breathing,
hearing, and speech and language
development. Children born with
orofacial clefts might need other types
of treatments and services, such as
special dental or orthodontic care or
speech therapy. With treatment, most
children do well and lead a healthy
life. Some children may have issues
with self-esteem if they are concerned
with visible differences between
themselves and other children.
The International Friendship
Club is a registered charitable
organization in Mexico listed as Club
Internacional de la Amistad de Puerto
Vallarta A.C., located at the northeast
corner of the Rio Cuale Bridge above
the HSBC Bank downtown. Phone:
222-5466. Website:
Email: [email protected]
Within PV
Asilo San Juan Diego
Back by popular demand… it’s back!
Another Special Sicilian Soirée
at Sapori de Sicilia
silo San Juan Diego is a non-profit organization (C.A. - civil
association) created to improve the quality of life for our elders (65 to
100 years of age) so their last years can be lived in dignity and full of
It also offer families of Puerto Vallarta alternative care and support for
their elderly family members with a day care system so the seniors who
would normally be left at home without care during the day may enjoy each
other’s company, with therapy services, health and recreation to improve
their quality of life. (We should mention that David Fregoso of Eye-Metrics
donates free eye exams and eyeglasses to the seniors who need it.)
As a number of people had to be turned away due to insufficient space
last month, Stratos Media and the San Juan Diego Home for Seniors
invites you to be part of yet another wonderful charity evening supporting
this organization to raise funds and keep helping this cause in our city.
Don’t miss the spectacular Sicilian menu and enjoy the live entertainment
by piano duet Raoul Díaz and Antonio Lecomte, plus all the raffles and
prizes we have for you on Sunday, March 8th at the restaurant Sapori di
Sicilia located in Plaza Romy at 228 Ignacio L. Vallarta in the Romantic
Zone on the south side of town. Donation $395 pesos under reservation
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Rocking Riverfest returns,
benefits Pasitos de Luz!
fter the resounding success of years
past, the 4th Annual Riverfest which benefits
Pasitos de Luz is back and promises to be a
rollicking good time! Riverfest will be held
on March 7th at the picturesque El Rio BBQ
Bar (245 Felipe Angeles in Paso Ancho, Tel.:
222.2510) and will have fantastic entertainment
running from 12 noon to 7 p.m. On the slate are
incredible live bands including Kim Kuzma,
Regina Zerené, Los Chuyz, Chris Kenny, The
Zippers, The Gecko Band and Texas Embassy
Blues Band. The fun won’t stop with this
myriad entertainment, it continues with unique
vendors, silent auctions, 50/50s and loads of
fun at the gorgeous venue on the banks of the
spectacular River Cuale.
All of this fun supports a great cause: the
children of Pasitos de Luz who will benefit
from all of the proceeds. Pasitos de Luz is a
wonderful organization providing care and
therapy to children with acute psychological
or physical illnesses.
Therapies, quality
health care, nutrition and full-time day care
are provided to these inspiring children at NO
COST to their families. The effort to continue
this important work is always on-going.
There is an 80-peso donation at the door to get
into the event or, better yet, show your support
for this wonderful cause even more and enjoy
VIP treatment by purchasing a Patron Ticket.
We are encouraging Pasitos supporters to buy
Patron Tickets for $500 pesos each. This ticket
not only supports Pasitos, it entitles the ticket
holder to gate entry, early bird parking, snacks,
a complimentary wonderful buffet from El Rio
BBQ and paella provided by Barcelona Tapas
(from 2 to 5 p.m.), preferential VIP seating for
those arriving prior to 3 p.m. and unlimited nonalcoholic drinks throughout the day. It is a great
way to extend your support to Pasitos de Luz and
join in the fun!
Great deals on over 70 silent auction items
and 50/50 draws will be available throughout the
afternoon. We have a Lady Di and Elton John
original signed photo and CD up for bids!! You
can bid on a day on a private yacht with the
Wheelers, a stunning Page Railsback painting, a
one-of-a-kind Peg Steley necklace, a two night
all inclusive stay at Pelicanos, ten pass yoga
classes from Davanna Yoga and from Yoga
Vallarta, a night at Casa Isabel, hair services
from Alexander A Salon, Cassandra Shaw
certificates, chiropractic adjustments from Erik
Fulfer, D.C., restaurant certificates from Bravos,
Nacho Daddy, Joe Jack’s Fish Shack, Ocean
Grill, Langostinos, Bachas, Swedes, Marriott,
Coco Tropical and much, much more!
To add to the event, Alex Daoud owner of
Alexander A is sharpening his scissors and will
be giving professional haircuts and/or eyebrow
threading at Riverfest and donating 100% of
proceeds generated from his stylish services!
Get a cut for the cause at a great price!
Riverfest Patron tickets and more information
about Pasitos and their events will be available at
the Pasitos de Luz table at the Old Town Farmers’
Market on February 28th or by contacting Barb
Bremner at [email protected] or calling
223-0916. Buying a patron ticket or providing
a donation of any amount at any time are great
ways to help Pasitos de Luz!
Please consider attending and bring your
friends for a great time in support of this worthy
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Within PV
Within PV
Gay marriage and D-I-V-O-R-C-E: How did we get here?
Tim Wilson
that the LGBT community has
somewhat achieved gay marriage, why did
the gay community want “marriage” instead
of a civil union? How did we get there? Was
the LGBT community really looking to live
happily ever after, or was this a fleeting farce
to achieve equal rights? Progressive causes
like gun control, right to die and legalization
of marijuana are somewhat jealous as to
the recent and somewhat rapid victory
of gay marriage. And gay d-i-v-o-r-c-e
court already? Recent statistics show that
marriage rates are on the decline. Would a
civil union have been better? Divorce rates
are increasing. Gay marriage may not lead
to the wedded bliss the LGBT community
had hoped for. Could the honeymoon for
gay weddings be over? Did gays chase
an elusive butterfly to prove equal rights
as the expense of personal happiness?
The statistics show what is to come: gay
divorce court, increased domestic violence,
increased legal battles, alimony, child
support, custody and visitation of children
to start. Did gay marriage prove equality?
Consider this: Just over ten years ago, no
US state allowed same-sex couples to marry
and national support of marriage equality
was just below 40%. Politicians were
afraid to support it. As of December 2014,
35 states and the District of Columbia
allow it and public support is around 55%.
Some Americans are scratching their head
wondering what happened.
Gay marriage advocates took on some
of the most powerful groups - the Catholic
Church, the religious right, and ultra
conservative politicians and somehow won.
Here is the strategy used by the LGBT
community with same sex marriage.
These strategies do not always work but
somehow for us it did.
Don’t Compromise Your Goals.
Gay Marriage or Civil Union. Many
same sex marriage proponents claim
society’s acceptance would have been
easier and quicker if the LGBT community
would have accepted “civil unions” instead
of fighting for “gay marriage”. Traditional
marriage has a religious connotation
which produced immediate opposition
from religious groups and conservative
politicians, but could there have been
some legislation drafted to strengthen civil
unions and have them recognized by the
federal government? The gay community
insisted that settling for marriage was the
only way to achieve equal rights. There
seemed to be a respect for the institution
of marriage among couples in society and
gays demanded it.
Reward Friends and Punish Opponents
The LGBT Political
Obama Doctrine is
not always successful
but worked for gay
marriage. In 2009
New York lawmakers
proposal to make
same-sex marriage
legal, despite some
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
having promised to support it. LGBT activists
decided it was time to play hardball, invoking
both the carrot and the stick. They rallied behind
the legislators who stood up for the initiative,
but declared war on those that betrayed them
and voted against the bill. Same sex marriage
proponents supported primary candidates to
defeat incumbents and declared war on same
sex marriage opponents. Even though the state
Senate was Republican, the same sex marriage
bill narrowly passed in 2011.
Heartfelt emotional pleas for marriage
equality were effective. Many lawmakers had
friends and/or family members that were gay
and who appealed to them for equality. New
Hampshire Governor John Lynch in 2009
signed to make his state the 6th state to legalize
gay marriage even though Lynch opposed gay
marriage. He said in a statement that he had
heard ‘compelling arguments that a separate
system for marriage is not an equal system.’
This was the statement of many legislators
who had many family members and friends
appealing to them for support and the right to
marry. Many chose to vote for equality based
on these emotional pleas for equality.
So there you have it, folks. How we got
where we are today with same sex marriage
and divorce. It was a risky gamble by the
LGBT community. Somehow and some way
it worked, but will it give the desired results
the LGBT community wanted?
Tim Wilson
Is owner and editor of GAYPV Magazine (
in Puerto Vallarta. This magazine features news,
a complete list of gay and friendly businesses and events,
interesting stories, and around town photos of gay and
friendly businesses and people in Mexico. It is available
in print, online and the new app on Apple newsstand in
December 2014. Tim is an official member of NATJA where
he and GAYPV contributors provide content and press
releases about Puerto Vallarta as a “beyond Gay Friendly”
destination to international LGBT media outlets.
Dan Rodriguez of Di Vino Dante
to participate in Cocktail Competition
ome show your support and
try his amazing cocktails! All
cocktails are 2 for 1 from 2 to 7
p.m. this weekend.
The barman is an artist and
making cocktails is an art nurtured
by spirit, flavor, aroma and color.
Dan Rodriguez, born in 1991
in Mexico City, has been living
in Puerto Vallarta since ’97. He
first worked behind the bar in
2008, at Las Palomas Restaurant,
mentored by head barrista
Angelica Herrera.
“When I realized a customer’s
satisfaction when drinking a good
margarita, I became attracted
to the profession. This was
followed by much research in
documentaries, magazine articles
and the internet, all contributed
to my growing interest in this
profession,” said Dan.
A couple of years later, Dan
started working in a local Bar
– Pub where beer was the main
attraction; that is where he
acquired his experience with that
particular drink. He then went on
to work behind the bar in hotels,
discos, beach clubs and gourmet
Nowadays, as a graduate of
the Academia Mexicana de
Mixologia and bartender at Di
Vino Dante Tapas & Wine, Dan
takes part in various tournaments
and competitions, both national
and international. This week, he
will participate in one of the most
important ones: the “Made With
Love - Mexico” tournament,
where the best bartenders of
the region will stand out for
totally unique creations. The
Grand Finale event will be
held on Monday, March 2nd,
at the Sheraton Buganvilias
Hotel starting at 6 p.m. sharp.
Entrance: $300. Pesos, which
includes cocktail tastings and the
chance to vote for your favorite
bartender, all in a great setting.
“Anyone can prepare drinks,
but few can study them and
give them a soul during their
preparation,” according to Dan.
His goal is to provoke an emotion
with his cocktails. That is what
causes him to put his whole heart
into each sip, of each drink.
Di Vino Dante is open from 2 to
11 p.m., Monday thru Saturday,
upstairs at 269-A Basilio Badillo,
tel.: 223-3734.
Within PV
Bingo Mania at Nacho Daddy’s
Wednesday March 4th!
ards go on sale at 5 p.m. and
bingo starts at 6 p.m. Close to 100
players came out last bingo - come
and see why it’s so popular! At
Nacho Daddy’s we have a final cash
blackout game with the winner taking
home half the pot in pesos. This is
what some of our past winners have
walked away with this season - an
AMAZING $4300 pesos, $3500
pesos and $4000 pesos - IN CASH!
We use paper cards and bingo
daubers - we supply the daubers!
Buy a package of seven - three card
regular games for 100 pesos and
additional cards for the cash blackout
bingo at three for 100 pesos or singles
for 50 pesos. It only takes one to win!
Increase your chances of winning
even more by bringing clothing to
donate to the Pasitos de Luz or Colina
Spay & Neuter accounts at Deja New
Consignments; you will receive one
free bingo card for each of the seven
regular games.
Our raffle prizes and bingo bags are
amazing! At our last bingo, winners
left with a necklace from Diamonds
International, gift certificates for
El Rio BBQ and No Way José, day
trip from Vallarta by Boat, cut and
eyebrow threading from Alexander A
Salon, yoga classes from Mikki Prost,
wine from Ron Morgan Properties,
tickets to Boutique Theatre and more!
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
We also have more great sponsors
that include Barcelonas Tapas, Salud
Super Food, Artepil Spa, Déjà New
Consignments, Joe Jack’s Fish Shack,
Cassandra Shaw Jewelry, Dr. Rachel,
Bill Kelly, Diablo’s Bar and Tapas,
and Sea Monkey to name a few. Our
bingo bags have over $1000 pesos in
gift certificates in every bag!
Best of all, you are supporting two
great charities in Puerto Vallarta. All
proceeds from your generosity help
the children of Pasitos de Luz - a
special needs centre in Pitillal - to
receive meals, therapy, compassion
and education; and you help Colina
Spay & Neuter that offers spay and
neuter services for cats and dogs free of
charge to those who are unable to pay.
Come out, have fun, help charity
and enjoy a night to remember
at Nacho Daddy’s, located at 287
Basilio Badillo!
Within PV
ou can’t deny that each of us
has unique tastes. Certain options
attract certain people. What’s art to
some is not to others. What’s good
music to you may not interest me.
They may think the latest fashion
trend is loco, while others can’t get
enough. Yet in our diversity we
often find commonality, especially
when it comes to appreciating
We who visit or live in this town
continue to see some amazing and
notable performers arrive here
week after week for our enjoyment.
Recently, Judy Garland’s daughter
Lorna Luft sprinkled her stardust
in her four sold-out concerts in the
Red Room Cabaret.
Very soon we will have the chance
to experience another great concert.
Following a successful world tour
with her sister, the very great Barbra
Streisand and her nephew Jason
Gould, Roslyn Kind has a new solo
show that debuted to rave reviews
in New York last year. Roslyn’s
Vallarta debut will likely include
some of her show business stories,
Todd Ringness
as she sings a diverse selection of
favorites from Broadway and the
American songbook, as well as
some of her early RCA recordings.
Ms. Kind is also hosting a
champagne and appetizer reception
immediately following her concerts
for her VIP guests. Seating is
VERY limited, and these tickets are
expected to sell out. Choose from
one of only four performances,
March 2nd to 5th, and get your
Roslyn Kind tickets now at the Act
II box office or online anytime at
We celebrated a birthday in our
house this week, and my wife
decided she wanted to go to the
movie theatre for a change of pace…
AND to see the great Meryl Streep
starring in Into the Woods. We made
our way to the Galerias’ Cinemex,
at the north end of the mall in front
of the cruise ship terminal.
To my surprise, at the ticket
booth we were asked to select our
seats for the film. Seriously? A
movie theater with ushers? What’s
next, an intermission? Oh wait.
Remember the good ol’ days here
in Vallarta when the cinemas DID
have intermissions? (Very) roughly
halfway through the film, full stop,
and house lights up. I thought it
was great! Back then, they also
offered slices of freshly baked pies.
Sigh. No more. BUT, now they’ve
got that infernal must-not-be-denied
caramel popcorn. “Do you have a
wagon back there to help me get this
massive bucket of sugary buttery
toffee goodness to my seat?”
I never saw the stage musical of
Into the Woods, so I didn’t really
know what to expect. Ms. Streep
is astounding in her role… singing
better than ever, in my opinion.
Sure, this story’s Grimm take on
familiar fairy tales is mostly dark
and foreboding. But cinematically,
the film is elegant and interesting,
and leaves a lasting impression.
Especially enjoyable is the two
princes’ (Chris Pine and Billy
Magnussen) waterfall singing
scene; the choreography is clever
and whimsical… for me, it evoked
a gentle reminder of the genius of
Singing in the Rain. And really, all
of the movement in this film is quite
beautiful. Hats off to the director,
Rob Marshall who is an awardwinning choreographer and Oscarnominated director for Chicago. Into
the Woods has a few sleepy parts, but
overall I thought it was great.
Last week I mentioned the
hundreds of people who so
generously give of their time
and/or money to support lots of
charitable diversity to bring about
much needed social change in our
town. Coming up next week is
the 4th Annual Riverfest, at El Rio
BBQ. If you’re one of the few who
have never been to El Rio, this is
an excellent opportunity to check
it out and help out the children and
families of Pasitos de Luz. This
great charity helps to provide care
and therapy to children with acute
psychological or physical illnesses
in our community.
Riverfest starts at noon on
Saturday, March 4th, and runs
into the evening. A diverse lineup of performers take the stage
throughout the event, including
Kim Kuzma, Chris Kenny, The
Gecko Band, and others. General
admission tickets are only $80 pesos
at the door. Or you can choose an
advance VIP Patron Ticket, that
includes a few perks (including
food and beverages, and preferred
seating up until 3 p.m.) You can
buy your VIP Patron ticket online
at - but don’t
delay. Last year, more than 600
showed up to help the kids!
El Rio BBQ is located along the
Rio Cuale in Paso Ancho, less than
ten minutes from the Libramiento.
You can take the #4 Paso Ancho
bus, but you will likely have to
walk a few blocks due to road
improvements. Or grab a taxi from
Wal-Mart for under $100 pesos.
We can all celebrate diversity
by looking for greatness in others
around us, no matter how they may
appear on the outside. I hope that
you too are in search of your own
greatness, because we all need you
to be truly you. Blessings upon you!
Todd Ringness
Along with his wife Sandra Gaye are the founders of Vallarta Tickets, a Canadian online
ticketing agency serving the Banderas Bay region and beyond. You can usually see this man
about town, or you can email: [email protected]
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
American Legion announces TWO fundraisers
El Rio BBQ Bar is conveniently located alongside
the beautiful Cuale River in Paso Ancho. If coming
from the south or downtown, turn right off the
Libramiento just past the bridge and before the new
large tunnel. If coming from the north, turn left at
the river road past the long double tunnel and before
the bridge. If traveling by bus, you should take the
R-04 Blue bus from Old Town (Lazaro Cardenas) to
Paso Ancho. Free parking will be available. www.
2nd Fundraiser – Monday, March 16th, Pre St.
Patrick’s Fundraiser at Murphy’s Irish Pub. From 12
noon to 5 p.m. with live music from 1 to 4:30 p.m.
Also available is a Raffle draw and 50/50. $200
pesos per person includes Buffet and 2 drink tickets.
Buffet includes Corned Beef/Cabbage, Shepherd’s Pie,
Guinness Stew, Fish & Chips, Salad, Mashed Potatoes
and Dessert. Drink tickets include Well Drinks,
Wine and Mexican Beer. Proceeds divided between
American Legion and Navy League of Vallarta.
1st Fundraiser – 3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off featuring
more than 19 recipes from a broad range of sponsors,
including restaurants and individuals. This always popular
event will be held on Saturday, March 14th from 1 to 5
p.m. at El Rio BBQ Bar on the banks of the Cuale River in
Paso Ancho.
It’s “all you can eat” chili plus one order of riblets and
fruit water for only $200 pesos per person. El Rio regular
menu items are also available for purchase. Tickets can be
purchased at the door or in advance from any of the event’s
sponsors, including Post 14 Headquarters at Steve’s Sports
Bar on Basilio Badillo. You won’t want to miss this one!
Charities benefiting from the cook-off include Banderas
Bay Women’s Shelter, Youth Sports, benefiting Torpedos
American Football (Pop Warner 6 to 17), DIF New Life
Home for Boys and Community Relations Projects of the
American Legion.
Doors will open at 1 p.m. Mariachis will perform from
12:30 to 2, then Mikki Prost, Murphy’s Dave Whitty & Matt
Cooke and finishing the entertainment with Nacho Daddy’s
Texas Embassy Blues Band.
There will be two classes of judging. Popularity vote by
the attendees to determine 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies and
also Professional judging to determine a “Grand Chef’s
Prize” trophy. To become a sponsor and a participant in the
cook-off, you must agree to provide at least 5 gallons of your
special chili and bring your own heating unit. Please call
Dennis Rike at 322-138-8891 or email him at [email protected] to sign up as a participant or to get additional
information regarding the event.
Projects Completed 2013/14 - Proyecto Pitillal
Busca un Amigo Day Care Center - Repairs,
painting, raised wall & installed sidewalk. School for
the Deaf - Lighting, fans, window protection. Boca
de Tomatlan Jr. Sr. High School - Water supply &
repairs to boys’ and girls’ bathrooms. Santa Barbara
Rehabilitation Clinic - Tile roof installation and
painting. *DIVAC Association for the Handicap
- Painting. *Playgrounds San Vicente del Mar
and Guamuchil - Restoration/repairs. La Aurora
Recreational Park - painting repairs and adopted for
total upkeep and maintenance. Caloso Plaza - painting
and repairs to the playground. *Children’s Cancer
Screening Center - Painting, roof repairs, window
replacement and playground installed. *DIF Seniors’
Home and New Life Home for boys in Coapinole painting, repairs and electrical installation. School
for the Deaf - building addition in partnership with
Punta Mita Foundation and Club Rotario aka Charlie
Brown. $45,000 pesos awarded, construction to start
March 1st, 2015. Torpedos Football Americano –
Fundraising, maintenance on the field and donating
toward scholarship. Raise funds for the Banderas
Bay Women’s Shelter for battered women in San
Pancho. Installed water and electrical service for a
youth community center in San Ignacio.
*In partnership with Vallarta Navy League
If you are interested in additional information, please
contact Dennis Rike and you will be put on the Chili
Cook-Off E-Mail list or
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Beyond PV
Calendar / Directories
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Airline Directory
AIR CANADA 01 800 719-2827
AIR TRANSAT 01 800 900-1431
01 800 252-7522
01 800 904-6000
See United
DELTA 01 800 266-0046
01 800 432-1359
01 800 011-2345
SUN COUNTRY 01 800 924-6184
01 800 864-8331
US AIRWAYS 01 800 428-4322
AEROMEXICO 01 800 021-4000
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Calendar / Directories
The 7 Arts
Meet the stars of GREATER TUNA,
extended again at The Palm thru March 30th!
The local production of the classic comedy
stage play ‘Greater Tuna’ has taken Vallarta
by storm, with another extended run through
March 30th. Meet the actors who play 20
different characters, with 42 costume changes,
in this season’s biggest hit at The Palm, which
has now become the longest running show to
ever play in Vallarta.
Tracy Parks has served as Entertainment
Director for the past 4 years at The Palm Cabaret
and Bar, where he co-stars (playing the original
Joe Sears role) in ‘Greater Tuna’, alongside
Chaz Weathers for its 4-month run during the
2014-2015 season.
Tracy began performing in high school
where he won numerous public speaking
awards and theatre competitions. Later, in
college, he continued to perform and founded
the University of Oklahoma Speech Team and
later coached them to national rankings. Tracy
also coached his brother, Terry Dale Parks
(who is also a well known actor), to a national
championship in Prose Interpretation. After moving to Chicago where he served
for six years as Ticket Services Director for
the Lyric Opera of Chicago, Tracy acted in and
directed several shows and founded OKRA
Theatre where he and then roommate, Kelly
Mantle (nephew of Mickey Mantle and star
of Ru Paul’s Drag Race 2014 season), won a
‘best of the year’ mention from The Chicago
Sun Times for their production of Lone Star
and Laundry and Bourbon by James McClure.
Tracy also performed in a children’s theatre
troupe and continued to coach high school and
college theatre students to national recognition.
Shortly thereafter, Tracy fell in love with
Puerto Vallarta during a short 3-day vacation
here. After 10 years of vacationing here, he
now lives in Vallarta nearly year ‘round and
spends his time crafting new projects and shows
for performances at The Palm Cabaret and
Bar. Working with both English and Spanish
speaking performers, Tracy is well known for
attracting and developing high quality shows
and top notch entertainers from within and
outside of Mexico.
Chaz Weathers (who plays the original
Jaston Williams role) was raised in a small
town in California’s Mojave desert. At a young
age, he showed a great interest in performing and
would often memorize skits and poems to perform
for friends and family. He was great at organizing
the neighborhood kids to put on puppet shows and
magic acts which he’d perform in his front yard.
As a teenager, musical theater summer camp was
always his favorite. In college, Theater Arts took up
most of his free time.
After college, life took him in several interesting
directions, including several years in the fine jewelry
business and continued education in fine gems and
Gemology. For 8 years, he and his partners opened
and operated a very successful restaurant and
cabaret bar in San Diego, CA, where Chaz began
performing regularly. Over the years, he developed
a couple of different characters which he used as a
vehicle to raise money for local charities. Today,
along with his partners, he owns a clinical research
monitoring company and a few rental properties in
Puerto Vallarta, where the three spend much of their
free time and plan to retire when the time comes.
It was during the purchase of one of these properties
that Chaz crossed paths with Tracy Parks, and
they immediately became bosom buddies. During
one rainy summer day in Vallarta, the two were
delighting each other with jokes and stories when
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
they each began reciting lines from Greater
Tuna. Finding out that each of them had held a
longtime love affair with the show, they began
discussing the idea of bringing Tuna, Texas, to
Puerto Vallarta.
So, ten years later… with a lot of rainy
summers and sunny winters in Vallarta together,
a little tequila (allegedly) and a wonderful
friendship, Chaz and Tracy are back on stage
for the first time in many years.
‘Greater Tuna’ will have you laughing all
the way to the third smallest (fictional) town
of Tuna, TX, where the Lions Club is too
liberal and Patsy Cline never dies. ‘Greater
Tuna’ is a big comedy about a small town,
small minds and big hearts. Written by Joe
Sears, Jaston Williams and Ed Howard, the
original production ran for more than 30 years
all over the world and played two command
performances for US Presidents in Washington,
D.C. Now playing though March 30th.
Also currently playing at The Palm are Latcho
& Andrea - The Blond Gypsies this Saturday,
February 28th. Also appearing is Vallarta
favorite Amy Armstrong in her new music and
comedy show ‘Diva Loca’. Amy welcomes
some special guests during the run now through
March 12. Also, popular Argentinean duo
Bohemia Viva will resume their shows on
March 2 -15.
The Palm is well-known for bringing top
notch, cutting-edge entertainment to Vallarta.
Inside you’ll find an intimate, completely
refurbished 90-seat cabaret with outstanding
sound and lighting, creating the ambiance
of cabarets from days gone by. Shows are
scheduled seven days per week with two
different shows nightly through April, 2015.
The Palm also offers matinées at 4 p.m. on
selected shows.
The Palm is non-smoking (a patio is provided
for smokers), located at 508 Olas Altas in the
Romantic Zone on the south side of town.
Tickets may be purchased online 24/7, and at
The Palm’s Box Office, open from 11 a.m. to
11 p.m. daily. A full calendar of performances,
information and online tickets are available at You can also find the
Palm on Facebook at The Palm Cabaret and Bar.
The 7 Arts
On the Main Stage at Act II
enormous fins, and the harmonizing bands
of the 50s were all the rage. This hallmark
jukebox musical comedy by Stuart Ross
centers on a quartet whose dream of
recording an album ended in a bus collision
while on their way to their biggest gig.
Now they’ve been miraculously revived
for the show that never was. You’ll be humming along with the great
nostalgic pop hits of the 1950’s and rollin’
in the aisles from the delightful patter of
the original clean-cut boy band – The
Plaids. Featuring such hits as Sixteen
Tons, Chain Gang, Three Coins in the
Fountain, Perfidia, Cry, Catch a Falling
Star, Day-O, Gotta Be This or That,
Matilda, and Heart and Soul.
The Plaids get a chance to look back
at their lives, and they discover that they
didn’t just have wonderful lives; their
lives were wonderful, because they lived
them together. Together they can achieve
the unimaginable, the unexplained. Starring local performers, Elvis
Martinez, Alfonso Lopez, Roberto
Duran and Jose Maria Caudillo with Bob
Bruneau at the piano. Forever Plaid
is produced by Act II Entertainment
and Mary Amelotte .
Miss Conception joins the
Voice of Vallarta for Disney Week The Voice of Vallarta returns to the
Main Stage March 1st for the audience’s
favorite week, Disney Week. With
celebrity guest judge, the one and only,
direct from Toronto, Canada, and the
Wonderful World of Miss Conception.
The Voice of Vallarta has had its
share of drama over the last few weeks
with triple eliminations, contestants
highjacking the show and dropping out
without warning to producers, judges
throwing fits and refusing to vote and
tears... lots of tears.
The Voice is down to the top nine and
who goes home no one knows. Join us
every Sunday for Vallarta’s favorite show,
The Voice of Vallarta at 8 p.m. Sundays.
Forever Plaid debuts
in Mexico for the first time
Forever Plaid opens in the Main Stage
Theater March 10th under the direction
of Alfonso Lopez and will be performed
in English. Relive an era when doo-wop
was king, big hairdos were in, cars had
The Main Stage theater is located upstairs in the Act II Entertainment STAGES complex at 300 Insurgentes
(corner of Basilio Badillo)in the Romantic Zone on the south side of town. Tel.: 222-1512.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
The 7 Arts
Be dazzled!
Every week in the
Red Room Cabaret…
Roslyn Kind - dazzles audiences with her
vocal prowess when she presents an evening
of music, cabaret and family storytelling
that is sure to entertain. Recently featured
on her sister Barbra Streisand’s World Tour,
the acclaimed singer, actress, and comedian
has built a considerable name for herself as
a headliner at Lincoln Center, London’s Café
Royal and Carnegie Hall. Join Kind for “a
journey of emotions” in her brand new show
featuring both new material and vintage
“Rozzie” tunes. March 2 to 5 at 7:30 p.m.
Bonnie Kilroe – A professional and awardwinning* entertainer for more than 15 years,
the last 10 of which she has dedicated to
her one-woman act – Celebrity Imposters –
Bonnie has been singing and strutting her
stuff to the enjoyment of local, national,
and international audiences, in theaters,
convention centers, casinos, cruise ships,
and less exotic stages. The producer of her
own one-woman-shows - Divas: Vegas meets
Vaudeville, Country Queens and The Patsy
Cline Tribute Show (among others) - this
versatile performer is always coming up with
new ways to thrill and delight.
Bonnie combines fabulous medleys of
music, video and physical comedy, to produce
a multimedia entertainment experience with
professional production values, combined
with surprising twists, which brings much
laughter, delight, (and even some tears) to
her ever-growing legion of fans. During her
shows, Bonnie uses her skill as a performer
to encourage audience participation, which
always adds an extra element of novelty
and surprise. Her natural comedic timing,
striking looks and versatile vocals all help
to create a mesmerizing feast for your
entertainment senses! February 27, March
3, 5 at 7:30 p.m., March 1 & 6 at 9:30 p.m.
Kim Kuzma - Being her 10th year of
performing in PV, Kim has learned to
simply give what audiences want from her. “Just Kim” is exactly that. Kim’s Acustico
show features Kim and her fantastic 5-piece
Acustico - Sundays at 7:30 p.m.
Just Kim - Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m.
Miss Conception - The Wonderful
World of Miss Conception is an all live
singing show with your favorite story book
characters with a twist.
Mondays at 7:30 & 9:30 p.m.,
Thursdays at 9:30 p.m.
Cashetta - As a Singer, Comic, Emcee,
Magician and Fabulous Psychic Medium,
Cashetta is a one of a kind entertainer that
is not to be missed!
Tuesdays & Saturdays at 9:30 p.m.,
Fridays at 7:30 p.m.
Elvis – Rob Knight
Rob Knight holds the title of Pacific
Northwest 2014 Division Champion as
an Elvis Tribute Artist. Forever Elvis is
reminiscent of his lively and passionate
Las Vegas stage shows and concerts.
Wednesdays at 4 p.m.
The Red Room Cabaret Bar is located upstairs in the Act II Entertainment STAGES complex at 300 Insurgentes
(corner of Basilio Badillo)in the Romantic Zone on the south side of town. Tel.: 222-1512.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
The 7 Arts
Roslyn Kind in the Red Room!
(You do know that she’s Barbra Streisand’s sister, right?)
hroughout show business
history, famous families and
singing siblings keep entertaining
us… despite all the issues that
come up in all family relationships.
It’s believed that the musical
gifts needed to have a successful
career in entertainment are often
genetically shared. From there,
it is an individual’s drive or a
driving show business parent that
often makes the real difference
in success. Some siblings sing
together, while others set out on
their own career paths.
The most notable singing
sibling group of all time is likely
the Jackson family, from Gary,
Indiana. La Toya, Tito, Jackie,
Marlon, Jermaine, Janet, Rebbie,
Randy & the late Michael
Jackson have all achieved
various levels of musical super
stardom both together and as
solo performers. Their father Joe
Jackson launched the Jackson
Brothers in 1964, and popular
music was changed forever.
The brothers known as
the Bee Gees sang together
and popularized an entirely
new musical genre.
Maurice and Barry shot to disco
superstardom thanks to their work
on the soundtrack for Saturday
Night Fever in 1977.
album dominated the charts for
months, and remained there for
an astounding 120 weeks. Their
younger brother Andy Gibb also
launched a successful singing as
a teen idol until his sudden death
from a heart infection at only 30
years old.
In the country music genre,
the Judd family features very
successful singers, and an actress
as well. The mother/daughter
team of Naomi and Wynonna
Judd achieved 14 number one hits
until they went their separate ways
in 1991. Ashley Judd has achieved
notable success as a Hollywood
Closer to home, Puerto Vallarta
will very soon welcome a special
musical guest who will take the
stage at the Red Room Cabaret
from March 2nd through 5th. Roslyn
Kind recently performed with her
sister, Barbra Streisand, during
an eight-city US/Canadian tour and
a six-city international tour, which
brought her to acclaimed venues
including the Hollywood Bowl, the
02 Arena in London and the Rogers
Arena in Vancouver. In addition to
performing historic duets with her
sister, Ms. Kind shared the stage
with her nephew Jason Gould.
Roslyn Kind is a dynamic, multitalented entertainer who has forged
a successful career in all facets
of entertainment, from critically
acclaimed recordings to sold-out
performances on Broadway and in
top concert venues and nightclubs
the world over.
She began her performing career
while still in her teens with the
release of her first album, Give
Me You, just two months after
graduating from high school. A
whirlwind of performing activity
followed including engagements at
the nation’s top nightclubs, acclaim
from Time Magazine and three
appearances on The Ed Sullivan
Show leading up to her showstopping New York debut at the Plaza
Hotel’s legendary Persian Room.
The second season of Saturday
Night Live featured Roslyn Kind as
a musical guest, with Elliott Gould
as the show’s host in 1977.
Even the media agree that Roslyn
Kind has worked hard to achieve
noteworthy success as a famous
sibling with a solo career.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
“To say she is superb would
be an understatement.” – The
London Times
“Splendid and sizzling” – The
New York Times
“Roslyn Kind sings like
a dream.” – The Hollywood
“She’s so good on so many
levels; it’s difficult to categorize
her. This elegant, beautiful,
petite, dynamo delight rules the
stage with a royal command that
demands adoration from every
seat in the house.” – The New
York Post
Roslyn Kind dazzles audiences
with her vocal prowess when she
presents an evening of music,
cabaret and family storytelling
that is sure to entertain. Join Ms.
Kind for “a journey of emotions”
in her brand new show featuring
both new material and vintage
“Rozzie” tunes. She’s here in
Vallarta for four nights only,
March 2nd through the 5th, before
she heads to Guadalajara for
a one-night only performance
at the Ajijic Auditorium on
Saturday, March 7th.
Roslyn Kind in Concert
tickets are available now at
card or Paypal only) and at the
Act II Stages box office on the
corner of Basilio Badillo and
Insurgentes. Ms. Kind is hosting
a private VIP Champagne &
appetizers reception after each
of her concerts, to connect with
her fans. Concert only tickets
are just US $39.50 online or
by phone at 222-4198, or $500
pesos at the box office. Seating
is very limited in the Red Room,
so get your tickets now to avoid
The 7 Arts
Joe Harrington
lejandro Gonzalez Inarritu won for Best Director of Birdman.
Accepting the award he said, obviously from the heart, “I dedicate this to my
fellow Mexicans, For the ones that live in Mexico, I pray that we can find
and build a government that we deserve. For the ones that live in America, I
hope they are treated with the same dignity and respect as the ones that came
before them and helped build this country.” To which I add, “Amen.” This
man also won, along with three other writers – Nicolas Giacobome, Alexander
Dinelaris and Armando Bo – for Best Original screenplay involving Birdman.
Back on November 20, in my column, I predicted that Birdman would
win Best Picture. In all honesty, later on I started to have a few doubts after
watching The Theory of Everything and The Imitation of Life, both excellent
pictures. Then when the awards started to be announced, with the Budapest
Hotel scooping up one after another, I thought, I’m going to get zip as far as
I missed on Best Actor, choosing Michael Keaton. Eddie Redmayne won
for his sensational job in portraying Stephen Hawking. This actor was in
the just released Jupiter Ascending and delivered what I think will win hands
down the Raspberries Worst Actor Award for 2015. Talk about claiming both
ends of the spectrum regarding your job! But for his role as Hawking he did
also win a Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA.
I did write a column choosing Julianne Moore to win Best Actress for Still
Alice. Talk about well deserved!
I also picked Birdman’s Emmanuel Lubezki for Best Cinematography.
Way back in November I wrote: “There are no do-overs on the stage. In a
movie the director can yell, ‘Cut,’ as often as he wants. A few minutes after
Birdman began I realized there were no cuts. The movie goes on and on,
emulating what happens on the stage. And the people who controlled the
cameras in this incredible movie continued to do exactly that throughout the
movie, until almost the very end. The Academy Award for this movie is a
slam dunk.” I would have been flabbergasted if this prize went anywhere else.
Truly well deserved! It is also a back-to-back win for this guy, last year he
got it for Gravity.
I loved Julianne Moore’s acceptance speech. “I wrote an article that said
winning an Oscar leads to living five years longer,” she said. “If that’s true, I’d
really like to thank the Academy because my husband is younger than me.” It
took this great actress five nominations before winning a well-deserved award.
Best Supporting Actress went to Patricia Arquette for her role in Boyhood.
She brought nearly all the women in the house to their collective feet when she
shouted, “It’s women’s time to have wage equality once and for all!” People
like Meryl Streep and J-Lo were not only on their feet, but pumping the air as
if they had just won the award.
While very well done, what else? By Meryl Streep, her tribute to those
who died last year was very sad. We lost some very exceptional people:
Mickey Rooney, James Garner, Elizabeth Pena, Edward Hermann, Maya
Angelou, James Rebhorn, Anita Ekberg, Paul Apted, H.R. Giger, Gordon
Willis, Richard Attenborough, Ruby Dee, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., Robin
Williams, Lauren Bacall, Misty Upham, Eli Wallach, Gabriel Garcia
Marquez, Bob Hoskins, Mike Nichols… Think of the unbelievable amount
of entertainment delivered by that list of exceptional and talented people.
R.I.P., folks, and thanks for the memories.
Neil Patrick Harris started the evening off with a hit, then pretty much struck
out the rest of the night until he did a parody of Michael Keaton’s losing his
robe and having to walk into the theater wearing only his white briefs. His
two hit lines? He started with, “This is the whitest… Er, brightest…” And
his comment was right on, all 20 of the major nominations were white folks.
Hasn’t happened since 1995. And, surprisingly, Selma was snubbed in every
category except Best Picture nominee. That rarely happens. Neil’s second hit
line? After he went on stage wearing only his white undies, he stood at the
microphone and said, “acting is a noble profession.” Brought the house down.
On another note: My wife and I have owned a condo here for nine years.
Sadly, due to circumstances dealt by God, we are selling it. It’s a penthouse
next door to Paramount Bay, Upper Amapas - 2 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms,
Spanish-styled. Roof is spilt-level, upper with palapa, BBQ, half-bath, table,
chairs. Lower level: dipping pool, couple of loungers. Asking 215K. It was
appraised 3 years ago by Tropacasa Realty for 235K. Discounted because
we’re selling “by Owner.” Full description and photos available, email my
address listed below, or call 221-6459.
Joe Harrington
Is an internationally published true crime writer and documentary filmmaker.
Send comments or criticism to [email protected] Artwork by Bob Crabb.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
The 7 Arts
Los Bambinos: Listeners’ Choice
for local entertainment
istening to local live music
is a great way to get to know a
city. The joyous culture of Puerto
Vallarta really comes through
in Los Bambinos’ two weekly
shows, as they bring masterful
guitar and soaring harmonies
to the upbeat and feel-good
performances they are known for.
Los Bambinos’ theme this season
is performing original music that
they tastefully include in both
Tuesday nights’ Flashback World
Favorites Tour – Rock ‘n Rroll
show, as well as Friday nights’
Unplugged Acoustic Latino
In their Tuesday night show,
Los Bambinos take you on a walk
down memory lane… from the
Monkees and Everly Brothers to
1960s California with the Beach
Boys and their Surfin’ Safari
album. They complement the
Rock ‘n Roll tone with a selection
of their originals, and a collection
of contemporary favorites. The
“World Favorites Tour” show is
well named as many favorites
are captured in Los Bambinos’
fabulous style.
On Friday nights, their concert
takes you on a musical tour
from the Revolution Era to
Contemporary hits. They bring
you the heart of Latin American
music that is an intimate part
of their own musical history.
In this performance, the group
upbringing, presenting their
talent through the Latin music
style. The impressive guitar
resulting from two decades of
musical study shines in this
performance, ringing out the
soul-felt harmonies that only four
true brothers could capture.
Los Bambinos is one of those
talented groups that make you
wonder not if, but when they will
be “picked up” by a production
company. They are an “I saw
them when…” group and are
clearly one local concert not to
miss. See Los Bambinos’ twohour performance on Tuesday and
Friday nights 8 p.m. at the Roxy
Rock House, which offers live
music every night at 217 Ignacio
L. Vallarta in the Romantic Zone
on the south side of town. For
tickets & private event bookings: |
Tel.: 222-4357. English spoken.
See you at the show!
Ada Colorina is widely renowned for her simple,
yet sophisticated, depictions of everyday life in
traditional Mexican towns. Using Puerto Vallarta
as her main source of inspiration, she covers her
canvases with bright, intense colors, creating
beautiful and vibrant images of commonplace scenes,
in her own inimitable naïf style. She has represented
Puerto Vallarta internationally in many art-related events.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
The 7 Arts
6 to 10 pm
At Galleria Dante
Israel Zzepda
Friday, March 6th, 2015
At only 44, Israel Zzepda has already
been a professional artist for more than half
his life. He has been painting and drawing
for more than 36 years, but also sculpts.
Israel’s body of work is remarkably large
given his age, but when you consider he
became an apprentice at the age of 15 and
a full-time art teacher at the age of 19, it
isn’t so surprising. He taught both art and
fashion illustration for more than 13 years,
and, as a teacher, he has influenced many
young artists, including several members
of his own family.
There is a sensitivity, innocence and refined discipline about Israel. His work explores religious, spiritual, sexual and existential realms, reflecting truths and questioning established thinking,
and he is not afraid to express himself. “The artist is a reflection of
daily life. I want to be a chronicle of my time,” says Zzepda, who
seeks to reflect his own unique style and honesty in all of his work.
In his approach to the human figure, texture plays an extremely
important role. Instead of painting photo-realistic portraits, he sacrifices the perfection of the human figure in hopes of revealing part
of the shared human experience that resides within him. “We are
all good and bad, we construct and we destroy, we are of light and
somewhat dark, journeying daily through the streets of the planet.”
Israel’s imaginative capacity is, perhaps, the most dominant striking
feature of his work. The viewer cannot help but be drawn in and
intrigued by the thematic contents of his paintings. Some of his works appear to be recreating ambiguous and mysterious worlds often
made up of strange, desolate environments while others display serene, sometimes humorous, eroticism. He also embraces notoriously
religious topics, as well as ontological and metaphysical subjects.
Israel has also painted more than 1000 meters of murals, both public and private, in Quintana Roo, Michoacán, and Jalisco. In addition, he completed 7 murals in Sardinia, Italy, in 2011. He also participated in a collective show in Turin, Italy, on March 15th, 2014, and
is working on a new conceptual art project that delves into human
and social justice in the setting of globalized power and its effects on
ecological consciousness and human rights.
Every 6 months, the gallery receives new works that exceed our
wildest expectations. His latest work represents a new cycle of creative production and personal growth for Israel, and we are all very
anxious to see where it leads. And every 6 months, we are wowed by
Israel’s newest changes in style and mediums.
Galleria Dante
is located at
269 Basilio Badillo.
This fall presented a new concept: “Using macosel, sheets of durable plastic material, it occurred
to me to make a fusion between the drawing, the
texture in bas relief and the oils. This time, seeking
novelty and change, I decided to paint with oil on
apples reliefs cast in aluminum. In itself, the figure of the apple as support is already a symbolic element receiving the context of the image within it.”
Visual ideas have a common conceptual aspect,
the geometry, like a chess board, as a symbol of
the duality in the claroscuro of the human soul. Wisdom and instinct in spiritual cohabitation that
does not explain the progress and human growth
without such duality. The universe, known and
unknown, is the vital space where we discover
ourselves through suffering, happiness, loss and
gain. There can be no certainty without uncertainty or light without the comparison of darkness. We are in this daily cycle of self-destruction and
self-reinvention. All ideas had the challenge of constructing themselves in the experience of memory without using a single model.”
Brothers David &
Francisco Xavier Zepeda
Friday, March 6th, 2015
David Moreno Zepeda - Born in Guadalajara in August 1979, he
developed his passion for drawing at the young age of five. He tried
to emulate the heroes of his childhood as well as his older brother
who was already passionate about drawing as a form of expression.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
For years, David was influenced, motivated and supported by his brother,
however it wasn’t until 1995 that he began his formal studies in drawing
and painting under the direction of Israel Zzepda. Plagued by health issues throughout his youth, his mentor helped him overcome his frustrations by channeling his ability and potential as a painter. He was also
able to find balance in his life through tae kwon do, which has given him
both physical and mental clarity while complementing and contributing
to his artistic pursuits. David has been exhibiting in individual and group
shows since 2002.
David also has a love of the romance languages, especially Italian, a
beautiful language that enriches him artistically and influences his work,
both directly and indirectly.
“I love painting and its many diverse manifestations as well as the other
fine arts – sculpture, film, theater, poetry, literature and music – and I try
to stay in constant contact with all of them. I love art in all of its forms.
All I know is that I paint out of necessity. I try to express and project
all of myself through my work: my thoughts, feelings, introversion and
Francisco Xavier Zepeda - Born in Garita, Jalisco,
in 1969, he is a self-taught
artist. Although he developed a passion for creating
and artistic endeavors at a
young age, it has only been in
the last ten years that he has
truly dedicated himself to his
sculptural creations. Francisco is somewhat of an inventor,
always experimenting and trying to solve a problem. His
desire to create unique works
of art has driven him to dabble
in many different mediums:
wood, metal, clay, found objects, car parts, bronze and paper mache before settling on
cast aluminum and Alaba Stone, a manmade stone which is
a combination of crushed alabaster and polymers, heated to petrify it then
filed, sanded and shaped.
Francisco is driven by the idea of transforming common objects into
something that dazzles the public, filling them with curiosity and reflection. His new body of work consists of forms that are both metamorphic
and semi-organic and, through the combination of the sculptures’ curves,
textures and light, are able to capture both the natural and abstract while
exposing the observer to the corporeal nature of the third dimension.
Francisco and his brothers, constant companions and all artists, constantly challenge each other to grown and make a lasting mark on the.
“I am in love with life. Every day is an opportunity to crystallize my
emotions and feelings by creating new projects. Even though time never
seems to be enough, I appreciate every minute, every second I spend creating what I want and desire. I am in constant motion.”
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
The 7 Arts
The 7 Arts
Plegarias al viento
(Prayers to the wind)
On February 7
Arciela Barbero
last, in an area
known as El Vecindario, Parque
Parota, the second “Plegarias al
viento” intervention was held under
the auspices of the Visual Arts
faculty of the Coastal University
Center (CUC) of the University
of Guadalajara, and Ruta 383 with
the coordination of artist Maria
Cristina Mercado, along with
the “El Ingenio” collective from
Plegarias” (kerchiefs embroidered
with prayers) is a project born with
the goal of sharing our thoughts
on a bit of embroidered fabric.
starting with a vision of collectivity,
to build with “others” ideas of
change, and integrating as a society
based on participation – just some
of the goals. There were artists
from Mexico, like Marcela Bernal,
Rebeca Santiago and Claudia
Vázquez, among others; and from
Argentina: Juan Bracamonte,
Claudia Esperguín, Tuly López,
among the group of other countries
that are already participating,
looking forward to welcoming
them in various parts of Mexico
and beyond.
People of all ages came to the
event, and especially students of
the Visual Arts faculty. In one
part of the park, there was a kitemaking workshop, using recycled
materials; in another, two young
students gave a demonstration
of Arabic dance. There was live
music and readings of stories and
poetry. In an atmosphere of total
harmony and sharing, people started
embroidering kerchiefs, granting a
special meaning to each one, thus
leaving a little bit of themselves.
We spoke of love, of the desire
for happiness, justice, peace. With
needle and thread, words are given
power and strength. A little piece
of fabric is given meaning, turning
into something more than an object,
a sublime pretext that leads us to
dialogue and sharing, feeling that
we are part of something we built
ourselves - to strengthen the feeling
of belonging.
The act of embroidering promotes
introspection and affection while
demanding attention and patience.
If this experience moves on to the
social plane, it may be seen as a
strength, a union that becomes a
weave that cannot be torn, that
protects, supports and contains
community and art. And such is
exactly the feeling of embroidering
in a group, each person gives life
to his or her own creation while
establishing social links with
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
was scheduled for last Saturday,
February 21st. With every event,
there are more kerchiefs, that will
travel in a suitcase to other cities,
other states, other countries, where
they’re also embroidering more
positive thoughts, more ideas.
Prayers to the wind, interspersing
the power for change.
We should mention that the
kerchiefs will be traveling to
Lisbon, Portugal this weekend,
where we will hold the first
“Plegarias al viento” intervention
outside of the country.
Embroidery will not change the
present situation in this country,
but it does help generate ideas
for change, by causing us to ask
ourselves what it is we must do as
citizens, who we are, and why we
are. It is with small acts that big
changes can be accomplished.
uring the winter of 2006, Michael and his
wife Pati embarked on what would result in a life
changing endeavor for them both.
After many visits to beautiful Puerto Vallarta,
they decided to take the next step and open an art
gallery of their own. Once decided on a location,
the renovations began, along with learning to live
“on Mexican time”.
Working closely with an artisan from Tlaqupaque,
a unique process for making hand made frames was
devised, with the end product being a custom piece of
art that frames each of Whitlow’s originals and giclées.
Michael Whitlow oil paintings are finished on
prepared board or linen canvas using thick underpainting, transparent glazing and scrumbling to
provide a realistic depth of field and the naturalistic
portrayal of surface textures. You stop and stare,
entranced, wondering, “How does he do that?” Such
is the masterful realism of Michael Whitlow. With
exacting detail, wonderful interplay of darks and
lights dancing amidst exquisite, rich, vibrant colors,
these paintings are like classical music for the eyes.
Galeria Whitlow also features the evocative
Venetian and Parisian scenes of Vasily Grebennikov,
the meticulous paintings of miniaturist Jaggu Prasad,
and now, the emotive scenes of Alexander Popoff.
For the Whitlows, the gallery is a dream come to
fruition in the heart of Puerto Vallarta’s art district.
If you have the chance to visit this wonderful city,
please do drop in for a visit.
Every year, from the end of October until the end
of May, the wide variety of art galleries in Puerto
Vallarta come together to host the Old Town Art
Walk, offering refreshments and showcasing a wide
spectrum of art work. This self-guided tour has
become one of the most popular events Vallarta has
to offer. Over the years, the city has established itself
as a vibrant center of art creation, exhibition and
promotion, and the Art Walk has been an important
contribution to this accomplishment. This year, it
will continue through May 27, 2015.
Everyone is cordially invited to join the artists at
Galeria Whitlow on Art Walk nights, Wednesdays from
6 to 10 p.m., at 233 Leona Vicario. Tel.: 222-8091.
The 7 Arts
Galería Whitlow
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
The 7 Arts
Writing for the digital age
A Memoir with a Cause
Proceeds benefit PV’s LGBT Community Center
Bill Jory
The rules of writing have changed, Texas author Caleb Pirtle plans
to tell participants at the upcoming Puerto Vallarta International Writers’
Conference, and success will only come by embracing the digital age.
“For the first time, authors are in charge of their own destiny,” he says.
“They need to take advantage of it. They need to understand how to take
advantage of it. I hope they are ready to meet a very realistic challenge.”
Pirtle, author of more than 55 books, will be keynote speaker at the
March 6-8 conference at Biblioteca Los Mangos Public Library organized
jointly by the Library and the PV Writers’ Group.
“My talk will be built around the foundation that aspiring writers need
to consider as they begin the development of a story. It doesn’t make any
difference whether they are writing a novel, a nonfiction, book, a short
story, or a magazine article, the approach is always the same. I will,
and I hope in a humorous way, discuss these touchstones for writers to
remember. Where do you find stories? How do you birth new ideas for
stories? And what makes a good story? I will also visit the idea that old
formulas for stories no longer work, and how do you write for the digital
age, which is changing all of the rules.”
Along with Pirtle, Puerto Vallarta writer Maurice Monette, author of
Confessions of a Gay Married Priest, will be offering tips on memoir
writing. Other presenters - Sarah Cortez, James Callan, Donna Dahl,
Melissa Frost and Thomas Pulley – will offer an inspiring mix of
seminars, workshops and interaction on the theme Leaving Our Mark ...
Awakening More than Memoir. Evelyn Byrne of White Bird Publishing
and literary agent Elise Capron, representing the Sandra Dijkstra Literary
Agency, will be on hand to consider manuscripts.
“It is my hope that writers who attend the conference will walk away
with a new understanding of the writing process and a burning desire to
run home, sit down, and begin a new story or a new book,” Pirtle says.
“I don’t want writers to hear a lot of vague abstractions about writing.
When they leave, I want them to have in hand the nuts and bolts of
Registration is $125 U.S. Registration forms and information are available
by email at [email protected] Payment can be made via PayPal.
Paco Arjona
I was happy to read the PV
Mirror article “Lessons on
Memoir Writing” about the
upcoming PV International
Writers’ Conference featuring
author Maurice Monette and his
Confessions of a Gay Married
Priest. I attended a workshop
by Monette on memoir writing
and his 5 simple lessons are
empowering. His is not only
a creative approach to memoir
writing, it offers an easy way
out for those who don’t start
or finish their memoir because
they think they have to be linear
starting with birth. His memoir
is a collection of short stories
tied together with a universal
theme, in his case, spiritual
development. The theme makes
the memoir accessible to anyone
exploring spiritual development,
family issues, sexuality, and/or
For visitors and residents
who might not know, I want to
add something important about
Maurice’s book. He is donating
100% of proceeds to human
rights organizations like Puerto
Vallarta’s LGBT Community
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Center, SETAC. Because of
this, numerous Romantic Zone
businesses are also collaborating
to sell copies including: A Page
in the Sun, Cassandra Shaw
Jewelry, Coco’s Kitchen, The
Coffee Cup, Jorge’s Hideaway,
and Piñata Juice Bar. The book
is also on
SETAC also offers Confessions
at its offices and at SETAC
events around town. For more
information about the book or
SETAC services that the book
supports, please feel free to call
SETAC at 227-1974.
Francisco J. Arjona Barbosa
is the Director of SETAC.
Been there…
Anejo Limon – “Wow! What a
treat… a restaurant that leaves a mouth
watering impression… a culinary
adventure for the palate… Bruce makes
the best prime rib in town… Rack of
lamb, chicken with crimini mushrooms
& herbs, and the thickest pork chops
in a chipotle raspberry sauce… lovely
garden patio in the back… Hats off
and many bows and genuflects to Chef
Bruce and his staff!”
Archie’s Wok - “A feeling of
serenity... very soothing... like
an Oriental patio... extremely
comfortable... subtle, intriguing
flavors... care to detail... cuisine
of the Philippines, with delicate
touches of Thai and Chinese... some
of the best exotic cocktails around.”
Coco Tropical - “Right on the
beach... Great for serious, first rate
people watching... very romantic...
The sound of the waves, subtle
lights, discreet and efficient service,
fabulous Continental & Swiss
menu... Fully stocked bar for that
special, refreshing drink in the
middle of the day...”
Corazón Mexicano – “All we
can say is: awesome! Cold beer
and the best cheese enchilada I’ve
ever had… there’s nothing like a
chili relleno done right! There isn’t
anything on the menu you shouldn’t
try… people working there are
warm and inviting… serving real
Mexican food with love… enjoy
being in Mexico!”
D’z Route 66 – “…without
doubt the most fun place… soda
bar, photos of the 50’s, 45 rpm
records, memorabilia …and the
best music – especially if you’re
a Baby Boomer… familiar items
like burgers (humungous), hot
dogs & pizzas, chicken wings &
strips, finger-lickin’ good ribs,
Philly Cheese Steak & traditional
Club sandwiches, Root Beer floats,
shakes, banana splits, sundaes, etc…
Even passers-by stop to listen and
sing along to the music!”
El Arrayan – “Authentic
traditional Mexican cuisine, voted
Best of its class 4 years in a row...
true, inimitable delights to sight and
taste… spacious, welcoming and
charming Hacienda patio style …
cool, casual atmosphere … attentive,
friendly service promoting the use of
regionally-produced ingredients…”
Good Bites
Frankies Restaurant – “The
best Italian we’ve had here… Very
popular small restaurant in the
Romantic zone... such great food…
The service is great… portions
are generous… Fettuccini Alfredo
was one of the best ever as was
the rigatoni with red sauce and
Heidelberg – “Family-owned
and operated, a desirably quieter
venue close to the ocean... well
balanced menu with more than
usual selections of interesting soups,
salads and entrees… the oven
baked German Potato Salad side
with Weiner Schnitzel entrée was as
good if not more delicate than the
Schnitzel I had in Germany…”
Kaiser Maximilian – “A pioneer
in the Olas Altas area, a welldefined identity … a favorite among
lovers of fine dining, specializing
in contemporary Austrian cuisine
… quality ingredients matched by
excellent, amiable service … casual,
elegant ambience … a consistent
participant in PV’s annual Gourmet
Mama Rita’s – “Location is
ideal [Hotel Zone]… great food at
a reasonable price... Something for
everyone to enjoy. Rita & husband
Ed are usually there and take time
to come and chat with you… the
thin crust pizza was excellent. The
service was great in the small patio.”
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Trio – “Rich woods, frescoes
reminiscent of Tuscany and trompe
l’oeil details, comfortable upholstered
chairs, crisp white tablecloths and
napkins, glistening tableware, and
the most mouth-watering aromas
wafting by as the courteous, efficient
wait staff comes in carrying one
succulent dish after another… The
Mediterranean fare and décor of this
Five Star Diamond Award winner
stand alone in Vallarta.”
Health Matters
Medical marijuana in Mexico
Samara Alpern
lthough marijuana remains
illegal in Mexico, laws are becoming
increasingly liberalized in Canada
and the United States, from where
Vallarta draws the majority of its
visitors. Many travelers continue to
use marijuana while they are here.
Why do otherwise law-abiding
citizens choose to medicate with
marijuana in a foreign country where
it is illegal? What kinds of reactions
do they encounter here in Mexico?
How do they acquire their medicine?
What kinds of risks do they run? The
following article is the first in a series
of profiles of medical marijuana
users here in Puerto Vallarta.
In addition to playing music for
the residents at the Asilo San Juan
Diego, the seniors’ home in Pitillal,
Margaret Lang and her husband,
Ian Robinsan, get a great joy from
visiting orphanages in PV.
“You walk out of there feeling,
‘Wow! What a great day!” says
Lang herself had a difficult
childhood, albeit with challenges
of a different nature. A sufferer of
rheumatoid arthritis since age six, she
missed out on a lot of the activities
of childhood due to debilitating pain.
In her youth, the only medication
available to her was aspirin. Fiftysix years later, she has consumed
massive quantities of steroids,
biologics, and other medications.
The first time she turned to
marijuana was in 1982.
“I never even smoked cigarettes,”
she says. “I wanted pink lungs.” But
during a severe attack, a friend of
hers suggested the marijuana might
help her feel better, and gave her a
joint to smoke.
“I smoked it and slept for 24
hours,” she says. Ever since, she has
used marijuana for relief during the
flair ups that lock her joints in pain
and rob her of sleep. “It’s just...
In those days, marijuana was still
illegal in Canada, and Margie became
a passionate activist, participating in
the revolution that legalized medical
marijuana in Canada in 2001. She
counts notable marijuana advocate
Marc Emory among her friends, and
she was one of the first to receive a
medical marijuana license in Canada.
But it wasn’t until last year, when
she had a severe reaction to one of
her biologic arthritis medications,
that she took marijuana as a
serious treatment, instead of as an
intermittent pain reliever and sleep
aid. Because the medication that
was causing the reaction stays in the
body for 6 months, she was unable
to take any other medicine until the
first medication had cleared out of
her system.
The symptoms were horrific bleeding blisters all over her body,
and an accompanying flare up of the
arthritis that was so severe, her joints
locked into place and fluid swelled
around her heart and lungs. Ian was
He contacted a religious sect in
Ontario that uses cannabis oil as a
religious sacrament. After internal
deliberation, the sect passed along the
information Ian needed to produce
his own cannabis oil. During this
crisis, he fed his wife several grams
of Pheonix Tears a day.
“Marijuana saved her life,” says
Ian. “It’s a gift from G-d.”
The critical illness passed, but
Margie continues to struggle with
her disease and to smoke marijuana
to help her sleep and to relieve pain.
“It’s an ongoing battle, keeping
this old warhorse together. One
by one, her activities fall by the
wayside,” says Ian.
When she and Ian came to Puerto
Vallarta this year for a 4-month stay,
one of the first things the couple did
was head to the doctor to oversee
their care while here. A recipient of
a liver transplant 18 years ago, Ian
also has serious health matters to
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
“We told the doctor right away
that we used medical marijuana,
and asked if there was a way to get
some in Mexico. We were told it
was illegal,” says Margie. But the
doctor actually provided them with
a contact to procure their marijuana.
They were also forthright with their
landlord. “Before we rented, we told
the landlord we smoke marijuana,
and is that going to be a problem?”
says Ian. “He said, ‘OK.’”
Though Lang and Robinsan say
they only consume at home and
don’t fear legal penalties from their
marijuana use, its illegality in Mexico
does pose an ethical problem.
On one hand, marijuana is integral
to their health and wellbeing. On
the other hand, says Ian, “we should
have more respect for the law of
Mexico. I’m a guest here. I should
be more humble. If that’s how the
Mexican people feel about it and
that’s their law, we should respect it.”
Continuing to reason out loud, Ian
says, “What I would say to people
who are down on marijuana is, look
at Margie, who uses it for relief. If it
makes her feel better - no one should
hate her for that.”
Samara Alpern is a freelance
writer based in Puerto Vallarta.
Are we communicating yet?
Giselle Belanger
are very common whether it is
between family members, friends,
work colleagues, or an intimate
relationship. How many times have
you said “That’s not what I said” or
had someone accusingly say “You
are not listening”?
It can be very frustrating to feel
like you are being misunderstood or
not listened to and the aggravation
escalates into anger, defenses
rise, and before you know it you
are arguing and definitely not
effectively communicating.
that you are in fact listening,
paying attention, following the
conversation, and understanding
what is being said. It is important to
validate the other person’s feelings
and experience whether you agree
or not, or think they should feel the
way they do or not. It may seem
ridiculous or their perception may
seem too extreme or you may think
they’re being too sensitive, but it
is still the way they feel. Emotions
do not need to be rational. Instead
they must be validated, not judged
or criticized.
Are you listening?
In order to truly listen, you have
to be focused on what the other
person is saying, not thinking about
how much you don’t agree or how
to defend yourself. You may feel
so anxious that you cannot wait for
them to finish before you interrupt
to defend yourself. If you interrupt
or speak at the same time they are,
then you are not listening. Don’t
worry, you will have the chance
to respond afterwards. “Active”
listening is when you are fully
engaged in what the other person
is saying and “passive” listening
is when you “hear” what they are
saying and can repeat what they
said but you are distracted thinking
or doing something else at the same
time. Active listening requires
effort and energy as well as a
sincere interest. Do you have good
listening skills?
Be empathic
Try to put yourself in their shoes.
Ask yourself what it would be like
to have that same experience and
how it would feel. Try to imagine
it. Some things are much easier
than others and don’t require much
imagination. For example, you
don’t have to jump off the Brooklyn
Bridge to know that it would hurt
and so you don’t need to try it.
Other things require that you get in
touch with your empathic side.
The ability to be empathic is
essential and the best way to gain
empathy is to think of similar
experiences of pain, loss, fear, etc
in order to imagine what it must be
like for them. If you are able to do
this, you will find a new, kinder, less
aggressive way of connecting with
that person and communication
will be much more effective.
Validate instead of
judging or criticizing
During the listening process there
will be opportunities to confirm
me so angry” or “you never ask
me how my day was” or “you
never do anything nice for me”
How do you feel just reading those
accusing phrases? Most likely, they
make you angry and defensive.
Now consider the same complaints
stated differently in the first person
from the “I” point of view.
“I feel so angry when” or “It
would feel so good if you would
ask me how my day was” or “I’m
feeling lonely, a little ignored,
and I’m not sure what’s going on,
I need more attention and quality
time from you right now”.
aggressive? When you speak from
the first person, you are accepting
responsibility for your part; your
feelings, your desires, and your
needs. The other person will be
much more willing to accommodate
your needs and desires if you aren’t
completely blaming them for your
Accept responsibility
Take an honest look at your
part and accept responsibility for
it. Were you inconsiderate? Did
you only think of yourself? Were
you impulsive? Should you have
considered the consequences or
how it would affect someone
else? Once you acknowledge their
point of view and your part in the
scenario, you will then be able
to consider what you could do
differently the next time.
Do not blame
It is very important to practice
speaking in the first person (“I”)
instead of the typical blaming
“you” point of view. “You make
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Health Matters
Next time
Review together what you could
do differently next time. What
would help the situation?
Is the behavior or attitude old
or new? What are your patterns?
What are you willing to change and
what do you refuse to change? How
does it make you feel to consider
these changes? Is it threatening
or scary? Will the other way be
really unfamiliar? It is important
to consider all of this so that you
don’t agree to something that you
are not actually willing to carry
out. Do not make promises you
cannot keep. Most likely you will
need to compromise somewhere
in the middle. It will feel good
if you are both making an effort.
And best of all, communicating in
a more personal way, sharing your
feelings, desires and needs, closes
the gap and creates intimacy.
Giselle Belanger
RN, LCSW (psychotherapist) is available
for appointments in person, by phone,
or by skype webcam. Contact info:
[email protected] Mex cell: 044
(322) 138-9552 or US cell: (312) 914-5203.
Health Matters
Krystal Frost
Acupuncture and anxiety and depression
here are literally millions of
people of all ages that are afflicted with
depression and anxiety. The western
antidepressant drugs such as Effexor,
Paxil, Elavil, Zoflot, Prozac, Celexa,
Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Trazodone
and other modern miracles can be
beneficial by focusing on maintaining
the serotonin levels in the brain.
These meds address the symptoms of
depression and emotional upsets. In
addition to the variable side effects,
the patients need to take them long
term. On the other hand, acupuncture,
combined with Chinese herbs, has
proven to be an effective alternative
to treat anxiety, stress-induced fatigue
and emotions swings resulting in longterm benefits. The difference in Traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM) or acupuncture
and Chinese herbal treatment, is
that these treatments address the
cause(s) of the disease, or that of
the internal imbalance caused by the
exposure to external stress and other
factors. Stress and toxic emotions
when left untreated can cause energy
(CHI) “blockage” or changes of the
neurotransmitters such as a decrease
of brain concentration of the serotonin
levels, resulting in anxiety, poor sleep,
fatigue, and depression.
TCM is based on the principle
that true health and well-being
involves a balance between the five
fundamental aspects of ourselves.
In terms of our emotions they are:
joy, fear, anger, grief and sympathy.
I say it all boils down to LOVE or
These feelings are an essential part of
our human nature - the problem occurs
when we become stuck in one or other
of these emotions. We are, perhaps,
unable to express joy, grief, fear and
may literally break down emotional
with depression like symptoms of
fatigue, insomnia, weight loss or gain,
hives, body aches and pain and disease.
Acupuncture aims to identify and
correct emotional imbalance to bring
stability and harmony to this essential
aspect of our lives. Did you know there
are acupuncture points that are called
psycho- emotion points? When these
points are manipulated, tension is eased
and patients find they feel grounded and
more in control of their lives.
One question patients often ask
is that how can acupuncture for
depression be effective in the long
run when stress is, and always will be,
part of our daily life? The answer is
because the treatment focuses on the
root cause of the unbalance rather then
the symptoms of stress. This allows
our body and mind to handle the stress
better or maintain the physiological
balance better in times of anxiety. When patients with depression receive
acupuncture, they usually experience
improvement in the reduction of
anxiety, insomnia, as well as more
energy, and over all well-being after 2
to 4 visits. Best of all there is no side
effect from acupuncture treatments. On top of these benefits, once
patients get well, they will remain
well even when they stop taking the
herbs and acupuncture treatments.
What to expect on your first
appointment with an acupuncturist?
During your first visit, you will be
asked about your physical condition,
lifestyle, reactions to different
climatic conditions, diet, medications,
supplements and so on. Your tone
of voice, pulse, face, ears, skin tone,
eyes, hands, feet, nails, tongue and
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
general attitude will be considered.
From all these, the nature of your
overall health can be deduced, and
corrective treatment prescribed.
After the diagnostic process the
practitioner will discuss treatment
options, diet suggestions, herbal
medication, sleeping patterns and
exercise. I ask for 50% participation
by the patient in the responsibility for
their cure. This may come in the form
of at least attempting diet suggestions,
beginning an exercise program or
being consistent in preparing and
ingesting herbal remedies.
When the proper diagnosis is
made, the result can be astonishing
and sometimes a bit unsettling For
example, a lady in her early 40’s with
severe depression symptoms was
brought in by her friend who was
concerned that her friend had been
having suicidal thoughts and could not
be left alone. During and after the first
treatment the patient experienced an
emotional release in the form of tears.
She immediately felt relief went home
to sleep for 12 hours. Eastern Medicine
sees tears as a positive release of energy
blocked in the heart. Not all patients
have such a dramatic and clearing
experience, but you can expect a reaction in some form of release.
Acupuncture seeks to address
body, mind, emotions and spirit. It
is a holistic medicine whose 5000year old roots began in China. It is
often accompanied by herbology, diet,
energy-cultivation exercises and lifestyle counseling. The goal is to create
harmony within ourselves and between
ourselves and the world. It works.
Krystal Frost
Is a long time resident of Puerto Vallarta.
Graduate of University of Guadalajara, and
specialized in cosmetic acupuncture at
Bastyr University in Washington State. She
is the owner of Body & Sol for over 20 years
where she practices traditional Chinese
medicine, acupuncture, massage therapy,
yoga, meditation and nutritional counseling.
She has created healing programs for
individuals, retreats and spas. For questions
and comments - Cell: 322 116-9645,
Email [email protected]
Anna Reisman
an you believe that we’re
just three weeks away from
the Spring equinox? Spring
already? Really? Where
did the time fly? Where did
winter go? Oh, I know, north
of our border, in places it
shouldn’t have gone, while
missing others where it should
be, but still… The last four
months went by way too fast
for my liking.
In this town, there’s what used
to be called the “high season” …
and the rest of the year. Now it’s
called the Winter Season, and its
duration appears to be determined
by Easter. If Easter falls in mid or
late April, the season is somewhat
longer. But if it falls early, like this
year, then THE season is cut short.
This means that our restaurants,
hotels, theaters, taxis, etc. must do
whatever they can to attract folks
while they’re here, and then they
have to hang in there somehow until
the next “winter season”.
Don’t get me wrong. Vallarta is
blessed with tourists year ‘round,
but there’s a big difference between
90%+ occupancy and 50%,
especially if the latter are lodged in
all-inclusive resorts.
So, if you’re here, I hope you will
make the most of you visit …and get
out there! Do things, go places, live
new experiences. Enjoy Mexico!
I just read that Barbra Streisand’s
sister, Roslyn Kind, will be at Act
II this month. It reminded me
of the time that Barbra wanted
to have dinner at her friend Sol
Rose’s restaurant, Café Bohemio
on Rodolfo Gomez. She arrived in
a limo from Punta de Mita where
she was staying (along with all the
other Rich ‘n Famous),
pulled up by the Café, saw
that it was full, rolled down
her window and yelled out
to Sol, “Next time!” before
driving off. What a lady!
Which reminds me of
something else… If you like
Jewish food (like the kind
Sol prepares so nicely), but
you’d prefer to enjoy it at
home, you really should visit Gloria
Sue’s (a.k.a. “Mama”) stand at the
Marsol Market on Fridays or the
Tres Gallinas on Saturdays. You
have to walk all the way through the
stands in Marsol’s lobby, out to the
food court outdoors and all the way
back towards the front of the stands
there. She has the best chopped
liver and blintzes around, not to
mention her matzoh ball soup. Put
that together with Peter’s fabulous
bagels, challah and rye bread (at
the Old Town Farmers’ Market on
Saturdays), and you’ve got it made.
I know I do. Just don’t be fooled by
Oh how I wish we knew about so
many other, unpublicized events in
town… One lady just sent us the
following: “Hi, I am interested in
spreading the word about a fantastic
Latin jazz / blues / rock concert
on Friday, March 6, at 8:30 at the
Cecatur Auditorium downtown,
on the corner of Zaragoza and
Matamoros. The sax player is
Martin Montenegro, who has played
for years in PV. On guitar is Jesus
Santana, cousin of Carlos Santana,
and very good. On keyboard is Lalo
Rubio, fantastic. On bass guitar
is Alberto Lopez. Drummer is
Gaspar Vazquez. I think they would
appreciate any publicity you could
give them to support the Mexican
musicians in Vallarta. The cost of
the show is only 80 pesos! They are
having performances every Friday!”
Who knew?
On a not so nice note, if you -or
friends of yours- own a dog, please,
please always keep it on a leash
when you go out of the house, and
do not, under any circumstance,
allow it to eat anything off the street.
A number of poisonings have
been reported around town. There
are some very disturbed people
who are leaving rat poison on the
ground, sometimes wrapped in
something that looks and smells
good to our furry friends. Until
now, to the best of my knowledge,
no arrests have been made as no one
has been caught in the act. I wish
karma would kick in a little faster in
some cases…
Until next time, I wish you an
excellent week, filled with smiles,
laughter and lovingkindness. Que
les vaya muy bien. [email protected]
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Vallarta Voices
Legal Matters
Ask Luis
Luis Melgoza
Dear Luis: Many foreign owners
of Mexican condos who rent them
personally say they claim the income
in their home country because that
is where they receive the money for
the rent. Others claim they are not
obligated to pay taxes in Mexico
because the property is a second
or third residence and the income
is under 51% of their total income
which means they do not need to
declare it in Mexico.
Could you please clarify the
Mexican laws regarding these claims
and the consequences of foreign
owners failing to pay Mexican taxes
if they are obligated to do so?
Thank You.
Dear Reader: Anyone who
perceives income in Mexico or from
Mexican sources is obligated to
report that income to Mexico and pay
taxes on it to Mexico, regardless of
their nationality, Immigration status,
home country laws, and of where
is the income received; including
owners of beneficial rights over
condos or other real property (under
fideicomiso legislation, foreigners
only are granted beneficial rights —
personal rights— for the use of the
asset or assets in fideicomiso for a
maximum of 50 years that might be
renewed, or not, at the pleasure of the
Mexican government).
A condo or other property located
in Mexico is a Mexican source, in all
cases. If income from these Mexican
sources is obtained in any way, shape
or form, regardless of where it is
paid or collected and of the payee’s
nationality, or Immigration status
if applicable, that income must be
reported to Mexico in every single
case, without exception, and Mexican
taxes are due and payable; regardless
of any other obligations the payee
might have to a different country.
In the case of citizens of Canada
or the United States renting their
personal property in Mexico (their
beneficial interest in a property
under a residential fideicomiso), they
must declare the Mexican income
both to Mexico and their country
of citizenship, per the bilateral tax
treaties between Mexico and those
countries, or risk double taxation
for failure to report to either Mexico
or their home country, as well as
potential civil and criminal penalties,
up to cancellation of the permit to
establish a fideicomiso and resulting
forfeiture of the asset or assets held
in fideicomiso, and, if found guilty
of tax evasion, tax fraud or money
laundering by Mexican authorities,
imprisonment and deportation; as
well as other possible civil and
criminal penalties imposed by their
home country.
Article 20 of Mexico’s Value
Added Tax Law (Ley del Impuesto al
Valor Agregado) states that furnished
rentals, hotels and bed & breakfast
establishments must collect, report
and pay IVA tax on any sales.
In order to comply with Mexican
Law, any person, national or foreign,
who engages in the rental of personal
or real property must be registered
with Mexico’s tax authority (Servicio
de Administración Tributaria, or
SAT for it Spanish acronym) as
rental property owners, issue and
file electronic fiscal invoices each
time moneys are receipted (including
detailed IVA for those renting
furnished property), report their
income in Mexico or from Mexican
sources to Mexico monthly and
yearly and pay any resulting income
taxes, also monthly and annually.
Those renting furnished real estate
must also monthly report and pay
collected IVA taxes.
The above are the obligations as
defined by current Law; however,
rental income tax evasion is pervasive
in Mexico. It is estimated that 62% of
rentals are not reported by nationals
and up to 99% by foreigners.
The chances of getting caught are
slim to none, in most cases; but a few
evaders are caught every year.
Unfortunately for those caught,
they are usually made to serve as
examples and there is absolutely
no leniency afforded to them by tax
It is up to the individual to obey the
laws of the land or not. For those who
choose to follow the Law, the same
Law provides the form by which
there is no risk of double taxation
and the individual tax burden is
Those who choose to risk it
and break the Law may never get
caught; but they still increase the
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
tax burden for the rest of us, and
they are contributing to maintaining
substandard city services more than
they know.
There really aren’t any victimless
crimes. Someone, somehow always
ends up paying the piper.
In the immortal words of Plato:
“Good people do not need laws to
tell them to act responsibly, while
bad people will find a way around
the laws.”
1. Ley del Impuesto sobre la
Renta (in Spanish http://www.
2. Ley del Impuesto al Valor
Agregado (in Spanish http://www.
3. Convention
Government of Canada and the
Government of the United Mexican
States for the Avoidance of Double
Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal
Evasion With Respect to Taxes on
Income (
4. United States - Mexico Income
Tax Convention (
Send me your questions to
[email protected], I am not able
to answer each message privately
due to the volume of mail I receive.
I do not take legal cases, I am retired
from the practice of Law.
Luis Melgoza
Is a former PRI (Mexico’s ruling party)
Head Counsel and Legal Adviser to the
Mexican Congress. Although retired
from the legal profession, he is a highly
respected consultant for both the foreign
and Mexican communities in Puerto
Vallarta. Luis’ PVGeeks is the premiere
wireless high-speed Internet provider in
Puerto Vallarta. For Internet service, you
can reach Luis at [email protected]
Real Estate
Harriet Murray
Cultural shock
¨He that travels into a country
before he has some acquaintance of
the language, goes to school, and
not to travel.” Francis Bacon 1561-1626
If you are living here in Mexico
for several months or longer, you
will most likely experience a degree
of culture shock.
Some experiences, many times a
very simple one, can throw you into
alienation, confusion, or surprise from
encountering unfamiliar surroundings.
This is a normal reaction.
You can overcome the feeling by
practicing patience and keeping a
sense of humor. You may find that
getting enough rest and physically
adjusting to the climate goes a
long way in your mental attitude in
adapting to a different culture.
For example, adjusting to the
climate is important in your being
able to cope.
In the high heat and humidity we
experience part of the year, energy
levels are lower by early afternoon
or evening.
One of the symptoms of
sleepiness too early in the day even
after a good night’s rest. A good
rule to follow is to carry and drink
bottled water throughout the day,
beginning when you wake up until
you go to sleep.
Living in a new community is quite
different from vacationing once or
several times a year. Events will
happen that you are not prepared for,
which will surprise you. Know that
this is a normal experience, which
happens to everyone, everywhere.
This same experience happens to
people from other countries moving
to the USA or Canada.
However, after you experience living
abroad, you will find that you can more
easily relate and empathize with this
universal culture shock experience.
Previous to your own experience
abroad, you may not have been able
to fully appreciate what others were
going through. Had any one of us
been more aware of the other person’s
situation, we could have been more
understanding and more helpful.
You can follow some steps to
ameliorate your adjustment into a
different culture:
1. First, compile a list of names
of recommended doctors, dentists,
hospitals… Ask other expatriates
or locals whom you know for
references. One good source can
lead to others. If you have special
health issues, find and meet the
doctors who can help you, before
you need them.
2. Get a map of the city and walk,
take the bus, or drive around to find
the stores and services that you will
need on a regular basis. Find the
grocery, post office, hardware store,
and gas station. Find stores that
carry products or services that you
want or need.
3. Compile a list of phone
numbers. Who do you call to
report the telephone or electric out
of service? You will want to have
the telephone numbers or addresses
of the electrician, plumber, and
carpenter. If you have pets, you
will want to research the name of
veterinarians and pet supply shops.
This process of sourcing continues
during the time you live in your
new environment. A new name
replaces another. You become better
at choosing help or services to meet
your own needs and taste.
There will be many opportunities
to find fellow Americans or
Canadians or English-speaking
natives. The temptation will be
to follow into a pattern of only
speaking your native tongue. This
common language can make your
adventure easier in the beginning.
It can make it more difficult in the
long term.
You can develop a barrier to
meeting and learning from other
people who don’t speak English.
If you only socialize with English
speakers, you will limit your
experiences. You will not be living
an adventure, but living in an
expatriate outpost.
Face the inevitable: learning the
language. Here in the Bay, there are
many opportunities to take private
lessons or attend a language school.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
You need to find out, and experiment
with what best works for you. When
you become discouraged struggling
with understanding, speaking,
reading and writing a new language,
remember that it takes most people
studying regularly at least 3 to 5
years to feel at home in a foreign
This article is based upon legal
opinions, current practices and my
personal experiences in the Puerto
Vallarta-Bahia de Banderas areas.
I recommend that each potential
buyer or seller conduct his own due
diligence and review.
Harriet Murray
Can be contacted at:
[email protected]
Fish Tales
Marlin, Dorado, Wahoo
are out there, do you feel lucky?
Stan Gabruk
(Owner of Master Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle)
Puerto Vallarta is known for
its world class fishing among
other things.
When winter
comes we see the major gamefish
species of Marlin, Sailfish,
Dorado and Tuna take a powder
and head south, replaced by our
winter species. This year, after
what seems to be a never ending
El Nino, we’re seeing unusually
warm water temperatures keeping
some summer species in the area.
What does this mean? Well for
one thing, you’ve got a shot, not
a huge shot, but a shot at Marlin,
Sailfish and Dorado. Yellowfin Tuna
have moved their operation to the
Tres Marias Islands, but nothing is
guaranteed and it has been a hit or
miss situation. It all comes down to
skill with a fair measure of luck, but
one thing is for sure, if you’re not out
there, you have no shot at all. So, do
you feel lucky?
One thing that has happened in the
last week is the fact that we’re finally
seeing the ¨change of season¨ currents
we normally see in January, which
of course means we have the dirty
brown / green water. In fact the muck
on the sea floor has things so stirred
up in the bay it’s at a point that even
the whales are out near the Marieta
Islands and that should tell you
something (and they’re air breathing
mammals). What was great fishing
in the bay last week has turned into
a hunt for clean water where you’ll
have a shot at some fish, but the bay
for the next 20 minutes or so is not
a great option for your fishing dollar.
For those who will be venturing out,
remember to look for the cleanest
water you can find and then you’ll
have a fair shot at Skip Jack tuna to 25
lbs., Sierra Mackerel to 20 lbs., Arctic
Bonito to 35 lbs., Jack Crevalle to 50
lbs., Snook at the river mouths and of
course, the list goes on.
You have to get out to the point of
Punta Mita to El Moro to find clean
water, you’ll also find the whales
hanging out in this area as well,
meaning that the water is ¨livable¨
for the locals, thus there are fish in
the area and this is where you need to
be if you’re looking for gamefish. If
around the Marieta Islands or El Moro
you will still find Jack Crevalle in the
35 to 50-lb range. Skip Jack Tuna
and Arctic Bonito to 40 lbs., Sierra
Mackerel, a faint shot at a Rooster
fish, the same goes for Snapper. Some
Dorado are lingering in the area but I
couldn’t suggest going to this area to
target them. Wahoo (to 60 lbs.) have
been hanging out around El Moro and
off the point of Punta Mita anywhere
from 2 to 16 miles, but they’re out
there, feeling lucky? If the answer
is yes, then you’ll be interested in the
fact that Striped and Blue Marlin are
in the area as well and they’re being
boated daily. Not many, but they’re
good sized, around 450 lbs., there is
abundant bait in the form of Flying
fish, so mimic this bait and you could
get ¨lucky¨! The bottom line this
week if you’re not in the area between
El Moro and off the Punta Mita Point,
you’ll be in the best area to boat a nice
gamefish of any size.
If you’re thinking about a 10 or 12hour day to Corbeteña or El Banco,
you’d be better off saving the money.
Having said that, there are days when
the boats that head out this way are
boating Black or Blue Marlin in the
375 to 500-lb range. Not exactly a
sure thing, but if you’re targeting
Billfish, this is a great place to start,
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Sailfish are in the area as well, but not
abundant… Feeling lucky? You’ll
also find the normal winter players as
well, Jack Crevalle, Skip Jack Tuna,
Bonito and the list goes on. There
are some sizeable Cubera Snapper
over 55 lbs., the only problem is the
strong currents may not let your bait
find their way to the fish or the boat is
just moved out of the way, thank god
for GPS systems that keep you
somewhat stable location wise.
So this is winter fishing, even
the Tres Marias Islands are having
issues with more cold days than
hot where anglers are heading
to this area and finding less than
attractive results after spending
a bucket of money. Now we all
know fishing is not guaranteed
on any level, but when things get
slow at the Tres Marias Islands,
the hit is in the pocket book since
these are multi-day trips.
Water temperatures are still
hovering at 78o when they should be
around 72o. This explains a lot, but
not everything. Bait is abundant to the
max with Flying fish, Blue runners,
Sardines, Bullet Bonito, Skippies,
Bonito, Goggle Eyes and the list is
never ending. For this reason you
need to focus on the bait in the area
you’re fishing to make sure you’re
offering up something that will turn
their fish heads!
Until next time, don’t forget to kiss
your fish and remember: at Master
Baiter’s Sportfishing & Tackle “We
Won’t Jerk You Around!”
Master Baiter’s has changed
locations in Marina Vallarta,
now between docks A and B
on the boardwalk. Email your
questions to me at: [email protected] Web page: , local
Phone at: (044) 322 779-7571 or if
roaming: 011 521 322 779-7571 cell
phone direct. Facebook: http://www.
The trade name Master Baiter’s ®
Sportfishing and Tackle is protected
under trade mark law and is the sole
property of Stan Gabruk.
The Duchess
of Doom
Gil Gevins
my wife left town; that
was bad enough. Then the maid
disappeared; a full-blown calamity.
“You’re where?” I cried into the
“Acapulco,” Rosa said. “I’m
sorry, Sr. Gil. My mother broke her
hip. I…”
“Okay, Rosa. I understand. So,
do you have anything resembling a
return date?”
“It depends on what the doctor
“Why me?” I moaned. “Why me?”
“I have a cousin,” Rosa said. “She
could fill in.”
“Really?” My heart resumed
beating. “Is she experienced?
Washing? Ironing? Dealing with
“She’s very clean,” Rosa said,
after an ominous pause.
Mercedes was indeed Rosa’s
cousin, but a cousin so far removed
she appeared to have been beamed to
Earth from a distant galaxy. Where
Rosa was petite, cute, cheerful and
energetic, Mercedes was large,
gloomy, lethargic and not so cute.
The following morning we made each
other’s acquaintance at the front door.
“Are you Don Gilberto?” she
asked with a scowl.
“Yes, and you must be Mercedes,”
I said. “Like the car.”
“Never mind.”
I gave Mercedes a quick tour of
the house before I left for work. The
highlight of the tour was the laundry
room. “I’ve got a ton of dirty clothes
which have to be washed and ironed.
Luckily for you,” I said with a smile,
“we have a washing machine, so
you can say goodbye to washday
“I don’t trust them,” Mercedes
said flatly.
“You don’t trust who?”
“Washing machines. All that leaky
gas. They could explode!”
“Um… washing machines don’t
use gas. You’re thinking of dryers.
Fortunately, our dryer is broken, so
you can safely hang the wet clothes
in the backyard.”
“I only wash clothes by hand,” she
declared, as if it were a moral virtue.
“Fine.” Mercedes had arms
like Popeye, so I figured she was
probably up to the task.
“Aren’t you afraid living on the
beach?” she asked, looking warily
out the window. “The ocean is angry.
A big wave could come and wash us
all away!”
“Not me,” I joked, “I’ll be at
The Duchess of Doom did not
even crack a smile.
It was time to go. “I’ll be home for
lunch,” I said, heading for the door.
“If God wills it,” Mercedes
muttered doubtfully.
My morning shift at the shop was
both good and bad. I sold several large
rugs to a woman from Chicago, which
was good. But then I had to spend
twenty minutes explaining to a man
from Calgary that I was not personally
responsible for the precipitous decline
in the value of his nation’s currency.
Which was not so good.
Home again, I opened the front
door, whereupon my nose was
assailed by an unusual odor. I
followed this odd smell into the
kitchen, where I found Mercedes
with most of her head wedged inside
the microwave.
“What’s that burning smell?” I
“Your microwave is no good,” she
replied in a muffled voice.
“Did you burn my quesadillas?”
“No, it was that shirt,” she replied.
“The one you wanted ready for
tonight? It wasn’t drying fast enough,
so I put it in the microwave.”
“It was only in there for ten
minutes,” she said with a shrug.
“You put my best linen shirt in the
“I used the ‘defrost’ setting,” she
pouted. “How hot could that be?”
“Is there… anything left?”
“Just the buttons - the ones that
didn’t melt. That microwave is a
menace! And the ocean is still angry.
We’re all going to drown! And
another thing. You have to get rid of
that cat.”
“What’s wrong with the cat?” I
asked fearfully. “You didn’t put her
in the microwave, too, did you?”
“Why would I do that?” Mercedes
scowled. “She wasn’t even wet.”
“She’s losing fur like there’s no
tomorrow. It’s everywhere! It must
be sick.”
“Sadie is a she, not an it. And
nothing is wrong with her (I hope).
Cats shed. It’s perfectly natural.
So… where is she, anyway?”
“I found her in your bed!”
Mercedes snarled. “Getting hair all
over the sheets! I put a stop to that!”
By now, my heart was wedged
firmly in my mouth. I was absurdly,
insanely fond of that cat. “Where is
she now?” I managed to gasp.
“Where is who?”
“The cat.”
“How should I know?”
“What did you do to her?”
“Nothing. I was just trying to suck
up some of that loose hair on her
back with the Dust Buster™, and…”
“You were vacuuming the cat?”
“I tried to,” Mercedes said, “but
she wouldn’t cooperate. She even
scratched me. That animal is a health
hazard! What if I get diabetes?”
I found Sadie hiding under the
bed, and once I’d assured myself that
she was still intact, I headed for the
laundry room to check on my pants.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Gil Gevins’ Page
Mercedes followed, complaining
“I ironed those pants, just like you
asked,” she said. “But it wasn’t easy.
It took me half an hour just to get the
wrinkles out of the crotch.”
“Wrinkles?” I ran my hand over
the crotch of my newly-ironed pants
and… it peeled off. The whole thing!
It just peeled off, like the wrapper
on a band aid. I handed the detached
crotch to Mercedes. “Here,” I said,
“you can keep this as a memento.”
Mercedes turned the crotch of my
favorite pants over and over in her
hands. “The zipper’s still good,” she
said. “Which reminds me, I had the
hardest time finding the Clorox.”
“You found the Clorox?” I asked
with a shudder of fear. My wife was
not a fan of using Clorox on clothing,
and kept it hidden from Rosa.
“It was under the bed. I found it
when I was trying to get the cat out,
so I could finish vacuuming. It must
have gone bad.”
“What? What went bad?”
“The Clorox. All I did was sprinkle
it on the dirty parts, and everything
got covered with white polka-dots.”
“That electric can opener is no
good, either. It almost cut my finger
off! Which reminds me - do you
have a bigger mop? There’s still
mayonnaise on the ceiling.”
Gil Gevins
Is the author of four hilarious books,
including the cult-classic, PUERTO
and his latest and greatest, SLIME AND
PUNISHMENT. Signed copies of all Gil’s
books are available at LUCY’S CUCU
CABAÑA, located at 295 Basilio Badillo;
or as E-Books on Amazon.
Tech news round-up…
irst of all, I want to thank you
all for your emails of encouragement
and feedback, in writing these
articles in the PV Mirror. The
encouragement makes my Sundays
(when I usually scratch my head
trying to figure out a topic for my
Monday deadline) a little easier.
I’ve had a lot of good response from
these “tech news round-up” articles
of smaller items and will make them
a regular thing.
manufacturers have “preloaded”
extra software on new computers.
Many call these extra games and
programs on new computers “bloatware”. Basically, a company like HP,
Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and others
enter into a financial agreement with
the developers of these programs,
games and toolbars to include their
software on new computers.
From a business model, I guess the
number crunchers see this as an easy
way to make a few extra pennies
from each computer. But from a user
standpoint, it can be a nuisance and
in some cases, an outright nightmare.
Well this past month, Lenovo
seems to have been caught with its
hand in the “bloat-ware” cookie
jar and it has spiraled into a public
relations disaster. The culprit is an
actual adware called “Superfish”.
While Superfish was not installed
on all new computers from Lenovo,
several models did get this extra
program. New Lenovo owners were
finding that their search results were
generating “sponsored links” and
making it hard to get to real search
results with whatever search engine
they used.
It’s bad enough when you
“accidentally” get adware on your
computer, but to have it come
preloaded on a new computer from
the company that made your shiny
new laptop!?! That’s just downright
After A LOT of consumer
complaints in November and
December, Lenovo quietly stopped
preloading “Superfish” on new
computers last month. It has now
even released a removal tool to help
users get rid of Superfish on new
computers out there already sold
with the adware.
If you have recently purchased
a Lenovo computer and want to
remove Superfish, you can now
download the removal tool direct
from Lenovo.
The download link is too long
and complicated to give you here,
but if you do a Google search for
“superfish removal tool”, you can
click the “” link
in the results to download and run
the tool. Or if you want to email me,
I can send you the link to the removal
tool direct download as well.
On to a topic that just a few
months ago seemed to be all but
dead - Google Wallet. Originally
introduced in May of 2011, Google’s
mobile payment system seemed to
flounder until November of last year
when Google quietly announced that
it would retire Google Wallet and
that it would not be useable after
March 2, 2015.
Now we all know how Google’s
ego is and that they hate to lose to
Apple in the mobile sector. Since
Apple’s introduction of its own
mobile payment service on October
20, 2014 (just weeks before the
Google Wallet was retired) Google
seems to be having second thoughts.
Apple Pay has seen wide
acceptance in a short period of time.
In just the 5 months since Apple Pay
was introduced, major retail chains
have jumped on the bandwagon.
The current list includes Walgreens,
Petco, Bloomingdales, Macy’s,
Staples, Office Depot, McDonalds,
Chevron and Toys’R’Us and is
growing weekly. Even the White
House has endorsed Apple Pay by
announcing Apple’s mobile payment
system will join the current chip/PIN
format as a standard.
With over 9 million federal
payment cards and debit cards used
for distributing Social Security
and veterans’ benefits, this is a big
win for Apple. Soon government
employees and other recipients of
federal funds will be able to make
financial transactions using credit or
debit card information stored on an
iPhone or iPad.
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
With the old Google Wallet based
on a simple PIN number to make
transactions on a mobile phone,
security may have been its biggest
downfall. If a smartpone phone with
Google Wallet was lost and someone
figured out the PIN number, charges
could be racked up quickly.
With Apple Pay, the fingerprint
sensor on newer iPhones and iPads
is integrated in the Apple mobile
payment process and much more
secure. It’s just as easy to lose an
iPhone / iPad as an Android phone
/ tablet, but it’s much harder to lose
your finger as well.
Apple Pay also hides customer
payment information from the
retailer, and creates a onetime
security code, generated for each
transaction. This new transaction
format could avoid large scale retailer
hacking in the future. Remember
the 40 million credit and debit cards
that were compromised in the Target
store hack just over a year ago?
So Google’s ego has peeked
its head out and last week they
announced that they will relaunch
Google Wallet (or its offspring) in
May of this year. Too little too late?
Google seems to be taking a page
from Microsoft’s own book here, in
this battle with Apple. I personally
am not yet convinced of any mobile
payment system and will wait for
the choppy waters of this evolving
technology to calm down before
diving in.
That’s all my time for now. See
you again next week... until then,
remember: only safe Internet!
Ronnie Bravo
Ron can be found at CANMEX Computers.
Sales, Repairs, Data Recovery,
Networking, Wi-Fi, Hardware upgrades,
Graphic Design, House-calls available.,
Cellular 044-322-157-0688 or just
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The spider myth
Dr. Fabio Cupul
lthough they are related to
insects, spiders are different because
they have no antennae, they have
four pairs of legs instead of three and
fangs instead of mandibles. Another
interesting aspect is that their body
is divided into two large segments:
a head fused to the thorax, called
cephalothorax, and a succulent
enlarged abdomen.
Most spiders are venomous
(though the Uloboridae family has
no venomous glands), using their
venom to immobilize their prey and,
as it is rich in digestive enzymes, it
favors the destruction of the victims’
tissues, resulting in a sort or “soup” or
“shake” that the spider can suck easily
when it feeds. In addition, the spider
regurgitates digestive fluids that
help in the predigestion of the prey’s
tissues. Although there are 45,158
described species in the world, less
than 20 are dangerous to humans. On
the contrary, spiders play an important
role in nature, as their predatory
capabilities control other insects that
can turn into plagues.
When talking about spiders, we
cannot omit its awesome silk-making
ability. All spiders produce silk, but
not all spin webs. The silk is made up
of proteins produced by special glands
located in the mid or terminal section
of the abdomen’s ventral side. These
glands can produce a wide range of
silks simultaneously, used to capture
prey, cover dens, make bags for the
eggs, or as safety threads. Some
species’ silk is so strong and resistant
that it can bear weights heavier than a
steel thread of the same size can.
And the silk is not only useful to
spiders, it is so to humans as well. In
traditional Spanish medicine and that
of other societies’ as well, spider silk is
used to treat hemorrhages. The spider
web is placed directly over the wound,
covered with gauze or a bandage to
stop the bleeding. The web’s success
in stopping bleeding from a wound –
as long as there is no infection caused
by the dirt which may have adhered to
the web- may be due to the fact that
it is covered with fungus containing
antibiotics to avoid being eaten by
other microorganisms hungry for the
proteins it contains.
Solution to crossword on page 39
Solution to Sudoku on page 39
Scientists group spiders in an order
called Araneae. They took this name
from ancient Greek mythology that
tells the story of a young weaver
girl called Arachne. The legend
begins with a bet between the
goddess Athena (associated with
war, wisdom and astuteness) and the
young girl, an authentic artist in the
art of weaving. Arachne made fun
of the goddess and challenged her to
a contest to weave carpets. Athena
prepared hers (featuring illustrations
of the city of Athens) while Arachne
used her talent to represent scenes
of Zeus’ infidelities.
(Zeus was
Athena’s father as she emerged from
his head.) Despite Arachne’s apparent
success, Athena touched the young
girl’s forehead, who repented for
having made fun of the gods. Shortly
thereafter, she committed suicide, but
Athena took pity on her, bringing her
back to life – as a spider. This myth
appears to have a moral: “it is not wise
to offend the gods”.
Various European traditions confer
magic powers to spiders and spider
webs. They are said to bring good
luck and attract money, which is why
they should not be destroyed. Also,
spider webs in homes should not be
removed as they are an omen of future
prosperity. On the other hand, an
ancient Christian tale tells that Jesus,
Mary and Joseph managed to evade
the persecution of Herod’s soldiers by
hiding in a cave where a spider spun
its web once they had entered. Thus,
upon seeing the entrance to the cave
covered in spider webs, the soldiers
that were pursuing them assumed that
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Nature’s World
no one had entered it in a long time.
For the ancient Maya, spiders were
associated with weaving and sorcery.
Priests venerated Ix Chel (goddess of
the moon, fertility and waters) whose
placenta was represented by a spider
because it was believed that the silk
coming out of the goddess’ midsection represented the life that unites
all human beings, like an enormous
umbilical cord. For their part, the
Aztec believed that the goddess
Coyolxauhqui, sister of their supreme
god Huitzilopochtli, was a sorceress
who enjoyed causing evil by means of
venomous spiders and tarantulas that
obeyed her orders.
Editor’s Note: A story similar to the
one above is told in Jewish history:
David married King Saul’s daughter
and the people adored him as the
greatest man in the land. King Saul
was jealous and afraid of David so he
sent his soldiers to kill him. David ran
away to the wilderness. As the soldiers
were closing in on him, David ran into
a cave to hide. He saw a big spider
at the front of the cave, very quickly
spinning a web all the way across the
opening. As the soldiers started to enter
the cave, they ran into the web. “This
web is unbroken,” they said. “He must
be hiding somewhere else. Let’s go!”
So because of the spider, David’s life
was saved. David understood that God
was wise and thanked Him for creating
all the creatures, including the spiders.
Dr. Fabio Germán Cupul-Magaña
Coastal University Center (CUC) of
the University of Guadalajara
Nature’s World
Planting Roots
in Mexico
Tommy Clarkson
Buccaneer Palm
(Psuedophoenix Sargentii)
Family: Eugenia
Also known as: Cherry palm and
Sergent’s cherry palm
Origin: South Florida, Saona
Island near Hispaniola, the
Bahamas, Belize, Cuba,
Dominica, Navassa and the
Caribbean coast of Mexico
nce found in abundance in the
upper Florida Keys, the slow growing
Buccaneer Palm is now considered
as endangered in Florida. That –
coupled with the fact that it takes
nurseries no little time to grow them,
hence making them, often, somewhat
expensive – may make them a bit
difficult to find.
But wherever located, it’s
interesting to see that no two
Buccaneers look alike. Their pinnate
fronds are colored from light green,
through green, past blue green to
completely silver!
The swollen
trunks of the mature specimens also
vary in shape with the subspecies P.
saonae developing a heavier trunk
than P. sargentii. (The latter part of
this Latin name being an honorific
for Charles S. Sargent, the original
collector of the species.)
As may be noted by the
accompanying picture, the fronds
– particularly when young - stretch
out and spread in a flat, fan-shaped
pattern, looking quite similar to a
small blue-green Traveler’s Palm.
Specimens found in their natural
environs may, ultimately, grow to a
height of 25 feet (7.6 meters) with a
trunk one foot (30.5 cm) in diameter.
However, for those “in captivity” one
should anticipate not much more than
10 feet (3 meters) or so.
Buccaneer Palms are single
trunked, slender to moderately stout,
with a short crown-shaft and between
8 to 12 stiff fronds. On these fronds
are leaflets that grow from the rachis
at a slight angle in a shallow V-shape
form. The trunk is often irregularly
shaped, sometimes wider at the base
with closely spaced ring scars and, on
older palms, no dead leaf bases. As
the palm matures, the trunk’s color
changes from light to dark gray on its
older portions.
The erect and many-branched
inflorescence is a bit of a bee magnet
growing from among the leaves as
opposed to beneath the shaft - as is
so often the case with most crownshafted palms. The numerous small
greenish-yellow flowers are generally
bisexual or with separate male and
female flowers and can occur year
round. They’re followed by many
green drupes – each holding one seed
- which ripen to a bright red.
(Want your own family of
Buccaneers? Its seeds are easily
germinated. Simply remove the outer
pulp and dry them for five to seven
days, then soak them in water for two
days, followed by planting them no
deeper than 1/2 inch (1.27 cm). As
a rule, they will germinate in six to
eight weeks.)
Unlike so many of its kin in the
Arecaceae family, the Psuedophoenix
Sargentii does grow well, albeit
sometimes seeming at a snail’s
pace, in hot regions that suffer with
erratic rainfall and have only limey
soils. Some other positive aspects
of the Buccaneer Palm are that it is
virtually pest free and highly wind
and salt tolerant - making it ideal for
warm, seaside locales. And, with this
propensity for sandy soil, it is not
necessary to add anything to the soil
when planting!
The young fronds stretch out
and spread in a flat, fan-shaped
pattern, looking quite similar to a
small blue-green Traveler’s Palm.
longer the fronds will grow, thus
explaining that their lengths can vary
from as short as four feet (1.2 meters)
to as long as ten (three meters).
When young (a “Buccaneerette?)
you may find it necessary to prune
an occasional frond. However, in
maturity, it becomes a self-cleaner …
just as we hope our children will, but
sometimes worry!
amendments when you plant,
since these hardy Buccaneers are
comfortable in sandy soil. (However,
like all palms, it will still appreciate
fertilization in the spring, summer
and fall.)
So how might they best be used
around your home, yard and garden?
Here are some suggestions: as a
focal point specimen; lining an entry
walkway, garden path or driveway,
by the pool, deck or on the patio in
a large planter (in such the fronds
tend to be shorter) or along the side
of your house.
However, if you’re planting
Buccaneers in a line along a wall or
drive make sure you allow 10 feet
(3 meters) between the palms and
to ensure you won’t bump up into
eaves, plant them three feet or more
away from your house.
All said, they’re a nice palm you’ll
Buccaneer Palms have a slender
to moderately stout trunk.
Tommy Clarkson
The frond’s leaflets grow from
the rachis at a slight angle in a
shallow V-shape form.
Wherever planted, it can take full
sun to partial shade but would prefer
some shade, particularly so when
young. The greater the shade, the
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
In Manzanillo, visit Ola Brisa Gardens,
Tommy and Patty’s verdant, multiterraced tropical paradise nestled on
a hill overlooking the magnificent vista
of Santiago Bay. Leisurely meander its
curved, paved path, experiencing, first
hand, a delicious array of palms, plants
and flowers from all over the world.
Or, e-mail questions to him at
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Brain Teasers
The New York Times Tuesday Crossword Puzzle
by Nancy Salomon / Will Shortz ©New York Times
Solution to Crossword
on Page 37
Sudoku is a logic-based placement puzzle.
The aim of the puzzle is to enter a numerical digit from 1 through 9 in each row,
column and group of squares enclosed by the bold lines (also called a box). Each
box must contain each number only once, starting with various digits given in some
cells (the “givens”). Each row, column, and region must contain only one instance of
each numeral. Completing the puzzle requires patience.
It is recommended as therapy because some studies have suggested they might
improve memory, attention and problem solving while staving off mental decline
and perhaps reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Solution to Sudoku on Page 37
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March
Saturday 28 February to Friday 6 March