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February 2015
February B&A Calendar
Join us for our Worship on Wednesday (WOW) Din-
Vacation Bible School Dates…
ner on February 4 at 5:45 p.m. in our Family Life Cen-
Consignment Sale News...
ter. The menu will be Baked Potato Bar with toppings (chili, broccoli, cheese, sour cream), Salad, &
The next newsletter
will be sent out on
February 27, 2015. The deadline for the submissions of articles and news is February 23. If
you would like to be added to
our email or mailing list, please
contact the church office at dallasfirstumc.org or 770-4452509.
Dessert. This will be an evening of food, family, faith,
and fellowship. The classes are as follows: Youth-Youth Room, Kid’s in Action
-Ed Bldg, Ephesians Bible Study-Barton Room.
The Open Door Circle is pleased to have Betty Terry Smith as their speaker for
their February meeting at the home of Jane Wilkins on February 19 at 10 a.m.
If you have any questions, please contact Georgia Forbes at 770-876-5425.
Upward is having our annual end of the season
celebration on February 7. We are going carnival
February 16
Due to the
on Monday,
16, the
office will
be closed.
style! We would like to offer any ministry who
would like to participate in running a booth to let
us know! Over 50 percent of our program’s participants are not associated
with our church and this is a great opportunity for your ministry to reach out
to the community! Join us for just a couple of hours on Saturday evening and
TONS of fun! If you are interested, please contact Katie McGrory at
([email protected]) All details will be provided as well as any
carnival style game suggestions if needed!
Given to the Glory of God and Dedication to:
A Word From Warren
“Fly Like An Eagle”
“But those who hope in the Lord will renew
their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will
walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31
Are you an eagle or a chicken? They are both
birds- but one soars in the sky while the other
pecks at the ground, caring only about the next
meal and hoping not to become one! Sometimes we can become spiritual chickens-satisfied
with where we are in our lives and faith journeys and not caring to go beyond the limits of
our comfort zones.
At one point in my life, I was a ditch digger.
There is nothing wrong with being a ditch digger-as long as you are the best one you can beunless you are ignoring God’s call on your life
to be something else. I knew God was calling
me to the ministry and yet I did many other
things with my life as a spiritual chicken-before
I answered His call to become a shepherd for
His flock.
God asks each of us to answer His call to be a
witness for Him. Sometimes it’s in a “big” way
as a missionary in a third world country, which
many of us would say is “so not going to happen’ because it’s so far away,” there are family
commitments, or we aren’t into roughing it. But
each of us in our own “small” way can be eagles
for God. We can extend a helping hand, we can
invite a hurting soul to worship, and we can
share our faith in the One who made us who we
We renew our strength through God and we become His eagles soaring through life doing His
will in a world that desperately needs to hear the
good news of Jesus Christ and feel His love.
In memory of John Shipp given by David & Jane Austin, Betty Aiken, Russell
& Linda Strickland & Family, Sandra J. Lee, The Nesbit Family, Sara Smith.
In memory of Marjorie Harrison given by the Nesbit Family.
In memory of Bob Watson given by David & Jane Austin, Betty Aiken, Sandra J. Lee, David & Deedee Walraven.
In memory of Mary Smith given by David & Jane Austin, Sandra J. Lee.
In memory of Mrs. Wiley given by Bill Watson III, John & Glenda Covington,
David & Jane Austin, Jan & Scott Ferguson, Sara Smith, Carol & Robert
McLeod, Joanne & Art Fudger.
In memory of Harry Thigpen given by David & Deedee Walraven, David &
Jane Austin.
In memory of Larry Ragsdale given by Carol & Robert McLeod.
Capital Reserve for Window Restoration
In memory of Bob Watson given by David & Dixie Mooney.
In memory of John Shipp given by David & Dixie Mooney.
General Budget
In memory of John Shipp given by Judy & Jerry Rochelle, Terry & Marcia
Bell, Outreach Sunday School Class, Hoyt & Harriet Henderson-Ruff.
In memory of Bob Watson given by Terry & Marcia Bell, Larry & Jean Silbaugh.
In memory of Harry Thigpen given by John Henderson.
Kenya School
In honor of Ken Vinson given by the Outreach Sunday School Class.
River of Life
In memory of Harry Thigpen given by Cindy & Sam Dudding.
Our Spring/Summer Consignment Sale will be
March 13&14, 2015. The two-day sale features
gently worn spring/summer clothing (Infants,
Kids, Juniors, Boys through size 20, and Maternity), costumes, books, toys, games, furniture, baby equipment and more!
Online registration has begun. The registration fee is $7 and sellers receive
70% of sale profits. Profits from the sale benefit Dallas First United Methodist Women's Ministries. Register to sell or volunteer online at
www.heavenlyhandmedowns.org. For more, e-mail us at
[email protected] or call Lynn Cochran at 770-883-5548.
2015 VBS
Save the Date!
This year Vacation Bible School
at Dallas First will be June 8-12.
Thank you, Dallas people, for being Gods eagles
in ministry.
Join us on our Everest Expedition. Registration begins April 1st
so be on the lookout!
Please plan to attend the United
Methodist Men’s planning meeting on
Tuesday, February 24, at 7:30 p.m. in the Barton
Room. We need your input to determine our 2015
activities. This is your opportunity to express your
ideas regarding the planning of more meaningful and
interesting gatherings for the United Methodist Men.
Please mark your calendar for this most important
date. Contact Tom Forbes for further information at
There are still no flowers on order for March
22 and 29, April 12 and 19, and none on order
for May. If you would like to honor or memorialize someone close to you, please complete one of the envelopes found in the racks on the back of the pews, place in it
your check for $40, and place it in the offering plate.
We will be starting a new youth Sunday School on
February 15 at 9:45 a.m. Watch for more details.
Now that Upward is almost over, the
volleyball games will resume on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the Family Life Center, starting Monday, February 9. If you have any questions, please call Hanna Barker 770-
We want to welcome Cynthia
312-2248 or email her at [email protected]
Kollenberg as a new member to
the church. She joined on January
26 at the 11 o’clock service. We
The Tuesday morning Bible Study will be discontinued until
are blessed to have Cynthia be a
early April. Watch for more information about upcoming studies.
part of the Dallas First Family.
If you have any questions, please contact the church office.
January Sunday Attendance & Financials
Worship Services:289
Sunday School:
Light it Up &
Preschool Jam : 14
Schell Family
Jeff Fisher
Ricky Pike (Jeanette
Pike’s Son)
Toni Huddleston
Chris Brown
Earl England
Katherine Davis
Scarlett Turner
Robin Vaughn
Family of Larry
Worship Services:353
Sunday School: 128
Light it Up &
Preschool Jam : 14
Worship Services:350
Sunday School: 130
Light it Up &
Preschool Jam : 20
Worship Services:332
Sunday School: 114
Light it Up &
Preschool Jam : 18
2014 Final Financial Update
As of 12/31/14:
Operating Account:
Actual Revenues
$ 577,974
Actual Expenses $ 519,721
Finish In Faith Account:
Actual Revenues
$ 158,559
Actual Expenses $ 31,265
Loan Balance
$ 640,338
Peggy Sale (Margie
Gibson’s Sister)
Family of Rev. Jan
Tracy Williamson &
Ruth Norsworthy
Harry Fowler
Autumn Hunter
Jean Lassister
Jackie Scoggins
Betty Aiken
Sharon Padgett
Jenni Rowell &
Teresa Wright
(Margie Gibson’s
Thigpen Family
Rev. Chris Pavlovsky
Betty Bonds
Georgia Forbes
Robbie Whitten
Liam Plummer
(Nephew of Sarah
Tina Rakestraw
Annelle Phillips
Val Crane
Terry Bell
Linda Williamson
Guy Harris
Bruce Harris
Jim Jordan
Kerry Ott
David McRaney
Kaye Miller
Frank Roberts
Vaughn Family
on Furlough
Unspoken Request
Our Military
Those Serving &
in Combat: John
Carter, Jacob
Cagliani, Joseph
Davenport, Rick
Dobbs, Ronnie
Enos, Emma
Enos, Melvin
Green, Jesse
Huneycutt, Jacob
Kincade, Jon
Knight, Doug
McMichen, Jacob
Pine, Shaun
Rahn, Dustin
Ripley, Steven
Scoggins, Larry
Smith, David
Timmons, Sean
Timmons, Aaron
Vest, Brian Vest,
Mark Vest, Zachary
Vest, Chadd Wright
Kimberly: Bette
At Powder Springs
Rehab Center :
Johnnie Cisson
**Prayer List Information: People will remain on the prayer list for 6 weeks. Please let the church office know if you wish to add, continue or remove a name.
7 Keith & Rosemary Butler
12 Butch & Roberta Baker
12 James & Louise Keating
14 Roger & Ruth Hardman
16 Lew & Rosemary Nason
20 Ken & Angela Hardy
21 David & Amanda Norris
23 George & Carol Barber
26 Ricky & Kathy Earwood
28 Clint & Dee Morris
1 Bette Dunn
Alan Shipp
2 Ivey Hayes
Wes Johnson
Vivian Jones
Tina Rakestraw
Elijah Nobles
3 Joseph Butler
Abigail Pridmore
4 Brayden Wylie
5 Mike Freeman
Darlene Jackson
6 Jordan Moore
7 Brandon Nokes
Ryan Tomczyk
Christine Schell
Butch Baker
Ann Pennebaker
8 Kenelle Gresham
9 Larry Burford
Darlene Golden
Nolan Cathey
Violet McKinney
10 Abby Cantrell
Kaela Dudding
11 Shirley McKinney
Mark Webster
Nicholas Sandmann
Nicholas Parker
Pat Baxter
Kileigh Eskew
Michael Freeman
Elisabeth Eaves
13 Joe Thigpen
14 Anita Bailey
Candice Collins
15 Carol Durham
Jennifer McRaney
Tyler Jelks
16 Meredith Long
Krista Talley
17 Carla Justice
Glenn Bigham
18 Mark Sheldon
Paul Cheatham
20 Larry Jarrett
Tom Tewksbury
Bill Woods
21 Lane Golden
Gable Jackson
Tom Glanton
Scott Ragsdale
Ava Norris
22 Jack Bickford
Sarah Miller
Jimmy Matthews
McKenna Tomczyk
23 Vicki Lackey
Sharon Woodworth
24 Lainey Meeks
25 Mark Bradley
Gayle Earls
Sandy Moore
Shannon Turner
26 Jerry Colclasure
27 Yoma Shelton
28 Brad Burford
Fish & Loaves Food List
1- 2 lb. Quick grits
1-20 oz. box biscuit mix
1- 18 oz. canister oatmeal
1-12 oz. bottle pancake syrup
We Need Your Help!
From the Fish & Loaves Committee
Our Fish & Loaves food ministry is trying to stay ahead of the
growing needs of our community, our friends and even our family members. We need your help to do this!
2-9 oz. box powdered milk
1- 13 oz. box cereal
1-18 oz. jar peanut butter
1- 12 oz. jar jelly
1-1 lb. box saltine crackers
3-10 oz. cans soup
Here is the list of food that is needed to make up one box of
food. You can buy all the food on the list or part of the food on
the list and bring it to the Church Annex. If you are too busy to
buy the items for the food boxes, you may make a monetary
donation to Fish & Loaves, and we can do the shopping for you.
Make your checks payable to DFUMC and in the memo write
“Fish & Loaves.”
3-5 oz. cans tuna or chicken
1-14 oz. can salmon
3-15 oz. cans vegetables
2- 15 oz. cans fruit cocktail
1-1 lb. box spaghetti noodles
1-26 oz. jar spaghetti sauce
2-1 lb. bags dry beans
1- 1 lb. bag rice
Dallas First has helped many people with your donations, and
we pray that we will be able to continue our ministry. We appreciate all that you do to keep our food pantry full.
1-13 oz. box instant potatoes
2-7 oz. boxes mac & cheese
1-2 lb. bag cornmeal
1-16 oz. bottle cooking oil
Children’s Learning Center
141 East Memorial Drive
Dallas, Georgia 30132
Thank You
Dear Church Family,
Thank you for all the love, support, thoughts and
prayers our family received. The expressions for sympathy through cards, calls, and visits were deeply appreciated.
The Family of Ola Wiley
Brenda & Jim Underwood
2015 Fall Registration Dates:
February 23 & 24
Returning Student Registration
February 25
Church Members
February 26
Fall Registration
Open to the Public (10:00 a.m.)
To our precious Church Family,
My cup runneth over with gratitude for the prayers,
visits, cards, and kind words in the passing of my
Daddy. He loved the Lord and The United Methodist
Church. God bless each of you and your families.
Joe and Lois Thigpen
Registration Fee - $160 00
(This includes a Preschool T-shirt and school bag)
The dates for the 2015
River of Life are
June 17-21.
Class List and Monthly Tuition
18 month class- $145 (Tuesday/Thursday)
2-Year classes - $145 (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/
Older 2’s Class - $155 (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
3-Year classes - $155 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
4-Year Classes - $175 (Monday - Friday)
Everyone is invited to join us in prayer for our church,
county, country, and personal needs at our weekly prayer
meeting every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Please
join us!
As part of our Outreach Ministry, Ann S. Pennebaker, NCC, LPC, will be available for counseling appointments at the church on
Wednesdays. Although there is no fee for this service, donations to the Outreach Ministry of DFUMC will be accepted. Ann is a
Georgia licensed professional counselor and has national board certification. She has training in family therapy, working with children
and adults with learning disabilities and treating those with addiction and their families. She also counsels those with depression,
grief, anxiety, and trauma. To schedule an appointment with Ann, please call her at 678-790-5406. Counseling sessions will begin at
the church on January 14. Please keep this ministry in your prayers.
Youth Lock-In
We will have our next lock-in on Friday, February 27, at 8 p.m. We will conclude the lock-in on Saturday,
February 28, at 7 a.m. Please be picked up promptly at 7 a.m. Please bring a drink and food item to share with the group.
We will have plenty of fun, games, and food. For more information, contact Chris Freeman. (404) 375-8550.
The Rome-Carrollton District wants each of us to
help support the effort to eradicate Malaria.
Please consider giving to this worthy cause. If
you write a check, please put “Imagine No Malaria” in the memo section. Below is a link for
the video available on line for anyone wishing to
receive more information.
First United Methodist Church
141 E. Memorial Drive
Dallas, GA 30132
Rev. Warren Huddleston
Rev. Chris Pavlovsky
Dr. Daniel Bakos
Mrs. Debaree Pereira
Ms. Ann Vaughn
Mrs. Nancy Dow
Mrs. Kristie Keown
Ms. Beth Cochran
Ms. Sarah Osborne
Mr. Chris Freeman
Mr. Jamie Brownlow
Mr. Brandon Spencer-Wilhelm
Mr. Dennis Howard
Associate Pastor
Administrative Assistant
Office Assistant
CLC Director
Children’s Director
Childcare Coordinator
Youth Director
Music Director
Contemporary Worship Leader
Are you tired of writing out those
checks every month? Do you have to tie a ribbon
around your finger to remember to take your check to
Sunday service? For your convenience, we now offer
an automatic debit from your bank account for your
tithes and offerings. If you would like to sign up,
please contact Debaree at the church office at
[email protected] or 770-445-2509 or
stop by the church office to obtain an authorization
Pastor’s Cell
(770) 654-0125
Pastor’s Home
(678) 540-6992
Associate Pastor’s Cell
(678) 787-6344
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Office Phone:
(770) 445-2509
(770) 443-0824
[email protected]
If you don’t get the Weekly
Church News Email, call the
church office to add your name to
our email list. We send out an email every
Tuesday and Thursday to the church with our
upcoming events for the week, the menu for
our WOW Dinner, any prayer requests, Sunday’s volunteers, and much, much, more. If a
prayer request is urgent, it goes out to the
church immediately upon notification that
someone is in need of prayer.
You can view the Dallas First UMC Church Calendar with the most up-to-date church events on our website at
www.dallasfirstumc.org. The link is on the right-hand side of the home page listed under DFUMC Favorites.