KDSWGSKCANA Komodo King Single Canvas Swag

King Single Canvas Swag
Quick Start Guide
Step One: take swag out of the carton.
Undo the straps then unroll the swag.
Step Two: open the pole bag which contains
three poles.
The Head pole is the longest golden
pole. Join the head pole together and
slide through the sleeve at the head
end of the swag. Insert the ring pin into
the pole-end ferrules. Hook the C-clips
onto pole.
2. The Foot pole is the shortest golden
pole. Fit it at the foot end of the swag
as you did the head pole.
3. The Mid pole is middle length silver
pole. Insert the ring pin into the pole
end ferrules, the attach the mid pole by
velcro under the mesh panel.
Step Three: Clear sharp objects from the
ground and make the area as flat as possible.
Take out pegs, fix the pegs into the end
ferrules on each corner. Please ensure the four
corners are pulled tight.
Step Four: attach the guy rope to the head and
foot storm flap eyelets.
Use pegs to fix the ropes, then adjust the
ropes to tighten.