March 2015 - Notre Dame High School

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March 2015
Elmira, New York
Volume 10 Issue 7
Preparation for special events is an important part of living. Birthday parties, a family reunion, a
wedding – all are carefully and lovingly prepared. Actors and actresses spend months rehearsing,
athletes and coaches spend long hours practicing and Christians spend Lent preparing for Easter.
When we reflect on important events in our lives, sometimes we spend more time preparing for
special events than on the event itself. President John F. Kennedy noted this phenomenon in his
inaugural address when he said, “our work will not be finished in the first hundred days, not in the
first thousand days, not in the lifetime of this planet, but let us begin.” And so it is in preparation –
the yearning and the quest for an event are important.
So it is with Lent. None of us will arrive at Easter as perfect persons. Sometime we are urged to
give up something during Lent, and other times we are encouraged to do something positive for
Lent. Whatever we decide to do, let us begin.
Guidance Dept.
Faculty Forum
Music Happenings
—Sister Mary Walter Hickey, RSM—President
Service Learning
Campus Ministry
Junior High
Our prayer for you is that you take time to prepare during Lent for the glorious resurrection of our
Lord on Easter.
As we begin the month of March, we have a change of activities at Notre Dame, now we begin
spring sports—time flies when you have a good time! We hope that all of the snow will soon be
behind us and that warm weather will come so all of our athletes can get outside.
While the athletes are practicing, so too is the drama department. We look forward to the school
play, “Murder by the Book”, on March 20 & 21 at 7:30 p.m. The cast and crew are working hard
on this play and we hope you will come and enjoy it.
This is a reminder for all who wish to apply for Financial Aid. You must apply to FACTS by
March 6 at . It is important that you do this, even if you received aid last
year. You mustre-apply every year.
As you continue to read the “Crusader Connection” you will find all kinds of news and
information, so be sure to read it from cover to cover. THINK SPRING and thanks for all you do to
support Notre Dame! Have a great day!
—Sister Nancy Kelly, RSM—Principal
March at a Glance
March 4
7th and 8th Grade Soup Kitchen - After School
April 3
Spring Recess Ends
March 11
Magazine Drive Ends
April 8
Junior Parent College Information Night - 6p.m.
March 13
No School—Conference Day
April 10
3rd Quarter Ends
March 14
Big Band Dance 7-10p.m. - ND Gym
April 17
8th Grade Retreat
March 20-21
High School Play - Murder by the Book
April 22
Senior Retreat
March 30
Start of Spring Recess (through 4/3/15)
Page 2—March 2015
The Crusader Connection
Junior Parents College Information Night
A college information night will be held on Wednesday, April 8th at 6 p.m. in the Notre Dame Library. Parents should expect
to hear information on the following topics: the college search process, the college application process, SAT/ACT exams, and
an introduction to financial aid.
Ms. McKinery and Mrs. Barron have been into all of the grade levels discussing next year’s courses, and have taken initial
requests from students. Students will have individual meetings with their counselor in the coming months to solidify these
requests. At these meetings, students will receive a copy of their course request, which they must return to the guidance office
with a parental signature.
ACT Updates
The long anticipated ACT Aspire results have come into the guidance office. Ms. McKinery and Mrs. Barron will be into the
Freshman and Sophomore classes in the next couple of weeks to go over the results with students. Following these in class
sessions, copies of the results will be mailed home to the families.
The Notre Dame Guidance Department operates on a Open Door Policy, stop by anytime with any questions or concerns.
Andrea Morrison, Physical Education Teacher and Department Chair
So what are people these days doing to stay fit? Out are the hour long workouts on the treadmill and elliptical, marathon strength
training sessions on machines, and static stretching. In are functional training, HIIT workouts, yoga, dynamic stretching, personal
trainers, and technology. The good news is that short and sweet is the new trend in making exercise part of our busy lives.
Simply put, it’s back to basics in classes at gym or at home. Athletes, as they’re called by trainers regardless of age/ability, are using
“old –school” push-ups, sit-ups, planks, and burpees to get fit. Mastering one’s own bodyweight is usually followed by a
progression to using weights or resistance (kettles/dynabands/medicine balls) while performing multi-dimensional movements
involving the total body. Movements that are “functional” - that is they mirror everyday life’s activities and requirements. This type
of training can be done at one’s own pace with rest as needed and can be adjusted as fitness increases. High intensity interval
training (HIIT) involves mixing low and high intensity exercise such as fast running followed by walking, and is used mostly by
those with high-level training goals.
Yoga is more popular than ever, appealing to mind/body believers and those who like yoga “recover” from other types of training.
Personal trainers in individual or group settings, if social interaction is your need, are more popular than ever. If you’re a selfmotivated type, exercising at home online or with one of the many new fitness apps might be for you. Remember, your stairway and
two cans of your favorite veggies or half-gallon jugs of H20 can provide a cardio workout and build strength for practically free.
It must be noted that exercise choices, while based on one’s fitness goals, should be guided by an individual’s current level of
fitness and preceded by a doctor’s exam or personal trainer assessment. Technology also provides safety measures with telemetry
that monitors heart rate, etc. while exercising. This is a 21st century gadget well worth the investment.
Lastly, don’t forget that fitness doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to anybody regardless of age. Go for a walk, ride your bike, or
play your favorite sport. Just get out there. Life’s all about choices, right?
“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative
intellectual activity.”
- President John F. Kennedy
Page 3—March 2015
Notre Dame to Bring in International Students
We are excited to announce that for the 2015-2016 school year, we
will be accepting up to 15 new students from China.
Notre Dame has been working with ThreeW, an International Student
Organization, to market Notre Dame to students in China who are
looking to study abroad. The process of marketing, interviewing and
selecting students is extensive and will ensure a successful year for
new students, current students, and faculty and staff.
On March 2, two Notre Dame faculty members, Robert Stanley,
Network Administrator, and Jessica Kneaskern, Director of Public
Relations and Marketing, will be traveling to Beijing, China to meet
with prospective students and their families. The purpose of this trip is
to market Notre Dame and ultimately show them all that ND has to
offer. It is our hope that the presentations Robert and Jessica will give
during their time there, will leave a great impression on these students
and their families, making them want to choose Notre Dame.
On March 12 we will hold an informational meeting for all parents.
This meeting will help explain the program and the process of bringing
students over. It will be held in the library at 7 p.m. Members of the
Board of Trustees and a ThreeW representative will speak. Robert and
Jessica will also report on their experience in China.
Notre Dame Drama Department Presents
March 20 & 21
7:00 p.m. in ND Auditorium
Tickets $8 for students/Seniors; $10 for adults
High School Chorus to Perform at Jackals Game
On March 16th our High School Chorus will be performing
the National Anthem at the Elmira Jackals Game. Come
support the students and stay for the game!
The Crusader Connection
Congratulations to Mrs.
Sandy Williams for recently
being selected as WETM’s
Outstanding Teacher of the
Week. Your work has not
gone unnoticed and we
congratulate and thank you
for all of your hard work and
A Student Oriented Pro-Life Conference
Saturday, April 18, 2015 - 1p.m.
McQuaid Jesuit
For more information please contact Mrs. Marie
McCaig at [email protected]
Page 4—March 2015
The Crusader Connection
On March 2, our Service Learning students will be enhancing
literacy efforts in two local elementary schools. The students
will begin their day at Diven Elementary where they will
unveil the Birthday Bookshelf (pictured below). This
bookshelf was constructed by Thomas Smith ‘14 and painted
by two Service Learning and Advanced Art students, Brooke
Harvey and Marlene Makowski. During the final construction
stages, a book drive was held to collect new or gently used
children’s books to stock the shelf.
Many of the children who attend Diven Elementary do not
benefit from literacy support in the home, so on their birthday
each child will be allowed to select a book from the shelf to
keep and share with their family.
As part of the kick-off , the Service Learning students will be
reading aloud a Dr. Seuss book to a class of students grades
preK-2, in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.
Following the unveiling and reading at Diven, the students
will head to Beecher Elementary where they will host a lunch
for the faculty, as a thank you for the many times they have
allowed them to disrupt their day, and the many ND students
they have supported. After lunch, they will be working with
Mr. Bill Maloney’s (ND alum,‘98) class in preparing and
performing social reader’s theater selection. To do this they
will be utilizing props and costumes to bring to life The
Children and the Leprechaun’s Gold.
This is an exciting day for both the elementary students and
our ND students. Be sure to check out the April Crusader
Connection for a recap of the day.
As we continue our Lenten theme: “to be islands of mercy in the
seas of indifference,” may we be encouraged by Catherine
McAuley’s wisdom. In one of Catherine’s letters to her colleague,
she counsels her to be practical in her Lenten practices. “You will
be far more disciplined in taking that which you do not like to
take, than from abstaining from it.”
In that same letter Catherine speaks of mindfulness: “The
simplest and most practical lesson I know… is to resolve to be
good today, but better tomorrow… thus we may hope to get on
taking short, careful steps, not great strides.”
For Catherine, “hope to get on” translates to growing daily in the
love of God and love of neighbor. In her Retreat Instructions she
asserts quite simply, “If you really love God, you will thus prove
your love, for the proof is the deed.. love of God… and love of
neighbor … are cause and effect” (Praying with Catherine
McAuley by Helen Marie Burns and Sheila Carney).
Let us pray, for our students as they go out to serve at the
Community Kitchen, Food Bank, Woodbrook Assisted Living,
Holy Family Primary and other elementary schools that they go
forth performing the ordinary extraordinarily well.
Lord help us to be your islands of mercy. Amen
In Mercy,
Mrs. Nancy Roy
Campus Minister
May 9, 2015
MayFEST Mile— 9:30 am
Avoid paying high prices for prom dresses, get a
great look without the big cost, all while supporting
the senior class project graduation.
March 7, 2015
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. @NDHS
Joining in the MayFEST fun? Well join us in the MayFEST mile
to really get your day up and running. Compete in one of two
heats: In it to Win it or In it for Fun & Fitness. Each heat will start
at 9:30a.m. The cost to participate is $7 for ND students and
alumni and $10 for all others. This event will be held on the ND
athletic fields.
MayFEST—10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Save the date for our annual MayFEST! Join us for a day filled
with vendors, food, children's games and activities, raffles,
auctions, fun and so much more!
Page 5—March 2015
The Crusader Connection
By Abigail Fell-DeWalt, Class of 2016
Notre Dame High School has been blessed by God with a wonderful opportunity. This
summer, a team of 36 students, parents, and educators from Notre Dame will travel to
Puerto Rico on a mission trip from July 11-18. The objective of this trip is to minister
to the people of Ponce, Puerto Rico, who suffer from extreme poverty and various
other hardships on a daily basis. This trip was initiated by our new Spanish Teacher,
Senora Tunison, and would not have been possible without her and without the help
of others such as Ms. McKinery and Ms. Kneaskern.
Over the past couple of months, Team Puerto 2015 has been meeting periodically to
discuss the steps necessary to prepare for the mission trip and what we should expect
to experience on the trip. Our team is very aware that preparing for this trip and
actually going through with it will be no cake walk. We are willing to give up our time and energy to help the people of Ponce. Our
mission is to serve. In order to do this, though, we are going to need help and support from our community. Much of this will be
achieved through fundraising efforts. Fundraising is a key component to this trip, it not only helps us raise money to make the trip
possible, but it also helps us learn how to work as a team, which is crucial on the work site.
There are many ways that you can help support Team Puerto Rico and ultimately change the lives of many. You can do this by
attending one of our upcoming fundraisers listed below, or donate online at:
Lastly, we want to ask for your prayers. Prayer is going to be a vital part of every aspect of this trip. It will be needed for preparations
and travel, for those going and for those who will be affected by this ministry. Your prayers will be very much appreciated!
Upcoming Team Puerto Rico 2015 Events:
 Team Puerto Rico International Dinner, featuring meals from around the globe. April 10 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in ND Cafeteria
 MayFEST - Join Team Puerto Rico at MayFEST! Kids activities, gifts, sponsorship opportunities and more!
 Mother’s Day Brunch - May 10 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Be sure to keep a look out for future events. We look forward to seeing you there and, as always, thank you for your support!
7th & 8th Grade News
Sunlight until 6PM—I’m grasping any sign that spring really is on its way. As we experience more light, our students are sharing
Jesus’s light as they participate in many service opportunities. Mrs. McCaig and Mrs. Drake take a group of students to the Elmira
Soup Kitchen every month. We have many 7th and 8th graders working hard at Youth Court and in their communities as scouts,
hospital volunteers and more. Many 7th and 8th graders also participated in a variety of winter sports including skiing, varsity track,
basketball, bowling, and swimming—congratulations to each and every one of them for a season well done—good athletics and
good sportsmanship! Even more students have signed up for spring sports—high school spring sports start practice on Monday,
March 2 and Modified Track will start on March 23.
Three of our 8th graders, John Hunter Booth, Aylish McCloe, and Derek Tsang, were accepted into the Junior Scientist Program at
the Corning Museum of Glass where they will participate in a semester of experiences in real science and research.
We receive notices of opportunities for summer camps and other enrichment activities in all areas of interest. I will pass these on to
you as we get them.
We hope to experience March as a strong academic time, while we eagerly await the sunshine and new life of spring. We also hope
to experience the Lenten March as a time of renewal as we aspire to Pope Francis’s challenge to “make ourselves islands of mercy in
a sea of indifference.”
Peace and light,
Karen Jennings
Page 6—March 2015
The Crusader Connection
This past February our Mandarin Chinese class, with teacher, Mrs. Penny Chung, engaged
in a variety of activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Students decorated our school
bulletin board, made dumplings and “hot and sour” soup. What a great way to experience
the culture! The board looked great and the food was fantastic—nice job to all!
Our Magazine Sale is going on now! From now until March 11, our
students will be working hard to sell/renew magazine subscriptions to
reach our goal of $33,000. If this goal is achieved the whole school
gets a day off! Students are asked to sell at least 7 magazines each.
Think about it! If every student sells at least 7, our goal is easily within
reach, and we get a day off!
Notre Dame High School’s Class of 2015
Valedictorian and Salutatorian
Students are making their way to this goal, and are taking advantage of
the ever-popular participation incentive of a dress down day (please
see prizes and incentives below). It is important to know, however,
that students may not dress down until the day after they bring in their
7 orders (or 12 for families) or their buyouts ($100 or $150 for
So far our students have raised over $9,000, but we need your help to
reach our goal! This is our main whole-school fundraiser. Proceeds
from this event help pay for student activities. Please help spread the
word about this sale. Ask family and friends to either renew an
existing subscription, buy a new print or digital magazine or buy one
for a soldier. Orders can be made in person through the materials given
in the students packets, or online. To buy online go to the following
website: and use the ND Code 2511418.
All orders and money are due by March 13th. If you have any
questions please contact Susanna Kappanadze at
[email protected]
 Sell 7, get a dress-down day! (12 for families) This can also be
achieved through the $100 buyout option ($150 for families)
 Sell 10, win a cookie dough selection and an invite to a pizza party
 Sell 15, win a $20 gift card
 Sell 20, win a $30 gift card
 Sell 40, win a $50 gift card
Zachary Brand (Valedictorian) and
Ryan Bayne (Salutatorian)
Congratulations! What an incredible achievement!
New students, Derek and Victor Tsang have been
nothing but busy since their arrival at ND in
December . On February 7, Derek and Victor
participated in the Mathcounts Chapter Competition,
representing ND. After receiving high scores, Derek
was selected to participate in the NYS Mathcounts
Competition on March 28 in RPI.
Derek and Victor have also been busy with music.
They recently competed in the Northeast Pennsylvania
Music Teachers Association Annual Carnegie Hall
Piano Completion. Hundreds of students participated,
selecting pieces to perform for judging. Derek scored
102%, a perfect score, and the highest score in his age
group. Victor scored 99%, the highest score in his age
group. Based on their scores, the two were selected to
perform in Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall on April 4.
*Prizes are cumulative to when you sell amounts above 7, you get the
prizes below as well.
Derek Tsang, 8th Grade
Victor Tsang, 7th Grade
Page 7—March 2015
The Crusader Connection
Mrs. Jennifer Roberts-O’Brian to Attend International Playmakers Training
During the weekend of March 6, Jennifer Roberts-O’Brian, Assistant Principal for Academic Life and Director
of Admissions at Notre Dame will attend the Life is Good Playmakers training in Boston, Massachusetts.
The Life is Good Playmakers began in 1989 as a Project Joy—a non-profit organization founded to help
homeless children in the Greater Boston area. Within its fist year of operation, the organization expanded their
mission to include all children living in poverty. Project Joy founder, Steve Gross, quickly grew this Bostoninitiative into an international program which seeks to partner, “...with frontline professionals—such as teachers,
social workers and child life specialists—who dedicate their lives to helping children overcome poverty,
violence and illness. These Playmakers use the power of play to build healing, life-changing relationships with
the children in their care” ( ).
In addition to her administrative duties at Notre Dame, Jennifer serves as the Service Learning instructor where she strives to educate
her students on pressing community need and issues such as hunger, poverty, bullying, literacy, incarceration and educational
inequities. In covering this material, Jennifer seeks to motivate her students to utilize their classroom learning to address these needs.
With her passion to bring attention and change to the struggles faced by many children in the city of Elmira, it is her hope that she can
bring the work of the Playmakers to Chemung County. To begin this process, she will travel to Boston where she will be trained to be
a Playmaker herself. Through this experience Jennifer hopes to return and turn-key the training to those who work with young
children, but more specifically her very own Service Learning students. She is excited to embed playmaking into her Service
Learning course, further empowering her students in their work with our area’s children. Be sure to check out the April Crusader
Connection where we will feature Jennifer’s experience!
The Notre Dame Scrip Program has recently added Trinity Therapeutics to its buying options. Trinity Therapeutics is a Holistic
Massage Practice in which the owner and LMT, April R. Roush-Stanley (wife of ND Employee, Robert Stanley), provides detailed
specific work for each client she encounters. April is donating 5% of each gift card purchased to Notre Dame. Below are the
various gift cards available to purchase in the ND front office. Trinity Therapeutics is located at 9 E. Pulteney St in Corning. For
more information call 607-542-9809 or visit their website at:
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Barkley
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LaVelle
Mr. & Mrs. Robert MacBlane
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ryan
Ms. Marge McKinery
6. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Diehr
7. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Volino
8. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Czank
9. Mr. & Mrs. Mathew D’Ortona
10. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Keefer
The annual Crusader Golf Tournament will take place on Sunday, May 17, 2015 at the Elmira Country Club. The Tournament will
begin at 1:30 PM. If you would like to participate in the tournament, please fill out the form located on the ND website, under the
quick links section and return it the Advancement Office. For more information call Sue LaVelle at 607-734-2267 ext. 317
There are cobblestone blocks available to purchase in the beautiful Joel Stephens Memorial Park. Blocks are $500 each, which
includes the inscription of your choice. What a great way to honor or memorialize a loved one.
For more information, contact Sue LaVelle at ext. 317
Page 8—March 2015
The Crusader Connection
First Marking Period Honor Roll/High Honor Roll Listing—
7th Grade High Honors
Kevin Ayers, Elyse Bell, Katherine Bukowinski, Karissa Collins,
Evalynn Dean, Zachary Donovan, Ryan Eller, Patrick Finnerty,
Scott Herlan, Grace Maloney, Payton Maloney, Olivia Murray,
Max Odum, Zachary Odum, Caroline Rogers, Caroline
Ronsivalle, Kiran Sharma, Stephanie Smith, Caitlin Steed, Chole
Stemerman, Lauren Sullivan, Victor Tsang, Taylor VanDine,
Nicholas Viselli, Madeline Wirth
7th Grade Honors
Joel Costello, Alexander Curione, Anthony Curione, Colin
Erickson, Austin Gleason, Gwendolyn Harrington, Patrick
O’Toole, Zachary Ringer, Emma Qualey, Adam Sheets, Benjamin
8th Grade High Honors
John Bernatavitz, Emily Bissel, John Booth, Jacqueline Chen,
Nicholas Clark, Caleb Colucci, Abigail Connolly, Catherine
Craig, Jordyn Fargo, Andrew Finnerty, Laurel Karee, Madeline
Meier, Joseph Milazzo, Tiyah Moffe, Isaac Scarselletta, Rebecca
Shannon, Declan Sharma, Kalpana Sharma, Daniel Stearns, Derek
Tsang, Cassandra Uy, Emma Vakiener, Laura Vargas, Alexa
Wagner, Emma Westcott, Christina Willsey
8th Grade Honors
Jacob Baker, Daniel Betancourt-Trompa, Kinlee Collins, Peter
Czank, Kyreese Fisher, Isabella Harvey, Lindsay McCarthy,
Nicholas Murray, Daniel Mustico, Kristen Oplinger, Victoria
Raven, Sofia Riccio, Gabriela Robinson, Payton Yoder, Mary
9th Grade High Honors
Kaitlin Barkley, Justin Bauco, Bridget Bennett, Mara Bennett,
Skyler Cicora, Hayley Cronin, Joseph DeLeone, Amanda Diehr,
Matthew D’Ortona, Adeline Dygert, Collin Edger, Ryan Edwards,
Daniel French, Emily Green, Katherine Hallinan, Claudia Hatef,
Elizabeth Hazelton, James Kaffenbarger, Claire Kubinski, Ethan
Leonard, Michael MacBlane, Dustin Patton, Jillian Perrault,
Johanna Raven, Alyssa Ruland, Nathaniel Snavely, Nicholas
Steed, Nico Tripeny, Camille VanderMeer, Mitchell Vargas
9th Grade Honors
Macie Barone, Derek Bennett, Julianna Bunnell, Casey Carson,
Matthew Connolly, Mary Foster, Ishmael Gravatt, Taylor Gray,
Gavin Harrington, Richard Heyward, Madison Kravitz, Hannah
Mahon, Madalyn Mallow, Kurt Martone, Anna Morretti, Megan
Niles, Brooke Rorie, Anna Saginario, Matthew Smith, Jack Sobel,
Blake Stermer, Jake VanSchoick, Frank Vassallo
10th Grade High Honors
Kathryn Ally, Connor Bayne, Gwenaelle Bienvenue,
Katie Bohart, Katie Bohart, Patrick Brown, Molly Craig,
Claire Czank, Maura Glovins, Samuel Godfrey, Matthew
Karee, Titus Koening, Mackenzie Mahajan, Mackenzie
Maloney, Julia Mustico, Lucianne Olthof, Francisco
Rilloraza, Mary Kathryn Ronsivalle, Taylor Rorie, Ali Saeed,
Leo Scarselletta, Aidan Sharma, Kayle Watson, Allyson
Wichtowski, Andrew Wichtowski, Kara Woglom,
Michael Woglom, Chase Yoder
10th Grade Honors
Brian Anderson, Tyler Baxter, Ariana Bulkley, Victoria
Canali, Reginia George, Chase Leonard, Margaret MacBlane,
Camryn O’Dell, Katherine Kieli, Spence Rayne, Emily
Schmidt, Nicholas Velasquez, Sarah Watts, Mackenzie
Webster, Cheyene White
11th Grade High Honors
Emma Booth, Charlene Burns, Alivia Clark, Ana Coulibaly,
Junior Coulibaly, Rocco Coulibaly, Morgan Cox, Abigail Fell
-DeWalt, Emilie Guermeur, Noah Kravitz, Ty Kunzman,
Anna Lacker, Amy Laird, Dillan Leonard, Yvie Molingou,
Lauren Musso, Phineas Pambianchi, Victoria Schutrum,
Frances VanderMeer, Samuel Westcott
11th Grade Honors
Stefanie Bunnell, Alec Cutler, Reilly Edger, Brooks Glovins,
Sofia Harris, Mia Herlan, Dawson Hilfiger, Ryan Lanning,
Maris Malanoski, Kyle Minchin, Jordynn Naylor, John
O’Connell, Elizabeth Sarta, Ilana Sobel, Michael Stearns,
Ryan Steed, Michaela Volino, Brendan Webster, Madeline
White, Gianina Wicaksono, Thomas Wirth, Trevor Works,
Xinglue Zheng
12th Grade High Honors
Matthew Barlow, Ryan Bayne, Connor Bense, Zachary
Brand, Garrett Butters, Alexandra Cook, Allegra Dawes,
Kassra Eshraghi, Darius Garvin, John Haskell, Colton
Hillman, Lige Jin, Samantha Johnston, Julia Muuse, Megan
O’Dell, Joseph Prunier, Alexander Sabia, Bryan Stewart,
Teresa Stutts, Gwendolyn Zwirko
12th Grade Honors
Joseph Barkley, Samuel Bruner, Kaylyn Curran, Matthew
Dieg, Quinn George, Harrison Gregg, Faith Gublo, Brooke
Harvey, Michael Hitchcock, Mary Landy, Jason Lawes,
Marlene Makowski, Parker May, Mitchell Nielsen, Noah
Peregrim, Connor Perrault, Alexandra Raupers, Joseph
Rickard, Christopher Saginario, Christine Schmidt, Lindsay
Squires, Olivia Stanley, Catherine Talenti, Rebekah West
Congratulations to all and keep up the good work!