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Term 1: February 25, 2015
St Benedict’s Catholic Primary School: Phone 3481 4600 Fax 3481 4699 Absentee 3481 4688 Email [email protected]
Mark Creevey
Dear Parents,
This week you will have received a brochure from the Archbishop about our
journey through Lent towards Easter. Lent is a time of prayer, reflection, fasting
and/or self-sacrifice. Pope Francis challenges us when he reminds us that Lent is a
time of penance and self-denial. But he also reminds us that these activities of
sacrifice must truly enrich others. This is what our school community is trying to
achieve when we support the Caritas Lenten Appeal. Our actions will make a
difference in the lives of communities overseas this Lent.
On Thursday and Friday our leadership team of Mr Brett Kitchener, Mrs Jo ScottPegum, Mrs Ellen Ramsay and I will be attending the Northside Leadership
Teams Symposium. The event is for the Leadership teams of all of the Northside
Catholic schools. It is an annual event. In our absence Mrs Brady will be released
from teaching duties on Thursday to look after school issues and Mr Searle will be
released from teaching duties on Friday.
Next week our Year 6 students will attend their school camp at Burleigh. The
camp commences on Monday and concludes on Thursday. The camp has a
leadership focus as all of our Year 6 students will have leadership responsibilities
every day of the school year. Mr Kitchener will also attend on Monday and
Tuesday while I will attend on Wednesday and Thursday. The students will be
transported to and from the venue via bus.
In recent days the students and teachers have been
deliberating about who will be chosen to officially
represent them as School Captains, House Captains
and Student Council representatives. We have had
some excellent student candidates for this year’s
selection process and I thank them for putting
themselves forward and offering to serve the school
community. After much deliberation by students and
teachers and personal speeches from the candidates
I am pleased to announce that Daniel Bowell and
Ella Johnston have been elected as the School
Captains for 2015. Congratulations!
Every Week
Sometimes not first or last
week of Term.
8.30am Wednesdays
Uniform Shop
Mondays 2.30pm-4pm
Fridays 8.00am-9.30am
Wednesdays & Fridays
School Banking
Mini Singers (Prep-2)
7.45am Tuesdays (Library)
Starting Week 4
Senior Band Practice
7.30am Wednesdays
(Hall-Stage Area)
Junior Choir (Yr 2-3)
7.45am Wednesdays
(Music Room)
BP Choir (Yr 4-6)
7.45am Thursdays
(Music Room)
Yr6 Choir (New)
Wednesdays & Fridays
(1st Break in Music Room)
8.30am Tuesdays (OSHC)
Piano/Keyboard Music
Tuesdays & Thursdays
(OSHC Bldg)
Guitar Lessons
Wednesdays (full)
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Mark Creevey
Next Wednesday the 4th of March will be the monthly meeting of the Parents & Friends Association. The
meeting will be held in the staffroom commencing at 7pm. All parents are most welcome to attend.
Many thanks for your support with the recent rain event
where we had to modify our day at school to accommodate
the weather conditions. All of our classrooms were high
and dry however we did have some damage to the Year 1
roof. The carpark flooded as water couldn’t get away quick
enough. I am not sure why this happened but it is being
investigated. If you had uploaded the Skoolbag App would
have been kept well informed of the situation. Thankyou.
Invitations for Prep 2016 interviews are being sent out this week. If you haven’t submitted your 2016 enrolment
application to the office yet please do so as soon as is possible.
Thought for the week: “The beautiful colours of the rainbow can only be seen through the prism of rain.”
Have a great week!
Regards, Mark
District Swimming
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Jo Scott-Pegum - Acting Assistant Principal Administration
Dear Parents,
Meet Our Staff
I have asked the new staff to prepare a short bio to introduce themselves to the school community and each
week we will enjoy reading a small snippet about our new staff members. This week we introduce two more of
the new members of the school staff, Mr Paul Willey the teacher of Year 6B and Miss Tara Masters teacher of
Year 4R. We thank Jessica in Year 6 for writing a brief biography of Mr Willey.
Mr Willey is currently a teacher at St Benedict’s Primary, Mango Hill. He was born
on the 3rd of March in Brisbane, Australia. Paul went to primary school at St
Flannan’s, and for secondary school he attended Padua. During this point in time his
favourite subject was science. After finishing Grade 12 he went to QUT for
university, to study psychology. His mum stayed at home and dad was a sales clerk.
In 2004 he married Louise and they are very happy together. They live in Brighton
currently and in the year of their marriage Paul won a community award. The first
school he taught at was Mareeba State High School.
His jobs before teaching included working in London and working at Air Train. For
Paul Willey the most important highlights of his life include being a teacher and
getting married.
Mr Willey is a great teacher and will definitely be other students’ favourite teacher. Written by student of 6B,
Jessica Sward.
Hello my name is Tara and I am very excited to be part of the St Benedict’s Catholic
Primary School Community. I have recently graduated from the Australian Catholic
University. I am very excited to be given the opportunity to join St Benedict’s and to
teach Year 4R students this year.
From the age of six I knew that my dreams of becoming a fairy were not in reach!
After seeing the movie Matilda, I decided that I wanted to be just like Matilda’s
teacher - Miss Honey. I view myself as a member of the world community, and gain
personal fulfillment in the knowledge that my actions can contribute positively to
the lives of others.
I have always had a passion for the performing arts of dance and theatre. I am one
of those people who love to see every musical and will listen to the music over and
over again. In 2012 I travelled to Hong Kong to dance in the Disney Parade and toured around Hong Kong doing
performances, this was an exhilarating experience. Amongst other places, I dream of travelling to Paris, and
cannot wait to explore the surroundings while enjoying a delicious pastry or two!
I am looking forward to immersing myself in the life and world of St Benedict’s community in 2015. I am enjoying
getting to know everyone in our great school. Tara
Brain Rule 5: Every brain is wired differently. ‘Brain Rules’ Dr John Medina
What you do and learn in life physically changes what your brain looks like – it literally rewires it.
The various regions of the brain develop at different rates in different people.
Neurons go through a growth spurt and pruning project during the terrible twos and teen years.
No two people’s brains store the same information in the same way in the same place.
We have a great number of ways of being intelligent, many of which don’t show up on IQ tests.
Enjoy your week. Kind Regards,
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Laurel Creese
Pine Rivers District Swimming
Congratulations to our swimming team who swam wonderfully at the Pine Rivers
District Carnival at Lawnton Aquatic Centre last week. Thanks to all of the parents
who came along to support our team. Thank you also to Mrs Penny and Mrs Hogan
who assisted with the organisation of the team, equipment and event. Enjoy the
wonderful photos that Mrs Penny captured!
Metropolitan North Regional Swimming
Congratulations to Abby Hanson who has been selected in the Pine Rivers District Swimming Team
which will compete at the Regionals this Wednesday. What a wonderful achievement!
St Benedict’s School Sports Trials - This Week
On Student Assembly this Monday any students who were interested in trialling for Rugby League or Hockey were
asked to come after Assembly to receive an information note. This week we had a Rugby League Trial on
Tuesday at break time with Mr Willey. Unfortunately no one wanted to trial for Hockey.
The Students who trialled for Rugby League have been shortlisted and when we have more information about the
District trials they will receive a note.
Remember to refer to last week’s Newsletter (18/2/2015) for dates and information regarding School and
District trials.
Tennis Trials - Last Week
Last week I trialled 7 students in a school trial. Congratulations to Elyssa White who has been selected
to participate in the Pine Rivers District trial. The other students need to develop their skills more,
however, they will still be able to try out next year so keep up the coaching and training
Congratulations to Our Sport House Captains!
Our St Benedict’s Sport House Captains have been voted on today.
Well done to everyone who made an effort to ’go for it’. We are
very proud of all of you!
 Anicii House Captains (blue): Bailey, Isabella, Brandon, Ella
 Monte Cassino House Captains (red): Blake, Kaitlin,
Oscar, Jorja
 Nursia House Captains (gold): Abby, Georgia, Lana, Marco
 Subiaco House Captains (green): Thomas, Jacinta,
Jazmyn, Molly
AFLQ Visit
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week James Nellis
from AFLQ will be teaching the students AFL skills and games
during PE. We hope these clinics inspire some of our students to
sign up for Auskick with the North Lakes Eels this week-end on
Saturday 28th February.
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Our Parish
Brett Kitchener - Assistant Principal Religious Education
Holy Cross Parish
3293 0800
Dear Parents,
Last Wednesday we commenced the season of Lent with an Ash Wednesday
liturgy and Mass in the hall. Lent is traditionally a period of alms giving in the
Catholic Church. Parishes and schools collectively support the work of Caritas
Australia through their annual Project Compassion initiative.
9.30am Sunday
Mass here at St
Benedict's, Mango Hill
Each year we aim to define and localise our support ensuring it is equally, if not
more, about education of Social Justice than about the raising of much needed
funds. We do this by promoting a theme or focus. This year the theme for Project
Compassion globally is Food for Life. We have learned that for the very achievable
sum of $5 we can provide a Fijian family with a small tray of seedlings which they
can use to harvest their own fruit and vegetables.
At our Ash Wednesday Liturgy for the early years we chose the Gospel reading of
the mustard seed. We discussed with our younger children how small things can
have significant outcomes. Focusing on raising money for seedlings this Lent will
assist our children to appreciate a process commencing with their small acts at
home and leading to healthy eating in a small pacific nation.
Lent and Project Compassion provides a great opportunity for the partnership we
actively promote between parents and school in the education of the children.
The Caritas website contains short video presentations and many resources you
could share and discuss with your children at home to ensure a better understanding of Project Compassion.
If time is a factor and you want to do something small but very meaningful, a simple addition to meals time would
be most beneficial. Try to create as many opportunities as possible in the week where the whole family can sit at
the table for a meal. Discuss and pray about the food before the family and the potential that awaits for families
abroad as a result of the work of Project Compassion.
I encourage you, as I do each year, to define tasks for your children to do at home
in order for them to be given money for Project Compassion. Learning is enhanced
significantly when the money is attained in this way. I have provided you with a
small grid you may like to place on your fridge or elsewhere as a prompt.
Enjoy your week, Brett
How can I raise money for Farmertas?
Do dishes
Take out garbage
Wash the car
Set the table
Say NO to a treat
Say NO to take away
Give some pocket $
I could do a different job each week!
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Resource Centre & Curriculum
Amanda Bradford & Ellen Ramsay
You must have your
library bag to borrow.
Library News
New Books
We have many new books arriving regularly into our library for students to
borrow. Visit our Resource Centre homepage
oliver/ for more information on some of our
new books and for access to the catalogue after hours.
We have a new book in the library titled My Dad is a FIFO
Dad written by a Brisbane author, Jo Emery. We recommend
this picture book for families who experience separation
because of FIFO/DIDO work arrangements. “This story will
help to reassure children that despite distance, fathers can
be present in heart, mind and spirit in many situations.”
Volunteers Needed
We Need You! We are in need of volunteers to help with the huge task
of covering and repairing books. We will be holding a workshop in the
Library next Tuesday 3rd of March at 8:30am to demonstrate our book
covering techniques. If you are available, and can spare an hour to assist that
would be wonderful.
Curriculum News
Writing Competition
Students of all year levels can enter the 2015 Schools
Writing Competition where they can enter short
stories or poems, there is no theme and students are
encouraged to let their imaginations run wild. There
are some fantastic prizes on offer. This competition
closes on the 29th March. To enter online or to download an entry form visit
The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition
The theme for 2015, ‘A Young Commonwealth’, recognises that young people
account for the majority of the Commonwealth’s population and play a vital role in
shaping the world we live in. The Royal Commonwealth Society hopes that the
essay topics based on the theme will lend themselves to aspects of the school
curriculum and provide opportunities for creative writing.
The competition is open to young writers aged 18 and under who are living in, or
are a national of, a Commonwealth country or territory. For more information head
to Please note that the closing date for
entries is 1st May 2015.
1B, 2W, 3B, 3W, 5R, 5W,
6B, 6W
PB, PR, PW, 2B, 2R, 6R
1R, 1W, 3R, 4B, 4R, 4W,
St Benedict’s has a whole
school subscription to
WorldBook Online. Our
school subscription allows
us to access the three
areas within the site –
Early World of Learning,
Kids and Students. They
now have available a
mobile version of the
website, too!
Our School User Name
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Pastoral Coordinator
Helen Hickey
Each and every one of us will share our own personal journey through Lent. Our St.
Benedict’s community will strive to make a difference to people living in poverty in
Fiji through our support of Caritas. What a blessing it is for us all to have the
opportunity to stretch our hearts and minds as we become aware of the suffering of
others and extend a helping hand.
Action for this week: Please take time to share this Scripture story from St. James
with your children.
If you know someone who doesn’t have any clothes or food, you shouldn’t say, “I
hope all goes well for you. I hope you will be warm and have plenty to eat.” What
good is it to say this, unless you do something to help? Faith that doesn’t lead us
to do good deeds is all alone and dead!
8.30am to 10.00am
May these words of James inspire us to make Jesus real.
Peace and blessings,
Morning tea every Wednesday after assembly in the Hall
with Helen. All are welcome!
St Benedict’s OSHC
All are welcome to come
along and enjoy a cuppa
and some morning tea
whilst the children play.
A gold coin donation
would be appreciated.
[email protected]
School Office
[email protected]
2016 Prep Enrolments
Prep Enrolments for 2016 are currently being accepted. Interviews for current families will occur prior
to Easter holidays and for new families immediately after Easter. You will not be able to schedule an
interview until your enrolment paperwork has been handed in. If you have a child due to commence
Prep in 2016, please be sure to submit your enrolment application NOW to ensure a place for your child.
Sick Kids? Going On Holiday?
If you know your children will be away from school for longer periods of time please let your teacher know in
person, via note or email. Please remember to call the St Benedict’s absentee line 3481 4688 to report absent
or sick children to the school.
Lost Property?
With a school consisting of over 600 students, property is bound to get mixed up or
lost sometimes. If you label your child's property clearly, it is quickly returned to
students when it is found.
Office Hours
St Benedict’s Primary office hours are from 8am to 3.30pm.
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Teaching & Learning
Ruth Sharman, Christina Mitchell & Pam Sweeney
(Guidance & Counselling [email protected])
Everyone Needs a Friend
Parents, carers and school staff have important roles to play in helping children develop friendships. They set
examples for children to follow through the ways they manage relationships. They can also act as coaches for
children, teaching them helpful social skills and talking through friendship issues to help with solving problems.
As they learn how to manage social situations, having opportunities to talk about friendships with parents, carers
and school staff helps children feel supported and develops their communication skills.
Provide children with opportunities to play with peers.
Children gain experience and learn important social skills from playing with friends. For children who are still
learning how to get along, it can be helpful to plan what to do before having a friend over for a play date. This
could involve deciding whether to share all of their toys or only some, or encouraging them to think about what
games the other child would like to play when they arrive.
Teach positive social skills.
Observe your child to identify any negative social behaviours your child uses too often and the positive social
behaviours they could use more. Little things like smiles, looking at the person, knowing names and using a
confident, friendly voice can make a big difference when making friends. Being able to better control negative
emotions and paying attention to the needs and wants of others are also very important. Teach one behaviour or
social skill at a time and make sure the child is able to do it before introducing another skill. Show your child what
to do. You may act out the situation and even demonstrate what to say. Take turns ‘acting’ until your child can
demonstrate what to do. Don’t be too serious. Make it a fun experience.
Be a coach.
Coaching is critical for helping children use new skills in real-life situations. Coaching involves prompting,
reminding and encouraging (but not nagging!) children to use the skills they have learned. Coach your child to
practise positive social skills in everyday situations with family members and friends. Support children’s learning
by giving positive feedback and praise.
Help children solve friendship conflicts.
Talking problems through with a supportive adult helps children to think about what happens, how they feel
about it and what to do next. Thinking things through like this helps to build more mature social skills.
St Benedict’s Lego Club
This year there has been a significant increase in the number of students in Prep to
Year 2 who wish to participate in Lego Club during play times. We would greatly
appreciate any donations of Lego to add to what we have available for the children
to play with. Please send to the Teaching and Learning room.
Finance & Fees
[email protected]
Term 1, 2015 School Fees
Term 1 school fees are due March 2nd unless Direct Debit arrangements are already
in place. If you did not receive your account statement (via email) or would like an
up-to-date statement emailed to you, please contact Nerrida on 3481 4600.
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Uniform Shop
[email protected]
Mondays 2.30pm-4pm and Fridays 8.00am-9.30am or available by appointment.
Oops, that’s not my hat?
You may have accidently taken home someone else's school gear. Please check your
gear at home and return any ‘lost property’ to the school office. Thank You! Parents are welcome to check
through our orange ‘lost property’ baskets in the office any time.
[email protected]
Our St Benedict’s Primary School Café is open Wednesdays & Fridays.
Flexischools Orders
Please check that you have correctly updated your student's class on
Flexischools. If you have any problems please email
[email protected]
Volunteers are most
welcome and appreciated
in the Café.
Please contact Fiona
(our Café Convenor) or
the school office if you are
able to offer assistance
in any way.
Our new Café Convenor is Fiona Storey. She can be contacted on 0429 647 268 or
[email protected]
0429 647 268 or
[email protected]
[email protected]
Next P&F Meeting
Our P&F Meeting will be held at 7pm, March 4, in the St Benedict’s Primary School
staffroom. All are welcome!
P&F Electronic Mail
If you would like to receive all P&F correspondence directly into your Inbox, please join our Mailing List. No more
digging through school bags for P&F notes! Join our Mailing List.
Mango Hill Markets
Stay up to date:
Term 1: February 25, 2015
St Benedict’s College
[email protected]
Game and App Development Masterclass
Recently, 15 St Benedict’s College students had the privilege of attending a Masterclass
at the College facilitated by Steven Shilling, an expert in the fields of Media, Design and
Programing. Mr Shilling shared his knowledge about Animation, Gaming, Special FX,
Film and App Development. The students quickly adapted basic programming the
development of their own game, learning how to structure the game with an objective,
how to create characters, environment modelling, level design and how to make objects
move around the screen.
Learn more about all that is offered to students at St Benedict’s College, including Extension and Excellence
Programs, Robotics, Athlete Development Program, Music, Drama, Senior Pathways and much more, at one of
our upcoming events:
Twilight Tour – Thursday 12 March from 5.00-6.00pm
Visitors Day – Friday 27 March, 9.00am-12.00pm
To register for either event or to obtain enrolment information, please contact College Secretary, Lea Rubio via
email to [email protected] or via phone to 3385 8888.
Interviewing Now for 2016, 2017 and 2018
Our first round of interviews for this year will be held during the week commencing Monday 23 March for
applications already lodged. If your child is currently in Year 4, we strongly advise that you place an application
for Year 7 in 2018 by Thursday 2 April. Further interviews will take place during Terms 2 and 3.
Here at St Benedict’s, Centacare run the Outside School Hours Care facility as well as the Kindergarten Services.
Please contact the Centacare coordinators directly regarding these services.
OSHC (Outside School Hours Care)
Nikki Sawatzki - Coordinator
3293 4507 or [email protected]
Kindergarten Services
Michelle Kramer - Kindergarten Teacher
3204 8452 or 0498 393 334 or [email protected]
Allergy Aware!
St Benedict’s is an allergy aware school! Fortunately most allergies are not life-threatening. For some
people however, exposure to certain allergens can result in the most severe form of allergic reaction known
as anaphylaxis. HOW YOU CAN HELP: If your child has eaten peanuts before coming to school, please be
sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed. Please avoid sending peanuts/nuts or
peanut butter to school.
Term 1: February 25, 2015
MBRC Road Safety Strategic Plan 2015-2020
Have your say and go in the prize draw to
win a bike!
MBRC is currently reviewing and updating the
‘Road Safety Strategic Plan’. Let us know what
you think the big road safety issues are in the
Moreton Bay Region by 06/03/2015. Use the link
below to take part in the short survey and be
involved in shaping Council’s business on what
can potentially save lives on our roads.
Tennis News
There are still a few vacancies available if you
were thinking of signing up for tennis in Term 1.
A Tennis raffle will be available for all students who
have enrolled in tennis and fees paid by Friday 20th
February. A new tennis racquet is the prize. All
players who sign up for tennis will receive a free
tennis shirt after filling out the correct form. Please
ask your tennis Coach for a form.
Tennis Australia are providing a FREE tennis
racquet and shirts for all interested Prep students
at St Benedict's. A form will be sent home with the
prep students this week which must be completed
by the 27th February in order to receive this gift.
All forms to be returned to the tennis coach
[email protected] or to the school office
by Friday 27th February.
Wayne Hampson Tennis Coaching 0438 195 723
[email protected]
Term 1: February 25, 2015
Redcliffe Leagues Hockey Club
Have you thought about hockey for your
child? We have a fabulous program called Hook
in2 Hockey which runs for 6 weeks starting late
February and introduces children from the age of 4
to our great sport in a fun environment. Your sign
on will include a FREE Stick, Ball, Shin Pads,
Mouth Guard and Hockey Jersey - everything you
need to join in the fun straight away! Apart from
this program, we also have Boys and Girls teams
starting from U7's. We would love to hear from
0417 758 107 for more information.
Held at St Benedicts on Saturdays from 10.30am to
11.30am. All ages are welcome. Please phone Daisy or
Damian on 3886 0967 or 0438 860 967. Sign up
for two months and receive a free uniform. All classes
are supervised by an instructor with a Blue Card.
North Lakes Mustangs Soccer Club Inclusive
Program is proudly supported by the Brisbane
Paralympic Football Program.
Term One Commences and Registration Day
When: Saturday 28th February
Time: 2pm to 3pm
Where: Woodside Oval – Cnr Discovery Dve &
Gardenia Pde North Lakes
Worldwide Marriage Encounter: A weekend
away for married couples in peaceful, picturesque
surroundings – away from the distractions of everyday living. Take time out of your busy schedule,
to invest in your most precious asset . . . your
Marriage! This is a unique opportunity to recharge your relationship batteries, refocus on
each other and fall in love all over again!
Weekend date: 15th – 17th May 2015
Venue: Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre, Ormiston
QLD (on Brisbane’s bayside)
For bookings/details contact: Maria and David
Murphy, ph (07) 3342 1456,
[email protected]
Information website:
North Lakes Mustangs will be providing a sausage
sizzle at the conclusion of training on this day.
Everyone (siblings, friends & supporters) are
welcome and please pass on this information to
friends & any families that you feel would benefit
from being involved with this successful program.
A Head Coach from the BPFP, Alyssa (Aly) BPFP
Junior coach, Kaye our Coordinator and the
Northside team are ready to create a fun and safe
social environment for your children.
For all enquires, please contact Kerri Hutchison
Email : [email protected]
Phone: 0408 348 500
PS: can you please RSVP your attendance as this
enables us to ensure suitable training for the
athletes and catering for our sausage sizzle.