Presentation - Portland Public Schools

Portland Public Schools
Budget Workshop
February 2015
Yousef Awwad, CPA – Chief
Financial Officer
Sharie Lewis, CPA – Senior Director, Accounting & Payroll
David Wynde, Deputy Chief Financial Officer & Budget
School Funding in Oregon
Where does PPS get its money?
How does PPS use this money?
How are individual schools funded?
Portland Public Schools
Founded in 1851
More than 48,400 students, largest in Oregon
More than 6,200 employees
28 K-5 schools, 29 K-8 schools, 10 middle schools,
10 high schools, 1 K-12 school for a total of 78
•  8 Head Start/Early Childhood programs, 17
community-based programs, 17 special services
programs, 7 charter schools
•  9 million square feet of property
•  From Richmond (1908) to Rosa Parks (2006)
PPS Enrollment Trend
PPS Funding Trend
School Funding in Oregon
Before 1991, schools funded through local property tax
Measure 5 shifted funding from property tax to income tax
Made state primary source of school funding
Since then, school funding has trended down.
Where does PPS get its
Property taxes
Funding Formula
State Funding Formula = Local permanent
rate property taxes (top number on your tax
bill) + state school fund grant
•  State equalizes funding across school
districts so more affluent districts like
Portland help support less affluent ones.
•  If the amount from our local rate goes up,
state contribution goes down.
Local Option Levy
Local option levy is the smaller of the
highlighted school taxes on your bill.
•  Levy money stays in PPS and has helped
us weather hard budget times.
•  Levy money does not go to the state and
is NOT spread across other districts.
Specific Funds, Specific
•  Federal dollars
•  Grants
•  Parent fundraising
Federal funding
Largest sources/Total: $51.5 million
Other funding sources
How do we use the money?
How PPS distributes
staff in schools
The number of staff is the biggest example
of funding at a school level.
How does PPS decide how much staff to
give to which schools?
How does PPS distribute
staff in schools?
Several factors determine how much staff a
school gets:
•  Number of students
•  Number of underserved students (equity
•  School size/grade configuration (K-5, etc.)
•  Unique circumstances (split campus, etc.)
•  Kindergarten: funded separately
Other factors impacting
school staffing/funding
•  Federal funding
•  Grants
•  Parent-led fundraising
Staffing at K-8 Schools
*Includes general fund, federal funding, grants, parent-led fundraising, Arts Tax.
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