"It`s important to give a better country to your

Friday, February 20th
Issue: 19
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"It's important to give a better country to
Strength and
your children, but it is more important
to give better children to your country."
-Carlos Slim
Community Strength & Service
The Winners and Results of Our Fittest Staff Challenge!
Now that America's Fittest Staff Challenge has come to a conclusion, here is a recap of
everyone who helped make this initiative happen, the impact it has had on our
community, and of course, our winners!
Special thanks to FeFit, Thriveology, Vemma and fitness instructors who taught fitness
classes at our school free of charge: George Roberson, Heather Rakowski, Karen
Sonin, and Shawna Riggio. Thank you all for your effort, time, energy, and dedication to
supporting the community, and thank you to all of the other parents and community
volunteers who helped with this project. Thank you to Director of Programs, Debbie
Cordero, for help making it all possible!
The Results
 Aspen parents and faculty alone have logged over 1,000 hours of exercise in 30
days, which is roughly 34 hours a day!
 Nearly 100 pounds have been lost.
 Thousands of daily nutrition logs have been completed causing people to be
more conscientious about how and what they are eating.
 There has been a noticeable and positive change in the energy and "pep" at
Aspen Academy
 Students have developed a greater awareness of what it means to be fit while
motivating and encouraging their teachers to get fit and stay healthy.
 A Health and Fitness Fund has been created at Aspen Academy
o Nekter will be donating a portion of their sales of $3,000 to Aspen's
Health and Fitness Fund
o FeFit, a program with workouts for moms, women, and protein bars, will
donate 20% of their sales to this fund. Check your mailbox for
Girls Basketball
Away Game
February 24th
4:00-6:00 pm
Cheer on our
Girls Basketball
Team at South
East Christian!
Go Bears!
Girls Basketball
Home Game
February 26th
4:00-6:00 pm in
the Gym
Cheer on our
Girls Basketball
Team as they
play against Ben
The Facts and
the Myths
February 24th
additional information!
The Winners!
 The Parent Winner
o Mrs. Sheri Poznanovic!
 The Homeroom Winners
o Grand Prize
 Bridget Noel (lower school)
 Nicole Kruse (upper school)
o Runners Up
 Kelsey Sullivan (lower school)
 Kerri Esposito (upper school)
 America's Fittest Staff Challenge Standouts
o Standouts for being supportive, enthusiastic, and participating in all the
aspects of this challenge include:
 Gabriella Polen, Junior Kindergarten Instructor
 Sara Anderson, Admissions Manager
 Kelley Ledden, Junior Kindergarten Instructor
 Rachel Sefton, 8th Grade Instructor
 Joanna Parker, Kindergarten Instructor
 Diana Smith, Business Manager
 Sydney Fisher, Drama Instructor
 Mike Koral, Fitness Instructor
 Grand Prize Winners
1. The winner of the FeFit Ultimate Experience (complete workout
program with nutrition plan and accessories) for the Most Nutritious
Participant is Extended Care Instructor and Substitute Bridget
2. The winner of 6 months of treatment and consultation from thriveology
for having the Greatest Weight Loss is Aspen Instructor Cathy
3. The winner of 4 lift tickets to Winter Park and 4 tickets to the Rockies
game for being the Most Inspirational Participant is Fitness
Instructor Julie Richardson!
4. The winner of two Southwest Airlines round trip tickets for being
the Most Improved Participant is Health and Safety
Manager Amanda Herrera!
Last but certainly not least, an immense thank you goes to Aspen parents, Zeke and
Melonie DeRose. Thank you for your passion, drive, persistence, and commitment to
making this challenge a success while improving the wellness in our community! Though
the challenge is over, we will continue to strive for health and fitness in our everyday
Outdoor Leadership Camp with Mr. Lazartic!
Registration for Outdoor Leadership Camps with Mr. Lazartic is now open! Act now for a
6:00-7:30 pm
at St. Anne's
Episcopal School
All Aspen
parents are
invited to attend
this event, where
a panel of five
experts will
marijuana and its
effects on our
youth. Click
here for
February 27th
8:30-9:30 am
in the Cafeteria
Join us to learn
about the current
Colorado Laws
and how they
affect your
family. Smart
Colorado will be
speaking about
responsibilities to
children and the
honest answers
you can be ready
with as your
children mature.
Monday Mornin
g Coffee
Monday, March
8:30-9:00 am
in the Bear's
Please join your
community on
firstMonday of
each month
from 8:30-9:00 in
the Bears Cafe
for some coffee
10% savings and to ensure your children a spot - these camps are sure to fill up
fast. Visit www.lazerleaders.com to register today!
7th Grade Service Learning Project
This past Friday, the 7th graders took a field trip to the Denver VA to distribute
Valentines to Veterans as part of their service learning project. They had an opportunity
to spend some time talking to Veterans that served in many different wars, including
World War 2, the Vietnam War and the Cold War. The seventh graders sang songs to
the Veterans and told them jokes to help brighten their day! It was an incredible
experience for everyone!
Volunteer Opportunities
Jump Rope for Heart Volunteers Needed- Click here to find out more.
Gala Volunteer for Quilting Art Project Needed- Click here for additional
Book Fair Coordinator- Click here for more information!
Lunchroom Volunteers- Click here to sign up!
Dads and Dudes Gaming Night Volunteers- Click here for more info!
Faculty Appreciation Week Volunteers- Click here to view our openings!
The seventh graders created Valentine acknowledgements for their teachers as part
of their Valentines Day party. What a thoughtful gesture!
and connection!
Our 8th grade
students, with
PCO mentor
support, will
provide the
caffeine kick and
some small bites
to get our week
started on the
right track. Enjoy
engaging with
new and
and teachers as
we celebrate the
community we
Girls Basketball
Away Game
Tuesday, March
4:00-6:00 pm
at Sky View
Cheer on our
Girls Basketball
Team at Sky
View Academy!
Go Bears!
Friday, March
8:30-9:00 am
Care and
Act #1/Act #2
Dads and
Dudes Gaming
Friday, March
5:30-8:30 pm
at Aspen
This is our
Health and Safety
Self-Carrying Medication
Students are not allowed to self-carry or administer
medication unless it is approved by our school nurse and
we have a note from your child's physician.
With that said, parents cannot drop off medication to
be administered without being accompanied by the
medication administration form, and students are
not allowed to self-administer medication. If your
child needs to take any medication at school, and it is
not on file already, please
email [email protected]
Jump Rope for Heart
We are so pleased to announce that Aspen
raised $16,429.50 for the American Heart Association. This is a $9,000 increase from
what we did last year. You all did such an amazing job, and so many lives will be
impacted by these donations. Special thanks to Aspen parent Krista Johnson for all of
her help organizing this event, and to Aspen student Kaila D. for being our Heart Hero
and sharing her story.
Dream BIG Day Camp: Performing Arts Camp
Let your imagination run wild and help to create a unique theater performance. This
week-long performing arts camp will allow participants to develop characters and
storylines while assisting in writing a play to be performed for friends and family
members at the end of the week.
Campers will develop theatrical skills including character creation, ensemble,
improvisation and performance. Campers will develop life skills including following
directions, teamwork, confidence and risk taking. Campers will learn literacy skills
including reading and script writing and body language, gestures as well as facial and
vocal expression.
What: Dream BIG Day Camp Performing Arts Camp
When: Aug. 3-7, 2015, 9:00am-3:00pm
Where: Aspen Academy
Who: Kids ages 7-12
Cost: $525/wk
For additional information visit http://www.dreambigdaycamp.com/aspen/
The first graders visited a nursing home as a part of their generations service learning
project. They sang songs, gave hugs, and got to know some of the residents at a local
nursing home!
event! Mark your
calendars for this
fun night with the
guys and be sure
to turn in your
RSVP card to
the box in the
front lobby.
Girls Basketball
March 7th
at Sky View
Cheer on our
Girl's Basketball
A Team as they
play their final
tournament at
Sky View
Academy! Go
How Did We
Get To Be So
Afraid For Our
Monday, March
7:00-8:30 pm
at Graland
Country Day
All Aspen
parents are
invited to attend
this event, where
Lenore Skenazy,
author and
humorist, will
discuss how to
confidence in
here for
PUMP'd: Love
and Logic Tune
Up #4
Friday, March
in the Cafeteria
Aspen Additions!
Please join us in welcoming the newest members of
the Van Manen family, Adrian and Deshaun! They
started school at Aspen this week, Adrian (right) in 1st,
Deshaun (left) in Kindergarten! Izzy Van Manen has
been attending Aspen Academy since Kindergarten
and is now in third grade! Be sure to say hello if you
see Adrian and Deshaun around campus!
Join us for our
Parent University
Program led by
Head of School
Kristina Scala
and Kerry
Stutzman, where
we learn to how
put an end to
whining and
arguing by going
"Brain Dead."
Friday, March
Essentials Corner
Let's celebrate as one of Aspen's geniuses reaches new
heights! Here's more about Aspen Art Instructor Holly
Johnson and the path she is paving:
"Teaching art at Aspen Academy has been a dream
come true. The students, parents, and faculty inspire me
every day and I wouldn't be where I am today without
This summer, Holly will be teaching art in Accra, Ghana;
while also researching the educational benefits of
communal drumming and its impact on collaborative art
making and synesthesia. In other words... she will seek
to develop new ways to advocate for art education to
thrive within and outside of the walls of the classroom
and in numerous facets of global society.
Also, Holly was accepted to the Rhode Island School of Design and will begin her
Master's program in September. There she will be designing original curriculum, taking
studio courses, and collaborating with other RISD students to create programs at
"Project Open Door." Project Open Door is a RISD program that works with underserved urban youth to assist in portfolio development and inspire a path to higher
education. Holly is cross-registered at Brown University to study at the Annenberg
Institute for School Reform and the School of Ethnomusicology. We are blessed to
continue our school year with Holly and know she will always have a unique place in our
Aspen hearts!
Aspen Academy
Effort &
Act #1/Act #2
5859 S. University Blvd.
Greenwood Village, CO 80121