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Juicing Starter Guide
Running On Juice
Juicing Starter Guide
Shane Whaley
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First Edition: September 2011
Juicing Starter Guide
Table Of Contents
Introduction – My Story ----------------------------------5
Why Have I Written This Guide?!-------------------------------------------------7
Top Ten Reasons To Start Juicing!----------------------------------------------8
Recommended Books, DVDs, and Websites!--------------------------------9
Which Juicing Program? --------------------------------10
How To Begin Juicing For Weight Loss !-------------------------------------10
Phase 1! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------10
Phil Staples Juice Recipe!--------------------------------------------------------------------11
Phase 2! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
Phase 3! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
Phase 4! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------11
Juicers ---------------------------------------------------------13
What Juicer?!--------------------------------------------------------------------------13
What A Juicer Must Have!---------------------------------------------------------13
Blenders -----------------------------------------------------14
Juice Recipes for Beginners ----------------------------15
Recommended Books!-------------------------------------------------------------15
My Favorite Recipes !---------------------------------------------------------------16
The Phil Staples Juice!------------------------------------------------------------------------16
Juice Master Detox Special!------------------------------------------------------------------16
Juice Master Turbo Charge Smoothie!---------------------------------------------------17
Super Workout and Recovery Juice!------------------------------------------------------18
Jay Kordich’s Super Energy Tonic!--------------------------------------------------------18
Lighten Up Morrissey Juice Recipe!------------------------------------------------------19
More Juice Recipes!----------------------------------------------------------------------------19
Juicing Starter Guide
Exercise ------------------------------------------------------20
Unleashing The Power of Your Mind ----------------22
Seven Steps to Juicing Success ------------------------25
Understand the power of juicing!----------------------------------------------------------25
Cause and Effect!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------26
Conclusion --------------------------------------------------29
Recommended Reading! ----------------------------------------------------------29
Recommended Websites !---------------------------------------------------------30
Juicing Starter Guide
Introduction – My Story
f you've ever wanted to lose 20 lbs., 40 lbs., 60 lbs. (or more), while
drastically improving your energy, health, mental clarity, motivation, and even
your career, then this will be the most important guide you ever read.
Hi, my name is Shane Whaley, and until very recently I was your typical overweight businessman on the go. I ate and drank too much, I stuffed myself with
large portions of unhealthy foods, and I was at least 70 lbs. over-weight.
For those of you who know San Francisco,
my diet was more North Beach than South
Beach: Chinese food on Monday night,
Pizza on Tuesday night, and Buffalo Wings
on Wednesday night … all washed down
with a bottle of red wine … or even two!
I was constantly traveling and entertaining
clients. Given my poor eating habits and
complete lack of exercise, I was in the
worst shape of my life.
Before juicing weight loss
My health was terrible, and I was always
sick with the flu and colds. It seemed that I
would catch any sniffle that went around.
After work, you could usually find me anchored to the sofa (or a bar) with little
energy to get out and move. I lived for watching football and drinking beer.
I just couldn’t control my weight at all. And it wasn’t for lack of trying, either,
because I’d tried all the popular diets, including Weight Watchers, Atkins, and
South Beach.
In each case, I was moderately successful, and lost a few pounds, but then, I
would soon be piling on the pounds I had lost and becoming more overweight
than before.
Juicing Starter Guide
Fortunately, I'm The Kind Of Guy
Who Wouldn’t Give Up And Settle For Being Fat
That's how I stumbled across a juicing book by Jason
Vale. And my life instantly changed forever. In fact, in
just a few short months after listening to Jason's
✦ I had shed 60 pounds, and six inches off of my
waist! (And I’ve kept it off ever since! And you
should see the look on my friends’ faces when
they see the new me! )
✦ I felt invigorated and completely energized. In
fact, my energy increased so much that I ran a
half-marathon (13.1 miles). (Before I started this
juicing program, I couldn’t even run a bath, let
alone run a race! Since then, I ran another half
marathon just to prove it wasn’t a fluke. I’ve also
put in hundreds of miles in training.)
✦ Plus – incredibly… my mental clarity and
motivation increased so much that...
After 22 months of juicing!
I Was Promoted And Landed My Dream Job
My career has also rocketed since I have been losing weight through running
and juicing. I have been promoted twice and landed a dream transfer from
Stockholm, Sweden to San Francisco, USA.
I attribute this new-found success to the information I’ll share with you in this
guide. The weight loss and the optimum nutrition I have been getting has
helped me to focus, plan, deal with stress better, and work harder without
catching colds and flu.
As I look back at what I’ve accomplished over the last eighteen months,
sometimes it seems like a dream.
Juicing Starter Guide
But it isn’t a dream at all!
You see, what I learned from Jason had almost nothing to do traditional weightloss approaches … and everything to do with an amazing juicing program he
learned several years ago while studying the works of Norman Walker, an early
juicing pioneer.
Jason’s book was titled 7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet and it literally changed
my life.
I remember being riveted to each page as Jason told the story of his life. He
smoked and was addicted to junk food and alcohol. He also had several serious
skin disorders.
However, through juicing, he lost about 65 lbs. and cleared up almost 90% of
his skin disorders.
I was mesmerized by this stuff. Sure, I had read diet success stories before, but
they were usually about housewives. This was a guy like me in his thirties who
stopped the rot by juicing daily.
Why Have I Written This Guide?
People visit my website RunningOnJuice.com for many reasons. Many have
seen friends achieve rapid and sustainable weight loss and want to emulate
Others might have read a juicing book or seen the fantastic documentary, “Fat,
Sick, and Nearly Dead” and want to try juicing for themselves.
I decided to write this free starter guide to help you start juicing and
experiencing the wonderful benefits that juicing can bring.
Although this is not intended to be a comprehensive guide, it will show you:
✦ how I started juicing,
✦ how I juiced,
✦ how I lost weight,
Juicing Starter Guide
✦ how I exercised,
✦ what juicer I use, and
✦ how to unleash the power of the mind
And along the way, I’ll share lots of recommendations which I believe will really
help you.
So, let’s begin with my …
Top Ten Reasons To Start Juicing
1. Juicing is great for digestive health. Your juicer extracts all the nutrients and
goodness from the fruit and vegetable and delivers it straight into your
2. Juicing is a great way to get more fruits and vegetables into your system. In
fact, you will consume more greens than you could realistically eat (check out my
daily Phil Staples Juice in the recipe section.)
3. Freshly extracted juices keep you full and satisfied. My daily juice in the
morning keeps hunger away until lunch time.
4. Juice is portable! You can take your juices with you in a flask. However, you
should try to keep them refrigerated if possible and consume within eight hours.
5. Many of the juice recipes are action packed with anti-oxidants … blueberries
6. Juicing boosts your immune system. I rarely get a cold these days, and can’t
remember when I had the flu last.
7. Fresh-squeezed juice is better. Shop bought juices often contain lots of sugar
and have been heat treated. Not so when you make them at home.
8. Juices are full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins in their natural form.
Juicing Starter Guide
9. They taste delicious! I could never have imagined the difference in taste
between store-bought and home-made apple juice. I dare you to give it a try.
10. I lost sixty pounds, six inches from my waist, and ran two half-marathons. My
skin is one-hundred times better, and I feel so full of energy. I have also helped
friends with juicing, and they have gone on to lose weight. Some have even
beaten long-term depression issues. Incredible.
There are at least another 90 reasons, but I will end it here as this is meant to be
a short starter guide.
Here are a few …
Recommended Books, DVDs, and Websites
Each of us have different reasons why we feel juicing is the best way to lose
weight. I would highly recommend the following books and DVDs:
✦ 7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet by Jason ‘Juicemaster’ Vale – This is the book
that started me on my path towards better health and weight loss.
✦ The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing by Jay Kordich. – This includes nearly 100 of
his favorite fruit and vegetable juice recipes along with a general introduction to
the health benefits of juicing
✦ Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross – You should definitely watch this
inspiring documentary You can buy it on DVD or watch it on Netflix. This is
probably the most inspiring documentary I have seen on juicing.
✦ Juicemaster.com – This is Jason Vale’s website. Jason recommends a seven day
juice fast. This is not for everyone, but it can be achieved by any one. I am living
proof of that and have juice fasted at least four times now.
✦ JoinTheReboot.com – This is the program from the makers of Fat, Sick and
Nearly Dead and is well worth checking out. It’s free too.
Juicing Starter Guide
Which Juicing Program?
Many people I talk with are worried that they may be on the wrong kind of
juicing program. However, the beauty of juicing is that there are very few rules
to it. You can experiment a lot, and that’s most of the fun!
In fact, I have only three rules for juicing. Here are my golden rules:
✦ Melons should always be juiced alone and not blended or juiced with other fruits.
✦ I always clean up the juicer before I drink my juice. All it takes is a phone call or
an email, and you forget to clean it. There is nothing worse than coming home to
a dirty juicer.
✦ I either juice 100% vegetables or 100% fruit. When I do mix them together, I use
the 80/20 rule where possible. For example, I may juice a few apples with my
spinach, celery, ginger, and cucumber.
How To Begin Juicing For Weight Loss
The following is the advice I have given several friends who have all gone on to
achieve fantastic results from juicing.
I believe the best way to juice is to build up to it gradually. If you can go all out
right away, then you have my respect, because many people just can’t live on
nothing but juices for seven days.
Phase 1
Make a green smoothie for breakfast, every day for seven days. It’s good to
make a little extra to take to work in a flask in case you get hungry. I
recommend my Phil Staples juice recipe.
Juicing Starter Guide
Phil Staples Juice Recipe
✦ 1 Bulk of Kale
✦ 4 celery stalks
✦ 1 cucumber
✦ 2 apples
✦ 1/2 of a lemon
✦ lump of Ginger
Phase 2
Try to juice for one day only. If you feel good, shoot for three days, but no
Phase 3
If you complete the three days, then the following week aim for five days.
Phase 4
At the end of five days, if you feel ok, then push for seven. If not, don’t worry.
Just shoot for a green smoothie breakfast and lunch (or a small salad if you
really need to eat.) Then for dinner, have a nice salad with some protein.
The reason I advocate a green smoothie each day is that it usually leads to
making healthier choices during the rest of the day.
I know of several friends and readers who’ve followed my advice, built their
juicing up gradually, and then were able to complete a seven-day fast. This
approach really does work, and it eases you into it. It also gives you time to
work with different fruit and veggie combinations, and decide what juices you
Juicing Starter Guide
Another excellent resource and methodology to KEEP YOU ON TRACK as you
develop these new habits of JUICING and RUNNING is The Habit Factor®,
which is an excellent book AND mobile app (iTunes and Android). The app is a
fantastic way to ensure that you plan and track these essential DAILY behaviors
The author is now a good friend and in his very thorough study of habits, he
demonstrates that many people realize success when they can develop and
incorporate ANY of these new behaviors for a minimum of 21 days. Note:
Sometimes it take more time and sometimes it takes less, but the key premise
in his book is that when it comes to gaining that much needed, immediate
momentum and traction to create the change you seek —it's critical to PLAN
and TRACK. Or, more technically, Plan, Act then Track, and that is what The
Habit Factor helps with greatly.
I actually read his book after I had already lost 60 pounds through juicing and
running. However, my success absolutely supports this premise, "Habits make
things easier over time -- much easier." And just remember what Goethe said,
"Everything is hard before it is easy." I certainly wish I had got my hands on this
book and app to help encourage me through the process and really understand
the power of habit.
So, please, keep in mind that if you can juice for just 21 days it will most likely
become a habit, carrying you powerfully to your other health and fitness goals.
And, before you know it, you will not think twice about cleaning the juicer or be
even slightly bothered by the noise it makes, since morning juicing will become
as routine as brushing your teeth. Indeed! The power of HABIT is extraordinary,
but don't take my word for it. Here is what Ovid, the great Roman poet said,
"Nothing is more powerful than habit." Or, consider what Charles Darwin said,
"It is notorious how powerful is the force of habit."
BTW: You may have noticed, I got Martin to include a FREE, 48 PAGE
PREVIEW of The Habit Factor® bestseller. Check it out! I think you'll
thoroughly enjoy it!
Juicing Starter Guide
What Juicer?
This is a question I receive a lot from friends and RunningOnJuice.com
readers. Again, this one is down to personal preference and budget.
I currently use the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro.
The Power Grind Pro claims to deliver more nutrients and minerals than other
juicers. This is because it has a slower motor. This means it extracts more.
When I juice the spinach, it comes out a very dark green, and that’s a good sign.
It’s also a grinder, and I have made my own almond milk using this as well.
It’s almost $300…not cheap, but I feel it’s worth the cash if you can afford it.
Previously, I used the high-powered Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt VariableSpeed Juice Extractor.
Again, a good bit of kit. I juiced with this for a long time, and it certainly yielded
the results. I did have some issues with the overall build quality, but it did its
job. The Breville Juicer is particularly effective during juice fasts.
What A Juicer Must Have
When you are shopping for a juicer, there is one piece of advice I have for you.
Please try and buy a juicer that has a wide chute. You do not want to be
chopping an apple into a million slices to get it into your juicer. This is soul
destroying, and it will be the last thing you will want to do early in the morning.
Juicing needs to be easy, and a wide-chute juicer is the way to go!
Juicing Starter Guide
There is a big debate about blenders. Usually, it’s between the Blendtec and
Vitamix. I have to be honest, I use a Blendtec. I was swayed by their fantastic
viral Internet “Will It Blend?” videos.
I love my Blendtec, but I also hear great things about the Vitamix.
I try not to blend too much, as I feel you lose a lot of the goodness when you
blend it at super-power speeds.
However, they are great for frozen fruits and smoothies though … yum!
Juicing Starter Guide
Juice Recipes for Beginners
There are millions of recipes out there for juices. There are also many untried
combinations as well. There is nothing more exciting than to try a new recipe.
You can also get creative, experiment, and make some up on your own.
Recommended Books
There are some great juice recipe books out there, and here are some of my
✦ The Big Book of Juices – Natalie Savona
✦ The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing – Jay Kordich (New York Times bestseller)
✦ The Everything Juicing Book – Carole Jacobs, Patrice Johnson and Nicole
Cormier RD
✦ Juice Master Keeping It Simple – Jason Vale
Juicing Starter Guide
My Favorite Recipes
The Phil Staples Juice
This is my all-time favorite juice. It’s my daily juice and keeps me satisfied. It’s
packed with all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients I need. I used to call this
‘Hail the Kale’ but renamed it to honor juicing legend Phil Staples from “Fat,
Sick and Nearly Dead.”
✦ 6 kale leaves
✦ 1 cucumber
✦ 4 celery stalks
✦ 2 apples
✦ 1/2 lemon
✦ lump of ginger
Just juice the lot! Then, add it to the blender with a load of ice. On the face of
it, it sounds gross, but give it a whirl. It’s actually very refreshing, and just look at
how many greens you are getting into your body! It’s probably more greens than I would take in a week in the old wicked days!
Why not give it a try? You can read more juice recipes from this documentary at
Juice Master Detox Special
✦ 2 apples
✦ 1 carrot
✦ 1 slice of lemon (rind on)
✦ 1/4 yellow bell pepper
✦ 1 inch slice of cucumber
Juicing Starter Guide
✦ 1/4 piece of celery
✦ 1 inch broccoli stem
✦ 1 inch slice raw beetroot
✦ Ice
Juice Master Turbo Charge Smoothie
✦ 1/4 cucumber
✦ 1 stick celery
✦ 1/2 small pineapple
✦ handful of spinach leaves
✦ 1/4 lime, peeled
✦ 4 Golden delicious apples
✦ 1/2 ripe avocado
✦ 1 heaped teaspoon of Spirulina powder
✦ Small handful of ice
Instructions: Juice the cucumber, celery, pineapple, spinach, lime and apples.
Place juice and spirulina in a blender with avocado and ice and blend for 45
seconds. Pour into a glass and enjoy! As usual, everything should be as fresh
and organic as possible.
You can find more recipes on Juicemaster.com.
Juicing Starter Guide
Super Workout and Recovery Juice
If you are exercising while juicing, then this is for you. Take it 30 to 60 minutes
before your workout, and then drink more when you’ve finished. It’s great for
those aching muscles, as it has the optimum blend of potassium and sodium.
✦ ¼ cucumber
✦ 2 stalks of celery
✦ 2 apples
✦ ice
This is easy juice the lot and blend with ice!
Jay Kordich’s Super Energy Tonic
✦ 2 kale leaves
✦ ¼ cup of parsley
✦ 2 celery stalks
✦ ½ cucumber
✦ ½ lime
✦ 1 apple
This is a shocking name, but it’s is so simple, and it’s one of my favorites.
✦ 6 carrots
✦ 2 apples
✦ ice
Yum! I sometimes add a bit of cinnamon to this too. It’s delicious and nutritious.
Juicing Starter Guide
Lighten Up Morrissey Juice Recipe
This is my healthier version of V8.
✦ 2 large red beets
✦ 3 medium carrots
✦ 2 stalks celery
✦ 5 plum tomatoes
✦ 4 cups parsley, leaves and stems, roughly chopped and packed into the
measuring cup
✦ 1 jalapeno, ribs and seeds removed
✦ 1 red pepper
✦ dash of worcester sauce
More Juice Recipes
My advice is to buy some of the books I mentioned, or if you are short of cash,
visit Jay Kordich’s site and Join the Reboot site for more recipes.
Also, refer to the fruits and vegetables benefits list at the end of this starter
guide, and see what you can come up with yourself. If you have kids or
grandkids, they will also love this, and it’s fun to juice with them too.
Juicing Starter Guide
When I first started juicing, I was in terrible shape. I remember trying to run
and lasting for about two minutes before I thought I was going to have a heart
attack. It was embarrassing. I went out into the park, and thought I would soon
be running with the same vigor as when I was a kid.
Alas, sixteen years of whisky, beer, hot dogs, steaks, fries, chips, and Colonel
Sanders’ finest meant that I could run non-stop for only two minutes.
In a strange way, this gave me the impetus to keep up with the juicing. I was
really facing up to my true reality. At thirty-four, I should not have been in this
kind of mess, and I really had to do something about it.
My goal was fairly simple: I wanted to run 5k (about three miles) three times
per week. So, that’s a total of ninety minutes of running. It sounds easy now, but
at the time, it was a real mountain to climb.
Perhaps you do not want to run, because you have an injury or simply don’t like
running. Then, find something else to do
Walking fast is a great way to start out, and it’s fun to see your neighborhood.
Swimming is also something many of my overweight friends have had success
with. One friend even bounces on her trampoline.
I am often asked how I went from practically dying after two minutes of running
to completing two half marathons and hundreds of miles in training. Well, it
came down to discipline and developing good habits.
I focused on juicing daily and running three times a week. After a month, I had
this down and stuck to it.
I owe my running success to a free program called Couch Potato to 5k.
Juicing Starter Guide
It’s an eight-week walk/run program. I started out walking one minute and
running for one minute. I did this in intervals. By week eight, you can run thirty
minutes non-stop.
It’s a fantastic way to start running, and I highly recommend it.
Juicing Starter Guide
Unleashing The Power of Your
It wasn’t just the running program that got me through this though. I also
needed what Jason “Juicemaster” Vale calls “mental juice.”
In January 2010, when I committed to losing the weight once and for all, it was
very, very cold. The temperatures varied from -4F to -32F. I was living in
Sweden, and we were experiencing one of her worst winters. I think we had
snow on the ground from December to May. Not just an inch, I am talking
several feet.
I resolved to run outside for the whole Swedish winter. Even my dear Swedish
friends thought I was crazy. I hated it at first, but I soon grew to relish the
The following is what I wrote three weeks into my winter running campaign in
“As you know, I am fighting the flab and have been running for almost three
weeks now. Yesterday was bloody cold. I came bounding out of the flat at 6:45
am and had to run straight back in for a running tracksuit, definitely not shorts
As I take the five-minute walk to Årstafältet, I have to motivate myself, because
I know that thirty minutes of hell and pain await me. So, what I’ll do is list the
top ten benefits of running. I’ll mentally run through a checklist of my ten
greatest reasons to run.
And here they are:
1. Running helps me lose weight!
2. Running helps me to get healthy.
3. Running relieves my stress.
Juicing Starter Guide
4. Running gives me a chance to think about the day ahead.
5. Running makes me revitalize and awake well before I am in the office.
6. Running will help me to live longer.
7. Running means I get to explore my local area.
8. Running means I can go back to refereeing if I want.
9. Running means I will lose weight and therefore have a greater selection of nice
suits to choose from.
10. Running should lead to me losing weight and being attractive to the opposite
sex. Come on, I had to have one boyish one in there!
"The mind is an excellent motivator."
I smile when I read these powerful words, because I do feel better these days.
Try lifting sixty pounds, and see how much extra weight I used to run with.
I love reason number nine. I told myself in that bitter cold that once I lose sixty
pounds, I am going to hire a personal image consultant and go shopping.
I recently did that and it was a great experience. Losing that weight means I
have a lot more selection, and I do not have to go to special clothing stores for
fat men.
I also saved money as well. This is another great way to motivate yourself,
because when the weight came off, the money was there, and I had the budget
to splash out.
The mind is all powerful, and I believe you need to be mentally tuned-in if you
are going to achieve your goals.
I also learnt a great technique from Anthony Robbins and Jack Canfield, who
wrote the Success Principles.
It’s called …
Juicing Starter Guide
My good friend Brian Tracy wrote: "You become what you think about most of
the time."
How true!
Now let me say, I’m certainly not any sort of alternative, hippy-type but believe
me … this really works.
When I was out in the freezing cold, sixty pounds heavier, I used to continually
play a video in my mind.
There I was, fat boy Shane, running the last few strides of the Stockholm Half
I could see the crowds. I could see my mates yelling my name and staring in
disbelief that I was about to finish the entire 13.1 miles. There was my former
girlfriend who told me I would not even run 10k, let alone a half-marathon.
I imagined how that elation would feel and what I would see.
Sometimes I would have a tear in my eye as I thought of all the times I took the
abuse for being fat. What would these people think now, that through juicing
and exercising, I was finishing a half-marathon?
With those thoughts and emotions, I soon forgot the cold and trudged on
through the snow determined to keep going until I reach my goal.
If you are interested in these types of mental visualization techniques, I
recommend the following three books:
✦ Awake the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins
✦ The Success Principles – Jack Canfield
✦ Goals! – Brian Tracy
✦ No Excuses The Power of Self – Discipline – Brian Tracy
Juicing Starter Guide
Seven Steps to Juicing Success
What Juicer you buy has a large bearing on how successful you will be at
juicing. I use the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro. Make sure your juicer has a wide
funnel for ease of use.
Understand the power of juicing
Juicing can really get tough at times, so continue reading articles and websites
that chronicle the successes of others and benefits of juicing. If it helps, take a
look at my before and after photos, I didn’t use Photoshop. These are genuine
photos of rapid and sustainable weight loss.
In order to fortify your mental attitude, it’s important to refer to inspiring stories
and/or people. I was greatly moved by Jason Vale. Many are now inspired by
Joe Cross and Phil Staples since the release of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.
I am also inspired by a story that only fat people can relate to. It’s a story told
by Governor Mike Huckabee.
In early 2003, Huckabee was about to start a cabinet meeting and went to take
his seat at the head of the table. More than 50 top state officials witnessed as
Huckabee broke the chair.
"I found myself sprawled out on the floor," Huckabee says. "It was terribly
The other cabinet members didn't know what to do.
"Some of them wanted to laugh," Huckabee recalls. "But I think they thought, if
I do, I'll get fired today.'"
"It was a very embarrassing moment, and one of those kinds of things people
who are very overweight experience ... people looking at you when you get on
Juicing Starter Guide
an airline and give you that, 'Gee, I hope you're not sitting by me' look," he
says. "It happens all the time."
Governor Huckabee used to weigh over 300 pounds. However, he lost 100
pounds and went on to run four full marathons, which eclipses anything I have
ever run.
I have always been inspired by how he slimmed down and got fit. I would
always reflect on this when I was out there running or sipping on a juice while a
friend was digging into a half-pound Angus burger with all the trimmings.
Cause and Effect
My friend Brian Tracy talks about this law a lot, and it’s very relevant to weight
This law says that weight loss is an effect. As such, it proceeds from certain,
specific causes. When you identify these causes and implement them in your
life, you will get the same effects that hundreds of thousands, and even millions
of others have got.
You can achieve whatever level of weight loss you want if you do what others
have done to achieve the same results. And if you don’t, you won’t. It is as
simple as that.
I like to reverse this law, because it also can apply to weight gain. Many of us
say that our weight gain was stress related, hereditary, or that we are bigboned. We all need to take a long hard look at ourselves and to understand
where it all went wrong. What were the causes of our weight gain?
Mine were a mix of things: A love of whisky, cheese, and large portions. I always
found it hard cooking for one. So, I would usually cook a recipe designed for
four and eat it all.
As you exercise, you need to be very careful with your intensity levels. There is a
tendency that once the scale starts dropping, we start getting much more
Juicing Starter Guide
enthusiastic. So, there’s a chance we’ll get carried away and swim too much or
run too fast.
Getting injured at this early stage must be avoided. It’s much harder to make
the same progress once you have been out of commission for a few weeks. One
of the reasons exercise helps us lose weight is because we don’t want to put
that effort to waste so we tend to eat better.
The advice of coaches worldwide is to only increase your mileage by 10% each
week. So if you run 5 miles this week, then only add 0.5 miles the following
Enthusiasm is great, but please be careful not to overdo it.
It actually took me six months before I completed a 7 day fast because of
naysayers. I started juicing in the summer of 2009, but friends told me it was
crazy, and it wasn’t healthy. It’s hard enough to fast without doubts like these
put in your head.
I really wish the documentary, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead was available then. I
would most certainly have juiced a lot sooner and who knows what my weight
would be today.
Please use RunningOnJuice.com as a reference when friends start making their
bogus claims. I know one of our readers Luis did this. In fact, he would pull up
RunningOnJuice.com on his Iphone and show his friends, so they would shut
Also visit Juicemaster.com and FatSickAndNearlyDead.com. And make sure
you read some of the Jason Vale’s Juicemaster books.
Every juicer should have the DVD, "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.” I still watch it,
and I buy it for friends who want to lose weight, because I know how
inspirational this movie is.
Juicing Starter Guide
You are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are out
there juicing right now.
The starting point of great success and achievement has always been to dream
big dreams. Perhaps your big dream may be weight loss and attaining the
perfect level of health and fitness.
If so, you need to plan and plot your goals if you want to succeed. You’ll also
need to make both short and long-term goals. Sure, I knew I wanted to lose 70
pounds, but had I started out just thinking of the 70 lbs., I would have quit in
despair. Here are some of my goals from when I started juicing. Yes, I still have
them written down!
✦ Lose 5 pounds
✦ Run 30 minutes without stopping
✦ Lose 10 pounds
✦ Run 3 miles under 30 minutes
✦ Lose 20 pounds
✦ Run a 10k race
This was how I started out. Now, nineteen months later, I look back, and I have
lost sixty pounds, and I have taken six inches from my waist. I have run two half
marathons and completed hundreds of miles in training. I can now run about
twenty miles a week.
Juicing Starter Guide
My aim with this free starter guide was to give you a roadmap – a map with
directions and various routes that you can take. I can’t take those paths for you,
and I can’t choose which route you need to take.
If you want to be successful, then this is a journey you’ll need to plan and travel
on your own. Like an airline pilot, you’ll need to make adjustments along the
way, but with the right mental attitude, and the right goals, you can and will
lose weight.
My friends are still staggered at the difference sixty pounds weight loss has
made to me life. They are amazed I had the discipline to see this through. Had
you met me before 2010 you too would be amazed.
If I can do it, then I know for sure you can do it!
Recommended Reading
✦ 7lbs in 7 Days Super Juice Diet – Jason Vale
✦ The Juiceman's Power of Juicing – Jay Kordich
✦ Juicemaster Keeping It Simple – Jason Vale
✦ Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – Joe Cross
✦ The Big Book of Juices – Natalie Savona
✦ The Everything Juicing Book – Carole Jacobs
✦ Complete Book of Juicing – Your Delicious Guide to Youthful Vitality – Michael T
✦ The Habit Factor® – Martin Grunburg
Juicing Starter Guide
Recommended Websites
✦ http://www.juicemaster.com
✦ http://www.jaykordich.com
✦ http://www.jointhereboot.com
✦ http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com
✦ http://www.nomeatathlete.com (Great site for vegetarians/vegans or those who
are just curious!)
Source: Natural Health Magazine
✦ Beets – detox the liver and purify the blood.
✦ Broccoli – boosts immunity.
✦ Carrots – stave off the signs of aging and cancer, aids digestion and eye health.
✦ Celery – helps lower blood pressure, helps to beat insomnia.
✦ Fennel – soothes digestive distress.
✦ Kale – boosts bone density.
✦ Parsley – eases digestion and detoxes.
✦ Romaine Lettuce – lowers blood pressure.
✦ Spinach – increases mental functioning and are a great source of iron.
✦ Tomato – are loaded with the antioxidant lycopene, which helps prevent
degenerative diseases and reduces the risk of prostate and other cancers
according to The Everything Juicing Book.
Juicing Starter Guide
✦ Apples – move toxins out of your body. According to research conducted at
Cornell University, apples contain antioxidants that fight inflammation, allergies,
cancer and viruses.
✦ Blueberries – lower inflammation.
✦ Blackberries – boost heart health.
✦ Berries – are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C. Blueberries have more
antioxidant concentrations than other berries, though they are all good!
✦ Grapefruit – staves off cancer.
✦ Kiwi – One kiwifruit has nearly twice the vitamin C of an orange and can help
✦ Lemon – detoxifies your liver.
✦ Oranges – fight infection. Consuming one glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
a day can help reduce inflammatory disorders.
✦ Pear – relieves constipation, boosts liver and bladder health.
✦ Pineapple – action packed with the enzyme bromelain, a powerful and natural
anti-inflammatory agent.
✦ Raspberries – lowers risk of breast cancer.
✦ Strawberries – wards off Alzheimer's Disease, allergies, high cholesterol and
enhances sleep.
There is a lot of debate about the real benefits of fruit and vegetable. The way I
look at it, none of these fruits and vegetables include anything harmful, and
they are 100% natural.
Juicing Starter Guide