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Washburn Guitars Expands
Comfort Series
WASHBURN HAS AUgmeNted its Comfort Series
with new versions of its WCd18Ce and WCg18Ce
acoustic/electric guitars. A highlight of the Comfort
Series is a beveled top at the lower bout and, on
some models, including the WCd18Ce and
WCg187Ce seven-strings and WCd187Ce sevenstring, a belly cut on the back. Both features prevent
hard, right-angle edges from cutting into the player’s
elbow and belly. In addition to the current natural
and black finishes, the WCd18Ce will now be
available in tangerine (tNg) and metallic Blue
the WCd18Ce is a dreadnought acoustic/electric guitar with a Venetian cutaway for superior
upper fret access. It features a spruce top with
a gorgeous abalone rosette and mahogany
back and sides for a rich, warm sound. the satin
finished mahogany neck has a rosewood fingerboard with classic dot inlays. A rosewood bridge matches the rosewood capped headstock which
features a pearl inlaid Washburn logo and stylized W as well as Washburn branded chrome diecast tuners for tuning ease and stability. A graph tech NuBone nut and saddle add to the tone
and sustain of the instrument.
the new WCd187Ce dreadnought and WCg187Ce grand auditorium seven-string models bring
an expanded tonal palate to acoustic guitar. their low B string retains its clarity and punch
whether played acoustically or through an amplifier.
these new models sound great on their own, but the addition of premium Fishman electronics
makes them outstanding stage performance guitars.
mSRP is $569.90 for the WCd18CetNg and WCd18CemBL, and $712.90 for the WCd187CeB
and WCg187CeB.
Levy’s “Pencil & Ink”
Design Guitar Straps
NeW mPSS2 PAtteRNS FRom Levy’s Leathers feature the subtlest designs
the company has created. these pencil and ink-inspired drawings on a sepia
toned canvas bring a degree of sophisticated fashion to the simple guitar
strap. All straps are tastefully finished with buttery soft reinforced leather
march 2015
Radial Upgrades JDX Direct Box
RAdIAL eNgINeeRINg Ltd. IS NoW oFFeRINg a next-generation version of the popular JdX Reactor amplifier dI in the JdX
Phantom direct Box. Radial Product Specialist Jay Porter explained: “Folks started asking us if there was any way to power
the box using standard 48V phantom. After several rounds of
prototyping, we were finally able to reduce the current requirements of the Class-A circuitry with all of the tone intact.
“Another request was to increase the power handling of the
JdX. While the original was designed for guitar amps with a 100
watt output, many folks loved using it with higher-powered
amps such as the Ampeg SVt.”
the JdX Phantom’s design begins with the same 100% discrete
class-A circuitry and transformer-coupled reactive load found on
the original. this captures both the sound from the amp head and
the back electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker. this produces a more realistic rendering. this signal is then processed via
a carefully designed multi-stage filter to emulate the tone of a 4x12 half-stack cabinet when used
with guitar, or a 8x10 cabinet when used with bass. the JdX Phantom now also includes a Bass
extension switch for increased bottom end when desired, and a 100w/300w switch to change the
input capability.
the JdX Phantom will begin shipping in February 2015 with a mAP price of $199.99 USd.
JodyJazz Adds Tenor To
Popular JET Series
tHe NeW Jet tenor mouthpiece from JodyJazz Inc. expands the extremely successful Jet Series and gives players many of the same performance characteristics that
made the Jet Alto so popular. It’s available in 6, 7, 7*, 8, and 9 tip openings. Like
the Alto model, the new Jet tenor is made at the JodyJazz factory in Savannah,
georgia with its five-axis CNC mill and many of the same state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques developed by JodyJazz during the design and development
of the award-winning dV Series. It was developed to offer a USA-made contemporary tenor mouthpiece design at an affordable price.
Jet models are constructed from a proprietary polycarbonate alloy with a hi-tech,
expensive synthetic rubber mix. the new Jet tenor features a new chamber shape
that delivers a noticeably more powerful sound. the shorter facing curve delivers
effortless altissimo. the company intends to develop Baritone and Soprano models
“originally developed to offer a brighter sounding mouthpiece in our selection, the great versatility of the Jet Altos caught a lot of players by surprise,” said JodyJazz owner and President Jody
espina. “In addition to smooth jazz, rock, Latin, and funk settings, where you’d expect them to
excel, Jet tenors can play lead in a big band and small jazz combo setting. the fullness and ease
of play in the bottom range of the saxophone is what is truly surprising people about the new Jet
march 2015
Allen & Heath Expands
Qu Digital Mixer Family
ALLeN & HeAtH’S new Qu-32 is a 32 fader,
38 in/28 out digital mixer that joins the
rackmount Qu-16 and Qu-24 mixers.
Qu Series features include total
recall of settings (including
faders and digitally controlled preamps), Qu-drive
recorder, dSNAKe for remote I/o and
personal monitoring, multi-channel USB streaming,
Q u-Pad control app, and the renowned iLive FX Library to deliver class-leading audio quality. It comes with a larger, 7" touchscreen and
33 motorized faders, with a dedicated fader per mic channel.
A comprehensive array of features including copy and paste, soft keys, and RtA and PFL options make
using and setting up the Qu console easy and flexible. A&H’s proprietary dSNAKe low-latency audio
connection enables the mixer to connect over a single 120m Cat5 digital snake to remote audio racks
such as the AR84, AR2412, or the new AB168 stage box. It is also compatible with the me personal
mixing system. the 32-mic/line inputs feature crystal clear AnaLog IQ recallable pad-less preamps,
optimized for transparency and low harmonic distortion.
the Qu-32 is equipped with a selection of the iLive pro touring series’ FX emulations, used by many
engineers in place of top-end plug-ins and external FX units including classic reverbs, gated reverbs,
delays, and modulators. Qu’s software caters to different users with varied levels of experience. Access
can be customized and password-protected to easily cope with multiple users wanting different setups
at different times.
Sabian Introduces New B8X Series
SABIAN HAS ANNoUNCed that its B8 cymbal series, a best-seller since
its launch in 1984, will be replaced with a significantly improved
new B8X series. With more hammering, adjusted profiles, and a
great new logo and look, B8X is superior to B8 in every way
but offered at the exact same price.
one of the more significant changes from B8 to B8X is the
introduction of a hammered bell. In addition, the bell features smoother lathing than its predecessor. Also, the B8X
body is hammered considerably more than the old B8’s,
while B8X crashes sport improved profiles. “the result is enhanced projection, more complexity, and a great new look,”
commented Sabian master Product Specialist mark Love. “B8X is really all about giving our customers more value, and what’s better value
than offering a better product at the same price?”
march 2015
Córdoba Honors De Lucia
With New Model
IN tRIBUte to tHe LAte, legendary guitarist Paco de Lucia, Córdoba has released a new
flamenco model, the F7 Paco. Inspired by various instruments in de Lucia’s arsenal—and by
the master’s unconventional tastes—the F7 Paco features non-traditional body woods for
a flamenco guitar. Built with a solid Canadian cedar top and Indian rosewood back and
sides, this guitar has a warmer, darker sound than traditional flamencos, which are
typically built with brighter woods such as spruce and cypress. the F7 Paco has the
projection, response, and feel of a flamenco guitar, but the cedar/rosewood combination provides a softer attack, deep tone, and rich sustain. this guitar also features a traditional 52mm nut width, natural high gloss PU finish, clear Spanish
golpeadores, and Savarez strings. A deluxe Córdoba gig bag comes included. Street:
Founded in 1997, Córdoba seeks to guide the evolution of acoustic guitars and
ukuleles, blending traditional craftsmanship of the early master luthiers with
modern developments. Inspired by the organic beauty and honesty of acoustic
instruments, every Córdoba is lightweight, responsive, and a direct descendant
of the Spanish tradition. Córdoba continues to challenge the definition of the
acoustic guitar without sacrificing the authenticity of its heritage.
Celestion FTX Series Coaxial Loudspeakers
NoW AVAILABLe FRom CeLeStIoN is the new FtX range of common magnet
motor coaxial loudspeakers. Coaxial loudspeakers offer a full range frequency
response in a single self-contained driver, and by concentrically aligning low
and high frequency drivers, coaxial loudspeakers act as a single source, often
providing improvements in signal alignment and off-axis response when
compared to a traditional two-way system.
Celestion’s FtX range of cast aluminum, ferrite magnet coaxial loudspeakers are available in 12" (305mm), 8" (200mm), and 6.5" (165mm)
chassis diameters. they feature fully combined LF and HF components that
are powered by a “Common magnet motor” Assembly (where the same
magnet is used for both the LF and HF elements). this enables the voice
coils—and hence the acoustic centers of the two drivers—to be brought closer
together, delivering further improvements in signal coherence and time alignment, for a
more natural sounding audio reproduction. the use of a single magnet assembly also means lighter weight
and a more compact profile, compared to more conventional dual-motor designs.
each model in the FtX range features a polyimide film HF diaphragm, enabling the device to provide greater
high-frequency power handling. the next-generation Sound Castle soft clamping assembly decreases diaphragm
stress for further reduced distortion and even greater reliability of performance. Both HF and LF voice coils are
edge-wound using lightweight copper or copper clad aluminum. this not only increases barrel stiffness but enables a closer coil wire packing density, leading to improved cooling and increased motor strength.
Additional features include demodulation rings that minimize the effects of power compression, as well as
substantially reducing the harmonic and intermodulation distortion that is commonly associated with voice
coil displacement.
march 2015
Pine Cone Strat Demonstrates Artistry
Of Fender Custom Shop
IN HIS LAteSt mASteRPIeCe, Fender Custom Shop Senior master
Builder Yuriy Shishkov has created the handcrafted Pine Cone Stratocaster guitar, modeled after the antique “Pine Cone” easter egg
made by Fabergé in 1900. this exclusive one-of-a-kind guitar features 550 high-quality diamonds and ten feet of 18 karat gold adorning a flawless single-piece maple body and exhibition-grade
bird’s-eye maple neck. the body artwork design was created in a 3d
format and projected onto the guitar before being hand-carved to
produce the sphere surface effect of an egg. If all the scales on the
guitar were extended beyond the instrument’s contour, they would
create a perfect egg shape. the blue hand-stained “multi-composite” finish was specially invented for this guitar to re-create the egglike appearance.
the Pine Cone Stratocaster’s hardware has been hand engraved;
the knobs and switch tip were custom designed at the Fender Custom Shop and crowned with diamonds. In addition, the “Fender”
logo on the headstock is made of 2mm gold-plated solid silver. the
fingerboard comes complete with inlaid diamonds and ten feet of
18 karat gold ribbon wire inlay, and is finished with a gold-plated
the “old stock” pickups, hand-wound by legendary Fender Custom
Shop pickup winder Abigail Ybarra, feature “encapsulated” pickup
mounting—a never before seen technique that eliminates additional routing and leaves more “real estate” surface on the guitar’s
body for additional artwork.
the Pine Cone Stratocaster has been paired with an authentic limited-edition Fabergé easter “Pine Cone egg.” the guitar and the egg have matching serial numbers (0074).
Like the original antique egg, it has a surprise miniature elephant inside. In addition, the egg has been
signed by maison tatiana Fabergé.
the guitar comes complete with a custom carrying case, hand-tooled blue leather matching design custom
strap, and lighted display case.
Buffet Challenger I Pro Bb Trumpet
NeW FRom BUFFet, the 3137 Challenger I is an entry-level professional Bb trumpet whose first valve slide
thumb saddle, third valve slide finger ring, and rubber bumper inlays on the valve caps make for a familiar
and user-friendly ergonomic system. other 3137 specs and features include: 0.459" mL bore; boxed springs;
top-sprung, hand-lapped monel pistons; hand-hammered one-piece bell; rod stop on the third valve slide;
and lever-style waterkey on main tuning slide. All 3137 trumpets come in a single hard-shell case with compartment for mutes and/or accessories.
the 3137 comes standard in silver plating with a gold brass leadpipe. Finish options include yellow brass bellclear lacquer (3137-L), yellow brass bell-silver plated (3137-S), yellow brass bell-gold lacquer (3137-gL), gold
brass bell-clear lacquer (3137g-L), and yellow brass bell-silver plated with gold plated trim (3137g-L).
march 2015
Mackie’s New “Personal” PA System
mACKIe’S NeW FReePLAY Personal PA delivers batterypowerable full-range sound anytime, anywhere. It features Bluetooth music streaming, a full-featured
four-channel digital mixer, and a powerful control app
for iPhone and iPod touch.
the all-in-one, full-range stereo FreePlay features a
high-output 8" woofer for excellent bass response. It
also allows users to connect microphones, line or instrument level sources. Its easy-to-use mixer controls levels,
eQ, and more. A first in the portable PA category, FreePlay
offers music streaming from any smartphone, tablet, or
other Bluetooth capable device, making it perfect for parties,
weddings, and backyard BBQs.
the FreePlay Connect app for iPhone and iPod touch (available soon)
puts the user in control of everything, from simple level adjustments to professional performance features including a built-in feedback eliminator, application-specific speaker voicing modes, and 16 vocal/instrument effects. For corporate audio
applications such as presentations or public address, the FreePlay Connect app provides discrete level control
from anywhere. Plus, musicians can simply mount their phone on their mic stand for distraction-free mixing
during performances.
A choice of AC or battery power, including an optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack or standard d
Cell batteries, makes FreePlay perfect for street performers or any application where wall power is either not
available or difficult to access. FreePlay also offers several optional accessories to round out its extreme versatility. A unique kickstand/ pole mount accessory connects directly to FreePlay and allows it to be mounted on
a standard speaker pole for increased coverage. It also allows the user to tilt FreePlay back to a 45-degree angle
for better monitoring when FreePlay is on the ground. the optional lithium-ion battery pack delivers up to ten
hours of playback and is rechargeable so users always have the power they need. there’s also a durable carry
bag available to protect during transport and storage that includes handy pockets for mics, cables, etc.
U.S. mSRP $499.99. Available accessories include the FreePlay kickstand/pole mount accessory ($24.99),
FreePlay rechargeable lithium-ion battery ($69.99), and FreePlay carry bag ($69.99).
Nebelung Guitars From Norway
NeBeLUNg gUItARS is a Norway-based guitar company established in 2002 by
designer and builder Ronnie Nebelung. much time has been spent developing
original instruments that have a strong personal identity yet are affordable to
working musicians. the lineup consists of five different models, each with its
own unique personality.
All Nebelung models feature the much-prized korina tone wood, Wilkinson
hardware, and great-sounding pickups.
Priced at $895, these guitars are within reach for a wide range of players.
Nebelung guitars are now in the hands of some of the greatest touring rock ’n’
roll bands in Norway.
march 2015
Winstead, Green Record For
Music Minus One
SoLo ReNdItIoNS of oboe classics featuring internationally
renowned oboe soloist, orchestral musician, electronic music
specialist, recording artist, composer, and teacher John Winstead
can now be heard on traditional and Contemporary oboe Pieces,
music minus one 3414. Winstead has performed worldwide and
has played principal oboe in world renowned orchestras with
conductors including John Williams, Sir Neville marriner, michael
tilson thomas, Kenneth Cooper, gustavo dudamel, Kurt masur,
and Lorin maazel.
Also new from music minus one are
three recordings featuring celebrated
American cellist Nancy green: Rachmaninov Sonata for Cello and Piano—Fred
moyer, pianist, mmo 3731; Saint-Saens
Concerto No.1 in A minor, op.33—east
Nancy Green
West orch., mmo 3779; and Lalo Violoncello Concerto, east West orch.—S.
Ware. Conductor, mmo 3780. Hailed by Fanfare magazine as “one of the great
cellists of our time,” green is known for her acclaimed Cds of previously unrecorded works as well as cello repertoire staples. Her recordings on the JRI
John Winstead
(USA), Cello Classics (UK), and Biddulph (UK) labels received great praise in
music journals.
JBE Pickups Used
On Fine Swiss Electrics
JBe Pickups have been selected for use on a new line of high-end custom electric models by Lengardo guitars, a subsidiary of Swiss instrument maker
Phaselus. the line includes models in three popular styles: the milano, a Les
Paul-styled instrument; the torino, a stylized Strat/Jag body style; and the
Venezia, a semi-hollow body in the eS-335 style.
“Lengardo guitars are designed for discriminating artists who require highquality design, features, and performance,” said Roberto Upazzoli, president of Lengardo guitars.
Lengardo guitars also have several switching options that demonstrate
JBe Pickups’ high-fidelity performance and flexibility, giving guitarists more
tonal options. “I am extremely pleased that Lengardo reached out to JBe
Pickups to include our pickups as options in their beautifully crafted instruments,” said Frank troccoli, president of JBe Pickups. “We were happy to work with
them in the development of our HB-mini pickups, which are just one of the JBe pickup models available
for the milano and torino models.”
march 2015
Casio Trackformer Hits EDM Scene
CASIo’S NeW tRACKFoRmeR series of dJ products gives users the tools
to emulate their favorite dJs and producers. With the XW-dJ1 dJ Controller (mSRP $299) and XW-Pd1 groove Center (mSRP $399), dance
music fans can create, mix, and play or produce their favorite tracks
on their own. designed with a large 7” platter offering the feel of an
analog turntable, plus filter controls and cross fader, Casio’s XW-dJ1
dJ Controller lets users enjoy the popular “scratching” dJ style when
mixing and creating tracks. Compatible with Algoriddim’s djay2 apps
for itunes, the XW-dJ1 can provide direct controls for cue points,
tempo sync, effects, looping, and more. Users can also connect to Spotify and mix along to their favorite songs.
Casio’s XW-Pd1 groove Center is equipped with the sound engine
from its popular XW series of synthesizers, which features preset patterns produced by professional beat makers in dance music genres including trap and edm. Its design includes 16 velocity-sensitive pads and
four knobs for fast real-time music production.
An outer ring of 16 buttons allows the user to check the current rhythm
pattern at a glance. Users can create powerful rhythms and phrases with
the pads and apply dSP effects such as roll, filter, bit crusher, break, and pitch
shifter. Included drum sounds fit a variety of styles such as hip-hop, trap, and
house. equipped with a synthesizer engine and a variety of effects, the XW-Pd1 can manipulate various
sounds. Pad tap sequences can also be recorded in real time, and sampled sounds from the mic or
music player can easily be played on the pads.
the audio output of the XW-dJ1 can be connected to the audio input of the XW-Pd1 so the two units
can be used in tandem. this allows users to do live remix performances using the unique capabilities
of each product.
Légère Inspiration Mouthpiece Combination
AFteR YeARS oF eXteNSIVe ReSeARCH and engineering, Légère has launched the Inspiration mouthpiece combination. World-renowned Austrian mouthpiece
craftsman Nick Kuckmeir designed each piece as the perfect complement to Légère’s acclaimed and increasingly
popular reeds.
the Inspiration mouthpiece is the first of its kind to be
precisely machined to Légère’s exacting standards. delivering a dark, warm tone and allowing for quick articulation and intonation, this semi-professional mouthpiece
combination plays easily and is ideal for orchestras and bands. Inspiration requires less power up front
while delivering more power to the instrument, giving woodwind musicians the freedom to perform
at every stage of their musical careers.
each Inspiration combination for Bb clarinet and alto saxophone includes: one matte-finish mouthpiece; one Rovner ligature (in North America) or Bg Ligature (outside North America); one Légère reed
(Signature or Classic); one mouthpiece cap; and one Inspiration mouthpiece cushion
march 2015
Diamond Head Cutaway Electric Tenor Uke
tHe NeW dIAmoNd HeAd dU-350tCe electric tenor Ukulele is designed for the virtuoso or aspiring player who demands an instrument of utmost versatility and top
quality but that is still affordably priced. Crafted from flamed acacia wood, the cutaway
tenor-sized body provides a big, rich acoustic sound that blends perfectly with other
instruments. edges of the top and back are bound in black, and the soundhole has an
elegant rosette of inlaid wood that complements the slim, fast mahogany neck.
Sophisticated onboard electronics with conveniently positioned tone and volume controls allow the instrument’s rich, natural tone to be amplified to any volume the player
desires. Highest quality sealed and geared guitar-style machines with black buttons make tuning smooth and accurate.
Bourns Pot Features
Unique Switch Design
BoURNS, INC. HAS Added a new guitar potentiometer featuring a
robust, easy-to-use latching-push switch, offering an innovative approach to control the tonal quality, pickup switching, and sound-effect circuits of active pickups. the Bourns model PdB185-gtR
is designed using a mechanical latching switch action similar to that in a springloaded ball point pen. the guitarist can simply push the knob to activate the
switch and push again to deactivate.
“We developed our new latching-push switch potentiometer based on extensive discussions with customers and guitar manufacturers,” said Chuck
manzano, application engineer at Bourns, Inc. “We designed the push-latching
switch for improved ergonomics and as an alternative to the traditional pushpull switch that can be a bit cumbersome to activate on the fly.”
the Bourns model PdB185-gtR gives guitar players more control over tonal
sound quality and the battery life of active electronics through its feature-rich design. Along with its
double-Pole double-throw (dPdt) latching-push switch, features include a long-life carbon element,
slotted and split knurled shaft options, available standard and long bushing styles, and solder lug and
PC pin terminals all in a variety of resistance values and tapers. these features make the model PdB185gtR especially suited to electric guitars, instrument amplifiers, and signal processor applications.
Aranjuez Fluorocarbon Strings
By Juan Orozco
ARANJUez FLUoRoCARBoN HIgH-deNSItY strings by luthier Juan orozco
offer an entirely new design in heavy polymer that’s tough so the strings can
be smaller in diameter. these strings deliver a sound that’s loud, lively, bright,
and crisp, giving the instrument an assertive presence. A bit brighter in tone
than nylon because of the smaller string diameter, fluorocarbon strings hold up
well to humidity and are less susceptible to changes in temperature.
march 2015
IK Multimedia Updates iRig Interface
moBILe mUSIC CReAtIoN SPeCIALISt IK multimedia has
updated its best-selling iRig guitar interface with the
iRig 2. Based on the design that made its predecessor
so popular, the iRig 2 pairs great sound and streamlined convenience with new features such as versatile
input gain control, a 1/4" amplifier output jack, and
Android compatibility. It’s ideal for practice sessions,
live performances, jamming with friends, recording,
and more. With this update, musicians can plug in a
guitar or bass to enjoy killer tone on their iPhone,
iPad, iPod touch, mac, or Android device.
With the addition of the iRig 2’s 1/4" amplifier
input—added to augment its 1/8" headphone output—musicians can use
iRig 2 and their mobile device along with their favorite amplifier, without the use
of an adaptor. this opens up a whole world of opportunities when paired with Amplitube, IK’s powerful
processor. iRig 2 lets musicians easily use Amplitube’s library of virtual stompbox effects, and amplifiers.
iRig 2’s added switch allows dual-mode operation: FX lets musicians send a processed signal to their amplifier’s 1/4" output from apps including Amplitube. tHRU sends a clean signal, letting musicians use their
mobile device as a tuner, recorder, or other utility while using their classic analog rig, which maintains the
purity of a 100% analog signal path.
made for both practice and performance, iRig 2 comes with a removable support that, together with a
Velcro strip, allows easy mounting of iRig 2 on any mic or music stand, making this tool perfectly at home
on stage during live performance.
Ready to go right out of the box, iRig 2 also comes with a powerful cross-platform suite of apps and software, including free versions of Amplitube for ioS, Android and mac/PC. And while iRig 2 is the ideal companion to Amplitube, it also works with any other recording, processing, tuning, or music app.
the new iRig 2 interface will be available in Q1 2015 for $39.99.
ISP Debuts Theta DSP System
ISP teCHNoLogIeS’ NeW theta dSP floor controller/switching system offers superb guitar preamplifiers and built-in studio-quality effects processing. It delivers outstanding tone and sound quality,
thanks to ISP’s new dSP platform with a 32-bit floating point processor, the latest generation of high-quality audio converters, and ISP’s
acclaimed decimator Noise Reduction.
Fully programmable with a dSP software version of the ISP technologies’ theta Preamp, this system provides super-high gain with
zero aliasing. It can also provide a classic preamp for vintage tones and a full complement of built-in studio-quality digital effects. It has dual stereo outputs with one stereo out to drive a guitar rig and a second
with ISP’s speaker simulated output for direct recording or line out to the mixer. the Speaker outputs offer
ISP’s new “true Speaker” convolved speaker outputs, which produce the actual time domain aspects of
vintage speakers with adjustable microphone placement. An input for an external expression pedal can be
mapped to control countless parameters. the theta dSP will include 256 user programmable presets for
sound library storage.
march 2015
Recording King
Dirty 30’s Resonator
ReCoRdINg KINg’S dirty 30’s Resonator delivers tons of classic style and a vintage resonator tone perfect for old-school blues and slide players. designed for songwriters who
want vintage blues or slide sound—or first-time players who want something a little
cooler—the dirty 30’s drips with vibe, from its f-holes and tailpiece to its single 0-size
resonator and classic sunburst matte finish.
traditional resonator sound is delivered from a hand-spun 9.5" cone in a pedestal
soundwell. Soundposts surround the circle of the soundwell, and the cone vibrations
are free to bounce within the full cavity of the body. the f-holes are placed to optimize bass and treble frequencies as they exit the body for the perfect dry, throaty
resonator tone.
mAP $249.99.
Colorful Crossrock Instrument Cases
CRoSSRoCK INStRUmeNt cases from Kingstar International
offer consumers exciting alternatives to the “plain, boring
black hard case.” Innovative in design and rich in color, Crossrock’s original designs deliver high-quality ABS cases that are
durable, portable, and fashionable. Instead of a traditional aluminum alloy valance, Crossrock CRA400 series cases
employ a stylish zipper and high-quality password lock.
this design makes Crossrock cases lighter yet still fully
protective of the instrument.
Musikmesse HALL 3.0, Booth F99
Blue Book Updates Guitar Value Guides
BLUe BooK PUBLICAtIoNS has released 15th editions of the Blue
Book of Acoustic guitars and Blue Book of electric guitars (two volumes), the industry’s most comprehensive sources for acoustic and
electric guitar information. Written by zachary R. Fjestad, the 15th
editions offer updated new and vintage instrument pricing and
technical information on acoustic and electric guitars and basses.
they feature a combined 2,300-plus pages and more than 11,000
acoustic and electric guitar images available for viewing on the
Blue Book website. Suggested list prices are $29.95 acoustic,
$39.95 electric.
march 2015
American Recorder DIY Custom
In-Ear Monitors
AmeRICAN ReCoRdeR technologies, Inc. is now the exclusive
m.i. distributor for decibullz custom in-ear monitors. decibullz
Custom In-ear monitors and earphone Adapters are easily and
quickly molded by the user to the unique shape of their ears. once
molded, decibullz will comfortably stay in the ears throughout performance, rehearsals, and other activities. decibullz can also be remolded so
if the user does not get the perfect fit the first time, they can keep molding until they obtain the exact fit. In addition, these in-ear monitors feature a built-in microphone, making them ideal to use with mobile
American Recorder technologies President Alan Adelstein stated,
“these amazing in-ear monitors will offer musicians a truly low-cost alternative to expensive inear monitors as well as stimulate transmission/receiver sales, making it a win-win for the retailer.”
tangle free cables, storage case, and a selection of comfort buds are included in the kit. Users can
access the easy-to-follow online video for step-by-step instructions. decibullz Custom In-ear monitors are available in a variety of colors and have a $69.95 mSRP.
(805) 527-9580
Tascam Portable Recorder Has WiFi
tASCAm’S NeW dR-44WL is a four-track recorder that includes WiFi for transport control, file transfer, and audio streaming to smartphone or PC. New
built-in stereo condenser microphones feature shockmounting and are
mounted in a true XY pattern for perfect stereo imaging. A pair of XLR inputs
is also available for four-track recording, and all four feed an improved microphone preamp and Ad/dA converters for better sound quality and longer
battery life.
A free app for ioS and Android devices controls the transport for remote
recording start and stop. Audio streams to the user’s device, and files can
be transferred over wireless connection. Instantly share recordings online
without moving the dR-44WL from the perfect microphone position.
A four-track multitrack mode allows arrangements to be recorded one track
at a time with reverb. For video shooters, the recorder includes a hot shoe
mount and a stable internal clock to avoid drifting out of sync with the camera.
No matter what the application, the dR-44WL brings the best audio quality
and WiFi capabilities together in a powerful and easy-to-use handheld
other major specs and features include: recording volume up to 132dB SPL; up to
96kHz/24-bit recording (WAV/BWF) or mP3 recording; simultaneous WAV and mP3 recording; XLR
inputs with phantom power; 128x128 graphic LCd with backlight; free transfer software for mac
and Windows; support for up to 512gB SdXC card; and included 4gB SdHC card, AC adapter, camera
hot shoe adapter, soft case, hand grip, windscreen, and micro USB cable.
Shipping in october. estimated street price $299.99.
march 2015
UDG Bespoke Hardcases For DJ Controllers
Udg HAS CReAted professional and durable
hardcases specifically for three popular digital dJ controllers: Ableton
Push, Pioneer RmX-500, and Pioneer
ddJ-SP1. these cases are skillfully designed from durashock molded eVA
foam with robust, laminated nylon exterior, giving superior dJ controller protection for life on the road.
When the three aforementioned controllers
arrived from Pioneer and Ableton, professional
and amateur dJs alike struggled to find a case that
would snugly fit their kit and provide serious protection. Udg’s solution is a super-light eVA hardcase constructed from durable lightweight compression
molded eVA material with a laminated nylon exterior. the tough exterior provides protection against
drops, scratches and liquids, which makes it the perfect companion for the travelling dJ.
each hardcase features easy-grip zipper pulls, but the star of the show is the durashock molded eVA foam
that has been expertly cut to protect dials, jog wheels, faders, and buttons.
Udg’s Creator Series offer high quality and great value, priced at $49.95 (Ableton Push); $34.95 (Pioneer
RmX-500); and $34.95 (Pioneer ddJ-SP1).
Guitar Upgrades From Backbone
INNoVAtIVe t-BoNe ANd StRAtoBoNe models from Backbone guitar Products are direct bolt-on replacements for the stock neck plate
on telecasters, Stratocasters, and copies. designed to unlock tone, increase sustain, and enhance resonance, they offer a cost-effective way
to upgrade performance without modifying the guitar. Simply change
the neck mounting plate and restring on t-Bone models. the Stratobone attaches to the tremolo claw, providing adjustment with new
stainless machine screws. Current models include the t-Bone Standard,
t-Bone Studio, t-Bone Bilet, and Stratobone.
Olympia Debuts CTS Coated Strings
oLYmPIA HAS LAUNCHed a new series of coated guitar and
bass strings. the CtS series features the finest U.S. steel wire
and a coating system developed by olympia. CtS strings are
significantly longer-lasting, stay in tune longer, and offer exceptional sustain and playability.
Musikmesse Booth F 41 4.0
march 2015
Neck Illusions Guitar Fingerboard Protector
mARCoSoLo PRodUCtIoNS’ new Neck Illusions graphic fingerboard protectors are the world’s first product designed
to protect stringed musical instruments’ fingerboards
from unwanted wear. “over time,” said the inventor,
“contact with the player’s fingertips will develop small
divots on the wood that can be costly to repair.” Neck Illusions are easy to install, easy to remove, and most importantly, they won’t interfere with players’ ability to shred
on their ax. more than 120 designs are available now, and
more are being added every month.
Non-permanent, low-tack adhesion means they can
easily be removed without leaving any messy residue
on the fingerboard. they stay in place even during
the most demanding licks, and the Protector won’t
ever move, wrinkle, or stretch. At just 0.005" thick,
Neck Illusions won’t interfere with the musician’s
playing. Installation is super-easy and typically takes
less than 15 minutes. their low price point creates repeat customers.
(602) 524-2834
Galaxy Monitor
Adds New Frequencies
gALAXY AUdIo has added a new frequency band (B2) to its AS-1800 Wireless Personal
monitor. this upgrade fills the need for more frequency flexibility in the wireless personal monitors by adding an additional 640 frequencies to the lineup.
the AS-1800 Wireless Personal monitor is designed with the professional in mind, yet
offered at an affordable price. With 640 selectable frequencies in each band
and a magnesium metal-alloy body pack with diversity reception, the AS1800 was built to handle a harsh life on the road. other features include
mixed mono for blending multiple source inputs on the body pack,
the selectable output of the transmitter, and a naming function
for easy identification.
All AS-1800 products include rack ears, earbuds, and a carry
case. Street price $749.99.
(800) 369-7768