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of the Shared Lutheran Ministry
of Fayette County
your invitation to fellowship, learning, serving, and celebrating
March 2015
Sharing God’s W ord by embracing and serving all as God’s faithful family.
“Watchers on the Hill” is the theme for Lent 2015
Sundays in Lent will focus on the OT lesson with the theme “God’s Covenants”; we use Setting 10 of
the ELW. Each Wednesday we will witness the conversation between two people who are watching
the events on Golgatha when Jesus and two thieves are crucified. As we see the crucifixion through
their eyes, we will also see its significance for us. Each Wednesday we will meet at 6:00 for soup; worship begins at 7:00. Here’s the rotation:
March 4 - “Zadok and Judas” (Lee Fritsch and Greg Noak) – at Ellinger
March 11 – “Lydia and Abigail” (Annie Mueller and Patsy Buro) - at Fayetteville
March 18 – “Marius and Lucius” (Geoff Roach and Curtis Bradbury) - at Warrenton
March 25 – “Nicodemus and Mary Magdalene” (Phil Oestreich and Ashlynn Wobus) - at Ellinger
Our Wednesday Lenten offering is designated for CASA “Court Appointed Special Advocates” Association. They are opening a new branch office in La Grange to assist youth as they deal with domestic
and family issues.
Palm Sunday March 29th will be celebrated in our individual congregations at regular worship times.
Procession with palms and Holy Communion.
Holy Week Worship
Maundy Thursday is April 2. We will hear from the disciples gathered at the Last Supper as they
contemplate Jesus’ words that one of them will betray him. “Is it I, Lord?” Each one of them has reason to doubt himself. This moving drama is set within a worship service with Holy Communion – 7:00
pm in Rutersville
Good Friday is April 3. The moving service of the Via Dolorosa is presented at noon in Ellinger and
at 7:00 in Fayetteville.
Easter Sunday is April 5. We will have festive Easter worship at all four congregations at their regular
times – 8:00 Ellinger, 8:30 Warrenton, 10:00 Rutersville, 10:30 Warrenton
New Members to be received
Do you know anyone interested in membership at any of our SLM churches? If so, pass along their
name and information to Pastor Marcia. Letters of invitation will be going out in early March. Reception
of new members will be in April.
First Communion for SLM youth
Communion at our Shared Lutheran Ministry churches is usually offered to youth who are in 1 st grade
or older, following a retreat of preparation. A retreat will be scheduled once we have a group put together. If you know of a family who would be interested in this, please pass along this information and
have them register with the SLM office.
Prayer and the Space Bar
"Long ago when I was learning to type, I used to delight in typing letters to my
friends without pressing the space bar. Now when you don't press the space bar
you've got a real mess and there is much decoding to be done. It is the spaces in
between that enable us to understand the message. Life is very much the same. It
is the spaces in between that help us understand life. But some of us keep forgetting to press
the space bar. And why do we forget? Well, many of us have the disease that some doctors are
calling hurry sickness." — Macrina Wiederkeh
This is a story shared by Bishop Mike Rinehart. It’s a reminder how important it is to take a
breather. IfItypedmymessagelikethisyouwouldhaveaterribletimefiguringoutwhati’mtryingtosay
We need spaces in our lives, times to sit and reflect, time to be quiet. It is in the spaces that we
are still enough to hear the whisper of God. This is prayer time.
The Bishop is thinking a lot about Prayer this Lent. He has just published a book on prayer which
is the #1 selling prayer book on Amazon. It’s called “Learning to Pray Again: Peace and Joy
Through an Ancient Practice” $8.99
Lent is set aside for this purpose: to learn to pray again, to reconnect with God, to find peace.
During Lent we take time out of our “hurry sickness” for worship and Christian connections. Lent
establishes a different rhythm to life. It is intended to be a slower, quieter time; it’s a time for
reflection, repentance, renewal.
Jen Tinker, a Lutheran deaconess doing an interim at Greenvine, is a contributor to a book of
Lenten devotions entitled “Grace and Peace” published by Augsburg Fortress.
These are excellent resources for finding space in your life.
You can also make it a priority to come to worship on Wednesdays in Lent. Start with soup supper and connect with church family. During worship we will be listening to the conversations of
people who were present at the foot of the cross. Their dialogue will stir you. We’re not much
different than they are. The dialogues will focus our eyes on the cross, the place of healing, hope
and reconciliation for us.
There’s not much sense in living life like a spinning top – spinning wildly until your head hurts.
"Learn to pause or nothing worthwhile will catch up with you," says Doug Kling. Lent is the time
for pauses, for spaces. Let your soul catch up with you. Drink deeply the refreshing waters of
Christ and be renewed. Take time to hit the space bar this Lent .
See you in church!
Beginning March 8th worship will be held in the Fellowship
Hall as the sanctuary gets a fresh coat of paint!
April Newsletter Deadline
The deadline to submit information for the April newsletter will be March 18th . Any information received after
this date is not guaranteed to be printed in the newsletter. You may email newsletter items to
[email protected] or drop them off at the SLM office.
Please remember in your thoughts
and prayers our homebound and
nursing home residents.
At Home:
Ellinger Members:
Laurie Mae Heintschel
Lurline Wilburn
Raymond Domel
Burney & Irene Hartmann
Gay Nell Heinsohn
Rutersville Members:
Ivy Vasut
College Park, Schulenburg
Eva Lee Tonn—Warrenton
Jefferson Place:
Nelda Weyand—Rutersville
Jerry Sauer—Fayetteville
Genell Rohde—Warrenton
Monument Hill:
Mae Dell Harms—Rutersville
Evelyn Tietjen—Rutersville
Marvin Unger—Rutersville
Ralph Styers—Warrenton
River Oaks, Columbus:
Patsy Pflughaupt—Fayetteville
Out of Town:
Ellinger Members:
Elwert Kansteiner—Austin
Leda Muske—Katy
Rutersville Members:
Delta Mischer— Buda
Dea Simons—Sugar Land
Warrenton Member:
Eric Boultinghouse—Georgetown
 We would like to THANK EVERYONE who supported the
Krispy Kreme fundraiser by selling, purchasing, and distributing those tasty treats on Valentine's Day. This fundraiser
financially supports us as we travel to Detroit, Michigan for
the National Youth Gathering which will be a life-changing
experience. It is your generosity, that allows us to be able
to have this amazing opportunity to experience life in
Chicago, Detroit and even a bit of Canada, but more
SAVIOR with 30,000+ youth. We are so excited and thankful
for this opportunity. Again, many thanks for your support. Blessings to you all- Payton, Claire, Kaylee, Kyler,
Jagger, Jade, Koltin, Allison, Addysyn, and Sydny.
 Thanks to everyone who contributed to make the SLM
Chicken and Sausage Fundraiser a success! The chicken and
sausage raised $3,003 and the bake sale raised $877.80 for
a total of $3,880.80 that will be applied toward February
expenses for SLM.
 Thank you to Carol Bigott, Chip and Sheron Citzler, Laddie
Michalsky and Carolyn Rotter for distributing food at the
food truck for February. One hundred and twenty eight
families, 338 individuals received 7,400 pounds of
food. Twenty eight volunteers helped.
Please continue to hold in your prayers:
Andrew (Mary Bohot’s son), Mary Bohot, Burdine
Divin, David Dunlap, Nicky Guzman, Sheila Hanke,
Delta Mischer, Scott Moore, Ed Pietsch, Doris Pilger,
Doris Polasek, Linda Smidovec, Ted Stardig, Ralph
Styers, Billy Teague, Don Treybig , Ivy Vasut, Lou
Ann Williams and the family and friends of Barbara
We pray for the safety of all our troops and military personnel
around the world.
We pray for firefighters and police officers and all who work for
justice, peace and understanding.
Daylight Savings Time begins
March 8th! Spring Forward
News and Events
WWW – Stewardship of Time!
WWW. KeepingUsConnected in Rutersville!
5:30 – Dinner; 6:10 – Education for all ages; 7:15 – Worship
Our GREAT Cross-Generational program will resume meeting April 8th in Rutersville.
The 2015 World Day of Prayer service will be held
Friday, March 6, 2015, at St Paul Lutheran Church in
La Grange beginning at noon. St. John, Rutersville
WELCA will be the host, Mt. Calvary LCMS, La Grange
will be in charge of the program. Rutersville women
will meet at St. Paul at 10:00 AM to prepare.
Walking in the Footsteps of Martin Luther
Celebrate the 499th Anniversary of the 95 Theses in GERMANY!!
June 6-17, 2016
The next meeting is scheduled for Sunday April 12 at 1:30 pm in Rutersville. We’ll present the
PowerPoint again. Forms for insurance, cancellation, etc. will be available.
 The estimated cost for the trip will be $2,200 plus air fare. A $400 deposit to hold your spot for the
trip is due April 26. The deposit is non refundable.
 If you have questions, contact Lee Ann Hartmann or Pastor Marcia.
Souper Bowl of Caring
The Chefs won!!
Shared Lutheran Ministry has been in partnership
with Souper Bowl of Caring for 9 years now! Together we have donated over $2.6K dollars and
200 food items. For our 2015 Souper Bowl game
we pitted the Chef's—Ravioli, VS the O’s—
Spaghetti O's with meatballs. The results are
in...Chef's 69, O's 35 and 11 odd balls (over 30lbs
of food!!!) Plus, we raised $237.75, and the best
part of this game day is that 100% of the food
and money raised goes to our local food pantry,
AMEN. Thank you to everyone that participated in
this "fun"draiser!
W E LC A Ne w s
WELCA Bible Study and Meetings
The Tuesday WELCA groups will meet on March 2 at 2:00 pm in Fayetteville. We use the Bible Study from the Gather magazine, have a light lunch and business meetings. March 15 WELCA meets in Warrenton at 3:00 pm. We’re studying women of
the Bible from the book “Strong Was Her Faith”. In March we read chapter 5 The Mighty Widow. Note: Warrenton hosts the
Spring Cluster meeting on Saturday April 11 at 1:00 pm. Mark your calendars!
WELCA Monthly Congregational Reports
WELCA Meeting, Fayetteville, February 3, 2015:
The meeting was held at St. John Lutheran Church at 2pm, Rutersville, with four members from Fayetteville, St. Paul Lutheran
Church, in attendance.
A Bible study was led by Pastor Marcia, using the GATHER periodical.
The Pancake Supper was discussed, and will be held at St. Paul's, Fayetteville, on February 17, 2015, from 5-7pm. All are welcome-- sausage, pancakes, and juice/ coffee will be served. Donations will be accepted.
Payment for two goats for ELCA/ Good Gifts was approved. Cost had increased to $100 per goat.
Motion was made and approved to donate $500 to AMEN.
A card will be sent to St. John, Warrenton, thanking them for their kindness and generosity toward other churches in the SLM.
The next WELCA meeting will be held in Fayetteville, on March 3, 2015.
WELCA's from Rutersville and Fayetteville met Tuesday, February 3, 2015 in the educational Building in Rutersville.
 Pastor Marcia led the Bible Study "Transforming Life".
 February birthdays include Lori Schultz 1st, Teresa Moeller 3rd, Ivy Vasut 4th, Kari Brawley 5 th, Hollie Tietjen 5th, Cheryl Otto 7th,
Heather Bush 9th, Kelsie Hrbacek 10th, and Christy Noak 22nd.
 The minutes were approved as read and financial report was placed on file for audit.
 Cheer committee Darlene and Leatrice reported that cards were sent to members in nursing centers and homes.
 Three quilts were completed at quilting. Our next quilting will be on February 25th.
 At Care Inn birthday party in January approximately fifty residents received ice cream and cake. Thank you to Lorali, Leatrice,
Margie, Helen, and Carolyn for helping.
 Since WELCA is hosting World Day of Prayer each member is asked to bake a cake and make a loaf of sandwiches.
 Fifty people were served for the Clara Wessels funeral luncheon by group 6.
 It was moved, seconded, and carried to have Easter lilies adorn the church for Easter. $14 for each plant.
 The soap and school kits for Lutheran World Relief project will begin now.
 The Christmas dinner for 2015 will be Sunday, December 13th.
 For Church Women United we will have the birthday party in October and will purchase gifts of residents of the two homes who do
not have families.
 The Western Cluster Gathering will be April 11th starting at 1 pm in Warrenton.
 It was moved, seconded, and carried to contribute one half of the proceeds from the April bake sale to the youth who will be attending the National Gathering in Detroit.
 The St. John’s Warrenton WELCA met on Sunday February 15th at 3:00 pm in Warrenton. Pastor Marcia led an interesting Bible
study about Mary the Extravagant. Next Bible study will be taken from the scripture reading: Mark 12: 41-44, The Mighty Widow. A
short business meeting followed:
Discussed plans for April 11, 2015 WELCA Spring Gathering to be held at St. John’s Warrenton
Vanities for both bathrooms and kitchen have been purchased. New entrance rugs have been installed.
Voted to allocate money to purchase new lawn mower for church grounds
Thanks to Katherine Cordes for crocheting prayer shawls; given to Ruth Roecker, Lou Ann Williams and Edward Pietsch.
Barbecue sauce will be prepared this month. Brinda Dunlap will post date and time.
Clean Food Booth March 1, 2015; Bake Sale April 4, 2015; Volunteers are needed for all the upcoming events for the Antique Fair.
These are busy months ahead; let’s share our time and talents.
Flowers to beautify the sanctuary Easter Sunday April 5, 2015. Have flowers at the church by noon Saturday April 4th.
Closed the meeting with singing “Bind Us Together” and “Happy Birthday” to Patsy Buro.
SLM News & Events
Murder Mystery Dinner in Hawaii!
The ever-popular Murder Mystery is returning on
Saturday March 7. This time the setting is the Hawaiian
Islands. Dig out your island shirt and your muumuu and
join us for an evening of fun and a great luau! The
proceeds will help our youth going to the Detroit Youth
Gathering. They will be your servers. There will also be a
silent auction. Donations are appreciated.
TICKETS: $30/couple, $20/individual, $10 child
The Antique Week Bake Sale on March 28-29 For bake sale,
we appreciate homemade goodies donated for us to sell. We ran
out last time. There aren’t enough of us!
Color Me Christian Run
Saturday May 2 at Lutherhill. We will need sponsors and workers as well as runners and walkers.
these levels:
Platinum Sponsorship - $500 (Name on T-shirt; Logo on Entry
Banner; Sign @ Color Zone; 4 Free Runner Registrations)
Gold Sponsorship - $250 (Name on T-shirt; Sign @ Color
Zone; 2 Free Runner Registration)
Silver Sponsorship - $150 (Name on T-shirt; Sign @ Color
Zone; 1 Free Runner Registration).
Questions or to sign up as a sponsor, please
Contact Natasha Kocian, MiLisa Gaertner or Cassie Staggs.
Looking for a fun workout? We do Zumba every Thursday at 6:00 pm at the Warrenton church. Come try it out! We
use a DVD routine and each one dances to their own ability. No pressure ~ just doing something healthy!
SLM and each individual church now offers electronic giving.
Go to the SLM website and click on the
“Donate Now’” tab to begin submitting your offering on your schedule! You can
also use this tool to pay for items for Youth and Family Fundraisers by signing
on through the SLM portal and creating a profile. If you have questions or need
assistance, please call the office at 979-249-3155.
Lutheran World Relief
School Kits
March 29th is the deadline.
Please include the following items in each School
(backpack bags will be at
Why school supplies? To the children who receive
School Kits, these supplies mean the difference between getting an education or not. Public school is
usually free, but in the places where LWR works,
even a few required supplies, like pens and paper,
may be more than many families can afford.
And when parents can only afford to send one of their
children to school, girls rarely get priority…yet the
education level of mothers has the biggest impact on
-Four 70-sheet notebooks of wide or college ruled paper approximately 8” x 10 1/2”; no loose-leaf paper
- One 30 centimeter ruler, or a ruler with centimeters on one side and inches on the other
-One pencil sharpener
-One blunt scissors (safety scissors with embedded steel blades work well)
-Five unsharpened #2 pencils with erasers; secure together with rubber band
-Five black or blue ballpoint pens (no gel ink; secure together with rubber band)
-One box of 16 or 24 crayons
-One 2 1/2 inch eraser
Please start bringing bars of soap for Lutheran World Relief.
Soap Drive
Each church will have a basket for these bars.
A new bar of soap signals dignity and cleanliness!
LWR will accept new bars of any brand soap in its original wrapping.
Bath-size bars (4-5 oz.) are highly preferred.
When you are shopping, please remember to pick up extra soap for those who desperately need it!
Please give new items only, except where otherwise noted • Please do not donate items with any religious symbols, messages or your
congregation’s name. • Please do not donate any items decorated with a U.S. flag, patriotic or military symbols, or references to the
armed forces, including camouflage. • Do not add other items or leave out any of the items listed. All items should be new and in good
condition. Remove any excess packaging, • pack all items in bag and close. Do not enclose the Kit or any of its contents in plastic bags.
This summer Lutherhill will focus on discipleship. Campers will be
challenged to shape their lives around what was important to Jesus.
Our faith is not passive, but active. We are called to justly Act in
service to our neighbors, compassionately Love, and to intentionally
Walk with our God.
Shared Lutheran Ministry will partner with Lutherhill for Day Camp
the week of July 20-24.
Early Bird Registration: When you send in the camp balance and registration before March 3, you will receive $20 off your camp
- High School Kids doing the LYLE program are going July 5-17
- Jr High Kids can go July 5-10, but there is a new Night Owl camp that they might want to
go to (check the website for available dates).
- Elementary Kids are signing up for July 12-17 or Aug. 2-7.
Looking Ahead -Listening to God’s Word
March 1: Mark 8:31-38 The gospel promises that following in the way of Christ offers life. During Lent, many Christians place
limits on their lives—"fasting from self-indulgence" (ELW, p. 254)—as a sign of incorporation into Christ. We need to beware of
counseling those who are suffering more than we are about willingly taking up their cross, by which Mark meant religious persecution. Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 The story of God's covenant with Abraham and Sarah is read this Sunday to strengthen the Lenten focus on covenant and to present examples of those who receive life from God. That the passage speaks of God's everlasting covenant with the descendants of Abraham reminds Christians of God's continuing faithfulness also to Jews and Muslims.
Romans 4:13-25 In Lent we receive the grace of God, which like the surprise of a birth to a couple in old age, comes from the
mercy of God rather than from our human efforts.
March 8: John 2:13-22 This gospel is a primary example of John's use of narrative to proclaim Christology. Christ is the temple. Coming to church in Lent is coming to Christ, whose body is raised from death and who lives now in the community of believers. Our Passover is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Exodus 20:1-17 The Decalogue, which arose in a period of Israelite
history prior to the building of the temple, is appointed for this Sunday to highlight both the similarities and the differences between the evolving biblical Judaism and the community of Christian believers. The Commandments understand all human life
as conducted before God. In the New Testament itself (for example Matthew 5) we encounter the earliest of continuing Christian appropriation and reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments. Historically, attention to the Commandments has been part
of baptismal catechesis. 1 Corinthians 1:18-25 This reading helps connect the Ten Commandments with Christ as the replacement of the temple: Paul contrasts the faith of the baptized with both Greek learning and Jewish signs. In Lent we affirm
the gospel with its offer of the weakness of the crucified Christ.
March 15: John 3:14-21 The context of the beloved John 3:16 includes reference to Israelite sin, death by poison, the darkness of this world, hatred of God, and the evil that people commit. In John, eternal life begins now, in and among the baptized.
In contrast to the story from Numbers in which people die of snakebite, John describes God as choosing to save, rather than
condemn. The world, which does not know God, is loved by God. Numbers 21:4-9 The narrative from Numbers provides the
story to which the gospel refers. With John in mind, we can say that the Israelites "loved darkness" and are "perishing." The
fiery serpent, like Christ, was "lifted up." Those dying of snakebite, like Christians, are invited to believe. Ephesians 2:1-10 This
passage is a magnificent compendium of Lenten baptismal proclamation. Baptism has given us life in Christ so that by grace
we will do the good works of God.
March 22: John 12:20-33 As we ready for Holy Week, the archaic simile of the grain of wheat depicts God's way of bringing
life from what seems death. With the Greeks, we too wish to see Jesus. To do so, we must look up, for Jesus has been lifted up
on the cross in order to draw everyone to God. The "hour" of salvation is Christ's death. Jeremiah 31:31-34 Lent has provided
time for us to prepare for and remember baptism. In baptism we are wed to God and we receive God's covenant of love written
in our hearts. Although we have repeatedly broken the covenant, God promises to remember our sin no more. This passage
was formative for the Christian language of the "new covenant" in Christ's blood. Hebrews 5:5-10 The suffering and death of
Jesus are likened to the ministry of the high priest, whose prayers provided the people's access to forgiveness from God. We
are comforted by the word that Christ suffered both for us and with us.
March 29: Isaiah 50:4-9a Christians have seen in the Servant Songs descriptions of Jesus Christ. In Christian interpretation,
the reading sounds as if Jesus is describing his own ill treatment, an important theme in Mark, although he affirms his innocence and his trust in God. Philippians 2:5-11 We join with Christians of the first century in a creedal poem: Christ humbled
himself to death, and God has raised him as Lord. The ancient song is a summary, not only of our baptismal faith, but also of
the Holy Week that has begun. Mark 11:1-11 Holy Week begins with a palm procession and the proclamation of Jesus' entry
into Jerusalem from the Gospel of Mark. Christ enters the assembly now, just as he did then, and we praise his presence
among us. "Hosanna" is now our song, pleading for salvation.
St. John, Ellinger—Council Highlights—2-12-2015
Approved minutes and treasurer’s report.
Bids were presented from six contractors for new roof on church. One contractor was selected and will be notified.
Haworth Roofing to complete the work on the educational building roof. Half of the work has been completed.
J R Koehl to mow church grounds. Details discussed.
Pre-Easter Bake Sale - Lucille Koehl was asked to chair this event and has accepted the offer. Bake sale details will
be discussed at next meeting.
Tithe Offering - discussed - 10% from bake sale to be given to Fayette County EMS.
Shared Lutheran Ministry Churches Core Values
The 5 SLM church councils met in retreat with the councils of New Ulm and Frelsburg on Feb. 21. Evan Moilan led the
councils in a process of identifying core values, mission and vision for their own congregation. You will be hearing more
about the mission of your congregation from your council in the months ahead. Mission is based on the core values of
your congregation. Core values are things that are of primary importance to your congregational leadership. This
month we want to share with you the core values of each of our congregations:
The Core Values of St. John Lutheran Church, Ellinger
Our Lutheran heritage
Our weekly worship services centered around the sacrament of Holy
Our flexibility in how and where we worship and praise our Lord and Savior
Our openness to accept and to serve others
The Core Values of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fayetteville
We value hospitality. It is important to be warm and welcoming to all who enter our church doors.
We value dedication to God. Not only should we ask God for help and guidance
for those for whom we pray, but we should also ask God what we can do for
We value serving others by not forgetting our elderly, disabled, the sick, and
the less fortunate.
We value "nurturing" our children so they will grow up knowing Christian beliefs
and principles.
We value our freedom and are thankful that we can worship God as we choose.
The Core Values of St. John Lutheran church, Rutersville
Following God’s word
Worship with communion & other Lutheran traditions
Christian fellowship
Making all feel welcome
Helping one another/our fellow man
The Core Values of St. John’s Lutheran Church, Warrenton
value the heritage and traditions of our church.
value Lutheran theology- sacraments and teachings.
value service to others.
value versatility and the given talents our members have.
value a work ethic; a can-do attitude; the willingness to help.
Shared Lutheran Ministry Calendar of Events
March 2015
2:00 PM Care
8:00 AM Worship in Ellinger Team Meeting
8:30 AM Worship in
@ Fayetteville
Warrenton; Sunday School
10:00 AM Worship in
10:30 AM Worship in
1:30 PM Murder Mystery
Dinner Practice @ Rutersville
Betty Burkland &
Gene Cordes
Jerry Sauer Birthday
Edward Pietsch
Madison Weyand
9:00 AM SLM @
Second Chance
9:00 AM SLM @
Second Chance
2:00 PM WELCA's
@ Fayetteville
9:00 AM SLM @ Second Chance
6:00 PM Soup Supper
@ Ellinger
7:00 PM Lenten Worship @ Ellinger
9:00 AM SLM @ Second Chance
6:00 PM Zumba @
9:00 AM SLM @
Second Chance
12:00 PM World
Day of Prayer - St.
Paul LG
3:00 PM Murder
Mystery Dinner
Practice @ Rutersville
Daylight-Saving Time
9:00 AM SLM
@ Second
Sierra Schulz Birthday
6:00 PM Zumba @
Brandon Loehr Birthday
Maxine Dominey &
Trevor Gaertner Birthday
Kyndal Brawley 10:00 AM Quilting
8:00 AM Worship in Ellinger Birthday
@ Fayetteville
9:00 AM SLM
@ A.M.E.N.
6:00 PM Soup Supper Amber Bartek &
Mason Hoefelmeyer
@ Warrenton
Phil Oestreich Birthday & Kara Welch Birth-
6:30 PM Congregation of Councils @
10:00 AM AMEN/
Austin Food Truck @
Doug Divin &
Mim Fichtenberg
Stephen Krenek
Youth Bake Sale @
5:30 PM SLM Coun- 7:00 PM Lenten Wor- 1:00 PM SLM @
cil @ Ellinger
ship @ Warrenton
6:00 PM Zumba @
8:00 AM Worship in Ellinger
8:30 AM Worship in Warrenton; Sunday School following
10:00 AM Worship in
10:30 AM Worship in
3:30 PM Nursing Home
Worship @ Care Inn
4:15 PM Nursing Home
Worship @ Monument Hill
Chuck Boenker,
Darlene Strahan
James Averyt
Natasha Kocian &
9:00 AM Quilting @
Wacey Buro Birthday Rutersville
Palm Sunday
8:00 AM Worship in Ellinger
8:30 AM Worship in Warrenton; Sunday School following
10:00 AM Worship in
10:30 AM Worship in
Youth Bake Sale @
7:00 AM Men's
Breakfast @ Riverside
7:00 PM Lenten Worship @ Fayetteville
Kayleigh Walcik Birthday
8:30 AM Worship in Warrenton; Sunday School following
10:00 AM Worship in
10:30 AM Worship in
3:00 PM WELCA @
Jacob Dominey
6:00 PM Soup Supper
@ Fayetteville
8:00 AM Worship in Ellinger
8:30 AM Worship in
Warrenton; Sunday School
10:00 AM Worship in
10:30 AM Worship in
6:30 PM Luau Murder Mystery Dinner @
6:30 PM Worship & 6:00 PM Soup Supper
Music Team Meeting @ Ellinger
6:00 PM Zumba @
@ Rutersville
7:00 PM Lenten Worship @ Ellinger
7:00 AM Men's
Breakfast @ Riverside
Maundy Thursday
7:00 PM Maundy
Thursday Worship @
Good Friday
12:00 PM Good
Friday Worship @
7:00 PM Good Friday Worship @
March 2015 - Worship Leaders
Assisting Minister
Gladys Koehl
Carolyn Bartosh
Laura Brugger
Annie Mueller
Carolyn Bartosh
Annie Mueller
Martha Staley
Carolyn Bartosh
Marie Guzman
Maxine Brugger
Head Usher
Allen Mueller
JR Koehl
Barbara Hinton
Chris Brugger
JR Koehl
Martha Staley
Assisting Minister
Jeanette Brown
Wendy Vasut
Greg & Andria
Billie Adams
Maurine Schley
Kristen Graeter
Evan Holloway
Jerry Brown
Jeanette Brown
Lisa Corn
Kolton Vasut
Karson Corn
Makayla Cegielski
Kyler Vasut
Taylor Cegielski
Edgar & Marie Von Minden
Billie & Keith
Christine Cordes
Ruth Noska
Lisa Corn
Maxine Dominey
Carol & Fred Seymour
Altar Guild
Annette Richards
Dustin & Kayleigh Walcik
Assisting Minister
Laurie Karisch
Phyllis Fritsch
Weldon Hartmann
MiLisa Gaertner
Lee Fritsch
El Gene Weyand
Joyce Wied
Lee Fritsch
Payton Hemmitt
Greg Noak
Gavin Noak
Trevor Gaertner
Garrett Noak
Bethany Naumann
Breann Jordy
Mike Hensel, Curtis & Laurie Karisch
Altar Guild
Betty Burkland & Margie Stardig
Bucky & Aileen Loehr
Carol Bigott
Betty Burkland
Tammy Naumann
Waldine Garlin
Patsy Buro
Megan Buro
Brinda Dunlap
Harry Schellberg
Assisting Minister Harry Schellberg
Lou Ann
Brinda Dunlap
Dawn Moore
Lou Ann Williams
Brinda Dunlap
Frank & Lou Ann
Roy & Judy
Edward & Betty
Orville & Jo Nell
Megan Buro &
Roy & Judy
Frank & Lou Ann
Gerald & Joyce
Charles & Patsy
Scott & Dawn Moore
Harry Schellberg
Megan Buro
Wacey Buro
Sheila & Bob Hanke
Shared Lutheran Ministry
of Fayette County
4446 South State Hwy. 237
Round Top, Texas 78954
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage Paid
Round Top, TX 78954
Dated Material: Please do not delay.
March 2015
Sunday March 8th
The Invitation
from the Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County
March 2015
Parish Leadership
Reverend Marcia Kifer, Lead Pastor
Reverend Paul Bohot, Supply Pastor
Aimee Elles, Office/Business Manager
Brinda Dunlap, Shared Ministry Council President
Parish Communications
Office Hours: Mon – Thurs, 8:30 am to 3:00 pm
Office Phone Number: 979-249-3155
Pastor Marcia’s Home: 979-968-3634
Fax: 979-249-3548
Email addresses: [email protected]
[email protected]
The Shared Lutheran Ministry of Fayette County is a cooperative rural ministry of four congregations: St. John Lutheran in Ellinger, St. Paul
Lutheran in Fayetteville, St. John Lutheran in
Rutersville, and St. John’s Lutheran in Warrenton. All are member congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the
Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod. We share
pastors and an office/business manager. We
share whatever ministry benefits the mission of
Jesus Christ.