How to prepare your abstract for the Eurosensors 2015

Topic: (Please choose from the list on the webpage)
How to prepare your abstract for the Eurosensors 2015
A. Author1, B. Author2, C. Author1,2
1. Institute A, A-Town, A-Country
2. Institute B, B-Town, B-Country
These are the guidelines and template to prepare the two-page abstract for the Eurosensors 2015. In
this first section, please describe your major achievements and present your contribution in a nutshell.
This section should not exceed 150 words.
Please choose one topic from the list on the conference webpage, and indicate it in the heading line.
Please underline the presenting author. Make sure that the email and regular mail addresses, telephone
and fax numbers of the corresponding author are provided at the end of the first page. Affiliation(s) of
each author should be listed in the format institution/company, town, and country.
Motivation and results
In this second section, the motivation and results of your research must be clearly identified and the
novelty or progress made compared to the state of the art has to be provided. It is mandatory to
present results in the abstract. The total length of the abstract text consisting of the text of the
summary and the text of this section should not exceed 500 words. Please show the word count at the
end of the main text. Please illustrate your approach and relevant results by referring to figures and/or
tables inserted in the second page. The second page must contain only figures and/or tables. To
explain the background of your work, you can refer to previous works by yourselves and/or other
researchers in the reference list at the bottom of the first page.
The abstract must be submitted via the conference web site ( no later than
April 10th, 2015, following the online instructions on uploading the file. The submitted abstract must
be in PDF format. Please make sure that the PDF file can be opened without any problem by the latest
version of Adobe Reader. To avoid font problems and make your abstract easy to read, it is
recommended to use only Times New Roman. Please use 11 pt for the main text, authors and topic in
the heading line (italic) and headline (bold), 10 pt for affiliation (italic) and reference and 14 pt for the
title (bold). In addition, please make sure that the resolution of the figures is adequate, and the paper
size is A4, i.e. 210 mm (width) by 297 mm (height).
Abstract notification will be on June 1st, 2015. The four-page extended paper of accepted abstracts will
have to be submitted via the conference website no later than July 15th, 2015 (the paper template will
be different from the abstract template). Extended papers will be collected in the official conference
proceedings published by Elsevier in Procedia Engineering (ISSN 1877-7058). Note that for inclusion
in the official proceedings it is mandatory that the paper is presented at the conference.
Word count: 445
[1] A. Author, B. Author (2014): The publication title. Abbrev J Name 123, 12-14.
[2] C. Author, D. Author, E. Author, F. Author, G. Author, et al. (2015): Another publication title. Abbrev J
Name 456, 15-27.
Corresponding author
Name, detailed address, phone, fax, email
Topic: (Please choose from the list on the webpage)
Figure 1: The Eurosensors 2015 will be from September 6th to 9th 2015 in Freiburg, Germany. Please use a
width of max. 16 cm for two-column figures.
Figure 2: Freiburg Minster is the town's landmark,
especially due to its Gothic tower but also due to its
waterspouts. Please use a width of max. 7.5 cm for
single-column figures.
Figure 3: Number of students at the University of
Freiburg during winter terms. Please ensure that
figures are also readable in black and white.
Table 1: Important dates for the Eurosensors 2015.
Deadline abstract submission
Abstract notification
Deadline extended abstract
Eurosensors school
Gassensor-Workshop (in German)